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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  March 27, 2018 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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this morning. from the broadcast center in new york city. i'm demarco morgan. captioning funded by cbs it's tuesday, march 27th, 2018. this is "cbs morning news." breaking overnight, a former michigan state university dean is arrested. he was the boss of larry nassar, the ex-sports doctor spending time in prison for molesting his patients. a strong denial from the white house after stormy daniels' "60 minutes" interview in which she says she was threatened to keep quiet over her alleged tryst with donald trump. more on the fallout. and the u.s. is joining other nations in what is said to be the largest expulsion of russian diplomats in history.
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good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. a former michigan state university dean who supervised the doctor accused of molesting dozens of athletes and students is under arrest. william strampel is expected to be arraigned today. he was arrested yesterday as part of an investigation into the school's handling of former sports doctor larry nassar. he's the first person to be charged in connection with the investigation besides nassar in the worst sexual abuse case in sports history. nassar is serving 60 years in prison and was sentenced to lengthy terms after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting patients in his care. more than 250 girls and women have sued strampel, michigan state, and usa gymnastics where nassar also worked.
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last month, msu began the process of firing strampel for failing to enforce protocols put in place for larry nassar after a 2014 sexual assault investigation. and now to the fallout from stormy daniels' "60 minutes" interview in which she says that she was threatened to keep quiet over her alleged sexual encounter with donald trump. the white house has disputed the claim. mr. trump's personal attorney demanded an apology from daniels, and she revised a lawsuit to accuse the attorney of defamation. hena doba is here in new york with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. the white house is pushing back against the adult film star's allegations of an affair with president trump. so far mr. trump himself has remained uncharacteristically quiet on twitter as questions arise about hush money paid to daniels. an attorney representing president trump's personal lawyer, michael cohen, says there was no legal issue with a $130,000 payment cohen made to
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porn star stormy daniels. >> mr. cohen paid the $130,000, but the reason is to protect business, protect reputation, and to protect family. and you cannot speculate that it was to elect somebody president of the united states. >> reporter: cohen maintains the money he paid to daniels before the presidential election was never paid back by the trump campaign or by mr. trump and does not constitute a violation of campaign finance laws. >> it was not a campaign expense. this was a settlement. >> reporter: daniels sat down for a widely watched interview on "60 minutes" that aired sunday. she claims she's had consensual sex with mr. trump in 2006. >> he knows i'm telling the truth. >> reporter: she and her lawyer described how the settlement was arranged and the nondisclosure agreement that came with it to stay quiet about the alleged relationship. some legal experts say the timing of the payment could present a problem. >> why would they do this agreement at that time? the obvious answer is to affect
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the election results. >> reporter: the white house dismisses daniels' story. >> the president doesn't believe that any of the claims that miss daniels made last night in the interview are accurate. >> reporter: the president did not mention daniels on twitter but tweeted this yesterday -- "so much fake news, never been more voluminous or inaccurate." cohen says daniels and her attorney face millions of dollars in damage for violating the nondisclosure agreement. the white house would not say if president trump watched that "60 minutes" interview. anne-marie? >> hena doba here in new york, thank you very much. former president jimmy carter has harsh words about president trump's new national security adviser, john bolton. during an interview with "cbs this morning" co-host norah o'donnell, mr. carter called bolton's appointment a disaster. >> john bolton has been the worst mistake he's made. he's advocated going to war preemptively against north korea, against iraq, against --
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against iran even. and so i think that that is particularly ill advised. as national security advisor, i know from experience he's the most listened to advice a president gets. >> former president carter says a preemptive strike on north korea would be a total disaster. ahead on "cbs this morning," more of norah o'donnell's interview with former president carter. the fbi and the pentagon are investigating a group of suspicious packages sent to military installations in the washington, d.c., area. the packages were delivered to at least four facilities. a suspicious package at ft. mcnair tested positive for black powder and had a fuse attached. the fbi is processing the packages, and no injuries are reported. early this morning, australia became the latest country to expel russian diplomats in response to a nerve
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gas attack on a former russian double agent. so far western nations including the united states have told more than 100 russian diplomats to get out. this morning russia's deputy foreign minister said moscow will respond harshly to the u.s. actions. kenneth craig reports. >> reporter: president trump ordered 60 russian diplomats believed to be spies out of the u.s. monday, giving them just seven days to return to moscow. 12 of them based at the united nations in new york. >> with these steps, the u.s. and our allies and partners around the world make clear to russia that actions have consequences. >> reporter: the action was in retaliation for a nerve gas attack on a former russian spy and his daughter in britain earlier this month that left both hospitalized in critical condition. >> it was a reckless action. endangered not just two individuals who were poisoned but many civilians, many innocent civilians. >> reporter: the trump administration also ordered the russian consulate in seattle to be closed due to its proximity to a submarine base and boeing.
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russian citizens rushed to the consulate earlier in the day to get their passports. >> i came to work, i asked my manager, go pick up your passport right away. i got it. i'm so happy. >> reporter: the president's move followed a controversial phone call last week in which he congratulated russian president vladimir putin for his re-election victory. >> we want to have a cooperative relationship. the president wants to work with russia. but their actions sometimes don't allow that to happen. >> reporter: russia's ambassador has called the decision a grave mistake and says russia will retaliate in kind. kenneth craig, cbs news. there is speculation this morning that north korean leader kim jong-un may be in china, but there's no confirmation. rumors started flying with the arrival of this special train in beijing and unusually heavy security at a guest house where prominent north koreans have stayed. if kim is in beijing, it would be his first visit there as north korea's leader. china is the north's main economic ally.
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kim has summits planned with south korea's leader next month and president trump in may. cook county, illinois, is suing facebook for fraud in a data scandal. it's the latest lawsuit filed against the social media giant after a political consulting firm connected to the trump campaign obtained data on some 50 million facebook users. there are at least five other suits pending. coming up on the "cbs morning news" now, a civil rights figure. we remember the girl at the center of the brown versus board of education case. and stepping back on to the grass. a groundskeeper for the white sox returns to his job after clearing his name. mitzi: psoriatic arthritis tries to get in my way? watch me. ( ♪ ) mike: i've tried lots of things for my joint pain. now? watch me. ( ♪ ) joni: think i'd give up showing these guys how it's done? please.
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was messing with you, wasn't it? try lactaid, it's real milk without that annoying lactose. good, right? -mmm, yeah. lactaid. the milk that doesn't mess with you. packing to the last minute. guys, i have a couple of things to wash we got this. even on quick cycle, tide pods cleans great 6x the cleaning power, even in the quick cycle it's got to be tide the brakes are being applied to uber's self-driving testing program in arizona. the program was suspended after
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a pedestrian was hit and killed by an uber self-driving car in a phoenix suburb last week. it was the first fatality involving a self-driving vehicle. in a letter to uber, the governor said a video of the crash was disturbing and alarming. a white sox groundskeeper returns to his job after being exonerated, and a civil rights figure has died. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." linda brown thompson, the girl at the center of the case brown versus education, has died. the case began when brown's father tried to enroll his family in an all-white school in topeka, kansas. in 1954, the u.s. supreme court ruled separating black and white children was unconstitutional, ending school segregation. linda brown thompson died sunday. "the new york times" reports the lawyer for the widow of the pulse nightclub gunman says the shooter's father was an fbi informer for more than a decade. omar mateen killed 49 people at the orlando nightclub in 2016. his wife is on trial for helping
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him plan the attack. her lawyer argued the case against her should be dismissed because prosecutors waited too long to disclose that mateen's father was an fbi informant. yesterday a judge refused to declare a mistrial. the "wall street journal" reports the white house is investigating loans to jared kushner's family real estate business. kushner is a senior adviser to president trump and his son-in-law. government attorneys are reportedly looking into whether two loans last year totaling more than $500 million may have broken a law or violated ethics rules. kushner allegedly met with executives of the loan companies before the money was distributed. "the miami herald" reports as teachers struggle to find affordable housing, there's a plan to let them live at school. miami-dade county officials are considering building apartments on school grounds for faculty. one proposal includes a new
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middle school with a floor of residential units and floors for parking. a handful of other cities are using their own real estate to provide more affordable housing for employees. and "the chicago tribune" reports after 23 years in prison as an innocent man, a former white sox groundskeeper is back on his old job. in 1994, neves coleman was convicted of the rape and murder of a young woman. he was released in december after dna proved his innocence. the white sox agreed to give him his old groundskeeping job back, and he returned to work yesterday. >> the past in the past now. there's no more anger, upset, frustration, nothing. you know, when i was in there, i was miserable. now i got my loved ones behind me, standing by my side. the misery gone now. >> coleman spent part of the day yesterday greeting former co-workers who are still with the team after allthese years. still ahead, beer bust. why heineken's apologizing for its light beer commercial. bust. why heineken's apologizing for
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for that first hug. colgate total fights bacteria on teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums for a healthier mouth. so you're totally ready! colgate total. be totally ready for life. are confusing quilted northern are confusing quilted northernf. for a bouncy castle. they're both durable, flexible and nice to have at parties. but quilted northern is not a bouncy castle. it's just really nice toilet paper. here's a look at today's forecast in some citarou here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ on the "money watch," a heineken commercial accused of being racist, and red lobster
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offering a lobster fest surprise. diane king hall with that and more from the new york stock exchange. good morning, diane. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. let's start with a preview. we'll get the report on consumer confidence later this morning. confidence here on wall street ran high yesterday as stocks surged following news of the u.s. and china working toward trying to resolve trade differences. it was, in fact, the best trading day on wall street in more than two years following one of the worst weeks for stocks in the same time period. the dow jones industrials soared some 669 points. the s&p 500 gained 70. the nasdaq rallied 227. it was a roller coaster day for facebook. that stock dropped initially but recovered to finish the day slightly higher, gaining just under half of a percent. the ftc confirms it is investigating facebook's privacy and data-sharing practices in particular. it's looking at whether the social media giant engaged in unfair acts that caused substantial injury to consumers. bonuses on wall street are climbing back near record levels. the average payout to financial
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industry professionals last year was $184,000. that's a 17% jump from a year earlier and near the all-time high of more than $191,000. the double-digit rise in bonuses comes thanks to an increase in security industry profits. the annual counting of bonuses serves as an indicator of how the financial services industry is doing. heineken is pulling an advertisement following criticism that it's racist. critics slammed the 30-second spot for its light beer. in it a bartender slides a bottle of beer past several darker skinned customers and stops near the hand of a lighter skinned woman. the tag line, "sometimes lighter is better." heineken admits the ad missed the mark. chance the rapper was one of first to criticize the ad as "terribly racist" and tweeted "i think some companies are purposefully putting out racist ads to get more views." and if you're a chicken and waffles fan, there's a new twist on deck. how about a more decadent
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good morning. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ now to the story of a young baker in maryland who is making a difference.
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his passion and talent for baking has landed him an appearance on the food network, but he's also making life sweeter for other people. we have the story. adding four eggs to flour, water, salt, and butter. >> reporter: for 12-year-old michael platt, baking is sweet satisfaction. >> it was extremely fun when i started to bake, and i loved the applause that i got. >> reporter: he started baking four years ago during a weekend with his grandmother. and he's been in the kitchen ever since. >> we are constantly buying flour, sugar, butter, eggs, yes. yep, chocolate, lots of chocolate. >> reporter: michael has cooked up a business selling his sweets at bake sales in various community events. >> one of everything. >> reporter: but it's not all about money for michael. he's also passionate about bringing awareness to food insecurity.
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for every dessert michael sells, he gives one away. >> it's chocolate-covered strawberry. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> delicious, thank you. >> reporter: being able to help those in need makes it all worthwhile. michael's mother says he bakes for hours. >> once he started baking, i saw a focus -- i mean, it was unreal. >> reporter: it hasn't always been a piece of cake. >> first time i ever burned anything it was when i was making lemon meringue tarts. and i was so sat, i cried. >> reporter: he's learned even while talking to us, his mind was on dessert. [ beeping ] take care of that. we don't want to burn it like the lemon meringue. he's making life sweeter in more ways than one. cbs news, bowie, maryland. >> that's great. coming up on "cbs this morning," former "hamilton" star leslie odom jr. tells us about his new inspirational book "failing up: how to take risks, aim higher and never stop learning." i'm anne-marie green, this
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our top stories this morning -- a former michigan state university dean who supervised larry nassar, the former sports doctor accused of molesting dozens of athletes and students, is under arrest. william strampel is expected to be arraigned today. he faces possible charges related to the handling of nassar. the white house disputes stormy daniels' allegations that she was threatened to keep quiet about an alleged sexual encounter with president trump. she detailed the allegations during an interview on "60 minutes." the president's personal attorney is demanding an apology. the president continues to deny the affair. and this morning, russia's deputy foreign minister says moscow will respond harshly to the u.s. decision to expel 60
4:26 am
russian diplomats. the u.s. and other nations are retaliating for the use of a nerve agent on a former russian double agent and his daughter in britain. a large crowd is expected tonight in sacramento for a city council meeting to discuss the events surrounding the death of stephon clark. clark, who was unarmed, was killed by police more than a week ago. john blackstone has more. please give us justice! >> reporter: stephon clark's grandmother stood with national civil rights leaders and described the moment he died in a hail of police gunfire. >> why did they have to kill him like that? >> reporter: those 20 shots were captured on police body cam video. clark was in his grandmother's back yard when he was killed. >> show me your hands! gun, gun, gun, gun! >> reporter: civil rights attorney ben crump joined in the call for justice. >> this is reminiscent of so many police shootings of unarmed black and brown people. >> reporter: clark had been
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spotted by a sheriff's helicopter as a suspect was breaking windows. officers pursued him and within seconds of reaching him opened fire. they thought he had a gun. it was only a cell phone. sacramento mayor darrell steinberg has seen his city rocked by protests. >> it is rather iconic that the city's aggressive video release policy in some ways has not lowered the temperature. it's raised it because the video itself raises those questions. >> reporter: one question raised -- why did the officers turn off the audio recording on their bodycams minutes after the shooting. that along with forensic evidence and the video will be part of the investigation into clark's death. john blackstone, cbs news, sacramento. coming up on "cbs this morning," we take you behind the scenes of a theater production in rome trying to bring history into the future with a show about the sistine chapel. and former "hamilton" star leslie odom jr. tells us about his new inspirational book "failing up: how to take risks,
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aim higher, and never stop learning." that's the "cbs morning news" for this tuesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. ♪
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it's tuesday, march 27th. i'm michelle griego. and i'm kenny choi good morning. it is tuesday, march 27. taking a look at the beautiful tower all the at. having some issues on the
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road.>> good morning. >> it is jacqueline's favorite day. so, because of this, we do have some issues. >> many people were having a tough time getting to work this morning. and, anyone coming here, due to an earlier problem involving a disabled big rig, it had orleans blocked. they have cleared those lanes. they are still seeing the big backup at the toll plaza. now we are getting reports of a problem on westbound 80. now, i don't see the activity but we will continue to monitor this. it was reported to be blocking the right lane. so, traffic is flowing freely. it's looking just fine. that is a check of your traffic.da


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