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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  April 25, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. panic and terror in nepal as the most powerful earthquake in decades destroys homes and historic buildings. more than a thousand people are dead. >> the tragedy hit the bay area as an engineer from google is among those who died. >> the earthquake was centered and measured 7.8 in magnitude. that's as powerful as the 1906 san francisco quake. this one was felt hundreds of miles away and strong enough to trigger deadly avalanches on mount everest. that number is expected to go up. more than 4,000 others are injured. tens and thousands of people are spending the night in the
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streets because their homes are destroyed or unsafe to go in. united states is already putting together an aid package and sending in a disaster response team. this is the strongest earthquake to hit nepal in more than 80 years. it created a dire situation and what's more, the quake destroyed many ancient landmarks. >> the devastating earthquake leveled buildings and flattened the capital city of the historic center. witnesses describe a scene of chaos and panic as hundreds scrambled on to the streets to get away from the building's collapsing around them. the relentless tremors are making many afraid to go back inside. the quake toppled temples that have stood for centuries. a 19th century landmark, the nine story tower has been reduced to rubble. people search for survivors trapped underneath the popular tourist site. >> we feel not too happy in the middle of the square.
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but when we come back here, we feel happy. >> hospitals in the city are so crowded, the injured are being treated in the open. many are children. tens of thousands of people will be spending the night on the streets. the government is appealing for foreign aid that is starting to come in from around the world. the united states is sending a disaster response team and has pledged an initial million dollars in humanitarian aid. >> at least ten people climbing mount everest were killed when their base camp was wiped away by one of those avalanches. >> one of those killed is a google executive. dan was caught in an avalanche. he's an experienced climber and adventure seeker. he died from a head injury. two other people were hurt, but they are expected to recover. his sister, megan posted this statement saying in part, we appreciate all of the love that has been sent our way thus far and no, his soul and his spirit will live on in so many of us.
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he was and is everything to us. >> people living in bay area who are from nepal had been frantically trying to get ahold of their friends and family. mark kelly said communication hasn't been easy. >> and many phone lines there have been down. at times, the internet has been working and for one family, that's how they know their loved ones in nepal are still live. >> there's still wifi. >> the quake hits, afraid her family could be hurt, she turned to facebook to find her cousin. >> she said he was nothing like he ever experienced before. something off the movies or something. it was a movie that she experienced. >> facebook launched this special site, a survivor's data base of sort, people in nepal can click this button to let loved ones know they are okay. >> we are glad they are okay. all the houses and the temples, the most important essential of nepal was being destroyed.
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>> the family turned to their religion for strength. the candles at the prayer table will stay lit all day. >> we need the support. strong support. >> an honorary tourism ambassador for his home country. there's concern this quake and the deadly avalanches will scare hikers and tourists, sending nepal's economy into a downward spiral. [ inaudible ] >> tonight, more than 7,000 miles from nepal, but the hurt is very close to home. >> good country, it's going to take a long time to recover. >> their family isn't allowedded to go back into their home in nepal, it's just not safe. so many sleeping outside tonight in tents. >> clearly can tell from their emotions that they are concerned about their families. >> and really, one of the big
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things they want is some sort of community resource center. an area where people in this community that are suffering that are mourning could have a time to get together and go through this together. >> all right, mark, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> well, a rescue team is on alert and may get orders to head to nepal to help with search and recovery. there is no word if teams are on stand by. and you can follow the latest developments and see more pictures from the quake zone on our website, well, you were just looking at it, we got more rain last night than the entire month of january. welcome site for the bay area. and boy, it came down hard at times in the bay area. but all of this was not without its problems. all of that rain meant that a car crashed. a car hit a power pole, knocked it down in marine county. no word on the condition of either driver. weather is believed to be a
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factor in this crash in walnut creek. a woman slammed into an auto repair shop at 1:30 in the morning. contra costa fire crews had to use the jaws of life to saw the top off the car to get the driver out. she was taken to the hospital. no word on the extent of her injuries. boy when it rained, it poured last night. we picked up about .33 of inch. .6 in san francisco. ben and the santa cruz mountain, an inch more than that. in the north bay, around half an inch. about same with petaluma. as for what is next, the rain that we had last night, now is out of the region. the rain leaves us, the sunshine returns, and big time. it will be warming up through monday. in fact, by monday afternoon, temperature highs in the east bay will be up into the mid 80s. i'll have a complete forecast when we cover the weather a few minutes from now. >> police mourn the loss of a fallen brother today.
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captain, edward tracy from the police department lost a battle with cancer last week. he was 45. captain tracy had a 25 year career in law enforcement, serving san leandro, oakland, union city, and bart. fellow officers say captain tracy was an inspiration. >> he is best known as the person who would make you feel good. despite the set of circumstances, ed was there to pump you up, to make you feel good, to make you proud. so that we in law enforcement would give the people that we serve the best professional service possible. we will carry out that tradition through the end of our careers and leave ed's legacy to follow. >> a long motorcade began in san leandro and went through the communities he served. >> still ahead, a house destroyed by fire in the east bay. what happened just hours before that may have caused the flames to erupt. >> thousands in the streets in
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baltimore protest the death of a man in police custody. the violent turn during
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firefighters battled flames this morning hours after a group of teens had thrown a
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party there. the fire just reduced much of the home to ashes. it's a vacant home on top of a hill in a rural area. police said hours before the fire, they kicked out 100 teens using it as their party spot and then just after midnight, crews were called back for a blaze. neighbors say that the flames were visible for miles. >> it was a big white cloud. i saw car lights, it's on a hill. what's happening, this is not going right, so when i came to the street and they told me the house was right here, it's not safe at all, but at least it's not my house. >> if took five hours for crews to put out the blaze. they had trouble finding the nearest hydrant. the cause of the fire is under investigation. police are asking anyone with information on the fire or the party to contact them. >> tension and scuffles tonight in baltimore as protesters stand off with police. demonstrators held their largest protest so far against
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police brutality. they want answers in the death of 25-year-old, freddie gray, a black man who died from injuries after an altercation with police. today's march took a violent turn. protesters began rioting and vandalizing cars. officers moved in forming a wall. the protesters say they want their message heard. >> not just black, but poor people everywhere, oppressed people everywhere are tired of police brutality and needs to stop. >> am i afraid? a lot of people out here, who wouldn't? >> gray died from a spinal cord injury while in police custody. the commissioner admitted on friday, officers made mistakes in detaining gray. his funeral is set for monday. piles of dead fish close to the surface to rot in rivers and fish farms. why mother nature is blamed for the dieoff. the recent wet weather in the bay area. which you can see is passed as we look live in san jose, big
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the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!! some important traffic reminders for this weekend. this is the second weekend shut down for bart between the oakland coliseum and fruitvail stations. track repairs can be made. this will affect a's fans tomorrow. riders in the east bay will have to take a bus connection to the game. it will provide extra buses, but warning fans to plan an extra time or plan extra time for travel. >> for drivers in san francisco, remember closed again this weekend between gary and post. this is the second phase of a construction project to build an under ground pedestrian tunnel for the new california
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pacific medical center. only buses are being allowed to pass. then reopen early monday before the morning rush hour. hillary clinton's presidential campaign is coming to the bay area in a couple of weeks. we learned she has two fundraisers planned. the first is may 6 in san francisco. clinton also has a lunch scheduled for may 8 at the silicon valley homeless ebay ceo. clinton is is the only democrat who announced add run for the white house. >> chilly remains as a volcano continues to spew ash and lava. rushing into nearby rivers causing widespread devastation. two powerful eruptions forced thousands of people who live in the shadows of the volcano to evacuate their homes. the seismic activity has changed and they don't expect another big blast from the mountain. this is one of the side effects from the eruption. the ash flows are killing scores of fish. the ash and mud have swamped
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rivers and a big salmon farm. they are so fast and powerful, they are capable of destroying everything that is in their path. two sisters trapped in the snow for two weeks survived on girl scout cookies and cheese puffs. lesli and lee murray white were on vacation in michigan when their suv got stuck on an unplowed road. with no power, no cell service, there was nothing else to do but hunker down. after being reported missing, a police hell helicopters came to their rescue. >> breakfast of champions. >> i agree. >> hopefully they were thin mints. >> absolutely. i'm glad they had a happy ending. we're looking at mostly clear skies around the bay area. but, the rain is now headed south and we are left with this, just a beautiful sunny finish to our saturday in the bay area. as we look live from high top
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the city, in @ foreground, and the numbers to the right. concord now 66 degrees. oakland has 61. lover more 64 degrees. in san francisco, 58. and santa rosa 70. out the door tomorrow morning, plenty of sunshine around the bay area. we'll have a few clouds out at shoreline. 48 degrees. and we will be in the low to mid 50s for the most part, but increasing sun and increasing temperatures into the mid 70s tomorrow inland. upper 60s and at the shoreline, still chilly by the coast. it will stay that way all week. numbers will do no better than low 60s. but we're drying it out. on the future cast, you can see all of the rain from the central valley out to the cy sierra now. here tomorrow, sunshine for the most part, a few little build ups over the coast range. that's about it. sunday will live up to its name. we're expecting more sunshine tomorrow and monday, especially warm conditions. that is the big change. the numbers will be near the
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mid 80s by monday afternoon and that's a big change. cool it down a little bit midweek with a few low clouds along the shoreline and temperatures coming back down into the mid 60s at the coast. opening day on the bay tomorrow, sunday we're looking for numbers mostly in the mid 60s if you're out on the water. 64 degrees, and mostly sunny, breezy conditions, but need something to put the wind in their sails. that will be good. if you're heading out to the game, oakland a's taking on the astros. sunshine and mild temperature of 69 degrees at game time. 1:05 p.m. tomorrow. if you're in the bay area, it doesn't look bad. 82 degrees, san francisco 79 and fresno 75. shoreline cooler. overnight lows, 52 at napa. 52 in san jose and 48 in santa rosa. forecast highs tomorrow, we're above average for this time of the year. in san jose, low 70s. 74. 59 at the shoreline. 77 for antioch. up in the north bay, sunshine
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and 71 for san rafael and numbers warming into the mid 70s for sunday. so a lot of sun, warmer temperatures, that will be the key through monday. by tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, a little cooling off, but still sunshine for the bay. and to track the rain like we just had, simple to do. get to cbsbay area weather app. search the app is available for both iphones and android. >> heading into great golf weather it looks like. >> it was beautiful out there today. coming up in sports, a 17-year- old continues to make heads turn on the green at the swinging skirts lpga classic, and bad news for the a's is followed up by another tough outing. the troubles of the green and
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it's been a tough go of late for bay area baseball. >> giants fell last night and today, the a's not so good. the a's have been plagued with inconsistencies so far this season. so the a's placed on the dl. he is scheduled to have knee surgery. former college of san mateo star called up to take his response. top of the first, former athletic hits one to deep center. the ball hits -- makes it 1-0. on to the next inning, jose extended his hitting streak to 28 games against the a's.
5:53 pm
takes kendall deep. a three-run shot, and allowed six runs in 4 2/3 innings. bottom 7th, astros lead by 8. started at 3rd in his major league debut. he comes up with his first big league hit. two batters later, eric hits one over the drawn in outfield. two runs scores as sogard gets his first triple since 2013. oakland down 8-3, but no a's dramatic today. george springer solo shot to center makes it 9-3. the a's have lost three straight and are 3-6 at home this season. well the warriors are hoping they will be coming home tonight after clinching the first round of the playoffs against the pelicans. since 1975, the year, golden state won its lone title. we will have complete highlights coming up at 11:00. the bucks trying to avoid being swept out of the playoffs by the bulls. under two minutes to go,
5:54 pm
milwaukee leading by 3 and o.j. mayo thinks about it. 40 seconds to go in the game, now 90 to 87. derrick rose gets inside and throws it who lays it in and gets the foul. tieing the game at 90. one second left, 90 all milwaukee inbounding, they get it and scores on the lay up at the buzzer. bucks win 92-90. chicago leads the series three games to one. to the nba for game three. great start for brooklyn. darren williams knocks down his only shot of the game. this one is a three to go up by 8. third quarter now, nets up by 2. former warrior goes up, to tie the game. part of a 9--0 atlanta run. the nets go on an 18-0 run.
5:55 pm
brooke lopez scores and he draws a foul here. giving the nets a 12 point lead. he led brooklyn with 22 and the nets win 91-83, cutting the series lead to two games to one. today in boston during an off day for the cleveland cavaliers, lebron james showing his range with a full court swish, it looked more like a football throw. later in the day, houston's dwight howard wearing a backpack swings it back from the opposite side. the cavs and rockets go for the series sweep tomorrow. a new team fee no , phenom is making a name for herself. she shot a record on friday to take the lead as she wasn't about to give that lead up on saturday. third round action at the golf course, 12 defending champion, lydia, who celebrated her 18th birthday yesterday sinks the birdie put, cofinished her round 1 under and is in fourth
5:56 pm
place. morgan started the day tied for 13th. her t shot on the par 3, 8th would land right into the cup, five under today. she moved into second. as for henderson, her chip on the par 5 fifth, this one just misses. she tap in for a birdie. the 17-year-old is 10 under for the tournament. two shots up. and pga in new orleans where weather has reeked havoc on this tournament. jason day finishing his second round earlier this morning. he nearly holds his third shot on 18 leading to a birdie. he was 7 under in the second round. the third round was delayed for rain. will resume his third round tomorrow. and with the nfl draft just five days away now, many people in the bay area are wondering what the raiders will do with their fourth overall pick. many think oakland could draft a wide receiver in the first round to team up with michael crabtree. the veteran signed after six
5:57 pm
seasons with the 49ers and even though crabtree played close to oakland, he wasn't friends with any of his new teammates before his arrival. >> i was friends with my teammates, you know, it's hard to be friends with somebody you don't know. but now we can be friends, you know. >> now he'll have friends on both sides of the bay in san francisco and in oakland. >> we have seen that enough over the years. we are used to them changing uniforms. >> even jerry rice did it. >> yeah, absolutely. >> we are used to it, but it's weird to see a 49er become a raider and vice versa. >> now i was asking you before we got on air, should we be worrying about the giants and the a's? are they tweaking and fine tuning? >> it's too early. >> too early in the season. it is so early. >> i knew that's what she was going to say. >> it's not too early for me. >> get back to me in august and we'll see what happens. >> that's it for us at 5:30. we'll see you back here in a
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>> axelrod: the death toll climbs after an earthquake rattles nepal and rocked mount everest. the damage is catastrophic, and tremors kill dozens more in neighboring countries. protesters in baltimore staged the biggest march yet since the death of freddie gray,fr threatening to shut the city down. a fraternity from the university of florida is suspending after members are accused of yelling and spitting at disabled veterans. what's behind the nationwide spike in overdoses involvingh synthetic marijuana. and chronic illnesses have confined these kids to hospital rooms, but that doesn't meanha their imaginations can't run wild. >> you can't let a little disease bring you down. g captioning sponsored by cbs


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