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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  April 1, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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she can just not believe it and neither can i, this somebody would bring violence to place for somebody were trying to bring peace. >> now at 11, reports that multiple people were stabbed at a visual for nipsey hussle.
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a beautiful, sunny, worn rain, what you can expect for your morning commute. an engineer is under arrest, he is behind, according to police, a plot to poison a coworker. we begin with the breaking news, our sister station in los angeles reporting just moments ago that at least 19 people were injured at are a memorial for the slain stephon clark, six of them possible stabbed, another struck by a vehicle. hundreds had gathered to pay their respects tonight. we see the chaos that unfolded after some sort of fight broke out. are the event was held behind me here at this parking lot, this sooturned into a huge fight. i'm going to ask my photographer to come with me
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and show people exactly what is left behind. look at this pair of shoes, people were scrambling to get out of here. literally running out of their shoes. chaos broke out and look at what is left behind, a lot of broken candles, bottles, a huge mess. all of this, lapd trying to contain this for hours. let's look at some video from our chopper earlier tonight. this was the scene when chaos broke out not long after the vigil for rapper nipsey hussle. people were gathered in the parking lot when they started scattering. after some sort of fight broke out. we saw vigil attendees and l.a. police officers carrying the injured out of the scene. getting them to safety, getting them to the ambulances. lapd soon began to try to get the crowd to disperse, forming scrimmage line to try to push the crowd back. right now i can tell you that it looks like that the crowds are pretty much gone. but you can see that officers are still here. the scrimmage line's are still here, lapd is telling us that no arrests have been made, no injuries for the officers.
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they are on modified tactical alert right now. that is the latest. >> thank you. just moments go, they identify the suspect in his murder, this man. the er searching for him right now. the l.a. times reporting that he got into a dispute with him before the shooting. back here in the bay area, live look at san francisco and san jose, right now we do have some light showers, that the meteorologist says that we're going to wake up to rain? >> yes, we do have some scattered showers, they will be there tomorrow morning and they will be there tomorrow evening. soggy and spots for the drive to work and from work tomorrow. scattered showers are there right now. the hotspots, alameda, oakland, berkeley, also piedmont with some rain. we state chilly, we stay unstable. futurecast carries that charges through the night, the morning commute and the evening commute
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. nothing terribly heavy, but rain will be out there. often on rain this evening, scattered showers throughout the day on tuesday. it will not be a washout. is shaping up to be a rather soggy week especially considering that it is now april. historically, one of the drier months, not this week. will talk about when sunshine comes back. furt the first time in months, a northbay road is closed because of a monster mudslide, it is now back out -- open. >> reporter: crescent avenue still close because of the debris behind me, but sausalito boulevard which is straight up from here, just reopened a few hours ago. progress is being made, but some homeowners are still struggling to recover from the disaster. since valentine's day, homeowners that have been affected by the mudslide are trying to rebuild their lives. six homes were red tag, forcing
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homeowners out of their house. he was one of the lucky ones to, two weeks after the slide he was cleared to go back home. >> we are totally happy to be back, we are ecstatic about that. >> reporter: his neighbor has not been as lucky. this was completely washed away , but progress is being made. the city of sausalito reopened sausalito boulevard which runs right in front of the home. >> it is wonderful what they have done here, it is just tremendous. >> reporter: neighbors were able to walk on this portion of sausalito boulevard and see the damage from above first-hand. he says that just by looking at the hillside, he is confident that his home is no longer in danger. >> i don't see the type of drainage on my property that was happening. so it is totally different, so behind my house. where what she had, was rock.
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>> reporter: a declaration of local emergencies still in effect for sausalito and with the rain forecasted again this week, some homeowners are still nervous about what could happen. >> it will be light rain, it won't be these torrential rains that we had and the winds with that. so yeah, we just hope for the best. >> reporter: as for debris removal, one of the biggest problems is the lack of dry weather, crews are waiting for at least a week, no rain in the forecast before they start clearing the hillside. reported live in sausalito, kpix 5. the are back open tonight, after a snow slide, shut down that roadway for a few hours today. whether you're headed to the mountains, they will have your c ur bhour weather 4: am. new tonight, police say that a bay area man engineered a poisonous plot to kill a colleague. we have the newly released court documents.
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kristin? >> reporter: tonight the engineer is behind bars in berkeley, accused of trying to kill his coworker by poisoning her for more than one year. court records say that it happened in october, 2017, here at berkeley engineering and research inc. on a number of occasions, a female engineer allegedly noted a strange taste or smell coming from her water and food, left unattended in her office. she allegedly suffered immediate and significant health problems after consuming the water and food. at times, requiring emergency care at a hospital. records say that he had been mixing a poisoning, harmful substance with food, drink and pharmaceutical products. after months of getting sick, according to court deck great, she saw with her own eyes on an office surveillance camera. a sample of that water later tested positive for a toxic amount of cadmium.
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according to documents, herb blood levels contained elevated levels of cadmium, a substance that can cause cancer or death. >> reporter: he is also accused of poisoning two of her relatives, who allegedly got sick after drinking from her water bottle. kpix 5. president trump is threatening to close the southern border. experts warn that closing the border could cost about $2 billion per day and lost trade. this comes as border officials said that the crisis at the border is getting worse. over the weekend, the state department also took steps to cut off usaid to el salvador, guatemala and honduras. the president is expected to visit the usb mexico border on friday. and tonight his threat to shut the border is raising fears of
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an avocado shortage. avocados could vanish from supermarkets within about three weeks, if the border closes. this time of year, mexico supplies nearly all of the avocados in the united states. >> i love avocados and i love protists so, but i mean if it is not available i don't know what else we would do. >> avocados are also grown right here in california, but are season is just getting started. tonight, a half-dozen healthy redwood trees are about to get the acts, in order to save a building. there is a grassroots effort to save the giant evergreens. kpix 5's reporter is there with what some argue is the root of the problem. >> reporter: critics argue that the structure of the building is flawed, there has to be a way to save the building and the redwood trees. but the owner of the building say the repairs need to be made
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this summer or the structure could fail. at one of the busiest intersections of menlo park set massive redwood trees, planted nearly 40 years ago. >> they are just majestic trees. >> reporter: and the summer, seven of the healthy trees will be uprooted and gone. >> we are removing healthy, native trees on city-owned land. >> i'm very disappointed. >> reporter: the parking garage under the menlo park parking garage is suffering from water damage. they say that that the tree removal has to be done over the next few months to save the building, as well as lives. >> it is a safety issue, we have to protect the occupancy in the building i am these 37 trees are unfortunately located right where we need to get to p >> reporter: last week, resident after resident unsuccessfully tried to convince city leaders to save the trees. before the commission voted to
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move forward with the redwood removal. city staff said that they considered other options, but hit dead ends every time. >> it was just cause more money. >> reporter: by the way, the city's logo is a tree. >> the irony is not lost on a lot of folks, for sure. >> reporter: he says that he said he plans to plant more heritage trees. dozens of heritage trees remain on the property. he says getting rid of them as not as easy as some may think. >> i planted these trees 37 years ago. to assert that i am somehow uncaring about them is not true. >> reporter: in the city's decision can be appealed within 50 days. in menlo park, kpix 5. here from a couple inside of a balloon as it slammed into power lines. a young woman's last moments alive while getting into car that she apparently thought was an uber.
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♪ three people were hurt, one of them seriously when a hot air balloon ride suddenly took a terrifying turn. the mid air accident, tonight passengers describe the moment when the hit power lines. >> we went maybe 2000 yards. >> reporter: he and his wife joanne from new jersey had been on the hot air balloon in napa
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valley, not very long, when they first thought that it was an april fools joke. >> we just never operated the balloon. and i thought he was going to like call a serious april fools joke, and we were like, like he was going to give us a scare something. and he just, i don't know what happened. >> reporter: and then a balloon came into contact with the line. >> we hit the power line. it was a steel wire. we hit it and we dragged it for a distance. time went by like a minute or two before the wire cracked. and when it cracked, it arced and this is what burned to the woman. >> reporter: they talked and heard the power lines snap.
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it burned a woman all along her left torso and arm. meanwhile, he says that the pilot, a man who identified himself to passengers as bob, who allegedly had 42 years of experience did not do enough. >> he did not take control of anything. >> we hit the tops of trees. after the first that a power lines. so, like bob, you've got to get up. and then he got us up, but it was at our request, not his action. he failed us. >> reporter: and then the basket finally came out of the air, he estimates that it hit the ground with a sad. he tried to help the burned woman out of the basket. we reach out to the hospital -- the company, they refused to comment on the matter. the faa is investigating this incident at this time.
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kpix 5. tonight they're looking for a motive of the university of south carolina student, she was killed after getting into a car that she believed was her uber. surveillance showed her talking on her phone, early friday morning. police said that her body was found 70 miles away. she died due to multiple sharp force injuries. the driver was caught when an officer spotted his car, he tried to get away but he was arrested. >> she had absolutely no chance, none. the door was locked. the child safety lock was locked. >> samantha josephson was planning to graduate in may, she would attend law school in the fall, instead she will be buried on wednesday. there giving the first tv interviews. they spoke with gail king.
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stanford police, she said that he asked her to accompany her to his hotel room. she said what was first consensual, turned violent. >> and he was pushing down and pushing down, i could not hold my neck up. i did not know what was going on. i could not say anything because i'm choking and gagging. and so, it continues and he is holding my head, like i'm trying to lift my head and i cannot. >> is he saying anything to you? >> nothing. >> in a separate allegation, meredith watched and say that he her 19 years ago when their students at duke university. both women won the virginia's
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legislature to hold a public hearing where they can testify under oath against him. in a statement, he said in fact, we see escalating media appearances and a stated desire for political process that is unprecedented in virginia and could not be designed it getting at the truth. such a process would instead be and media circus. he has denied all of the allegations. you can watch the interview tomorrow on cbs this morning. it has been a two years since a catastrophic failure at the oroville dam, after a billion dollars was pumped into repairs, the main spillway is set to reopen tomorrow.reporter stopping at the dark of night. steady rain has been falling. this is just part of the equation that will make tomorrow a pretty big day here. >> i'm sure that once we initially use it that the hype will certainly calm down. i personally have not heard any
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complaints or worry about any of it. >> reporter: as the oroville mayor, this is talking about the new oroville spillway, which replaces the old spillway that failed, rather spectacularly in 2017. the new structure is set to be state of the art. those who are living downstream, they say that they are confident in the rebuilt structure. >> it is a superior design. it is a superior, i personally, am 100% confident in everything that was done to it. >> reporter: just 10-20,000 cubic feet per second, no doubt a lot of people will be paying attention to what weill behereto kp it has been a very wet winter, a very snowy winter, so they may be dealing with a lot of water. we have some light rain in livermore, pleasanton, and
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almost to dublin. some have your showers over walnut creek and lafayette. and some showers moving into san mateo avenue -- county. january, february march, the average rain, and starting april we only average 2 inches of rain, this is about a 600% difference there. mid-50s currently. oakland, 59. we stayed the 50s with cloud cover. san jose, 53. it is not an april pattern. the closest ridge is 1000 miles away, this is way down south. here's what storm that will give a scattered showers tomorrow. a different storm will move in on thursday and friday giving
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us more widespread rainfall. it is going to be a pretty soggy week with one dry day on wednesday. morning commute, soggy and spots. evening commute, scattered showers continue. wednesday afternoon, we dry out and stay cloudy. the next chance of rain coming up on thursday. let's get more local. southbay tomorrow morning, cloud cover, but not much rainfall. some light showers. also 9080, scattered showers will continue until 8 am to 9 am tomorrow. the driest day will be wednesday. the wettest day will be likely friday. highs tomorrow, san rafael, 60. san francisco, 61. not much relief this week. it is going to be pretty wet. we will dry out by saturday afternoon. sunday looks dry. we will have the latest on whether traffic tomorrow morning starting at 4:30 am. now we are into territory where should not rain that much. now we should be tapering off.
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>> thank you. many of us use gps on our smartphones, to get where we need to go. >> well, what if one day, fasten your seatbelts, gps is about to undergo its own version of y2k. >> if you're driving your car and it was sadly to say that you are in the middle of the pacific ocean, be suspicious. >> good advice. so will gps go haywire? this it may impact systems around the world. what to look out for and what devices are most at risk. tomorrow night at 7 pm right here on kpix 5. show me the crown.
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the stanford women were the last bay area teams standing, looking for a ticket for the final four. but they have to beat the defending champion notre dame. second quarter, stanford up two. nails a three pointer, stanford led 33-26 at halftime. but the fighting irish had some fight. drives the lane, gets this, 19- they really started attacking the rim. the irish shot 71% in the second half and stanford season is over, 80 four-60. no score, second inning. what is the call?
11:30 pm
and he is at home plate, what is throw. asap one. -- and the a's have a two nothing lead. at the bottom of the six, this time he gets in on the action, he slaps a homer into right field. 14 through five games, the a's win 7-0. and we have breaking news. it is alive and well at dodger stadium. he does had one hit in four games. top of the six. opposite field, two run, back to strong pitching. next inning, the game is tied at 2. the dodgers who scored 42 runs in their first four games, just
11:31 pm
get two tonight. the giants win 4-2. he led nevada and georgia for five ncaa tournaments. >> i understand that we have had a couple of tough years. we are going to use the reflection of those years as a lesson on how to get better. sometimes you don't win until you understand why you lose. the celtics did their best to version of the globetrotters. the only thing missing? >> sweet georgia brown. >> sweet georgia brown. exactly. it was gordon hayward who finally made the shot and the celtics beat the heat, 110-105. is >> i've been saying all along, the giants offense, just give it time. >> brutal. each morning,
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the la captioning sponsored by cbs >> the president also announced this week that he wants to kill obamacare. >> if the supreme court rules that obamacare is out, we will have a plan that's far better than obamacare. >> simple question, kellyanne conway -- what's the republican plan? ( laughter ) ♪ ( flight of the bumble bee playing ) ( laughter ) >> always good to talk to you. please come back. >> you got it.


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