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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  November 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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some with oil. >> the chance is "drill, baby, drill." >> reporter: maybe environmentalists are worried about a trump administration including congressman jared huffman. >> i don't have confidence in a president-elect who has said he wants to do away with the epa and he considers climate change a hoax. so there's simply every reason to get to work in the next few weeks and try to put some defenses in place. >> reporter: another executive order banning offshore drilling. but this executive order would stick. >> this is a real opportunity. under section 12a of the outer continental shelf's land act, the president is granted authority to withdraw areas offshore from oil and gas development. and it's a one-way authority. it does not allow the next president to undo that decision unlike many of the executive actions that obama took. >> reporter: if the president did issue this 12-a order it would take an act of congress to undo it. places near california that
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could be protected include near little river on the mendocino and several other locations and along the wild lost coast. the national ocean industries association told us that banning offshore drilling would inhibit future economic opportunities and the energy security of our country. >> just like routine pollution that comes from spills, we the routine pollution that comes from just drilling every day, we think it's incompatible with coastal economies and coastal ecosystems. >> reporter: the director of lands protection with the sierra club is hopeful that president obama will ban offshore drilling. >> we know it's under consideration. and we just need to keep lobbying him before he leaves on january 20. >> reporter: it's not just offshore drilling. he thinks the white house is looking at a number of issues that president obama can do in the last few weeks of his presidency. melissa caen, kpix 5. >> the mayor of santa clara is turning up the heat on the
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49ers. the city and team are sparring over the cost associated with running levi's stadium. kpix 5's devin fehely is live in santa clara on the mayor's demands and a threat. devin. >> reporter: yeah. the tensions between the 49ers and the city of santa clara are at an all-time high. and now the mayor setted' tuesday deadline to turn over -- set a tuesday deadline to turn over financial information or else. >> the public owns the stadium. we hired them to manage for us. they need to provide all the documents that are required by the management agreement. they haven't done that. >> that's a completely irresponsible statement. >> reporter: the city of santa clara and the 49ers have gone on the offensive in what is a nasty public feud over finances at leave. >> we are holding them accountable and i guess this caused a lot of angsts within the organization. >> reporter: the santa clara mayor lisa gillmor is threatening to take control of the stadium if the 49ers don't turn over detailed financial information to auditors. about the cost of hosting big
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name concerts which is how the city makes money from the stadium. the 49ers say they have offered to share the information privately. but they fear that making it public will hurt their business and the city's bottom line. >> these documents that are highly confidential that we have invited the oughttors to downland view, if this information were to get out in the public domain, promoters and event planners would know the budgets of these events that they are looking to booker who. >> those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing. >> reporter: this activist says the re-election of three city council members, davis, o'neil and [ indiscernible ] who along with the mayor have all been critical of the 49ers sends a clear message that the public wants greater accountability and transparency. >> it's our facility. it's our concern. they are the employees. they are not the own owner. >> reporter: the 49ers say that the stadium has already generated more than $5 million for the city's general fund.
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they say all that could be in jeopardy if the mayor insists upon making these documents public. but there's so much bad blood and mistrust between the two sides that the mayor says she doesn't want protection. she wants information! now, if all of this does get settled somehow, there is still another battle brewing on the horizon. this one, over the 49ers desire to reduce their rent. at levi's stadium, devin fehely, kpix 5. new details about the woman charged in the brutal murder of an oakland family. investigators are calling it premeditated. emily turner reports. >> reporter: she could face the death penalty as lined out in the charging documents. cameras in the courtroom are denied but our cameras have seen this woman before. her name is dana rivers. she once made headlines as a trailblazing transgender
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activist. but tonight, it's for murder charges. our cameras weren't allowed in the courtroom but they captured is this video of her from 20 years ago when she was a man planning to become a woman and fired from her teaching job for it. >> not only is this right, it's who i am. >> reporter: now she is accused of killing two women and their son early friday morning. police arrived to find 19-year- old bennie wright shot in the street and the house on fire. inside, they found his mother, patricia wright and charlotte reed shot and stabbed. they all died. the neighbor said a third woman regularly spent time at the home. court documents say rivers planned to kill them. she faces three charges of murder, felony arson and a weapons charge for also having brass knuckles. because the charges are so severe, she faces life in prison and possibly if the prosecution pursues it the death penalty. and rivers was supposed to enters a flee court this morning. that did not happen because
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then working out logistics with her attorney. she will be represented by an attorney here. however, that is not going to happen. her entering a plea, until december 8. you can count on channel 5 to be there for that to happen and to bring you the very latest. reporting live in oakland, emily turner, kpix 5. a bay area hiker says she was the target of a hate crime! her car broken into and a nasty note left behind. kpix 5's john ramos reports on the woman targeted for being something she wasn't. >> reporter: the toxic political campaign we just endured took its toll on all of us and none more so it seems than nickie pancholi. >> the division is just -- is breaking my heart. >> reporter: the milpitas resident was so upset by all the fighting that she began a peace hike making the trek to the top of mission peak in fremont each morning for 65 days straight. it's not easy especially for nickie, who has lost all her hair in a difficult battle with
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lupus. but recently she got a shock when she returned to her car in the parking lot. >> i noticed that my window had been shattered. >> reporter: along with that was a note from someone who mistook nicki's head scarf for a muslim hijab, telling her this is her nation now and to get out what do you think is in the head of the person who did this? >> fear. i believe that they are being controlled by fear. i believe that fear has consumed them. >> reporter: but fear of what? fremont city councilman elect raj some wan says it may be fear of change. and a lot has changed in fremont in the last 30 years. it has become one of the most diverse cities in the bay area with a huge population of immigrants from india, pakistan and other south asian nations. >> i think there's a lot of insecurity right now. you know? both in economic as well as cultural. and some folks are feeling that they are losing america as it is. >> reporter: but by most accounts people here seem to be
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getting along. that leaves nickie feeling more sadness than anger for whoever wrote the note. but just the same, she says people need to stand up to the people who seem intent on making america "hate" again. in fremont, john ramos, kpix 5. >> the councilman elect says such behavior will not be tolerated in fremont. he has sent the note to police for investigation as a hate crime. a new kpix 5/surveyusa poll is shedding light on how people in the bay area feel about president-elect trump and his supporters. ken bastida here with the results of that. ken. >> reporter: yeah, allen. our exclusive poll found that more than half of the people said those who voted for donald trump are racist. and when asked if trump voters were sexist? 53% of people in the bay area said yes. additionally, most people believe that donald trump will further divide our country rather than unite it. and most people believe that trump should stop using twitter
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once he becomes president. and on our facebook page, another question: have the results of the election damaged relationships with your friends or family members? we have the survey results posted exclusively on facebook and we would like your comments. you can find us at kpix 5 cbs sf bay area. allen? some san francisco teachers are calling for a controversial new lesson plan when it comes to talking about president- elect donald trump. they want to call him racist and sexist in their classrooms. kpix 5 reporter phil matier in san francisco with details on this proposal. >> reporter: that's right. all things political usually wind up in san francisco in this campaign and it's no exception and now it's moving into the classrooms high schools like this. here's the story. at san francisco's mission high school students are getting more than just this empathy wall to express their feelings on the presidential election. >> we take students to be critical thinkers. >> reporter: so in the wake. election the teachers union
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sent out a suggested lesson plan drawn up by mission high school teacher [ non-english name ] >> it was basically a plan for all of our teachers at our school. >> reporter: the plan, however, is coming under fire for using the same kind of broad brush stereotypes that trump is criticized for. with statements like, let's not sidestep the fact that a racist and sexist man has become the president. by pandering to a huge racist and sexist base. >> we should all take offense and we should create spaces where students can be heard. >> reporter: republican national committee woman dylan a sikh who spoke at the convention says it's a bad lesson. >> it's propaganda. it's garbage. >> it's boiling down the results of a national election where 60 million people voted for this gentleman to become the next president, two words racist and sexist. that's very misleading. >> reporter: what about the students who support trump? >> if they are for trump they're welcome in my class to
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say why they're for trump, you know? >> reporter: will they be given safe space? >> absolutely. they will be asked to explain, how is he not racist?! some of these students probably have parents who voted for donald trump. and so how are those students going to feel when teachers are shoving a message of hate down their throats that you're evil and bad and racist and sexist? >> reporter: in response to our calls, the school district issued a statement that read in part, this is one of many optional lesson plans being circulated in the wake of the election and not part of the official sfusd curriculum. is this something that you hope other teachers pick up on as well? >> absolutely, absolutely! i want it to be a call to all teachers. >> reporter: it's long been said that san francisco was put here to give the rest of the country something to talk about. and it looks like this campaign how it's being taught in the schools is one of those things. in san francisco, phil matier, kpix 5. the fbi agents swarm an east bay neighborhood.
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>> coming up, what investigators say they were looking for inside this house. >> then what's making bay area fur seals sick? how researchers are trying to working on a solution. >> couple of things coming up in the forecast we have not talked about recently frost in the forecast for tonight and then rain. find out more next. ,,
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a home. it happened this morning on moraga way in orinda.. aboua iramonte high neighbors are uneasy after fbi raided a home on moraga way a block from miramonte high school. chopper 5 overhead as agents confiscated computers and what they say was other evidence. the fbi is not saying much about the investigation. ,only that it is related to a cyber fraud case outside the state. no arrests were made. two people are in the hospital shot this afternoon at an east bay park. police say this happened just after 3:00 at strawberry creek park that's on addison street a block off university avenue. one witness says at least 15 to 20 high school aged kids got in a fire and three shots were fired. one person was found in the park and the other showed up at a local hospital. the extent of their injuries
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unknown. a small jet made an emergency landing in the bay area after the windshield cracked. the faa says the plane took off from san jose heading to dallas but pilots declared an emergency and had to return and land. chopper 5 showing what looks like damage to the front window. three people were on board no injuries. uc students could be in for sticker shop. the regents are considering a tuition hike. they began a two-day budget discussion today considering raising undergraduate tuesday by $280 per year starting next fall. a final decision will not come until january. a uc spokesman says financial aid would cover the increase for three-quarters of the students. >> we want to faculties and provide more student services for our students. >> for a lot of students i know it will actually be like a big factor contributing to whether or not they choose to come to berkeley. >> the california state university system is also considering raising tuition. that proposal calls for an
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extra $270 a year for students at all 23 csu campuses, in state undergrad students pay $5,400 a year in tuition. new at 6:00 the marine mystery a shocking number of fur seals are washing up on bay area shores. they are either sick or dead. don ford tells us what marine experts are doing about it. >> they're probably the cutest little marine mammals out there. they are a combination between a california sea lion and maybe a sea otter. >> reporter: this rare guadalupe fur seal is one of the lucky ones being released back into the wild after recovering at the marine mammal center. once hunted nearly to extinction, now listed as threatened under the endangered species act. >> over the last previous 4 years the most we had everest skewed in a year is five. and we're over 50.
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>> reporter: they eat squid. but warming waters have the squid moving farther north making it hard for the little guys to find food. very little is known about these creatures. so scientists glad you satellite trackers on 'em. >> you can see that they go really far offshore. >> reporter: surprised. the researchers watched the seals no larger than a dog swim hundreds of miles out into the open ocean where they continued north to canada. sometimes, the signals stopped. >> they also could have perished and because they couldn't find enough food or they got eaten by another animal. >> reporter: no one knows for sure, but they have one thing in common with all seals. sharp teeth. while the guadalupe fur seal is cute with teeth like these, keep your hands to yourself if you find one on the beach. call the marine mammal center in sausalito for help. in marin, don ford, kpix 5. things are changing in the
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weather department. >> it's finally going to feel like november. we have cold and rain. is this fall? [ laughter ] >> you never know. >> couple of days ago it felt like it was going to be sunny and 80 until christmas but we are not going to do that. it's cooler today breezy as well and yes, we have rain moving in. your weekend plans, you may have to come up with a plan b. high temperatures outside. it didn't feel warm with the 15- mile-an-hour breeze for the balance of the day. san francisco 59. but do you that in july. so no big deal there. fremont 60. and oakland 64 degrees. showers are winding down in the sierra. but we are adding to our very meager snowpack. they are making snow. the snow guns are on at all of our sierra ski resorts. but some of nature's snow fall came down in the form of snow showers and they are moving out and we are drying out, as well. we'll stay dry until friday night when rain returns to the north bay. remember all the rain we got in october? we are now below average in san
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francisco. you have not received any rainfall for the month of november. 93% for the water year which is october november combined. livermore still above average same for santa rosa and san jose but we have not seen much rainfall for the past two weeks. that changes this weekend. we'll be chilly tonight and there is frost in the forecast especially the north bay valleys but even proximity to the water will keep you out of the 40s tonight. 39 concord. we are sunny tomorrow even though temperatures don't move that much compared to today. we will see temperatures running a little below average but without the wind it will feel warm the other side. oakland 63. napa 65. livermore 62. rain comes back this weekend. how much rainfall are we talking? well, average rainfall for the month of november is about 3, 3.5" of rain. we may get half of that coming up this weekend. futurecast predicting 1.5" of rainfall for hayward and napa and san jose. and two inches or more of
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rainfall coming up in ukiah. mendocino county. dry through friday you wake up saturday morning the rain begins and we can't give you the "all clear" until monday morning when you head back to work. this time of year we'll take the rain any day. and we'll see rain saturday and sunday. so read a good book. binge watch a series. kpix 5. we have some football games on. fireplace. whatever it is. football. i like that. sounds good. the force is strong with this new crossover. >> nice. our first look at a brand-new "star wars" inspired vehicle. that's next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing
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coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care. cbs reporter craig herrera s in heaven.. as a number of stunning cars made their det at the l-a auto show. a car that's ecofriendly. we were in heaven as a number of stunning cars made their debut at the l.a. auto show. >> reporter: in a convention center, not so far away -- >> 3, 2, 1! >> reporter: -- we were the first to show you the 2017
6:24 pm
nissan rowing "star wars" limited edition. >> we are going to have two colors, white and black representing the troopers in the film. >> reporter: 5400 will be available all made in the u.s. >> when you open the car, inside on the kick plate we have the "star wars" logo that's known the world over as well as the rogue one limited edition stitching on the front flor mats. >> reporter: everyone will get a limited edition full sized death trooper helmet if you buy one. >> they are the elite faction of the galactic empire. >> reporter: new to north america the ford ecosport. many utilities are a class of car we are seeing more and more of mini utilities and it's driven by millennials and the second is empty nesting baby boomers. the car that helps keep everyone connected with the outside world was unveiled via the social media app snapchat whether it's your apple
6:25 pm
carplay, android auto or our sync3 with seamless integration. >> reporter: it will be available in early 2018. take a look at the lincoln navigator concept car with gull wing doors and steps leading into the cabin. you will find over 800000 square feet of cars. from the los angeles convention center, craig herrera, kpix 5. >> if you are in the new models, a san francisco auto show opens at the moscone center this saturday. vice president joe biden speaking out about what some claim is a bumpy start to president-elect's transition. >> how trump is turning to twitter to take on the media about choosing his cabinet and close team of advisers. >> and thousands of cell phones smuggled into california prisons why a plan to block illegal calls and texts at san quentin is failing. ,,
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(upbeat music) - [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center.
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our top stories at 6:30: a w push to stop new oil drilli along the california coast.y environmentalists trump our top stories at 6:30. a new push to stop new oil drilling along the california coast. many environmentalists are worried that when president- elect trump takes office he could green light new oil rigs. advocates are trying to convince the obama administration to use a 1953 law to permanently restrict oil
6:29 pm
development off the u.s. coast. san francisco teachers are teaching that donald trump and his supporters are racist and sexist. it's being circulate. it's not part of the official curriculum. republicans say it's propaganda. donald trump is tweeting about his transition. he is responding to a "new york times" report about a shake-up with his transition team and tonight the president is getting words of support from vice president joe biden. >> reporter diane gallagher has the very latest from washington. >> reporter: donald trump has only been president-elect for a week. but his transition so far turbulent. >> no administration is ready on day one. we weren't ready on day one. i have never met one that's ready on day one but i'm confident on day one, everything will be in good hands. >> reporter: in just the past two days, breaking protocol by
6:30 pm
ditching reporters for dinner. >> thank you. >> reporter: a wednesday morning tweet railing against the "new york times" and reports of hiring and firing within his team. >> they wanted to go in a different direction. it was easy for me to hand it off to mike pence and his capable hands coming in. i think there is some confusion going on about a chain of command coming out of new york. hopefully they will get that settled soon. >> reporter: multiple leaks indicate that much of the confusion and infighting is linked to trump's son-in-law and trusted adviser jared kushner. but trump tweeted tuesday that the process is, quote, very organized. and his team is pushed back on the criticism. >> we feel really good about the transition. i actually would say it's false to say it's not going well. >> reporter: meanwhile, signs of the transition making its way to washington are finally here. team leader mike pence dropped by the transition headquarters wednesday as did newt gingrich. >> the beginning is turmoil it's the nature of the process.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: the future of the trump administration works oncoming together the country is divided. [ chanting ] >> reporter: with protestors some of them high school and college students walking out of class taking to the streets for a 7th day straight to express their feelings about trump's election. in washington, i'm diane gallagher. new at 6:00, hillary clinton is making her first public appearance since her concession speech last week. tonight she is being honored for her work on behalf of children's issues in washington. >> every child deserves to have the opportunity to live up to his or her god given potential. and i believe the measure of any society is how we treat our children. and as we move forward into a new and in many ways uncertain future, i think that must be the test for america and for ourselves. >> the event was held by the children's defense fund. clinton began her career as an intern at the organization. nancy pelosi is fighting to keep her spot as house democratic leader. in this letter sent to house
6:32 pm
democrats today, pelosi announced she is rerunning for the position and asked her colleagues for their support. she warns the rivals in her letter saying as of this writing i am pleased to report the support of more than two- thirds of the caucus. today the representative jared huffman says he supports her decision to rerun. >> i believe we need all the skills and talent and energy and lessons and experience that she brings to the table at this critical moment so i want to see her continue at least for the time being leading us through this tough time. >> representative tim ryan of ohio is considering a possible run for house minority leader. he says the democrats need a shake-up. the democratic leadership elections have been postponed until after thanksgiving. only on "5," thousands of cell phones have been smuggled into state prisons this year alone. the state promised to block illegal cell phone calls and texts in the slammer but it never happened at san quentin. why not? kpix 5's andria borba found
6:33 pm
out. >> reporter: inside the walls of san quentin inmates are forbidden from having cell phones. so how do you get selfies in the slammer? the answer is cell phones getting smuggled into the cellblocks. >> what's yo life like on the inside? >> reporter: this is a video tour of the stashes of inmate loot inside a california prison. >> man, don't you got another phone around here somewhere man? oh, yeah. you know. >> another phone? >> reporter: all shot on an inmate's cell phone. why did you decide to take cell phones into san quentin? >> reporter: this is terry nichols accused of stuffing 18 smartphones into her sweatshirt and trying to give them to an inmate on death row. terry's case is not isolated. >> it is a problem. >> reporter: so far this year, the california department of corrections has can confiscated 8,000 cell phones from inmates in the state. >> if an inmate is found with a cell phone it's contraband like drugs. but it does come with a very specific disciplinary action against them and it does stay on their record.
6:34 pm
>> reporter: inmates have used cell phones to coordinate at least one escape from a southern california prison and there have been at least 79 cases of victim intimidation by inmates on cell phones using facebook. in 2012 the cdcr rolled out to much hoopla a system to block and intercept inmate cell phone calls. but the system never made it to san quentin. why not? because it's a prison proximity to 580 and drivers on the richmond/san rafael bridge, the blockers could potentially interfere with emergency calls. in fact, the blockers were only rolled out to 18 of 33 california prisons. >> it's successful because it blocks and interrupted an average 150,000 cell phone calls or text messages every week. >> reporter: as technology went to up 4-g and beyond the belongers are obsolete. now they are trying to keep the phones out. >> all of our mechanisms that
6:35 pm
we have in place did not catch a substantial amount of things that we don't want inside our prisons. >> reporter: there are already dogs that have sniffed out over 1,000 cell phones and cbca will be adding more airport and courthouse style scanners for visitors and vendors and also rolling out this, something to every prison a tower that detects cell phones even if battery is removed but what about the people bringing the phones inside? consider this. since 2005, terry nichols is only the third person charged by the marin county district attorney with smuggling cell phones inside san quentin even though about 40 phones a month are confiscated. she faces a felony charge not for the 18 phones but for a small amount of heroin she is also accused of sneaking in. >> you think it's out that she faces a felony charge for the heroin and misdemeanor for the cell phones? >> i guess that depends on how you weigh potentiality, correct? if you think it's a bigger
6:36 pm
danger to have a cell phone in san quentin, then absolutely incongruent. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. still ahead, a food fight at bay area restaurants. why animal activists are demanding a popular dish be taken off the menu. >> and incoming president donald trump takes to twitter yet again!! this time he posted a twitter tirade against the "new york times" at 3a tonight we are asking should he stop using twitter once he is in office? yes or no, why or why not? tweet me your thoughts at #veronicadlcruz. we'll share your comments on bay area nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. ,, assists ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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a customer filed a class-ac lawsuit in los angeles.. seg 5 million dollars from the popular suit alleges krisp krispy kreme is being sued about eye lack of fruit. they are looking for $5 million
6:39 pm
from the chain. the suit alleges they use artificial flavoring instead of real fruit. the customer says if he knew the donuts didn't actually contain fruit, he wouldn't have eaten them. krispy kreme had no comment. it's a donut! [ laughter ] >> he didn't ask, do you want fruit? >> some bay area restaurants are under fire from peta over serving a marine delicacy. >> yeah. they serve octopus while it's still alive and moving. this video shot by a peta member shows a chef cutting up the live octopus. peta wants to ban the consumption of live animals which is a big draw for restaurants like crab house where the traditional dish is served. the assembly member in the district says it's a cultural tradition and he does not want to interfere. >> donuts and octopus. [ laughter ] >> got it all covered here at kpix 5! highs today only upper 50s, low 60s. it's chilly. we'll talk about a frost advisory and a lot of rain
6:40 pm
coming to north beach. coit tower the entire bay area is going to be soggy. find out when next. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the raiders they are headed south of the boarder. >> hol, how are you [ in spanish ] >> who is getting the presidential medal of people? >> during the commercial break, practice your best rocky impression. >> adrian!! >> we're going the distance coming up. ♪
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with their dog... and immediat all right. how many times have you seen a homeless person on the streets with their dog and then immediately assume they shouldn't have a pet? that's exactly what motivated a bay area woman into action not to take the pet away but to make sure the animals are healthy. but first, this week's jefferson award winner had to change her way of thinking reporter: once a month across from the berkeley animal shelter -- >> apparently the dog was being attacked by another dog. >> reporter: -- jill poesner's volunteers open up a van full of pet medicine and offer free
6:44 pm
vaccinations and other basic veterinary care for alameda and contra costa county's homeless dog and cat owners. >> oh, no. no. >> reporter: 15 years ago she thought differently. >> my first reaction was, how can you have an animal? you can't take care of yourself. >> i'll check and see if that's okay. >> reporter: then she educated herself. >> animals are crucial companions to people no matter what kind of money you have. definitely people without homes don't necessarily make bad pet owners. >> needed that. >> they might make the best pet owners. >> reporter: like jordan and scarlet. >> i can actually have a companion with me and it's not going to screw me over or leave me or anything, you know. >> looks like irritation. >> reporter: nancy brought cimba. >> he was shelter-bound so we intercepted him. we were only supposed to be fostering but i think he is staying. >> reporter: after 10 years of doing this work on her own, in 2011 jill posener set up the nonprofit called paw fund. >> number 11. >> reporter: now with the help of 40 to 50 volunteers, the clinics along with spay and
6:45 pm
neuter referral are going strong. and to some, it might seem odd that a vaccination clinic is being run by someone who is afraid of needles. >> oh, i don't go anywhere near needles. >> you got it! >> reporter: jill is so squeamish, she doesn't even watch but she does see what pet owners get out of it. >> what we see at your clinics is this real -- at our clinics is this real sense of accomplishment, they came to the clinic and did something for their animals and their animal went home healthier. >> nice to meet you. >> reporter: she is more of a people person, in it for the human connection. >> one of the things that i'm aware of, i'm white, shocking, middle class, european. i'm kind of a senior. so there's a hell of a lot of people that i don't have an immediate connection with. >> reporter: and paw fund connects her to the clients while connecting the clients to their furry companions. >> we go home feeling like,
6:46 pm
wow, we did something good today. wow, that worked out. wow that person really understood, you know, what her animal needed. >> reporter: so for helping keep pets healthy and allowing their owners to keep those animals in their lives, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to jill poesner. allen martin, kpix 5. >> now, paw fund will be adding a first-ever staff veterinary when a volunteer graduates from uc-davis and jill poesner would like to expand it and operates across the bay area. it operates solely on private donations. to help or nominate your local hero our website is you hear so much about all the bad in the world. there's much, much more good going on including that woman and her story right there. chilly outside. santa rosa in the 40s in a matter of minutes. our first frost advisory of the
6:47 pm
season with freeze warnings into november and december. low to mid-30s are possible. keep pets indoors. please do that and take care of the tender vegetation. fairfield 38, cold but not a frost advisory. redwood city dropping to 41 degrees. things are changing after friday night. the low gave us showers yesterday. forget about the ridge that will move in and give us less wind and milder weather the next two days. storms come from the gulf of alaska. we'll get some rain. not much. they are centered to the south and west and this will give us
6:48 pm
a decent dose of rainfall this weekend. dry through friday afternoon but here comes the front 11:00 friday night and rain moving into the far north bay. did will cross into the golden gate 8 or 9 a.m. saturday. it will be wet at the beginning of the morning on saturday and staying wet for the weekend. sunday rain. rain all weekend. highs tomorrow below average but will feel warmer without the wind. pleasanton 63 concord 63. antioch 65. 62 in san francisco tomorrow. napa 65. ukiah 57 off of a freeze warning for you tonight. could drop below freezing in
6:49 pm
mendocino county. friday warmer than saturday morning. here comes the rain. rain is likely saturday. rain is likely sunday. rain is done by monday morning. can you believe it or not? wednesday next wednesday is that big travel day before thanksgiving. looks like we'll stay dry. but more rain is likely by the end of next week. that's your forecast. getting wet this weekend. dennis with sports talking tom brady coming up next. ,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
c'mon in, pop pop! happy birthday! ,,,,,,,, i survived a heart attack. i'm doing all i can to keep from having another one. and i'm taking brilinta. for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. i take brilinta with a baby aspirin. no more than one hundred milligrams as it affects how well it works. brilinta helps keep my platelets from sticking together and forming a clot. brilinta reduced the chance of another heart attack. or dying from one. it worked better than plavix. >>don't stop taking brilinta
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without talking to your doctor since stopping it too soon increases your risk of clots in your stent, heart attack, stroke, and even death. brilinta may cause bruising or bleeding more easily, or serious, sometimes fatal bleeding. don't take brilinta if you have bleeding, like stomach ulcers, a history of bleeding in the brain, or severe liver problems. tell your doctor about bleeding, new or unexpected shortness of breath, any planned surgery, and all medicines you take. >>talk to your doctor about brilinta. i'm doing all i can. that includes brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astra zeneca may be able to help.
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saying he would have liked work for the former 49ers o who will be honored this su at levi's stadium when the s host the chip k patriots coach bill belichick praised eddie debartolo today saying he would have liked to work for the former 49ers owner who will be honored this sunday when the 49ers host the patriots. 9ers coach chip kelly spoke about his relationship with bill belichick. >> how much did you speak on the off season in. >> we're facebook friends. >> he calls it snap face, i think. >> that's what i would call it, too. i'm not on facebook, either. >> my face, instant face go, talk to to whoever you want. that stuff. i don't know. [ laughter ] >> coach will be here all week. [ laughter ] tom brady is in his 17th season but sunday will be his first career road game against the 49ers. the team he grew uprooting for
6:53 pm
while growing up in san mateo. >> do you know tom brady is from out there? >> i think, yeah, i think he is from this place called san mattie, san mateo? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> paid wide receiver julian eddleman will will be coming home this weekend. he started both woodside high school and the college of san mateo. >> get to go home and play the san francisco 49ers, a team that i grew up loving. you know, it's going to be exciting. >> the new place is no candlestick but it will be pretty fun to go back. >> how about this. even 49er players are going to have to pony up to buy tickets for sunday's game. the bay area news groups cam inman saying players have to pay $227 per ticket! with an anonymous player saying, quote, especially with new england, they want to jack it up. my advice, watch the game right here on the big 5. the raiders are headed to
6:54 pm
mexico city this weekend for a monday night matchup with the texans. so there's more to study than just the playbook this week for the silver and black. [ indiscernible ] [ counting in spanish ] >> that's all about the norm we got out here. >> how's your spanish? >> ola, how are you [ in spanish ] >> anything else? >> not at all. [ laughter ] this is not a live shot from kpix 5. that's washington's max scherzer after winning his second cy young. madison bumgarner finished fourth. johnny cueto sixth. rick marcelo named the american league cy young winner porcello. last month vince scully quit and he will receive the presidential medal of freedom next week catching him by surprise when he got the call. >> and president obama has given it out every year he has been in office and it gives it
6:55 pm
to just a handful of people. and this year he is going to give it to you! >> oh, my gosh, no! >> yes! so you have had -- >> are you sure? [ laughter ] >> well, -- >> i'm just an old baseball announcer. >> no shortage of challenge with alabama and apparently that extends to their practice squad. nick saban is using former nfl players on the scout team and while some have criticized the move, ohio state's urban meyer seems intrigued. >> the ncaa says it's okay for alabama to use [ indiscernible ] as a team player in practice. >> i didn't know that. [ laughter ] >> it was rocky night at the 76ers game tonight as the team celebrated the movie's 40th anniversary. let's just say the players shouldn't quit their day jobs anytime soon.
6:56 pm
>> cut me, mick, cut me! >> lightning, crack thunder! >> adrian! >> adrian!!! >> adrian!! >> yo, adrian! >> adrian! >> adrian!! ♪[ music ] >> i got the eye of the tiger boom, boom, boom ♪[ music ] >> hm. >> you know, i think about -- i saw talia shire years ago down in beverly hills and i did, yo, adrian! >> like i never heard that before. [ laughter ] >> what an idiot. she probably gets that everywhere she goes. >> i think mr. philly should give us his adrian! yo, adrian! >> there's the man. >> it's in the blood. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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