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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  December 6, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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today in large part because of the relatively new safety system that they have installed right here. it is called engineered material arresting system. a fancy name for it airport safety system. >> it is one of the systems you hope you never have to use. but it can make a big difference. >> reporter: sfo is installed their system in 2014. it is made up of concrete tiles. it cushions the impact of the airplane and slows it down. >> it is a bed of crushable concrete, a good analogy is it is like a runaway truck ramp for aircraft. these are commonly found on shorter runways that don't have a lot of additional space on their >> rorter: sfo added the
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system to two runways that could not make any longer. san francisco, oakland and monterey have the system installed. san jose does not. none, thankfully have had to put it to the test. the faa has a rule requiring 1000 feet of extra space at the end of a runway just in case. that wasn't an option here at sfo and that is why they installed the system. >> good that they had that safety feature but terrifying for passengers. were people shaken up today? >> reporter: you know i think there was kind of a buzz about it but thankfully this wasn't one of those catastrophic accidents that we have seen. i think people were reassured that the airport had the safety system. the man accused of being the infamous golden state
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killer back in a sacramento court room this afternoon. the judge noting that the case against him is so extensive it could actually go on for a decade. he ruled the taxpayers would need to pay for the defense which could cost millions of dollars. the 73-year old former cop faces dozens of charges including 13 for murder and 13 tied to rape spanning across six different counties. meanwhile, his public defender is not saying much. >> i am not making any comment. >> reporter: you will be representing him. >> my office will be representing him. in the east bay a serial arsonist is getting sentenced after he was convicted of 31 felonies. the jury found james bishop
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guilty of starting 14 car fires all around contra costa county. some of them even spreading to homes where people were sleeping. luckily no one was hurt. >> this is among the most serious serial cases that we have faced in this jurisdiction. a conviction on 33 counts is a tremendous success. >> bishop could face 20 years in prison. he was identified from images of his car cart on cameras. a milestone in the push for renewable energy. a new mandate requires all homes built beginning in 2022 include solar rooftop panels. julie watts joins us live in san jose with more on what that means for home prices moving forward. >> reporter: as you mentioned it does not go in effect until 2020 so this new home would not
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be impacted though it does have solar panels. this will was introduced in may by the energy commission and approved last night with a unanimous vote. many are calling it groundbreaking but some still have some concerns. >> the top of this bridge down to this point here -- >> reporter: he said deciding to get solar panels was easy, getting the okay was not so easy. he struggled for a year to get approval to install the panels, a struggle that will soon be a thing of the past thanks to an update to the state building code which now requires solar panels on homes. >> it is great for the environment. >> reporter: but this homebuilder says it is not without consequences. will this increase the cost? >> 100% it will increase it. >> reporter: the state estimates the new rule will add $10,000 to upfront cost of a home but they say homeowners
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could save $19,000 on energy costs over the course of a 30 year mortgage. the solar industry believes many could save $500 a month but still the state received hundreds of letters from critics noting the new rules will increase skyhigh california real estate prices. >> it is necessary for the environment. >> reporter: this realtor notes homebuyers don't always get what they pay for. >> he says many of his client to buy homes with solar installed find it is not the right kind of system. >> reporter: just because the builder installs it does not mean a homebuyer will benefit. >> it might not be the most efficient solar panel available. >> reporter: bolt wilson and graziano pelie say most new homes already come while take -- wired for solar but some homebuilder stop installing the panels because technology changes so quickly that the panels quickly become obsolete.
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the epa wants to ease carbon emissions rules for new coal-fired power plants. the proposal would scrap a provision that requires plans -- plant to capture carbon and store it underground. the epa said the point is to remove excessive burdens on the energy industry but the move is largely symbolic right now because there are currently no plans to build any new coal plants as forth -- call plant in the u.s. a final farewell today for george h.w. bush. he has that -- he has now been laid to rest. allen martin is here with a look at today's ceremonies. >> reporter: tens of thousands of people stood along the railroad tracks and waved american flags these -- as the train carrying george h.w. bush moved to root the countryside. >> it was heart pounding when they came through.
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it was exciting. >> reporter: these young air force cadets were among the first to see the locomotive. >> i was not expecting to see the casket. >> reporter: members of the family, were on board. >> just seeing him -- testing his family was great. great. -- just seeing his family was great. >> reporter: the day began with an emotional service in houston. a city he and his wife adopted as their own. mourners gathered at st. martin's episcopal church to say goodbye. country music stars reba mcintyre and the oakridge boys saying prayers, even drew laughs. >> what people may not know is he fancied himself to be a good base singer.
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he was not. >> reporter: his long time friend james baker was moved to tears. >> our glory george was to have had you as our president and as such a friend. >> reporter: the spot where he is buried is on the campus of texas a&m university. he is buried next to his wife barbara and their daughter, robin. president trumps celebrating hanukkah right now at the white house. there is a live look at the reception at the white house. the president told several holocaust survivors that they endured "evil beyond description." he also calls hanukkah in everlasting symbol of jewish perseverance. if you choose stocks took another drop in the morning but
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recovered in the afternoon. the dow jones finished 79 points lower but at one point earlier it was down more than 700 points. the nasdaq closed up 29 points. a global selloff begin yesterday when news broke that the cfo of a chinese telecom giant, huawei, was arrested in canada at the request of the u.s. her arrest triggered skepticism that the u.s. and china could settle their trade dispute. the rally on wall street came amid signs at the federal reserve may slow down interest rate hikes. the family of a man shot by police in a barbershop has filed a civil rights lawsuit against the city. the 21-year old was shot and killed in march at the amazon barbershop. police say family members called 911 to report he had a gun and when officers
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confronted him they say he was the one who fired the first shots and gun fire erupted. today the family's attorney said the shooting was racially motivated. >> at least a dozen shots were fired at him, unnecessary, unlawful, abuse of policy and a violation of the constitution. we are determined to end this epidemic -- this epidemic. >> a police officer and four others were also wounded. this just in a single engine airplane made a hard landing an hour ago. chopper 5 were overhead. two people were on board, neither were hurt. no significant damage to the runway or airplane but the faa will investigate. up next the east bay construction project that could back up the morning commute.
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a man who came just millimeters from death, check out the heart stopping video, he was pushed into oncoming traffic. the san francisco police chief makes a ruling after this nasty skateboard crash. will the officer who caused it be punished? why it was eviction day today in one bay area homeless camp that is filled mostly with women and children.
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heart stopping crime caught on camera in los angeles. a homeless man pushes a stranger right in to traffic. we want to warn you the video may be disturbing to watch. you can see the man in the jacket sitting in front of a restaurant yesterday morning, when the victim, walks by, unprovoked the suspect shows him into the road where a truck immediately slams into him. the suspect then picks something up and walks away. people nearby say this is not the first violent attack in the area. >> one of the homeless people hit someone in the head with a stick. >> reporter: did you see it? >> i saw him after it happened.
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>> police found the suspect eight hours after the attack. police say the victim is in critical condition with a collapsed lung but is expected to make a recovery. police sergeant involved in a nasty wipeout last year will not be punished for colliding with a skateboard. this happened in july of 2017. you can see the skateboarder bumps into the sergeant then goes flying over a patrol car. some believe the officer tried to block his path, maybe hit him with an elbow intentionally, a new report revealed that the chief declined to discipline the officer but will not confirm his name. the aft -- the ex- girlfriend of reuben foster says she is shocked in another team picked him up a few days after his domestic violence
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arrest. foster was arrested at a hotel in tampa. as a member of the san francisco 49ers his girlfriend reported he slapped her, the 40 niners quickly released him, the washington redskins claimed him two days later. now she says there have been three violent incidents this year, she says foster dragged her downstairs and punched her in february, she took back her allegations in court, she now says she lied to protect him. the city of oakland made good on the plan to clear out a homeless encampment. city workers took away tarps and belongings while police are on the lookout for any sign of trouble. last week the courts clear the way for removal of the encampment. 13 people living on city property were given notice they would be forced out. today a woman being evicted
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said she feels betrayed by the city. >> instead of evicting people in the middle of a housing crisis, we were swarmed by police. >> the city says it does has shelter available for all 13 of the people evicted. in the south bay student activists are demanding that one university do more to curb the growing crisis of student homelessness. students at san jose state gathered asking for officials to take immediate action. many have asked for additional parking spaces and dormitory best for students who have nowhere to go. >> we are here to do better than our parents. it is hard when we are not being able to meet basic needs. >> how can we expect them to have a bright future if they don't have a place to live? we are going to make sure the students are feeling that they
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are being supported. >> tonight the property under the stars event takes place, students, staff and others will sleep outside on campus to bring attention to the issue. take a live look at san jose this evening. in just minutes a final route for phase 2 of the south bay bar extension. it is not expected to open for several years but they have been working on relocating the people who live along that route. they released this map showing the route southbound, the tracks would run along highway 101 and take a right on santa clara street. they have identified nine people who will have to be relocated. 57 businesses may also have to be moved. the cost to buy all these properties and relocate these people will be about $35
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million. there will be a vote on the plan at 5:30 tonight at the county building. starting tonight huawei desk caltrans is said -- starting tonight caltrans is shutting down a piece of the of across. tonight 880 between 23rd avenue and 29th will be shut down until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow and again on saturday. we are talking about a star making a direct hit on southern california. coming up how long we stay cloud free, that is a spectacular picture of a post sunset san francisco. we will also talk about our next rain chance. i answered question surrounded the new ballpark plans. how the team used facebook to address the concerns and the
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curiosity. all new at 6:00 it is a government perk unlike anywhere else in the bay area. the county offering free valet parking on the taxpayer dime.
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designers of a new ballpark for the a's answered questions from the fans. the architects talked up the new design in in appearance on facebook live. fans were encouraged to submit their current -- to questions in advance. one fan asked about the pedestrian approaches to the bowel park. -- to the ballpark. >> as you are approaching you will see directly into the ballpark. you will feel the energy of the crowd. you will be able to actually go
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up from there but if you choose to stay on the ground you can go left along the waterfront and experience a newly revitalized waterfront. >> the a's hope to have the stadium ready in time for the 2023 season. the weather having an impact on traffic in southern california but today here it was beautiful. >> it was gorgeous and what a great sunset we have out now. for us it is time to enjoy some sunshine for which we will have almost all the way through the weekend. let's take a look outside, looking pretty good. it is 54 in livermore already cooling down but still 60 in san francisco, oakland at 61, upper 50s in san jose. in the east bay valleys this time of year it is going to be chilly, mid- to upper 30s in
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napa. low 40s in san jose and redwood city. 48 in san francisco. the radar will stay clear until sunday night. livermore at the bottom of the list at 67% of average. san jose 80% of average. san francisco 80 5% of average. heading to the beach tomorrow morning swells running up to 10 feet. higher than normal waves will come in every couple of minutes, caution at the beach early tomorrow morning. sunshine tomorrow, 64 a high, seasonal temperatures on saturday. a very pleasant december day on saturday. get up the holiday lights. southern california, last week we got the direct hit, we had heavy rain, we had thunderstorms, we had hand, now it is southern california's
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turn. they are getting a lot of rain, flash flood warnings her up and also we had some snow. for us, the opposite, clear skies tomorrow, clear skies on saturday. sunday around lunchtime rain makes it in. that front is going to die out before it gets here. just a few showers monday morning. this storm keeps getting weaker. highs on friday upper 50s to low 60s, sunshine, napa 59, san francisco 58. we keep the sunshine around on saturday. rain showers early monday morning then we dry out again. after a wet couple of weeks only one shower chance in the next seven days. that is your forecast. coming up, these livers --
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these losers have moved that rival superheroes but now researchers have discovered a brand-new superpower. -- these lizards have moves that rival superheroes, but, now researchers have discovered a brand-new superpower.
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they lived in a multimillion dollar lot are accused of taking advantage of san francisco's low income housing. how a report is helping the city crack down on affordable housing fraud. a shark -- a shark spike in animals getting shot. in effort to save them, all that coming up at 6:00. get goals known for their section couple of feet allow them to walk upside down but now you -- but now researchers discover another superpower, it can run across water. the scientists say their special feet slapped the water surface rapidly propelling them across the water as fast as 3
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feet per second. quite a discovery. that is neat to watch. >> that is why you can never catch them. >> thank you for watching. we are back in 30 minutes. >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this thursday, americans turn out to catch a glimpse of the 41st president's final journey. and the worldwide search for a donor who can save a girl with an extremely rare blood type. all that and much more beginning with the headlines in 60 seconds. >> the final farewell for president george h.w. bush. >> another remarkable day of tributes. >> the eighth presidential funeral train in american history. >> the navy's first-ever 21 fighter jet salute. >> president bush laid to rest next to his wife, barbara, and their daughter robin. >> our glory, george, was to have you as president and as such a friend. >> this massive storm system in southern california. >> mudslides in several areas,


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