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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  April 25, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> and we have breaking news tonight. kpix5 has learned that law enforcement is on alert tonight because of a threat against airports nationwide. >> sharon chin is at mineta san jose tonight. sharon? >> reporter: yeah, the security presence is very visible here as people are being picked up and dropped off. we have confirmed a threat against uniformed airport personnel. we are told there are no specific threats to specific airports and no details about the threat. airports across the nation are on high alert tonight. and we have calls into bay area airports asking for more information about the threat
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and precautions they are taking. live at mineta san jose airport, i'm sharon chin for kpix5. we don't usually say this in late april. rain is falling across parts of the bay area now. let's get to kpix5 meteorologist paul deanno. paul? >> not only rainfall, but a steady rainfall, ken. the heaviest rainfall of the evening is falling now in san francisco. san mateo county, portions of marin, alameda county. check out the yellow. that is some steady rainfall moving in. notice it is focused right on us for a change and we have the rainfall coming down to marin and napa, sonoma county. vallejo, you are next, as is concord. walnut creek, danville. rain in a matter of minutes. this is what it looks like in a satellite review. a pretty strong cold front is making it to the bay area bringing much needed rainfall with it. we are seeing more rainfall tonight than we did for the
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entire month of january. we will talk about how much rain to expect and how much of your weekend is going to be wet. that is coming up in about ten minutes. >> thank you paul. let's go to novato now. christin ayers tells us about what happens after the rain. christin? >> reporter: yeah, governor brown's tough new water restrictions mean you won't be able to water your lawn for three days after this storm blows over. you can see behind me here in novato, yellow lawns. we saw it all over novato today. people are already cutting their water use. we found brown and yellow lawns all over novato. the result of strict new water regulations demanding that people cut water usage 25%. some people had eliminated their lawns altogether. drought resistant yards like this one are common place here. we found this man and his son playing on one of the few green lawns around. turns out, it is made of astro turf. one alternative that neighbors say is keeping their water usage low. >> it is a great way to go.
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it will definitely help and support and save the water we need here. think locally, act globally. >> reporter: there is a reason people here are already familiar with the restrictions. similar ones could come into place here. they are being considered by the water district. reporting live in novato, christin ayers, kpix5. where was winter? the sierra is getting some snow tonight. it was flurrying in donor summit earlier today. several inches expected around lake tahoe and up to a foot in the higher elevations. download the cbssf bay area weather app and share your photos with us on the air. tonight, we are hearing a different story about what happened when san francisco police shot and killed a man. joe vasquez is in the mission tonight. joe? >> reporter: demonstrators marched here to the mission police station and wrote the names of people killed by the
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police departments and they are asking for answers on the latest ones. protesters take over the streets of the mission. they are angry about a fatal officer involved shooting. >> we are here for justice. >> reporter: police say almecar pettis lopez was attacking a man with a knife trying to steal a man's bicycle. he moved aggressively to the officers, they say, and that is why they are opening fire. but these demonstrators and a federal lawsuit filed today tell a different story. >> the suspect, the deceased lunged as the officer with a knife overhead. he fired shots. >> that is a lie. that is a lie. it can't be more clear. >> reporter: attorney arnoldo casillas says an autopsy shows the chief's description is impossible. >> he was shot in the back four
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times. if i'm charging you, you can't shoot me in the back. >> reporter: a spokesman for the city attorney's office says that the lawsuit allegations are not consistent with what police have found in terms of evidence and witness testimony. reporting live, i'm joe vasquez, kpix5. well san jose police officer is in jail tonight accused of being a drug dealer. san vu has been charged with appearance of marijuana with intent to sell. police found a large stash of weed and growing equipment in a storage locker last june. but it was a long investigation. ten months in fact before vu could be charged. he will be back in court monday for a bail hearing. the so-called goldfinger bandit is behind bar to night. this is surveillance video of chris flannigan robbing a convenience store clerk during a month long crime spree, he was nicknamed goldfinger for
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the yellow gloves he wore. he got away with two dozen robberies because he was so calm and blend in so well. but, he finally made a mistake. at home, with his wife. >> the reason he got caught is because we believe they got into an argument the night prior. he went out on his own and didn't have his get away driver. >> well, it was santa clara police who finally nabbed flannigan after the robbery. they say the former marine even try today cover up his tracks by using a device that keeps them from tracking his cell phone. >> a cupertino teenager is apologizing for running away and causing an all-out search. connor sullivan is back home. turns out he had been hiding under the bleachers at monte vista high school most of the time. they scoured the city all week looking for him. the end came when he walked in his front door. he apparently used the school's
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drinking fountain and ate from fruit trees to get by. he told investigators school is stressful but that is not why he ran away. in a statement, he expressed the deepest sorry and regreet for his action and there is no excuse for the concern and worry he has caused. a top uc berkeley football coach is out of a job tonight. cal fired receivers coach pierre ingram today. he was arrested at a motel 6. he showed up there allegedly to meet a prostitute. turns out the prostitute was an undercover cop. and at cal tonight, the electricity is back on after a big power outage. robert rice taught his wealth and poverty class outside. many professors did the same or canceled class altogether. a contractor accidentally cut a power line. traffic alert for san francisco. van ness avenue will be closed again as a second phase of a
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construction project to build an underground pedestrian tunnel. a group of people wrapped around san francisco city hall tonight. andria borba with the thousands inside. andria? >> reporter: liz, those thousands joined millions across the united states and the world congressmen rating the 100th anniversary of the armenian genocide. a packed house, not for a gala or a celebration, but a remembrance. >> 100 years have gone by and no one has forgotten what has happened. >> reporter: it was 100 years ago today that the then ottoman empire began a systematic slaughter that left 1.5 armenians dead. pope francis recently first mention of the word genocide by
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the vatican. >> there are about 1 billion catholics on earth. and i view the recognition by the pope as being very important. >> reporter: despite a campaign promisings president obama failed to use the word genocide. >> what happens in any given day in politics is not determined and perhaps in the end, not all that important. we know what happened. >> reporter: but inside city hall, among the sea of purple forget me notes, the atrocities were acknowledged. >> we stand in solidarity and seek justice for all crimes against humanity. >> reporter: in san francisco, andria borba, kpix5. >> most historians say what happened to the armenians was indeed genocide. the turkish government denies it and says they were victims of the chaos of the collapse of the empire at the end of world war i. you ever get a sells pitch
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about a timeshare? this couple say they were given a glass of wine and a beer and that is when the nightmare began. >> careful what you reveal on facebook. we found out how some insurance companies are using social media to set rates. >> starbucks melt down. some stores give away free drinks. others are forced to female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event! is ending soon! get three years interest-free financing on beautyrest black, stearns & foster serta icomfort even tempur-pedic.
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>> chances are, you have been approached on vacation to attend a timeshare presentation. one couple is saying the sales people took it too far. curtis ming traveled to mexico investigating how far some resorts are going to get your signature. >> reporter: vacationing, pete and susie were paid to sit through a timeshare presentation. shuttled through town to the spa. >> that was the start of the nightmare. >> reporter: that 90 minutes
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turned into eight excruciating hours of sales people approaching them. >> they kept pushing us and we kept saying no. >> why didn't you leave? >> we were waiting to get what they promised us. >> $450. >> reporter: then without asking a glass of red wine showed up for her and it cracked open a can of beer for him. >> why did you drink it? >> i was thirsty. >> six hours at this point. >> reporter: they started filing funny after starting the drinks. >> i tempt sick. he was like in a trance sitting there. >> reporter: next thing they knew, they were looking through page after pages agreeing to open up credit cards for the down payment. >> i cannot look at myself in the mirror anymore. >> reporter: rafael coshet sold videos there and this is his video. they were instructed to tell customers anything to close the deal. he didn't sell to pete and
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susie but says booze was regularly brought to the table without people asking. he recalls staging signings in the sales room. a fake celebration just gets champagne in the hands of everyone in the room including those pressured. >> they purposely use alcohol to get people where they can't think straight anymore. that is when you take advantage of them. >> reporter: people have posted similar presentations online in mexico. some claim they were drugged. we hopped a plane to mexico to investigate and learned they have a consumer protective agency called profeco. she has never heard of people given alcohol or drugged during timeshare negotiations. >> you never heard of that? >> no. >> reporter: the morning after, pete and susie called their credit card company to cancel the cards. they also came here to the profeco office where they earned under mexican law, they had five day to cancel their
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contract. they hand delivered this cancellation letter written for them in spanish. so once they got home, the dozens of collection calls started threatening legal action if they can't pay. so i took the 30 minute cab ride north to port bajia which is tucked in the jungle overlooking the pacific. >> do you normally serve alcohol? >> not that i know. >> reporter: salesperson elizabeth roach says alcohol is only served once people sign up as celebration. >> do you try to get people drunk to sign? >> no. >> do you think these people are making this up? >> i'm not in their head. i can't answer for you. >> we showed her the cancellation letter deliver today them way back in 2013. >> it has been more than a year. [ laughter ] >> i don't know. >> but reminding her of the cancellation law in mexico, i asked her to fix it. >> will you help these people? >> we were able to get done in 17 months. >> relief. pete and susie say the next time they head to mexico, they
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will not sit through a timeshare presentation but walked away with what got them there in the first place. >> they did give you the $450, was it worth it? >> no. >> reporter: curtis ming, kpix5. >> management says they can't speak to what happened prior to 2014, but they insist sales are now done in a proper manner and alcohol is only given out after the signing. insurance companies are looking at your social media pages to figure out how much to charge you. l you are buying insurance for your car, house, or life, they are scans your instagram account. your level of risk is what they use to determine your premiums. one good thing, though, you have to opt in to the social risk scoring. tech fans got their hands on the apple watch today. does it live up to the hype?
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sharon chin went to find out. >> if you raise your hand up and look at the watch, the screen pops up. >> reporter: christin thomas has been wearing her apple sports watch an hour. >> i called my dad and it was really exciting because ifelt like dick tracy. >> reporter: she says it is easy to call and text. >> if somebody text messages you, it has sort of a vibration on the bot toll an it pops right up on the screen. >> reporter: she clicks on an icon for a written reply or speaks to reply by voice mail. >> we have a lot of really mixed reviews on this one. >> reporter: on the other hand, tech analyst rob enderly says apple may be too ambitious. >> they took everything from the kitchen sink approach. they don't know what people will like or not. >> reporter: the watch is apple's first new product under ceo tim cooke. it has a short battery life and some of the 3,000 apps may be too confusing or complicated for a small screen. >> the whole walky talky thing,
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you will look stupid ding that in a loud area. >> reporter: still, christin can't wait to test it herself. first, she will try the fitness feature. most customers won't get their watches until this summer. sharon chin, kpix5: >> only one store. one in the entire united states is actually selling the apple watch today. mac field, the boutique in west hollywood. people lined up yesterday morning to snag a watch today. >> wow. >> what time is it? it is rain time! [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> i didn't need a watch for that. you have me ken. just walk outside right now. >> you have a paul. you don't need anything else. the pitter patter on the roofs is not a squirrel this time. it is actually raining. did you forget what that sounded like? nodding yes at home. let's show you the rain in san francisco. we have puddles. it's a puddle alert folks. kpix5 high-def doppler showing
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a steady rainfall in oakland, hayward, richmond, sausalito. san francisco, south city, daly city. san mateo. getting in on the rain. take you up north where it is a light rain in petaluma and santa rosa. north to lover dale. the not so great news is the back edge of the rainfall is in sonoma county. folks t will be wrapped up by 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. it is not an all-night thing and the rain will be finished before the little league game. will the rain happen? most likely yes. we will get a good slug of rainfall but it will be finished by 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning. 68 degrees napa. sunday, less wind, sunshine. mid to upper 70s so things are changing rapidly. strong low pressure area to the north and a strong front. a batch of moisture there. that is racing into and through the bay area quickly in, and
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quickly out. by tomorrow morning, by sunrise, the rain is done, and by lunchtime, the sun will be back out. the good new s is we are getting a good intensity of rainfall. we will be sunny and dry for a while with less fog in san francisco and much milder temperatures up near 80 degrees. so pick the region where you live. this is how much rain you have in the backyard tomorrow morning. two tenths of an inch to half an inch of rainfall in the north bay. that's the higher elevation. east bay, tenth of an inch to a quarter inch of rainfall. same story in san francisco county. drought buster? absolutely not. but enough to water your lain five or six days? yes. turn off the sprinklers until the end of next week at the earliest. gusty winds as the rain moves in. leftover showers ending at sunrise and a sunnier day will be sunday. san jose 67. sunnyvale, 66. walnut creek, san ramon,
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pittsburgh, breezy after the front, but the rain is done. kentfield, 66. santa rosa, 66. we have sunshine, sunday, sunny and much warmer. 80 inland monday. then we are sunny across the board, but it is raining tonight and the timing is wonderful. outdoor activities tomorrow not impacted at all. >> clean out the air a little bit. >> everybody is suffering from allergies. this is the best thing that could happen for you. >> grateful for what we could get. thanks paul. >> i can think of something better. free starbucks! >> oh my gosh! >> did you get free starbucks today? >> we did. >> yeah we did. the nationwide melt down you used to sleep like a champ. then boom... what happened? stress, fun, bad habits kids, now what? let's build a new, smarter bed using the dualair chambers to sense your movement, heartbeat, breathing. introducing the sleep number bed with sleepiq™ technology. it tracks your sleep and tells you how to adjust for a good better and an awesome night. the difference? try adjusting up or down
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>> well tonight's starbucks says all stores will be open tomorrow after a huge computer glitch. >> coffee lovers got free drinks because of the problem, but as cate caugurian shows, other stores decided it wasn't worth it. >> reporter: if you had a caffeine craving after work, you weren't going to get it filled at starbucks. most had signs saying they were shut down because of a computer glitch. it happened just before 6:00 p.m. sales registers are not working across all of the coffee chains in the united states and
2:03 am
canada. starbucks says it happened after a dally system refresh. a spokesperson said this is not a hack, but they were working to get the systems back up and running. a glitch pretty much shut down most of the stores here in the united states. and over in canada. but i understand if you were a customer in the store, when it happened, you were entitled to some free coffee. reporting in san francisco, cate caugurian, kpix5. >> that is very true. at this starbucks in los gatos, drinks were not free. you just had to pay with cash. >> what about tomorrow? is it over? >> yeah, it will be over. >> relax. it is okay. good run. how do the pelicans feel show? after the warriors epic comeback. and the as and astros scoreless through nine. and then things really never before has this kind of passion this kind of innovation,
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>> baseball up top, the tale of two teams will set it off in oakland. we are nine innings. not enough tonight. astrosda lin last ... bottom ten, josh reddick got movement. a pinch hit. bases clearing gaper of his own. this one tied the game. when the ball got away, ken. all it did was end the 10th.
2:06 am
yeah, he is out. time to go to the 11th folks. astros like the terminator. they kept coming. houston retook the lead. added another to go up 5-2. but oakland didn't go quietly. pulled within a run. and bret wlowrie got a hold of one. 18,000 soggy fans saw the final of 5-4. chilly in downtown denver. giant ins town for the rockies. big old justin maxwell. titanic rip. two-run homer. 2-0 giants. giants up 1 to the rockies six. and oh colorado magic. t.j. lemeheu, excuse me. got a game tieing double. two batters later, it is
2:07 am
another! pinch hitter. rafael enoa. they led 6-4. they won it 6-4. they are 4-0 against the giants this year. nba and the warriors. a big shot to put this series away. game four saturday afternoon in new orleans. dub nation still smoldering after the dubs erased a 20- point deficit to win game three thanks to steph curry's three ball to force the overtime. losing a game like that, you wonder how a team down 3-0 can respond. >> whining last night. whining some more. and finally, the lord said go to work. do your job, get over yourself. >> happy 18th birthday to swinging skirts defending champion lydia coats. paula cramer. not too well out of the watt box. that was the ninth hole. she missed the cut! 17-year-old brook henderson shot a seven under 65.
2:08 am
canadian superstar has a two- shot lead headed into the weekend. she satellite review number one ranked amateur player. and a look at the leader board with henderson, one of two canadian tour events. she is halfway home. ko is in a four-way tie for fifth. four shots off the lead. so round three tomorrow. no par 5 show following that one. it is on another network. so no dennis o'donnell with my dashing good looks entertaining people since the clinton administration. no, you won't get him. he'll get the weekend off.
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>> david letterman is next with jerry seinfeld. >> our next newscast tomorrow morning bright and early. >> poppy seeds!
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