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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  March 27, 2018 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> we'll be back in 30 minutes with more news. see you then. captioning sponsored by cbs >> the way they killed him was in cold blood. >> glor: the state clears two baton rouge police officers in icershooting of alton sterling, whose death touched off protests in the streets. rs both officers acted in a reasonable and justifiable manner. >> glor: also tonight, new details on the man who allegedly gent a dozen package bombs to u.s. government buildings. >> and mexico will pay for the wall. >> glor: a report says it's the neesident's new idea-- have the pentagon pay for it. a fertility clinic accident has likely destroyed twice as many egs and embryos as first reported. a speeding car headed for a trooper-- wait until you see what happens next. and heads up, hollywood fantasy could become reality, as a chinese space station falls to earth.
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this is the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor. >> glor: and this is our western edition. we are going to begin tonight with two fatal police shootings in two cities that led to protests in the streets. first, the louisiana attorney general said today, two baton rouge officers will not be prosecuted in the 2016 death of 37-year-old alton sterling. the shooting was captured on video. we caution you, it is graphic. mark strassmann is in baton rouge. te reporter: alton sterling, pinned on the ground under two white police officers, had moments to live in this cell phone video. the cops were responding to a 911 call: a man selling c.d.s and waving a gun in front of a convenience store. >> he's got a gun! >> reporter: the cop said later, sterling resisted arrest, first ignoring verbal commands and then reaching for a gun in his pants pocket. officer blane salamoni fired
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three shots into strerling's chest. ( gunfire ) then, he fired three more. ( gunfire ) a .38-caliber revolver was later found in sterling's pocket. results released today of toxicology reports showed he tested positive for cocaine and methamphetamine. >> put the guns down! >> reporter: his shooting death sparked outrage in baton rouge, ket officers salamoni and howie lake learned today they will not face criminal charges. >> both officers acted in a reasonable and justifiable manner in the shooting death of st. sterling. >> reporter: louisiana attorney general jeff landry: >> i know the sterling family is hurting. mknow that they may not agree with this decision. m haeporter: they don't. >> yes, the system has failed us. yes, we are disappointed. >> reporter: quintela mcmillan is the mother of sterling's oldest son. when you watch that video, what
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do you see? >> when i watch that video, i ide my son's dad murdered in cold blood. >> reporter: is there any way to get justice? >> i never feel like i will get justice. i would be more at peace if they ie fired. i don't think neither one of them deserve to be in uniform. and to be honest with you, that's something i've been praying about. >> glor: and mark joins us now. mark, what happens now to the officers involved? >> it's a little bit up in the air, jeff. both have been on paid leave since the shooting. officer salamoni's attorney told us late this afternoon, he expects baton rouge police will tore his client. one more thing, jeff, the police ay sf here on friday says he will release video from the convenience store security camera, and that should be the cst complete look yet at the fatal confrontation. >> glor: okay, mark strassmann in baton rouge. mark, thank you. ayanwhile, in california today, the state attorney general's ifice joined an investigation heto the police killing of 23- year-old stephon clark. he was shot in his grandmother's backyard this month by officers responding to a report of someone breaking a car window.
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the police say they thought clark was holding a gun. it turned out to be a cell phone. cte sacramento county district eytorney will decide whether the officers face criminal charges. we do have an update tonight on a story that led this broadcast last night. just hours after the news that suspicious packages were turning up in and around washington, d.c., including f.b.i. headquarters, an arrest was made on the other side of the country. and there is a new warning that other packages could still be in the mail. here's david martin. >> reporter: 43-year-old thanh -ong phan was arrested the day after 11 suspicious packages he gelegedly mailed arrived at aslitary bases in the washington, d.c., area. he had a history of writing crank letters to the military, so the rambling notes included in the packages immediately fingered him as a suspect. he was arrested at his home in everett, washington, monday night, much to the surprise of a neighbor. sh i'm in shock. i don't know what to say. it's so close to my house, you know?
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>> reporter: he appeared in court this afternoon charged with one count of shipping explosive materials, which carries a maximum penalty of ten years. the packages contained what the f.b.i. called "potential destructive devices" and were sent to government mail processing facilities at the c.i.a., the naval surface warfare center, fort belvoir, joint base anacostia-bolling, and fort mcnair. the package at fort mcnair was addressed to the national defense university and contained black powder and a fuse. the one at fort belvoir was meant for the national geospatial agency, an intelligence organization which esalyzes spy photos taken by satellites. another package was addressed to the secret service. none of the packages exploded. the motive for mailing the nd tages is unclear, and the f.b.i. warns that additional packages may show up at other heil processing centers in the washington, d.c., area. jeff? >> glor: something to think arout.
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david martin at the pentagon, thanks. president trump has long insisted that mexico will pay for a border wall. mexico has been just as insistent it will not. now the president is floating a new idea-- have the pentagon pay for it. jericka duncan is at the white house with this. >> who is going to pay for the wall? >> mexico! >> they may not know it yet, but the answer is mexico. >> reporter: it was candidate trump's signature campaign promise, but last week's budget included $1.6 billion of american taxpayer money for what the president called "a down payment on the wall." >> there are a lot of things that i'm unhappy about in this bill. >> reporter: press secretary sarah sanders today: isn't it true at this point that mexico is not going to pay for that wall? >> i'm not going to go beyond what the president has already said. rethink he still has plans to look at potential ways for that to happen. >> reporter: meanwhile, the president suggested the pentagon pay for the estimated $25 r llion wall. over the weekend, mr. trump
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ileeted, "building a great border wall, with drugs, poison, and enemy combatants pouring outo our country, is all about national defense. build wall through m." that "m" is for military, but the white house offered no details. >> i can't get into the toecifics of that at this point, but i can tell you that the continuation of building the wall is ongoing, and we're going to continue moving forward in that process. ti this is not constitutionally appropriate. >> reporter: jonathan turley is a constitutional law professor at george washington university. thehere is a serious problem when you ask congress for money and then circumvent congress when the money is not forthcoming. >> reporter: but for this idenident, the politics of this tsue are more important than any constitutional debate. remember, this was mr. trump's key campaign promise. ce fact, just today vice president mike pence declared to dcrowd in north dakota that "when it comes to building the llll, we're going to build it all."
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jeff? >> glor: all right, jericka duncan at the white house. jericka, thank you. sources tell cbs news, it is ckely that facebook's c.e.o. mark zuckerberg will testify before congress about the privacy scandal. a trove of user data may have been improperly used in the 2016 presidential election. more on this now from vladimir duthiers. >> reporter: lawmakers want to per how the personal data of 50 million facebook users ended up mb the hands of cambridge analytica, a british political consultant firm. >> one is expected and has the duty to report unlawful activity. >> reporter: the news of ackerberg's likely appearance on the hill follows testimony in the british parliament of former cambridge analytica employee stristopher wylie, who blew the eristle on the practice earlier pher month. >> for you, donald trump's election kind of crossed the line. >> i wouldn't say it's just because of donald trump, but donald trump kind of makes it click in your head, that this has a much wider impact. >> reporter: already the federal trade commission announced it's opening its own investigation
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into facebook's data handling practices. nnn ackerman is with "cnet." >> it's not an issue that's going away. it's not an issue that's new. hhe fact that there's political angle to it now, i think, is why we're thinking about it so much. >> reporter: amid growing cries to regulate data sharing practices by social media companies, zuckerberg is being ngked to testify before multiple congressional committees, and s,rliament. >> what in god's name were you thinking? >> reporter: historically, for c.e.o.s in hot water, a hearing before congress can seem like a e utal public shaming. >> you are taking a position against the very security that you are selling, and you are not troubled? >> senator, as i, again-- >> and you want people to trust you? pl senator, i think people-- >> why would people trust you? i don't trust you. >> reporter: will that be enough? >> i think sending the c.e.o. of a company up to testify in front of a, you know, a group of congressmen, never does that much for the average consumer. >> glor: never fun in the congressional hot seat. >> reporter: indeed, it is a hot seat. he glor: has mark zuckerberg
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said about any possible regulation coming out of washington? >> reporter: he says it may be the time for it, but he's also said it has to be the right kind of regulation. ri and there's a delicate balance here, because anything that fundamentally changes how a technology company operates, in this case sharing user data with other businesses or third-party applications could fundamentally hurt the bottom line. lo glor: all right, vlad staying on the facebook story for us tonight. thank you very much. we are learning tonight of a breach of a 911 system in baltimore. paula reid is following this story. paula? >> reporter: the city of baltimore says part of its 911 dispatch system was hacked over t e weekend by an unknown actor. the breech lasted 17 hours. the mayor's office says the system that was breached supports 911 and 311 emergency 1ystems. now, she emphasizes this was a limited breech and that critical crvices were not impacted or disrupted. now, the breech forced details from incoming callers to be relayed manually. they're usually relayed electronically.
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the affected server was isolated atedsystems have been and systems have been restored. the f.b.i. is aware of the breech and they are assisting local officials with that investigation. but this baltimore incident comes on the heels of thursday's ransomware attack in atlanta, where after six days the government finally told employees to turn their computers back on, however, many city employees are still without access to email or the internet. jeff, ransomware has become a growing problem as hackers target government service, schools, and even hospitals. >> glor: all right, paula reid, thank you. the sexual abuse scandal at michigan state widened today. the university is where former sports doctor larry nassar worked. he's serving a long prison term for abusing female athletes. now, william strampel, a former dean who oversaw nassar has been arrested. strampel is accused of groping and propositioning female students and keeping pornographic pictures on his computer.
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in russia today, shock turned to rage as awful details emerged from a fire in a shopping mall. at least 64 people were killed, ussi of them children. charlie d'agata is in moscow. >> reporter: thousands turned out demanding answers. some held pictures of their dead children. "the truth," they shouted. "we want the truth. why did so many children die in whnday's fire?" a father broke down, recalling the last conversation he had onth his daughter. "i told her to lie down on the floor and breathe." "dad," she said, "i'm suffocating." at least 41 children died. it was the beginning of school holidays and the shopping mall was packed. today, president vladimir putin found himself the target of open hostility. "promise me we will know the truth," this woman demanded. the local deputy governor could only drop to his knees and beg
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forgiveness. c.c.t.v. footage showed the ndment the fire broke out, sending a plume of deadly smoke into the hallways. mawoman tries to reassure her son. "let's get to the car, daniel," yse says. "we'll be quick." it's still not clear how the fire started, but witnesses say fire alarms failed and doors were locked, trapping those inside. lle protests spilled over to moscow. there are thousands of people gathered here, yet when you walk through the crowd, you only hear g,e thing, and that's utter silence. out of respect, grief, but in its own way, making a statement. >> it shouldn't have happened, because this is just an amusement center, shopping center, and how is this even possible? >> reporter: president putin blamed the fire on criminal iagligence, but the russian rvernment seems rattled. dt this vigil we attended verlier this evening, the number
5:44 pm
of security officers far outnumbered the crowd. and, jeff, tomorrow has been declared a day of mourning. >> glor: awful. charlie d'agata in moscow. charlie, thank you. we have breaking news. cbs news has learned that north korean leader kim jong-un has visited china to meet with chinese president xi jinping to discuss the north's nuclear program. this comes shortly after president trump said he would be willing to meet with kim jong-un to discuss the north's nuclear program. there's a lot of speculation about a train that arrived from north korea in beijing yesterday or late sunday night. it now appears that did carry north korean leader kim jong-un who again has meet with chinese coming up next on the "cbs ilening news," far more eggs and embryos were damaged than first thought when a freezer
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for your chance to win a free treatment. >> glor: a fertility clinic outside cleveland admitted today odat the failure of its freezer system did much more damage than first thought. dr. tara narula is following this. >> reporter: nearly 1,000 thtients have now learned that 4,000 eggs and embryos were destroyed on march 3. in a new letter to patients, university hospitals apologized again, saying the remote alarm tastem on the tank, designed to alert a u.h. employee to changes ratu temperature swings, was off. ey dhospital says they don't know who turned the remote alarm off or how long it was off. they also said they were aware the tank in question needed preventative maintenance. enme of the eggs and embryos had been stored there since the '80s. the hospital's investigation is ongoing. >> right now, we do not know whether it's mechanical or human, or a combination. >> reporter: james liu is chairman of the department of obstetrics and gynecology at the
5:48 pm
hospital. liu says he doesn't think anyone intentionally disengaged the alarm. >> we are in the process of identifying the exact sequence of when this occurred and when-- who ordered the deactivation. >> this is just something waiting to happen. >> reporter: christina ellis and isr husband marc had two embryos remaining at university hospitals after christina gave birth to their daughter. they were hoping to use them to give her a sibling. now they're suing, claiming negligence and breach of contract. >> there is nothing financially that i can gain. acu can't put a price tag on an embryo or egg. i'm hoping this never happens again for future families and no m e has to go through what we are going through. >> reporter: the hospital says it's offering families free i.v.f. cycles and providing counseling at no charge. jeff, so far there are no known connections between the failure at this clinic and the one that happened the same day at a fertility clinic in san anancisco. >> glor: all right, tara, thank you very much.
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if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> glor: in utah, a state trooper cheated death on a snowy highway. onrgeant cade brenchley was walking to a disabled car on sunday, when another car sent him flying. the trooper broke a shoulder blade and four ribs. today, surrounded by his wife and kids, he had a message for drivers, when you see an acident, slow down. wal-mart said today it's removing "cosmopolitan" magazine from checkout lines at its 5,000 stores. it did so at the urging of the national center on sexual exploitation which calls the magazine's material graphic and often degrading to women. oosmo will still be available in wal-mart's magazine racks. a wedding in cheshire, england, was a real hoot, thanks to the owl the couple hired to deliver the rings. thatarted as planned. dee handler released the owl and it landed on the arm of the best man, but when another groomsman
5:53 pm
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>> glor: finally tonight, round >> glor: round and round it goes. where it drops, nobody knows. china abandoned its space station in 2016. it has been losing altitude and falling to earth ever since, but when and where? eiip reid takes a look. >> reporter: imagine this: a chinese space station is oinning out of control and hurtling toward earth. itst of it will burn up in the , mosphere, but what's left will meme crashing down some time in the next week, striking
5:57 pm
somewhere between 43 degrees north and 43 degrees south, which includes most of the united states. if you find that frightening, space expert john logsdon of horge washington university has a word of advice-- relax. so the chances of a piece of this thing hitting somebody on earth are pretty slim. >> very slim. te reporter: very slim? >> but not zero. >> reporter: okay. not zero, but the chances are about one million times smaller than the odds of winning the powerball jackpot. so really, relax. china launched the tiangong space station in 2011. tiangong means "heavenly palace," but it's really just one of more than 500,000 pieces of space junk orbiting the earth. it sounds like, kind of a flying sv. >> about that, you know, like a winnebago in space. >> reporter: and as we all learned as children, what goes up, must come down. >> it gradually slows down over llme, and slows down and slows down, until eventually it is not going fast enough to stay in
5:58 pm
evbit. ta reporter: if the tiangong space station sounds familiar, you probably saw "gravity" with sandra bullock. >> i'm about to undock from utangong. >> reporter: exactly when the real tiangong will hit the earth is still up in the air. >> at this point, we know within plus or minus two days of april the 1st, it's likely to reenter. >> reporter: april fools. >> april fools. >> reporter: april fools day-- space junk with a sense of humor. chip reid, cbs news, washington. a glor: and that is the "cbs evening news" tonight. ewm jeff glor. the news continues now on cbsn. good night. " captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh captioning sponsored by cbs p&-i
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s&-ptaking action- after kpix5 news begins with a new lesson plan for students in the me too era. a north bay school district is taking action after teachers claim they were sexually harassed. high schools in marin county could soon require students to take sexual harassment training. >> the proposed change came only when teachers came forward with their stories. >> when we look on the national scene and we wonder how the harvey weinsteins are made? we're making them. >> strong words by a woman who claims to know firsthand what sexual harassment feels like. jessica crabtree is a teacher at jesuit high school and her harassers are her students she says. eva reader is also a teacher in the district. >> i have been harassed, stalked, intimidated, threatened, bullied, slandered
6:00 pm
and defamed by male students. >> as a result of these two women's' statements to the school board earlier this year and that there is not enough being done to stop the harassment, there is a curriculum being considered for students, sexual harassment training. it would be implemented from april to june. students would be required to participate. it would be the same at all schools except that seniors would also be learning about affirmative consent. the superintendent did not return our phone calls today, but he will make his presentation at tonight's meeting to the board. though it might be an added lesson, the students at redwood high school we talked to today are still on board to learn it. >> i think it could be a good idea if they do it in the right way. i'm open to almost anything, but if i hear like good things about it and have people that want me to go to it, i might go to it. >> it's important because it's happening to teachers and you can't feel safe in a


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