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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 12, 2018 4:30am-5:01am PST

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morning because it is foggy but it's okay, it's friday! january 12th, we are excited for the weekend. good morning, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm glad you explained. i had no idea what that was. >> just wanted to get everyone's attention. >> i thought you were saying the weekend was out there. >> we knew that was there. >> right around the corner! >> that weird red glow? the golden gate bridge! we are seeing a lot of weird glows out there. the fog is covering all our landmarks that we know. here's san jose. it's even foggy there. usually san jose gets a break from it but we have a dense fog out there today. so keep this in mind, please, if you need to have a long commute out there this morning. just leave soon. dense fog will impact a lot of folks today. we'll be sunny and warm this afternoon. so the fog will eventually burn off, i promise. and then get ready for a lovely weekend. spring-like conditions which i will explain. jaclyn? >> spring-like, sounds nice. good morning, we are taking a live look at your ride along 580. this is right at first street and those taillights moving westbound, you can see that
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speeds are in the green but very foggy out there. so please be careful. foggy conditions at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights. i don't know if you would be able to see them even if they were there. they're not on yet. 10 minutes into san francisco. and the richmond/san rafael bridge just a few cars out there for the start of the friday morning commute. back to you. reports of racially charged comments from president trump have thrown negotiations on immigration reform into disarray. sources say the president got frustrated during an oval office meeting called to discuss restoring protections for people from certain countries. those in attendance say the president said why are we having all these people from expletive countries come here? he used a curse word that we will not repeat. several sources say president trump complained about the u.s. accepting immigrants from africa, haiti and el salvador. the president then suggested the u.s. allow more immigrants from countries like norway.
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the president just met with the norwegian prime minister on wednesday. >> the president's comments damaged us greatly. it's now i think our responsibility to say that his comments do not represent america. >> the white house released this statement: they should be welcomed and celebrated... not demeaned and insulted." the white house is not denying the president e of the expletive... or its racially- charged meaning. today, president trump will sign a declaration honoring doctor >> the white house is not denying the use of the word or its racially charged meaning. today president trump will sign a declaration honoring dr. martin luther king, jr. day. part of southern california are still dealing with the effects of major mudslides. we begin in los angeles county where this car was swept down the street in burbank. the driver says that he thought he was going to die. somehow he was able to regain
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traction at the bottom of the hill. >> i saw a burst of water. it was not shown in the fire department video is after we hit that corner, was when the car hydroplaned all the way down the hill. i had no staring, no brakes or anything. >> the worst of the slides are in santa barbara county. the number of people now confirmed dead in the montecito area stands at 17. according to the sheriff's department, the victims ranging in age from 3 to 89. the number of people missing or unaccounted for has fluctuated quite a bit. currently it stands at 43. crews are using specially trained dogs to sniff through debris in hopes of finding survivors. an estimated 64 homes are destroyed and 446 others are damaged. meanwhile, as randy paige reports, some people are raising questions about warnings that were sent out before the mudslides hit. >> reporter: people in this area did receive several kinds
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of alerts. many when you sign up with your cell phone for notification. another uses federal communications systems in cell phone towers and sends out something like an amber alert a signal to all phones in the area turned on. that special kind of alert was only used once in santa barbara county and it was activated 10 minutes before the mud and debris came roaring through. >> if she just would have stayed upstairs. >> reporter: josie was asleep upstairs when the amber alert came over the cell phones. she ran downstairs to her boyfriend and they went outside to see what was happening. moments later, the mudslide hit. >> it took him and as he was being taken by the mud and the garage and everything, he saw her holding on to the door and that was the last that he saw of her. >> reporter: diane brewer was one of josie's closest friends. she says the cell phone alert
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may have done more harm than good because it went out just 10 minutes before the wall of mud tore through these neighborhoods not giving people enough time to get out of the way and driving some into areas where they were more vulnerable to the devastating mud, water, boulders and trees. >> she would have been sleeping. she would have been sleeping. she had no reason to be up at 4:00 in the morning. she would have been sleeping. [ crying ] >> and she would be here today. >> reporter: the santa barbara county sheriff responded to the concerns. >> it was activated at the appropriate time during -- when actually an event was occurring but it's important to note that there were many, many warnings that were issued in advance of that particular warning, as well. >> reporter: the sheriff went on to say, at some future date they will take a close look at the entire alert system and try to make sure they can maximize saving lives but he also said that right now, they are clearly focused on one thing and that is the rescue efforts and saving lives. in montecito, i'm randy paige, kpix 5.
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let's take a look at our weather here in the bay area. it's foggy out there. >> it is a foggy friday, that's for sure. we are looking at really low visibility all across our area already and it's going to stick around for a while this morning. so if you can, hold off on your morning commute or leave soon because it's going to be a slow go. that was our view of the bay bridge. this is normally our view of downtown san francisco. but obviously, it is all covered with this area of low fog and look at our visibility map. we are already seeing visibility zero at half moon bay. hayward, sfo, oakland, 4 to 5- mile visibility, flights this morning could be impacted, livermore down to a third. so it's definitely across the east bay, even the south bay. i showed you that live shot of san jose. it is foggy everywhere. petaluma, napa, fairly, below a mile visibility. low-lying areas the fog is dense. it's not moving.
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we have a dense fog advisory issued for sacramento valley. most of central california. but i want to mention this because there's a lot of that valley fog that we are going to have. so if we get any light east winds, that's when we'll see even more fog. a quarter mile or less visibility if you are heading towards fairfield, no high beams, keep your distance. that's what we're expecting pretty much all morning. this fog is going to linger. our wind speeds 3 to 5 miles per hour. here's that east wind that could blow some of that fog towards us. but we are also getting some northwest winds, so variable directions kind of in all different ways. but santa rosa a little windier and that's probably why that 10- mile visibility is there. but for most areas, the visibility is poor. good morning. yes, "karl the fog" will be joining you for your morning commute. so be prepared! leave the house early. and leave extra space between you and the car in front of you. right now, we will take it to a bit of a foggy ride along 880
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through oakland. traffic still moving right at the limit. we are in the green, no delays in the northbound direction. heading southbound, you will be tapping on the brakes right now, caltrans with three lanes closed until about 5:00 this morning. that's along southbound 880 between 16th and 29th. it looks like traffic is backed up to 14th at this point. so we are definitely seeing slowdowns there. take a look at the benicia bridge. woo! it is socked in with fog. again, please, careful. this is going to be the theme of the friday morning commute. that's traffic. over to you. the nfl is launching an investigation into the raiders hiring of new head coach jon gruden. as kpix 5's andrea nakano explains, the team may have violated a rule created to give minority candidates a better chance at leadership positions. >> reporter: the rooney rule was created to give minority candidates a fair shake at head coaching and general manager positions in the nfl. in this case, fans say the color of the candidate's skin
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didn't matter. jon gruden was the right person for the job. >> he needed to be here all along. >> jon gruden will make things happen. >> reporter: they are lifelong fans of the raiders and couldn't be happier to have jay gruden back. >> who better would you want? he loves the raiders. the fans love him. the dogs love him. the parents love him. we all love him. >> reporter: while the love affair between gruden and raider nation has been reignited since the new coach was introduced on tuesday, the nfl is looking at the remarriage between the raiders and jon gruden. an alliance asked the nfl to open an investigation to make sure the raiders interviewed at least one minority. as the rooney rule requires. the raiders contend the rule wasn't broken at all. >> i did satisfy the rooney rule and i interviewed two minorities. okay? the names has already been reported. but it's bobby johnson, who was
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on our staff, and also t martin offensive coordinator at southern cal university. >> reporter: no comment from the raiders on the nfl investigation but raiders owner mark davis told reporters tuesday at the press conference he believed jon gruden was all in to take the job on christmas eve. that would be a week before jack del rio was even fired and the position officially became open. the timeline is what concerns advocates of the rooney rule. >> no difference whatsoever. it shouldn't even make any difference whatsoever to anybody about that. it's who you are and what you do that makes a difference. >> reporter: the last time the nfl handed down any sort of penalty for a violation of the rooney rule was back in 2003. it fined the detroit lions $200,000. that was when then general manager matt millen hired steve mariucci as the head coach. in alameda, andrea nakano, kpix 5. time now 4:40. more than 100 apartments meant to boost the stock of
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affordable housing in san francisco are currently empty. why they are sitting vacant for months despite thousands of applicants. >> plus, the mavericks big wave surfing contest could return to the bay area in just a matter of days.
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francisco's affordable housing ownership program. no umerous a few months ago, kpix 5 exposed cheaters taking advantage of san francisco's affordable housing ownership program. now we're discovering numerous complaints about the city's affordable rental program, as well. kpix 5's susie steimle investigates why available units are sitting vacant for months. >> if you are going to do an affordable housing program, you might as well do it right. >> reporter: dave osgood is president of the tenants association in the luxury high- rise near san francisco's waterfront. 76 apartments in carmel rincon are what are known as cmrs, below market rate units. they are part of the city's affordable housing program. while market rate apartments in
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the building get luxury upgrades, bmr units are neglected even though rents are going up. not only that, he says there have been rumors. >> in the past employees have been placed into the below market units. >> reporter: there's supposed to be a wait list for the affordable units that are in high demand due to the housing crisis. >> did the employees wait? that information is concealed from us. so we don't know exactly how fair it is that, um -- there's certainly been plenty of stories about people jumping ahead. >> reporter: bmr renters aren't the only ones complaining. turns out, bmr landlords aren't happy, either. >> it's a disservice to all parties involved. >> reporter: this woman with the san francisco apartment association says she has heard of more than 100bmrs currently available for rent but not occupied. >> the program was designed to get affordable housing to hard working people, the teachers, to firefighters. it wasn't to sit empty.
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our owners want these units filled. >> reporter: she blames red tape at city hall. >> it can take months to try to get somebody qualified and then moved into. in some cases, we have owners who we represent who have had units vacant for six months. >> reporter: according to city records, 291 bmr apartment were available last year. 198 are now occupied but that's only 68%. even though more than 50,000 people applied. >> are we perfect? no. um, but we have made great strides in recent years. >> reporter: kate hartley is director of the mayor's office of housing. >> sometimes it seems like it takes much too long but there's actually a lot of work that has to go in to make sure people are getting into the right units and that they are eligible for those units. >> reporter: she says the city's new online portal for bmr rentals has streamlined the
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application process. >> we consistently hear because of the complaints that this system is too slow, too, cumbersome, discriminatory and unfair. what do you say to that? is this program working the way it's supposed to be? >> this program is so important and it's so great, and it works beautifully 99 to 98% of the time. um, there are problems that occur just as there are problems in the market rate in the private buildings stock. >> reporter: as for prior rumors that favoritism at carmel rincon? >> the carmel rincon building was in the category of older programs that, um, came to my office through the redevelopment agency. >> reporter: she says the city has no direct control over older affordable housing stock. >> the developer was allowed to keep the wait list themselves and, um, just, you know, work through the waiting list on
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their own. >> reporter: in a statement, carmel rincon's management company said, we are proud to participate in the bmr program and operate all bmr units in compliance with the housing program guidelines. dave osgood isn't buying it. >> the city likes to talk a lot about these programs and every time they create one, it gets a lot of attention. but nobody comes back after a year to see, well, how's it going? >> reporter: in san francisco, susie steimle, kpix 5. >> affordable rentals offered through the mayor's office it's a lottery system. each building has its own separate lottery. we have posted a link for more information on our website, the mavericks big wave surf contest to happen on monday off pillar point near half moon bay. the world surfing league is monitoring a potentially large swell that's expected to hit the coastline after this weekend. so the surfers have been put on notice. keep in mind, mavericks is only held when the conditions are just right. so it's only been held 10 times
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since it began in 1999. this year for the first time there will be a woman's heat at mavericks, conditions pending. >> there will be a couple of storms so it should be good for the ocean churning up with big waves. >> good. this morning is an intense drive for a lot of people. i want to show you the fog out there. this is a warning for your friday morning: leave early. you will have to drive slowly because it's going to be tough to see. this is one of our only cameras with a decent view of the fog so you can see how it's impacting people already. here's what you can expect. foggy morning, all morning long for the next few hours. this fog is lingering today. but high pressure has arrived. so we are going to see more of that sunshine this afternoon. by the time that fog burns off, the sun will be out and we are going to stay warm and sunny through sunday. so we just got to get through this foggy friday to get through our sunny sunday. here's our visibility now, zero
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for half moon bay, 7 mountain view, foggy in san jose. livermore a third of a mile. so the airports if you are flying out at all today, please check your flights, as well. they could be impacted. but later on this afternoon those flights should be okay. petaluma, napa, at half a mile visibilities. fairfield also. futurecast usually shows cloud cover. today it's showing all that fog and look how thick it is all across the sacramento valley area and that's what we are seeing. it's that valley fog over the land that's really thick and just going to stick around through 6 a.m. this morning. you will see a lot of it throughout the south bay through 8 a.m. it's going to stay through the valley locations until about 11 a.m. that's why that dense fog advisory for sacramento valley is not going to expire until 11 a.m. here's a view of the golden gate under the fog. 50s in the area. here's what you can expect for san jose this morning.
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dense fog, 55 degrees, calm winds. and then by the afternoon, sunshine will be here 60 degrees in san jose. 6 to 14-mile-per-hour winds later on. our highs for the rest of the region, 50s. across northern california plenty of sunshine. it will be a nice start to that weekend. yes, it's a holiday weekend. you may have friends and family in town. well they going to enjoy this weather. temperatures upper 60s for inland locations. 70 for some spots, as well. two storms to talk about next week. >> we have a nice mix of all kinds of different weather this week. good morning. we are tracking the fog for the friday morning commute. if you are heading out the door, your ride out of tracy into livermore is going to be tough for all of our "super commuters" out there. big delays backing us up along
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this stretch. that's 205 taillights westbound. it's already over 25 minutes from 205 to 680. just congestion and foggy. right now out of antioch, we are still in the green looking good but over at the benicia bridge, it's pretty foggy as well. you can see by our camera shot here that it's socked in. so please, i cannot stress it enough, be careful. as you are making your way along 680 and interstate 80, if you are heading over to the cordelia junction, right now traffic moving at the limit. pretty quiet. we don't have any accidents to report this time around which is excellent news but still foggy conditions for drivers heading through solano county and as you make your way towards the bay bridge toll plaza. this is 80 at powell so heading through berkeley and emeryville you can see that we are getting a little crowded on the roadways but we're still in good shape as far as our delays go. but that fog is going to be a tough one this morning. please be careful. time now 4:51. debris removal is on hold in
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one area hit hard by the wine country wildfires. the dispute that has homeowners caught in the middle. ♪[ music ]
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in the wild hello, good morning. i do want to point out that fog because it is going to be dangerous out there this morning. so please keep this in mind. temperatures this morning are feeling comfortable. later on we'll be warming up. the sun will help break that fog apart but it's going to take a little bit of time. so also take a little bit of time while you're driving because it can be very dangerous. over to you. debris removal has come to a halt in the wildfire burn zone in wine country. a contract to perform the work was given to two contractors but now a third company is filed a protest over the
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decision. now homeowners who just want to rebuild are stuck in limbo while the dispute is worked out. >> we feel almost helpless in this and that we are being used as pawns in this chess game between the government and the private entities trying to make some money. >> the private company disputing the contract is florida-based ashbrit. we first told you about them a month ago when local leaders expressed concerns about their safety practices and environmental standards. they didn't win the bid for the final phase of debris removal and now their complaint has stopped work. in sonoma county, that work was supposed to be done by the end of next month. >> we emphathize with everyone who lost their homes and we do want to get back to work and help communities rebuild and recover as quickly as we can. so we just have to let this protest situation get resolved. >> ashbrit has not responded to our calls, emails or requests for information on the debris removal process or why the protest was filed.
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one big concern now is that people will opt out of the publicly run debris removal program because of the politics. a man is in custody after a long standoff in santa rosa that started about noon yesterday. a s.w.a.t. team and other officers swarmed dutton avenue after a report of an armed man holed up in a home. police arrested a man at about 7:30 p.m. at that point, they lifted a "shelter in place" order for neighbors. police believe that he is the same man who appears in this surveillance photo attempting an armed robbery at harry's market on west 9th street on tuesday. so far authorities haven't released the name of the suspect. works of art will replace ads on some public transit buses in san francisco. yesterday, muni unveiled the winning pieces to be features with buses. artists submitted work months ago and the public voted on which ones they liked. >> because i was from taiwan and worked hard to be here. to be an artist and survive in
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this city is difficult. i feel like i'm -- my -- my hard work is rewarded and able to let people see my work is great. >> the buses will feature the artwork for four months. it's 4:57. president trump strikes again! this time, we can't even say the exact words he used or else the fcc would fine us! >> reporter: a fast-moving fire rips through a south san jose apartment complex forcing at least a dozen people from their homes. i'll have the details coming up. there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ all because of you ♪ ♪
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the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too?
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turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. it's friday, january 12th. i m michelle griego. and i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside... the morning good morning. it's friday, january 12th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning, i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside on this friday morning. on the right, we have some traffic on 880 with foggy conditions out there in oakland right now and on the left, look at this. a pretty shot of the crescent
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moon there from courtesy of our vaca camera. >> looks good. >> a little spot. [ crosstalk ] [ laughter ] >> you have to get up really high to see the sky this morning. [ laughter ] >> low-lying fog out there, we are going to be really socked in, the talk of the morning because it's going to be thick for the next few hours. here's a live look right now. usually, our sutro tower camera facing east would give us a beautiful view of downtown san francisco, not today. we are covered with low-lying fog. dense fog will impact drivers this morning and sunny and warm later on today. this afternoon high pressure will impact us and it's going to stay through the weekend. we have a nice weekend in store. first we have to get through this. half moon bay zero mile visibility still. livermore down to a half mile now. not bad around hayward,


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