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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  September 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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bay area this morning after an emergency landing. it was scheduled to land at sfo yesterday. 90 minutes into the flight it was diverted from jfk to columbus, ohio after an engine issue. 125 passengers and crew were on board. they switched planed and got into sfo at 2 a.m. the woman at the center of a police sex scandal is back in california. she was released from jail in florida and ready for a fresh start. kpix 5's anne makovec is following the case and joins us live in the newsroom. we could find out more today. >> her lawyers are holding a press conference this morning. they could announce new charges. the 19-year-old woman known as celeste guap is back in the bay area and she is now using her legal name of jasmina bus lynn.
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-- jasmine abuslin. a florida judge agreed to a plea bargain which reduced her charges to a misdemeanor for biting a gashed at a florida rehab center. at a news conference before she got on the plane her lawyer says she is planning to go to rehab, study to be a veterinarian and is using her legal name now of jasmine abuslin. two cops are accused of oral copulation with a minor now that she is back the charges will be officially filed. >> she is going to help us help other victims who are being sex trafficked on the streets of oakland, richmond, san francisco, even as i speak. we are going to address this issue with full force. >> at a news conference before she got on the plane, her lawyer says abuslin is planning to go to rehab and will study to be a veteran veterinarian. she blasted the richmond police department for seconding her client to florida for rehab. we did hear from the mayor of richmond last night about that. he is maintaining that it was a good decision to send her out of town to get her away from old friends and habits. live in the newsroom, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> that trip to florida is prompting allegations of witness tampering. >> that's what her lawyers say. even our legal analysts say that accusation could have some teeth, one of many criminal charges that could be coming
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from this scandal that's hit law enforcement bay area wide. >> thank you. right now, the presidential campaign is focused squarely on the health of the nominees. hillary clinton returns to the campaign trail today after her bout with pneumonia. yesterday her team released a letter from her personal physician saying that her health continues to improve. it contained her medications some to prevent blood clots or treat allergies. it also stated that clinton's blood pressure, heart rate and cholesterol are all within normal ranges. >> my mom is so healthy. i mean, gosh, i hope i'm as healthy at 38 as she is at 68. people know about her health. they have seen her, gosh, 40- something years a a public figure healthy and vibrant. >> donald trump is talking
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about his health on dr. oz today. audience members say that the republican nominee discussed being overweight, his lack of exercise, and medications. >> according to dr. oz, everything seemed normal. there was no surprises except again that, um, donald trump said he is on statin cholesterol-lowering drug. >> the trump campaign says that it will release the results of his recent physical today. it's 6:03. let's check the roads and see how they are doing. >> hello, good morning. right now, let's turn to hercules. we have a crash on westbound 4. let get it started as we can get that map up now. here it is. westbound 4 before i-80, there's a two-car crash there blocking that -- two right lanes. we'll keep you updated as to when that's clear. we have some slow-moving traffic about 40 miles per hour. also, southbound 101 in burlingame before poplar avenue two crashes in the same area blocking three lanes currently.
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let's head to the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are on causing some backups towards the the maze. carquinez bridge to the maze westbound will take you 25 minutes and expect to get through this toll plaza traffic for about 15 minutes into the city. here's a look at your peninsula commute from hayward into the peninsula into foster city here. 880 to 101 westbound will take you 15 minutes. but some slow-moving traffic across the span. altamont pass out of tracy moving very slowly 8 miles per hour on to the dublin interchange. altamont pass to the dublin interchange will take 20 minutes. very interesting doings going on because today is going to pan out to be warmer than it was on monday, tuesday and wednesday. but it will be the coolest day of the next several coming up. it's our live weather camera featuring sfo at this very early hour where the clouds are down between about500 and 800 feet leading to the potential of airport delays. i bet we'll have delays at sfo
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on some arriving flights. right now 52 degrees in livermore with clear skies. santa rosa visibility down to about a half mile due to the low clouds and fog. 49 degrees. it is now 57 degrees in san jose. i want to zero in on that sfo area. burlingame today you will top off at 70. bested by tomorrow a slight offshore push 71 degrees. today's numbers in the high 60s in rockaway beach in pacifica. 60s and 70s common across the central bay. 70 in san francisco and that's where we should be for this time of the year. mid-70s common pretty refreshing around the peninsula. variable winds to 15. but more of a north to northwest flow across the northern portion of our bay area. but again, mindful that we are socked in right now with low clouds and fog from san rafael through the novato and petaluma areas. sunny skies early today. and then we'll see the fog mix out in oakland at 68. 83 in concord, clayton and walnut creek. we have the full thursday forecast and also raider football coming up.
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a new ad campaign targeting airbnb launches today. the group behind it is share better sf. they are against short-term rentals and claim airbnb doesn't follow city laws and regulations. the organization bought $51,000 worth of ad space on city buses. they will unveil the ads at 10 a.m. at the corner of goff and grove streets. dozen it is of community activists are expected to protest outside an east san jose target store today. they plan to register voters in support of a man who was doing just that when he was arrested monday at the store on story and king roads. police say they got a call from target after customers complained that the man was being aggressive. california law is vague on where people can register voters. today the state of california makes a strong push to stop deadly encounters between cars and pedestrians. kpix 5's maria medina is live in san jose on all it took
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before politicians had to stress that pedestrians don't have armor. >> reporter: kenny, 813, that's how many pedestrians were killed last year in california alone. that number is up and it keeps going up. so lawmakers are stepping in. they are declaring september, california pedestrian safety month. again, 813 pedestrians killed last year in california. that's a 20% increase from a decade ago so lawmakers are launching a campaign to get pedestrians more aware of their surroundings as well as drivers. they are using a catchy ad, using a character wearing armor. >> there's a quiet battle hang on our streets. pedestrian are acting indestructible and drivers act like they own the road. [ music ] >> reporter: all right. so as you can see, that armor made of car parts to drive the point that pedestrians aren't made of metal and to make the point even further they are going to have that character
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out at a school, a san jose school, just around the corner but they are going to have that character out here getting kids safely to school this morning just before 9 a.m. and then, um, officials will hold a press conference afterwards. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. indy race cars will be going down a san francisco street today. they will take part in a parade to celebrate the grand prix of sonoma. it begins at 11:45 at the embarcadero and beach streets in san francisco. time now 6:08. chipotle is going to have to pay up big time after the restaurant chain was accused of shorting workers in the bay area. >> and tropical storm julia makes history as it batters the southeastern u.s. >> here in the bay area, certainly is thursday, certainly will be warmer, but we have a harvest moon slated for friday. i'll talk about the weather
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conditions for that viewing. >> a new accident near the san mateo bridge. how it's affecting your morning commute. we'll tell you. stay tuned. >> close d captioning of this newscast is sponsored by: living spaces furniture. ,,,,,,,,,,
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- so that's very, very important for us.
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good morning. 6:12 on this thursday, september 15. this is a live weather camera visibility due to a half mile due to low clouds and fog shrouding visibility in santa rosa and in napa. we'll talk about the effects on the local airports coming up in just four minutes. a powerful tie fool that hit taiwan and moved to southeastern china has killed at least 2 people. the storm brought powerful winds and heavy rain shattering
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windows in office buildings, knocking down trees and disrupting water supplies. trains in the region were canceled. flash flood warnings are in effect this morning in parts of georgia and south carolina. parts of the charleston area are experiencing flooding because of tropical storm julia. the national weather service says more than 5 inches of rain have fallen there. julia surprised meteorologists when it began over jacksonville, florida tuesday night. pellet poet is chipotle is paying $95,000 for allegedly denying sick leave to people in california over the past four years. nearly 100 workers from san francisco restaurants filed this lawsuit. they will split the money based on their hours. in san francisco, a group of union square businesses is partnering with a nonprofit to give homeless people jobs to
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clean up the tourist district to remove trash and debris an dispose of hazardous materials like used needles. workers will also be connected with housing and employment services. a high school in east palo alto is doing everything it can to get its kids a higher education. in fact, 100% of its graduates go to college. east side college prep is this week's "cool school." ♪[ music ] reporter: sophomore rayshawn jordan is hard at work in study hall. >> my first year i was struggling with math and then the teachers that would, like, stay here for me. >> reporter: support is key to east side college prep success. and here, there are many layers of it. >> it's been a real team effort here at the school starting with, you know, the faculty and staff who work so hard on behalf of the students and the students who make such a commitment to their education and to working hard to achieve their dream of going to college. >> reporter: the first class of eight graduated in 2000. since then, 100% of its graduates have been admitted to a four-year college. goals are posted on the walls, and a map shows all the schools
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east side kids have been accepted too. >> all the students are participating in a rigorous college prep curriculum to get a big jump up for a lot of our students. >> reporter: east side offers extended school days from 8 to 5, summer sessions and some students even live on campus in dorms named after top colleges. the school is small with 280 students this year and 57 seniors. most will be the first in their families to go to college. >> it's not just to make my parents proud of me, but also myself and, like, being, like, a role model to my younger cousins and family. >> a lot of people think that since it's, like, east side college prep that, you know, like, it's going to be really hard and not going to be able to do it but i wanted them to know, like, if they really, really care, like, about their education, they can push through it and succeed. >> so it is a private school
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but all the students are on full scholarship so they are all getting help and rashawn wants to be a journalist. he is just started his sophomore year last summer. he interned at a newspaper. so he is already doing great things. >> and his next internship may be here at kpix 5. >> who knows, yeah. why not? bring him on. so what's cool about your school? email your nomination to coolschools, and we may come and feature your school on the show. if you want to study meteorology you can be my intern. >> i'll let him know. that will be great. >> all right. so the roads, you've been busy. >> running over there. we have a couple of crashes to report on now. first let's start in hayward. if you are heading to the san mateo bridge, southbound 880 right at highway 92, this crash is on the shoulder. it was two vehicles one of them a pickup truck and it is causing some major slowdowns
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cars at 30 miles per hour. peninsula traffic alert burlingame southbound 101 before poplar two crashes in the same area causing some major slowdowns. we'll keep you updated as to when that's cleared and also in the peninsula. your hayward to foster city on the san mateo bridge will take 20 to 30 minutes with cars stacking up as you can see right now. and bart delays here, track problem, expect 20- to 30- minute delay from rockridge in orinda and that's a look at your traffic. i will send it to roberta. stay tuned for more. >> you know, one of my favorite things in the world and all year long happens to be the harvest moon. it happens this time of the year. you will see it tonight because it's 97% full but tomorrow is a true blue harvest moon. they call it and refer to it as a harvest moon because generally this time of the year they are getting the job done and the farmers love the bright glow of the full moon thus the harvest moon. but you get a double treat tomorrow night because it's going to be the last lunar
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eclipse of the year. but we won't see it here. you have to go to europe or asia or australia in order to see it. we'll have to hold out until2017. you can see how hazy it is outside due to the light fog and the low clouds and, in fact, visibility is limited right now to about a half mile throughout many portions of sonoma county for the morning commute. upper 40s in santa rosa with that limited visibility. otherwise clear skies in livermore at 52. it's clear in san jose at 57 degrees. visibility restricted in san jose. half mile visibility in petaluma. improving slightly in santa rosa three miles. that's as good as it gets in napa with areas of fog. the winds are calm at this time. westerly onshore at 5 in san francisco. northwest later today at 15 miles per hour. going to feel the difference
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today. warmer in our inland areas. along the coast we have a light fog right now but that's going to mix out very early. and you will have some ample sunshine. satellite-radar it's a blanket of stratus lining the coast right there. i'm going to zoom in on this so you can see just how far inland the low clouds and fog have penetrated to areas and right there in the neighborhoods in throughout santa rosa into the south now moving into the south bay. satellite-radar suggests trough kicking out to the east high pressure building in. and we have a bona fide warming trend starting. today will be warmer than it has been all week long. but cooler than the next several days. currently 34 degrees in the high sierra. 64 today in monterey bay through carmel. here's your sunrise and sunset and smack in between, today we are talking about numbers nearly 70 at pacifica. it will be 70 in san francisco and that's spot on for this time of the year. mid-70s in mountain view
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backing all the way into san mateo. nearly 80 in san jose but still down from the average high of 83. low 80s in throughout the tri- valley but we should be in the high 80s. we'll realize that easily on friday. warming trend over the weekend. we have baseball, come on, giants! this is going to be so important. the cards come into town. cooling down low 60s, at game time, and this sunday just win, baby, it's the raiders playing host to the falcons for the home opener at 73 degrees. make it a great day, everyone. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, an a's slugger lands in new york. we'll tell you about that. and why the out-of-town scoreboard is the most interesting thing these days at at&t park. coming up. ,,,,,,
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good morning, everybody. remember when the giants had the best record in baseball? they were the unsinkable cruise liner. i know what you're thinking. >> it's gonna hit!! >> well, if anyone can throw them a life jacket it's madison bumgarner. tied at one against the padres in the 6th, dickerson drives home sar dinas on a double. 3-1 the final, they are going down . if the season were to end today, giants would play the mets in a one game wildcard play-off. san francisco opens a series tonight with st. louis. if the season were to end today the giants would play the mets in a one game wildcard play- off. san francisco opens a big four- game series tonight with st. louis. the yankees have signed billy butler released last weekend. he is the former a's slugger billy butler who was released last weekend. should the yankees keep him next year, the a's would pay
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him $10 million to play in the new york. a's and royals pitcher manaea pictured up his first career road win against the organization that drafted him. ventura drilled ryan healy right in the rib. instead of charging the mound, the rookie talked it over during a pitching change. the a's did the talking on the scoreboard as well, they win 8-0. it is thursday. are you ready for some football? tonight prime time right here on the big 5, we'll see you afterwards with the "5th quarter." i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great day. the philli nners on first and second, in the third inning. and the play of the day from major league baseball, the philly with runs on first and second in the 3rd inning. >> whoo! >> gets the out. >> look at that. nice little play by david freese defensive gem at third with a dive and doubled right
6:26 am
there and tagged him out at third. phillies go on to win, 6-2. it is 6:25. an awkward moment for donald trump as he launches into an attack on hillary clinton. >> and the woman at the heart of a bay area law enforcement sex scandal is back in california. what's next for the teenager formerly known as celeste guap? ,,,,,,
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caught... only to have it quickly snatched away. and a thief manages to hit a bay area church in the middle of a packed service. weather ad libs a heartbroken sister gets hope that her brother's killer will be caught only to have it snatched away. >> a thief hits a bay area
6:30 am
church in the middle of a packed service. it's going to be warm today but not as warm as friday. >> southbound on one bun we have a traffic alert in burlingame. we'll tell you where and more. good morning. it's thursday, september 15. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. time now 6:30. later this morning, we are expect to hear more about the teenager at the center of a police sex scandal. her lawyers are holding a press conference at oakland city hall. the woman formerly known as celeste guap was released from jail and is back in california. anne makovec reports. she is following the case and joins us live in the newsroom. >> reporter: celeste guap is dead, that's what lawyers said today. they will speak out again this morning now that she is back in the bay. she is using her legal name of jasmine abuslin. she is out of jail after a florida judge agreed to a plea bargain reducing her charges for biting a guard at rehab.
6:31 am
she is going to be a witness here in several big cases. investigators say 30 police officers across 7 bay area jurisdictions have had some sort of contact with abuslin. two officers are charged with oral copulation with a minor. at a news conference before she got on the plane from florida, her lawyer blasted the richmond police department for sending her to florida for rehab. [ pause ] [ no audio ] >> her lawyer says that abuslin was brought to the clinch en under false pretensions. she also said abuslin is turning over a new leaf planning to go to rehab here in the bay and will study to be a veterinarian. the richmond police chief denies that the department helped pay for abuslin's trip to florida. he says she used state funds that are available to victims of crime. live in the newsroom, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> richmond's mayor is defending her trip to florida? >> yes. we heard from mayor tom butt last night. he said the city's decision to send abuslin to florida was appropriate and that the
6:32 am
accusation by her lawyer that it was witness tampering was hyperbole. he says lawyers in this case are grandstanding. michelle? >> thank you. oakland police looking for suspects after two men were executed in a city park. the sister of one victim was hoping for a quick arrest since it happened in front of to surveillance cameras. >> oh, my god. my heart just, like, got a little bit of hope in it because they are obviously going to see who did it. >> unfortunately, that hope didn't last long because those cameras in cesar chavez park don't work. they would have recorded the shootings of three men two weeks ago. the department of public works is responsible for maintaining the cameras. we found that dpw knew the equipment was damaged in a flood a year ago but never
6:33 am
fixed them. city councilman noel gallo confirms that the city has known about this for some time and says that the problem is not isolated to this park. >> i think it's a lack of responsibility that's what i would call it, if you want to say failure, there are some others that are not working that should be working. >> on you the he says he got -- >> he says he got a committedment to get the cameras up and running with no timeline. a deadline today for some san francisco property owners who have been ordered to retrofit their buildings for earthquake safety. by the end of the day, tier 2 property owners must submit permit applications for the seismic retrofit work. tier 2 buildings are those with a wood frame at least three stories and five units and a vulnerable ground floor. time now 6:33. roberta is back with a check of weather. >> let's take a look at what's going on around the bay area
6:34 am
right now because we do have the return of a dense marine layer. visibility in some areas down to a quarter mile. this is the scene from our kpix studios looking east towards yerba buena island and the bay bridge shrouded in a deck of clouds. 58 degrees san francisco. now, east of the bay bridge, it's 58 in oakland. currently we are in the upper 40s in santa rosa. and here come the clouds. satellite and radar suggest a blanket of low clouds and fog hanging tight to the coast and now penetrating the bay marching inland a good 40 miles now saturating the santa clara valley and moving north towards santa rosa where we have some limited visibility. burlingame today will see the clouds here at 70. tomorrow slight offshore push. 71 degrees for your friday. locally numbers stacking up to 70 in rockaway beach in pacifica, moss and montara beaches, richmond and sunset districts. 68 in oakland. 70s common with the sunshine
6:35 am
around the peninsula. 80s inland outside number will be 87 degrees towards discovery bay and brentwood. high 70s in santa rosa. 78 degrees in san jose. we have warmer weather coming just in time for the weekend and that full report is coming up 48 after the hour. hi, roqui. >> hi, roberta! hello, everyone. good morning. there is a traffic alert in the peninsula causing some major delays. let's start here now. southbound 101 before poplar avenue, these are two crashes in the same area and as you can see, traffic is moving at just 3 miles per hour. so that's definitely something to avoid. these crashes are blocking two middle lanes and in order to avoid it, take 280, i suggest. let's head over to the east bay now. hayward if you are getting on the san mateo bridge, there is a crash there involving a pickup truck and a car. if you are heading on to the san mateo bridge, here's a look at that. heavy moving traffic 880 to 101
6:36 am
westbound takes up to 30 minutes. a track problem on bart is cleared but still causing major delays. 20 to 30 minutes between rockridge and orinda. back to you guys. police are looking for the person who was reportedly running around shooting a bb gun in san jose. it happened yesterday afternoon near the santa teresa village shopping center. he reportedly shot at a business and officers. no one was hurt. but the suspect did get away. there is no suspect description at this time. today the state of california launches a campaign to stop the spike in pedestrian fatalities. kpix 5's maria medina is live in san jose on all it took before lawmakers stressed pedestrians don't have armor. >> reporter: 813, that's the number of pedestrians killed in california last year alone. and that number keeps going up. so lawmakers are stepping in. they are declaring september, california pedestrian safety month. again, 813 pedestrians killed in california last year alone.
6:37 am
and that's almost a 20% increase from 10 years ago. lawmakers are launching a campaign to get pedestrians more aware of their surroundings. they are also wanting drivers to be more aware and they are using a catchy ad showing a character wearing armor. >> and drivers act like they own the road. >> oh, yeah. [ music ] >> they're both wrong. [ beep beep ] [ crash ] >> be aware, be alert. pedestrians don't have armor. >> reporter: so if you took a close look at the character over there, he was wearing armor. that armor made of car parts, driving the point that pedestrians are not made of metal and to drive that point even further today, um, that character will be out at a san jose school just around the corner. he will be getting kids safely to school just before 9 a.m. and then officials will hold a press conference later on today. live in san jose, maria medina,
6:38 am
kpix 5. [ pause ] >> any idea how many pedestrians have died in our area? >> reporter: you know, michelle, here in san jose, it was an especially deadly year last year, 23 pedestrians killed. that's the highest number in two decades. and, um, a handful of those were hit-and-runs. back to you. in palo alto a church opens its doors to a stranger and the man steals thousands from everyone inside.joseph park says the person sat through sunday's entire service and then the man allegedly stole the entire collection basket containing about $10,000. many parishioners at cornerstone community church are shocked but others seem to understand. >> it occurred to us maybe god allowed it to happen because there was need in his life. >> while police wait for the thief to cash some of the checks, officers are hoping anyone with information on the crime will call them.
6:39 am
a suspect is in custody in connection with a fire at a florida mosque. a man was arrested yesterday and faces first degree felony charges. the fort pierce mosque damaged in monday morning's fire had previously been attended by omar mateen. he is the man blamed for 49 deaths in the orlando nightclub shooting. so far, no motive for the fire. a pastor in michigan interrupts donald trump's speech at her church reminding him why he was invited to speak. >> everything she touched didn't work out. nothing. now, hillary clinton -- >> excuse me, mr. trump. i invited you here to thank us for -- >> oh, okay. >> not to make a political statement. >> that's good. then i'll go back to that. okay. [ very light applause ] >> okay. flint's pain is as a result of so many different failures. >> the interruption happened
6:40 am
during trump's first visit to flint the site of a water contamination crisis. meanwhile, the candidates' health is dominating the discussion on the campaign trail. trump says that he will release the results of his latest physical today. meanwhile hillary clinton returns to campaigning after taking the last few days off due to pneumonia. time now 6:40. a stretch of the northern california coast could soon become a national monument. but not everyone is happy about it. >> and some troubling new data about drug use in the american workforce. ,,
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coming up later on cbs this morning. charlie rose joins us now from new york. good morning. doctor tara narula takes a closer look at the health reports on hillary clinton and - we visit the secur as to. time for a look at what's coming up on "cbs this morning." charlie rose joins us from new york. >> dr. narula looks at the health reports on hillary clinton and donald trump. plus we visit the security firm
6:44 am
investigating the dnc hack and we ask what's being done to protect americans from a similar cyber attack. also, this. how the wife of the late apple founder steve jobs is helping to reimagine the future of education. and an inside look at the beach boys' lead singer mike love who revealed the band's struggles. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. >> thank you. a lot of click news coming out this morning -- economic news coming out this morning. kcbs financial reporter jason brooks has been gathering the numbers and joins us now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a lot of reports out on u.s. economy [chuckling] all of it very key as the fed gets ready to meet next week. there's been a lot of speculation about a potential rate hike that has sent the market down. these reports could determine where the fed leans. some of the news isn't great. retail sales in august fell by 3/10ths of a percent spending
6:45 am
less on cars and trucks and furniture and machinery. back-to-school shopping was a bit of a hit though as clothing sales were on the rise. good news there. that report though did snap four straight months of growth. unemployment claims went up this past week up to 260,000 but that's still within the range suggesting solid job growth and as far as inflation goes which is key for the fed, not much growth. the labor department says wholesale costs were flat mainly because of wholesale food costs biggest drop in three years inflation not close to the fed's 2% target as it consider that is rate move. stock market has been all over the place over the past several days. today, fairly flat start. let's go to the big board and see how we are doing so far in the early going. the dow down by 5 points. the nasdaq positive up 6. the s&p down one point. nasdaq getting help from apple. its shares are surging higher for the further straight session hitting the highest
6:46 am
level since 2015. back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs radio. more and more u.s. workers are using illegal drugs. that's according to the medical screening lab quest diagnostics. overall 4% of workers test the positive for drugs in 2015. that number was 1.8% among so- called safety sensitive employees. that includes jobs like truck drivers and pilots. quest diagnostics says drug use is at the highest level in a decade. that's mostly due to increased use of amphetamines, cocaine and heroin. time now 6:46. let's check the roads with roqui. how's it looking out there? >> thank you, michelle. it's looking bad especially in the peninsula. let's start with this traffic alert in burlingame. specifically southbound 101, here's a live look from our photographer out there. thank you for being out there. you can see crews are on scene trying to clear the situation for you. this is involving two separate crashes and this is before poplar avenue and it's blocking three left lanes. let's take a look at the map now. if i can show you how slow
6:47 am
traffic is moving, look at that, two miles per hour very, very slow. we'll definitely keep you updated as to when that is fully cleared. now, let's head over to hayward if you are heading into the peninsula from 880 here. southbound 880 at highway 92. this is a two-vehicle crash involving a pickup truck, cars -- traffic moving 20 miles per hour on the san mateo bridge which is also moving slowly here. expect a 30-minute commute to get across the span into foster city and into the peninsula. 880 to 101 westbound again will take about 30 minutes. bart delays causing major problems. ryan our assignment editor is stuck in it from pleasant hill and it's going to be a 20- to 30-minute delay on bart because of a track problem this morning. we'll update you as to when that's over, as well. let's take a look at the south bay. looking good also. got 16 minutes throughout guadalupe parkway, highway i-85 to 101 northbound will take you about 11 minutes. i want to stick with that
6:48 am
theme there. thank you so much, roqui. good morning, everyone. 6:47. let's head to san jose. all morning san jose has been reporting clear skies and now the intrusion of the low clouds and fog and marine layer has pushed into the santa clara valley. 52 in livermore. now at 48 in santa rosa. san jose you are at 57 degrees. temperatures this morning climbing to the 60s and by lunchtime in the low 70s in san jose with an afternoon forecast high of 78 to 79 degrees back through levi's stadium so mine while this is what we're saying what we're talking about this morning as far as our weather watchers are concerned. george hughes is saying bring back the sun in san francisco with areas of low clouds and fog. visibility currently along the coast half moon bay six miles due to the return of the marine layer, 10 miles in hayward and oakland, half mile visibility in petaluma. i have been noticing "aversely"
6:49 am
affected primarily marin and sonoma counties from the deep marine layer, santa rosa less than a half mile visibility. winds we need a good stiff wind to mix out the low clouds and fog but not seeing it around the peninsula or in napa. s fairly southwest winds at 11 miles an hour. we are socked in at the coast and in some inland areas. early mixing out and sunny mild conditions at the bay, warmer weather inland. satellite and radar indicates the return of the stratus along the coast. i'm going to zoom in so we can see that the marine layer has now penetrated the bay, marched locally inland a good 40 miles now into the santa clara valley into the north towards santa rosa and in napa. we do have the return of high pressure. it's building out over the pacific ocean. as it does so we'll see gradual warming here statewide 86 today sacramento. 64 at the coast in monterey bay. 68 in oakland today. 74 redwood city, back to the mid- to high 80s in the east bay. 78 in san jose. you should be right around 83
6:50 am
degrees. we'll realize that easily on friday through the weekend with seasonal temperatures for the last weekend of summer 2016. have a great day, everyone. michele? > all right, roberta. thank you. white house officials will be in california tomorrow to discuss whether to make six areas along the coast into national monuments. one of them isn't too far from here. the 5800 acres of land on a former dairy ranch along highway 1 in santa cruz county. the land would become federally owned and protected. environmentalists don't want it saying the declaration would drive tourists to the area. they feel the influx of people will harm the land's natural beauty. three high school football players were arrested in the centrally for what police say is a very serious case of hazing. investigators are not releasing any details about what happened. it involved three varsity players reportedly targeting a jv player. it happened at dos palos high
6:51 am
school after practice last week. officers sent out a message to the community and say there could be more victims. 6:50. a new program is launching to help the homeless in san francisco and beautify the city at the same time. >> reporter: and the woman at the center of a sex scandal involving local police heads back to the bay area allowing criminal prosecution to go forward. her plans for the future. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
[ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. responsibility of the district attorney's opffice. d-a investigators wi investigations into san francisco's shootings involving police officers will soon be the responsibility of the district attorney's office. d.a. investigators will take the lead on such cases to ease critic sensor about the police department -- to ease concerns about the police department policing itself. there is a new unit in the
6:55 am
d.a.'s office just for that. five things to know at the :55. hillary clinton returns to the campaign trail today with events in north carolina and washington, d.c. clinton's campaign has released a letter from her doctor describing her as healthy and fit to serve. donald trump will deliver another economic policy speech in new york today. a florida man is facing arson and hate crime charges in connection to a fire at a mosque where the orlando nightclub gunman worshipped. police believe that joseph michael? reasoner set the fire on monday. he had anti-islamic posts on his social media accounts. passengers made an unscheduled stop. the plane was diverted from jfk to ohio yesterday. delta says an engine problem is to blame. police have called an emergency meeting in san jose tonight to dress public concerns after an 88-year-old woman was attacked in a a home invasion. it happened sunday night near
6:56 am
mckee and white roads. tonight's meeting starts at 7:00 at the st. john vianney community center. a new program starts today to help the homeless in and around san francisco's union square. downtown businesses will begin hiring the homeless to remove trash in the area. they will also have the opportunity to connect with housing and employment services. >> reporter: i'm anne makovec following the return of a young woman formerly known as celeste guap. the focus of a bay area police sex scandal is back here in california. she is now using her legal name of jasmine abuslin. she has been in florida for rehab and ended up in jail. but back here in the bay area, she is going to be a witness in several criminal cases. 30 police officers in 7 jurisdictions are accused of having inappropriate contact with her. two officers so far facing charges of oral copulation with a minor. her lawyer is blasting the richmond police department for sending jasmine to florida for rehab.
6:57 am
>> the kind of treatment that this young woman needs is not a drug rehab program. she is a victim of child sex trafficking. she is traumatized. she needs that kind of help! >> reporter: she says abuslin was brought to rehab under false pretenses. she says her client is turning over a new leaf planning to go to rehab here and will eventually study to be a veterinarian. her lawyers are holding a news conference this morning at 11 a.m. anne makovec, kpix 5. thank you, anne. roqui here with a traffic update. time now 6:57. let's take a look at this traffic alert. we have greg out there giving you a live look at southbound 101 right before poplar avenue. this is two crashes in the same area causing major, major delays along there, cars 4 miles per hour just about. if you want to avoid that, i suggest you take 280 as you can see to your left cars driving at 65 miles per hour. so there's a no-brainer there. head over to hayward if you are heading on to highway 92. southbound 880 at the connector, the two vehicle crash involving a pickup truck.
6:58 am
but if you are getting on from that -- from that traffic -- on to -- the san mateo bridge, we have a sad story here. lots of traffic headed into the peninsula via the san mateo bridge, as well. 880 to 101 westbound will take up to 30 minutes. and also, this track problem on bart, 15 minutes to 20-minute delays between rockridge and orinda. thank you, i want to point something out. we're taking a look at ocean beach from the cliff house and right over here, you see the traffic moving very slowly because visibility is restricted due to the low clouds and fog san jose 58. santa rosa 48 degrees. 56 and overcast in redwood. so you see the intrusion of the very deep marine layer even producing a little bit of condensation out towards the delta this morning. but clouds retreat. we'll even have some sunshine at rockaway beach approaching 70 degrees. 60s, 70s bayside 80s inland. warmer conditions by friday
6:59 am
into the last weekend of summer. there are going to be a lot of drones in nevada today. the national championship air races kick off in reno. pilots there fly through the obstacle course. and for the first time there will be tiny drones about 5" long this year. experts from nasa will be on hand to teach people about the technology. it runs through sunday. >> check out this giant balloon wreaking havoc in china. it was caught on camera rolling over cars and people. it was parts of a display to celebrate the mid-autumn moon festival. no injuries. a quick reminder, thursday night football kicks off later today: thanks for watching kpix 5 news morning. your next local update is at 7:26.
7:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday, september 15th. 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a new cbs news, "new york times" poll shows hillary clinton and donald trump statistically tied. both candidates revealed new information about their health history. children visit the dentist and leave with a potentially life threatening infection. this morning doctors fear hundreds could be at risk. and only on "cbs this morning" lorraine powell jobs, the late of late apple founder steve jobs takes us inside her mission to reimagine education. our meeting with gang leaders helps one principal revolutionize her school. >> we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener" your world in 90 seconds.


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