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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  July 29, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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side of the lake. we are keeping an eye on it and we'll bring you information as soon as we get it. but dangerous heat certainly scorching the bay area today. and a lot of places reached triple digits. on our team coverage we are going to begin with meteorologist paul deanno live at at&t park for us tonight. paul. >> reporter: yup. you know, we need this heat to break because if the temperature goes up the humidity goes down the fire danger goes up. the good news is this time tomorrow, heat wave finished. nobody hits 100 tomorrow. we can tell this from at&t park. we're in the outfield at the giants slumber party. breezes have begun, temperatures dropped close to the coast. it happens here first. 24 hours later it spreads throughout the bay area. highs today tied for the hottest of the year in antioch. 108. livermore 107. not a record but hot. concord 102. san jose 89. san francisco cooler 70. daly city you were cool and cloudy today, 63 degrees. that cool cloudy stuff will begin to move inland.
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and that will actually mix up the atmosphere to the point that we will not have another "spare the air" day tomorrow. air quality will be good to moderate as the onshore flow returns but the big headline is, with the onshore flow returning, it's going to kick the heat wave out. we are back out here live at the giants slumber party. hundreds of families hanging out in the outfield all night long and the weather here unlike other parts of the bay area is not hot. it is cooler and breezy. joe, you're about 45 degrees that way, too. you hit 106. >> reporter: 106! just a couple of hours ago, paul, yes, wilting flower right now! i got to tell you, it's so hot here in pleasanton but so is business right back here at meadowlark dairy where they are actually delivering your ice cream cones right to your air- conditioned car. 100 degrees is definitely ice cream weather. >> thank you. >> reporter: but drive-through? has it come to in? >> it's hot to even get out?
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>> yes, it is! >> come on! >> it's 104 now. and i don't think i'm ever going to come out until it cools down. >> reporter: downtown pleasanton usually bustling on a summer day is nearly vacant. the playgrounds, abandoned. what happened to the old days when you just run around in the sun? >> those days are over. okay? you don't have sunscreen, proper sunscreen, not going to happen. >> shades and ipads. >> reporter: to be fair a moderate crowd braved the heat straight to the beaches of shadow cliffs and even so, sitting on the water's edge is apparently not enough. this couple is sitting in the water. >> it's beautiful out here and the kids are having a great time. it's a kids day out for us. >> reporter: but it's smoking hot. >> at the versus hot. no air. no breeze here. it's just -- but the water is great. >> reporter: and we're back live with the ice cream cone i bought just before the newscast
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started. a little something to salvage here. look, bottom line it gets hot in the summer. these folks are used to it. this is about as hot as it gets. in other news, there are new and disturbing details about the killing of 8-year-old maddy middleton and they paint a dark picture of the teen accused. kpix 5's devin fehely is in santa cruz with the new information. devin. >> reporter: a question on everyone's mind how does a 15- year-old still in many ways still a child himself allegedly kill another child? and on the scales of justice, how do you weigh the need for punishment versus rehabilitation when that apparently happens? adrian gonzalez's social media post like the videos of him playing with his yo-yo give little hint of the supposedly cold-blooded killer. police and prosecutors say lured unsuspecting 8-year-old maddy middleton to his apartment where he allegedly raped and killed her. >> we have filed charges of
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murder including circumstances of lying in wait and committed during the course of a sexual assault and kidnapping. >> reporter: less than 48 hours after he was arrested, the district attorney's office announced that they would charge the santa cruz high school student as an adult. >> you look at the nature of the crimes, you look at how the crimes were committed, you look at the age of the offender. >> reporter: many neighbors who spoke favorably of gonzalez say they are still trying to understand how the soft-spoken teen they knew might be a killer but some recent social media post versus raised suspicions. the day she went missing he posted a video of himself playing the song mad world along with the lyrics the dreams in which i'm dying are the best i have ever had. the d.a.'s office says it's still in the dark about the motive but says the punishment must fit the crime. >> what he did was a grownup crime. now? he committed a very, very, very grownup crime. and on somebody who was very
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innocent. >> reporter: just one example of the jarring just sta position of when you child a charge as an adult, currentlyist being housed in a juvenile detention facility but will appear in the morning in adult court. devin fehely, kpix 5. investigators have found a sedan they have been looking for since last week's killing of a hayward police officer. the car seen on the surveillance video near the suspect's home. police have been wanting to talk to the driver and anyone else who might have been in the car. meantime the public view for sergeant scott lunger is going on now. thousands of people are expected to pay their respects to a fallen hero. kpix 5's len ramirez in hayward where people are filing in. they are in there tonight, huh, len? >> >> reporter: that's right. a somber scene out here in hayward tonight as people are filing into the chapel of the chimes here on mission boulevard in the city of hayward. the public viewing is from 4 to 9 p.m. tonight. there was several people from the police department family as
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well as members of sergeant scott lunger's own personal family who were in attendant earlier today. now the public is invited to pay their respects. just a short time ago there was a news conference at the hayward police department where the chief of police urged the public to come out and show their support for the police department and for sergeant lunger. >> if i could just ask that you come out and support us as we actually celebrate what scott gave to this community with his work ethic, with his tenaciousness the mentoring the leadership and the coaching that would be the greatest honor that you could give our police department. >> now, there will be a police motorcade procession that will escort sergeant lunger from the chapel of the chimes to the oracle arena. the procession is expected to take part at 8:45 tomorrow morning. the route will go down mission boulevard continue north to "a"
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street cut across to 880 and will exit at 66th avenue and enter the coliseum complex under a flag that will be raised by the hayward police department. the funeral services will begin at about 10 a.m. tomorrow morning meantime there is a lot of support that's being shown for the hayward police department here from other law enforcement agencies. in fact, the alameda county sheriff's department is on patrol tonight here in the city of hayward so officers could pay their respects. they will maintain that patrol through the night and into tomorrow so that as many members of the hayward police department can attend those funeral services. we understand that there will be many hayward police department people in attendant as well as many law enforcement from throughout northern california and beyond will come to pay their respects. they are expecting 10,000 people at the oracle arena tomorrow. live in hayward, len ramirez,
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kpix 5. >> stay right here with kpix 5 for full coverage of sergeant lunger's funeral tomorrow beginning at 10 a.m. alameda county leaders say they are done with professional sports. they want out of negotiations to keep the raiders and a's in oakland. kpix 5's phil matier says while they may be out, oakland is now all in. >> reporter: all in, in a big way, veronica. we are talking about the possible takeover of the entire complex here. and why does alameda county want out? here's the story. >> we want to get out of the sports business. it's not the first time it's come up. >> reporter: after 55 years of lawsuits, debt and stymied negotiations with the raiders and the a's, alameda county leaders say, enough is enough. >> it's just too complicated to negotiate any type of a deal. >> reporter: so alameda is offering to sell the whole arena and stadium complex to oakland. >> i don't know if it ever was
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a moneymaker. >> reporter: it's been an $11 million a year drain on the county with little to show. >> it's the oakland raiders. it's the oakland a's. it's not alameda county a's. alameda county raiders. >> reporter: the price could be between $100 million and $200 million but will likely be on very friendly no money down terms. the potential sale comes after years of stalled negotiations with the raiders over a new stadium deal. and just weeks before the nfl is to decide if the team should be allowed to move to los angeles. >> the relationship between the city and the county historically hasn't been the best of relationships. it's been very challenging at times. >> the nfl has expressed frustration during the last couple of months. >> this definitely would put it all in oakland's court. >> it would. and if we can pursue discussions, let's go do it. >> reporter: who are the oners and losers? alameda county politicians could be big winners getting out from under the $11 million debt and they don't have the headache of trying to figure
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out whether or not the raiders or the a's stay. winners? possibly oakland. the ball is in their court. on the other hand, if they don't pull the deal, they could wind up the big loser. in oakland, phil matier, kpix 5. coming up, some bicyclists know they are breaking the rules of the road. but they say, it may be safer that way. >> and a new oil slick off the
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hence, every water customers in los altos can drink their again. a boil alert was issued sunday for more than 800 pool after e. coli was found in the water main. cal water lifted that alert but there are still a few dozen customers who have been told they have to drink only boiled or bottled water after bacteria was found in a different
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location. firefighters have been able to keep flames from the "wragg fire" from flaring up again. cal fire had been worried about what might happen with today's triple-digit heat. about 200 people are evacuated with road closures still in effect. cal fire says 7100 acres have burned and the fire is still 80% contained. how about this? a new oil slick appearing off the coast of santa barbara just a dozen miles from where that big oil spill was a couple of months ago. cbs reporter amy johnson is in go lead it with where the clues are leading investigators. >> reporter: early wednesday afternoon our newschopper captured the oil sheen that the coast guard has described as three feet long and a half mile wide. an investigation is under way to determine where it came from. it's been described as a thin support sporadic sheen. it's too thin to recover but will dissipate naturally say officials. for kayakers the oil was thick enough to stick to their kayaks and their fishing gear.
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>> a mile beyond the pier, there's a string of kelp that goes out a half mile. and the sheen was definitely there all the way along on both sides of that string of kelp. >> reporter: the coast guard explained that crews have taken samples of the oil sheen and the tar balls that washed ashore and have flown over the sheen to better evaluate it. >> our observer did identify sheen in the vicinity of the oil. but that does not necessarily mean it originated from there. historically, that is an area that has a lot -- rather, a long history of natural seepage event. >> reporter: the company operates the platform and said that the platform has not been in operation since the oil spill in may. so this could be natural seepage because it hasn't been in operation. senator dianne feinstein wants to put $1.3 billion
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toward drought relief. the bill she is introducing would provide aid for cities at risk of running out of water to increase water storage, conduct research on desalinization and pay for dozens of water recycling projects. california's largest cities say they are hitting the conservation target set by the governor. san francisco, los angeles and san diego are all reporting big cutbacks last month. the state gave community nine months to hit their targets. a lot of people slurping down the water today probably. paul deanno at at&t park keeping track of the heat wave. >> reporter: yeah. yeah. certainly hot away from the water today tied for the hottest day of the year. it is markedly cooler and breezy here at at&t park. i love this. it's the giants slumber party game ends and it becomes a family venue. we are standing here in the outfield. look at the stuff going on. you have families, you have kids playing volleyball and baseball.
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they have bouncy houses. you eat dinner, movies start at 8:30. it's amazing. what a wonderful idea. it's been going on for several years. there are dozens of families here that will sleep at at&t park having a great time, wake up, have breakfast here, as well. and enjoy what will be a rather chilly night here in san francisco. i know you're super hot away from the water. it is not hot here and this is where heat waves end with the onshore flow hitting the city and the coast first. that's happening right now. take you to san jose where we'll talk about current temperatures. concord 95. but san francisco 65. visibility excellent from the south bay, as well. you can see that on your tv screen. livermore 96. santa rosa 79. look at the drop in temperature tomorrow. it will be above average still in antioch but 13 degrees cooler your high 95. pleasanton a dozen degrees cooler. danville 11 degrees cooler. santa rosa 9 degrees cooler tomorrow with a high of 87. if you are traveling redding super hot 112. yosemite slight chance of thunderstorm 103. monterey cooling down partly sunny 74. strong high pressure to our north is going to move.
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as it does, that will allow monsoonal moisture to move in from the south. but it also will bring in some relatively cooler air so highs tomorrow not as high. livermore 95. napa 91. so we are still warm. it's not going to be cold tomorrow. just not as hot. santa rosa 87. oakland 80. vallejo tomorrow. mountain view 86. extended forecast friday and saturday an increase in clouds but that increase in monsoonal moisture slight chance of mountain thunderstorms. highs sunday back to normal. 80s inland, 70s near the bay 60s at the coast. and that's where we stay. guys? i know we're in drought. i have had a dream. standing on the dream right now. look at the grass in the outfield here. look at this stuff! i have had a dream that one day my yard will look like this again. but we need a lot of rain. the grass here is phenomenal. >> greener. >> phenomenal. >> greener than my lawn that's for sure and paul's. >> thank you. san francisco police are
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cracking down making sure cyclists obey all the traffic laws. but new at 6:00 kpix 5's mike sugerman shows us the protest cyclists say will prove they should be allowed to break the law. mike? >> reporter: so, um, veronica, what would happen if bicyclists actually did stop at every stop sign in the city? well, they say this would happen. a lot of bikes and no cars. because there's not enough room for bikes and cars if everybody stops at the stop sign. as you say there's a crackdown a police crackdown on bicyclists blowing through stop signs. bicyclists here at this protest in the haight say, yeah? bring it on! to those not tuned into the debate it seems like a big doh. say this out loud. you stop at a stop sign. doesn't that make sense? >> yeah. >> reporter: the head of the city's bike coalition thinks so. and police say they are just
6:19 pm
enforcing common sense and the law in a new traffic campaign. >> it's a violation failure to yield to pedestrians, failure to stop at stop signs. and others. >> reporter: neighbors have complained. bikers say there are bigger problems. >> the police department has limited resources and the police department needs to focus its resources at the worst problems around the city. >> reporter: which they say are motorized vehicles. so if a cop sees somebody blowing through a stop sign, should they get a ticket? >> the san francisco bike coalition is telling all bike rider obey the traffic laws. we believe that the more potential you have have to cause harm on the streets the more responsibility you have. >> reporter: those would be cars. police say crackdown for cars and bikes continues. so far it's been mostly warnings. what happens when bikes stop at all stop signs? that's what this protest is
6:20 pm
meant to show that it will stop cars behind them. to be among the first protests called to make sure protestors obey the law. what happens when cars get frustrated? they speed up on the wrong side of the street. they get an earful from the bikers but so far there's been no confrontations. in san francisco, mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> the bikers say to change the law to ones similar in idaho where they are not forced to stop at the stop signs. still ahead, one of the oldest family-run businesses in oakland is about to close
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facebook soared past 2nd quarter expectations on all fronts. it grew profits, revenues, and it's already massive user base.
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even with that solid report, the stock price slid. investors may have been looking to cash in on some profit as facebook shares have been trading nearly record highs. stocks closed higher today the good news on wall street coming after the federal reserve offered no clear indication of the timing of the next rate hike. >> amazon is pushing forward with its plan to offer drone deliveries. it is proposing drone zones to make sure packages get it their locations safely. it would divide up the airspace based on a drone's mission and abilities. the main goal is to keep them as far away from planes and helicopters as possible. the drones will connect to an online network like traffic control. >> do you want to live in the drone zone? a bay area family behind a business going strong for 70 years is calling it quits. kpix 5's john ramos with the rush for one last meal and one last good-bye. >> reporter: it's always sad to say good-bye to loved ones for the last time.
6:24 pm
but that's what they are doing in oakland this week. >> this meal is like our last supper. >> reporter: well, maybe not "that" sad but it will be the end of an era in old west oakland on friday when [ non- english language ] closes up for good. for 71 years, people have flocked to this spot for old- fashioned tamales made with authentic stone ground cook and cooked in vats of lard. >> they love the home style cooking. >> reporter: they like the lard. >> they really do! >> reporter: she founded the restaurant in 1944 and four generations of daughters have kept it going. in fact, the entire place is run by women. this woman is 84 but she started working here when she was 12. >> i used to get on a bus so i could read the scale. >> reporter: this place was the center of oakland's original latino barrio. but over the years, new freeways and bart tracks isolated the area and most people left. now the ramos girls have
6:25 pm
decided to retire. one's health is declining and her daughter affectionately known as tina tamale has this message for all their loyal customers. >> i don't know if my family would have thrived the way it did and now that we have such a strong family, we are going to take that time to appreciate it. so thank you for being a part of our store. >> reporter: it may be the end of n era but it's not the end of the world and the girls are happy to be leaving on their own terms. they spent their whole lives here. and in addition to all that lard, it's been a labor of love. in oakland, john ramos, kpix 5. >> the restaurant is asking people to share their memories by e-mailing them photos or maybe by stopping by the shot and the deadline to do that is friday. the tamales looked good. >> a lot of goodbyes. coming up in the next half- hour could it be the missing malaysia airline plane? part of a wing turns up thousands of miles away from where anyone expected it. >> plus, backlash in the killing of a beloved african
6:26 pm
lion. what we're learning about the american man who could now be facing s
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our top stories tonight a 15 yearly santa cruz boy being charged as an adult in the killing of maddy middleton. that little girl's body found in a dumpster monday night. prosecutors say the teenager lured her to his apartment where he raped and killed her. evacuations are under way on the east side of lower lake county. a fire burned 150 acres at last count. but fire crews say it's traveling quickly in heavy terrain. one structure is burned, 50 threatened. alameda calling it quits with professional sports. the county wants out of negotiations trying to keep the raiders and the a's in oakland. the county's offering to sell its share of the stadium and arena complex to the city of oakland. a tragedy in the east bay after an elderly woman accidentally ran over her husband killing him. so sad. she apparently mistook the car's gas pedal for the brake. red tape blocking off the garage of the home on reliez
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valley road near alhambra valley road. police say the woman is in her 80s. her husband was helping her try to park the car in the garage, she hit the gas instead of the brake and hit her husband crashed through back wall of the garage and pinned him under the car. the man was rushed to the hospital, where he died an hour later. tonight a university of cincinnati police officer is facing a murder charge for fatally shooting a driver during a traffic stop. cbs reporter marlie hall with the body cam video that captures the incidents. >> reporter: university of cincinnati police officer ray tensing surrendered to authorities wednesday. he is indicted for the murder of 43-year-old samuel dubose shot dead during a traffic stop on july 19. >> this is without question a murder. >> reporter: the prosecutor released the officer's body camera video. it shows tensing pulling dubose over for a missing front license plate. dubose hands the officer a bottle of gin that was in the vehicle and said he doesn't have his doesn't have driver's
6:31 pm
license on him. he asked dubose to get out of the car. restarts the vehicle. officer tensing orders him to stop and fires one shot. >> people don't get shot for a traffic stop unless they are violent towards the police officer. and he wasn't. >> reporter: the prosecutor says the officer's claim that the car dragged him is not true. dubose's family says without the camera, they wouldn't have an indictment. >> we knew the video was going to vindicate our brother. >> reporter: tensing's attorney says the officer broke down in tears when the indictment was announced. >> obviously he is devastated. as am i. i'm not shocked that there was an indictment. a murder indictment astounds me. >> reporter: tensing will be arraigned thursday morning. marlie hall, cbs news. >> officer tensing is in jail and faces life in prison if convicted. looks like the best lead yet in the hunt for the missing
6:32 pm
malaysia airlines flight. debris was discovered in the indian ocean. investigators are look into whether it's from mh3 0. the airliner disappeared more than a year ago. the debris washed up on the shore of reunion island close to madagascar. members of the french air force are looking for a serial number that would match mh370. all 239 passengers and crew on board are presumed dead. a memorial to cecil the lion is growing tonight outside the office of minnesota dentist walter palmer. a handful of protestors showed up there today. palmer could face poaching charges for hunting down the beloved big cat in zimbabwe earlier this month. cbs reportedder wendy gillette shows us how the rage over the killing is also exploding online. >> reporter: this was cecil a rare black mane lion who wowed visitors at hwange national park in zimbabwe but this week
6:33 pm
cecil's carcass was discovered skin and headless outside the park. local authorities say the lion had been illegally lured to a neighboring farm in early july. they say minnesota dentist walter palmer paid $55,000 for a permit to kill a lion and that he used a crossbow to target cecil. the animal was only wounded and was eventually shot dead. palmer has traveled the world to hunt big game. he released a statement yesterday saying, i had no idea that the lion i took was a known local favorite until the end of the hunt. i relied on the expertise of my local professional guides to ensure a legal hunt. but wildlife experts say cecil, who was collared as part of a study, was easily recognized. >> i black mane lion like that you can see from afar. >> reporter: anger on social media has been swift. a twitter user wrote, you truly are the scum of the earth. >> it's so unbelievable that he would go to another continent
6:34 pm
and behead and skin another, like, endangered animal. >> reporter: authorities in zimbabwe say they intend to pursue poaching charges. outside palmer's closed dental practice, there's a growing pile of stuffed animals. wendy gillette for cbs news. >> palmer has a felony record in the u.s. in connection with the shooting of a black bear in wisconsin. we have breaking news out of sacramento county. a freight train has derailed. we do have a look at the scene for you. it's an agricultural area near gault north of lodi. you can see the train cars piled up on the tracks there some off of the tracks. right now it's unclear whether anybody has been hurt or how badly the tracks are damaged. we are told the train was hauling things such as wine, rice, hardware. at this time there's no risk to the public. still ahead, museums, the symphony, not exactly your typical teen hangout. how a bay area man is getting
6:35 pm
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in just the last couple of hours a bay area man had to stop his quest to make history.
6:37 pm
he was trying to swim from the golden gate bridge out to the farralones but simon dominguez quit. he is on the way back to marin county right now. we can show you the moments before he took off last night though. jumped off a both under the golden gate bridge. the swim was supposed to take anywhere from 13 to 18 hours. but we're told that people on the boat next to him said there were great white sharks in the water near him and that's that. the university of california system has turned gender identity and sexual orientation into multiple choice on its applications. students now have these six choices if they apply to berkeley or one of the other campuses: male, female, transmale, transfemale, gender nonconforming, and different identity. the application also asks what sex you were assigned at birth such as on an original birth certificate. uc says the questions are
6:38 pm
voluntary and responses will not impact admission decisions. the bay area's stinkiest flower is going into bloom. look at the time lapse video. it shows the corpse flower opening up at uc-berkeley's botanical gardens. the flower known for its foul smell which attracts insects for pollination, they don't call it the corpse flower for nothing, was mouse pungent when it opened -- most pungent when it first opened on sunday. grateful we don't have smellevision. >> a lot of people making a run for it. >> maybe that's realtime! [ laughter ] bernie sanders supporters are saying feel the burn. tonight the democratic presidential candidate is delivering a live video message to thousands of people across the country and he is doing it from right here the bay area. i'll have that story for you on bay area nightbeat at 10:00, come join us on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. >> we will indeed be there. still ahead here at 6:00 making sure young people appreciate the arts. how a san francisco man is
6:39 pm
spreading culture among teens. >> strange weather in july so what is mother nature going to throw at us, what pitch is coming next? we'll have it for you in the seven-day forecast coming up.
6:40 pm
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6:42 pm
a san francisco man is sharing his love of art with young people and inspiring a new generation to embrace their creative side. >> elizabeth cook joins us with this week's jefferson award winner. >> reporter: ronald chase launched his program to give teenagers the art program their schools couldn't. almost 25 years later hundreds are finding their lives change. ♪[ music ]♪ >> reporter: ronald chase has spent his whole life making art. now at 80 years old -- >> i felt that that was worth dedicating a good part of the
6:43 pm
last part of my life. >> did you notice that when the boy -- >> reporter: 23 years ago, he started sf art & film for teenagers, a nonprofit to get young people interested in the arts. trips to museums, the opera, even the symphony. >> i think the arts covers a myriad of emotions, philosophy, so you cover all these things while you're experiencing a work of art. and to talk about them, to exchange things, that's a whole 'nother part of yourself that needs to be nourished. >> reporter: the program began with just 18 kids but quickly exploded. now between 450 to 600 kids from all walks of life go to ronald's classes. many have gone on to successful careers in the arts. when ronald isn't teaching art he is creating his own art. in the form of 3d construction, painting and even photography. some of his pieces can even be found at the museum of modern
6:44 pm
art and the met in new york city. last summer ronald did something very interesting. he gave away a number of his pieces to students for free so they could start their own collections. >> if it's more really an experiment to see, you know, how you could generate some kind of interest in -- not in the system but apart from the system. >> you can just have your hand up here. >> reporter: sebastien will be a senior at lowell high school but someday he wants to be in the movie business. he is hoping ronald's class can help him. >> ron has again me an understanding of art that i didn't have before. >> it's made me so much happier and more fulfilled to realize that you're doing something really valuable for them and watch them grow. i mean, that's what parents do. i just have 500 kids. >> reporter: for helping kids discover their potential through art, this week's jefferson award in the bay area
6:45 pm
goes to ronald chase. and within of ronald's most -- one of ronald's most popular programs is friday night screenings of classic foreign movies and discussion afterwards and it's all free. >> thank you. you can nominate your local hero for a jefferson award online at let's get a look at the weather. paul deanno at at&t park tonight. >> hey paul. >> for the sleepover. [ laughter ] >> reporter: yeah. tell you what, wouldn't it be awesome if like you could take your family to the field and hang out all night long? you can do that here in san francisco. it's the land of "you can." we are having the giants slumber party tonight eing dinner here tomorrow morning breakfast here play catch whatever you want to do. movie starts at 8: 30. you have everything out here. it's like a kid's dream come true. dad and mom will like it too. the giants slumber party going
6:46 pm
on tonight through tomorrow morning. many of you are baking in triple digits today. not the case at the stadium. it's breezy and cool. you can see the follow rolling in. our shot from the pyramid here comes the end of the heat wave. after one more hot day today, livermore amazingly not a record but 107 degrees tied for the hottest of the year. concord 103. that was your hottest of the year. kentfield 99. fremont 89. san jose 89 degrees and san francisco 70. we'll cool down tonight as some fog and low cloud cover spills into san francisco bay another sign that things are changing tomorrow. we had two ridges of high pressure to big strong ones exerting their influence on our weather. one off to the west and north is moving farther away. so less of an influence on our weather which will allow some monsoonal moisture to arrive but that will also drag in a bit of an onshore flow. it's in san francisco,daly city, half moon bay today. it will move inland tomorrow. we are going to be about 10
6:47 pm
degrees cooler. still above average, still warmer than where we should be for this time of the year just not as hot beginning tomorrow. so low clouds along the coast tonight, yes. fog in the bay, yes. tomorrow morning it will not be as warm tomorrow. the heat wave is finished after today. there will be no triple digits on thursday. friday we increase the humidity, which also will lead to isolated thunderstorms but mainly in the north bay mountains. it is not going to be a widespread event but it will be cooler, cloudier and more humid on friday. highs tomorrow above average. 85 in fremont. 87 in san jose. 88 sunnyvale. pleasant hill 93. dublin 92. pittsburg 95. sausalito down to 70. daly city you stay in the 60s. cooling down begins tomorrow. friday and saturday cloudier. more humidity. low 90s inland. mid-70s near the bay back to the 80s away from the water on sunday and that's where we stay back to average by the middle of next week.
6:48 pm
just if all those other things i mentioned for the giants slumber party wasn't enough, they rolled out the three world series trophies 2010, 2012, 2014. you can come with your family and get a picture, next to the three trophies because nowhere else in the world has three world series trophies this decade but in san francisco. speaking of sports, here dennis with what's coming up next. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the patriots owner fires back. >> i was wrong to put my faith in the league. >> maybe he should have put his faith in the giants. >> we just have some great at- bats here in the 7th. >> and
6:49 pm
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
would have been a great afternoon for a ballgame. >> i watched the 5:00 news report. it would be nice if paul deanno told what the giants actually did. >> he is having a slumber party. >> he is going in his pajamas for "the late show." >> that's nightbeat. >> giants are interested in acquiring a top line pitcher before friday's trade deadline but jake peavy alleviated concerns about the rotation with a command performance today. frank mallicoat keeping everybody down the third baseline safe. there's paul deanno right here
6:52 pm
showing he can do more than just the weather. he fields the ground ball, young fan has a new favorite weatherman. but you know what? deanno is no hunter pence! pence keeps the game scoreless in the third. look at that beauty! saving a run and then in the top of the 4th, the brewers with a runner on second base, nobody out, ryan braun flies to right. pence makes the catch. fires a one hop strike to nail jonathan lecroix. jake peavy loving it. peavy goes six scoreless innings, maybe the giants rotation is okay. still scoreless in the 7th inning this time it's pence with the bat. fastball up and pence smoked it! a double into the gap. matt duffy races around from first. he scores. pence has driven in 29 runs in 35 games this season. and from there the floodgates opened up. a single through the right side. and two more runs score. the giants bat around. they score five runs in the inning. and they beat the brewers 5-0.
6:53 pm
they are now even with the dodgers in the west. >> well played game. we just have some great at-bats there in the 7th inning. and, you know, guys battle against the leftie and it's good to see guys come off the bench and contribute. >> it's going to go. and he is out! [ inaudible ] >> defense or offense. [ inaudible ] >> trade deadline coming up on friday. nfl, the patriots reported for training camp today and they weren't too happy with the commissioner's decision to uphold tom brady's four-game suspension. >> i was wrong to put my faith in the league. it is completely incomprehensible to me that the league continues to take extents to disparage one of its all time great players and a man for whom i have the utmost
6:54 pm
respect. >> owner robert kraft admitted he chose not to appeal the punishments handed out to the team last may in part as a show of good faith to get brady suspension reduced or even wiped out. in short, he thought he had a deal. turns out he didn't. and as you might expect, head coach bill belichick had nothing to add. >> there's something flawed about the organization that you keep ending up in these cheating controversies? >> that's already been addressed. >> can you elaborate a little? >> no. >> why not? >> because it's already been addressed. >> people have a lot of questions, you know, public, fans. >> you heard what robert just said. it's already been addressed. you have to go back to look at your notes. it's already been addressed. >> thank you for that insight. tiger woods struggles have been addressed plenty over the last year. he is going to tee up this week
6:55 pm
at the quicken loans national. it's his own tournament but while his game is a work in progress, tiger has been winning in another sport. >> tiger on the range you say you will you do nowadays is play soccer with the kids. can they beat their dad? >> never will beat me never. no. but they will wear me out. >> good night, that is a huge fish! >> and there it is. that is huge. they say everything is bigger in texas! and they weren't lying! >> what is that? >> this is oakland's thomas brown who went to texas hauled in a 56-pound drumfish while vacationing in the lone star state. dinner at his house. >> what's a drumfish? >> thanks for asking. it makes a sound with the contraction of his muscles. but they are not sure why he makes the sound. but it does make the sound. >> ha. >> think you can do better?
6:56 pm
you know what to do? send us your fishing pictures to the >> allen, monday. allen's fishing this weekend. >> are you fishing this weekend? >> yes. >> or fishing tonight? >> allen -- will you stop that? >> address the question to you. >> veronica -- >> the question has been addressed. >> we're not talking about that. >> yeah. >> veronica's fishing, um, these days. >> stop it. >> meanwhile, in the percussion section, the drumfish -- >> not my love life, please. thank you. for news throughout the evening the latest news and weather are always on our website, >> would you like to put your email address? mine is >> stop it dennis. join us for nightbeat; come join me at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. see us back here tonight at 11:00 for the latest, the i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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a new season brings a new look. a chance to try something different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself. ♪ take advantage of our summer offers. lease select cts models in stock the longest for around 399 per month.
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joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [indistinct chatter] steve: what's up? how y'all feeling? everybody good? how y'all? how's everybody? i appreciate you now. thank y'all very much. appreciate it, everybody. thank you now. appreciate y'all. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. look, we got a good one for you today. returning for their second day from eagle mountain utah, it's the bates family. and from murfreesboro, tennessee, it's the patterson family. everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new head-turning ford fusion hybrid
7:00 pm
right there. hey, melanie. how you doing? melanie: i am doing good. steve: good. what do you do for a living? melanie: i am a social worker for the state of tennessee and i'm currently working on my masters to become a licensed clinical social worker. steve: ok. that's good. what do you do, craig? craig: i am a choreographer. i have a hip-hop dance studio in murfreesboro, tennessee-- cat choreography. steve: have you met our warm-up act--rubin? craig: yes. steve: aw... craig: uh-oh. uh-oh. do it. melanie: all right. steve: we gonna have to have a hip-hop dance battle. craig: oh. steve: yeah. you gonna do it now or you wanna wait till later? >> now. steve: later? melanie: come on, craig. [hip-hop playing] steve: one at a time. one at a time. we battling.


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