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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  May 28, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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pointed their rifles at the building. the suspect sat on a file cabinet negotiating with the antioch police over the phone. >> he was asking the police for a car. >> reporter: he said the suspect was smoking weed and appeared to be under the influence of another drug as well he says about two hours in, he and tony saw an opportunity to escape. and got as far as the front door of the food mart. but that door was lock. >> he was going like this. his revolver was fouling on the floor. >> reporter: he said the suspect woke up and told them to come back. a short time later the gunman released jack and around 3:30 the suspect released tony an surrendered. >> when he was ready to come out he said can you give me a cigarette? so he light up a cigarette. >> reporter: jack says even though the gunman acted like a
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gentleman toward him he was rough toward the police negotiators using bad words and many customers say the suspender and all, the true gentleman is jack. da lin, kpix 5. >> the suspect is 35 years old from newark and has a lengthy record. at this hour bay area crews are dealing with hot spots from the biggest grass fire this season. hundreds of acres went up in flames in the east bay. cal fire deployed its air tankers to stop the flames. two fires combined into one large fire this afternoon near 580 at the altamont pass. maria medina says this fire had all the right ingredients to grow know some big trouble. >> reporter: firefighters right now mopping up hot spots. you can see the big rig behind me engulfed in flames now being towed away. cal fire saying this was a busy
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day for them. the first fire happened at 11 a.m. near bethany reservoir. 240 acres burned over there. and you can see firefighters trying to protect the wind farm over there. they say those wind farms actually pose a challenge for them because of how much wind they create. no damage or injuries to report over there. as for the second fire, we'll go ahead and take a look at that. that happening at about 2:30 this afternoon where i'm standing. firefighters say a big rig actually caused that fire. it standard in the cab of trig and spread to the hillside. when firefighters got here they put it out quickly. here's what firefighters had to say a few minutes ago. >> the fire was moving pretty good with the wind as we have been saying all along the drought has cured our fuel to all-time record lows. and the grass is extremely tall. and it's burning very well. >> reporter: and firefighters say they were spread pretty thin today. they say the warmer temperature really just pushing the flames
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today. there was another fire in santa cruz as well so they had to ask for a lot of help up in the air and on the ground over here from other agencies. but as dramatic as that looks behind me that big rig that was engulfed in flames there are no injuries or damage to report here, as well. live in alameda county maria medina, kpix 5. new video shows a heartless vandal damaging a public sculpture. take a look at this. surveillance video captures this person vandalizing a heart sculpture outside the south san francisco conference center. the video from last month. he seems to dust off his work before turning around and walking away. this is what it looks like now. it's not clear what he scratched into the blue fiberglass sculpture. it's part of the hearts in san francisco public art program that kicked off in 2004. if you do have any information on this suspect, you can call the south san francisco police. tonight, we know possible live anthrax samples were sent to a lab right here in the bay area. the question is, how the u.s.
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military could have made such a big mistake and shipped live anthrax spores to nine states. kpix 5's christian hartnett on the stanford lab that received it. >> reporter: since last july, for 10 months, stanford university had a vial of what they just learned could have had active anthrax inside. they don't have that here anymore. it's now headed to the centers for disease control to determine if there was ever any real danger here. >> stanford is very secure. there's no safety concern here. there's no threat here. reporter: stanford's spokesperson insists everything is okay after the department of defense sent a vial with anthrax spores that may have been active last summer. the university says two researchers opened the vial then but no one touched it since. those researchers have not experienced symptoms of anthrax exposure and neither has anyone else involved with the lab. >> so we are very comfortable that all is well here.
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>> reporter: the cdc will now test that vial along with similar vials sent to labs in nine states, including a u.s. air force base in south korea. the samples were accidentally shipped from one of its labs in utah. they were supposed to be inactive anthrax samples used for research in identifying biological threats. >> no known risk to the general public and no suspected or confirmed cases of anthrax infection. >> reporter: but the pentagon is concerned about lab workers that may have been exposed. at least four in the u.s. and 22 in south korea are taking antibiotics as a precaution. exposure to live anthrax spores can be deadly. >> after a relatively short period of time, the person can become very, very sick. it's largely a lung infection first of all. and then the organism can actually get into the bloodstream and make you very, very ill indeed. >> reporter: stanford says it informed everyone involved in the research lab of the situation when it found out from the cdc on tuesday.
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it's offering medical evaluations for any lab employee that's concerned. live at stanford, christian hartnett, kpix 5. >> all the samples sent from utah will be transferred to the cdc for further testing. a quick trip back to the gate for a virgin america flight departing sfo. the plane had already pushed back when passengers were worried about another passenger's behavior. that passenger was escorted off for a medical checkup . the flight then departed for austin. silicon valley's largest water company is easing drought restrictions for larger families. the san jose water company says that beginning june 1, more water will be available for homes with more people. it comes after families complained that assigning a one size fits all monthly water budget per home was unfair. in southern california, several beaches remain closed today after globs of a tar-like substance washed onshore. the mysterious tar balls were spot yesterday on nearly 7 miles of shoreline across los
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angeles county. several beaches were closed. officials are investigating exactly what the petroleum-like substance is. no word yet on whether it is related to the santa barbara oil spill. a new threat of thunderstorms and flooding in texas towns already pounded by record rain. all eyes are on the raging colorado river southwest of houston. it's to overflow its banks sometime tomorrow. officials have asked hundreds to evacuate their homes. this is what they are hoping to avoid, floodwaters broke down a door and rushed into one family's home in the town of wimberly. at least 21 people have been killed in the severe weather in texas and oklahoma. members of three families are still missing after floodwaters ripped their vacation home off the foundation. it is a rush hour time saver and some drivers can't stand it. motorcyclists zipping through traffic all the time. california could now become the first state to officially legalize lane splitting.
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>> this racially charged photo cost a police officer his job. tonight, why he says he deserves to get it back. >> for the first time in nearly one month, the temperature hit 80 degrees in parts of the bay area. i'm standing in one of those parts of the contra costa county fair. we are live in antioch. we'll talk about how much warmer we get as we head toward the weekend. that's coming up.
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lane splitting has been illegal for years but california could be the first state to give it the green light. today the state assembly approved a measure that lets motorcyclists weave between cars. it would be allowed to travel 15 miles an hour faster than the flow of traffic. advocates say it keeps biker safe and critics say it makes it riskier for everybody. a former chicago police officer seen posing in a racist
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photo is suing to get his job back. it was taken more than a decade ago and uncovered as part of an fbi investigation. it shows two white officers holding lives and posing with a black man wearing deer antlers. timothy mcdermott on the right was fired in october for taking part in the photo. the officer on the left is serving a 12-year prison sentence for corruption. mcdermott's attorney says the photo doesn't tell the whole story. he says there's no evidence the black man was a suspect or took part in fact photo against his will. starting to get crowded. another republican candidate is joining the race for the white house. >> it is to preserve and protect that freedom for future generations that i speak. it is to preserve and protect that freedom that this morning i announce i am a candidate for the republican nomination for president of the united states. [ applause and cheers ] >> george pataki served three terms as governor of new york. he has been out of public
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office for nearly a decade. pataki joins more than a dozen republican contenders. well, 40 years in the making. the warriors are kings of the west! now they are getting ready to take on king james. how fans are gearing up for the nba finals showdown. >> we are ready. a contagious dog flu spreads to california. the symptoms that pet owners should b
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the stage is set a showdown between the mvp and the man known as the king. kpix 5's anne makovec tells us on warriors fans now gearing up for the nba finals. she shows us. >> reporter: tickets go on sale tomorrow for the warriors' first game against the cleveland cavaliers. this is the warriors' first trip to the nba finals in 40 years. this morning, the t-shirt fans had only dreamt about went on sale. >> i'm up early because i have to get this t-shirt for my family. >> reporter: the golden state warriors are western conference champions. i'm so happy i can sleep. >> reporter: the warriors won the trophy beating the houston
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rockets 104-90. >> two years ago, we were sitting on this court after a second round loss to san antonio thanking them for their support. fast forward two years later we were four wins away from the goal so this is a pleasure. >> reporter: oakland city hall was lit up in blue and gold and warriors fans were over the moon. >> it was awesome. we really enjoyed the game. i'm glad i came. >> go, warriors! >> reporter: as crews work to clean up after last night's celebration, oracle is getting ready for its next big show the finals against the cleveland cavaliers and nba star lebron james to take home the ultimate title. >> waiting 40 years for this. i'm only 21. 21 years of hardship. >> reporter: as they have throughout the play-offs, warriors get home-court advantage, tip-off next thursday at 6 a.m. anne makovec, kpix 5. >> after game one here's an overview of the nba finals:
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fans going to great lengths to show their warriors pride. forget just that t-shirt or a jersey. these guys getting the warriors haircut. the official name the "splash brothers" hair portrait. the barber shot in antioch. this is a buzz cut with a cool end result. check it out. color and all. steph, klay thompson buzzed on the back of any warriors's fan's head. $200. the do takes about 3 hours. we learned where the competing teams on the super bowl 50 will work out. one at spartan stadium san jose state and the other will use stanford stadium as home base. >> the drive times we want to reduce the amount of time that
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teams stand in a bus on their way from their hotel to a practice site. we want to make it easy for the teams to get to the stadium on game day sunday. so when you look at that, it became obvious to us that south bay and in particular santa clara, san jose, stanford, were ideal cities. >> as for which conference practice is where, the host committee says that decision will be made later. kpix 5 the media partner for super bowl 50. we are counting down to the big game. full details are on a major corruption scandal shaking up the soccer world but fifa's president says he is not stepping down. >> we cannot allow the reputation of football and fifa to be dragged through the mud any longer. it has to stop here and now. >> fifafifa president sepp
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blatter is getting worldwide support including from russian president vladimir putin. blatter is up for re-election tomorrow. >> a big political bombshell to tell you about today. forker speaker of the house dennis hastert has been indicted, former speaker of the house. prosecutors say he had agreed to pay $3.5 million in hush money to hide some kind of misconduct. it's not clear what he was trying to hide. but prosecutors say he tried to avoid bank regulations and lied to the fbi about the payments. more on the surprise indictment coming up on the "cbs evening news." google's making big moves in the mobile payment market. it debuted android pay at today's developers conference. a potential rival for apple pay. android pay powers in app and tap-to-pay purchases. google plans to make merchant rewards programs one perk of the app. another debut, google photos. it offers free unlimited storage of photos and video. that could be a huge ding for
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apple which maxes out at 5 gigabytes of free icloud storage then you have to pay for it. you could make use of unlimited photos. you're social media all the time . >> i have. chief meteorologist paul deanno is at the contra costa fair. >> it feels like may for the first time the entire month. it is 84 degrees in antioch right now. the unofficial start of summer was monday with memorial. the second unofficial start of summer is when fair season begins. thousands of folks already enjoying the fair on a very sunny and warm day 84 as i mentioned in antioch one of the warmest spots in the bay area where we are standing right now. microclimates in full effect. a little bit of low cloud cover and fog working its way in.
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livermore you're at 76. but san bruno only 59. oakland sitting at 63. san francisco still chilly, cloudy and breezy 58 degrees your current temperature. san jose at 67. we level out in the 50s tonight. a lot of 53s overnight. low pressure is finally beginning to move allowing a weak ridge of high pressure to move in. it's not very strong. it's not very close. so its influence will be minimized to mainly away from the water we'll see warming. close to the water temperatures go up a bit but not much. it will be a mixture of sun and clouds for the next couple of days as the weather is dominated by the weak ridge of high pressure. near the coast low clouds tonight about 28 straight nights there will be areas of drizzle as well tomorrow morning. temperatures near or perhaps a couple of degrees above average through saturday. but near the coastline, we are
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going to stay cloudy and cool. high temperatures tomorrow vallejo 72. santa rosa nice 74. san francisco though morning fog and drizzle limited afternoon sunshine only 62 for you. but check out fairfield and out toward antioch again highs in the mid-80s. oakland 67. warm friday and saturday. then on sunday, the onshore flow returns and watch the temperatures drop again even a stray shower possible in the north bay back down to the 70s inland 60s near the bay and temperatures very close to average for the first few days of june, june of course starting on monday. the final four days of may will be here at the fair. the fair is open late as i show you the carousel right now and some folks walking through. it's open until 11:00 tonight. it is open until midnight on friday and saturday. and open until 11:00 on sunday. so finally, just in time for fair season, the weather, ah, the sun feels good because, guys, it is it has been a long time since we have seen this much sunshine in the bay area. have to go back to the first day of may that we were above
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average. it's been a long strange chilly month. >> how quickly it goes when you don't see the sun. thank you. >> enjoy it for about three days. >> will do. >> every minute. thousands of dogs sick, now a potentially dangerous strain of dog flu is popping up in california. what vets say pet owners should know.
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a dangerous sometimes deadly virus has infected thousands of dogs in the midwest. >> now it has showed up in california. reporter amy johnson talked to a vet about the symptoms you should watch for. >> reporter: aaron elliott brought a handful of dogs to the dog park a routine this dog walker says she won't change despite news that the canine influenza or dog flu that started in the midwest has now hit california. >> i would just still come and have a good time and not worry
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about it until something does happen. then, you know, you take the precautionary measures and do what you can. >> reporter: the virus has affected thousands of dogs in 13 states. and here in california, specifically san francisco and san diego. >> it's spread through contact as with people with the respiratory secretions so it's airborne. >> reporter: a doctor a west l.a. veterinarian for more than 30 years described the symptoms pet owners should look for. >> respiratory signs, nasal discharges, sneezing, coughing, et cetera. >> reporter: he says it can't be spread to humans. >> it's only been seen in animals, cats and dogs. >> reporter: he says only about 6 dogs have died from the flu so far. >> the only cases really of deaths have been in animals that were already compromised. very young, very well cared for pet should be okay, very young, very old. >> reporter: if you detect
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symptoms in your dog, contact your veterinarian. amy johnson, kpix 5. >> san jose's new avaya stadium will host next year's mls all- star game. the president of major league soccer made that announcement today. the top players here in the u.s. will square off against a top international team. it will take place next summer but no exact date is set yet. so do you think you have silicon valley's next big idea, allen martin? >> wouldn't that be nice if i did. but jill schlesinger has advice for taking it to the next level. reporter: ever wonder how to turn your great ideas into a profitable business? may is national inventors month so it's time to take action. so often we encounter a product, service or business concept that we ourselves may have thought about years before. in order to capture that initial idea, consider using a free mind mapping app like mind meister which allows you and others to brainstorm and lay
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out your concepts in a graphical way. now, if you have truly stumbled on to the next great thing, familiarize yourself with the patent process. any person who invents or discovers any new and useful process may obtain a patent. but being awarded one is tough. only 8721 patents were granted to residents in the bay area in 2013. before preparing a patent application, familiarize yourself with the u.s. patent and trademark office website, it covers most aspects of the patent and trademark process. the website also will help guard against fraudulent marketing firms and potential scams. i'm jill schlesinger for kpix 5.
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plus, free same day delivery set-up and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save! mattress price wars ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. coming up at 6:00, it may seem un-american. no fireworks on the 4th of july? why one bay area city is blaming the drought for ruining the show. >> plus, that's not a parking spot. chances are you've seen plenty of drivers doing this or worse. the new app that encourages you to rat them out. join us for those stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> oh-oh. [ laughter ] >> are you going to get ratted out? >> thanks, ken, see you then. >> see you in 30 minutes, ken. the "cbs evening news" with charlie rose is in for scott pelley is coming up next. >> we'll see you back here at
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6:00. have a good night. >> the latest news and weather are always on our website, captions by: caption colorado comments@captioncolorado >> rose: former house speaker dennis hastert is indicted on federal criminal charges including lying to the f.b.i. and hiding big cash withdrawals. where did the money go? also tonight, was james holmes insane as he claims when he opened fire on a colorado movie theater? what an expert told jurors today. drones joined the hunt for flood victims. >> we may be getting into areas we can't get people into. >> rose: and a contest named for hemingway helps write a new chapter in u.s.-cuba relations. >> there it is! got one! captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> reporter: good evening. scott is on assignment. i'm charlie rose. and this is our western edition.


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