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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  July 30, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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cbs evening news is next and as julia just said but i'll repeat wooe see you at 6:00 tonight. captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: a hot air balloon disaster. officials say there were no survivors after a balloon with at least 16 people on board catches fire and crashes in texas. >> i looked off over there, and the next thing i knew, we saw a big fireball go up. >> ninan: also tonight, russia is suspected of computer hacking the clinton campaign, and another democratic organization. zika in america. renewed calls for congress to return from vacation and pass an emergency bill now that the virus is officially here. and a destructive wildfire in california's scenic central coast driving away tourists at the height of vacation season.
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>> ninan: good evening. i'm reena ninan with a western edition of the broadcast. it was a fiery wreck and there were no survivors. a hot air balloon with at least 16 people on board somehow burst into flames and crashed into a field in maxwell, texas, about 30s miles south of austin. omar villafranca is at the scene. >> reporter: the deflated balloon appears unscathed from the fiery crash, but all that's left of the basket is its charred frame. >> significant loss of life. >> reporter: erik grosof is an investigator with the n.t.s.b. >> much like a crime scene. you only get one chance at it so we want to make sure we do everything correctly. >> reporter: the balloon apparently caught fire in flight. at least 16 were on aboard. investigators say the balloon was operated by a company called heart of texas, which advertises balloon rides in san antonio, austin, and houston. witnesses initially thought it was a car on fire. when emergency responders arrived, they found the balloon basket burning.
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margaret wylie lives nearby. >> and i looked off over there, and the next thing i knew, you saw a big fireball go up, and it was just-- just praying whoever was there got away from the thing in time. >> reporter: wylie things the balloon hit these high-voltage power lieps. this is most deadly hot air balloon accident in recent u.s. history. coorgt to the n.t.s.b., a total of 16 people died while hot air ballooning from 2002-2012. three were killed after this balloon burst into flames and hit a power line in 2014. in a statement, governor greg abbott said: >> these are high power lines. >> wylies says there was some fog in the area this morning but it had lifted by the time of the accident. investigators will not rely the names of the victims until their families are notified. reena, the n.t.s.b. has asked
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the f.b.i. to help process the evidence and the remains at the scene. >> ninan: omar villafranca in maxwell, texas. 100 days before election day, and there are concerns that overseas hackers may be trying to influence the vote. federal authorities are investigating a new computer hack on the clinton campaign and other democratic organizations. russia is said to be the prime suspect. errol barnett has more from washington. >> hillary clinton, give her a big round. ( applause ) >> reporter: hillary clinton campaigned enthusiastically as she faced challenges on to fronts-- a fight for vote on the road and a security threat online. >> we are the most productive, competitive workers in the world. we just need to give our people the chance to succeed. >> reporter: but she still has some convincing to do. in a recent cbs/"new york times" polls, voters preferred donald trump over clinton to handle the economy by almost 10 points. as she tries to appeal to blue
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collar workers here, clinton's showcasing her running mate, senator tim kaine, and her husband, former president bill clinton, who carried both ohio and pennsylvania twice. she's also touring factories to highlight american-made products and showcase companies hiring locally rather than overseas. >> we know better than to believe anyone who says, "i alone can fix it." right? those were actually donald trump's words at the republican convention in cleveland last week. >> reporter: the three-day tour is designed to block donald trump's path to 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency. but as the stronger together tour began, it was revealed friday the f.b.i. is investigating yet another illicit hack of a server used by democrats. the clinton campaign said a "data program maintained by the democratic national committee and used by our campaign was
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accessed, but there is no evidence that our internal systems have been compromised." now, while he had no public appearances today, donald trump continues to face criticism for what he says was a sarcastic suggestion russia should find clinton's missing e-mails. he's also denying any direct communication or collusion with president vladimir putin. reena. >> ninan: thanks, errol. sunday morning on faes the nation, the results of a new cbs news battleground tracker poll following the democratic convention. john dickerson's guests include bernie sanders, trump ma'am manager paul manafort, and reince priebus, chairman of the republican national committee. in another important story, a south florida neighborhood is now ground zero for zika in america. officials believe that four people who tested positive for the virus were infected close to home. tonight, renewed calls for congress to return if vacation and pass an emergency funding bill to prevent the virus from spreading. marlie hall shows us what officials in florida are doing
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to fight zika. >> reporter: the florida department of health is making house calls. its mission is to reach every resident in this downtown miami neighborhood to warn them that zika is now officially here. >> that's really terrible news that it's coming so close to home. >> reporter: teams have fanned out across the area, collecting urine samples. dr. aileen marty worries more cases could be discovered, and says testing is an important part of prevention. >> the door-to-door urine request is what has aloud the state of florida to make the determination that ongoing mosquito transmission is happening in this specific area. >> reporter: miami-dade county's mosquito control is also out in force, killing and collecting the insects that are known to carry zika. 19,000 mosquitos have been tested. so far, none were positive for the virus. but officials warn that doesn't mean it isn't spreading. >> florida's taking an aggressive approach. >> reporter: florida governor rick scott says he predicted the
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outbreak and has already allocated $22.6 million to fight the virus in his state. >> 28 counties have received funding to combat zika. now that florida's become the first state to have a local transmission, likely through mosquitos, we will continue to put every resiewrs available to fight the spread of zika in our state. >> reporter: zika is linked to a birth defect causing babies to be born with abnormally small heads. officials are urging pregnant women and those planning to become pregnant to avoid mosquito bites. >> it's a small little thing of standing water get rid of it, all around your house and your business and wear insect repellent. >> reporter: federal health officials say they do not expect the virus to become widespread in the u.s. or reach levels seen in brazil. they do say we may see small outbreaks like the ones in miami and they're advising those planning to visit south florida not to change their travel plans. reena. >> ninan: so a little bit of good news there. >> reporter: just a bit. >> ninan: we'll take it. thank you, marlie.
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wildfires are burning in at least nine states, across the west tonight at least seven large fires are in california, including one along the coast near big sur. carter evans says the deadly and destructive fire is driving away tourists. >> reporter: as flames rage out of control near the coastal resort town of big surk burning in deep, rugged terrain, the sob fire scorched 51 square miles of northern california in just one week. more than 5,000 firefighters from across the region are already on the scene. a contractor was killed earlier this week when the bulldozer he was operating on the fire line rolled over. so far, at least 68 structures have burned, most of them home, and 2,000 more are threatened in what would be peak seasons for big sur business operators like kirk gafill. >> we are accommodating staff with lost housing and trying to assist them in terms of the fire in terms of what their needs
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are, as well as preparing the property in preparation for the fire in it starts to come in our direction. >> reporter: big sur stretches along 85 miles of northern california coastline and it's one of the most popular tourist destinations in want u.s. with more than three million visitors a year. but many are cancelling trips after fire officials warned it could be a month before the flames are under control. so even at high season, the river inn has some empty rooms, according to manager rick aldinger. >> we get a lot of day business, a lot of people traveling through big sur. sp we see that. >> reporter: even worse than the lost business is the potential loz of this community as the fire scene in this time-lapse video grows closer to the historic pacific coast highway along one of the most scenic drives in the country. authorities expect this fire to grow five times bigger over the next few weeks burning 265 square miles. reena, that's an area larger
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than the city of chicago. >> ninan: carter evans in los angeles. in a suburb north of seattle, three people are dead and one wound following a shooting at a house party. it happened in the coastal town of mikilteo. police in san diego are trying to determine whether the shooting of two officers thursday night was an ambush attack. one officer was killed, another injured purpose they were assigned to a unit that cracks down on gangs. investigators are waiting for the wounded officer to recover from surgery to get his account of what happened. the phoenix area was hit with heavy rains, strong winds, and hail. streets were flooded last night, and tens of thousands of people lost power. other parts of the west are dealing with triple-digit heat. president obama is spending the night at camp david, the presidential retreat in maryland. the president's gathering with family and friends for an early celebration of his 55th birthday, which is next thursday. s it this the president's 39th visit to camp david,
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the first since his birthday weekend last year. other presidents used the retreat more frequently. tonight's powerful is up to $478 million, the eighth largest lottery prize in the u.s. no one has hit the jackpot since may 7. the u.s. navy is set to announce it is naming a new ship after harvey milk. milk served in the navies during the 1950s when the military banned gay,s lesbian, and bisexual service members. president obama lifted the ban five years ago. milk was assassinated in 1978, shortly after becoming the first openly gay elected official in a major u.s. city. coming up next, pope francis prepares for a celebration with a million people. we'll be right back.
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>> ninan: pope francis is getting ready to wrap up his historic five-day visit to poland with a huge maz on sunday. seth doane is traveling with the pope. seth. >> reporter: the vatican estimates more than a million people will attend a mass celebrated by the pope here tomorrow, and tonight, most have already gathered for a prayer vigil. it is a pilgrimage, after all. today, the catholic faithful traveled for miles on foot and ladened with supplies for an overnight stay. where are you coming from? >> germany. >> reporter: how about you, where are you from? >> the united states. >> malaysia. >> reporter: where are you from. >> poland. >> reporter: they came from 187 countries united by faith and their desire to see this
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man. pope francis thrilled the crowd, inviting some to join him on his pope mobile. mcgeorge jean-baptiste came with 400 people from brooklyn. >> the pope's here. just lots of people of different cultures here, you know. we're all united as just being catholic so you can mingle pretty easily, so, almost like vacation, like, but a faithful vacation. >> reporter: but still a vacation. what made you want to come? >> for me, well, one of my biggest reasons was because i wanted to come to europe. >> reporter: even that was okay with these sisters from arlington, virginia. >> the lord draws us in whatever way we can receive it. so a european vacation sounds great, but he had other plans. >> reporter, of course, not all could attend, in particular, 1200 young people in war-torn aleppo, syria. some recorded a message for their pope. as night fell, candle its light took over at that vigil and pope
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francis called on the young pilgrims to keep victims of war and the people of syria in their hearts. world youth day was started by saint john paul ii who was from poland. the idea was to nurture the faith of catholic youth. >> ninan: seth doane in krakow, poland. up next, after nearly four years after the massacre in newtown, sandy hook elementary students get a new school and a new start.
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>> ninan: in newtown, connecticut, the new sandy hook elementary school was unveiled yesterday. it replaces the building that was demolished after the massacre in 2012. here again is marlie hall with a look at the school giving sandy hook kids a new start. >> reporter: the new sandy
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hook elementary school was designed to appeal to children and to keep them safe. >> the safety and security measures that are in this building are second to none. >> reporter: the $50 million, 86,000-square-foot building has impact-resistant doors and windows, as well as state-of-the-art video monitoring. the ground floor is elevated, making it harder to see inside classrooms from the outside. anyone entering the front of the school must use one of three pedestrian bridges. all who approach can be seen by those inside and the doors will be kept locked. the old school was torn down after a gunman fatally shot 20 first graders and seven faculty and staff in 2012. the new one stands on the same property but not in the old footprint. there will be no onsite memorial for the victims and a decision was made to keep the school's same name. >> we are proud to be sandy hook school. we're part of our sandy hook village community, part of newtown. and the fact that a horrible thing happened here does not
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erase the wonderful things that have also happened here in our 300-year-old history of our community. >> reporter: school begins august 29. officials hope all the colorful details and thoughtful touches that the community had a hand in designing will make the new sandy hook school a place of learning and laughter. marlie hall, cbs news, newtown, connecticut. >> ninan: 70 of this year's returning students were kindergartners when the shooting occurred. we remember marni nixon, who may have been hollywood's greatest unsung performer.
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weekend. scott pelley tells us nixon was perhaps the greatest unsung performer in hollywood history. ♪ shall we distance gdansk.
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>> pelley: in "the king and i," the audience saw deborah kerr but heard marni nixon. ♪ i could have danced all night years later, she told our charles osgood that 20th century fox had paid her $420 and told her to keep quiet. >> they said that if anyone ever knew that i did any part, any part of the dubbing, they would see to it that i wouldn't work in town again. can you imagine? i was scared to death. >> pelley: she kept her secret, ♪ i feel pretty oh, so pretty. and dubbed for natalie wood in "west side story." and when the studio didn't like audrey hepburn's vocal in "my fair lady," ♪ i could have danced, danced, danced ♪ they brought in the real talent. ♪ i could have danced, danced, danced ♪ she introduced herself to america on "to tell the truth"
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>> will the real marni nixon please stand up. >> my name is marni nixon. >> pelley: marni nixon died of cancer. she was 86. >> ninan: when we return, the ice bucket challenge leads to an important medical discovery.
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>> ninan: finally tonight, if you're wondering whatever happened to all the money raised by the ice bucket challenge, jim axelrod says it's paid off in a very cool way. >> aahh! >> reporter: two summers ago everyone was getting into act. presidents... movie stars... billionaires.
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and while the cynics tried to throw their old cold water on the idea, saying it was a way to make a splash without actually doing anything-- >> don't company a bucket of ice water on your head. it's stupid. >> reporter: ...the ice bucket challenge raised $115 million in less than two months. >> without the ice bucket challenge, we wouldn't have gotten this money. >> reporter: dr. john landers, a neurologist at the university of massachusetts, runs a lab trying to find genes linked to a.l.s. he got $1.5 million from the challenge. does a million, a million and a half bucks really make a difference? >> you know, not to sound cliche, but, frankly, every bit counts. genetics, unfortunately, is one of those areas that is more on the the more expensive side. >> reporter: the ice bucket challenge money led to dr. landers' labbizing a gene, nek-1, which researchers are finding quite promising in developing treatments for a.l.s.
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more than 17 million people took the challenge, and to the researchers on the front lines in the battle against a.l.s., it wasn't just a way for them to feel good about themselves. >> the financing, the money that was raised was just an amazing level. >> reporter: it was a way to make a real difference. jim axelrod, cbs news, new york. >> ninan: well, that's the "cbs weekend news" for this saturday. later on cbs, "fraes hours" and, of course, the news continues now on our 24-hour digital network cbsn at i'm reena ninan in new york. thank you for joining us. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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take down a suspect at a busy bart station. live from the cbs bay area studios. cameras rolling as police take down a suspect at a bart station. did officers go too far? a warning tonight for bay area bicyclists the trail that has been booby trapped. a fire on the tracks in the east bay it's been a rough ride on bart today. >> we begin with that dramatic video at a san francisco bart station tonight. witnesses and bart officials are telling two very different stories. a witness shot this video yesterday as bart police detained a man at the embark dare row station you can see them holding him down as the crowd yells at him to let him go. the witness claims the suspect
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had been playing around with a friend on the train when an annoyed passenger called the police. she claims the officer pulled out a gun at one point. bart officials say that's all wrong. they say the suspect physically fought back as the officer tried to arrest him. he was booked on two continues -- counts of resisting arrest. bart says it's internal affairs division is look intoog the video but they think the police officer acted rightly. >> and a fire broke out on the tracks. the fire shut the station down for a while. >> yeah for about two hours julia. but they opened the walnut creek bart station about an hour and 125 minutes ago. there will be major delays in both directions


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