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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  June 15, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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about. they gathered outside the courtroom to show their discontent. >> that's it? i would like to have a hearing [ indiscernible ] [ heavy accent ] the punishment should match what he has done. >> reporter: he served six months credit for time served. after the remaining 13 days of his first month, he will be eligible for a five-month program picking up trash but out of jail. it may also keep him from being deported to india. while the d.a. says it's the best they could do, the woman and her supporters say it's not good enough. . >> i felt i would have better support from the system. i misjudged that. >> reporter: mr. kettani did not immediately go to jail. the judge did give him a day to get his affairs in order. he will be turning himself in
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tomorrow by 1:30 p.m. >> what are some of the other terms of this plea deal? >> reporter: felony probation for three years and one year not allowed to drink and will have to have a device where he can be randomly tested for sobriety. he has fees to pay but one of things the judge demanded is that he has to pay $500 to a battered women's shelter and the list goes on and on as far as restitution is concerned. what he will pay back to his wife, they will decide that at a later date. >> emily turner reporting live from palo alto, thank you. there are unanswered questions as to whether a u.p.s. worker killed three coworkers and then himself. this is where it happened yesterday morning. today friends and family are mourning the loss of the three men who were killed. joe vazquez is looking into
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what may have set the gunman off. joe. >> reporter: liz, you can see the growing memorial right here behind me in front of the u.p.s. facility. suffice to say folks here are in a state of shock. many workers didn't come to work today. those who did are still trying to understand what happened why their colleagues had to die at the hands of one of their own. >> i have been crying for the last day. it's a tragedy. >> reporter: they were u.p.s. drivers but they were also beloved members of their families and their communities. benson louie was a volleyball coach. >> i formed the team. he was like a second father. >> very sad. everyone is very upset. >> reporter: joe of the teamsters says the gunman jimmy lam started working near 1999 and has only filed one grievance earlier this year because he had been assigned extra overtime for more than three days in a row. but nobody here believes that's what set jimmy off yesterday. what caused him to go to the
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third floor morning meeting and kill three colleagues. fellow drivers benson louie, wayne chan and big mike lefiti. we still know little bit go up. he was 38, lived in the sunset, the "associated press" is reporting today lam was involved in a custody battle with his estranged girlfriend. >> it's senseless. it's absolutely senseless. >> reporter: meanwhile, folks in the sunset today are remembering their friend. >> i have known benson since middle school. the world lost another great person. >> reporter: getting their deliveries from drivers from other parts of town. >> i have been with this store almost 40 years so he has been the guy and everyone else is going to have to match him. he was more than a u.p.s. driver. he was my friend. >> reporter: if police know the motive right now, they are not saying. >> any other talk of another motive other than just the overtime?
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>> reporter: it's probably a dispute between driver and management because as the union chief went out he went after his own colleagues, other drivers! we heard that report from the ap today saying that, you know, he had some issues with an ex-girlfriend and that he had been obsessed with that according to other drivers we talked to obsessed with in relationship there. but still, none of that adds up to this tragedy. >> all right joe, thank you. chopper 5 up over the conclusion of a police pursuit this afternoon. this one started in san leandro. police say a driver wanted for armed robbery sped on to the nimitz freeway and got off in oakland where he crashed. nobody was hurt. oakland briefly became the biggest city in the bay area today as about a million members of "dub nation" lined the streets celebrating the warriors' second nba title in three years. the parade was just the start of the party.
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the confetti was flying at lake merritt as team celebrated with selfies and lebron james looked on in anguish at least on this poster. >> kpix 5 reporter -- [ laughter ] >> -- betty yu with the fans today. betty a beautiful day for a parade, huh. >> reporter: couldn't have asked for better weather. it's total jubilation on the streets of oakland. very few events can bring together hundreds of thousands of people in this way. drivers right now are dealing with a fair amount of congestion because there are barricades still up. but you can still find plenty of fans decked out in their blue and gold. happily roaming this city calling this celebration the best one yet. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: this is the moment fans have been waiting for, some since 5 a.m., a shot at a great photo and close-up of their favorite champions through showers of confetti. what was the highlight today? >> matt barnes! matt barnes got off the bus and
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signed a trophy. >> awesome. >> i love klay thompson. that's my baby daddy. shout you. i love you, glenn. >> who is your favorite player? >> klay! [ screaming ] >> reporter: steph curry did step off his bus with the championship trophy and got closer to the fans. the crowd also went banana for this year's mvp kevin durant. there was a shirt that said quickie next to the larry o'brien trophy and coach kerr blew kisses to the crowd. >> all the hard times from the '90s, 2000s we started getting season tickets and now you can't really explain it. it's just amazing. >> this is one of the best things could happen, you know what i'm saying, i'm just glad they did it in oakland before they leave. it's a wonderful experience. >> it's awesome.
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i'm loving it. it makes me want to cry. it's that emotional. seriously. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00 hear from some of those fans many of them native oaklanders and they say, you know, the team has really united the city and they are sad to see them move to san francisco in the near future. ken and liz? >> great day, though. awesome day. positive day. >> not that far away when they go. >> at least they are not moving to las vegas! [ laughter ] >> okay. >> what did the players have to say? we talked to the fans. what about the players? >> bob myers was my mvp today. but all the wars spoke. matt barnes is 37 years old. he just won his first championship. rookie patrick mccaw didn't have to wait as long. he is just 21. and a little overwhelmed. >> how do you stay so calm particularly in the play-offs? >> um -- [ laughter ] >> i'm a little nervous right now. so i don't have the answer. >> you're more nervous now than
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on the floor with all these people out here. >> and there were a lot. mccaw may have had a little taste case of stage fright. his veteran teammates were more comfortable celebrating with the masses in oakland for the second time in three years. >> i never thought we would go 33-1 or 32-1 whatever it was and, um, let's do it again, why not? we got everybody in, we're healthy. >> i don't know where you were june 12, 2017, whether you were at oracle arena or wherever you were, i know you're gonna remember that day for a very, very, very long time. >> where's mike brown? [ applause and cheers ] [ inaudible ] [ laughter ] >> we got a decision to make. that's the problem. >> bob myers and the gm was basically doing stand-up comedy but took the time to develop a little personal story about every player on that roster. did a great job. >> great. >> outstanding, very good. >> really gets a sense of that
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whole franchise, that whole team as a family. >> it's real. and i think that's part of the reason they are going to be able to keep that roster intact for the long haul. we'll be talking about this a year from now. >> hopefully do it again. it's heating upoutside. brian will tell us about it. it is. the numbers will seem like the deep freeze by the time you hear about the weekend, the wells over 100 and no end in sight. the forecast is coming up. >> also coming up, some new details on the congressional shooting investigation. the wife of the shooter speaks out as the teams take the field to play ball. >> plus, bill cosby's jury deadlocked after days of deliberations. could the case end in a mistrial? >> and still ahead, a bear that was suppose to be put down gets a second chance to be with her cubs. where this family will find home sweet home. ♪[ music ]
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game underway right now between democrats and republicans. the ne day after a here's a live look right now from washington, dc. this is the charity baseball game under way right now between the democrats and the republicans. now, this game comes one day after a gunman shot at republican lawmakers practicing for the game. one lawmaker remains in critical condition. cbs reporter mola lenghi joins us now from nationals park in dc where the game has become a real symbol of unity, mola. >> reporter: that's right, liz. congress has been playing this game for more than 100 years. it's always given lawmakers a chance to not only be bipartisan but be nonpartisan a moment of levity in the partisan politics. you know, it's not about
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democrats and republicans out here. it's always a bit about getting a chance to hang out really with members of the opposite party. all of that has increased meaning tonight after yesterday's shooting. lawmakers warmed up for their biggest competition off capitol hill, the annual congressional charity baseball game. earlier, the house adopted a resolution honoring those wounded in the shooting at the republican teams practice including house majority whip steve scalise. lawmakers applauded capitol police officers and first responders. >> we'll be forever grateful for their courageous action. >> reporter: members of congress signed get well messages for the injured while investigators pored over the crime scene in alexandria, virginia. both president trump and lawmakers have called for unity in the wake of tragedy. >> i think there's a great awareness that all of us have a role in improving the political culture in this country. >> reporter: while lawmakers are efforting civility in
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congress, here at nationals park it's all about fierce competition. congressman richmond is a democrats but good friend of scalise. >> i think you'll see a very partisan game where we go at it. i know steve would have it no other way. and that's what the game always is. >> reporter: congressman williams was injured running for cover in the dugout yesterday. he is coaching third base. >> i'm so excited we're playing. we're going to have a big crowd. most of all there's going to be a lot of money go to charity. >> reporter: democrats an republicans each have 39 wins making tonight's game a tie breaker. >> reporter: after yesterday's shooting ticket sales for this game as well as money raised for the charities have skyrocketed. more than 20,000 tickets were sold for the game and more than a million dollars raised for the charities, which is double last year's totalities. >> wow. >> pennsylvania, mola lenghi, liz, back to you. >> hopefully that unifying feeling that sentiment translate in the days to come for sure. thank you. and we are learning more
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about the shooter 66-year-old james t. hodgkinson who died in a gunfight with police. for the first time, we're hearing from his wife. >> i had no idea this was going to happen. and i don't know what to say about it. i can't wrap my head around it. okay? and i just want my neighbors to be in peace and you guys leave 'em alone. >> you said you believe your husband was in his words were fed up with the system. is that a fair assessment? >> probably, but i really don't want to answer these questions about his politics. i don't. i don't. >> two years ago, james hodgkinson shared a cartoon on facebook about congressman scalise and added a critical comment and this past march he wrote, quote, it's time to destroy trump and co. meanwhile, congressman scalise has endured a third operation today and will likely need more. the hospital treating him says, a single bullet hit him in the left hip. >> and significant new developments in bill cosby'
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sexual assault trial. the jury says they are deadlocked. here's cbs reporter kenneth craig with the judge's order. >> reporter: the jury at bill cost which's sexual assault trial says -- at bill cosby's sexual assault trial says they are deadlocked. the panel sent the judge six questions by thursday before saying they were hung. >> he is just happy to know that he has 12 people of his peers who understand, um, that the facts of this case don't add up. >> reporter: the judge ordered the panel to continue their work but said they were not compelled to surrender their honest beliefs solely because of the opinion of fellow jurors. the jury of 7 men and 5 women began deliberations monday evening. during the trial, accuser andrea constand testified that cosby gave her three blue pills to relax her while she was consulting him about her career at's philadelphia mansion. she said the pills left her
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half conscious and unable to move when cosby touched her. the 79-year-old entertainer's lawyer said while cosby had been unfaithful to his wife he did not commit a crime. he added that the 2004 encounter was consensual and that the two had been intimate before. cosby's lawyers called just one witness to the stand. a detective who testified for six minutes. cosby did not take the stand in his own defense. kenneth craig, cbs news, norris town, pennsylvania. some scary moments for golfers and fans at the u.s. open. this video of a blimp falling from the sky during the first round of the tournament in wisconsin. the pilot only one aboard when it crashed in an open field. he had severe burns and was taken to the hospital. video of a confrontation in a california convenience store is going viral. witnesses say it all began when a man and woman tried to walk out of the store in citrus heights with snacks they didn't pay for! and that's when the hot cheetos
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went flying. >> she went to hit the clerk with the bag of chips. they blew up everywhere and then because she lost a couple bags of chips she turn around and got some more. >> police are now searching for the thieves. a new report out lists this year's dirtiest beaches and three northern california beaches made the top five. taking number one, clan beach county park in humboldt. powell beach in santa cruz came in at 3. and marina lagoon in san mateo came in at number 4. the nonprofit group "heal the bay" grades beaches based on how clean they are. and this year's winter storms came at a cost for water quality. but overall, bay area beaches received good grades. >> from marin to the east bay, alameda, contra costa county, to san mateo to the san francisco county, water quality was excellent. 94% of the beaches here did fantastic. >> the report also shows
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beaches statewide did well with 96% of beaches getting a or b grades. i wonder what the cleanest beach is. >> good question. >> in this case are numbers are going up above 100 in much of the bay area by the weekend. it looks like it's all coming true. the warmest day is still going to be father's day. we look at the golden gate and the numbers still 87 degrees at concord, san francisco 69. cooler at the coast all through this heat wave. yankees and a's 65 degrees at gametonight. nice night for a baseball game. the ridge is building toward the bay area. the high pressure that's over the desert southwest merging with the high in the eastern pacific, to take pretty stronghold of the west coast right through next thursday. futurecast does show low clouds filling in along the shoreline tonight. hard to believe it's going to be this extensive but we'll broad bush it and say some
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patchy overnight clouds tonight and sunny tomorrow. the numbers will come up about 7 degrees inland. some places cooled a little bit today inland. but closer to the shoreline it warms. so some up, some down but everybody will be up tomorrow. clear tonight, warmer for most of tomorrow. and that heat advisory in effect beginning on saturday for most of the bay area. the only place it's not really in effect is along the shoreline. high temperatures for tomorrow 97 degrees at santa rosa 87 in san jose and 88 degrees at redwood city. 75 in san francisco. the real headline is in the extended forecast where the numbers inland hit 100 degrees on saturday. sunday father's day remains the warmest of the next seven with a top reading of 102 degrees then look at monday through thursday. it's all 100. we're going to be there for a while. >> that time of year. >> for sure. thank you. coming up, a second chance for mama bear. >> she was supposed to be euthanized but now she gets to raise her cubs. more about this family's new home.
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next. >> and coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, the grand vision to transform treasure island. more than just condos and shops, the plan is to turn it into a major destination for art and culture.
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their new home. but their journey to get there wasn't an easy one. kpix 5 s i just love this story. a mama bear and her three cubs are calling the oakland zoo their new home. but their journey to get there was not an easy one. kpix 5's john ramos has the story. >> reporter: when the oakland zoo's new california trail opens it will include animals that once roamed the state's hillsides, like wolves and grizzly bears. but some of the exhibits residents just arrived and how they got here is the real story. >> mama bear had three cubs and she did something she shouldn't do. she actually went into somebody's home. and she was aggressive towards somebody in the house. >> reporter: it happened in the hills above bakersfield. when the homeowner tried to
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shiu her out, the mother black bear swiped her and injured her slightly. normally they have to be euthanized as well as the cubs. wildlife officials say they believe people had been feeding the bears. >> what they say is, a fed bear is a dead bear. what it means if you see that bear and they lose their fear of people, then they are going to have -- they will invariably get into trouble and be put down. >> reporter: but not this time. the zoo just happened to be preparing its new 2-acre black bear exhibit and this family of four including three male cubs is tailor-made for it. >> usually it's very difficult to introduce one bear to other bears when they are adults. but because they're all related they have known each other and they grew up together, they can all get along for a long time. >> reporter: black bears can live 30 years in captivity. longer than in the wild. so these youngsters who are already familiar with humans
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will become familiar faces to visitors here. >> yeah. they are going to be used to us. we might as well get used to them. >> reporter: in oakland, john ramos, kpix 5. >> those eyes just melt your heart. they are so cute. the bears will be able to move into their new home in just a few months. but the public won't see them in person until the entire california trail opens in summer of 2018. we'll be right back.
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take a look at this unusual site off the coast of denmark. thousands of kites in the sky -- flown by kite owners from around the world. they a take a look at this
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unusual sight off the coast of denmark. thousands of kites in the sky flown by kite owners from around the world. they gathered for the 33rd international kite fliers meeting. >> very nice. >> "cbs evening news" is up next and scott pelley has a preview. >> reporter: hi, ken and liz. up next, we have new information on the congressional shooting investigation. our dr. jon lapook will update us on the critically wounded congressman. bill cosby' jury is deadlocked. is a mistrial looming? >> and we have new indications of president trump is the subject of an obstruction of justice investigation including interest one of his own tweets. those stories coming up in a few seconds on the "cbs evening news." >> thanks very much for watching at 5:00. >> we want to leave you with another look at the warriors celebration in oakland. the confetti was flying at lake merritt. look at that! ahead at 6:00, what it takes to keep fans safe at an event like this. allen and i are back in just 30 minutes. we'll see you then. ♪[ music ]
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captioning sponsored b captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: more surgery for scalise. >> he's in some trouble. >> pelley: dr. jon lapook has the latest on the condition of the critically wounded congressman. also tonight, the president under investigation for possible obstruction of justice. he calls it the greatest witch- hunt in american political history. the vice president hires a lawyer. loe judge tells the deadlocked cosby jury to keep going. >> this deadlock shows the not guilty that mr. cosby has been saying the entire time. >> this is not a vindication of anybody. r 's not over until it's over. and it's not over yet. >> pelley: and, democrats and republicans face off on the ballfield, with one party on their mind. gh throughout the whole game, we wi a


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