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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 10, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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>> thank you. thank you for watching. be careful. >> see you at noon. captions by: caption colorado good morning out in the west. thursday, march 10, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a heated debate exposes new tensions between bernie sanders and hillary clinton and marco rubio struggles to draw a crowd in his home state. devastating floods force thousands from their homes in south. her foot of rain can fall today. stephen colbert will talk presidential politics, and plus he shares a big announcement. but we have a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> he voted for indefinite
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detention for undocumented immigrants. >> the democrats clash over immigration. >> madam secretary, i will match my record against yours any day of the week. >> lyin' ted and little marco, he has a problem. >> if he gets the 99 delegates we have a different talk. >> why is giving trump 99 delegates good for you? >> our object is not to get donald trump a victory anywhere. >> flash floods, nearly a foot of rain has fallen. >> our backyard is like a river. >> secret islamic state files which reveals the names of 22,000 jihadists. >> paying respects to nancy reagan. a private funeral is planned for friday. >> outside of pittsburgh four women and a man are dead, three others injured. >> we do believe there was multiple gunmen. >> this is first official visit
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of a canadian prime minister in 19 years. >> wearing a boom box prompted the brawl on this flight. >> the last place you want to do that. >> bringing in class as the bernie sanders impersonator -- >> i'm talking billionaire class. or millionaire class. >> some commentator was saying it would be a disaster if trump wins texas. my 7-year-old goes, not gonna happen, not gonna happen. >> all that matters -- >> remember when chris christie cross-examined him and i thought i had to hold him up with my powerful hands. >> nothing can stop him but god himself and even he only got 6% in mississippi. >> bernie sanders stunned the prognosticators by taking michigan. graciously. here is her official statement after the results came in. [ screaming ] >> what's happening! >> this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places.
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welcome to "cbs this morning." the presidential battle is focused on florida. it is one of five big states holding primaries on tuesday. florida could be critical to deciding both parties' nominees. >> marco rubio is betting on a win there, but donald trump could be standing in his way. democrats are also looking for support in that important swing state. hillary clinton and bernie sanders targeted hispanic voters last night. nancy cordes is in miami. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, so you can see the effect of that upset in michigan here in miami last night. suddenly, sanders looks like a threat to pick up a couple of states next tuesday and at the very least, slow clinton's march to the nomination. so both of them had a reason to go on offense. >> excuse me, excuse me.
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>> did you ask -- >> reporter: the candidates threw down the gauntlet early. >> i will match my record against yours any day of the week. >> well, let's see, let's talk about that. >> reporter: both came prepared to do battle on immigration. in a debate hosted by univision. >> i voted for that bill. senator sanders voted against i. just imagine where we would be today if we had achieved comprehensive immigration reform nine years ago. >> children came from honduras and i said, welcome those children into this country. secretary clinton said, send them back. >> reporter: emboldened by the narrow michigan win, sanders also took a harder line on clinton's paid speeches to wall street firms. >> that the gentleman who is head of goldman sachs, he didn't give me $225,000 for speaking fees. he said i was dangerous, and he's right. i am dangerous for wall street. >> reporter: the fbi investigation into clinton's
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private e-mails came up too. >> if you get indicted will you drop out? >> oh, for goodness -- three's not going to happen. i'm not going to answer that question. >> reporter: sanders was put on the spot about this 1985 interview in which he praised cuban leader fidel casro. >> he educated the kids, gave them health care. >> reporter: a view many cuban exile don't share. >> cuba is an undemocratic country. on the other hand, it would be wrong not to state that in cuba they have made some good advances in health care. >> i couldn't disagree more. you know, if the values are that you oppress people, you disappear people, you imprison people, even kill people for expressing their opinions, that is not the kind of revolution of values that i ever want to see anywhere. >> reporter: sanders says when he talks about being a democratic socialist, he's aligning himself with countries like denmark and sweden. not communist cuba. still, clinton has a large lead here in florida right now.
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though we have seen, gayle, how quickly that can change. >> yes, we have. thank you, nancy. a new poll suggests that john kasich still has a future in the gop race. that survey finds the ohio governor leading trump in his home state. kasich is counting on winning tuesday's vote in ohio. but that same poll shows marco rubio trailing in his home state by more than 20 points. he's fighting persistent questions about how long he can stay in this race. major garrett is in miami at the site of the republican debate. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. marco rubio said he's committed to campaigning in and winning florida. but his schedule after tonight's debate remains empty with promises of florida events to be filled in eventually. some loyalists have discussed whether it would be better for him to drop out to avoid an embarrassing defeat here. a notion he rejects. what's clear, he's on the ropes and donald trump, the gop front-runner, is not letting up. >> i will be on that ballot on tuesday. we're going to win.
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i have never discussed dropping out with anyone on my team or anyone on the planet earth. it is not going -- or anyone oany planet for that matter. >> reporter: marco rubio desperate to deflate rumors we were dropping out. >> we worry about the dirty tricks so if anyone calls you and anyone tells you, oh, marco rubio is getting out, you tell them you heard it from me, they are lying to you. >> reporter: but a meager crowd just outside miami his political base, fueled the impression he's in the twilight of his campaign. >> little marco would say -- i think he's gone. but you never know. >> reporter: trump picked up the theme at a rally in north carolina. >> if i don't beat marco in florida because florida is my place, i love florida, i employ thousands of people in florida. >> reporter: trump will spend half of his time before the primary outside the sunshine state. an attempt to shore up support for future primaries and clear a path to 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination. >> i see probably getting in the
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delegates. like the fighter, the ultimate way of doing it. you knock them out. >> reporter: rubio acknowledged his recent attempts to knock down trump including this infamous dig at the size of his hands -- >> you know what they say about men with small hands. >> i would do it differently. i don't think it reflects good, that's not who i am. not what by campaign is going to be about. >> what do you think is rubio's demise? >> i think he tried to be don rickles, frankly. he wanted to be don rickles, he's not don rickles. >> reporter: rubio has been angling for jeb bush's endorsement for days and they had a meeting today. bush will meet with ted cruz and john kasich today. but after the costly and disastrous campaign it's unclear how much his endorsement would be worth even here in florida. >> thanks, major. that trump rally was interrupted by protesters 17 times. in our next half hour we'll look at why his rallies sometimes turn violent.
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that's ahead on "cbs this morning." more severe weather is threatening close to 20 million people in the south. at least three people have died in storms this week. homes and cars are under water. thousands of people were forced to evacuate. the weather system stretches from texas to tennessee. david begnaud is there in tennessee. >> reporter: let's start with some good news, the water is dropping. if you look at the house, close to the door, about four feet it's come down, but if you look at the rest of the neighborhood there's a lot of water that needs to recede this morning. this place is still under a state of emergency and in fact, it was a flooding emergency. it has been for the last 48 hours. the governor has activated the national guard. the sheriff has ordered mandatory evacuations and still this morning it is raining and there's more rain to come for the next two days. a second blast of heavy rain pounded north louisiana overnight.
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>> major stall out. i should have known better than. >> reporter: around 15 inches have fallen in other parts of the state and another foot could be on the way. that threat has forced efficients to call for the mandatory -- officials to call for the mandatory evacuation of 3,500 homes. >> it's a disaster. i feel sorry for these people. >> look at this. >> reporter: northwest louisiana has registered more rain in the past 12 hours than in the last two months. more than 100 roads have been closed. some are crumbling. drone video taken over shreveport shows entire neighborhoods under water. more than a hundred homes have been flooded. most of them in the nearby community in bocer parish. >> has this ever happened to you? >> no. >> reporter: people are urged to get out of the high-risk areas. but they're finding themselves
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overwhelmed with calls for help. >> getting calls coming in from every direction. everybody is trying to do the best they can. but roads are closed. it's hard to get to people. >> reporter: 18-year-old dylan davis isn't from this area but he came to help. how many people have you helped to get out of homes? >> about six or seven houses. we have been swimming across water. wherever the sheriff's office couldn't go and we're doing what we can. >> reporter: so here's how it will go this morning. the governor of louisiana is about to update the public with his emergency management officials. we expect the numbers he's going to deliver in terms of flooding, evacuatees is something historical. the sheriff is concerned about a levee not far from here, he says if this area gets the ten inches of range frommin, it will be ov and a trove of information about isis is being looked at
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this morning. sky news had 22,000 documents of real names and phone numbs of the suspected fighters from at least 51 different countries. a man claim tock a disgruntled former isis member passed on the information. the information reveals the identities of more than 1700 jihadis and the isis registration form asks 23 questions like, what is your previous fighting experience? what special skills they have and whether they want to be a fighter, commando, or a martyrdom seeker. david martin has more on the fight against isis. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if this list of isis fighters is confirmed to be authentic, it would be one of the biggest intelligence victories so far in the war against isis. intelligence can be a powerful weapon perhaps more powerful even than chemical weapons. according to the pentagon isis has mounted a dozen chemical weapon attacks in iraq and syria.
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this shows the aftermath of the isis strike using a mustard agent in syria last year. but the chemical weapons program may have been dealt a serious blow. a weapons expert was captured last week and he had once worked for saddam hussein's regime. >> the capturing of someone of this high caliber provides a gold mine of information about what isis is doing, how it's structured, and in this case its chemical weapons program. >> reporter: after interrogating him, u.s. intelligence located a building in mosul where the mustard agent was believed to be manufactured and loaded into artillery shells. british defense minister released this show describing it as an isis weapons factory by destroyed last weekend. the day before that strike, u.s. aircraft targeted this top commander, known by the alias omar the chechen who the
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pentagon considered to be the equivalent of the secretary of defense. a group monitoring syria said that omar the chechen was seriously injured but not killed. >> in this case if it turns out he has not been killed it's not a strategic impact. what going to weaken isis is an organization is taking back territory from it. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence is still trying to confirm whether omar the chechen is alive or dead. air strikes have killed about 100 isis leaders but whatever intelligence they had died with them. there are only two known cases in which key members of isis had been captured alive and along with their cell phones and laptops milked for what they know. charlie? >> david, thanks. iran is defending the ballistic missile test. the country carried out a second successive day of tests yesterday. it's capable of hitting israel which vice president joe biden visited this week. iranian media reports that they
7:15 am
had text written on them saying that israel must be wiped out. the country insists that the tests do not violate the controversial nuclear deal or a u.n. security council resolution. an urgent manhunt is underway in western pennsylvania this morning for at least two gunmen who opened fire at a backyard party. four women and one man were killed late last night in wilkinsburg. that's a suburb of pittsburgh. police called it an ambush. dozens of shots were reported. 40 shell casings were found at the scene. three other people shot has died. a former marine accused of shooting an idaho passitor is i an extreme flight risk. he was arrested tuesday after tossing items over the white house fence. he boarded a flight from boise to washington monday, a day after the shooting. the tsa says it was not told about a warrant for odom's arrest until later monday evening. the pastor survived the shooting. his family says he could be in
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the hospital for weeks. a rare state dinner will honor canada's new prime minister. ♪ the obamas welcomed justin trudeau a short time ago. they're meeting in the oval office and they'll hold a news conference afterwards. it's the first in 19 years. trudeau whose father was also prime minister has become well known around the world since he was elected in october. the public has a final chance today to say good-bye in person to nancy reagan. the former first lady is lying in repose at the ronald reagan presidential library. house speaker paul ryan paid his respects yesterday. ben tracy is at the library in simi valley, california, where the crowd is expected to be large today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you're so right. they're expecting more than 10,000 people to file through here by the end of the day to pay their respects to mrs. reagan. each one of the people will get one of these cards.
7:17 am
and it says with gratitude for your expression of sympathy, and honoring the life of nancy davis reagan. the library wanted to have the two days of public mourning because the funeral on friday will be private. they shuffled quietly past the rose covered casket, paying their respects to the first lady who left the white house more than 25 years ago, but remained in the hearts of countless americans. >> just a classy lady. when the president was shot, he was amazing, she was amazing. >> i had to come and show my respects. such an elegant, elegant former first lady. >> reporter: the former first lady's final motorcade fittingly traveled down the ronald reagan freeway in simi valley. firefighters saluted as the hearse drove by. when its arrived the presidential library members of the armed services carried the casket in the room where mrs.
7:18 am
reagan lies in repose. 1,000 people are expected to attend nancy reagan's private funeral including george w. bush, and laura bush, rosalind carter and hillary clinton and michelle obama who will speak at the service. the guest list includes mr. t who joined the just say no to drugs campaign in the 1980s. >> the kids doing drugs it turns my stomach. >> reporter: the reagan library is not only preparing for a funeral, but a future without the guiding force. until her health failed, mrs. reagan almost never missed a board meeting. what's it like to move on without her? >> going to be sad. you know? it will be an empty chair. i bet we have an empty chair at the table. it's the large board with some very important people. but when mrs. reagan raised her voice the room would go silent. and we won't have that any longer. >> reporter: friday's funeral has very much been planned by mrs. reagan herself. she controlled the guest list and she picked out everything from the flowers to the music.
7:19 am
>> well, thank you very much, ben. a beautiful thing to see the outpouring for her. i heard that one of the things she requested was that the caskets are so close to each other that they could almost touch each other even in the afterlife. i think it's very sweet. people really loved her. >> nice to see the outpouring. >> it is. ben, thank you. robots could soon deliver packages to our ,, announcer: this portion of "cbs
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this morning" sponsored by jcpenney. get what you love at the prices you love only at jcpenney! every donald trump rally seems to have at least one interruption. >> get him out of here! get the hell out of here! >> ahead, we look at why
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deadly shooting on a packed train. police say this man killed 19- good morning. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 7:26. here's what's happening. bart has just released new video of a suspect in a deadly shooting on a packed train. police say this man killed 19- year-old carlos romero two months ago. the suspect is on the run. >> a cable car slamming into the back of a garbage truck yesterday morning at the corner of mason and jackson street. no one seriously injured but the cable car service was suspended for three hours. coming up on "cbs this morning," sharing the sidewalk with robots. charlie d'agata is in london with a look at new state-of-the- art technology that may soon make its way right here to the u.s. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. , ,,,, ,, ,,
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good morning, from the traffic center. we have troubles out of the south bay northbound 85 at almaden expressway. look out for an accident, two cars involved, two left lanes blocked. you're backed up at least to 87 at this point. drive times are pretty slow northbound 85, 101 to 17. 15-minute ride 101, 280 also seeing delays this morning through the south bay. bay bridge traffic is slow out of the maze approaches seeing delays as well metering lights are on. a little sluggish across the upper deck eases up a bit past the tunnel then it's clear into san francisco. san mateo bridge flows well. here's roberta. >> the rain has just been sitting over the north bay and, in fact, i just took a look at the conditions in santa rosa, an inch of rain fell this morning alone. flash flood watch in effect today through sunday throughout
7:29 am
the bay area. highs today approaching 70 degrees. rain north and central bay. heavy rain friday. ,,,,,, s who had remained
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on waiting list or received a kidney from a deceased donor. the star leathdger of new jersey reports on bottled water is being used at schools. officials say some of the tests turned up a few readings above the epa's acceptable level. the mayor says the city's water supply is still safe and drinkable. "the seattle times" reports on several different brands of pistachios being recalled. they are advising people not to
7:32 am
eat the nuts produced by wonderful pistachios. people in 11 states have gotten sick and two had hto be hospitalized. it also includes trader joe's pistachio brand. i have a bag of pistachios like demonstrators were removed from a trump rally. >> reporter: protesters are so
7:33 am
commonplace at trump's rally and now security guards are at his rallies. >> oh, no. so early. >> reporter: at a packed rally in fayetteville, north carolina, on wednesday night. >> the people said, they are fed up! >> reporter: donald trump had trouble staying on message. protesters interrupted him 17 times. before being escorted out to the cheers of trump supporters. >> oh, no! isn't this exciting? i love it! look at those cameras turn. where do these people come from? >> reporter: the scenes have become regular spectacles at the front-runner's gop rally. >> get him out of here! are you ready? get him out. get him out of here. am i allowed to rip that whistle out of the mouth? i'd rip that out of your -- get him out! out, out, out! bye. go home to mommy! >> reporter: the exchanges are
7:34 am
often peaceful but sometimes they turn nasty. last week in kentucky cameras captured trump supporters shoving and yelling at this demonstrator staand others are wrelveing and kicking others. >> there is almost the anticipation when you go to a trump rally there is going to be some kind of a put-back. >> they will be carried out on a stretcher. >> he has said a lot of controversial things and outraged a lot of people. >> reporter: people line up for hours hoping to catch a glimpse of the billionaire. >> who is going to pay for the wall? >> reporter: who they say are speaking truth for their frustration. this is jim coolie's fourth trump rally. >> he is speaking everything i'm thinking. he energized the crowd when he is talking. that's what we need. we need energy in this country. >> reporter: just before trump takes the stage a recorded announcement urges the audience not to harm protesters. >> this is a peaceful rally.
7:35 am
in order to notify the law enforcement officers of the location of the protester, please hold a rally sign over your head and start chanting trump. >> reporter: when protesters do surface. >> get him out of here! >> reporter: trump doesn't hold back. >> he is walking out like big high five's and smiling and laughing. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. >> he relishes insults and fighting and any kind of engagement on this level and it adds a measure of excitement and passion to what has become a very, very exhill rating show. >> reporter: when a time magazine photographer said he tried to step outside a trump rally last month, a secret service agent apparently tried to choke him. gayle, according to "time" the
7:36 am
in lower unprocessed foods. dr. holly phillips is here with a health consequences. you're saying get rid of the susie q's? i used to love those things! is that what you're talking about ultra processed food? >> the ultra processed foods has emerged the last couple of years and shows the different levels of processing. anything with an ingredients list can be considered processed. peanut butter the list says peanut and salt is processed but at the base it's still a whole food. ultra processed foods are different. if they starred out as a corn-based project and
7:37 am
hydrogenated or reconcentrated down to nothing. what you're really getting are chemicals, additives and things like preservatives, sweeteners and coloring, flavoring, transfats, these are all chemicals that are then put back into fake foods to make them taste real. >> you've always told us real food is best and i know eat the colors of the rainbow they say in fruits and vegetables for healthy food. what did you find in this study you think we didn't know before? what surprised you? >> this study gave us an incredible perspective how much of our diet is made up of these ultra processed foods. researchers looked at data from 9,000 people in a large national study and found half of our daily calories come from these ultra processed foods and 90% of the added sugars. this is a big deal. it basically shows we are eating more fake food than real food. and it has tremendous health consequences. >> the answer is stop eating so much processed food? >> yes. that is the idea. when you look at an ingredients
7:38 am
list, simplicity is the key. if you can't recognize the ingredients, if you can't vushlivushl i -- visualize what they might look like, try to avoid them. >> do they have any redeeming qualities? >> besides mosquitoes? >> yes, charlie. >> they taste. >> cut out the ultra processed food. cookies have redeeming qualities. if you make them at home you won't be adding all of those ingredients you can't pronounce so you can enjoy the natural food at home. the chemical opponents we have to avoid. >> clearly, you haven't seen my kitchen. i don't know how to turn on the oven. >> gayle! for real? >> yes. it was down for three months. i didn't even know it was broken! it hadn't even been hooked up. i'm not good at that. >> okay. we are doing a visit to your kitchen coming up one day. >> come on over! you know the address. >> i do.
7:39 am
i do. dr. holly phillips, thank you. we may soon be sharing the sidewalk with robots. charlie d'agata checks out the new technology. >> what is that? that is the future. it's a robot and knows where you live. if the designers have their way, it will be rolling how excite are we about the door, you can watch us live through the cbs all access app. you don't want to miss one inventor is benjamin franklin. leonardo da vinci. thomas edison. alexander bell graham.
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,,,, the so-called ground drones for a spin. >> reporter: the new delivery guy in london looks more like a cooler on wheels than a high-tech robot but this little baby is about to revolutionize the industry and here is its founder otto. you said billions. is that your scale? >> of course. why not billions? easily billions of people today are -- delivery companies. >> reporter: the battery-powered robot is designed to deliver on demand less than 30 minutes from a neighborhood store or home depot and it's big enough to carry most home deliveries. while aerial drones have been getting all of the attention, otto says that idea isn't ready to get off the ground. >> it's a lot safer and a lot friendlier to people. you know?
7:45 am
people don't like aerial drones and don't like drones flying over their backyards with other people's dangling there. >> is this a good idea? it's hard to judge off the bat. >> scott stein is an editor at c-net. >> stay tuned. the deliveries will. >> reporter: otto says the time is now. he doesn't like the term ground drone. it has to be likeable. >> it has been to cute and good looking. >> it has to be cute? >> most of the people this robot is going to encounter on the sidewalks, they are not technologies. they are not industrialists. they are regular people. for them, it wouldn't be ideal if the robot looks like a robot. >> reporter: but it is a robot. nine on-board cameras and sensors detect pedestrians and tell it to slow down, stop, and change direction. it uses gps and on-board maps to reach its destination. although it's monitored by
7:46 am
humans, the robot, itself, does not 99% of the work. it not only knows exactly where i am, but who i am, using a special app only the recipients can open the lid and get at the goods. they are specifically aiming at suburbs and places with open sidewalks and big suburbs are too crowded already. of course, there are other vulnerabilities to consider. isn't there a concern about teenagers taking a bat to it for fun? >> of course. of course. i'm sure, you know, somebody will do that at some point but there is also, you know, there is also danger of, you know, then the same people taking a bat to a parked car, for instance. >> reporter: he said if it gets in trouble, a human operator will use an on-board speaker to warren the culprits they are being intermediate and authorities are on the way. there is only one problem. it doesn't have a name yet. >> i think this thing deserves a brilliant name. >> maybe robo-drop?
7:47 am
fred-x or target practice? for "cbs this morning," charlie d'agata, london. >> charlie came up with good names. >> i hope they were taking notes. ahead, loud music sparks a mid-air brawl. video from on-board shows women attacking ea announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by american made.
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7:52 am
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7:56 am
shooting suspect. police bee he fatally shot a 19- year-d on a packed good morning, it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. bart has just released this footage of a shooting suspect. police believe he fatally shot and 19-year-old on a packed train. it happened at west oakland station in january. the dean of uc-berkeley's law school is stepping down. sujit choudry's secretary claims he hugged and kissed her and cal should have fired him. she filed a complaint against him and cal. coming up on "cbs this morning," how boston is tackling the issue of gender pay gap. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. ,, ,,,,,,
7:57 am
good morning. let's jump to the south bay get you updated on this trouble
7:58 am
spot. northbound 85 at almaden expressway. still dealing with an accident clearing over to the right shoulder. you have a big delay behind the scene there. we have had the two right lanes blocked. delays now 24 minutes northbound 85, 101 to 17. 280101 through the south bay busy. northbound at avalon this is near san bruno. we are getting word of an accident possibly blocking lanes. slow approaching the scene. southbound 280 seeing delays out of daly city. and a quick look at the richmond/san rafael bridge. a little slow at the toll plaza. roberta? >> it's a very interesting situation this morning. good morning, everyone. this is our live hi-def doppler radar. i'm picking up moderate to heavy rainfall in the santa rosa area. and i have to tell you it's been there since 2:00 this morning. so far santa rosa has had an inch and a quarter of rainfall this morning alone so that front is obviously stalled. we have a flash flood watch in effect for the bay area all the way through sunday. periods of heavy rain likely from today through friday into the weekend. ,,,, ,,,,
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday, march 10th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead, including a satirical take on presidential politics. late show host stephen colbert is here to offer his commentary on the race for the white house. but first, here's today's "eye opener @ 8". you can see the effect of that upset in michigan here in miami last night. suddenly, sanders looked like a threat. >> what's clear, the florida senator is on the ropes and donald trump, the gop front-runner is not letting up. >> if you look at the rest of the neighborhood, there's a lot of water that needs to recede this morning. this place is still under a state of emergency. >> this list of isis fighters is confirmed to be authentic, it
8:01 am
would be one of the biggest intelligence victories in the war against isis. >> they're expecting more than 10,000 people to file through here to pay their respects. each one of those people will get one of these cards. >> the first official visit by a canadian prime minister in nearly 20 years. it's about time, eh? >> i don't even know how to turn on the oven, but thank you. >> gayle. >> for real? >> really? >> yes. it was down for three months. i didn't even know it was broken. so, yeah. >> we didn't win by a little bit. we won a landslides. landslides. >> did y'all catch his victory speech? i thought you did. because, it was on every single channel. i think even nick jr. was running it, because i saw some sort of orange blob on tv. >> oh, hey. hey. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. five big states dominate the presidential campaign this
8:02 am
morning. especially florida. almost 700 democratic delegates will be up for grabs in tuesday's primaries. 214 of them are in florida. the outcome could be critical in deciding the party's nominee. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders debated last night in miami. the moderators challenged clinton on her trustworthiness, and her response to the deadly attack in benghazi, libya. and both candidates distanced themselves from president obama's immigration policy. >> i would not deport children. i do not want to deport family members, either, jorge. i want to, as i said, prioritize who would be deported. violent criminals, people planning terrorist attacks, anybody who threatens us. >> i happen to agree with president obama on many, many issues. i think he's done a great job as president of the united states. he is wrong on this issue of deportation. i disagree with him on that. so to answer your question, no, i will not deport children. >> "washington post" poll just
8:03 am
yesterday found that be only 37% of americans consider you honest and trustworthy. is there anything in your own actions and decisions you yourself have made that would foster this kind of mistrust? >> when you're in public life, even if you believe that it's not an opinion that you think is fair, or founded, you do have to take responsibility, and i do. i am not a natural politician, if case you haven't noticed. like my husband, or president obama. so, i have a view that i just have to do the best i can, get the results i can, make a difference in people's lives, and hope that people see that i'm fighting for them, and that i can improve conditions. >> on the night of at tacks in benghazi, you sent an e-mail to your daughter chelsea saying that al qaeda -- was responsible for the killing of the americans.
8:04 am
however, some of the families claim that you lied to them. the information officer. >> hillary, in obama, in biden, all told me it was a video when they knew, they knew it was not the video. >> you know, look, i feel a great deal of sympathy for the families of the four brave americans that we lost at benghazi. and i certainly can't even imagine the grief that she has for losing her son. but she's wrong. she's absolutely wrong. >> the american people are never going to elect a president who insults mexicans, who insults muslims, who insults women, who insults african-americans. >> you don't make america great by getting rid of everything that made america great. >> the democrats aren't the only
8:05 am
ones criticizing donald trump. but the republican front-runner still leads most of the polls in next week's primary states. one of his most criticized ideas is resonating with voters according to cbs news exit polls in michigan, and mississippi. more than 60% of people who voted there on tuesday said they support trump's proposal to temporarily ban muslims from entering the u.s. trump went even further on wednesday, when asked if he without islam is at war with the west. >> i think islam hates us. there's something -- there's something there that -- that's a tremendous hatred there. there's a tremendous hatred. we have to get to the bottom of it. there is an unbelievable hatred of us. >> in islam itself? >> you're going to have to figure that out, okay? you'll get another pulitzer, right? but you're going to have to figure that out. but there is a tremendous hatred. and we have to be very vigilant, we have to be very careful.
8:06 am
>> i guess the question is, is there war between the west and radical islam, or is there war between the west and islam itself? >> it's radical but it's very hard to define. it's very hard to separate because you don't know who is who. >> trump and his republican rivals will debate tonight in miami, five days before the florida primary. china faces accusations this morning of a crackdown on the religious freedom of christians. one provincial government has systematically removed crosses from churches. a protestant pastor last month was sentenced to 14 years in prison. he was convicted of financial crimes, but also for illegally gathering people to disturb social order. seth doane is in beijing with the fight over the freedom to worship. seth, good morning. >> good morning. the protests can be quickly quieted, and the pictures of the cross removal can be quite grainy. but for almost two years now, we've seen an ongoing battle against religion. cell phone video released this week shows yet another cross being taken off a steeple.
8:07 am
the government has removed, sometimes burned down, crosses from as many as 2,000 churches there. says u.s.-based rnlous activist group china aid. at times the christian faithful have protested what they call illegal demolition. while one of their supporters, lawyer jon kai, was paraded on state tv in february, expressing remorse. at the start of the government's campaign, a church was demolished. the official reason, a violation of building codes. chain 23 china's ruling communist party is officially atheist. technically it does allow freedom of religion, but those in approved religions must worship under the supervision of those who are faithful, first of all, to the state. so tens of millions of
8:08 am
christians meet underground in so-called family churches. ♪ this one was set up in the tiny beijing apartment of shu yoeng hai. he spent two years in prison after writing about church demolitions and the abuse of christians. we have up to 30 regular members at this church he told us, but some of us are in jail from time to time. by a show of hands, how many have been detained for doing this? for gathering and praying? wow, everyone's raised their hand. all of you have been detained? there is no justice in this country, she told us. so we choose to believe in god, and place our hope in his hands. by some estimates there are more christians in china than registered members of the communist party. which makes theirs a very powerful voice. we reached out to religious affairs authorities for some
8:09 am
sort of comment or explanation. but did not hear back. norah? >> really fascinating. seth doane in beijing. thank you so much. we have an update now to a story we told you about earlier this week. the woman who received the nation's first uterus transplant had a sudden complication. the cleveland clinic reports she had to have the donated organ removed. the 26-year-old recipient was identified only as lindsay. the transplant last month was designed for women either born without a uterus, or who suffered permanent uterine damage. in a statement lindsay thanked the doctors who, quote, acted very quickly to ensure my health and safety. she also says, i am doing okay and appreciate all your prayers and good thoughts. i have to say, i was so crestfallen when i heard this news. because i know how much she wants to have a baby. >> she and her husband have three boys that they've adopted. but you're right, she still wants to have a baby. they're trying to close the gender pay gap. one negotiation at a time. ahead michelle miller takes us inside the innovative workshop teaching women to ask for more
8:10 am
money, more often.,,
8:11 am
late late show host stephen colbert is now here in studio 57. we're going to -- hey there, guys. >> good morning. >> we're going to find out -- >> we're going to find out why he's going back to school. plus his take on the r-rated turn in the recent republican debate as the candidates prepare to face off again. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. ♪ moderate to severe crohn's disease is tough, but i've managed. except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing. and when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms
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8:15 am
♪ march is women's history month. the gender pay gap is no he willic from the past. women who work full-time earn on average just 79% of what men make in the u.s. the disparity has grown smaller over the decades but with progress stalled, women are looking for new ways to close the gap. michelle miller is here with how one of our oldest cities is empowering women to ask for a raise. michelle, good morning. >> good morning. well the city of boston has a plan. teach women to negotiate their salaries more frequently, and more effectively, and hopefully
8:16 am
that will add sense to a problem that in 2016 just doesn't make any sense. >> first and foremost, know your value. >> reporter: when we met megan costello -- >> you should absolutely ensure that you are asking for what you deserve. >> reporter: -- she was guiding a room full of women through the art of salary negotiation. >> i always say, how do you get to yes? >> reporter: it's for women who believe they're underpaid, and undervalued. >> women over the course of their lifetime, of their careers, make about a million dollars less than their male counterparts. and i don't know about you, but i want my million dollars. there is a wage gap that exists at every level in every workplace. >> so what should i -- >> reporter: and costello wants women to start asking for more. >> i am honored to receive the offer. >> i promise you the men are asking. and it's important that we do the same. >> reporter: on average, women are paid 79 cents for every dollar a man makes. so while a man may earn $60,000
8:17 am
a year. a woman in the same position, doing the same work, earns around $47,000. for some minorities, it's even worse. black women are paid 63 cents. and latinas, just 54 cents for every dollar a white man makes. >> i know we can do this. >> reporter: it's an issue echoing around the 2016 campaign trail. >> i would hope that every man in this room will stand with the women. >> i do. i love equal pay. >> to end the disgrace of women making 79 cents. >> and let's finally deliver something long overdue, equal pay for women. >> reporter: and yet the problem remains. >> equal pay is a law. it's a law of the land. >> absolutely. >> reporter: so why aren't women being paid the same as men? >> that's why we shouldn't be having this conversation. unfortunately we are. it's important that you're here. >> reporter: which is why boston mayor marty walsh is partnering with the american association of university women to offer free
8:18 am
salary negotiation classes to women. >> how do they push back and push back without fear of repercussions? but also push back in a way that men often do. >> reporter: and they've been showing up to learn how to drive a hard bargain. >> i realize i didn't have the negotiation skills for how to do a salary negotiation. so i felt like, a deficit that i could address. >> i had no idea you can actually go 20% above your target when you're negotiating for a salary. so that's 100% something i'm going to use moving forward. >> this is better for the entire economy. >> reporter: costello, who works for the mayor, oversees the program. >> we know that when women are paid equally, it helps with retention, it helps with happier workforce, which increases productivity. >> we're negotiating all the time in our jobs. >> reporter: but harvard business school professor robin ealey isn't so sure teaching women to negotiate will actually make a difference. why wouldn't these classes move the needle? >> it's not clear to me that the gender wage gap is primarily a
8:19 am
function of women's lack of propensity or lack of skill to negotiate. when it's clear to a person entering a job what the salary range for that job is, which we would know if there were pay transparency, women will negotiate just as often and just as well as men. >> you don't just have to negotiate salaries -- >> reporter: so while salary talks my stall, costello says negotiate everything else. >> can you get another week's vacation? can you get a better job title? you know, can you get free parking? in boston that would be huge. you know, so think outside the box, beyond just your salary numbers. >> reporter: because that free parking could actually be a raise when you sit down and do the math. >> absolutely. that can be several thousand dollars a year in boston. >> now the equal pay act was passed in 1963. if the gap continues to shrink at the rate it has been for the last decade, we won't see equal pay until 2139. >> mm-hmm. >> i'm glad to see that in
8:20 am
boston they're putting this in effect. this should go to managers. managers should be trained, too, about how to -- >> it is a dual process. they train both the person asking for the raise, women, and those people who hire and employ them. >> good advice. >> thank you. >> good advice on that story. thank you, michelle. chefs are rewriting the recipe for traditional food courts. how a new smorgasbord of choices could redefine the way we eat out. that's ahead on "cbs this that's ahead on "cbs this morning." flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. soil is the foundation... for healthy plants.
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8:24 am
all kidding aside, i am not putting any kidding aside. this man is talking about the size of his sponce in a presidential debate. this is someone who could have his finger on the button and, god, i hope it's his finger! >> i hope it's his finger too! we are in the toyota green room. >> you went there. >> you went all the way there. >> i joined him there. he was there and he invited all of us to go there. >> is he the gift that keeps on giving for you? >> yeah, he is really is. like an onion and keep peeling it open and there is more donald underneath. i don't think he wants to be president of the united states. i think he is seeking validation on nothing else but to be the most powerful man in the
8:25 am
country. >> can i hear that i've never heard that word be headlines... we are learning more about monday's deadly police shoog in san jose. police say a 45- year-old man stabbed his estranged wife and h good morning, it's 8:5. i'm frank mallicoat. we are learning more about monday's deadly state police shooting in san jose. a 45-year-old man stabbed his wife and her acquaintance. officers shot him when he wouldn't drop a knife. a man with i hate cops tattoo above his eye led police on a wild chase yesterday driving a stolen car. he crashed and was caught at a mcdonald's at second and market. coming up on cbs this morning, late show host stephen colbert talking politics and other news of the day. and he is also going to make a big announcement. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,
8:26 am
♪ no matter where you look, you won't find another small commercial van that can fit more, ♪ carry more weight, ♪ and yet go farther on a tank of gas ♪
8:27 am
than the ram promaster city. ♪ hurry in to your ram dealer for details on all current incentives. ♪ good morning from the "kcbs traffic" center. still busy at the bay bridge this morning. it will take 25 minutes out of oakland into san francisco. metering lights are still on. if you can make your way over to the right hand cash lanes traffic is moving okay through there. taking a look at conditions southbound 880, slow-and-go from 238 into hayward. looks like traffic is sluggish there, as well. northbound side as you work wear into downtown oakland, busy across the san mateo bridge, as well. 17 minutes between 880 and 101.
8:28 am
taking a look at traffic in the north bay, where we're dealing with some wet weather this morning. slick surfaces. we have delays both directions of 101 as you work your way through petaluma. expect busy conditions on highway 12, 116 and on 29 this morning. richmond/san rafael bridge not doing too bad. traffic looks okay right at the toll plaza. here's roberta. good morning, everyone. our live hi-def doppler radar does indicate that the front is still stalled over the north bay. i'm seeing a little bit of movement however. it moves closer to petaluma with light to moderate rainfall. we have some rain that's beginning to enter the novato area. that you will gradually slides into the central bay. we have a flash flood watch in effect for everyone in the yellow highlighted area. it does include about all 9 counts of the bay area. we'll have periods of brief heavy rain from today through sunday. high today approaching 70. southeast winds 10 to 20 miles per hour, gusts up to 35 miles per hour. blustery today day to day and then again heavy rain through sunday.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ two seconds to work with. curry from mid-court. it's good! >> he sank two amazing shots in one day! and last night's game between the jazz and the warriors, curry dropped a half-court buzzer-beater from 55 feet out! the warriors went on to beat the jazz 115-94. curry proved he can go long with a putt too. he attempted a 94-yard putt across the warriors practice court while hitting a round with new zealand golfer lydia ko earlier in the day and he nailed it. >> don't you want to play with him? don't you want to play with him? >> or be like him. >> like everything about steph curry. this half hour, stephen
8:31 am
colbert. we like everything about him too. he is in our toyota green room. >> hey! >> he is with us. a big announcement. good to see you. we are also will talk comedy and politics and more. find out where does he stand on the controversy over donald trump's hands? think about that, stephen colbert. that is ahead. that's ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "the boston globe" reports a massachusetts seven grader goodell tried to change tom brady's name. he proved that cold weather lowered the air pressure in those deflategate footballs. he is not related to nfl commissioner roger goodell. we will speak with ben today and bring you his story tomorrow on "cbs this morning." the power of science and what this has led to. the kids in school are trying to figure this out on their own. bloomberg looks into
8:32 am
bush brothers provisional company. they say they allowed patrons to purchase meats. trump had a frozen steak business in 2007 but sales have been discontinued. >> not only are they not trump steaks but a company called bush brothers? >> no relation. it is kind of interesting. "usa today" reports on the debate over the color of bernie sanders' suit during last night's debate. did you pay attention to this? you remember the dress was it blue or black or white and gold? to some people, sanders' suit looks brown on tv and to others, black or blue. twitter lit up. some users said it was the most talked about issue during the debate. what was the color of his suit?
8:33 am
sanders' campaign confirmed to cbs news that the senator wore black. i love you saying, oh, boy! >> we are talking about steaks and suits and not talking about the crisis in education in this country. >> thank god we have stephen to help us with that! >> certainly. i think the suit was bown. >> i didn't look. i only look at charlie's suit every day. he always looks handsome in blue. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> you two want to be alone? should stephen and i go back to the green room? >> yes, please. stephen is standing by. >> oh, no. >> thank you. funny man stephen colbert is here with a serious announcement. donors is a website that uses crowd funding to help public school students and teachers. today, more than 50 actors, athletes and entrepreneurs have pledged to fully fund public school grants for several regions of the country on >> hi.
8:34 am
i'm samuel l. jackson. >> i'm serena williams. >> i'm a cofounder of twitter. >> i'm ashton kutcher. >> i'm seth rogen. >> i'm dwight howard of the houston rockets. >> i'm the ceo of linked-in. >> i'm russell simpls. >> i'm funding all of the classroom projects in the state of iowa. >> so the regions that i am funding is from compton, california. >> we are so happy to fund all of the projects in sonoma county. >> i'm funding the classroom projects in chattanooga, tennessee. >> in the greater boston area. woo-who! i grew up in boston. >> stephen colbert inspired those donations after funding all public school projects last spring in his home state of south carolina. donors board member and tell us about this. >> well, the best school day is probably the best thing i've ever been involved in. as you said, last spring, with the help of the people at donors
8:35 am
choose, i helped fund every classroom project in south carolina and for those of you out there who don't know what donors choose is, it's my favorite charity, because teachers in classrooms all around the country can put up any project they want to teach their children or help their kids with, but they don't have the fund for. you want to teach a book? you don't have the book in your school and you want to do an art project and you don't have the supplies? you, as a donor, can choose, hence the name. you go to state, school, the project, you fund it. 100% of your money goes to that project. and the kid write you back and you find out about it. best school day is flash funding projects all over the united states. 47 states, including the district of columbia and 11,000 classroom projects. as you heard, the wonderful people who are involved. >> 14 million dollars. >> $14 million and it all happens today. all in one day. >> how did you get them involved? did you just simply pick up the phone and ask them? >> i called up everybody in hollywood and everybody in the industry and said it's time, guys.
8:36 am
it's time. no. all donors choose, i am happy to be involved in this and tell you guys about it. but done by these people who are already involved in the organization. >> thank you for encouraging it because i went on this morning and donated to my school in my hometown of san antonio, texas. fifth graders for struggling learners and need money for flashcards. this is the simplest need for our kid. >> great thing and other people who are doing these donation today, the people who are giving $14 million in funding these projects, the reason therapy doing it and the reason i did it is i know the real heroes are the teachers who are too often themselves spending their own money for these projects. >> what is great about it, too, one-on-one. you gave dollar, a dollar has value. >> yeah. and every dollar you give goes exactly to that project and you hear back from those kids. >> here is what one said. dear stephen colbert. thank you for donating. we have heard you have a tv show but it is too late for us to watch. >> and given the presidential campaign, maybe not appropriate!
8:37 am
>> he wanted to know are you funny? >> am i funny? >> that's what ed. >> if i'm not, i'm in big trouble. what is his name? >> larry. >> larry? larry, i hope so. i hope so, larry. >> were you a good student, stephen, in school? why do you feel so passionate about this? >> i was a good student when i was younger. i did not apply myself in high school. i cannot lie. i cannot lie. the fact that this all worked out for me is pretty much a miracle. i tell you what, tonight on the show i'm actually going to talk to my favorite teacher from fourth grade! because what i found out was last spring, when we flash funded every project in south carolina, two of the projects were in my elementary school, styles point elementary on michael drive on james island, south carolina. i went back to my original classroom from fourth grade and talked to my fourth grade teacher. >> i'm thinking it's good to be you. to charlie's point in the green room is politics a gift that keeps on giving. we ran a clip of your show in
8:38 am
the eye opener on the bite on the hillary clinton thing and somebody said why is this happening? >> a scene from poltergeist, right? >> why is this happening? >> i imagine it has to be a little bit of what is going on in hillary's campaign. did i hear those are not actually trump steaks? >> yes! >> they come from a company called bush brothers. >> wow! there is an endorsement right there! maybe he wasn't even claiming -- my theory he was just announcing his running mate. trump pile of meat, 2016. >> is trump perfect for satire? >> he is and i'm sure he'll be a great president, too. i'm sure everything is going to be fine. >> how are you handling that. >> are you really? >> what? >> rare you really? >> that everything is going to be fine? you know what? yeah. because is there a less than simpl zero chance that donald trump will be the next president of the united states and i know the
8:39 am
public will roll on. >> a big movement let's all go to canada if he becomes canada. you've seen that? >> that is why canada is building a wall right now. the website got -- by people investigating. >> you think they want to leave if donald trump is president or be closer to justin trudeau? >> that guy is super hungy! have you seen him? >> stephen, let's play a little game. ted cruz or tom cruise. lightni lightning round. >> no question. i have to choose one? >> yes. >> tom cruise. >> stuck in an elevator with kanye or queen elizabeth? >> kanye! >> praying with the pope or dancing and singing with beyonce. >> oh, i'm a catholic and i got to go with beyonce because those hips are infallible. >> clinton library or a library with melania trump? >> i go with the library with
8:40 am
melania trump. >> roll tape, please, randy. ♪ >> charlie, pucker up! you're next, man! let's do it! >> i want to know how you get these women to kiss you like that? >> it's my musk! i don't know! but i do come home with flowers to my wife a lot! i came home the last two night with bundles of flowers. i walked in the door and my wife said who was it this time? >> helen mirren and sally field and jane fonda. >> you have to pick. >> really? the three of them?
8:41 am
>> yes. >> i will choose my wife! >> i know. >> those three? >> yes. on those nights you go home and a little blanket and a pillow on the couch! that's where you're sleeping tonight. >> i say helen mirren, that was pretty lovely and all unexpected but helen mirren, kiss you on your neck. >> great to have you, stephen. >> a pleasure to be here. oh, people with donate to donors choose and 3.2 million today will be matched and app founder brian actton. >> watch stephen ,,
8:42 am
thank you. imagine if the things you bought every day... ...earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, two united club passes, priority boarding,
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and 30,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you.
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♪ if you go out to eat with friends and we hope you do, the group is often faced with a problem what to eat. one person may want chinese. another one could be in the mood for pizza. you know the kind. in the past, the easy way to solve that problem was just go to the mall's food court. now that is changing big-time. jamie wax is inside a food hall with a taste of where dining is headed. good morning. good to see you. >> reporter: good morning. i'm at gotham west market in new york city. surrounding by nine very different, very delicious places to eat. now if that sounds like a good idea to you, you're in luck. food halls are the hottest trend in cuisine right now and places
8:46 am
like this are opening up all over the country. cheers. oh, my gosh! it should come as no surprise that mario makes a mean sandwich. after all he is a celebrity chef and owner of more than two dozen restaurants. but it may surprise you that his latest spot is little more than a stall nestled among a food hall. >> when i was growing up you might go to the mall and get yourself an orange julius or it was not a gastric experience. >> reporter: orange julius, people think of a food hall, think of a food court and come to a place like this and they are blown away, i think. >> we hope so. the idea here is to make something delicious and authentic and handmade. this is not machine made food. there are cooks in the station. >> reporter: stations manned by both famous chefs and those just getting started and all clamoring to be a part of the food hall movement which is
8:47 am
exploding in cities throughout the country. ♪ ♪ all you can eat >> local beef that is marinated. >> reporter: chefs like hanna chung who cooks up at simply soul in atlanta's pot city market. >> it's actually a really big deal for me because i'm such a little business and i'm very new in my career so this is mighty big break. >> reporter: are we on the verge of a food hall explosion in this country? >> we are not on the verge. we are in the middle of a food hall explosion. >> reporter: bon appetit deputy editor says food halls reflect the new way americans heat. >> if a celebrity chef is not exploring food markets or doing food on a much casual level you won't know who they are in 20 years. >> reporter: that big of a movement? >> i think it's a huge deal. you have to get your product in the hands of people that want it
8:48 am
and a lot of people don't want to go to fancy restaurants and spend a lot of money so a chance to get same great taste from great chef at one/hundredth of the price. >> reporter: this was a sears and taken over from the city in 1991. how important is this the way food halls are growing and they are taking old buildings in underutilized areas and reclaiming them? >> right. i think in atlanta in particular, there is a resurgence of culture and renaissance happening in art, music, and food. i think it actually brings more depth and meaning and authenticity to the movement. >> for us a different step and a way from the real bricks and mortar. for us an opportunity to play in a different field. >> reporter: what is it in for the customer for the food hall that is expanding? >> the customer doesn't have to go to the greasy restaurant
8:49 am
across the step. >> reporter: the point of food halls is shared overhead for restaurants and a smorgasbord of choice for hungry customers. >> when you go into those places you think you're looking for one thing but you discover a whole new thing. so maybe we finally have solved the age-old question -- where do you want to eat tonight? >> reporter: that diversity of a choice may be the best thing about food halls. this morning alone we have everything from breakfast tacos to sushi burritos, a breakfast of champions. i'm saving three places at the table when you're done there in the studio. >> thank you, jamie. >> they got a patty melt sandwich there that is,,,,,,,,,,
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
♪ great to have stephen with us. that does it for us. tune into the,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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8:55 am
the dean of u-c berkeley's w school is stepping down. "soo-jeet good morning. i'm frank mallicoat. 8:55 your time. here are the headlines. the dean at uc-berkeley law school stepping down. sujit choudry, his secretary claims he hugs and kissed her. she filed a complaint against cloud did i and the university. a cable car ramming into the back of a garbage truck yesterday morning at mason ganged songs, no one seriously injured but cage car service was down for three hours. today bart directors will talk about fining people who hog seats on crowded trains. problem of passengers using extra seats with their belongings or sleeping it's more serious as required ship grows. time for weather. and we have a lot of rain coming our way. >> we have this front. it's been draped across the
8:56 am
north bay and it has stalled out. in fact, right now we only have cloud cover in the city of san francisco. we have seen 1.5" of rain in santa rosa over 2.5 in venado outside of healdsburg. we see this sagging south. very slowly into novato. flash flood watch periods of heavy rain local roadway flooding. highs today 70. blustery winds southeast 10 to 20. some up to 35. we'll have the periods of heavy rain today and tomorrow. lighter rain saturday into sunday. and another system sunday night into monday. the sun will shine on tuesday and wednesday. gianna with traffic up next.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning from the traffic center. let's jump right into it northbound 85 in fremont. we have a new wreck here. three cars involved. lanes are blocked. big delays as a result, in fact 85 is a struggle all morning long. that earlier accident we had just south of there has now been cleared. but again drive time 36 minutes to go from 17 to one. give yourself a few extra minutes. signal light are out at okay grave and market. that's causing big delays in the area including on 101. so slow into san francisco. north 101, 92 to the 80 split, 32 minutes.
8:59 am
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