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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  January 10, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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a man shot dead on a train. tonight -- the manhunt is or nman. terrified b.a.r.t. passengers scream in panic when gunfire erupts. a man shot dead on the train, and tonight the manhunt is on for the gunman. good evening. i'm juliette goodrich. >> and i'm brian hackney. maria medina is at the b.a.r.t. station with what witnesses saw. >> things are back to normal here, nearly 24 hours after that fatal shooting. but as you mentioned, the search for the killer continues. we'll go ahead and take a look at video that we shot shortly after the shooting. it happened at about 8 p.m. on a train headed toward san francisco. witnesses describe a pretty chaotic scene. some thought a terrorist attack had happened. some ran, others
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ducked on the train. we spoke to one woman who was feet away from the victim when he was shot. and here's what she says happened. >> it was so sudden, it just out of nowhere someone started screaming because there were shots. as the door opened, they shot him, so he could make a break for it and run. he was shot multiple times, maybe four, five times. iáj'szfu was less than 10 feet away from the victim who was shot. to think that he's dead. >> witnesses say the victim did have a knife but they weren't able to say whether the victim and suspect had some sort of confrontation right before the shooting. many tried to jump in and save his life. they described that victim as pretty young, possibly a teen, but police have not released his identity. as far as the suspect, he's described as wearing jeans, a green hoodie and a backpack at the time. maria medina, kpix 5. in other news now, an
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american woman has been found dead in an apartment in italy. investigators suggest her death is the result of foul play. 35-year-old amy olson was found yesterday naked with bruising around her neck. authorities questioned olson's boyfriend but say he is not a suspect at this time. they have no other suspects nor a motive so far. friends say olson was weld liked by the community. >> i can't imagine a person who would hurt her. she's gentle, kind, beautiful friend, lovely girl. it's an awful shock. >> expatriots hope for a fair trial. millions of people lost yesterday. that's not often publicized. what is are the few winners in the powerball lottery. in california six people matched five out of the six numbers. one of those tickets was sold at a 7-eleven in fremont. those tickets are
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worth about $780,000. californians snapped up powerball ticket at an unbelievable rate. they spent $59 million on last night's drawing, all for just about nothing. here are the winning numbers from last night's $949 million unclaimed powerball jackpot. 16, 19, 32, 34, 57, the powerball was 13. the jackpot for the next big drawing is so big, electronic signs aren't equipped to show it. cps reporter -- cbs reporter brian webb tells us how difficult it is to become an instant billionaire. >> reporter: do you feel lucky? the largest lottery the world has ever seen is up for gabs this -- up for grabs this wednesday. >> i think i'm the lucky guy. >> reporter: no one matched all six powerball numbers even though lottery officials say about 75% of all possible number combinations were used. the odds of winning the $1.3 billion
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prize, 292 million to 1. powerball signs like this one are stuck at $999 million because they can't register in to the billions. it's never been done before. the powerball has ballooned since its november starting point of $40 million. the winner can choose either annual payments over 29 years, or a lump sum cash payment of $806 million with a chunk going to federal income taxes. that kind of cash is bringing out young and old veterans and beginners and powerball players dreaming of what they would do with all that cash. >> i'd pay off my kids' houses, take them all on a vacation. >> probably change my name and move to some island somewhere. >> reporter: people living in 44 states as well as the district of columbia, the u.s., virgin islands and puerto rico can play powerball. the next drawing is this wednesday.
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good luck. >> 25 tickets nationwide paid out a million dollars each. three others were worth $2 million. again, wednesday's jackpot is estimated at $1.3 billion and that is a world record. a woman in san jose is $2 million richer tonight. she matched five out of the six numbers in the powerball drawing from last week. she bought the ticket at the wine rack liquor store on santa theresa boulevard. the store owner gets a bonus of $9500 for selling the ticket. mexican authorities are showing off the network of tunnels where they caught up to joaquin el chapo guzman. the drug king pin had been on the run for six months after busting out of prison. el chapo tried to outrun one more time by hiding out in storm drains but he was caught on friday. mexican officials are focusing on the secret meeting between actor sean penn and el chapo.
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>> reporter: days after drug king pin joaquin el chapo guzman was captured by mexican officials following his second escape from prison in july, mexican authorities are now turning their interest to actor sean penn. they want to question him over the reported secret meeting he had with the drug lord. featured an interview done by video messaging with el chapo. >> how did you get involved in the drug business? >> from the age of 15 and on, where i'm from, i was raised in a ranch. in that area. and until today there are no job opportunities. >> reporter: according to the article, penn met guzman in person in october and during the sit-down, the drug lord agreed to an interview at a later time. >> do you think it's true you're responsible for the high level of drug addiction for the fact that there are so many
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drugs in the world? >> no, that's false. because the day i don't exist, it's not going to decrease in any way at all. that's false. >> reporter: he was captured early friday when officials raided a home. five of el chapo's people were killed in a shootout, six others arrested. el chapo was later captured at a nearby hotel. the drug lord broke out through this elaborate tunnel. prison officials were fired and dozens of people charged. >> the mexican attorney general said extradition proceedings are set to begin but hadn't said when. the governor has a plan to fix california's deteriorating roads and bridges, and guess what? you could be footing the bill. we'll tell you how, coming up. >> a new feature automatically downloaded in to some teslas. what the cars can do now that don't even require your presence. ,, ,,
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you've upgraded all your old technology... so what about this? it's time to get into the new with ford ♪ come and get it if you really want it... ♪ new is ecoboost technology. new is a foot-activated liftgate. new is tougher, stronger and lighter. new is ford. america's best-selling brand. now get into a new focus, fusion, or escape with 0% financing for 60 months plus $2,000 dollars trade-assist cash. only at your local ford dealer. car park itself without you being in it? you can, if you own a newer model tesla l-s or model -x s- how would you like to park your car without you being in it? you can if you own a tesla model x. a software update was
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beamed to customers this weekend that allows the cars to park themselves. ceo elon musk says it's a step toward being able to summon self-driving cars using your cell phone. the update puts new speed limits on the car's autopilot mode. it would automatically slow the car when it approaches a curb. on this transportation theme, governor jerry brown wants to fix california's crumbling roadways. we'll pay for it of course with a little item slipped in to the budget. >> reporter: lawmakers put the brakes on the proposal last year but it's being revved up again. the governor wants to add a $65 fee to your vehicle registration to fix your roads and bridges. >> the roads we have to deal with. >> reporter: the fee would apply to all cars, trucks, and motorcycles, raising about $2 billion a year. >> why do we need more costs to get from a to b? >> reporter: californians already pay about 40 cents a
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gallon in state taxes and fees for gas but some drivers don't. >> those who have vehicles that don't use any gasoline aren't paying the gas tax and are getting to use our roads. >> reporter: assembly woman baker proposed a so-called tesla fax instead of the governor's $65 fee. >> we're taking a lot from california's transportation. we're not spending it very well. we need to reform. >> reporter: she's a republican setting up for another battle about how much drivers should pay. >> i don't want to have to spend more than i already do. >> reporter: the destination, better roadways. the routes, unclear. >> anything i can do to make the infrastructure better is good. >> the governor's office says this $65 fee would be, quote, ongoing, which means we could be paying it every year for the rest of our lives. in the news room. kpix 5. president obama is set to give his final state of the
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union address tuesday. usually it focuses on policy proposals from the president but according to the white house this one will be looking to the future. one hint is that it will look beyond the upcoming election. another clue, the white house says the speech is bigger than any policy initiative or new bill in congress. you can see the state of the union address here on kpix 5 tuesday night at 6:00. still to come, danger could be lurking in the skies. the new evidence that shows airline pilots may be lacking in their skills to fly the plane. >> more rain on the way for the bay area, lowering clouds. we'll have the forecast after a break. ,,,,,,,,
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they put everyone in danger for months. so we tracked down their leader. >> he made comments like he didn't worry about the police because he is one. >> a marin county sheriff's deputy who's now out of a job. expect original reporting from kpix 5 news. expect more.
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skills sharp. the new report from the transportati airline pilots are not getting the training they need to keep their skills shot. a new report from the department of transportation points the finger at the faa. it says the agency is falling short in making sure pilots get the necessary training on advanced cockpit control systems. most flights rely on automated systems so pilots can sit back and let the plane fly itself. pilots typically use manual skills just during take-off and landing. here is a story that reminds us all that there is good in the world. caught on camera, a man literally gives the shirt off his back to a freezing homeless man who doesn't have one. it happened on the a train in manhattan. the good samaritan noticed the shivering man and gave him his shirt. he even helps him put it on. this act of kindness has gone viral. the good samaritan also gave the homeless man his knit cap. a mystery has scientists scratching their heads. they're
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studying a deformed mountain lion that looks more like a monster. here's the grizzly sight. the mountain lion has another set of teeth growing out of its forehead. the big cat was found in idaho near the utah border and scientists speculate the cat once had a conjoined twin that didn't fully develop. they plan on examining the animal further to get to the bottom of the fanged mystery. explosive scene at hawaii's national park. a rock plunged in to a lava lake crater causing this massive explosion. it happened friday morning. volcano watchers say explosions like this occur more frequently when the lava lake level is relatively high. this explosion does not threaten any nearby communities. >> the longest continuously erupted recorded volcano i think in history. kilauea, started back on new year's day. i can't
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remember, the early '80s or something like that. hasn't stopped erupting since. it's an amazing sight to see. you can go to hawaii's volcano national park and get pretty close to it. we've got some light showers moving in to the bay area. you can see them offshore. this warm front spreading in advance of a fairly anemic system. talk about a line of showers. these moved over the bay area, you know the expression weather front came military formations. they borrowed -- meteorologists borrowed expressions from the military. and it sure looks like a front as it marches across the bay area. first it came over the peninsula. that's almost exactly where the hayward fault is. very linear. a little bit weird. getting the streets a little bit slick tonight. concord, 52 degrees. the jet is split and it's like if you have two jobs instead of one, it's hard to focus on either completely. that's the problem with the jet stream out in the perfect. half the energy is up
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to the north. the other half subtropical jet to the south. the moisture is getting steered toward california but it's bumping up against high pressure. pretty strong high. so as this stuff approaches the coast, it kind of gets the breath knocked out of it. we'll get a few light showers. they'll linger in to tomorrow morning. it doesn't amount to much. but by late tuesday any wee small areas of wednesday morning, there comes another one. rain and wind. not bad rain totals really. after light showers tonight and early tomorrow, we'll get a break until late tuesday night and early wednesday morning. futurecast bears it out. you can see widely scattered showers by an hour and a half before sunrise. then look at latter monday, tuesday, tuesday 2:00 in the afternoon. not much. here comes the wednesday system by 6:00 wednesday morning. significantly more powerful. it will be wet on wednesday. let's look at this another way in the futurecast between now and tomorrow afternoon. couple
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hundredths of an inch of rain. let's roll it ahead. see any additions coming? this is tuesday by 5:00. now watch. tuesday to wednesday , wham. inch and a half at santa rosa. .38 in san jose. we'll be mostly dry through tuesday night. just a few sprinkles tonight and tomorrow. rain and wind early wednesday. then mostly dry thursday through saturday? because it's a question mark. after wednesday, seems like it's going to be dry, but stay tuned. a little bit of rain tomorrow. not much. overnight lows tonight , mid 40s. daytime highs tomorrow will be upper 50s, low 60s for the bay area. extended forecast, a few anemic showers. tuesday, partly cloudy. late tuesday early wednesday, pretty good system. latter half of the week, partly cloudy. you'll have to stay tuned on that. good advice in weather and with so much happening in sports. here's dennis. are the 49ers closing in on their next head coach? you've got to see how the seahawks and vikings' ice bowl end ed up.
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. the vikings are still in it. >> they were in it coming in to today. if you look back at the first game of the season, the 49ers clobbered the minnesota vikings. my, how the tables turned. minnesota hosting their first outside playoff game since the ford administration. fittingly it was the third coldest playoff game in nfl history.
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temperature kick-off minus 6. didn't bother former viking coach 88-year-old bud grant, t-shirt time. jump to the 4th quarter. minnesota leading seattle 9-0. snap goes over russell wilson's head. finds tyler lockett. gets hauled down to the vikings power-yard line. that's why russell wilson is so dangerous. broken plays end up like that. and just two plays later wilson finds doug baldwin. the stanford man, touchdown. 3-yard score cuts minnesota's lead to 9-7. on the ensuing drive, teddy bridgewater finds aid-- adrian peterson. they led 10-9. 90 seconds to play in the game. same score. vike wgz the -- vikings with the ball. we've got a game winning field goal coming up, right? the blair walsh project to win the game from 27 yards out.
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no. poor guy. seattle escapes with a 10-9 win and they travel to carolina next sunday. >> what was your immediate shot as the kick went wide? i saw you down there. >> thank you, jesus. that was immediate. because it was a blessing. we never get breaks. >> i know i'm one of the better kickers in the league. i know that sounds crazy right now but i think my record says that. the one they needed the most, i didn't make. this one is on me. they deserved to win today. gotta finish it . the packers looked like they were on their way to super bowl 50 after beginning the season 6-0 but green bay lost six of their last 10 games and came in to today's game underdogs at 9-7. redskins in the playoffs for the first time since 2012. early 2nd quarter, 5-0 washington. kirk cousins finds jordan reed.
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touchdown. missed extra point . but aaron rogers and the packers got it going late in the half. down 11-10. that's a touchdown. the packers led 17-11 at the half. opening drive, 3rd quarter. cousins, keep r -- cousins, keeper. touchdown. washington in front at 18-17. next possession, green bay responds. takes the pitch, scores on a 4-yard run and the packers retake the lead at 24-18. 4th quarter, it's lacey pounding his way in for the 2 yard touchdown. 2-point conversion. made it a 14-point game and green bay wins 35-18. it's the most points that they have scored since week 3. >> that's the way you win a playoff. when you get to the playoffs you don't have to talk about the regular season anymore. i don't know if you guys got the memo. it's the way you need to play. we'll have to play that way moving forward. >> next week green bay will
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travel to arizona where they lost by 30 just two weeks ago and on sunday the 15-1 panthers host the seahawks. hugh jackson's season as the bengals' offensive coordinator ended last night. the question now is will he be the 49ers' next head coach? jackson interviewed for several hours with the 49ers today but an nfl source told me that jackson did not receive an offer from the 49ers. nfl writer mike silver reported he spoke with hugh jackson who said after interviewing with both the browns and 49ers today, he did not get an offer from either team so hold on, everybody. hold on to hugh jackson. 9th ranked stanford hosting colorado. thompson knocks down the 3-ball, putting stanford up 33-24. thompson, 12 in the game. 4th quarter. cardinal up 5. thompson misses the lineup. johnson grabs the rebound, scores on the put back, draws the foul. free throw puts stanford up. johnson, 17 at the
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bench. stanford wins 71-56. it was a crazy day from a 49er perspective. it was going to be a big week. the 9ers are going to probably get a new head coach and it's going to be d-day for the oakland raiders. are they staying? are they going? >> what's your thought on that? >> i think the raiders are staying. i really do. i think the rams are going. >> to talk about the super bowl, if you had to make a guess, who were the two teams in the super bowl? >> i still think it's arizona and new england. i think it's going to be brady versus carson palmer. i said at the beginning. we'll see what happens. >> vikings, it was freezing out there, it was interesting you said outdoor they had a certain mechanism for their field. >> under the field they put pipes with warm water. that field could not get below 40 degrees. >> so the players weren't cold. just the fans. [ laughter ] we'll see you back here in half
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an hour. thanks for watching. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> glor: sean penn's latest role, el chapo's hollywood connection, did their secret meeting in mexico lead to the fugitive drug lord's arrest? and, is the oscar winner now in any legal trouble? the powerball jackpot bounces over a billion dollars. leading millions to try, try again. >> good luck. >> glor: the fbi busted a young woman accused of stealing millions of dollars of jewels. and the playboy mansion may be up for sale with a hefty asking price. and guess who gets to stay after it's sold. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> glor: good evening, i'm jeff glor. this is the western edition of the broadcast. he has made news on and off


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