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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 29, 2018 4:00am-6:01am PST

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eem have you alt at aloe ha. magnum p.a., cbs monday. good morning, it's december 29, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." new federal government closures as the shutdown stalemate enters its second week. while the president lowers his asking price for the border wall, he's also adding new threats if he doesn't get his way. captured. the manhunt for a suspected cop killer ends in california. why the sheriff in the case is blaming immigration laws for the heartbreaking murder. a series of deadly winter
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storms crossed the country hitting millions of americans from heavy snow to flooding rains. we'll have the very latest forecast. and while people look up to watch the ball drop in new york on knew yenew year's eve, even eyes will be looking down on the crowd below. details on new york's plan to use a drone for the first time to keep more than a million spectators safe. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> i was waiting for this to happen. i'd like to thank you for working day and night to make this happen. >> a suspected cop killer has been captured in california. >> investigators say the suspect in the country illegally was trying to escape back to mexico. >> we can't ignore the fact that this could have been preventible. a deadly winter storm is make its way across the united states. the dangerous weather is blamed for at least two deaths.
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egypt has lost operations in thwarting terrorists. the raids come a day after a roadside bohm attack. sears corporation is closing 80 more sears and k-mart stores in march, but the company isn't headed toward liquidation, at least not yet. president trump threatening to seal the southern border if he doesn't get funding for the wall as both sides dig in their heels on border security. >> it's a bad thing. it shouldn't be happening at all. my guess is it will go till mid-january, both sides will declare victim and move on. >> and the state says it's ready to bring in 2019. the nypd will be flying its new fleet of drones. >> all that. >> blake griffin pleading his case about a missed foul call on an ipad. >> blake says, hey, he grabbed me and he has proof on a little ipad there. >> and all that matters. >> astoria borealis glowing bright blue. >> it's confusing what caused that bizarre light up the sky
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event. >> we did find one piece of evidence that is a little peculiar. >> on "cbs this morning: saturday." serena williams and sister venous squared off in abu dhabi. serena's 1-year-old daughter olympia was there to cheer on her mom. >> is she adorable? >> i tried not to get distracted. it's really hard. >> that's a classy baby, you know. both mommy and her aunty, that was the highlight, definitely, was seeing her clap. >> so cute. welcome to the weekend, everyone. i'm anthony mason along with michelle miller and dana jacobson. how cute is serena williams' baby? wow. >> that is just smile worthy. >> she's going to launch her new fashion line as well too. >> it's the last saturday of the year. >> i know. our new family here. >> yes. >> i doesn't believe it's the end of the year.
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>> it's been i year for us, hasn't it? >> but we continue next year, right? >> we sure do. >> we have a fantastic lineup for this this morning, including a look inside the best restaurant in the world. 11 madison park, won that honor last year on the hard work of chef daniel humm. we'll talk about what drove him to reach such possible heights and find out what's next on his plate. then, comedian brian regan sells out shows across the country and has long been considered one of the best in the business. but until now a tv show has been out of reach. that's where his good buddy jerry seinfeld stepped in. we'll talk to both of them about why this is finally the time. and earlier this month she was nominated for a grammy. just yesterday, former president barack obama put one of her songs on his list of best songs of the year. we're going to talk with ashley mcbryde about her remarkable year and the long road to get to this point. that is all coming up. well, we begin with new
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conflicts from the partial shutdown of the federal government that could continue into january as more agencies run out of funding. president trump is now also threatening to close the border with mexico if democrats refuse his demand for money to build the wall on the southern border. mr. trump has lowered his asking price for the wall. democrats plan to pass legislation to try to restore the government when they take control of the house on thursday. nikole killion is at the white house with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, anthony. we are now entering the second week of this partial government shutdown. last night president trump had dinner with the vice president and other advisers who have been key negotiators in this shutdown fight with congressional democrats. but so far neither side seems to be letting up, leaving federal workers in limbo. john martyn, an engineering technician for the federal aviation administration is one of the victims of the political
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gamemanship that has highlighted this shutdown. >> it's a little frustrating because as a federal worker you feel sometimes that you're hostage to this. >> martyn is one of 380,000 workers who have been furloughed. others including tsa screeners and border control officers are working without pay. president trump canceled plans to host his glitzy annual new year's eve party at his palm beach resort mar-a-lago and will stay at the white house. the president has apparently agreed to lower his demand for a full $5 billion to build the border wall, a number unacceptable to democrats. >> we gave them our most recent offer. we came down off of our $5 billion offer. >> we were fully expecting them to come back and continue those negotiations. last night they called us and said that they weren't even going to counter that. >> reporter: democrats say the president's latest threat to shut down the southern border unless he gets his money is not helping the shutdown impasse. >> the president ought to get
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over this syndrome of his television show you're fired, you're shut down, we're going to walk away, we're going to get out of your sandbox and you can't play in it. >> reporter: meanwhile, john martyn will only get one more paycheck unless the government opens up soon. the environmental protection agency had additional funds to stay open an extra week, but as of midnight it began furloughing many of its 14,000 employees. michelle. >> a lot of folks want this over and soon. thanks, nikole. a california sheriff is blaming immigration laws for the murder of a police officer. gustav go perez arriaga who was in the country illegally was arrested friday after a two-day man hunt. he is aused of killing officer singh. he was arrested about 200 miles from the shooting scene. last night the northern california community of newman
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where singh was a police officer held a vigil to honor him. mireya villarreal reports. >> reporter: law enforcement officials say 32 year-to-date gu taf video perez arriaga may have been heading back to mexico when he was captured friday at this home near bakersfield. >> i am please and very proud of the fact that the suspect is in custody. >> reporter: the suspected illegal immigrant is accused of shooting corporal ronil singh wednesday after he was pulled over during a dui stop. >> officer singh's handcuffs were brought down and they're on that guy. >> reporter: state, local, and federal authorities had mounted a massive manhunt tracking the suspect with multiple teams. >> we had people under surveillance. we identified those locations, search warrants were executed. >> reporter: sheriff adam christianson who led the investigation said arriaga had lived and worked in california for years and say i was affiliated with gangss and had two prior dui arrests.
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they blame kahl's sanctuary state law from preventing local authorities from reporting arriaga to local officials. >> i'm suggest that the outcome could have been different if law enforcement wasn't restricted, prohibited, or had their hands tied because of political interference. >> reporter: corporal singh was an immigrant too, arriving legally from fiji to become a police officer. he had been well, tith the depa for seven years. his younger brother spoke on his behalf. >> a lot of law enforcement people that i don't know workdays and nights to make this happen. i'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning: saturday," mireya villarreal, modesto, california. >> your heart just aches for that family and that community as well. this morning many places are still struggling to clean up from a powerful and deadly
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winter storm that walloped millions of people across one-third of the nation. storm brought snow from the southwest to the upper midwest and floods to the deep south. in minnesota, heavy snow and falling temperatures made roads stretch chur russ. two people died in accidents. a third person was killed in a crash in north dakota. up to a foot of rain saturated parts of mississippi and louisiana, friday. one death was blamed on the storm when a tree fell on a camper. flood streets forced detours and an 18 wheeler flipped over trying to turn around. meteorologist ed curran of our chicago station has more on the nation's weather. ed, good morning. >> well, good morning. and we're taking a look at this weather that moved through and caused all these problems. this weather that's moving off of the east coast now. and that's what we're looking at, it's moving off the east coast. the snows are moving out of the great lakes region so things are getting better. our attention turns instead to
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the northwest united states, and that's where you can see some active weather happening. we have high wind warnings that are up, winter weather advisories that are up, and winter storm watch that's newspaper th up in this area. let me show you as this storm system comes in and makes progress into saturday and into sunday morning and then continues and draws that rain up through the gulf headed up in the northeast just in time for neu new year's eve. anlt. >> i thanks, ed. with new year's eve just two days away, police in new york are announcing a new change to the way they will secure the annual celebration. officials say as many as 2 million people could pack into time square to ring in 2019 with the famous new year's ball drop. kenneth craig is there with the latest on the public safety measures. ke kenneth good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. police say right now there are
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no credible terrorism threats but they are not taking any chances. in addition to the police officers out here on the ground, this year there will be drones up in the sky watching over the night's events. >> people he will be safe on monday and they should feel safe too. >> reporter: new york city leadership says thousands of police officers will be on patrol and more than 1200 security cameras will be rolling as people flood time square to to watch the ball drop. it's a new year's tradition spanning more than a century. ♪ king of the hill >> reporter: and earlier this week workers finished installing the 12,000 pound ball's crystal paneling. time scare squae will be protected by armed officers, k-9 units, and cars to block off access to busy streets. >> no big bags or backpacks. >> last year's festivities were on high alert because of a
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terror attack weeks earlier when a pipe bomb detonated in one of new york's busiest transportation centers. now drones will join the force to surveil time square from the sky. >> we haven't done that before but that's going to give us a visual aid and a flexibility. >> reporter: new york mayor bill deblasio stressed it's most important for regulars to stay vigilant. >> if you see something, say something. although we depend on the nypd, they also depend on all of us. >> reporter: rain is in the forecast for monday night and officials are hoping that doesn't damper anyone's spirits. the good news is it will be a whole lot warm they're year, upwards of 50 degrees on new year's eve. compare that to last year when it was the second coldest new year's eve on record. >> thank you. egyptian forces nounsed this morning that they killed 40 people from a roadside bomb that
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left four people. an egyptian guide and ten others were injured friday when an explosion hit their tour bus when it hit their bus near the giza pyramids. good morning, barry. >> >> good morning. although most of the terrorists killed were around giza, they're not saying they were related to the bus attack. we heard a big bang, says this eyewitness, and sa peopw people rungs. investigators worked to see how the bus was target and now believe it was an improvised explosive device attached to a wall detective nail theed onate by. they issued an angry statement saying it strongly condemned what it called this act of terrorism. egypt's prime minister visited the wounded in hospitals and insisted there ask no way is no
4:15 am
stop terrorists. there isn't a country in the world that is 100% safe from such attacks. terrorists have attacked tourists in the past, all part of an effort to scare tourists away and disrupt egypt's lucrative tourism industry. dana. >> barry petersen, thanks, barry. for the first time we're seeing security cameras from inside marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida, when the gunman opened fire. the is unsentinel newspaper obtained the video as part of its investigation into that mass shooting. manu manual reports. >> reporter: he warns a student who happens to walk by. according to a draft of the official report by the marjory stoneman douglas public safety commission, cruze told the student you better get out of here, something bad is about to happen. report says the freshman student
4:16 am
fled and immediately told a football coach who did not issue a code red. was one of three missed opportunities, the report concluded, to warn the school there was an active shooter. cruze was left to make his way through the school to the third floor where students were gathered in a hallway after the fire-a-larm went off. shooting lasted eight minutes leaving 17 dead. for the first time we see cruz running away from the school. at the same time, deputies believed he was still in the school because they were watching surveillance videos that were on a time delay. andrew pollock whose daughter meadow was killed in the shooting reacted to the new video tweeting this minute by minute playback with so in missed opportunities for intervention is heartbreaking and calling for the resignation of officials in charge. the commissions draft report calls for improved training of educators and deputies and recommends a controversial proposal forearming teachers who undergo proper training and background checks. a final version of the report is set to reach the governor's desk
4:17 am
next week. for "cbs this morning: saturday," i'm manuel bah hor questions. >> stocks finished a wild week. the dow jones and s&p both ended up losing ground while the nasdaq made modest gains. with one trading day left in 2018, it's looking like all three major indexes will finish the year as much as 7% lower than where they began. for more we're joined by brian sozzi who is editor at large for yahoo finance. good morning. >> we actually had the first positive week since november, but we're dealing with massive volatility in both directions here. >> what's than i ticcative of? >> it's been one wild week on wall street and wild month. stocks are well uh their highs since october. we have president trump tweeting against negative things bt against the federal reserve, chairman of the federal reserve as an independent body. but above all else we had companies that got valued too much relative to how much they might earn in 2019.
4:18 am
wall street is taking a step back and say let's take some money off the table and enter 2019 with a little more cash than normal. >> what's this mean for investors? >> i think they're learning that this is a normal stock market. stocks don't go up -- >> all the time. >> yeah. stocks don't go up every single day. sometimes you will see what we call air pockets in the market as wall street realigns what companies are worth. but this is very much normal. butne but it's also important to know, this is not a financial crisis. banks are not giving out risky loans. this is very much normal, believe it or not. >> as my father used to say to me, you kids think things never go down. >> wisem man right there. >> moving on, sears announcing it's closing 80 more stores. what's behind this? was this bad management at hand? >> yeah, this is absolutely dreadful and i compare sears to a zombie. they've had their arms cut off and they're just walking around trying to stay -- trying to stay in business at this point.
4:19 am
what is to blame? one man. eddy lampaert was the largest investor in sears. he created sears and k-mart in '05 when he merged them. he has been a terrible ceo. he has not invested in the company, the stores are falling apart and where are all the customers going? they're going to i've been watching this for ten years and sears is like an ice cube. they've been melting for the past ten years. >> we saw toys "r" us in a similar fashion. are they similar are or they different stories? >> these are retailers that lost their way. but sears was the amazon of its day. they were the leadership, the catalog, the history, and they were not able to carry that on for the next generation of shoppers. >> that's a huge loss for so many people. >> for workers, pensioners, there's a whole other story. >> it's been a very slow death for them. they've had a lot of opportunities to stop this and they've been unable to. >> what a partnership. brian sozzi, thank you very
4:20 am
much. >> thank you. time to show you some of the other stories making news this morning. el paso times reports homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen took a first hand look at the u.s. customs and border protection facility in el paso, texas, on friday following the deaths of two migrant children in federal custody this month. the visit comes days after she directed stepped up medical screenings for migrant children. neilson met with el paso mayor and spoke about increasing staffing levels at entry points. the miami herald reports the trump administration wants to rollback an obama era regulation of coal-fired power plants. they say the measure reduced mercury emissions that had been linked to brain damage by 85% over the past decade. but the trump administration says only a few hundred million dollars in health benefits have been achieved. the roll back proposal now undergoes a 60-day public review. "the washington post" reports incoming house majority
4:21 am
leader steny hoyer says he will not seat a north carolina republican in the new congress amid allegations of election fraud in the state's ninth congressional district. investigators have been looking into accusations of voter fraud since election day. democrats are questioning the 900-vote advantage the republican candidate has over his democratic challenger. and the new york daily news reports a bright blue light they called it borealis thursday night was a malfunctioning power equipment, not a ufo, as. >> some people thought. >> some people thought. utility company spokesman says when the 138,000 volt detector broke down, it caused all the power it was carrying to create a blue arc. the malfunction shut down laguardia airport, subway line, and knocked out power to rts past city. nearly 3,000 people reported that flash to 911.
4:22 am
i know it scared a lot of folks. >> my social media went crazy. >> didn't they always say eamon in black, it's a transformer? it looked very men in black. >> the description was pretty out there. >> what's going non queens? it's about 22 after the hour now, here's a look at the weather for your weekend. they're calling it a miracle in the mountains. still ahead this morning, a young skier is buried under an avalanche for a period of time that's usually deadly. how he survived and the four-legged hero who played a key role in the rescue. plus, the heroes from
4:23 am
harlem. we'll remember the all-black regiment of national guardsman who distinguished them snefls war but came home to a country still ripe with racism. and another military force returns. meet the crew of a giant aircraft carrier as they finish a month's long mission. how they and their families handle the stresses of a long separation. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday."
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he specializes in the hilarious observational humor ha was at the heart of the tv series seinfeld. so guess who helped comedian brian regan get his own show? we're going to talk to brian about his biggest career and netflix series wharchtsd was your favorite film of the year gone by? we'll get the best picks for 2018 and i have no idea what mine are.
4:26 am
>> we'll be right back. >> this is "cbs this morning: saturday."
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if you look up any symptom online you're going to convince yourself that will you have cancer, you have a heart attack, that death is going to happen any second now. >> so alarm is not something you counsel. >> most of the time in this book we help people understand that their symptoms are usually not a big deal but they should seek medical help. >> chest pain can be the sign of something serious. when is it something serious and you should pay attention? >> like george when most people have chest pain they think they're having a heart attack. right now this week between christmas and new year is the number one time to have a heart attack. but there's lots of causes of chest pain that aren't a heart
4:28 am
attack. if you're going to the gym more often and pull a muscle in your chest. if you move your body around or raise your arm and that causes chest pain, that's probably nothing to worry about. >> but the serious sign is what? >> if you have pressure in your chest, somebody sitting on your chest and it's not going away after a few minutes and maybe it's going up your neck or down your arm, maybe you're also feeling a little short of breath, that's definitely a red flag and somebody should go to the emergency room immediately for that. >> i like how your book is organized. you have different symptoms and three levels. if you're experiencing this chill out. if you're experiencing this you might want to call a doctor and did if it's these symptoms you might want to go to a doctor. i was told to relax by your book, thank you. what about other things like sore throats? >> that's what our book tries to differentiate. we try to help people come up with a plan, where they should be reassured, make a doctor's point or go to the emergency room. a lot of people wake up every pork with a sore throat and it
4:29 am
goes away in the next hour or two. that could just be dry air.
4:30 am
a magnitude 6.9 earthquake sent nerves on edge in the southern philippines this morning. there have been no reports of injuries. there was concern that the dangerous tsunami would follow, but after two hours the tsunami warning was canceled. separately, at least four people were killed when heavy rain and powerful winds triggered mudslides in the central philippines. thousands of people were forced to evacuate. >> we begin this half hour with a story of survival and more extreme weather. a 12-year-old boy can thank a dog for coming through in a pinch after he was caught in an
4:31 am
avalanche and buried for nearly an hour at a resort in the french alps. >> boy was skiing in the french alps with six others when disaster struck. he went ahead of the group when a large section of snow detached and barreled down the mountain. swept 100 meters away and piled under snow, a rescue crew rushed in thinking they only had 15 minutes before it turned deadly. an hour later, the team's rescue dog located the boy. sergeant major rafael is the team's dog master. he said the smell of the victim came out of the snow and spread like smoke from a chimney. he added the dog then headed towards the scent and began to scratch. the boy was found alive and conscious. he was safely airlifted out. his only injury, a broken leg. >> wow, that's amazing.
4:32 am
>> yeah. by the way, i am always amazed at what animals can do, especially those rescue dogs what they can teach them and how they can be so effective. >> absolutely. i just love the description of how the scent came up through the snow. >> right. >> really? >> amazing. >> well we're thankful to the dog for coming through. it's about 32 after the hour now, here's a check on the weather for your weekend.
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you know why, we know how. . home for the holidays took on special meaning for more than 5,000 sailors and officers aboard the u.s.s. harry s. truman as the aircraft carrier ended its months-long deployment before christmas. while they sieb up to serve their country, their families left behind also make a sacrifice trying to make do without their loved ones for months at a time. we were given exclusive access aboard the truman in its final
4:37 am
days at sea to get a look at what coming home is like for the crew members and families that are holding fast and often forgotten on the home front. >> reporter: homecomings like these, months in the making. while the sailors finishing their deployment on the u.s.s. truman signed up to serve often forgotten that their families by default do the same. take the jackson family. we first caught up with her on the ship. she reflected on how her husband lavon has handle her deployment. >> he's pretty much a single father. homework, taking them two to and from their different activities, taking them just out on the weekends to just, you know, get away from the house. just -- it's been hard on him, i know. >> reporter: from lavon's perspective back home. >> it's been crazy. it's been -- it's been real hard. >> reporter: working as a barber while taking care of their three kids ages 4, 6, and 9, lavon
4:38 am
says the sacrifice is worth it, but it is a sacrifice for him and the kids. >> you deal with a lot of different stuff, like insecurities, a whole bunch of different stuff you got to deal with. and then having the kids by myself, it's hard. so they miss their mom more than anything because they miss the feminine energy that she brings in the house. it's different with me being in control of things. >> gary rodriguez may not have kids to take care of, but can he relate to that sacrifice. >> you have to make sure you take care of yourself too and make sure you have your own things going on because that depression is real when they're gone. >> his husband junito was another one of the sailors we met aboard the truman. >> it's not like i have my cell phone hey, honey, how are you? can't do that. you can't disclose your location, can't tell them where you're going and where you're coming from and the list goes on and on and on. >> when he goes away there's like this big void and it's like oh, crap, what do i do now? >> before he and junito met, gary was on the other side of deployment sent to iraq while
4:39 am
serving in the army. >> can you compare the two at all? >> it's a complete difference. it's very sad and lonely being away from your spouse this amount of time. it's probably the second hardest thing i've ever had to do aside from iraq. but it's worth it because, you know, i take pride in the fact that he's out there fighting for our country. >> even more so because his husband is serving in a way gary could not. >> it's awesome seeing someone being able to be in and be openly gay because when i was in it just wasn't like that. so it's refreshing to see that side. it's okay if you're gay and you want to join, you want get bashed or get kicked out because you're gay. so it shines, like, this light on the military and it's not the same military that it used to be. i'm like, yes, i'm married and my husband's in the navy. >> navy husband or navy wife, the elation on the pier at the truman's arrival and the emotional high of reuniting families is just the first part of their homecoming stories.
4:40 am
what comes next is tougher. >> what do you think it's going to be like having him home? >> i think it's going to be sweet at first and then i think it's going to be like frustration because he has to get readapted to being around back at home and he has to get readjusted because even though he's gone, things don't stop. >> reporter: once you come home, getting back into the role of being wife and mom all settled, what's that like? >> it is very overwhelming because it's kinda like a rush. because i'm kind of alone here. i'm not worried about kids, you know, like i'm worried about them but i'm not around them. >> of course you think about them, yeah. >> so it's like integrated back in, like being around them, learning each of them again, their personalities, it's overwhelming. >> reporter: more of a challenge than what people think it might be? >> definitely. >> that's one of the biggest parts for these people is getting reint greated.
4:41 am
i was able to text a little bit with junito he said after the first few days of finding things, just finding things in the kitchen, getting used to each other's schedules, that makes tay little easier. and then there are the sailors or doesn't matter which branch of the military, that they come home and there's nobody waiting for them. >> so much of this isn't talked about, it's so interesting to see that. >> it's a transition that people need to help these people through. >> yeah. >> without a doubt. >> all right. on the battlefield they offered courage and sacrifice but on their return they faced racism and segregation. up next we'll look back at the har legal hell fighters. one of the most decorated units of the first world war and only recently getting their rightful place in history. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday."
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and segregation.
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♪ only tylenol® rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast, for fast pain relief. tylenol® it has been 100 years since the end of world war i.
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the armistice signed in 1918 was supposed to bring the world together, but a group of american soldiers who were fighting for freedom and democracy had yet to experience those ideals in their own country. on the fourth floor of the new smithsonian museum, just how segregate dollars as the military? >> it was completely segregated. >> is a tribute to american veterans. the friedman of the massachusetts 50 4th, the buffalo soldier, the tuskegee airmen and a regiment with a unforgettable nickname. >> did doh we know why they were called the harlem hake fighters? >> i really don't think we do, whether it was the french, the germans, or the american press. >> krewasky salter is a guest curator at the museum of african-american history and culture. >> the harlem hake fighters say name no matter where the origin came from sticks to the heart of the way these men served and
4:46 am
fought. >> a band ever brothers who faced adversity from the start. >> where are they sent to be trained? in spartanburg, south carolina. you have these northern african americans going down into the heart of this era where there are these riots, clashes between white americans and african americans. >> among the first american troops to arrive in france, their first few months weren't spent fighting. >> digging ditches. >> digging la treens. >> digging latrines, making roads, building camps. >> why? >> well, there are many reasons, but i think a part of it there was a political pool and then there was this issue some of the white americans did not want african american units to fight. >> but the european allies were desperate for fighters, so commanding general john pershing
4:47 am
handed over the all-black unit to the french. the 369th served 191 days in combat, more than any other american troops. >> the germans saw that these men fought ferociously on the battlefield. >> some weren't just fighting. lieutenant james europe led the hake fighters regiment band. the group was credited with bringing jazz to the french. >> every regiment had a band, but there was no band like the 369th band. and they combined this new music that was heard from the very time they set foot off the ship. and they were sent on a tour around france. >> but the battlefield was where they made their name. their most familiar mace act ou rism happened in may of 1918.
4:48 am
they were centuries at an isolated outpost when they were attacked by at least a dozen germans. >> so during that fight while johnson runs out of bullets, he's throwing grenades, he's using his rifle as a club, and he ends up using his bolo knife. he also prevents germ nans from dragging his dpud buddy, needham roberts away. >> johnson and roberts would become the first american soldiers of any race to receive the croix de guerre, one of france's highest awards for valor. >> that was the night that the bravery, the patriotism and the service of what african americans were capable of and willing to do for their country became known throughout the world. >> more than 150 other hell fighters were given the croix de guerre, including lawrence mcvey senior. >> this one is his military uniform. >> he looks so proud.
4:49 am
>> he does. >> gina mcvey is the corporal's granddaughter. >> when did you discover the true story? >> about 2004, 5, i went to the car dealership to get my car repaired. there was a gentleman sitting next to me waiting on his car. so i thaenked him for his service. i said oh, my grandfather fought in the war. i said he won this french medal. he said what? i said he won a french medal. he goes can i ask you a question? i said yes. he said was your grandfather a black man? i said yes. he said was the medal the croix de guerre? i said yes. he said do you know what you have? i'm like a medal. >> he said, no, you have history. >> mcvey kakted the smith sewn yand and was asked to bring in her grandfather's belongings. >> i said it's all yours. they're like really? i said, yeah, aido nate it all. >> despite enduring more days in
4:50 am
combat than any american troops, despite being the first allies to reach the river, des smooit spite no member ever being taken prisoner, the american government refused them an important honor. >> they were not allowed to march in the victory parade. u.s. government said, no, they can't march in the was in france. >> but in february of 1990 teen, the hell fighters were allowed to parade up new york's fifth avenue to harlem. >> you see the provide these men. when you watch that formation, you know it's there. >> and each greater sense of pride came in 2015 when one of the hell fighters received the ultimate award from america's first black president. >> the president of the united states of america has awarded in the name of congress the medal of honor to private henry johnson, united states army. [ applause ] >> it's just amazing that all of the things that the african american community has done with
4:51 am
the weight of not being good enough on their back, they didn't let that stop them. they went ahead and they fought for what they thought was right. >> what's great about her story is that she was just thanking a veteran for his service and she got so much more. and it was a white veteran. >> yeah. >> which goes to the pointed, i want to give a shout out to colonel william heyward. he was the officer over the 369ening, this all black unit. he gave them respect, he gave them honor. and what he did was bring attention to them. he's one of the reasons why they were able to get that parade up to harlem. >> wow. >> and why many people believe the croix de guerre was bestowed upon them. >> i love what gina mcvey said when that man said do you know what you have? you have history. that was great. if you meet a celebrity, chances are you'll remember them for a long time. ahead, how a tv game show contestant recounted her metering with the host many years ago. and if you're heading out
4:52 am
the door, don't forget to set your dvr to record "cbs this morning: saturday." coming up in our next hour, comedian brian eregan. we'll talk to him and executive producer jerry seinfeld about their new tv show. also, chef's daniel humm in "the dish." and ashley mcbryde in our saturday session. >> not too shabby. >> it's a pretty good show. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday." if you have moderate to severe psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla.
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it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. producer jerry seinfeld about or weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you.
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and now you know. jardiance is the first type 2 diabetes pill proven to both reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease... ...and lower a1c, with diet and exercise. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration. this may cause you to feel dizzy, faint, or lightheaded, or weak upon standing. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal. symptoms include nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, tiredness, and trouble breathing. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of ketoacidosis or an allergic reaction. symptoms of an allergic reaction include rash,
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swelling, and difficulty breathing or swallowing. do not take jardiance if you are on dialysis or have severe kidney problems. other side effects are sudden kidney problems, genital yeast infections, increased bad cholesterol, and urinary tract infections, which may be serious. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. isn't it time to rethink your type 2 diabetes medication? ask your doctor about jardiance- and get to the heart of what matters. a surprise confession on the price is right. contestant regina smith is a collision investigators for the los angeles police department and host drew carey revealed that he met her once before. >> tell everybody how we know each other. >> we met many, many years ago in hollywood hills during a traffic stop. >> and what happened during that
4:56 am
traffic stop? >> you got a ticket. >> she wrote me a ticket. i ran -- i didn't totally ran the stop sign. i didn't come to a complete stop. >> you ran it. you ran if. in your mini cooper. your red mini cooper. >> i've never seen this woman before in my life. >> gotta love that. >> that's great. >> she won a fuse ball table, gas grill, and some other prizes observing all posted signs along the way. that's a heck of a payback. >> clearly there are no hard feelings. >> it's not even a payback, she still got more out of it. more than 700 films were released in 2018, but which ones deserve to be seen and remembered? well, we'll look at one critic's picks for the best of the year ahead. for some of you your local news is next. the rest stick around. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday."
4:57 am
i think first is the high cost of the child care. the average child care cost in the u.s. rapgs around 8,000 to $10,000, which is a significant percentage of many take home earnings. >> right. >> so that continues to be one. second is inflexible work arrangements ninkt many companies award inoffice work culture which can be particularly punishing to work families. and the third say lack of poll stois support working families in the u.s., particularly our lack of national paid parental leave. >> which is a global issue. one of the few countries in the western world that don't have policies to support parents, particularly in the early years of life.
4:58 am
and then also support child care. as you match families with companies that might support the lifestyle they want to lead as parents, it's being called a lifestyle, what are some of the policies you're looking for in companies that support parents? >> certainly benefits. companies that offer child care subsidies that can help alleviate that burden is really important. family leave is very important. fertility benefits, maternal health benefits are all really very important. i would say the most important thing is really respect. we find so many users on our platform just don't feel respected at work. so we're really looking for the companies that we work where are that we partner with to really respect the individuals that they're bringing in the workforce and don't just talk about diversity and inclusion but live those values every day. >> that's so important because it's not just policies that companies have that can really help women balance work and life, but it's those subtle things like respect. women feeling valued even if they may not have as much time as they used to.
4:59 am
5:00 am
blue skies looking awfully pretty there. welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." i'm dana jacobson along with anthony mason and michelle miller on this final saturday of the year. >> coming up this hour, three examples of the long road to get to the top. his new york restaurant was named best in the world. but chef daniel humm isn't resting on his laurels. you'll meet him and we'll take you inside his latest project. >> looks so pretty. then for decades, brian regan has been one of the most admired comedians in the industry, but one milestone has long eluded him. a tv show.
5:01 am
that's had his pal jerry seinfeld got involved. we'll talk to both comedians about why the time is right for the man vanity fair magazine calls the funniest stand up alive. and girl going nowhere is the title of her debut album, but that hardly describes ashley mcbryde. hear about the long road to her breakout year that includes a grammy nomination and a headlining tour. she will perform in our saturday session. don't miss it ahead. but first our top story this hour. the deadly winter storm that impacted millions across the country. snow hit parts of the southwest and upper midwest while severe flooding struck the deep south. low temperatures and heavy snow in mississippi made road travel dangerous and the weather is blamed for two deaths there. in north dakota, one person was killed in an accident. >> rain saturated parts of mississippi and louisiana friday. one death was blamed on the storm in louisiana. meteorologist ed curran of our chicago station wbbm tv has more
5:02 am
on the nation's weather. ed, good morning. >> the snow, the flooding rains are starting to diminish as they move off to the east coast here. our attention is now up in the northwest where we have high wind warnings up, winter weather advisories up, and a winter storm watch that's up from saturday afternoon to sunday afternoon throughout this region here. futurecast shows you how the snow moves on saturday and sunday as it moves to the east here. and we bring these rains up from the gulf coast up toward accoth northeast just in time for new year's eve this makes it up to the northeast. new york is looking for wet weather but very mild, 46 degrees. could be worse. in fargo, new year's eve at midnight will be 9 degrees. michelle. >> ooh, all right. meteorologist ed curran of our chicago station wbbm tv, we thank you. the man suspected of murdering a northern california police officer is under arrest
5:03 am
this morning. gustavo perez air yaga was take mean it custody friday after an intensive two-day man hat. arriaga is accused of killing officer ronil singh during a traffic stop in the town of newman. police say arriaga who was in the country illegally was trying to flee back to mexico. seven others have been arrested for allegedly trying to help him escape. on day eight of the partial federal government shutdown there is no sign it might end any time soon. in fact, it might extend well into january. president trump and congressional democrats are doing little serious talking about the showdown. democrats say they will try end the shutdown when they take control of the house on thursday. mr. trump says he may close the border with mexico to convince congress to fund the money to build the border wall. and police here in new york say they will make surety big new year's eve celebration in time square will be as safe as
5:04 am
possible. for the first time they'll be using a drone to keep eyes on the millions watching the ball drop at midnight. police are urging amateur flyers to keep their drones at home or risk arrest. how you finish the year, how you celebrate is how you will spend the year. >> you don't want to do that. >> no jail time. >> you went to negative. i was thinking any plans for new year's? >> for us. >> we always have friends over for a neu new year's party, it's fun and try to go to bed pretty soon after midnight. >> miller? >> i was invited and quickly the invitation came back. i'll tell you all about that later. >> i hope you're not alone. that sounds so sad, michelle. all right. it's about four -- we'll trying to figure out what's happening here but it's about four after the hour and here's a look at the weather for your weekend.
5:05 am
30 years ago jerry seinfeld got his own tv show now he's returning the favor. up next, we'll meet long time stand-up star brian regan, afavourite among his fellow formers including seinfeld who's a driving force behind rhian's new netflix series. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday." i'm alex trebek here to tell you about the colonial penn program. ian's new netflix series. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday." gian's new netflix series. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday." aian's new netflix series. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday." ian's an's
5:06 am
5:07 am
5:08 am
i have a trainer, a woman to play tennis. she beats me every time. and a kingdom weeks acouple wee her for the first time and she didn't say anything. i thought that was weird. i didn't want to say something, i beat you. it's okay, we're putting the rackets away and she says my husband and i have an announcement to make. i'm like what's that?
5:09 am
she's like, i'm five months pregnant. so i beat a pregnant woman at tennis. i beat the both of ya. >> that makes double. that' the comedian brian regan. regan has a long history of hit specials and sold-out shows going back to the '80s. but the achievement of a television series has alluded him until now. jamie wax is here with this story. good morning. >> good morning. brian regan has been called the funniest stand-up alive by vanity fair. we met up with him and jerry seinfeld who is producing his four-part series on netflix. >> brian is one of those people that many fans of comedy out there know. >> yes. >> but he's never reached that point of mass fame through media. >> why do you think that is? >> he plays the same places i play in a lot of big kmeed yabs
5:10 am
pla comedians play but but he just doesn't have the big tv presence. which is why i'm so excited about this new tv show. >> my new year's resolution to loose 15 poubnds this year. only got 25 pounds to go. >> he's beloved by other comedians because of the quality of his stuff. >> i'll get out of the cab at the airport and the driver goes have a nice flight. you too. >> brian regan first gained attention in the 1980s when stand-up comedy was on tv day and night. >> the ice cream man is coming. >> and a few lucky comics turned their material into hit sitcoms. >> it used to be would i would put on my underwear and that was it. >> his act seemed tailor made for the series. >> you put on a few pounds, put on your underwear, you bend over and your waistband flips down. >> but his relatable observations about everyday life
5:11 am
never landed him with a gig. >> with an awkward little snap. whoa, that hurt and felt nice. >> i always thought of it was hollywood, a big eyeball, and they say every eyeball has a blind spot. i was right on the other side of that blind spot. they just didn't see me. >> he might have had to wait a while, but hollywood is seeing him now. peter ferrelly, producer and director put the comedian in his tv series louder milk. >> i wonder wondered why he wouldn't change his name, dick butkus. >> why yo you care that he didn't change his name? >> i don't care. >> and now all these years later, regan is finally getting a show of his own. executive produced by seinfeld. >> that is very, very nice. thank you. >> a lot of friends are rooting me on and a lot of fans out there seem to be happy that i have this chance. so it's pretty darn cool. >> stand up and away is a four-episode series on netflix where regan creates sketches
5:12 am
based on his stand-up. >> i've seen so many municipal movies in my life. some scenes that are done way too often, these filmmakers, they must think people are reacting like this. >> oh, this looks like it's going to be a nice, peaceful evening for these friends. i'm sure everything is going to be a-okay. >> and like his stand-up, it operates on a creative principle he shares with seinfeld. >> you do clean material. is that a conscious choice? >> i did it for the challenge. i want to do see how hard i can get people laughing without hitting these words. i want to see what i can accomplish in this clean realm. >> i read this headline, this blew me away, apparently the israelis and palestinians are not getting along. when did that happen? >> working clean say difficult and a conscious choice of his. is that yours as well? >> yes. that was the only way you could get on tv was working clean. and then i just found it was leading me to more interesting
5:13 am
things. because there was no short cuts with it. it would be like running the 100 meter dash only you are to carry 20 pound dumbbells. that's working clean. >> but there's a satisfaction to it? >> oh, incredible. >> what was the point of this? >> the idea that material could be truly funny without being truly mean was a concept perfectly embodied by one of the regan's idols. >> one thing i loved about him was that he always made his guests shine. he never got a laugh at a guest's expense. >> here's a camel. >> and when i was a kid, watching the little old lady with the potato chip collection. >> okay, now these are famous people. what's your favorite on here now? >> i like bob hope right there. >> and he could have ripped her to shreds. and he got laughs, but in a way that -- that made her look like
5:14 am
a queen, you know. so she could go home to her little town and be a hero. i like that kind of comedy. >> what is it about johnny carson and that be legacy that gets you emotional and gets brian emotional? >> he really loved us. he loved these new young guys that needed a break. you're essentially giving your whole show over to this person that nobody knows. that's an act of generosity to help somebody else out. >> and now seinfeld is doing that for his friend. >> what do you hope for the future of brian regan? >> i told him when you go to el paso you'll be able too do two shows now instead of one. >> and as long as brian eag regs continue to make people laugh, he'll be laughing a little on the inside too. >> every show is thrilling and when it works it's a beautiful experience if the when people are laughing they feel good. and to be able to cause that feels tremendous. >> regan's new stand-up -- new
5:15 am
show, stand up and away is what it's called is now streaming on netflix. >> i love what he says about el paso. >> carson, you don't understand what he meant and what he means to these comics. and to see him cry over just that subtlety in the way he handled his guests. >> the appreciation of understanding what that would take. but also now seinfeld in a way is doing that for him. >> this is the equivalent of being invited over to the couch. >> exactly. >> come on over. >> jamie, come on over to the couch. >> i'm here, thank you. >> thank you, jamie. >> thanks, guys. well, he reached a culinary summit as high as the alps. just ahead, meet swiss foreign chef daniel humm, whom we're going to be talking about, who's new york restaurant has been named both best in the nation and best in the world. we'll hear about his newest project on an exceptionally special year-end dish that's
5:16 am
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5:19 am
in a special year-end edition of the dish this morning, 11 madison park and the talent behind it. the venerated new york restaurant has earned just about every possible honor. three stars from the michelin guide, four stars from the "new york times," and in 2017 the influential guide world's 50 best named it the best restaurant in the world. the pair behind 11 madison park has slowly been expanding their reach. that includes a much less formal affair, a seasonal pop-up in colorado. high atop the rocky mountains in aspen, colorado, chef daniel humm and his partner will ga dara have taken their elevated cuisine on a winter break. part of the menu, trout munier,
5:20 am
beef stroganoff. >> for the first time in my life i get to do the food that i degree up with. >> is thhas it been fun to crea this menu? >> so fun. >>ing some they've brought to fine dining even at their cathedral, 11 madison park in new york. >> they're chef driven restaurants who invariably do what's best for the food. there's restaurants that do its best for the service. but we like to think that wednesday up doing what's best for the restaurant as a whole. >> right. >> guidara over sees a staff of 60 who meticulously follow the details of a110 page training guide and they created the unique position, the dream weaver who caters to a table's every need and more. >> there's a table setting over there. they were here on their way to the airport going back to europe and we overheard them saying
5:21 am
what a great trip they had the. but they were lamenting the fact that they never had a new york city hot dog. and so i ran out to the hot dog cart in front of the restaurant, bought a hot dog and brought it back to him in the kitchen and i said, daniel, can we serve this to them as their next course? >> your response was what? >> i'd be like -- >> understandably so. you know, these dishes were about to have, it takes three days to produce some of these. but he trusted me enough to know that there was probably a good reason for it. so he cut the hot dog in perfect pieces, did a swish of mustard and a swish of cech chel and a sawyer kraut and we brought it to them and said we wanted to make sure you didn't miss out on that it's the beauty of what we get to do when you see the looks on someone's face when you do that. >> it is that kind of service along with humm's krafrtsmanship in the kich than has made madison park a destination. >> that's our signature recipe.
5:22 am
>> every dish on the menu changes every season. the only dish that ever changes is the duck. >> at 42, humm can considered one of the best chefs in the world. >> i do sometimes feel like kind of on top of the world for sure. and for some people it might seem like this happened overnight. and it didn't. >> in fact, growing up in switzerland, humm had no particular interest in food. but his mother did. insisting that they buy their produce from local farms. >> and sometimes that was really annoying. this one day she had all these vegetables covered in mud, you know, because of the rain. and she said, oh, can you wash this for me? i was washing it like four times, five times, and then i said, why can we not buy, like, the lettuce in the grocery store like everyone else? and she took out a leaf and she's like, try this. and i remember the salad being so crunchy and so sweet and
5:23 am
juicy almost. and she looked at me and she's like, this is why. and that's a lesson that i never algorithm. >> when forgot. >> when he was just 14 years old, he left home to pursue a cycling career and got a job in a kitchen to make extra money. >> i was a prep cook but i had an amazing chef. he said i know you're here for a paycheck but let me show you how to make chicken, soup, how to make a sue play, aouffle all th. in the begin weighing was like, it's okay. he said no, i'm going to teach you. >> a serious cycling department when he was 22 made him reevaluate his career path. he reembraced his love of food. when he got an opportunity to interview at camden place in san
5:24 am
francisco, did you hesitate? >> for sure. at that point i did not speak english. i'd never been outside of europe. all i knew at that point about america was definitely not the food that i thought myself as a chef doing. >> what was the food that you knew? i'm afraid to ask. >> you know, i was open enough to come for an interview and then i was in san francisco and i was brought around to the markets and the city and napa valley and my mind was blown away. >> humm was wooed to 11 madison park by legendary restaurantor danny mire. in 2010 the pair were invite told awards for the 50 best restaurants in the world. >> we barely sat down, the list starts, and they said and number 50 in the world, new entry from america, 11 madison park.
5:25 am
number 50. so that night we felt extremely disappointed. >> even though it was a huge honor. >> it was an honor, but we came in very last. >> right. >> we went back the hotel, we bought a bottle of whiskey and we sat out there all night until like five in the morning and we came one a plan, this is what we need to do to get to number one. >> in 2011, humm and ga dara bought madison 11 park. and in 2015 it was named best restaurant in the world. >> how badly do you want it back now? >> you know, i think there are bigger things, let's be honest, very few people are able to ever experience 11 madison park. >> right. >> and this shouldn't be only limited for just people who can afford to eat here.
5:26 am
and so i think our motivation is to eaffect a lot more people. >> their restaurant group, make it nice, includes more restaurants called made nice which has fast casual dining. it's the kind of place will ga da guidara expected to be a part of when he first came here spli didn't want to be in fine dining. i was anl going to be here for a year and then i was going to work at shake shack. then i got to know him. sigh year later when so a year later when it was time to change jobs, i'd fallen back in love with what was always tow suppossupposed to be work. and it's all because of him. >> that's so nice. >> they want to make things more accessible for everyone. >> shake shack could have been number one. >> i love the fact they came up with a plan to be number one and they did it.
5:27 am
>> exactly. >> when we come back, we'll take a look at the best films of the year with nat singer. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday." why do you love jazz so much? >> jazz? >> yeah. >> jazz is a fighter. jazz means i dare you. let's jump in to the unknown. >> shorter was always fascinated by ur by the unknown. growing up in new york in the nine then 30s, he loved to draw comzbliks you drew all of this? >> yes, i drew all of the characters. >> and ditched school to watch sci-fi films at the local movie theater. when he was caught, the vice principal forced him into a
5:28 am
music class. >> as i was walking away from her classroom, what was happening to me was what some people call life change. >> that change turned into a career. he joined art blakey and the jazz messengers in 1959. but he was frequently asked to join another group with legendary trumpet player miles davis. >> in the first job was at the hollywood bowl. i walked into the dressing room, miles was there and he said, he asked me do you know that music? i said, i said really quick, i said yeah. he said uh-oh. the quintet would go on to become one of the most influential jazz groups ever assembled. >> how much did you learn from him and how much did he learn from you? >> we learned to leave each other alone. when you play with miles davis, you're on your own.
5:29 am
5:30 am
half the room wants to be us. the other room fears us. i know george is next in line, but after that who knows. >> i respect the hell out of reagan. no one has shown the world the true power of the american presidency. >> ooh, that was a scene from the movie vice starring christian bale as former vice president dick cheney and amy adams as his wife lynn. the buy openic landed six golden globes nominations, the most any
5:31 am
film released this past year. soon we'll see which films take home the top prize. you may have your own favorites, but here to share his, ones you may not have heard about is our favorite, mr. matt singer editor and shieff and film critic for the website welcome back. >> thank you. >> let's start with number five. >> yes, the writer. a lot of people might not have seen this movie but that's what we're here to do. >> movies i haven't seen. >> this is an incredible film that has an incredible behind the scenes story. the director met this real life rodeo rider brady and he was in this terrible rodeo accident and had he this horrible injury. and she decided to cast him in a movie about his own life. >> oh, wow. >> where he has to sort of grapple with this choice that he really faced. give up his dream of being a rodeo rider or maybe give up his life because this injury is so serious that if he kept riding he could really die. and as you can see, it's a
5:32 am
gorgeous movie. >> i'm sold. i'm sold on that one. >> it's beautiful. >> number four, sequel doesn't always happen, missing impossible fallout. >> i like this one. >> how many franchises are still getting better after six movies and 22 years. >> yeah. >> but mission impossible, i think, the think the last one was the best one. i don't know how tom cruise is going to top this one where he learned how to be a helicopter pilot do his own helicopter chase stunts. he's going to have to train to be an astronaut and then go to the international space station which he might do. >> i was going to skbla that's what what's great about these movies, anything is possible. >> top three in your third favorite is a sci-fi hor row film annihilation. >> i think it this is the one i thought about the most afterwards. you have natalie portman as a scientist. she goes into this weird place called the shimmer to try to figure out what's happening in there. and the stuff she finds is some
5:33 am
of like the most horrifying nightmarish imaginary i have seen in a movie in a long time. i've had actual nightmares about this movie, so how's that for a selling point. annihilation, it will traumatize you and haunt your dreams. >> jaws did that for a lot of people. >> that did. >> first runner up on your list is? >> private life in the say netflix movie. that's one of the big stories of the year for moveries vis is netflix. they used to be this place for a lot of junk, frankly. and now they have all these fascinating wonderful movies like this one which is about a subject a lot of people, include my own family deal with and they don't talk about which is infertility. this couple are desperate to get pregnant and they can't do it. i can tell you from experience this movie is so painfully accurate and honest that no one else would have made it but netflix did. and they deserve credit for that gray great cast. >> how about the faif reit. >> maybe this is my favourite because i love the bad pun of
5:34 am
saying "the favourite" is my favorite. this is a period piece about basically how government works and how everyone in it is selfish and dumb, some of them. so it has no relevance whatsoever to the world of 2018. it has amazing performances, olivia colman, emma stone, rachel weisz, they're all sort of fighting for control. i loved it. >> what are you looking forward to next year? >> number one right now has to be us. that's the next film from jordan peele. we just got trailer for it. if you loved get out, it looks very similar. sort of a horror film with social commentary in there. it looks terrific. >> it's like you said, with casts anything. matt singer thank you so much. movies to look to or movies you're on board with already. now here's a look at the weather for your weekend.
5:35 am
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and this morning's saturday's session an artist who did things her own way and is now reaping the rewards. arkansas native ashley mcbryde has been performing professionally for over a decade. but it wasn't until this year that she really made her mark. her day buy album hit number three on billboards emerging artists chart and she's just been nominated for a grammy. we'll hear her perform with her band in just a moment. but first i caught one mcbryde here in new york and talked with her about her break-through year. ♪ a good old fashioned american scandal ♪ >> ashley mcbryde's amazing ride reached a new milestone earlier this month. she was on her tour bus when her phone went crazy.
5:39 am
>> it just started going bing, bing, binge. >> she had been nominated for a grammy. >> girl going nowhere, ashley mcbryde. i was like, what? >> but she didn't come out of her cabin for most of the day. >> why did you stay in your room? >> i got so overwhelmed. there was so much love coming at me at one time? >> ♪ make the best of the worst day kinda night ♪ >> the 35-year-old singer songwriter who spent more than a decade trying to make it in nashville has finally broken through. >> do you have any sort of sense of what happened? what changed? >> i seja happened a lot. ha happened. >> do you. >> what just happened? >> do you feel like you did anything different? >> uh-uh, no. >> no. >> i gained a little weight. when you live on a bus and your choices are eating at a truck stop restaurant or eatering at the a&w next to it, that's what
5:40 am
happens. >> in 2007, mcbryde was studying at arkansas state when a professor told her to quit school and go to nashville. >> when i think back on it now, i just picture me running out of the building with my guitar in my hand like, yeah. that's not what happened. >> what did happen? >> i had to move to a storage unit. >> in niashville. >> a friend of mine was running a storage place. >> it must have been pretty quiet in there. >> it was and when it was it was really scary. in the beginning it was really hard. >> but she just started writing songs. >> that's where the freedom is, that's where the money is. but it's so hard to be a songwriter, just writing for other people, that's like me coming to your house with ice cream and assuming that this is what you were going for today. j? >> pistachio. >> i hope you like if the and then i have to not be upset if you don't like my ice cream. ♪ if i have it my way ♪ god, when i go
5:41 am
>> she finally got her own shot in 2016 with her solo debut gentleman loppies and expensive guitars. but she was advised to straighten her hair and alter her image. >> you do have to play the game a little bit or nobody's going to listen to you. but i think we played the game too much and it came across as ingenuine. >> insincere? >> definitely. >> and it was a lesson for me because unless i find out that i'm apologetic for who i am, i really suck at trying to be someone else. ♪ don't waste your life ♪ they get gone ♪ but you won't get far >> and with girl going nowhere, mcbryde as made her mark. the title song was inspired by a
5:42 am
teacher who discouraged her song writing dreams. >> and she told me that that was stupid and it wouldn't happen, to remember where i'm from and have a good backup plan. >> and she said that in front of the whole class. >> whole class. gosh, that woman gave me hell. i gave it right back, though. >> making her opry debut tonight, ladies and gentlemen, ms. ashley mcbryde. >> mcbryde performed the song in her first appearance on the grand ole opry last year. >> you got a little emotional up there? >> a little? i cried like a child. i wish you could hear my inner monologue going to get it together, get it together. ♪ a whole lot of >> so then i thought if there's ever a time to really just feel what you feel when you feel it. >> you all sure look good out there. whew. >> it is the first time you play the grand ole opry. >> not bad for a girl going nowhere. >> i knew our lives changed at the opry. >> you did?
5:43 am
>> yeah. i felt it. [ cheers and applause ] >> and now performing that title track from her debut album girl going nowhere, here is ashley mcbryde. ♪ ♪ don't waste your life behind that guitar ♪ ♪ you may get gone, but you won't get far ♪ ♪ not the first, you won't be the last ♪ ♪ and you can tell us all about it ♪ ♪ when you come crawling back ♪ that roo you're on, just winds and winds ♪ ♪ you're spinning your wheels and wasting your time ♪
5:44 am
♪ but when the lights come up ♪ and i hear the band ♪ and where they said i'd never be is exactly where i am ♪ ♪ i hear the crowd ♪ i look around ♪ and i can't find an empty chair ♪ ♪ not bad for a girl going nowhere ♪ ♪ i get these calls ♪ out on the road ♪ i heard your song on my radio ♪ ♪ we always said you'd make it big ♪ ♪ and i tell all my friends ♪ i knew you back when ♪ so don't forget all us little folks ♪ ♪ and when you crash and burn
5:45 am
♪ remember we told you so ♪ and then the lights come up ♪ and i hear the band ♪ and where they said i'd never be is exactly where i am ♪ ♪ i hear the crowd ♪ i look around ♪ and i can't find one empty chair ♪ ♪ not bad for a girl going nowhere ♪ ♪ i need to thank my daddy ♪ for that first set of strings ♪ ♪ and all those folks who swore
5:46 am
i'd never be anything ♪ ♪ it took a whole lot of yes i wills and i don't scare ♪ ♪ a whole lot of basement dives and county fairs ♪ ♪ to this show right now and y'all sure look good out there ♪ ♪ it's not bad for a girl going nowhere ♪ ♪ it's not bad for a girl going nowhere ♪ [ applause ] >> don't go away. we'll be right back with more music from ashley mcbrooiyde. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday." if you have moderate to severe
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. ♪
5:53 am
happy new year, everybody. >> what they just said. >> have a great weekend. >> we leave you with more music from ashley mcbryde. >> this is american scandal. ♪ checking my lipstick in your aviators ♪ ♪ like a couple of cool kids, the hit paraders ♪ ♪ cherry glow of your cigarette ♪ ♪ don't tell me the world couldn't handle ♪ ♪ a good old fashioned american scandal ♪ ♪ hold me baby snoeds hold me
5:54 am
like you ain't mine to hold ♪ ♪ ooh kiss me baby ♪ kiss me like you don't care who knows ♪ ♪ oh, love me baby, love me like kennedy and monroe ♪ ♪ lights are flashing ♪ main street paparazzi ♪ you got them lining up to watch you want me ♪ ♪ let's one up the rumors ♪ hold me baby, holed me like you ain't mine to hold ♪
5:55 am
♪ ooh kiss me baby, kiss me, like you don't care who knows ♪ ♪ oh love me baby, love me like kennedy and monroe ♪ ♪ don't tell me the world couldn't handle ♪ ♪ a good old fashioned american scandal ♪ ♪ hold me baby, hold me like you ain't mine to hold ♪ ♪ ooh kiss me baby, kiss me ♪ like you don't care who
5:56 am
knows ♪ ♪ hold me baby, hold me like you ain't mine to hold ♪ ♪ ooh kiss me baby, kiss me, like you don't care who knows ♪ ♪ oh, love me baby, love me like kennedy and monroe ♪ ♪ ♪ don't tell me the world couldn't handle ♪ ♪ kennedy and monroe ♪ a good old fashioned american scandal ♪ ♪ ooh, like kennedy and monroe ♪ don't tell me the world couldn't handle ♪ ♪ kennedy and monroe ♪ a good old fashioned american scandal ♪ ♪ don't tell me the world
5:57 am
couldn't handle ♪ ♪ a good old fashioned american scandal ♪ [ applause ] >> for those of you still with us, we have more music from ashley mcbryde. >> this is el dorado. ♪ ♪ forth side of midnight ♪ another state line coming up ♪ it's down to the truckers, the
5:58 am
troopers, and troubadours like us ♪ ♪ i'm out of coffee ♪ andy's burning his last cigarette ♪ ♪ and the needle's dropping ♪ but the tank ain't empty yet ♪ we can't stop now, can't stop now ♪ ♪ no we can't stop now, el dorado ♪ ♪ hotel paper full of songs i write for you ♪ ♪ highway sailor, miles and
5:59 am
miles to
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live from the cbs area studios, this is kpix news. more arrests in connection with the murder of a northern california police officer killed in the line of duty. why some are calling for changes to sanctuary city laws. a family is demanding justice for little girl hit by a falling tree branch. while local college is to blame. a modified ghost town right here in the bay area, a rare glimpse inside. it is saturday, december 29. >> we will get started with a check on your new year's eve weekend forecast. it is cold


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