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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  May 4, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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it is our favorite day of the week. it's friday, may 4th. wahoo! i'm michelle griego. >> thank you. good morning. i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside on this morning. at least to begin. look at that. a shot of some of the traffic typical stuff in oakland. and on the left, nice shot of the moon this morning courtesy of our mount vaca moon. it's a waning crescent? >> no, waning gibbous moon. 88%. >> i wanted neda to confirm with us. >> waning gibbous according to/website i just looked up. so -- according to a website i just looked up. 88% full. it's nice from the mount vaca view you can see a lot of us seeing it but a lot of us not seeing it because of clouds. we have low cloud coverage out there. it's not too bad for drivers.
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low clouds will most likely cause visibility issues around town. low visibility in santa rosa. this view had the bay bridge in the background. but the clouds are covering it now. they are thick and low clouds this morning. clouds didn't burn off yesterday until midafternoon so temperatures stayed cool in san francisco and at the coast. today cloudy and cool at the coast. this afternoon should be sunny and warm for all of us even the beaches. clouds will burn off at the beach. temperatures won't cool until sunday when we'll see a decent drop in our temperatures and then things warm back up again for next week. delays in -- delays in
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dykes as you approach the in dykes. -- delays in story bay. delays for folks that are coming in from stockton area. eastshore freeway and 680 both in the green. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. i'll send it back to you guys. two former supervisors hired to clean up radiation at the hunters point in san francisco have pleaded guilty to falsifying reports and are going to prison. anne makovec reports. >> reporter: actually i'm here at the federal building in san
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francisco where this has been working its way through the court process. these two have admitted to falsifying soil samples. they pleaded guilty and have been sentenced to eight months in federal prison. these two were supervisors for the company tetratech in charge of certifying that the soil at the former hunters point naval base is safe. steven rolf and another employee labeled soil from areas for testing for radiation from contaminations and rolf said, one told me on multiple occasions to get the hell out of that area in reference to a particular survey unit that was not testing clean. he goes on to say, another told me on more than one occasion that we are not remediating the whole expletive site.
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after 12 years they said the naval base was safe and redevelopment is under way. last year the navy and epa says it may contain radioactive material. the company will pay for another round of testing. a statement says. >> reporter: now, these guilty pleas actually came here to federal court a year ago but they are only now being made public because the sentencing has been complete. anne makevoc, kpix 5. one victim and the alleged gunman are dead after a shooting at a marin county apartment complex in mill valley on east blithedale avenue just west of u.s. highway 101. jessica flores reports.
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>> reporter: the scene is quiet and clear now. but it was an intense situation yesterday. this whole area on lockdown. we now know that gunman shot two people, then turned the gun on himself. he is dead. so is one of the victims. now, sheriff's department declared this an active shooter situation yesterday afternoon. they were searching for the gunman. tactical teams surrounded the apartment building sending residents running. we now know the shooter was an 80-year-old man. neighbors say the victims are the apartment owner and his daughter. the woman died at the hospital. >> first deputies on scene grabbed the two victims, carried them out of the scene to waiting ambulances. >> reporter: about 90 minutes after the initial reports of the shooting, a tactical teams broke down an apartment door and threw a flash-bang inside
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before rushing in and that's where they found the dead man. the 80-year-old man was discovered. we are waiting for identification of the people. the victims were the apartment's owner and daughter, according to the neighbors. jessica flores, kpix 5. today president trump will speak at the nra convention. last year was the first time a sitting president addressed the event hosted by the national rifle association. there were several mass shootings since then. the shootings brought outrage and protests. more demonstrations are planned for today. >> five officers were slain in
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our streets. blood running down the streets in downtown. and president trump is going to come to this city and talk about guns? >> not only is the second amendment important to our constitution but the entire constitution. >> guns will not be allowed in the venue while president trump and vice president mike pence are in attendance. meanwhile, president trump now says that he paid stormy daniels $130,000 to stop her from spreading lies ahead of the 2016 election. it comes amid questions about whether the payment amounted to an illegal campaign contribution. hena doba has the latest. >> reporter: president trump is now acknowledging that he paid money to adult film star stormy daniels. he denies they had an affair. in a series of tweets, the president described the nondisclosure agreement with daniels as being very common among celebrities. mr. trump said it was intended to, quote, stop the false and
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extortionist accusations made by her about an affair. those revelations were initially made by rudy giuliani during a pair of interviews on fox news. >> funneled through cohen and the president repaid it. >> reporter: it was a dramatic debut for the former new york city mayor in his new role as a member of the president's legal team but experts say giuliani's statements raise new questions about the $130,000 sent to daniels. >> that looks like a structure of money and when you use the word a funnel, or facilitate, that doesn't look good. >> reporter: white house officials were caught off guard by mr. trump's revised version of events. >> the first awareness i had was during the interview last night. >> reporter: the press secretary sarah sanders had previously said the president knew nothing about any payments to daniels. >> we give the best information possible at the time and we are going to continue to do that every single day. >> reporter: sanders said questions about the payment should be directed to mr. trump's personal attorney. hena doba, cbs news. >> daniels' lawyer told cbs news that giuliani's admission
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quote, makes our case that much stronger and i think it makes our efforts to depose the president that much stronger. end quote. ash is falling on hawaii following a volcano eruption. officials aren't taking as hundreds of people are forced to evacuate. >> kpix 5's jackie ward joins us now and tells us the eruption was sparked by another natural disaster. >> reporter: good morning. it's very tense there right now. the hawaii national guard has been activated and is helping people leave their homes. we have drone footage to show you the extent of the fountains and streams of lava oozing from the kileaua volcano on the big island. it started to erupt yesterday causing lava, smoke and afternoon to start seeping into the community of lay and they were evacuated. >> i ran into a military officer who told me it's
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smoking and i took a turn and one of my favorite streets was on fire. >> reporter: this eruption comes after multiple earthquakes that have happened over the last few days including a 5.0. this caused hawaii county officials to declare an emergency so they could close roads and use relief efforts money. lava has been flowing from this volcano for 30 years covering more than 48 square miles. time now is 5:10. the sharks and golden knights face off in game 5 tonight. this morning, san jose has some new opponents. bart and the vta. >> supreme court justice ruth bader ginsberg goes from the bench to the big screen. >> and we do have a cloudy start affecting visibility in some areas this morning. but not to worry. we have a warm afternoon in store. i'll have your forecast coming up. school your ride on
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>> how is the north bay commute? find out coming up. because antonio villaraigosa millions got it
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he defended women's healthcare, banned military-style assault weapons, banned workplace discrimination, and more. antonio for governor.
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now that the legislature passed an education funding deal, ending a six-day walkout.. teachers will get a 20-percent
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pay raise by 20-20. which includes a nine-percen fall.. some arizona schools are re-opening now that the state legislature passed an educational funding deal ending a six-day walkout. teachers will get a 20% pay raise by 2020 which includes a 9% raise in the fall and a 5% raise the next two years. while some school districts re- open today, others report classes resume next week. three protestors are set to be in a sacramento county courtroom where today a judge will hear motions to have their charges dropped. the three were among a group of counter-protestors opposing a rally by white supremacists at the state capital in june of 2016. among them, is a teacher from berkeley. the three counter-protestors face assault charges in connection with a clash between the two sides. a suspected neo-nazi sympathizer was also arrested that day. the san jose sharks are suing bart and vta over the downtown san jose extension. the team says that the construction plan approved
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last week fails to factor in the parking impact on "s.a.p. center." the sharks say that they strongly support the extension idea but they want a clear plan for arena parking and guest access before construction begins. in a statement, the team added saying, quote, we have been pushing vta for more than two years to work with us on these issues without success. we do not take this decision lightly." vta had no comment. 5:15. let's check traffic. good morning. >> good morning. we have been tracking an accident east bay highway 4 near discovery bay boulevard and it's causing backups for drivers westbound. traffic is backed up over past old river and so a lot of drivers are opting to take south tracy towards 205 to get around the mess because both lanes are blocked westbound. it's a semi and two other cars, one on its roof. so this is a pretty bad
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accident. emergency crews still out on the scene. give yourself some extra time and try to avoid this area if you can. other than that your ride pretty quiet. we'll take a look at your ride on 37. this is right near lakeville highway. 20 minutes between 80 and 101. still in the green in petaluma and 580 near cutting boulevard as you make your approach towards the richmond/san rafael bridge, those headlights moving westbound no delays an easy ride over to 101. and 101 at spencer before you go into that robin williams tunnel traffic starting to pick up a bit but we are still in the green. across the golden gate bridge, over at the bay bridge toll plaza, different story. we are looking okay as far as the bay bridge is concerned. but we are seeing that backup fluctuate a little bit but 11 minutes into san francisco. no metering lights just yet. that's a check of your traffic. let's check in with neda on
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your forecast. so good morning to all of you and check out the moon right now. this is a waning gibbous moon. >> not going to be as stubborn as yesterday. we had the marine layer that didn't want to leave us alone. there is clearing in the south bay and san jose according to satellite-radar. we have issues as far as visibility is concerned. not too bad in half moon bay at 8 miles visibilities. santa rosa down to a mile. 3 in napa. so you may run into that this morning if you are driving through the north bay. check out the bay bridge, clouds are blocking that view. we are not getting a strong ocean breeze and that pushed
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the clouds further out east towards the east bay yesterday. temperatures didn't warm up much especially in san francisco. it was cool along the coast. this morning light winds not too bad out of the west- southwest so that's contributing to clouds pushing inland. fairfield right now 14-mile- per-hour sustained winds. so gusts not as strong. a cool view from our kpix 5 roof cam. it's low enough that you can see the bay bridge from this camera shot. san francisco right now 50. san jose 54. 50s and 40s in the area. we have a ridge of high pressure getting closer to california bringing us a warm afternoon today and contributing to nice conditions for inland areas today and then tomorrow also temperatures will be close to normal. we may get a bit of marine layer still sticking around in the morning hours tomorrow, as
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well. sunday though that's when temperatures will drop off slightly. and then today's low you can enjoy normal conditions for san francisco and oakland. temperatures around the bay where they should be. inland areas that's where you will see the warmer weather. so the further east go, further south you go and north, temperatures will be warm. 50s to 80s in the area today. celebrating in a virtual way. jaclyn was the first to say this, this morning. may the 4th be with you today because it's "star wars" day and today some fans are celebrating in a virtual way. >> i have an assignment for you. the rebellion needs you and we don't have much time. >> fans in southern california, orlando and las vegas can take part in a new virtual reality experience
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called "star wars" secrets of the empire. special gear allows you to roam around, feel and even smell what's happening as you battle in a galaxy far, far away. grab your mint juleps. the 144th running of the kentucky determine is tomorrow. more than 150,000 people are expected to attend the legendary horse race at churchill downs. the derby has been called one of the biggest bucket lists sporting events in the country and is the longest continually held sporting event in the u.s. 20 horses have earned a spot. a documentary film about legendary supreme court justice ruth bader ginsberg hits the big screen today. >> do you mind signing this copy? >> i am 84 years old and everyone wants to take a picture with me. >> very popular. the film entitled rbg traces her life from brooklyn to harvard law to the highest court in the land. the 85-year-old earned her nickname the notorious rbg
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from internet memes after the rapper notorious big. they got permission to film her workout sessions which went viral last year. she can reportedly do 20 pushups in a row without knees. could sean menaea back up his pitcher of the year award? lebron james is back. he showed everybody why last night.
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the warriors will tip it off with the pelicans tonight in new orleans. steve kerr says steph curry will start game 3 and play more than 30 minutes. wheels up yesterday morning in oakland bound for the big easy where they had a shoot-around in the evening. it was the first time the media had access to the team since charges barkley apologized for saying he wanted to punch draymond green. steph curry said an apology like that wouldn't fly with his mom. >> my mom, like, said something to me i was in the wrong or something and she wanted me to apologize and, you know, say something about something i did wrong and i said, i'm sorry, but i still meant it. i would have got slapped in the face. >> it could be headed for a cavs-warriors war in the
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finals. lebron james scored 27 of his 43 points against the raptors in the second half making shots from all over the floor. cavs win 128-110. they lead the serious two games to none. 44-year-old ichiro suzuki announced he plans to finish the rest of the season working for the mariners front office. if he decides to retire in 2019, his last opponent was the a's. he watched the game against the a's in the club how the last night. sean menaea the pitcher of the month in april didn't have it last night against the ms. the two-run jack off the bet of nelson cruz to make it 4-0 mariners. 9th inning, edwin diaz struck out matt chapman to end it. the a's lost 4-1 and scored just 7 runs in the three-game series. one other big game tonight? oh, yeah. sharks in vegas get it on tonight. game day on location from the "s.a.p. center" for game 6 on sunday
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night. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great weekend. play of the day. let's go to major league baseball toronto taking on cleveland. >> deep right at the wall oh, what a catch by tyler! >> catches it and slams into the wall. the indians ended up falling though to the blue jays in that game 13-11 the final in 11 innings. a volcano on the big island causes a scary situation for the people who live in leilani estates as lava flows too close for comfort and forces people to leave their homes. >> reporter: and an admission of guilt from some of the people in charge of making sure there are no radioactive materials at hunters point. we'll explain next.
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and police finally track down a california man suspected of leading officers on a 100-mile chase with his kids along for the ride... decide a bay area police chief could face punishment in connection were a stolen gun. >> police track down a california man suspected of leading officers on a 100-mile chase with his kids along for the ride. >> that marine layer is back. >> it will beirne off. >> we are tracking new hot spots for the friday morning commute. one along interstate 80. will it be good-bye "friday light" conditions? find out coming up. >> good morning, it's friday, may 4th. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. two people hired to clean up hunters point in san francisco have pleaded guilty to falsifying soil records. anne makovec reports from san francisco. reporter: this is an admission of guilt and the two
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have now been sentenced to 8 months in federal prison. the two were supervisors for the company tetratech that was in charge of certifying that the soil at the former hunters point naval base in san francisco is safe. steven rolf and jason hubbard supervised technicians who selected, bagged and labeled samples of soil from desk nature areas for testing for radiation contamination. in a written plea agreement admissions rolf said that an assistant project manager told me on numerous occasions to get clean dirt. he goes on to say, i understood these statements as a direction to go outside the appropriate survey unit and get dirt from other areas that was known to be clean, that is not containing excessive levels of radiation. after 12 years of clean-up and testing, they said the former naval base is safe but late last year the navy and epa found that the ground may
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still contain radioactive material and now a multi- billion-dollar lawsuit by people who used to work there and have developed deadly cancer. >> he passed away his last words sitting on the sofa, i don't want to die in vain. i want them to pay for what has happened to me for taking me away from my family. >> reporter: now, the company says it sands by its work and will pay for testing. as for its employees' guilty pleas, a statement saying tetraat the time vehemently denies this type of activity: il pleas were a year ago but they weren't made public because they were waiting for the sentencing.
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two other locations may also have radioactive materials because of tetratech. anne makovec, kpix 5. one of the most active volcanos in the world has erupted. jackie ward reports. >> reporter: this is happening on the big island right now. the kileaua volcano' eruption caused lava to flow down streets and forcing people to evacuate. experts say temperatures of this lava can reach 2100 degrees fahrenheit making it a deadly situation for nearby residents. it spread into leilani estates where 1700 people live. it happened after a series of earthquakes this week and the county is assuring people they have resources to help them.
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>> people need to know that we are here for them, whether you have pets or not, we have two separate shelters set up. we have a shelter for pets at our gym. people can stay with their pets. we have another shelter set up inside with cots and everything set up for them and we also have another shelter set up in our senior center. so we can handle everybody that comes through here. >> reporter: a zoo has also opened up for people with horses. yesterday, they were offering 31 stalls to keep the animals safe. 770 structures now sit empty on the big island because all of those people were forced to flee. jackie ward, kpix 5. it's 5:34 right now. let's check weather with neda. >> it should be a good weekend. it will be nice with normal conditions. we'll wake up to cloud coverage.
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the moon looks cool. nice view. lower to the ground we have clouds. it cleared momentarily to give us this view of coit tower. moments ago it was all cloudy and it's moved through. coit tower lit up green this morning because of an event they had last night for tipping point a nonprofit to end hunger. 40s and 50s in the area. satellite/radar note as much cloud coverage as yesterday. so that means temperatures are most likely going to warm up a bit more especially the further out east you go. that's where you will see those temperatures feeling comfortable this afternoon. visibility still an issue for parts of the north bay. not so bad at half moon bay down to 8 and then 7 miles in livermore but up across the north bay santa rosa less than one mile visibility so you will see low clouds down in
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the valleys. a's game take a jacket cloudy and cool 64 degrees for first pitch and as the sun sets around 8:00 it will get colder. and the a's playing the orioles. that's who it is. jaclyn over to you. >> go a's. right now, we are tracking a new crash and this is along southbound 680 as you approach 580. it doesn't appear to be slowing really the traffic down. speeds still in the green. just a heads up. you will see it on the shoulder there. the rest of your ride along 680 looking okay through the stretch. but we are tracking this accident and this has been going on for about an hour now. this is westbound 4 as you approach discovery bay boulevard both lanes blocked. they are waiting for tow trucks to arrive. a couple of cars and a big rig involved in this crash. that traffic backs up beyond
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old river so if you need to use south tracy boulevard to take that down to 205 and maybe head into the bay area that way, that might be a better option. it will add time onto your ride but right now both lanes are blocked in that westbound direction of highway 4. as you make your way out of antioch, over towards 680, it's an easy -- just under 15 minutes. interstate 80 starting to get busy. look at the headlights and taillights there. we are still in the green but we are tracking an accident and that's westbound 80 right at appian way. it looks like debris from the crash may still be in the far left lane. so just a heads up for drivers making their way out the door in that stretch. bay bridge toll plaza crowded, metering lights are on and the backup is building. the man who led authorities on a nearly 4 hour chase in an rv from los angeles to the bakersfield area is now in police custody. l.a. county sheriff's deputies say
5:38 am
46-year-old steven houk was arrested yesterday afternoon in barstow. officials say he was found inside a railcar. houk fled with his two young children inside the motorhome tuesday afternoon. police followed him for more than 100 miles. houk is a parolee out of oregon and also a convicted sex offender. he is facing a number of charges including kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon, and domestic violence. gilroy's police chief may face punishment after a burglar stole his personal truck. inside were the chief's gun, badge, work laptop and ipad. it happened at modesto junior college last friday. >> i got out of my vehicle to attend the graduation. and i had my gun and badge on. and then i realized they were screening people at the gate getting in and that i might have a problem getting in with the gun. so i went back and i put it back into my truck. >> chief scott submity says he
5:39 am
. >> he said he put it in the center console and after the ceremony the truck was gone. >> we had several officers on the case that evening, very concentrated effort to find the vehicle as soon as possible because there was a firearm in the vehicle. >> a few days later deputies arrested a 36-year-old. they didn't find the stolen gun or anything else. california law requires any gun left in an unattended vehicle to be locked in the trunk or lock box and the lock box must be out of plain view. gilroy is hiring an independent third party to investigate to see if the chief violated department policy. a plea hearing is scheduled this morning at the san jose hall of justice for a man suspected of robbing and sexually assaulting a teacher at a west side school. andrew bracamontes was arrested after the attack at harper middle school. a celebrity in hot water
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in connection with a clothing line. diane king hall reports. >> reporter: good morning. markets yesterday seesawed yesterday on wall street. the dow was up 5. nasdaq down 12. the former ceo of volkswagen indicted by a federal grand jury in detroit on charges with the diesel emissions scandal. the company admitted to programming diesel engines to activate pollution controls and turning them off on the road. he is charged with three counts of wire fraud and one of conspiring with other executives to violate the clean air act. amazon is widening its footprint to cover your four- legged friends. they unveiled their line of dog food yesterday called wag. $30billion will be expected to be spent by pet owners.
5:41 am
it's only available to prime subscribers. a judge wants jay-z in court regarding his clothing line. he says he is a private citizen and shouldn't be involved. >> he has 99 problems and an sec investigation is one of them. big jay-z fan. we hear if you can't decide between pants and shorts there are some interesting fashion news. >> reporter: right. so what about extreme cutout jeans? the l.a.-based company car maurice isn't debuted pants aimed at the free spirited generation. if you want a pair, they are currently sold out. >> wow. ian e king hall of "," very little jeans there.
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>> i don't know what to say. okay. thank you, kenny. have a great weekend. >> you, too. a calaveras county man is playing peek-a-boo with a young bear. >> reporter: it was the scene of an active shooter situation yesterday. now it's turning to a homicide investigation. we are live with the latest from mill valley coming up.
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forecast in just a few minutes. good morning. check out this view of the beautiful bay bridge. there it is, no low clouds messing with our view right now. we have coastal clouds but also cooler air to start and things will warm up. we'll get that sun later on this afternoon. marin county investigators are looking into a shooting that left one victim and the alleged gunman dead. it happened yesterday on the edge of mill valley on
5:45 am
blithedale avenue west of highway 101. jessica flores has more. >> reporter: the scene is quiet and clear now but this was an intense situation yesterday with s.w.a.t. teams swarming the area neighbors running out from their homes. that gunman shot two people and then himself. he is dead as is one of the victims. now, the sheriff's department declared this an active shooter situation. tactical teams surrounded the building sending residents running. the tactical team threw a flash-bang inside and found the 80-year-old shooter dead. neighbors say the victims are the apartment owner and his daughter. the daughter died at the
5:46 am
hospital. the owner is fighting for his life. >> it's scary. you never know when things will happen. >> reporter: the sheriff's department hasn't identified the shooter and the sheriff's department at the moment hasn't told us what the motive is. jessica flores, kpix 5. new video to show you now of a young bear giving a man in calaveras county a surprise. the man initially mistook the bear for his dog. you can see the young animal scurry behind the tree there and hide at first. then the little bear peeked around the tree clearly curious about this human over there. experts say the man did the right thing by giving the bear some space before it left on its own. hey, what's up?
5:47 am
right now, we are tracking a couple of accidents to slow you down. northbound 5 five is not showing in this camera shot that we have here. it's south of where we have that location, northbound 580. delays are building on the richmond/san rafael bridge. speeds dipping below 45 miles an hour. south of that crash highway 101, towards the golden state looking good. starting to get crowded. take a look at this beautiful shot here. golden gate bridge i swear it never takes a bad picture. right now those headlights into san francisco. heading through san francisco this is coming off the bay bridge 80 at 4th street. you can see the headlights making their way towards 101. over on the other side of the bay bridge, we have this backup developing. our travel times starting to
5:48 am
climb. metering lights are on. backups towards the foot of the maze. so give yourself some extra time and say good-bye to those "friday light" conditions. that's a check of your traffic. over to neda. all right. thank you very much, jaclyn. now, before we get that daylight coming in, let show you the moon. the higher up you go, you won't have this. this is a lot of cloud cover blocking the view of "salesforce tower"." 50 in san francisco. 40s and 50s in the area. look at the satellite/radar. yesterday clouds were moving inland. today there's a few areas where there's a break here. we have west wind still and that's what's pushing those clouds inland especially through fairfield. right there across the water onto land, it will contribute
5:49 am
to cooler conditions especially at the bay and the coast. winds at sfo calm at 3. yesterday higher winds. not as bad today. a lot calmer contributing to some of the earlier clearing west-southwest wind in fairfield at 14 though so that's where you're seeing the coastal clouds being pushed. here's what to expect. this ridge of high pressure will bring us a sunny warm afternoon today and tomorrow. then on sunday we have a little system up here to the north and that's going to dip down and that's going to cause our temperatures to drop slightly sunday. so don't expect rain from it. all we'll see is just a little drizzle right by the california-oregon border and that's it. so most of the next few storms in fact will graze north of us. no rain for a while. 50s to 80s in the area for highs today.
5:50 am
>> the seven-day forecast shows a dip in temperatures on sunday most likely tomorrow pretty similar to today. you may see clouds in the morning. monday a shift in the wind direction an offshore wind instead of the onshore which is what we have been experiencing. and that's going to bring us even warmer air especially for those inland areas. mid-80s to start off your workweek next week. tomorrow is cinco de mayo. 65 in oakland at jack london square mild conditions. a few clouds to start off. then the a la carte & art in mountain view. so sunny skies there. 71 degrees. perfect weather to get out there and enjoy art. and i believe they have wine there, as well. over to you. time now 5:50.
5:51 am
one south bay city is moving forward with a plan to prevent more teachers from leaving town. >> and an investigation into an east bay police shooting finds officers used excessive force. you could save energy
5:52 am
by living off the grid. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. with energy upgrade california.
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we have quite a few weekend events happening.
5:54 am
market housing is going up in los gatos.. motorcycle crash along 205 right near mountain house parkway. and you can see emergency crews on the scene blocking a lane. expect delays westbound. your ride is slow as you transition to 580. 26 minutes an accident as you approach 680 slowing things down just a bit. new below market housing is going up in los gatos to keep teachers in town. the town council approved a project to build four homes near downtown. a nonprofit group supports teacher is overseeing the project. it's the first of its kind teacher housing development officially to get a green
5:55 am
light in the south bay. >> we'll probably have a lottery system. we want to make sure that it's fair. >> in the new development, developers say that two two- bedroom units will rent for about $2,000 a month and two one-bedroom units will be $1,600 a month. new this morning, a citizen's panel intended to hold richmond police accountable has reached a conclusion in a 2014 fatal police shooting. the panel decided that an officer in the department used excessive force in the deadly shooting of 24-year-old richmond perez. police say perez was shot outside a liquor store after he reached for the officer's firearm but that account has been disputed by the man as family and attorney. they say perez put his hands up before he was shot. the contra costa county district attorney could still decide whether to prosecute the officer. the city of san francisco hopes some high-tech trash cans will clean things up around town. mark farrell was on hand
5:56 am
yesterday for the unveil of smart trash cans. they are solar-powered and hold up to 150 gallons of trash. wireless technology then sends alerts when they are full. but some residents say that more can be done. >> i also wish they would incorporate a green philosophy. i like the big belly concept but it doesn't recycle or compost. >> san francisco plans to add 20 of these trash cans and each one costs $3,000 a year to lease. they have admitted to falsifying soil samples used in the case that was certifying the results of safety after hunters point. coming up, what this case means. plus, the bay area city that reportedly has the lowest rental prices.
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dangerously close to homes. the eruption and mandatory a volcano in hawaii erupts shooting lava into the sky and sending it flowing dangerously close to some homes. eruption and mandatory evacuations under way on the islands. >> plus, the push one lawmaker is making to try to force sanctuary cities to foot the bill for president trump's proposed border wall. >> and the investigation under way after a gunman opens fire at a bay area apartment complex. >> good morning, everyone. it is friday, may 4th. i'm michelle griego. i'm kenny choi. we'll get to weather in just a bit with neda but first jaclyn is up with traffic. >> i have to say it, may the 4th be with you. >> yes. >> get out our light sabres. >> right now, we have been tracking a couple of incidents for your friday morning ride. no delays northbound 101. you can see the flares. headlights northbound near 580. we had an earlier crash had two lanes


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