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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  July 3, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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car taken to the hospital. and the evidence scene could be large which is why investigators are shutting down all lanes, highway 80 and el portal. all lanes are blocked and you can see the vehicles being diverted off at el portal. and you can take richmond parkway to 580. we saw the coroner come and we're not sure if the body is still on scene. when we arrived the body was still here. and chp is investigating what caused the crash. and they are hoping to have all lanes back open by 6:30 a.m. reporting live. i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. >> and tracking the impact the track is having on traffic. >> this has had an impact since 4:00 this morning. the crash -- we saw reports at 4:05 and we're going on an hour and a half of all westbound
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lanes shut down on interstate 80 and that has impacted many, many drivers along interstate 80 that had to divert off at el portal. and a lot of folks are using san pablo dam road and richmond parkway. traffic is moving just fine in both directions. you shouldn't have any trouble once you get on the freeway. heading to the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights or backups, and it's going to take a little over 45 minutes heading from the carquinez bridge to the maze. give yourself extra time as you're heading out the two- door. the rest of the ride looking good. a lot of folks not working and seems like a holiday for them. 580, altamont pass, we have a wind advisory. and let's check in with roberta
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on the forecast and see how long the wind will last. >> winds will be variable, 10 to 20 miles per hour. good morning, everyone. 6:01. from the kpix studios, past pier nine, looking out to the port of oakland. i'm looking at the flag on the fly. the winds have been variable, up to 10 miles per hour. i just saw the megacore -- heading to panama. there's a little bit of a ripple with a small craft advisory in place. some of the winds up to 20 knots. and this is a scene from mount vaca. official sunrise, 5:51, clear skies there. clear in san jose and also in livermore. temperatures in the 50s. we have the winds on the light side, 15 in fairfield. the full forecast is coming up. happening today, it's about to get more expensive to cross the golden gate bridge. >> jackie ward live with a look at exactly how much it's going
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to cost to cross the iconic bridge. jackie-- >> reporter: ann it's not a big increase but the hikes that happened a up for drivers. for the fast track drivers, they'll have to pay $6.75 compared to $6.50. carpoolers will pay $4.75. these increases are all part of a multiyear toll program the board of directors approved in 2014. the hikes will help in reducing a five-year budget shortfall. however, enjoy the rates while you can. they will go up once again some time in 2018. jackie ward, kpix 5. the city of san jose is hanging out lawn signs to remind people that fireworks are illegal in the city.
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sandra osborne is live at the camden community center where plenty of signs are posted. >> reporter: the city is going to be handing out 3000 signs just like this one, hoping that people will get the picture. but if you take a look at the bottom here. this is where they mean business. that shows you how to report someone using fireworks and by the way, you can do that anonymously. it appears that neighbors are getting fed up with fireworks. one family spent the weekend posting signs throughout the community. the city got more than 600 fireworks complaints through an app that allows mobile reporting. >> the illegal fireworks were incredibly bad. we thought we were in a war zone. >> reporter: the big day is not until tomorrow. and already the city has received more than 100 complaints. back here live. respect neighbors, veterans,
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and pets. if the peer pressure is not enough to keep you from having fireworks, take a look at the penalties. for a first time offender, it's going to start at a base of $500 in san jose. and by the way, that does include sparklers. sandra osborne, kpix 5. >> they are not messing around in morgan hill. anyone caught possessing fireworks -- the base fine will be $300 instead of 100. the city council approved the change a couple of weeks ago. president trump is facing mounting criticism as a result of his feud with the media. the president sent another controversial tweet. this one aimed at cnn. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle took to the sunday shows condemning president trump's ongoing war with the media.
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>> it's just not the way we ought to be. coarseness is not acceptable. >> leaders don't build themselves up by pushing people down. >> reporter: the president tweeted a doctored wrestlemania video of himself knocking out a man whose head was replaced by a cnn logo. >> the fake immediate is trying to silence us and i'm president and they're not. >> it's a sad today when the president of the united states encourages violence against the reporters -- cnn said. >> i hope no one would perceive that as a threat. he's beaten up on cable platforms and he has a right to respond. ben sass among those saying he'd support a complete repeal of the affordable care act.
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>> we should do repeal with a delay. i don't want to see anyone thrown off coverage. >> i have a lot of respect for senator sass but that idea is an absurd idea. among the president's plans this week, a trip to germany for the g-20 summit where he'll have a face to face meeting with russian leader vladimir putin. >> >> several states have failed to pass budgets, causing a ripple effect. this is something we dealt with in california a few years ago. 46 states passed budgets. nine states failed. >> here we are. at an impasse. government is closed over
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transparency and accountability fight. i'm at a loss. >> reporter: so far the shutdown in new jersey has mainly been felt at parks and beaches. but yesterday christie and his family actually used one of the beaches. lieutenant governor gavin knew some is slamming the nra recruitment video. >> make them scream. smash windows, burn cars, shut down interstates and airports. bully and terrorize the law- abiding until the only option left is for the police to do their jobs. >> he took to facebook writing come after politicians, come after policy makers, come after me. but do not call for demonstrations of force in a
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country that's already reeling. a fremont man is in jail following a standoff. the man was armed with a knife and was wanted for assault with a deadly weapon. >> police say the suspect was involved in some sort of confrontation with a neighbor and ended up stabbing him in the hand. new transparency concerns regarding the san francisco police department body cameras. this comes following a deadly police shooting that happened at a subway in may. the officer only recorded a portion of the incident because the camera was not activated until after he fired his gun. that designed gap is now raising concerns among those involved in creating the policy for the cameras. the department equipped 2000 officers with cameras earlier this year. and it's 10 minutes after
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6:00. getting the green light, the bay area city that just approved pot deliveries. good morning, everybody. boy, it's a forecast. we'll have the 4th of july forecast. tragic start to the monday morning ride. a deadly crash has shut down all interstate 80 lanes in the westbound direction. we'll have an update coming up. plus in our tech report. a look at when tesla plans to deliver the model three to the first batch of customers.
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this comes after president sion to withdr san mateo county is pushing to fight climate change by formally voicing support for the paris climate agreement.
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this comes after president trump's decision to withdraw the u.s. from the accord. it aims to prevent global temperature rise by continuing to cut gas emissions and invest in clean energy. and that comes as a new study says that economic inequality in the u.s. will increase in climate change goes unchecked. an east bay university is reversing a policy on medical marijuana delivery. some people who use marijuana to ease pain and nausea associated with chronic ailments urged the council to stan the ban. airport officials say passenger activity increased by 14% this may over the same time last year.
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and international traffic volume rose 91% this may compared to last year. let's check in with jackie again. the westbound lane on i-80 situation going on, any chance of the lanes opening up soon? >> we just got word that all westbound lanes have reopened on i-80. so that's good news. if there can be good news from a deadly crash. you can expect residual delays to continue to slow your ride for a little while. we're tracking a 40 manipulate ride from the carquinez bridge to the maze. at great america parkway, there's an accident on the shoulder. the rest of the ride heading to the south bay not a problem. speeds in the greens on the majors. san mateo bridge, traffic is getting a little crowded. out of hayward heading to
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foster city, we're in the green. bay bridge toll plaza no metering lights and no delays or backups. enjoy the ride as you make your way into san francisco. that's a check of the traffic. and how is the weather going to be today? >> pretty seasonal around the bay area. 6:16 and live weather camera from the studios. i've been watching this flag fluctuate and the winds are -- visibility is not hampered by the deck of stratus. talk about a deck of stratus. look at this. this is the view from sutro tower. looking east towards mount diablo. this reminds me of mashed potatoes, or maybe i'm just hungry. socked in in san francisco. a wind up to 20 in fairfield.
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flat winds in hayward. and the national weather service is reporting a west, southwest wind at 15 in fairfield, very close to what linda is reporting. taking a look at the stratus. we saw the layer of low clouds pushing in to the bay. we're clear back to the delta and socked in most of the day on the immediate seashore. the clouds march inland. tuesday afternoon to tuesday evening. 9:00 or 10:00 in the evening hours for the fireworks display at the embarcadero. we're counting on cloud cover and temperatures in the 60s. inland for the fairgrounds, we have clear skies there. by the way, oakland a's have fireworks tonight. game time 6:05 against the white sox. monsoon moisture by tuesday
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night no wednesday. not the precipitation but certainly from all that activity over arizona and new mexico, could toss some clouds in our forecast. 60s monterey. low 80s tahoe. our temperatures, 60s, 70s, and 80s as well. 90 towards brentwood. and variable winds to 20. extended forecast calls for numbers going up and down and pretty seasonal each and every day all the way through sunday. that's a look at the bay area forecast. tesla plans to delivery the model three to the first batch of customers on july 28th. that comes after elon musk tweeted out it passed ahead of schedule. expected to complete sn 1 on friday. the model three is a smaller, more affordable model s. the $35,000 price tag has generated
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huge interest with more than 400,000 preorders clocked. facebook will tell you where to find the latest wi-fi. it lets people search for free or public internet. it could be found under the more tab. twitter is reportedly considering adding a new fake news button. the feature would let you flag tweets as containing misleading, false, or harmful information. good morning, everybody. what have i got this monday morning? among the items, hey, we got a couple of bay area all stars for baseball's july 11th classic. it's all coming up in a jiffy.
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and we want to know what is cool about your summer camp. and will feature your camps on our thursday morning show.
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good morning. everybody. just a grown man in makeup giving your sports information in the form of moving pictures. got a minute of your time? we've got this from pittsburgh where the giants had it going again over the weekend. brandon bell applied some power. giants win the 6th straight game. and they have the tigers
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tomorrow. buster postie for -- buster posey was voted the catcher for the national league. alonzo chosen for his first summer classic. he grew up in miami after his family concepted from cuba when he was 10 years old. the getaway game ised today. kurt suzuki. braves swept the a's. and oakland has lost five straight. and patrick marleau after 19 seasons is leaving the sharks. mar low, the shark's franchise leader in games played and goals. it's going to be weird seeing him in a different sweater. it's sports. everybody have a great july
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3rd. now to the play of the day. an amazing behind the back catch. check it out. >> a little pop-up back to third. turner and seager. and seager on the back hard. no way. >> pops up behind third base. and runs from the shortstop position and makes the amazing behind the back catch. check out the replay. seager comes up with the nifty play for the out. there it is. and padres got the win. it's 6:25. and some call it crazy and others think it could work. next, the new healthcare idea to repeal and replace obama care in two steps. >> reporter: it just got a little more expensive to cross the golden gate bridge. by how much and why coming up.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> three children involved. i was close to two of them. and for this to happen, it just crushes your world. >> days of grieving for bay area families devastated by a deadly hit-and-run. the charges now filed against the driver. that idea is an absurd idea. >> reaction is pouring in as president trump comes up with a new plan to repeal and replace obama care in two steps. the illegal fireworks were
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incredibly bad. we thought we were in a war zone. >> reporter: how the city of san jose is working to remind people that fireworks are illegal. i'm anne makovec in for kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. jackie ward is live with a look at how much more it's going to cost drivers. jackie-- >> reporter: part of the money collected from drivers will be used to maintain this 80-year- old bridge but most of the money will be used to make up for a budget shortfall. fast track drivers will pay $6.75. they'll continue to get invoices maled to them. carpoolers have the best deal. [ no captioner audio ]
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>> now to a live look outside. the morning rush is about to start with drivers hitting the roads heading to work. we are monitoring what you can expect including the forecast. it just depends on where you look in the bay area. you'll see fog. and other areas not so much. we were just having some technical difficulties with jackie ward's microphone. and you've been following the toll increases. >> 25 cents more today. let's head over to roberta. it's a seasonal weather pattern and indicative for the month of july. hi, everybody. it's the june gloom that's seeped in to the bay area. and we will stay cloudy at the coast. and we'll have clearing around the bay. and see sunshine inland. temperatures 60 degrees in daly city to 90 in discovery bay.
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and we're talking about temperatures a degree up and down and that's about it. we'll have the fireworks forecast coming up. we've been tracking a deadly accident this morning that happened in san pablo. westbound 80 all lanes had been shut down at el portal but now all lanes are open. but we have reports of a new crash. this is the area where a lot of drivers were getting back on the freeway and continuing westbound. so this is a motorcycle crash with two lanes blocked. emergency crews are heading to the scene and we were dealing with the backups on westbound 80. the residual delays had not diminished yet. and now we're going to add on to the backup. give yourself plenty of extra
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time on the east shore freeway. it's backed up beyond appian. the westbound lanes of i-80 are back open. but there could be delays in that area. it was shut down for about two hours. this is what it looked like in san pablo. at least one person died. the city of san jose is trying to rely on peer pressure, handing out lawn signs. >> reporter: sandra osborne is live at the camden community center where plenty of signs are posted. >> reporter: signs just like this one letting people know they mean business. not only do they say that all fireworks are legal. but this lets people know how to report the use of fireworks.
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and you can actually do that anonymously on this city's website. a lot of people have been doing that. and the city is handing out 3000 of these signs. hoping people will get the picture. >> this comes down to an issue of respect. with neighbors saying to neighbors, please respect us. we need some quiet. >> reporter: and the city's ban including all types of fireworks. bottle rockets, sparklers. sparklers can reach a thousand dollars fahrenheit. and they are responsible for 50% of the fireworks related injuries to children five and under. that's something to think about before you buy those. last near, there were 600 complaints. and we haven't reached the 4th of july just net.
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and neighbors are already on top of this. and if the peer pressure aspect is not working for you, listen to the penalties. for a first time offender, it starts at 500 bucks. the sale of safe and sane fireworks are allowed in 10 bay area cities. dublin, gilroy, petaluma, cloverdale. in danville, a new policy is dashing plans to claim spot for 4th of july parade. many people try to mark their territory yes. in the old days, people set up chairs and lined the sidewalk with tape days before the event. when that was banned, others started using chalk. and now the city says that's not allowed either. washing it off is expensive and goes against federal storm
6:36 am
water guidelines. some are not buying into the logic. >> i think it's a good idea. >> who follows the rules. and that's why the fight starts. the chalk has no jurisdiction whatsoever. but somebody will say hey, i put chalk there. this is my spot. >> danville's parade is a real celebration of hometown pride and some people say they have been attending for generations. this parade is one of many ways to celebrate independence day around the bay area. go to our website, for a full listing. japanese prime minister and president trump conferred about stepped up pressure on north korea. the white house says the president also spoke with china's president. this morning, president trump tweeted that he'll be speaking with germany and france today, and in another tweet he said he
6:37 am
would speak with leaders from italy. why not repeal affordable care act now and replace it later? the plan is getting mixed reviews. it was an idea drafted by senator ben sass of nebraska. >> if we can't, there's no reason to walk away. we should do repeal with a delay. >> senator rand paul is one of five republicans against the current gop plan and he says breaking it up could actually work. trump officials believe the odds are high that the senate will be able to pass healthcare legislation when it returns to d.c. next week. harris took to twitter saying who would be impacted the most? women, people with disabilities, people living in poverty, elderly, and children.
6:38 am
harris is touring the state -- touring the state, holding round tables on healthcare. and she'll be making a stop in san francisco this afternoon. a 3-month-old baby is fighting for his life after a hit-and-run that left two of his brothers dead and seriously injured his mom. an infinity -- was driving on highway 4 and went off the solano exit and slammed into a dodge durango on the onramp. the mother behind the wheel and her 3-month-old was seriously injured. the 35-year-old suspect has been charged with vehicular manslaughter. we spoke with the father of the 5-year-old victim. >> there's three children involved. i was close to two of them. and for this to happen, this is just -- it just crushes your world. >> the boy's mother remains in critical condition. the suspect is being held on a
6:39 am
$500,000 bond. >> the body of a southern california boy missing since april has been found. the remains of -- were found at lake -- in santa barbara county after authorities got a call about a lead in that case. . it was hours after the father was extradited. >> we'll be entering a plea of not guilty. and we'll have further statements on that day given where the case is going. >> the boy last seen leaving disneyland with his father. the father is facing a murder charge which could land him in prison for 25 years. 18 people are believed to be dead following a crash between a coach bus and a
6:40 am
truck. the bus was carrying very citizens. two drivers and 46 panhandles were on the bus at the time. right now amtrak is trying to figure out what assed a passenger train to derail. 250 people had to get off the train and take buses to their destination. >> they slam on the brakes, and we're all of a sudden tilted and everything that my husband had on the tray table goes sliding down. and everybody on that part of the train is just looking at each other, what just happened? >> firefighters found no fuel or leaks. investigators are trying to figure out what caused an engine to catch fire at a plane landed at the denver
6:41 am
international airport, arriving from aspen. fire crews managed to put out the flames. >> passengers were taken by bus to the concourse. part of what we do is assist the airlines. they extinguished what they found to be a fire in the rear section of the aircraft. the ntsb will be out to take a look at it. points the town red. how many more transit lanes muni is considering adding. and a change in the laptop ban on flights from the middle east to the united states. and the market just opened and the dow is up 119 points. coming up. we'll have an update from jason rose. ♪
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united states. abu dhabi airports recently and a minor adjustment has been made to the laptop ban on flights from the middle east to the united states. abu dhabi airports beefed up security and the department of homeland security announced that people traveling from abu dhabi will not have to keep laptops in checked bags. but the ban continues for nine other countries. it's all over fears that explosives could be smuggled inside electronic devices. >> the galaxy note phone will be made of recalled parts from the note seven and costs $611. for now, it will be sold only
6:46 am
in south korea. >> spacex is set to launch it's falcon nine rocket tonight. it's carrying a communications satellite set to be launched into high orbit for the -- >> this marks the third launch the company has done in just under two weeks. we know when some of the first model three teslas will be on the road. >> jason brooks is joining us. >> reporter: good morning. some good news for tesla. elon musk says the first model threes will be on the way two months earlier than expected. with the first batch being delivered on july 28th. and better news for investors is that the production rate from the if he is la three will ramp up significantly ahead of schedule with musk saying they
6:47 am
could hit 20,000 model threes per month by december. it's helped lift the stock price by 50% since the beginning of the year. the market cap now tops $60 billion. that's worth more than general motors or ford. shares of tesla are on the rise by about 2%. and that's helping out the tech sector which was down on friday in a mixed session. and the shortened trading session is off to a good start. it will be closed for independence day. right now the numbers are looking good. the dow is up 130 points and the nasdaq gaining 27 and the s&p 500 up 13 points. michelle and ann, back to you. >> jason brooks, thank you. the sfmta is considering painting red transit only lanes on 50 more san francisco streets. the examiner obtained a list of potential sites that they hope
6:48 am
will be approved by the federal highway administration. the current lanes have shortened the commute. and business owners have been concern that had people will steer clear of mom and pop shops. this is close to the earlier crash that we had been talking on westbound 80. this is westbound 80 at san pablo road. a motorcycle accident and three lanes blocked. the chp has issued a sig-alert. and we were already seeing a tough ride for drivers approaching the scene because of the earlier accident with residual delays and now that continues due to the three lanes being blocked. only two lanes of traffic getting by. give yourself extra time as you're making your way on the east shore freeway. the travel time has gone from red to green to yellow. so we're tracking about a 34- minute ride between the carquinez bridge and the maze
6:49 am
if you want to exit and use the richmond parkway and take that over to 580 or get off at san pablo dam road and get back on the freeway onramp. do keep in mind there's lots of flashing lights. give yourself extra time and space. move over for the emergency crews. foggy across the golden gate bridge. chp has issued a fog advisory for drivers on that span. and we are tracking no backups at the bay bridge toll plaza. if you do have to work today. this is what you get, a nice easy ride heading to san francisco. that's check of the traffic. 6:49 and we have june gloom seeping in to the first part of july. this is the view from san francisco looking over the bay waters in the direction of the port of oakland and alameda.
6:50 am
our weather watcher in alameda is reporting cloud cover and 56 degrees. the winds are slight. meanwhile from our suit row camera looking out to mount diablo. we have clear skies, clear in livermore . and san jose in the mid-50s. the winds have been under 10 miles per hour throughout the width of the bay. east, southeast at seven at mineta, international airport. and fairfield clocking a wind of 15. winds will be variable this afternoon and more consistent, 10 to 20 miles per hour. watch our futurecast. it clearly illustrates that we'll see clearing around the bay. we wake up with the gray clouds this tuesday morning, tomorrow morning, 24 hours from now. watch the futurecast because it does have the clouds recede and
6:51 am
then push back on shore. a thin deck of cloudiness. and we'll have some overcast at the embarcadero for the fireworks tomorrow night. clear skies inland at the alameda county fairgrounds. today, just a couple of degrees cooler than yesterday. the 4th of july will be seasonal. and then we have a lot of moon soonal moisture over arizona and new mexico. we could see some of the clouds move in by tuesday night to winds. it bears watching. >> i guess we'll play with this one more time for the your 4th of july. 60s, 70s, and 80s across the board. 90 in discovery bay. make it a great day. firefighters are working to contain a wildfire burning right now in mariposa.
6:52 am
it's burned about 225 acres near state rout 49 and it erupted yesterday afternoon and quickly jumped the highway. several homes are evacuated about 50 miles north of fresno. >> if we lose something, those are material items. god's got his hand on this family and everybody else in this town and we'll be okay. and we'll still have a birthday cake for this guy. the cause of the fire is under-investigation. president trump is making headlines for another controversial activate and he's getting visit schism from both sides on capitol hill.
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♪ ♪ ♪
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i'm jackie ward at the
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golden gate bridge toll plaza. here are the new rates for fast track drivers, $6.75 up from 6:50. and carpoolers have the best deal in the city. they have to pay $4.75 instead of $4.50. these are part of the toll increase program approved in 2014 by the board of directors. the hikes will reduce a five- year budget shortfall. and they'll have to raise the tolls again next year. jackie ward, kpix 5. it is 6:56. time for the your final five. president trump is under fire after tweeting an old wrestling video. in response, cnn released a statement reading in part. it's a sad day when the
6:57 am
president of the united states encouraging violence against reporters. the president tweeted at some point the fake news will be forced to discuss our great jobs, numbers, strong economy, success with isis and the border and so much else. german police believe 18 people died in a bus extent. 30 others were injured. in oakland, a baby boy is in critical condition after a hit-and-run crash that killed his two brothers and seriously injured his mom. a 35-year-old man has been charged with vehicular manslaughter among other charges. new transparency concerns regarding the body cameras following a deadly police involved shooting in may. and muni red lanes could be
6:58 am
added to 50 streets. and we are tracking another sig-alert on westbound 80. all westbound 80 lanes blocked again at san pablo dam road due to a motorcycle accident. chp as well as other emergency crews on the scene. expect a 45-minute drive with your detour as you get off 80 and get back on. westbound 37 starting to get slow, a 25-minute commute between 80 and 101. once you get to the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights and no backup. an easy ride to san francisco. the rest of the ride is in the green. >> our live weather camera illustrates we have clouds stacked up at the coast and the bay. the flag is barely flying. boy, surf is up. look at the surfers at ocean beach this morning.
6:59 am
a deck of cloudiness there. and temperature-wise we're in the 50s. 54 in santa rosa and 59 in oakland. later today, the temperatures similar to yesterday. just a couple of degrees cooler. 65 in san francisco. down from 67 degrees. 80s will be common east of the bay. and up to 90 towards discovery bay and brentwood. low 80s from cupertino to campbell to los gatos. very little movement in the temperatures. the next time we hit near 100 degrees there'll be a short one day blip. of course, we god hot, then we come back again. that's going to do it for us. thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning. >> the next local update at 7:26. and in the meantime, cbs this
7:00 am
morning coming up next. ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, july 3rd, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." new jersey governor chris christie found relaxing on a state beach he shut down. closures in new jersey and other states are causing holiday headaches because lawmakers cannot pass new budgets. >> president trump tweets a video of him literally bashing the media as he gets ready to head overseas for a critical g-20 summit and a face-to-face with vladimir putin. trinidad and toba tom brady suggests his wife didn't exaggerate when she told he had concussions. and a north carolina barrier island that suddenly emerged from t s


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