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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  April 29, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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good afternoon, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. breaking news right now. police say a car was stolen off golden gate avenue near jones street in san francisco. it happened at 10:40 this morning.
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a four-month-old baby was inside when it happened. a citywide alert was sent out to all officers. 10 minutes later, police found the car at 7th and bryant street and that's where authorities are right now investigating what happened. we do know a suspect is in custody. an iconic san francisco restaurant went up in flames this morning. investigators are now trying to figure out how it started. anne makovec joins us outside liverpool lil's. >> reporter: a sad sight for san francisco natives who likely knew this place well. you can see the pile of rubble that is now forming here on the street. this is on the -- close to the lombard street gate at the presidio. smoke started pouring out of the roof of this iconic san francisco bar and restaurant at about 7:30 a.m. a business with four decades of history inside.
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>> it's been liverpool lil's since 1973. >> reporter: gary's home is one of several connected to the restaurant. >> i heard the alarm and smelled smoke and i thought it was my building. >> reporter: his building and several others including the travelodge motel were evacuated. through all of the smoke, firefighters had a hard time finding the actual fire, which they think may have started in a back shed. >> due to whatever remodel they had a couple of years ago, it was pretty much secluded. >> reporter: the fire spread into offices upstairs and into the walls shared by the next door building. >> should have been condemned a long time ago. >> reporter: he has been liverpool lil's neighbor for 42 years and said it had become a fire hazard. >> i know. i was up there a month ago and there was all sorts of grease on the flue and on the side of my building. >> reporter: no one was hurt. the cause is under investigation. >> it's a wash for the
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neighborhood. i hope they rebuild. it's a loss for the neighborhood. >> reporter: in front of liverpool lil's the damage is done to the offices upstairs. one person was inside at the time of the fire and he got out safely. this is all good timing when it comes to it the availability of firefighters because it happened during a shift change and both shifts were able to come and put this out. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. san francisco police are trying to track down three people behind a smash-and-grab at a high-end store at about 4:30 this morning at the marc jacobs store on fillmore. three suspects smashed a white truck through the front doors completely knocking them off the hinges. police say all three were wearing hoodies and they stole handbags and clothing. police are reviewing surveillance footage for more clues. oakland police are questioning three men who may have killed a man and shot at undercover cops. early this morning officers were checking the scene of a shooting on 90th avenue when a bmw with three men inside
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pulled up next to the officers and started shooting. no officers were injured. >> i'm the watch commander responsible for the area and to hear my officers getting shot at, it's a very tense moment. >> the victim of the earlier attack was taken to the hospital where he later died. an eerie sight at baltimore's camden yards. the orioles are playing the white sox today. but no fans are allowed into the stadium. the mandatory curfew lifted in baltimore but the city is still unsettled. edward lawrence has the latest on the peaceful protests and the destructive rioting in baltimore. >> reporter: adults walked children to school as baltimore tries to get back to normal. but police in riot gear are a reminder the city is unsettled. do you feel more secure with all the officers around? >> yes. yes. they should maintain law and order, so yes. >> reporter: this street looked different tuesday night as curfew approached. >> go home! >> reporter: residents and
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community leaders including congressman elijah cummings urged people to leave. >> it's now 10:00. i ask you to quietly go home. >> reporter: but some didn't and police popped tear gas canisters and made ten arrests to clear the streets. maryland's governor deployed 2,000 national guardsmen to help the city keep the peace. >> we are trying to return to normalcy in baltimore's city and schools are open. businesses are open. state government is open. >> reporter: baltimore mother toya graham who pulled her 16- year-old son off the streets told "cbs this morning" the riots are wrong but the anger is understandable after freddie gray was fatally killed in police custody. >> we feel as though we have the right to know what happened to him. >> reporter: you said people can't talk to the police. >> we can't talk to the police. >> reporter: the baltimore orioles are going back to work today but they won't have a crowd. officials decided the game with the chicago white sox will go on but fans won't be there, to minimize safety concerns.
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edward lawrence, cbs news, baltimore. >> the baltimore symphony took a unique approach to get people to support the community. ♪[ music ]♪ >> they performed a free concert outside of the symphony hall just down the street from the areas' worst looting. the orchestra says everyone could use music. they postponed a children's concert yesterday after safety concerns. and hillary clinton had this to say about the rioting. >> we have to come to terms with some hard truths about race and justice in america. there is something wrong when more than one out of every three young black men in baltimore cannot find a job. >> the former secretary of state is pushing for required use of body cameras in all police departments. she also wants changes in the way low level crimes are prosecuted. a bay area judge will
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consider locking up the man known as the pillowcase rapist in a state mental hospital. dozens of people came to the santa clara county courtroom this morning to request that 64- year-old christoper hubbart be put back into custody. another judge released him from the mental hospital. he is living near palmdale in southern california with a 24- hour security guard. he is accused of raping dozens of women back in the '70s and '80s. >> he doesn't belong where we're at. there are children and women everywhere. he is a danger to society. >> living in palmdale he has been required to wear a gps ankle bracelet and subject to random searches and drug tests. palo alto police say social media helped them arrest a suspected groper. investigators say the man in this surveillance photo grabbed a 12-year-old girl at a farmer's market last weekend. after the photo was widely circulated in social media, the suspect surrendered last night. the teen who confessed to killing a 9-year-old boy is
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scheduled to be in court today. the contra costa district attorney charged william schultz with stabbing jordan almgren sunday in discovery bay. schultz is also charged with leaving the scene with a stolen car. he told the "contra costa county times" he killed the boy because, quote, he wanted to know what it felt like. that oakland man accused of killing his girlfriend could take the stand today in his trial. career criminal randy alana is charged with murder in the 2013 death of 50-year-old sandra coke who was found strangled in a vacaville park. defense attorneys will start presenting their case later today. they claim alana had no motive to kill her. they knew each other for 20 years and had a daughter together. a cupertino cement quarry agreed to pay millions in fines to settle water pollution violations. the plant is accused of dumping millions of gallons of toxic waste water into nearby permanente creek. the company will pay up to $10 million as part of an agreement with the u.s. environmental
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protection agency. california wildfire season is off to a tough start with a number of fires up 70% this year and today fire crews are doing what they can to be prepared. in lake county 11 northern california fire crews will be participating in preparedness exercises. the annual exercises the firefighters are evaluated on physical fitness, firefighter knowledge and safety and equipment. caltrans is fighting a contractor over a problem with the new bay bridge tower. they agree that water is accumulating around the bolts that anchor the tower, but they are are at odds over why. caltrans engineer says it's due to water that the contractor used during construction, but the contractor says the water may be coming from openings in the bridge structure. two european soccer powerhouses will square off at levi's stadium this summer. manchester united will play barcelona on july 25. it's one of the biggest soccer events of the summer. the exhibition is a part of the
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international champions cup. from the deadly earthquake in nepal comes stories of survival. the amazing rescue of a man trapped in the rubble for days. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, good afternoon, everyone. the coast is clearing out. we have sunshine inland but this is nothing. wait until you see the seven- day forecast coming up as the news continues on kpix 5.
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the death toll in nepal is more than 1500. this is a look at the damage over kathmandu. survivors of the nepalese earthquake are desperate for help and hope is fading of finding anyone else alive. but as seth doane reports from kathmandu, rescue teams are not giving up. >> reporter: rescue workers
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drilled and pried for five hours. ultimately they pulled 28-year- old foreign out of the rubble alive. he had been trapped near dead bodies for around 80 hours. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: my nails went all white and my lips cracked, he said. i was certain i was going to die. the stories of miracles here are few. [ chanting ] >> reporter: on the streets of kathmandu we found mounting frustrations and saw police in riot gear for the first time since the quake. this protest has popped up on the street corner here. people are yelling that the government needs to provide more aid and there aren't enough bus tickets to leave town. hundreds lined up in dismal weather to try to get out of the capital. the government is offering free bus tickets to remote villages but the buses are overflowing and tickets are scarce. nearby at this camp for those displaced by this disaster, we found more people on the move.
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they came to avoid the aftershocks. but they are leaving because of a fear of spreading illness. seth doane, cbs news, kathmandu, nepal. >> the united nations is appealing to countries around the world to help provide $450 million worth of aid to get relief to the quake victims. nepalese women and children are begging for food and shelter still arriving at hospitals and military bases for treatment. many people are trying to leave the capital because they are afraid of being too close to the epicenter of last week's earthquake. a northern california mother is relieved after her son was found alive in nepal after the earthquake. >> oh!! oh, my gosh! yay! he is getting on a helicopter to kathmandu. >> quite a moment there. 21-year-old spencer dickinson is from petaluma. he tweeted his cousin late last night saying, i'm being helicoptered off the mountain. tell mom i'm okay. california has new rules to
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protect outdoor workers during hot weather. cal/osha's regulations take effect on friday. employees like farm workers and landscapers must have access to free cool water. supervisors and workers must also be trained to recognize signs of heat illness. in addition, the rules require that shade be made available when the temperature reaches 80 degrees. well, it's getting to be more than 80 in the next day. we are going to have 90, aren't we, roberta? >> a couple of 90s kick- starting with thursday with more heat on friday but right now let's go ahead and call on our weather watcher and see what we have going on in and around the bay area right now. let's look at this reading right here. looks like 72 degrees. finicky today, aren't we, here? we didn't have uli reporting 74 degrees in novato. thank you for that. and abundance of sunshine. do i dare try one more? lindsay patton with stratus and
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low clouds at the coast, wind at 10 miles per hour at the coast. thanks, lindsay. we have clouds have you beening out to the immediate seashore. dublin looking toward the mount diablo area, a bit of a breeze. to the as windy as yesterday 24 hours ago. numbers in the 60s and site of at this hour. 73 degrees in concord. all right. here's our afternoon forecast today the coast topping off at 63 degrees, bayside low 70s and 80 for the warmest spots inland. so the bottom line is it really is a seasonal springtime day. one of the last wednesdays in the month of april -- it is the last wednesday, right? a tad warmer today than tomorrow and then we have widespread 90s in the forecast on friday. we have the area of low pressure that just swiped through the bay area yesterday enhancing the marine layer. it's pushing out. that's it right there. but behind it the high pressure is building in causing pressure gradient and then this high relocates over here and as it
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does so, it produces an offshore component. so that's why we're going up to 86 today in sacramento. 70 in mendocino a good-looking day there. 83 in yosemite. 62 monterey bay. sunset tonight a minute later at 7:58. and the sunrise tomorrow is a minute earlier. today's highs where they should be this time of the year. 70s. then up to 80 degrees towards danville. here's your extended forecast: i wouldn't be surprised if some places got to 92 degrees. baseball tonight, mostly sunny skies 62 degrees to the mid- to high 50s so dress in layers., if you want to play along with me and help me keep an eye on the forecast on kpix 5. >> are you going to be there
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tonight? >> no, tomorrow the daytime. >> think i'll sleep. >> nice bowling night. wall street still digesting the news that the u.s. economic growth nearly stalled out in the 1st quarter. the federal reserve also downgraded its assessment of the u.s. economy. look at that. the big board is telling us the dow is down about 75 points. a san francisco public high school dropout rate is now higher than the statewide rate. the department of education also says only 79.9% of students are graduating in san francisco. that's compared to 80.8 statewide. san francisco school officials say part of the problem is that some students take five years graduate. they are completing required courses to apply for college. daredevil nick wallenda zoomed through a dangerous stunt this morning walking across the rim of the 400-foot orlando eye observation wheel
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in florida. only took him a couple of minutes to make his way around this wheel. he's crazy. the right employees can meet big success. the challenges and rewards for a career scouting talent. >> if you have a consumer problem or question, just call our hotline at 888-5-helps-u. volunteers are there right now.
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time for lunch now. team tantillo tony and daughter stephanie whipping up an easy dish on this wednesday. how about a little swiss chard and sausage? >> reporter: swiss chard, sausage, with the pasta together it's a play on the broccoli raab and sausage and pasta. today we'll use beautiful swiss chard. first we are going to add in the leafs last because they have high nutritional value. so add them at the end so they wilt down and mix in with the sauce. we add the stem of the swiss chard and then the orecchiette pasta. this orecchiette is special because it's the old-fashioned cut. so it's a slowing drying pasta and adheres better to sauces. orecchiette is used better with chunk chunky sauces.
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you can eat the leaves raw so it's fantastic. it's very beautiful. that's -- i'm having this right now. [ laughter ] >> thank you, bella. >> bye, everybody. time to eat. in today's jobs report, jill schlesinger looks at a career in human resources. reporter: organizations want to attract, motivate and keep qualified employees. that's why employers invest heavily in human resources professionals. hr professionals must have strong interpersonal and analytical skills in order to serve as a link between an organization and its employees. here in the bay area, the median annual wage for human resources managers is more than $135,000. in general, there are five specialties within hr: compensation and benefits; training and development; employment, recruiting and placement: information systems; and employee assistance. most people start as human resources specialists. they learn the nuances necessary to recruit, screen, interview and place workers. the goal for most is to become
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a manager. managers oversee the department and also consult with executives regarding the organization's strategic planning. before you leap into the profession, most hr pros caution that there can be stress involved with dealing with employee conflict. but if you can manage it, the rewards are great. i'm jill schlesinger for kpix 5.
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up tonight at 5:00 a student stopped from eating her oreo. how a mom says the school went too far meddling in her child's lunchbox. that and more coming up tonight at 5:00. all right. well, that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. we have to go out there and and enjoy the day. >> go a's! captions by: caption colorado
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