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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  October 18, 2017 3:07am-4:00am PDT

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was standing there, had nothing to say maybe wasn't allowed to have anything to say. >> reporter: late today the white house said president trump did speak with all four families of the green berets killed in niger and thanked them for their sacrifice. anthony. >> margaret brennan at the white house. thanks.
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all of this happens as americans mourn the loss of four service members in niger earlier this month. this evening the body of one of the green betters, sergeant ledavid johnson was flown to miami. sergeant johnson was 25. he leaves a pregnant wife, and two children. our holly williams was one of the few western journalists to witness the celebration yesterday as u.s. backed forces pushed the last isis fighters from raqqa. today the militias declared victories in city isis considered its capital. holly reports it came at a terrible price. >> reporter: we walked into the heart of raqqa today, once the pride of the so-called islamic state. now, reclaimed after a four month battle by these u.s. backed fighters. who took us to the circle. it is a place where isis showcased its brutality. this photo of a jihadi's young
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son captures depravity. what isis did here in el nahim serk circle was designed to terrorize, not only witnessed in person but an where people saw photos and videos on the internet. to get rid of the extremists they have destroyed the city. leaving hardly a building unscathed. u.s. coalition air strikes have flattened many of them and inadd v killed civilians according to survivors. buried beneath the rubble we may never know for sure how many died here. the commander raqqa offensive. and amazingly told us this city will be rebuilt. but the extremists did damage that can never be repaired. he escaped raqqa two months ago he told us, but as he evacuated the city, an isis bomb tore off
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both his legs. and killed his wife. i want to kill hundred of them he told us. at a graveyard, north of raqqa, they come to pay their respects to the hundreds of u.s. backed fighters, who have died in battle. a war that has cost people here, the lives of their sons and daughters. three years after the u.s.-led coalition began its bombing campaign against isis, the group is coming close to losing all of its former territory in syria and iraq. but that doesn't mean the end of isis. and as far as we know, the strikes haven't killed the group's leader. anthony. >> holly williams reporting on the devastated but now liberated city of raqqa. thanks. federal investigator tuesday said the pilot in the nation's deadliest hot air balloon disaster had valium, oxycodone and antihistamine benadryl in
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his system. 16 people were killed in july last year when the balloon hit power lines in austin, texas. the pilot, alfred nichols should not have flown with clouds approaching and the drugs likely impaired his decision making. >> coming up next, new pressure on ford to recall more than a million explorers. >> and later, high school students try their hand at real world poll tepolitics.
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the center for auto safety. nonprofit group is calling on ford and the federal government to recall more than 1.3 million explorers because of possible carbon monoxide leaks. ford says it has the a better idea. here is transportation correspondent, kris van cleave. >> reporter: the demand for a recall of 2011-2017 ford explorers comes days after ford said it would offer peace of
3:20 am
mind safety repair for the suvs. >> what they should have done is put out a recall. consumers know a recall is serious, safety repair program might or might not be serious. >> reporter: since last summer, ntsa has been investigating nearly 2700 complaints of exhaust which contains carbon monoxide leaking into the cabin of ford explorers. reports include claims of three accidents and 41 injuries. so far, it says it found no actual evidence of car been monoxide poisoning but hours after henderson louisiana police officer brandy sicky crashed her explorer, doctors diagnosed her with carbon monoxide poisoning. >> i think ford needs to take care of problem. >> reporter: this california police officer says he passed out behind the wheel of an explorer due to carbon monoxide and crashed and now suing ford. texas resident erin gaston gets fumes in her 2013 explorer. >> every time you are in the vehicle, started it up, ac was on, blowing, that smell was
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there. >> ford insists the suvs are safe but has known about issue since at least 2012. according to arbitration documents. a come of pane representative acknowledged it was likely a design issue. after austin texas police pulled more than 400 explorers in july, ford began a nationwide effort to fix police suvs. blaming those issues on after purchase installation of equipment. >> ford is responding to the recall request indirectly saying it is always looking for ways to improve but confident its processes. what ford is not agreeing to a recall. anthony. >> kris van cleave in atlanta. thanks. still ahead, now harvey weinstein's brother, bob, is accused of sexual harassment.
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citizens from syria, libya, iran, somalia, yemen, and chad, is an unlawful attempt to exclude muslims from the u.s. hawaii did not challenge restrictions involving north korea or venezuela. the trump administration plans to appeal. harvey weinstein resigned today from the board of the film company he founded. more than three dozen women accused hem of sexual harassment or assault. his brother bob weinstein remains on the board but today a former executive producer at spike tv network accused him of sexual harassment. spike tv says it is investigating, a spokesman for bob weinstein denied the charges. still ahead, they're not old enough to vote yet, but they're running for governor. ,$8drw
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>> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in some form of adversity and he brings you through that, that's like he has increased the strength of the foundation of your life and your faith in him. [music]
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it is 55 weeks until the 2018 election and we have our first campaign story. dean reynold now with forecandidates who have a very good chance of graduating. >> you have to work through it. >> reporter: these four high school students are smart, politically active, forward thinking and running for governor of kansas. >> i mean governor, come on, right? why not? >> why not? >> why not indeed because it seems the 19th century state leaders never thought to include age requirements to run for governor. or any requirements. >> you can live in spain. you've know, wouldn't matter. >> last year when he was 15, he
3:28 am
filed to run as a democrat. >> i'm going to go and fight for what the people want and i think when you give people a true honest choice that its very rare in american politics, they're more likely to vote for you. >> tyler rousic is a republican. >> of course a chance we can run. no matter how big the chance is, what matters the four of us have a chance of winning the election. >> there is really no chance of one of the kids becoming the governor of kansas. >> none? >> no. >> neil allen, political scientist at wichita state university. >> none of the teenagers has any experience in elected office. but our president didn't have any experience in elect the office until he was elected. so, maybe we're seeing a trend. >> i encourage the legislature. >> governor sam brownback, is leaving office and the race is crowded. but the republican is undaunted. >> youthful point of view in a field of career politicians could be be really good.
3:29 am
>> a libertarian whose friend say they're not surprised his hat is in the ring. >> yeah, ethan for governor. something he would do. nothing crazy. not any crazy reactions at all. >> reporter: positions vary. >> decriminalize almost any drug. most important is public education. >> transparency. >> to cut taxes cut spending as well. >> campaigning would have to be extra curricular activity for them. they all say they can adjust their schedules to study and stump. >> you may say we are not serious about it. we fit the legal requirements. if we are running, we're in it to win it. >> why not run for class president. >> i already did that. >> the party primaries are next august. election day is november 6, 2018. dean reynolds. cbs news, wichita. >> that's the "overnight news" for this wednesday. for some of you the news continues. for others check back a little later for the morning news and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm anthony mason. thank you for watching.
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>> announcer: this is the cbs "overnight news." welcome to the "overnight news," i'm michelle miller. president trump's efforts to roll back the affordable care act may have put the program on life support. but it is not dead yet. two u.s. senators, republican lamar alexander and democrat, patty murray have come up with a plan to rein state federal subsidies and stabilize the insurance markets. the president says he supports their effort, but called it a short term fix. meanwhile, the president stepped up his war of word with arizona senator john mccain. nancy cordecs has details. >> it is absolutely bizarre, this bizarre conduct. >> after holding back for nine months, the former vice president unloaded to day, for a scathing, seven minutes.
3:31 am
>> we have a pdenae. forget his policies for a minute. he doesn't understand how the government functions. >> he said the president's behavior -- and language. >> get that son of a -- off the field right now. >> are rapidly perhaps irreversibly shattering societal standard. >> violating the norms of personal conduct, jen rates more anxiety and fear, than any policy prescription that this president has annunciated. still he begged top officials not to abandon ship. >> all of people who are in administration who are still there, they call me all time. i say, please stay. please stay. there has to be some competence and normalcy. his note of alarm,ic comments made by senator john mccain who described politics this day. >> reversion to the 1930s, the isolationism that brought on
3:32 am
world war ii. >> this way last night. >> some half-baked, spurious nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems. >> president trump was asked about that in a radio interview. >> you heard what he said yesterday, senator mccain. >> i hear it. people have to be careful because at some point i fight back. and you know i am being nice, very, very nice. at some point i fight back the if the won't be pretty. >> president trump opened up another political can of worms this one regarding america's fallen soldiers. margaret brennan has the story. president trump's claim yesterday that past commanders in chief did not call the parents of the fallen created a firestorm. >> the traditional way if you look at president obama and
3:33 am
other presidents, most didn't make calls. >> staffers for clinton, bush, obama, quickly refuted mr. trump's claim saying they each called, written to and met with gold star families. he put the spotlight on chief of staff john kelly urging report tires ask him whether he received a call from president obama after his son robert, a u.s. marine was killed in 2010. >> i mean you could jenn general kelly did he get a call from obama. ask other people. i don't know what obama's policy was. >> white house officials claim to be unaware of mr. trump had spoke tine kelly before making the remark. the retired marine corps general actively avoided alling attention to his son's death making it clear he does not want tight be exploited. but on a memorial day trip to arlington cemetery, president trump called attention to the family's loss. >> robert died fighting the enemies of all civilizations in afghanistan.
3:34 am
>> reporter: today, despite the president's prodding, kelly declined to comment. but a white house official who requested anonymity told cbs news, i can tell you obama did not call general kelly after the death of his son. the white house records show that kelly and his wife did attend a closed door breakfast with mr. and mrs. obama to honor gold star families a year after their son's passing. obama staff told cbs news that kelly's were seated alongside the first lady but could not confirm a prior call. >> you have sacrificed nothing. and no one. >> it is not the first time mr. trump withstood controversy over a gold star family. as a candidate he sparred with the parents of kahn killed in iraq in 2004 they had spoken at the democratic national convention. >> if you look at his wife, she was standing there, had nothing to say maybe wasn't allowed to have anything to say. >> reporter: late today the white house said president trump
3:35 am
did speak with all four families of the green berets killed in niger and thanked them for their sacrifice. anthony. president trump looking for a new candidate to head the office of national drug control policy. his first choice, pennsylvania congressman, tom marino pulled his name from consideration. marino was a central figure in a 60 minutes "washington post" investigation into the nationwide opioid crisis. marino one of the architects of a law that tied the hand of the dea. meanwhile one community hard hit by the opioid crisis is fighting back in court. chip reid reports. >> sasha and cain wyatt are members of the cherokee nation, they adopted luke when he was 8 days old. >> i remember holding him and just crying, trying not to cry now.
3:36 am
it is just so hard to see him go through something like that. >> reporter: oklahoma has one of the most severe opioid problems in the nation and especially bad here in the 14 counties that make up the cherokee nation. it is devastating to our people. todd hembre, the charity nation attorney general earlier this year he sued america's three largest pharmacies and three largest prescription drug distributors. >> they know what they're doing is wrong. they need to be held accountable. >> reporter: the complaint accuses the companies of regularly fulfilling suspicious orders and ignoring red flags which allowed massive amounts of opioid pills to be diverted from legitimate channels of distribution into the illicit black market. the lawsuit asks for billions in damage thousands. >> my goal is to change the behavior of these corporations in the way you do that is you hit them in the pocketbook. >> they begin to have withdrawal symptoms. >> the executive director of cherokee nation child welfare says increase of opioid addicted
3:37 am
babies is staggering. >> i think talking about it, when you hear a baby give you a shrill, you can't do a thing about it. whether you swaddle them, pat them, you love on them, it's heartbreaking. >> there are so many addicted babies there are not enough foster and adoptive homes here to take them all in. so, 2/3 of the cherokee babies are being placed in noncherokee homes. >> the children are our future without our future we can't go on. >> the companies willing to talk about pending litigation told us they believe the lawsuits claims are without merit and they say they are dedicated to working together with the government to combat the illegal diversion of drugs. lymore says drug users share the blame for the crisis but what the cherokee nation need is for the flood of drugs to stop. >> look a tornado that never ends. it moved into our area. it its destroying our community. and until someone stops that from happening, the devastation
3:38 am
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this is the cbs "overnight news." cities across the country are putting the final touches on their bid to become the second headquarters for amazon. the online giant is planning to spend $5 billion on its new digs, and create 50,000 new jobs. tony dokoupil has the the story. >> reporter: amazon narrowed its search to cities in north america with an international airport and a million people overall. beyond that, any city has a shot. boston for example, top tier universities, austin with its high quality of life, place like new york with large, di strers work force. all the cities and mr. have until thursday to get amazon's a attention and some leaders have been using social media to do it. how do i get amazon to take
3:41 am
notice of kansas city. >> kansas city, mayor, sly james answered his own challenge by slipping kansas factoids. >> $122,000. >> into reviews of 1,000 amazon products. >> $14.99. wind chimes are music to my ears. >> mayor jeff cheney got help from dallas cowboys owner, jerry jones. >> we got it. >> the frisco flu. >> anything goes when vying for the attention of the world's largest online retailer which is why tucson sent a 21-foot cactus, birmingham planted boxes around town. and several cities got help from amazon's personal assistant, alexa. >> where its the most interesting company in the world going to locate? obviously, washington, d.c. more than 30 cities are expected to submit proposals, dallas, atlanta, and d.c. check most of amazon's boxes. so we asked our colleagues in
3:42 am
cities why they stand out. ? >> everything is bigger in texas. except for the taxes. in texas, there is no state income or estate tax. here in dallas, amazon hopeful say it is easy to do business and the cost of living is cheap. >> nation's capital has a lot to offer. amazon founder jeff bezos has the an interest in d.c. he owns "the washington post." and he reportedly just dropped $23 million on this historic home. said to be the largest in washington. >> atlanta, also has the big. starting with the busiest airport. amazon has hey lot of cargo to ship. georgia tech would offer it the support. and this city was built for business. rece recently, mercedes-benz and porsche relocated north american headquarters to atlanta. >> still some cities aren't getting involved, citing amazon's emphasis on subsidies
3:43 am
and in send tich thousands. the san jose mayor called that a bad deal for city taxpayers. san antonio mayor, added, blindly giving away the farm isn't our style. >> i think amazon is going to come out ahead. not really clear if the cities will. >> amy lu, studies urban economics at brookings institution and warns amazon's second city could suffer some of the same issues now plaguing its first seattle. >> there are real tradeoffs in being the winner. seattle now experiences high inequality, not enough affordable housing to house workers. >> denver mayor michael hancock admits growth can have down sides. >> is there a way you can guarantee if amazon comes here average rent is not going to go up. >> no way to guarantee it. >> people out there who don'tnedon't ne necessarily want 50,000 residents and traffic on the road. >> yeah, listen. we are a growing city. we are charged with managing the growth.
3:44 am
>> the mayor is con fif dent in his city's charms touting 300 days of sunshine a year and the rocky mountains. >> one of the safest, top ten cities in the country. so it is, relatively safe, fun, active lifestyle. >> but no city is perfect. >> how is the wifi? >> great. not as great as the seattle. >> the cbs "overnight news" will be right back. not all fish oil supplements provide the same omega-3 power. megared advanced triple absorption is absorbed three times better. so one softgel has more omega-3 power than three standard fish oil pills. megared advanced triple absorption.
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tom hanks gained fame and fortune on the silver screen and claims his true love is writing. on a typewriter no less. you don't see many of those around anymore, do you. hanks has a collection of the old machines and, they inspire him to put together his first book. and, of course, lee cowen gets the story. >> reporter: there aren't a lot of places left in a touch screen world where an old typewriter can find respect. but gram emercy typewriter isn' any place. they sell and service writer's tools of old. morley safer brought his type writer here before he passed so says the index card on file. afterall there are no come pu-- here. but as repeat customers go. >> that's, that's a dense,
3:48 am
dense, solid, solid machine. >> there are a few to beat tom hanks. off awe a fine, manley typewriter. >> typewriters are the oscar winner's vice. his not so guilty pleasure. >> you are typing on something that works exactly the same as the it did in 1938. >> reporter: he has a personal collection of more than 100. nearly every style, make, and year. off awe g got it. got it. got it. got it. >> welcome. >> funny for the guy whose name is synonymous with "you've got mail." >> do you think we should meet? >> loves something even more vintage than aol itself. >> there is a percussiv quality if the drums are the background of a rick and roll band, the typewriter is the sound of productivity.
3:49 am
listen to this sound. >> intrigue him so much. hanks made typewriters the supporting characters in this. his very first book. collection of50s i fittingly titled "uncommon type." >> did you plan to weave a type wriemter into each story. >> i did. that was on purpose. it helped me formulate each story. off a really? >> each type writer has a personality? >> yes. >> his stories 17 in all are not about typewriters nor are they about tom hanks although you may catch glimpses of him including his life growing up in a fractured home. >> when i was 10 years old both my parents had been married three times and lived in ten houses. an adventure, confused by what it happened. we just were moving. we just had new people in our lives. we didn't know why. they were good people. in some ways like i'm going back
3:50 am
and looking at the times for me and my siblings and trying to put context on the confusion. >> besides his own life, hanks also drew in spspiration from h big screen life too. >> oh, yes. ♪ ♪ >> you won't find private ryan in his book but two world war ii army buddies who reconnect every year on christmas eve. >> the third act of these guys lives are things that i always wondered about. >> what happens after? >> i thought how did these guys set up the electric trains around the christmas tree in 1954? how did they do that? >> this is the type writer that got man to the moon. >> houston we have a problem. >> reporter: he wondered about jim lovell the astronaut he play in apolo 13 and what it must have felt look to feel the pull of the moon gravity instead of earth.
3:51 am
a click of the clock, a moment where you leave one and begin the other. we all cross some brand of barrier look that, a river, a boundary, an event that is our own personal rubicon. >> despite that vivid description. hanks wasn't at all sure that he had a book in him. >> that's almost like whisper, whisper quiet. >> as far as the solitary hard labor of being a writer, i think i thought that there was some kind of trick to it that i would never be able to master, something that was more than just the one damn thing after another of writing. that's the beast. and you just keep plowing away ate. >> but that feeling though when you do fin, a sentence, paragraph, you know you have gotten it is great? >> i can't say i ever stopped one and said, got you. i never, never felt it. never necessarily felt that way. you can control certain amount of your fate in the direction that it goes in. but there is also times when you just throw yourself up to the void and hope, some fairy dust
3:52 am
is sprinkled upon your efforts. >> were you scared? >> uh, no. yeah. >> the first thing he remembers writing other than a script, was a farewell to his long time makeup artist, dan striepeck. >> he was 75. he called me up, he said kid i got to tell you want you to be the first to know. i'm done i've don't mean. i mean, done, done. >> ah! >> a 40-year veteran of hollywood transformed hanks into everything from a bedraggled castaway. to a young man named fords. >> my mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. >> when it came time to write his appreciation of striepeck. he asked for help from his friend. the late writer/director norah efron. >> i sent it to her, is this anything, is this a thing? she said yes it is definitely a thing. but it lacks a voice.
3:53 am
>> ouch. >> i had no eye what that meant. she said there is something here. but, but it has no dna to it. >> reporter: he kept writing and rewriting. a skill he jokes he learned from watching johnny carson. >> kirk douglas was on the tv show, talking about his memoir, johnny carson, how did you write this? >> you know, johnny the secret of writing is rewriting. and, i'm getting literature lessons from kirk douglas. >> he eventually dpgot his appreciation published in "the new york times." the book however was a different story. >> types faster than i do. >> took him years to pound out writing on planes, movie sets and hotels. first public outing for the short story was in the new yorker. the response seemed good enough off to keep on writing in that hanksian voice of his. >> in the driveway was an actual
3:54 am
sports car, red two seater with wire wheels. wood panneding like furniture, the seats smelled like leather baseball mitts, the red circle in the middle of the steering wheel said fiat. that's right. fiat. >> his love of typewriters inspired his writing more than it facilitated it. he wrote his book after all on a computer. he is not an idiot. that said there is in a neck shus quality to his hobby that is hard to reap cyst. >> this is what i would suggest if you wanted the perfect type writer that would last forever that would be a great conversation piece, the smith corona clipper. >> as good a type writer salesmen as he is an actor. i bought it and then he sat down and wrote me a congratulations new owner note. >> there you go, kid. i'll sign it for you. from actor to author. >> it will only cost you $973 in cash, am i wrong?
3:55 am
>> tom hanks seems pretty
3:56 am
3:57 am
we end this half-hour with humanity's message in a bottle. to the cosmos, the golden records are, the earth's family album. produced by the great american astronomer carl sagan and launched into space 40 years age as alex wagner reports, the time capsules made for alien ears are now available to humans. and we have liftoff. >> reporter: since blasting off more than 40 years ago, the voyager one and two space craft have traveled billions of miles leaving the solar system far behind. but before they left on their never-ending journey, nasa scientists equipped both probes with these. identical gold plated records containing photographs along with two hours of sounds from
3:58 am
natu nature, spoken messages in 55 languages, hello from the children of planet earth, and a variety of music, from bach to chuck berry. the idea if alien space explorers ever discovered the voiceager probes they could learn the story of planet earth. >> i sent greetings on behalf of the people of our planet. >> now those sights and sounds can be seen and heard back here on terra firma. osmo records remastered the audio published images and offering it to collectors as a boxed set. >> throughout the project we have been in close touch with all of the people who created the original voyager record. it was really important for us to, to feel that, that the work that we created, respected their vision. >> the project raised more than a million dollars on kick starter in about a month.
3:59 am
>> the voyager golden record, you know was a gift from humanity to the cosmos, but it is also a gift to humanity. >> while this compen dim. -- compendium is available here. it will be 40,000 years before the probes and gold records reach another planetary system. but of that didn't stop "saturday night live" from once joking abut the first interstellar record review. >> the four word that will gazine next week are -- time" send more chuck berry. ♪ ♪ [ applause ] ♪ ♪ alex wagner reporting. in case you are wondering the golden records were sent into space with record players. and instructions. carl sagan thought of everything. that's the "overnight news" for this wednesday. for some of you the news will continue. for others we hope you check back with us later for the
4:00 am
morning news and ond of course, this morning. from the broadcast captioning funded by cbs it's wednesday, october 18th, 2017. this is the "cbs morning news." family prepares to bury their loved one. a servicemember killed in the line of duty as critics accuse president trump of using family as political pawns. a plan is in the works but not everyone is on board. and the unarmed security guard who was among the first to encounter the las vegas shooter is speaking out.


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