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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  June 7, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. president. lawyers for a former 49ers quarterback claim the president live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. from kneeling on the field to going after the president, lawyers for a former 49ers quarterback claim that the president has something to do with him not getting side and onto the field. good afternoon. i'm kenny choi. >> and i am michelle griego. yahoo sports is rick porting that colin capper next lawyers wants to issue the subpoenas
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against president trump and the former 49ers grievance case against the nfl. kpix 5 reporter jackie ward tells us who else these lawyers might be pursuing. >>reporter: president trump, vice president mike pence at any other person who may know of trumps so-called agenda against nfl players who protest up like. that's who colin capper nick's team of lawyers plan to go after, according to yahoo sports. if they get what they want, it would force trump to testify under oath. since capper nick is a free agent, the former quarterbacks lawyer wants to know if trump pressured league owners about the protest. the president has been a vocal opponent of players taking a knee during the national anthem. the last -- last fall, the former cornerback file the case for collusion saying he is prevented from playing football because of his protest, not his football skills. he took the knee starting at the beginning of a -- protesting what he said is the racial inequalities of america. it, others joined him. soon, the nfl -- requires
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players to stand for the anthem, or force their teen to pay a fine. the nfl says personnel who choose not to stand may stay in the locker room until after the anthem is performed. jackie ward, kpix 5. two the nfl's system arbitrator has to first determine whether these depositions are necessary. at the lawyers make it past that stage, they would have to argue their case in a district court. president trump is focused on his upcoming summit with north korean dictator kim jong- un. he is hosting japanese prime minister, shinzo abe at the white house, where the two will discuss the upcoming meeting in singapore. we have details from the nation's capital. >>reporter: japanese prime minister, shinzo abe, arrives at the white house today for meetings with president trump at the two have a lot to discuss ahead of next week's planned summit between mr. trump and north korean dictator, kim jong-un. trump and shinzo abe agree the ultimate goal needs to be the complete shutdown of north
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korea's nuclear and -- most missile program. a deal could still leave japan vulnerable to short arrange korean missiles. >> just within the past year, japanese citizens have had to take cover. the sirens, warned of possible missile attacks from north korea. president trump and prime minister shinzo abe are also talking trade today. where, despite their close personal relationship, the two men don't see eye to eye. >>reporter: japan is the only major u.s. ally that did not get an exemption from president trump's tariffs on steel and aluminum. the trump administration announced at the end of may, it will investigate for an auto imports to see if they threaten national security. motor vehicles make up about 30% of japanese exports to the united states. cbs news, the white house. object the two leaders will continue trade talks tomorrow, as they head to canada for the g7 meetings. object this afternoon, it is one of the biggest illegal fireworks bust in california history.
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cal fire sees 50,000 pounds of illegal fireworks ahead of the fourth of july holiday. seven people were arrested. >> law enforcement officers have reason to believe that the suspects have been illegally importing, transporting, storing, distributing, and ultimately selling these products of dangerous fireworks throughout california. with indications that this practice has gone on for at least 30 years. >> california says the fireworks were stored in hayward, walnut creek, oakland, and other locations. officers also seized more than $100,000. two a tesla on autopilot that crashed on 101 in mountain view back in march was speeding at the time of the fatal crash. in fact, it sped up in the seconds before impact. according to the newly released ntsb report. in the three seconds before impact, the car sped up from 62- 71 miles per hour. the report also says the drivers hands were not on the steering wheel. >> this just in.
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14 show dogs in a cargo van that were stolen on their way to the bay area have been found. someone took off with them yesterday afternoon. the dogs work with their trainer on the way to the worst stock dog show in vallejo. the trade -- driver stopped at an in and out and let the van running in a parking lot with the ac on and the doors unlocked, according to police. these are surveillance photos of the suspect. no word yet on where the band was found, but only say the dogs are all safe and sound. >> the group, heal the bay, has released its annual report card on the most bacteria ridden beaches in california. is kpix 5's and markovic explains, the bay area has some of the worst. >> -- >>reporter: according to the latest report, overall, beach water quality grades dipped in northern california this year. the group, heal the bay, released its annual bacteria report this morning. it says northern california is home to seven out of the state's most polluted beaches. five of them are here in the bay area. lakeshore park and linda mark,
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roosevelt, and surfers beach are all in san mateo county, as well as cowl beach in santa cruz county. the reason, poor circulation and runoff from polluted rivers or storm drains. the risk, heal the bay says, getting in the water can lead to a respiratory or gastrointestinal illness. >> no one should get sick from a day at the beach. so, we publish the beach water quality information in a really simple a-f letter grade. it's a simple way for simple to go to -- people to go to the beach. they can make more informed and educated decisions about which beach they want to go too. >> heal the base rankings are based of levels of weekly bacterial pollution, measured by county health agencies. on the positive side, most of the other beaches in all of the bay area counties got either and a or b grade, including here in san francisco. at baker beach, and markovich, kpix 5. two heal the bay just released a retold website with real-time data and predictions.
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you can find a leech to bring -- beach report, on our website, cb >> a fire this morning destroyed a boat at san francisco these. flames thoroughly torched the vessel picked thanks to the quick action of neighbors and the san rafael fire department said the fire department did not spread to other property or boats. as the boat was burning, san rafael police officer ruggles, paddled out to it in a rowboat, all to save this dog from being hurt. the pup was safely reunited with his owner. two oakland fire crews responded to a brush fire that broke out early this morning. it started just after 1:30 on tunnel road and hiller drive. according to chp, the fire burned on a 50 by 100 steep grade. berkeley county crews were also on scene helping to put the fire out. two our battalion chief described it, as he rounded the corner, he just saw a glow in the upper two things came to my that was the north a fire and a 91 fire.
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>>reporter: the fire was out about an hour later. no word yet on the cosby a new study by real estate website, zila, reveals that laces with higher housing costs have lower birth rates. the study studied -- focused on women ages 20 to 25. on average, birth rates dropped 1.5 percentage points for every 10 percentage point increase in home values. the birth rate decrease has been especially steep in areas like santa clara, alameda, and san francisco counties. >> scooter companies have until 5 pm today to turn in permit applications. this, after companies like limes, spin, and berg were required to remove their scooters from city sidewalks a few days ago. if any of those companies qualify for a permit, the sf nta has plans for a year-long pilot program to collect data and see if adding more scooters would benefit the public. still ahead, the u.s. is helping with the recovery efforts after guatemala's biggest -- volcano eruption in decades. by emergency workers in that country have had to halt the
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recovery efforts. 2+, a warning from aaa to check the tread on your tires before you hit the road this summer. the new research that could save your life. and, clear skies now for most of us, now that that morning marine layer has been adopted by, temperatures still cooler than average. i will let you know when we are about to get quite a big heat up. coming up.
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kpix 5 weather is sponsored by -- sleep world. k cbs, always on, with local news, traffic, and by the pic now on fm at 106.9 at a.m. 740. k cbs. running any wrote checks this summer? aaa has a warning for you about your tires. eras reporter, chris martinez. >>reporter: both of these tires need to be replaced. >>reporter: even some tires that might look like they are in great shape could put drivers at risk. too little tread poses a big danger. >> they will not break nearly as well. >> --
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>>reporter: aaa says that is especially true on what roads. this video shows what happens during tests, when a car with new tires and a car with worn tires try to stop on a slick surface. research revealed, driving on worn tires increases the average stopping distance by 43%. or, more than 80 feet. >>reporter: -- >> it will be more than the length of a full-length semi truck. >>reporter: skein recommends drivers check the tires at least once a month. he says placing a quarter upside down in the tread will show if it is at a safe level. in a new tire like this, the tread should cover the top of washington's head. and an older tire, >> you put it in that group and you can see the top of washington's head, it's time to replace a tire. >>reporter: aaa's dresses that when it comes to replace your tire, consumers should keep in mind that higher price doesn't mean a higher performance.
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driver should do the research, check tire ratings and consumer reviews before making a purchase. chris martinez, kpix 5 news. burbank california. two a group of children who were badly burned by the volcano in guatemala have arrived in the u.s. for treatment. at least six critically injured children landed in galveston, texas this morning. they will be treated at a hospital there. the hospital said it sent an emergency medical team to guatemala within 24 hours of the eruption. doctors say the road to recovery will be a long one. >> 2-3 weeks, four weeks, up to a couple of months of rehabilitation. and then, the reconstruction goes on for years. >> in guatemala, the government has suspended the search for at least 200 people still missing. more than 72 hours after the eruption, officials say the chances of finding survivors are slim. to the day started off cloudy and cool. but it is shaping up to be a really nice day. >> it sure is pretty. a little cold because of those west winds.
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i want to take you out to lake tahoe. look at gorgeous that aspect but also, something i want to point out. things are starting to dry up there. right now, we are noticing those strong west winds that tend to increase our humidity levels next week, the weather pattern will really change. it will dry a lot of things out across northern california. including those higher elevations back on the nevada side of tahoe. it will be a fire weather watch starting as early as this coming weekend. something to keep in mind. we are obviously going to start to feel that he eventually when the weather pattern just for now, we are dealing with the west winds and that marine layer. it has burned off all morning long. we had thick clouds covering a lot of our views. this is our dublin camp. that wind is pushing those trees around pick up the 90 and san francisco. 67 livermore. 71 for concorde. temperatures will pretty much stay close to where they are. you may see an increase of a degree or two this afternoon. upper 50s for those highs around the coastline. low to mid 70s for a lot of the south day. out east, that's what temperatures will be slightly warmer than yesterday. mid to upper 70s expected for -- pittsburgh, 70 around -- walnut creek. 69 degrees.
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around the bay, it will stay pretty cool. low to mid 60s. that is the average by -- below average by about 4-5 degrees but that's because of that onshore breeze. it will be one in san alina. 81 degrees but not warm at all. does a lull in the gulf of alaska. that is expecting ellipses expected to dip them by friday or saturday. we could get some increasing cloud coverage biventricular temperatures will do a little rise and then drop when that gets closer to us. but then, a ridge of high pressure will come through. i want to show you that. first, you see that precipitation heading for the pacific northwest. not going to bring us any kind of rain. but we could see cloud cover on saturday. temperatures dropping into the 60s and 70s by then. after that, we see those warm conditions coming through. we are talking 90s by the time we get to monday and tuesday of next week. look at tuesday. upper 90s possible. the heat will be on, guys. >> and that will be too hot. >> yes. >> but, it is all right. i will take that. let's see how wall street
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is doing this afternoon. about 45 minutes to go before the closing bell -- bell. the dow is up about 60 points. two with the help of a reality star, a 63-year-old grandmother is finally free after serving two decades for a drug crime. alice johnson arrived home in memphis on wednesday night, where her extended family was waiting. she was serving a life sentence without parole for being part of a cocaine trafficking ring. the releases said in motion by reality star, kim kardashian west, who made her appeal to president trump last week . >> i woke up without a bunkbed over my head. that was great. i will tell president trump, thank you so much, that i am going to be that one who is going to make you so proud. >> the white house said in a statement, it will always be tough on crime, but that some people deserve a second chance. time magazine is that with another controversy all cover aimed at skewering president trump. take a look for yourself.
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it shows him looking into a mirror to see his reflection decked out in royal garb. the caption read's, king me. the artist says this gets to the portion -- gets to the heart of how trump and his legal team has -- this week. he has the absolute right to pardon himself, but added that the president has done nothing wrong. >> today, the oakland raiders traded in a day of practice for an opportunity to give back to the community. the team invited eight local high school football teams to kick off the inaugural raiders use seven on seven tournament. this unique opportunity gave the students a chance to learn about the game, right from the pros, at the team's practice facility in alameda. >> for the first time in my career, the head coach decided to give back on one of those days that he gives us off. instead of doing something as a team, we did something to get back to the community. >> randy cole there, the raiders kicked off the regular season at home against the la rams on september 10. two some bay area teachers looking for something fun to do this summer can score some free
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tickets to an a's game. the baseball team announced that they are offering free tickets to educators for the july 31 game against the toronto blue jays. teachers can request two tickets to the game on the a's website by using their work email address. the a's will also donate 25% of proceeds to local school districts. >> music lessons are making all the difference for some bay area children and adults with developmental disabilities. i had, why this week's jefferson award winner says, she has seen them work miracles. and, we want to invite all you pet lovers to send us your questions about their health and well-being. if you email us, it is we will have our pet expert give you an act -- and answer every friday at noon. >>
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improve the lives of people with developmental disabilities. kpix 5's sharon chin introduces us to this week's jefferson award winner. a berkeley woman is unleashing the power of music to improve the lives of people with developmental disabilities. two 10 five introduces us to this week's jefferson award winner. >> singing mac >> when -- begins to sing, 34- year-old monica miller catches the beet. >> music as therapy for some two dozen people with developmental disabilities like autism and down syndrome. the session at the campus in berkeley, run by myers music
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therapy fund. its cofounder, neurologist, dr. joanna cooper, says the group is especially important for adults who age out of government-funded services. >> it's often the only service that they get in a therapeutic way. to improve their motor ability, their coordination, their social abilities, their language. >>reporter: myers music arabi fund honors dr. cooper's severely disabled daughter, maia, who died at age 14, and rare neurological disorder . >> she was nonverbal, but she could really come alive with music. >>reporter: with dr. cooper and myers father founded the nonprofit in 1989, they started with a handful of children. >> today, the nonprofit is 29 years old, and serves more than 100 children and adults. >>reporter: the nonprofits paid music therapist says dr. cooper has expanded the sessions to several locations in richmond and berkeley. >> she is very strong-willed. and, she knows what she wants
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but again, she makes it happen. >>reporter: all of the participants perform in a music festival. and sometimes it takes years, but dr. cooper has seen miracles through myers music therapy fund . >> somebody who never spoke, being able to sing. >>reporter: for cofounding a music therapy nonprofit, that improves the quality of life of developmentally disabled participants, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to dr. joanna cooper. kpix five. the therapy sessions offer groups or individuals. there is a small fee, usually $1-$5. but, no one is turned away if they can't pay it. two if someone you know inspires you like dr. cooper, nominate a person for a jefferson award. you can do it online at cbs we will be right back.
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them on the counter pick never in the refrigerator pick not because -- the sugar content is very high and the tomatoes. you want to buy and enjoy the mid-a few days. come pari cherry tomatoes. i'm telling you, they are so delicious. two he was once considered -- it was once considered impossible. tonight, at 5:00, meet the two rock climbers who scaled el capitan in record time. they are amazing, too. you want to definitely tune into that story. >> bigger, faster, and stronger these days . >> there is always a record people are trying to be. >> it may be broken in the future. >> it may be -- they beat their own record but that's what's amazing about it. >> all right. have a great day, everybody. .
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completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. with energy upgrade california.
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>> yeah, i'm watching it too. i see them every day. >> the curtains, they're always drawn in this place. >> i know. >> that guy, it seems like he's in charge of them. i don't know, i don't feel very good about this. >> we have to report this. >> yes, absolutely.
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♪ >> hope: please, liam, i need you to be honest. do you want a life with steffy? you're a new father now. you are loyal and you're committed, and i won't blame you if kelly's birth changes things. i mean, it already has. look at you, you're on such a high. >> liam: yeah, i am. >> hope: so, what does that mean? we were about to be married. do you still want that? do you still want to be my husband? [ kelly cries ] >> eric: i know. i know.


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