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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  April 27, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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of emergency. the drastic action one mother took.. to pull ek0x breaking news tonight baltimore burning rioting looting. tonight a state of emergency. one drastic action a mother took to pull her kid off the street. >> here's a look at the situation in baltimore tonight. it's so bad the national guard has been called in. the mayor ordered a citywide curfew and schools have been canceled for tomorrow. fires are breaking out all over the city tonight as protesters battle police. making matters worse riders have been slashing fire hoses. this fire burned a five-story building to the ground. here's how it looked to firefighters and a reporter from the cbs station on the scene. >> really out of control. you can see the thick black smoke billowing from all around this
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structure. >> in her first day on the job u.s. attorney general loretta lynch said she'd send justice department officials in days and the mayor is moving his office from the capitol of annapolis to baltimore tonight. >> reporter: hours after the funeral, freddie gray -- >> we will not rest till we see justice is done. >> reporter: problems began to paub -- pop up all over baltimore. >> they outnumbered us and out flanked us. >> reporter: form police chief anthony bats is now the police commissioner. 15 baltimore officers were injured in the rioting today. that's when the governor declared a state of emergency and called in the national guard. >> these acts of violence and introduction of property cannot and will not be tolerated. >> reporter: at least four fires were set in the hours following gray's funeral. a pharmacy was looted and police cars were torched. baltimore's mayor fed up, called the rioters
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thugs and announced a curfew. >> this preliminary curfew will last for one week and be extended as it is necessary. >> reporter: and in a video that's gone viral in a matter of hours, a woman is seen pulling her kid out of the crowd. >> i wish i had more parents that took charge of their kids tonight. >> the curfew doesn't go in to effect tomorrow. commissioner said he won't try to enforce it until the national guard arrives. >> the violence in baltimore has police san francisco on heighten ed alert. they're riding around in pairs tonight as a precaution. many of the oakland police officers have been busy keeping an eye on this a few dozen protesters have been marching around the city all evening. so far they haven't caused any trouble. another look at the streets of baltimore tonight. we are monitoring what is going on, what's been happening and we'll bring you any major developments. tonight a confession from a killer.
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he explains why he stabbed his best friend's little brother. juliette. >> the boy was a 3rd grader. hard to believe this suspect a family friend, has an explanation. in a chilling jailhouse interview he admitted killing the little boy because he wanted to see what it was like. >> he would have like a big smile on his face every single day. >> reporter: 9-year-old jordan almgren's classmates found the courage to talk about their sweet and athletic friend they called jordy. >> he would do anything to make someone happy. if it would make their day he would do it. such a great little boy. this didn't deserve to happen to him. >> reporter: hallie was jordy's nanny. >> i'd love to hear that voice again. he was a special little boy and he'll always have a special place in my heart. >> reporter: jordy was stabbed to death in his own home as he was sleeping.
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18-year-old william schultz a friend of jordy's older brother was arrested and charged with murder. in a jailhouse interview, schultz told the contra costa times quote i wanted to see what it was like to take a life before someone tried to take mine. he also said he thought the world was ending. on saturday his family called the sheriff's department to have him committed for mental illness. but instead he was released after agreeing to seek medical treatment. he ended up spending the night at the almgren home. but why did he take such a violent turn the next day? dr. laura davies is a child psychiatrist. >> mental illness is implicated in less than 5% of violent crimes. the number one reason is definitely substances. probably methamphetamine. at this point it's really common and really prevalent. a lot of kids are doing it and their parents have no idea they're doing it. >> reporter: schultz who has an 8-year-old brother of his own, says he feels some guilt for the killing. he said, quote, i wish that i hadn't.
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i think about what if that was my little brother. in that sense i do feel bad. i do have remorse for what i did. but there's a reason for everything that happens. >> and 24 hours before that killing, schultz had been evaluated by medical doctors for mental health issues twice. but he did not meet the criteria for a 5150 to be held for 72 hours. in discovery bay juliette goodrich. tonight nepal's military is getting ready to take food, medicine and supplies to areas devastated by the quake. the death toll rising to more than 4400 people. more than 8,000 other people are injured. tens of thousands are homeless. they are living out in the open without clean water or sanitation. from the air you can see the extent of the damage in nepal's historic capital. flattened temples damaged buildings and people in the streets as far as the eye can see. >> there have been a number of
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memorials across the bay area to remember the quake victims. this was in elcerrito tonight. people lit candles and waved signs. they asked everyone to remember and to help in any way they can. >> every penny we can collect here will be a great help back home. >> one major concern is getting supplies to kathmandu because the roads are a complete mess. rescue crews are also racing to the world's tallest mountain where elizabeth palmer shows us dozens of climbers are trapped. >> reporter: german climber's camera caught the moment the quake struck. then like an explosion, a huge avalanche roared toward the camp. he and his friends dove in to their tent, panting with fear in the thin air. when they crawled out a minute later tons of rock and
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snow had crushed large parts of the camp. >> 18 people were killed on the mountain including google executive dan fredenin -- fredinburg. a 21-year-old man from petaluma is still missing. spencer dickinson's family hasn't heard from them since april 19th when he told them he was heading for mount everest. for mor information on how to help go to /earthquakes. tonight people in one bay area community are trying to shame their neighbors in to saving water. >> 10% of woodside people use an obscene amount of water. if the governor's plan actually becomes reality here, this community is going to be forced to cut back the most. >> reporter: woodside folks shell out big money for this
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quiet country life. don says many won't easily cutback their water use. >> unfortunately i don't think the financial incentives will affect them very much because money doesn't mean too much to them. >> i think you have to do something bigger. >> reporter: many in this room want woodside cutting back. ideas range from deploying water cops beefing up turf plants. >> i think they wanted to see what to do to reduce water usage. >> reporter: woodside uses 230 gallons a day still too much for the governor's liking but nothing compared to the 1,336 gallons per day that 10% in this tiny town are sucking up. >> you see a number of people interested in. >> reporter: dick wants to change woodside's water wasting label. he says forget water entirely. he'll just paint his grass green. >> we want to do what benefits all too. >> reporter: one idea,
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publically naming and shaming the biggest water wasters. just don't ask anyone in woodside to give up their horses. >> people will not get rid of the horses. maybe they'll send their in-laws somewhere else. i think they're going to keep their horses. >> people in san jose will be drinking recycled waste water soon. that is if city leaders get their way. to prove it's not gross the mayor joined others to take a big swig of treated water today. they're promoting a $612 million expansion plan for the local recycling plant. the facility purifies water from sinks showers, even toilets. state law currently prohibits the use of the water for drinking. the city wants the governor to make an exception. did b.a.r.t. police go too far? tonight you watch the video. you be the judge. >> kpix 5's kristen ayers takes
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us to the bay. >> chipotle does something no other fast food chain has ever done. no more gmos. tonight we ask i
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tonight a bay area model is suing b.a.r.t. police after she claims officers used excessive force on her last year. ben tracy shows us the newly released video. >> reporter: that's megan admittedly drunk waiting for the train after a night of heavy
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drinking when bay area transit officers arrested her. >> i was so embarrassed when i saw the videos. i can't believe what i was saying. i was so belligerent and foolish. >> reporter: despite her behavior she says nothing she did justifies what happens next at the jail. >> don't touch me like that. >> reporter: in his police report the officer says she quote, suddenly turned toward me and began violently closing with a closed fist at my face. he goes on: to protect myself from her attack, i used an arm bar takedown and guided her to the ground. megan and her attorneys say footage from surveillance and police body cameras tells another story. >> we don't see megan trying to punch the officer several times in the face. we don't see her doing anything that would cause any officer to believe there was an imminent threat that required this kind of force. what we see
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is without any of this happening, two officers held back megan's arms and threw her face down to the ground. >> i had a gash up above my left eye and i had a few stitches there. i had four broken bones around my orbital socket stitches in my lip and they knocked out a tooth and chipped another one. >> reporter: shehan has filed a lawsuit, claiming officers used excessive and unreasonable force. >> i was already arrested. i was already in custody. there was police all around. and i don't know why they had to use that much force. >> a spokeswoman for b.a.r.t. says the agency would not comment because of the pending litigation. a former employee of stanford outpatient surgery center is under arrest on sexual battery charges. robert lasinger is accused of groping male patients who were still sedated in the recovery room.
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police have identified four victims. also on the stanford campus the swastikas appeared early yesterday morning scrawled across the doors and windows of the sigma alpha epsilon house. the fraternity has a large jewish membership. so far it's unclear who did it or why. stanford says it is investigating. the drop in oil prices has changed the way bay area refineries are doing business. before they brought in highly explosive fract crude oil from north dakota on trains. but now that's too expensive. christin ayers has learned local refineries are turning to a cheaper alternative that poses a new kind of danger. >> there was oil basically all over the water in this area. >> reporter: she can't forget the day the tanker ship crashed in to a bay bridge tower spewing 53,000 gallons of bunker pule --
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fuel in to the bay. >> it was getting on boats on birds, everywhere. >> reporter: tar sands crude the dirtiest crude on the planet. >> we're looking at a product that sinks. it's very heavy. >> reporter: there's a huge supply in alberta canada and it's cheap. it's becoming too expensive to truck in bakken crude by rail. they're gearing up to bring in alberta crude by ship. >> today's refineries are designed to tape ships in. >> reporter: adding tar sands to the mix makes sense. >> the california refineries are designed to process crude that's heavy and dense and relatively high in sulfur.
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the canadian tar sands is the kind of quality that will fit in to the california refineries fairly well. >> reporter: the plan is to expand an existing pipeline called transmountain that runs from alberta to vancouver then tankers could move it to refineries in the bay. hackers predicts it could be coming to the the san francisco bay in large numbers by 2018. a delivery route he believes is much safer than train. >> there's significant safety standards and operating practices that are involved. >> reporter: but even one accident in the bay could be devastating. a spill on the kalamazoo river in michigan cost a billion dollars to clean up, the costliest in history because tar sands crude is so dense it sinks. >> it's going to instantaneously cover the bottom of the bay which will almost automatically kill everything on the bay floor and we shouldn't
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even be contemplating having those vessels come in to the bay till we are ready to deal with a spill. >> most of the tar stands will be headed down the pacific coast, will actually be exported to asia. tonight a big burrito chain says its gm-over it. >> reporter: chipotle is saying goodbye to gmos. >> personally i try to eat healthier. healthier options. so if something is labeled as gmo, i'm more likely to eat it. >> reporter: soy bean oil has been swapped out for gmo-free sunflower oil. >> i think chipotle is really showing there's a better way to do fast food.
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>> reporter: ceo steve els says scientists are still figuring out the long-term effects of gmos though the fda insists they are safe. most of the food we eat in america including corn are genetically modified to resist diseases. san jose state nutritionist says gmo has nothing to do with the nutrition of the food. >> the consumer needs to pay attention to the calories, fat and sodium in their food. that's going to make a much more significant impact on their health than whether the food is a gmo food or not. >> reporter: in san jose, kpix 5. >> chipotle says it will not be raising its prices. it will still serve meat from animals given gmo feed. and the company
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serves sodas which are made with gmos. eating out in the next couple of days, might be a good opportunity to eat outside. >> it's been glorious in the bay area. now it's kind of pick your poison. you want the warm stuff, hang out by the water. want the cooler stuff hang out by the city. we don't see much of the bay bridge right now. lots of low cloud cover out there. it's spilled in just before sunset. highs were up near 90 degrees. our weather watchers paul smith in brentwood, 89 for a high today but only 65 in pacifica. santa rosa 82 degrees. pittsburg, 90. and brian in san ramon, 89 degrees. around 90 today. 77 tomorrow. still warm. still pleasant and mainly sunny but markedly cooler because the ocean influence is coming back.
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things moving quickly. if you don't like the weather today hang out in 48 hours. today we had a ridge of high pressure. 93 in pittsburgh. only the 50s along the beach. the ocean influence goes all the way in tomorrow. we're going to miss out on the rainfall but a stronger onshore flow grabbing the ocean influence for the temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s. so the air above it is also chilly. that only hangs out for two days. we're trending cooler tomorrow and wednesday. by thursday high pressure comes back. a different ridge means back up near 90 away from the water. the one thing that's constant no rainfall for the next several days. fog is back. low cloud cover is back. we'll be marked ly cooler tomorrow, up to 15 degrees cooler. then we'll warm up again on thursday and friday. we're still above average but not the near 90. tomorrow 75. redwood city, 70.
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foggy start, sunny finish in san francisco 63. alameda, berkeley 60s. still 80, still pretty warm in clear lake. we're trending cooler the next few days. we get toasty again on thursday and friday and we'll trend cooler again. no one day will be cold. no one day will be super hot. we're kind of bouncing all over the place. hope you're not scared of heights. astronaut scott kelly tweeted this picture of the bay area from space. he's spending a year aboard the international space station to test the effects on his body. we'll be right back.
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let's get back to that situation in baltimore. the city is in chaos tonight. hours after the funeral for a black man who died of a mysterious injury he suffered in police custody. >> rioters are burning cars and buildings, throwing bricks at police. at least 15 police officers have been hurt. maryland's governor has declared a state of emergency and has called in the national guard. a citywide curfew begins tomorrow night. we're keeping an eye on the situation for you.
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does draymond green have the most popular mother in the nba? could tim lincecum continue his resurgence against the dodgers?
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in tim lincecum's first three starts he had an earned run average of 2 with 14 strikeouts. the former giants ace credited offseason workouts with pop and tonight tried to stay hot against the dodgers. timmy doubled his amount of earned runs in l.a. already 3-0 dodgers in the 3rd with the palo alto kid. zach peterson rifles one to the wall. lincecum yanked after four innings. peterson later homered. anderson did not take advantage of the lead. run scores to cut the lead in half. anderson did not get out of the fifth inning. didn't get the win. giants down 2 in the 8th but then justin turner gone. dodgers win 8-3 after the giants swept them in san francisco last week. the warriors are waiting around for that second round opponent. memphis had a chance to sweep the blazers tonight but
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the warriors hoped it wouldn't be that easy. >> as a fan you like to see them battle. like to see some good basketball. so we wouldn't mind if the season was extended. >> portland would grant klay thompson's wish. tj mcculm hits the three for the lead. blazers win 99-92. warrior forward draymond green is known for his trash talking. it appears the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. his mom mary is a nonstop chatter box on twitter during her son's game. she's got over 3,000 followers. >> she's a very, very, very fiery person. what i see on twitter is so funny to me. because the stuff i've been seeing my entire life. >> wonder if draymond's mom was tweeting about a hockey game 7
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tonight. number 5 islanders and caps. game 7 3rd period. evgeni kuznetsov sends the caps to the second round. they get the rangers next. patriots coach bill belichick in the white house correspondents dinner with supermodel casey teegan. eyes up, bill. number 2 australian rugby. the swans against the giants. he gets crushed in the goalpost. oh, man. he's okay. number 1 eat your heart out, bay area. josh donaldson makes a pretty diving play for the blue jays right there. and i know this is going to hurt. i know it's going to hurt. pablo sandoval big big game tonight for the boston red sox. not only did he make this great catch, pablo had three runs batted in with a two-run single and hit his first home run at fenway. that was his second of
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the season. and let's face it. hunter pence is not in the giants lineup. that hurts. but the absolutes of pablo sandoval is being felt. >> no panda. >> and it's only a month in so a long way to go but i think over the course of the season, what he does offensively. we'll be right back.
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david letterman is next with scarlet johannson. >> our next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30.
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watch letterman, get a little bit of sleep, then get back up and watch the news. >> alan: from the vip lounge it's the "late show" with david letterman! (cheers and applause) ♪ plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, vibrational energy medicine -- david letterman!


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