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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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see store for coupon. live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. lying about what happe >> the bay area sheriff's deputies brutally beat a man. tonight those deputies are accused of lying about what happened. >> let's get right to andria
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borba. she's in the newsroom. >> san francisco's public defender is calling the deputy's report a coverup that doesn't match with the reality of the video. he's calling for charges to be filed against all of the deputies involved. four months after this video of alameda county sheriff's deputies beating stanislas petrov in an alley in the mission, we're finally getting a look at when deputies say happened. they say it began in an alley with petrov ramming their patrol car with his stolen car ending like this on stevenson. the san francisco public defender released the video of the beating. >> this report is fiction. >> on page 39 of the report a deputy stated, "i believe he was going to assault another deputy or possibly pull a gun from his left waistband and shoot myself or another deputy." adachi said the narrative that petrov was not complying with orders doesn't fit with the
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video. >> all 11 deputies were wearing body cameras. not one of them had their body camera on. that wasn't a mere coincidence. >> reporter: in a statement an alameda county spokesperson said all members of the sheriff's deputy are held accountable for their actions. if any -- sheriff's department are held accountable for their actions. if any deputy is found lying on a report, they will be disciplined. it is worth noting that petrov had five outstanding warns and a very long rap sheet. we reached out to the district attorney about the case. they say it is still under investigation right now. i'm band ya bore pa, be with --andria borba, kpix5. police say this gilroy man sexually abused a 6-year-old child. he's charged with multiple counts. even worse investigators believe there may be additional victims spanning back the past 15 years. a string of sexual misconduct cases at cal has put that university in the national
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spotlight tonight. the headline in the new york times, sexual harassment cases tarnish berkeley's image as a center of social activism. christin ayers on the chancellor's plan to put a stop to it. >> reporter: it's no secret uc berkeley has a problem. this month the dean of the law school stepped down after admitting he harassed his executive assistant. az uc nless there's enough media >> i can't put into words how unprotected and unsupported i felt. >> reporter: it's happened before. in october uc berkeley astronomer jeff marcy resigned when media reports revealed he'd been found guilty of sexual harassment. both men kept their jobs until allegations went public. students say it's a problem with campus culture. >> there's definitely something that's prevelant in all of the uc campuses. unless there's a lot of media attention on it they just let them slide by. >> reporter: cal is already facing two federal complaints and a civil lawsuit over its hand link of sexual abuse cases, but now the ad -- handling of sexual abuse cases, but now the administration is
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trying to fix what was bungled. >> they are trying to make a meaningful impact when it comes to domestic violence and sexual violence on campus. >> reporter: a task force on sexual violence, educational seminars to raise awareness about sexual abuse and a doubling of the number of sexual assault and violence counselors from three to six. for some students it's a step in the right direction, but others are doesn't cal. >> if they keep covering it -- skeptical. >> if they keep covering it up like they've been doing, adding more staff won't make a difference. >> reporter: the policies were born out of two weeks of talks with campus leaders and experiments. some of the policies are expected to take effect as early as next month. >> in his letter the chancellor also encouraged students to participate in activities as part of sexual assault awareness month in april. tonight concord police say the sexually violent child rapist has been released. 51-year-old robert bates has a history of sex crime convictions against kids. superior court judge and contra
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costa county signed off on his conditional release. bates is now living in supervised short term housing. he will have to relocate every four days. tonight b.a.r.t. is putting together what it calls the tiger team. their mission? figure out once and for all what is causing those mysterious power surges. the new team will consist of employees and outside experts being brought in. last week the power surges knocked 50 cars out of service between pittsburgh, bay point and north -- pittsburg, bay point and north concord. same issue damaged 80 cars traveling through the transfer tube last month. >> there's a lot of moving parts to this, a lot of conflicting evidence, a lot of things that make folks scratch their heads. >> b.a.r.t. is running two shuttle trains during regular service hours between pittsburg and bay point and north concord. tonight there's an animal problem so bad in san francisco the city had to have a hearing about it. as kpix5's cate cauguiran tells
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us, dog owners were fired up. >> reporter: a city hearing addressing the growing coyote problem got heated. >> what about the pups? how many are they having a year? >> reporter: san francisco supervisor norman yee says the number of coyote attacks has increased and now he wants the agencies to explain what can be done. >> yes, these animals are reproducing in the presidio and likely elsewhere in san francisco. >> reporter: coyotes were spotted in corona heights like this one also around vernal heights, engle side terrace and stern grove. >> they get up the hill and go around the lake, i put her on the leash. >> reporter: sandra penucci doesn't let their little dog dottie go in and out of the house doggie door. there have been multiple coyote attacks in stern grove over the past few months, one of them killing a small dog. this man let his small dog go off leash and he's not too worried. >> there's nothing we can really do about it. >> reporter: animal care and
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control recognizes coyotes are problematic in the area and says it's likely because the animals have gotten used to the surroundings. they're working to develop an educational program to teach neighbors how to scare them away and keep them from coming back. tonight the contra costa county coroner is working to identify a man's body pulled from a canal. water district maintenance workers spotted the body in the contra costa canal in bay point. a two man dive team recovered the body before 3:00 this afternoon, not clear if foul play is suspected or how the body got there. there is no public access to that part of the canal. a new terror flit has been foiled in press. this is the neighborhood that police locked down during a raid northwest of paris today. a french national is arrested accused of being in the advanced stages of a plot to attack the country. investigators say at this point they haven't found any links to
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other attacks. in belgium tonight six people are in custody captured in raids in brussels. veronica de la cruz tells us today's sweep is linked to tuesday's terror attacks. >> that's right. tonight two government officials are offering to resign over intelligence failures leading up to the attacks. it turns out two suspects of the bombings were on the terrorism watch list. it's still not clear how long the me behind the terror attacks have been planning this, but the arrest of this man, terror suspect salah abdeslam may have been the trigger. ibrahim ell baccara blew himself -- el bakraoui blew himself up at the subway station. turkish security forces arrested ibrahim last summer when he was caught trying to
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sneak into syria. both brothers may also be linked to a plot earlier this year to target this belgian nuclear power plant. tonight investigators are still searching for two people connected to tuesday's bombings. one man spotted at the metro station holding a large bag, the other seen on surveillance video at the airport. investigators believe that a man dropped off a massive bomb before taking off. >> right when i turned the corner, i heard the first explosion. >> sebastian bellis survived the attack at the airport. >> i look down and i see massive bones just sticking out and then i harley a second explosion and now that i'm starting to think -- hear a second explosion and now that i'm starting to to think about it over and over, i think that's what saved me because i was already on the ground when the second explosion went off. >> 32 other people were killed. tonight belgium's terror threat has been leveled, but the country warned another attack
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is still possible. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. campaign 2016, tonight the gop race seems more like a soap opera. now you could call it days of our wives. >> donald, you're a coward and leave heidi the hell alone. >> trump redefeated these photos of cruz's high of heidi and trump's wife melania, a former model. the caption, an image is worth a thousand word. the war of wives began tuesday after a v pac posted this gq photo of melania. it reads meet your next first lady or you could support ted cruz. trump fired back be careful lion ted or i will spill the beans on your wife.
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cruz said the picture did not come from the campaign and if you try to attack heidi, you're more of a coward than i thought. tonight we'll explain why this bay area man got arrested all because he wanted to shave. >> this sea lion ended up miles from the bay in fremont. you'll hear from the couple who found her in their front yard. >> looks like this audi plunged from the sky with the driver inside. tonight what happened? >> and it's one of the most unusual bay area hit and run suspects we've ever seen. he is gold seriously.
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br police say razors helped them catch the bearded brand it's. brentwood police released this dashcam video showing them arresting suspected bank robber
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kenneth ellis. a drugstore shopper spotted him buying razors to shave his head and beard. ellis was wanted for 15 incidents including at least 11 bank robberies in several counties in northern california of he's suspected of hitting banks in fremont, dublin, gilroy and the list goes on. the robberies started more than a month ago. ellis is held at the martinez detention facility. this has to be one of the most unusual photos for sure. check this guy out closely. he's all gold. an off-duty police officer said that he saw 21-year-old demog cook strike several cars on 80 eastbound near the ashby exit in berkeley. police searched his car and found more gold paint all over the steering wheel. what's with the gold paint? cook said he was covered head to toe for a photo shoot.
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a small plane crash landed at san jose. the pilot's skills prevented things from going from bad to worse. >> reporter: the plane began to experience problems shortly after takeoff according to the airport. specifically there was a problem with its landing gear. the plane had taken off from san jose monetta international airport en route to seattle. the pilot circled the airport several times to burn off fuel and then had to gingerly begin to put the plane back on the ground. the plane skilled on its belly to a stop and a spokesperson credits the pilot's criminal for prevents serious damage to the plane or injuries to those on board. >> he's able to make the proper adjustments so he's able to land that plane on its belly. that definitely facilitated there being no injuries at this time. >> reporter: there are four people on board that plane including the pilot and crew.
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no one was seriously injured. they were checked out at the airport but did not have to go to the hospital. one of the two run ways was closed about three hours before reopening. >> the plane is registered to a san jose company monolithic power systems. we reached out to them, but they did not frond. a 9-month-old northern fur seal somehow ended up in the front yard of a home on osgood road in fremont. that's quite a distance inland from the bay. the homeowner says it's at least a few miles. >> don't know where it came from. unbelievable. even the officer told me when he got the call on the radio, he thought they said navy seal. >> reporter: that's the photo you took. >> yeah.
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>> turns out the pup nicknamed ozzie was around tagged. she's now resting at the tri- city animal shelter. before you think about cracking that crab, betty yu tells us there's a snag no one saw coming. >> reporter: in a few hours bay area fisher meb will be allowed to drop their crab pot says out in the association, but some -- pots out in the ocean, but some will have to wait. dozens of crab pots are stacked and loaded onto fishing boats, but they aren't going anywhere now after a devastating delay due toutings found in dungeness crab -- due to toxins found in dungeness crab. >> if we haven't gone over enough problems in the last few months and the financial disasters, we have a price
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issue because most of the big buyers have a set of price and we can't go fishing without a price. >> reporter: fishing that tests quality and negotiates a whole sale price. this process could take days. there will be high winds off the coast of san francisco this weekend. seasoned fisher michael brown are staying put. >> it's never happened in california. we have no idea what to expect. that's why nobody is rushing into this. >> reporter: like most crabbers joe makes most of the bulk of his money by the fall and wraps up fishing by february. he's already lost over $150,000. it will be impossible to recoup his losses. the u.s. coastguard is warning overeager fisherman. >> going out with a loaded condition in rougher seas can result in rougher consequences
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and conclude that's what's capsizing, singing, sinking -- sinking. that jetblue flight attendant trying to smuggle more than 60-pound of cocaine in her suitcase will remain in jail until at least tomorrow. her relatives had no comment leaving a new york city courtroom today. aup sent bond at half a million dollars. she was arrested in -- a court set bond at half a million dollars. she was arrested today. someone ran into the front of a clothing store with a white sedan breaking through the security gate. then as many as a dozen thieves run grabbing everything they can. then everyone either runs or gets into two get-away cars that take off. workers are still taking inventory to find out what was taken and how much it's all
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worth. meanwhile in baltimore surveillance video captured images of a car plunging four stories to the ground. police say the 24-year-old driver hit the gas by mistake in a parking garage. then she crashed through the wall. the audi landed upside down. the driver escaped with only minor injuries. mark zuckerberg is one of the latest big names to throw his support behind a new campaign for gender equality. he posted this photo of his feeding his daughter max on facebook, of course, captioned most important meeting of the day, #leanintogether. several pro basketball stars like warrior steph curry are also on board with the new lean in together campaign which promotes gender equality. it encourages people to support women at work and home. a lot of folks are leaning into the weekend. a lot of folks left early today. >> it was a big get-away day in
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san francisco, moved about a block an hour in parts of the city. for many kids spring break, rain free through the weekend. hi-def doppler dry tonight, snow fact much better in the north sierra. a little above average in the north. add it all up, 89% of normal. golden gate bridge, folks outs and about this evening, what a fantastic sunset it was again. comfortably chilly tonight, wake up to 48 in fremont, 46 in san rafael, 52 in san francisco, san jose, 49 degrees. lots of folks getting out of town maybe heading to tahoe or the sierra to enjoy some fantastic spring skiing. chance of a snow shower late in the evening sunday. most of the evening will be rain free. high pressure to our south and west has dropped anchors taking
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the storms and cloud cover, keeping it to the north. only slightly cooler coming up on easter sun. cooler way shower chance next week of low pressure drops down from canada. the cooler part of this equation, highs in the 70s to low 60s and showers pushing back to late next week, not that widespread of a rain event. the next several days will be dry. we're sunny and pleasant through easter, cooler most of the next week, showers possible. we're ironing out the details. san jose tomorrow gorgeous, 70 degrees, san francisco 66. mild through saturday, a couple degrees cooler, but still nice sunday. next week cooler, low to mid- 60s, a couple showers next wednesday and thursday, all in all very pleasant. >> looks great. thank you, paul. tonight we'll explain why fans of warrior star steph
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curry are seeing double. >> coming up on the light show with stephen colbert olivia mahn. ,,,,,,,,
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the warriors star helped un his wax city center now is your chance to see steph curry up close sort of. >> yeah. the warriors star helped unveil his wax figure at the marriott city center in oakland. it will go on display at madame tussauds in fisherman's wharf. he said seeing his double brings back memories. >> for me and my wife one of our first dates in l.a. we went to the museum on hollywood boulevard. that was one of our first experiences together walking through and taking pictures with all the wax figures in that museum and now to have one of my own is pretty special. >> very special. some of curry's familiar was there for the unveiling. his oldest daughter riley even held the wax figure's arm as they took pictures. the warriors instagramed this picture of curry posing with his wax double. i can't tell. is it a pretty good --
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>> i think it's really good. you walk through the wax museum, remember, fisherman's wharf, who is that? >> arnold schwarzenegger? i don't know. >> they had a bad version of barry bonds. remember that one? it just did not work, but kudos to them. the sharks had a chance to clinch a playoff spot tonight and cleveland got a quarterback. his name is not colin kaepernick, what that means for the 49ers coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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least for tonight as his oi hit the ice in san jose.. fans barel former sharks coach todd mclellan was looking to deny the sharks a playoff spot at least for tonight as his oilers hit the ice in san jose. fans barely had time to find their seats. sharks were up 1-0 , the first of nine goals scored tonight. 2nd period game tied 3-3. the oilers score another goal. 3rd period the rout is on. on the rebound the goal, the oilers win 6-3 for the second straight game. the sharks lose on a chance to clinch a playoff spot. the ducks looking to go to
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the final four. marshall plumlee throws it down. blue devils making it, too. george bell had 13 points on the night. ducks up 13 final minute. the ducks defeat the blue devils 82-68. they face oklahoma in the elite eight. jay wright looking to lead villanova to the elite eight the first time since '09. he's going to win this foot race. cats up 12. 92-69 they have a this didn't work out so well. the monster jam there. villanova defeats miami 92-69. they have a muchup with kansas in the' -- a match-up with kansas in the elite eight. the cleveland browns signed
11:31 pm
robert griffin, ii. this moves the 49ers apparently one step closer to keeping colin kaepernick. >> is he going to be a starter, backup or are they going to pay him and trade him? >> i think the other question is if they keep kaepernick, what do they do with that draft pick? they need help on the o line? so a lot of questions remain. we'll be right back. ,,,, ♪
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. the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> can you use that in a sentence? >> jon: stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: welcome to the "late show," everybody! thank you! thank you! ( audience chanting stephen ) thank you! ( cheers and applause )


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