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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  April 24, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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door and starting him and creating a worse situation in there startling him. as she is coming out, wakes up realizes he is not supposed to be there and runs out. she was freaked out. she was super scared shaking. >> reporter: stefan comforted the woman as police went after the burglar. >> the police were trying to cuff him and he got violent and they tased him twice and had a fight with him. >> you could smell the alcohol off him. it wasn't hard to figure out he had been drinking. >> reporter: aside from alcohol neighbors are thankful some french fries and goldfish crackers were enough to slow him down. >> he is pretty stupid. that's pretty dumb. >> reporter: the 44-year-old suspect is locked up at the sonoma county jail. he will be charged with burglary and resisting arrest. live in petaluma, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> the suspect has a criminal record of attacking a police officer as well as drug and weapons charges. the search is on for four men behind a terrifying armed
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robbery at a san jose grocery store. the masked men stormed into the chavez supermarket on monterey road about 9:00 last night. police say one of the men pulled out a gun ordered everybody down to the floor. the robbers drove off with cash. an accused dirty cop essentially put on a 10 month paid vacation. that's how long it took for prosecutors to formally charge a suspended officer in a case involving a secret stash of pot. kpix 5's len ramirez with what's behind the delay. len. >> reporter: this first came to light last summer when the manager of this storage facility found evidence of a marijuana growing operation. it was only later linked to a san jose cop. it took this long to build a case strong enough to charge the officer. the veteran could the said little as he was charged with
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possession of marijuana in court with intent to sell. >> it definitely tarnishes the reputation of the san jose police department. but i feel that the san jose police department in this case did an incredibly thorough investigation. >> reporter: that investigation took over 10 months all the while vu has been on paid administrative leave with the department. he was arrested on june 3 after the manager of this tully road storage yard called police to report a large stash of marijuana and grow lights in vu's unit. the manager cut the lock after vu stopped paying rent. then vu told kpix 5's betty yu back ibrother was behind on his bills. >> does he smoke weed? >> no i don't think he does. probably sells it for money. >> reporter: police say vu had nearly 13 pounds of pot. no other suspects have been identified. but the investigation it ongoing. >> on the scale of marijuana investigations, this is a large- scale marijuana sales operation. >> reporter: now, in addition to all that pot, police also
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found $5,700 in cash inside the officer's personal vehicle. they also found a thumb drive containing information on recent san jose police calls to marijuana grow houses. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> officer vu is still in custody and will be in court on monday for a bail hearing. uc-berkeley has fired a top football coach busted in a prostitution sting. receivers coach and recruiting coordinator pierre ingrams had been on administrative leave since last week. his contract won't be renewed. he arranged to meet with a prostitute in oakland. she was an undercover police officer. more than two dozen bills on the cal campus lost power today but students didn't get to skip class. this is a picture from the daily californian. professor reich taught his
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wealth and poverty class outside. he wasn't the only professor to adjust. other teachers took advantage of the weather and moved outdoors. many students say it was kind of a nice change. >> during the outage i have a 700-person lecture class and so we actually just went outside and we had you know, the professor, you know, lecture to a big circle of probably about, you know, couple of hundred of us and it actually was a much better all-around experience. >> how many times have you asked and they wouldn't do it? right? according to the campus website the outage happened after a contractor accidentally cut a power line about 11 a.m. the power was out for about two hours. new details about the homecoming for a cupertino teenager who has been missing since monday. ken bastida on the teenager's apology. ken. >> reporter: yeah, liz. late today we received a statement from connor sullivan's parents. they say their prayers were answered last night when connor came home. we have learned that the 17- year-old was hanging out most of the time in a place that no one thought to look.
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he was under the bleachers at monte vista high school. reportedly he used the school's drinking fountained and porta- potties to get by. all this while family, friends and volunteers and police crisscrossing cupertino looking for him. the end came with him walking in the front door. his parents say they were talking to friends in the kitchen when they heard their front door being unlocked. they say they knew right away it was him. they describe a reunion that included several minutes of hugs and tears. now, the sullivans say they will take some time with connor to try to figure out why he wandered away ran away. but they say connor has expressed the deepest sorrow and regret for his actions and there's no excuse for the concerned worry he caused. the sullivans thank police and all the volunteer searchessers and especially his track teammates and their families, as well. >> thank you. a scary accident in san jose this morning. a tow truck slammed into the
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back of the vta bus on santa teresa boulevard. the window of the truck was shattered. the tow truck driver had his two young children in the front seat. they were not in child seats. all three were taken to the hospital to be checked out. >> we're hearing the story of a good samaritan who saved a passenger's life at san jose international airport. mike was waiting for a flight sunday when he saw a man having a heart attack. he immediately began cpr. two nurses jumped in to help. working as a team they used one of the airport's automated defibrillators to get the man's heart beating again. >> it's gratifying and humbling. it's pretty -- i can't describe it. but it's a very rewarding yet surreal experience. >> there are 42 of these aud mated defibrillations around the airport. this is the 7th time that one has been used to save a life. the bay area in for some spring showers tonight. and the system bringing us rain is also bringing with it some
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wind. it was really blowing this afternoon gusts near 30 miles an hour in some places. winds so strong in the north bay our photographer had to keep a tight hold on the camera. flags whipping around even some whitecaps out on the bay. let's check with chief meteorologist paul deanno on that plus the rain come our way. paul. >> yeah. this is wonderful news. we need every drop of rainfall. this is the time of year where we don't get that much rainfall so anytime we can receive some from mother nature we receive it with open arms. but it does now feel and look like rainfall for the first time all day long. the wind is kicking up. pretty cloudy here in downtown napa and the rain is not that far away. let's check kpix 5 hi-def doppler radar within the past hour, we now have light rain being recorded in the city of ukiah. you see a wide band of showers just north of ukiah in mendocino county. and that rain is making progress toward the bay area. it will be raining in your backyard tonight. let's talk about the wind. as you said gusts up to 30 miles per hour. what are the steady winds
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looking like now? generally in the south bay west to east 10 to 20. a little stronger in the north bay. and sfo, which is our barometer if you will sometimes for how strong the winds are, they have a sustained wind out of the west-southwest at 15 miles per hour. so it's not raining where you are right now. but it will be raining overnight tonight and it will be raining for part of your weekend. but the timing on this is amazing! we'll talk about when the rain ends when the sunshine comes back that's coming up. back to you. take a live look at our tahoe cam where a winter weather advisory is going to be posted late tonight through tomorrow afternoon in the sierra. kind of good news, too. anything to help with what is a record low snowpack. earlier a mix of rain and snow along interstate 80. by later tonight and saturday, chain restrictions are likely over donner pass. several inches of snow expected at lake level. close to a foot in the upper elevations. a 94-year-old woman fight over historic dump.
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>> it's just an eyesore to the whole community. >> why she says city leaders are idiots for wanting to preserve her home. >> it's the first soda company to drop a controversial ingredient. why pepsi is caving to customer concerns. >> he waited hours but the repairman didn't show. consumerwatch on how to get your money back for your wasted time.
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it's being called an eyesore and worse. so why is a bay area city fighting so hard to save this house that's falling apart? christian hartnett with one 94- year-old woman's fight to tear down her own property. >> there's nothing special about that property. it looks like it's falling apart. it just looks awful. >> reporter: that's how lucille mellish sees this century old cottage on college avenue. she used to live there in the 60s and still owns it but no
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one lived in it or fixed it for 40 years. now it's home to termites and rodents. >> it's just an eyesore to the whole community. >> reporter: lucille wants to demolish it but the city is standing in the way. >> this was a typical home that was used by a lot of people building palo alto. >> reporter: roger is the chairman of palo alto's historic resources board. he and the board say lucille's trash is the city's treasure. >> it has historic value that it's part of a history that's disappearing. >> it's not -- [overlapping speakers >> it's not historic. >> reporter: lucille wrestled with the board last night to get the home delisted as a historical property. she doesn't want to restore it and said the battle to get it delisted is already costing her. >> [ indiscernible who are trying to get an education -- [ crying ] >> reporter: the board rejected her proposal.
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but lucille says the battle isn't over. >> i'm going to keep trying. i'm a fighter. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and the fight will continue. lucille says she plans ongoing to city council with this in the next few months. in palo alto, christian hartnett, kpix 5. an historic napa landmark damaged during the august quake has been repaired. crews completed the last touchups on the napa steam laundry building this week. the property has a long history in the city dating back to world war ii. the building's exterior suffered the most damage. repairs totaled about $600,000. more than 30% of the building's exterior has been reengineered to meet seismic standards. san francisco has sued sinbad's restaurant on the waterfront to shut it down. the city says that the restaurant's lease expired last month. but still open. they haven't left. the city wants to build a new ferry terminal at pier 2. sinbad's owner has said his understanding is the restaurant can stay open through spring of
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a somber remembrance about to beginning at san francisco city hall commemorating the 100th anniversary of the armenian genocide. the city hall will be lit up in the colors of the armenian flag tonight. 130,000 people marched in los angeles today. a river of people stretching for blocks along sunset boulevard in what was billed as the march for justice ending outside the turkish consulate. april 24, 1915, the date 1.5 million armenians were taken from their homes and killed by the ottoman turkish government. >> we just want recognition and the word genocide to be accepted throughout. >> turkey acknowledges the suffering of the armenians but disputes that it was genocide. turkey recalled its ambassador to the vatican as the pope labeled its agenocide. baltimore's police chief is depending his job as outrage grows over the death of a man
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in police custody. thousands of protestors are planning a massive rally tomorrow over the unexplained death of freddie gray. the 25-year-old died of a spinal injury a week after his arrest. cell phone video shows cops carrying gray with dangling legs and he wasn't buckled into a seatbelt during transport. the commissioner says there's no excuse for that. >> we know our police employees failed to get him medical attention in a timely manner multiple times. >> the former chief of the oakland police department brushed off calls for his resignation. a report will be issued next week. six officers are suspended. a wild ride as a man tries to stop thieves from stealing his suv. the man left the suv running outside a convenience store in oklahoma city. he comes out to find someone driving off with it! the owner jumps on the hood and
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hangs on as the car speeds away at 50 miles an hour! the suspects eventually suspect slammed on the brakes, the man fell off and survived with broken teeth and road rash. police found the abandoned suv without tires or battery. two suspects are still on the loose. muni is making changes that will be they say commuter- friendly. so starting this weekend, the transportation agency's saying that more buses will be added to muni's busiest routes. that includes the 38 and geary which gets packed during the commute times. it's also going to paint more bus lanes red and refurbish some bus stops such as the one in the marina which is just a painted pole. >> people just wandering around with their map and they ask us, is this a bus stop? >> improving the muni maps to make it easier for people to understand and to direct people to where the best rapid service will be. >> muni says the changes have been on tap for several years but the economic decline and
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the budget issues caused delays. van ness between geary and post closed this weekend. it began after midnight. and underground tunnel for a new hospital is being built there. the second phase of the project, the road was closed earlier this month, as well. van ness will be open in time for the monday morning commute. fans who wanted the apple watch caused a frenzy in southern california today. people camped outside this west hollywood boutique this morning. it it was the first brick and mortar store in the u.s. to sell the watch. a handful of boutiques in europe and japan were also selected to sell a limited number. right now apple is selling most watches online. but they won't be delivered for a few more weeks. the price starts at $349. diet pepsi is changing an ingredients. it's ditching the artificial sweetener aspartame in several diet sodas in august. it's replacing it with sucralose the sugar substitute
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known as splenda. the move is in response to customer concerns about the possible health effects of aspartame. the fda says there's no evidence that aspartame is unsafe. well, he has neither an apple watch nor a diet pepsi in hand but he is in napa and paul deanno, you have some rain for us, too. >> you know, when you're in napa, it's a good thing. it's a wonderful friday evening. but big changes already in napa. those of you in the north bay have seen the weather get much cooler and cloudier just over the past few hours. two hours ago it was 68 and sunny of the now it's 62 and mainly cloudy. we are on first street, a great spot one of the many wonderful spots in and around downtown napa. but we are preparing for rainfall which will arrive here likely before midnight tonight. let's take a live look at dublin where it's windy. flags are flying, cameras shaking around a bit and it is not warm. santa rosa 63. san jose 63. san francisco 58. we're 59 in san bruno.
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60 and windy in oakland. and only 63 in livermore. folks, we have a cold front coming. we have get windy ahead of the front. behind the front tomorrow morning windy. hi-def doppler radar showing showers moving through mendocino county, it is now raining in ukiah. that line of rain will hit sonoma and napa county next cross the golden gate around midnight but gone before sunrise. the timing is impeccable because a lot of you have outdoor activities tomorrow and it won't be raining then. overnight tonight with the rain showers, vallejo 53. napa 49. santa rosa 51. there is a cold front to our north and west on approach. the actual parent low pressure area is causing thunderstorms in and around seattle. we will not receive that. but with that front passing by it will be a wet start to our weekend. but behind that wet start, high pressure builds in quite quickly. you will get sunshine by tomorrow afternoon and sunday is a whole different ballgame milder and mainly sunny skies all day long with less wind. futurecast we stop the clock at 10:00 tonight. look at all the green even some
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yellow rain in the north bay. this evening. but the rain will quickly move through and by sunrise tomorrow, it will already have cleared san jose. most likely this rain will be falling while you're sleeping. how much rainfall? about two-tenths to a half inch of rainfall for you in the north bay. quarter mother nature watering your lawn tonight. tomorrow san jose livermore and oakland 60s. napa 68 degrees. the extended forecast, sunday closing to 80 inland. close to 70 near the bay. and the wind will decrease with mainly sunny skies. and once we hit the sunshine we will keep the sunshine all the way through next workweek and school week. the warmest days being monday and tuesday. but we will be mainly dry all week long after that rainfall tonight. tree is blowing around a bit this evening. it is windy in napa. it is cooling down in napa. all of this wind is rushing toward that low. we have a cold front coming.
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guys, it's going to be raining tonight. in april, that is a bonus. we'll take it. >> good news. >> thank you, paul. how frustrating when you make an appointment but that serviceman doesn't show? how you can get paid for that inconvenience.
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it is a huge pain to wait for hours for a repairman who doesn't show up. kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts though can show us how to get paid in case of that no show. >> we're planning to go through this area. >> reporter: she knew relocating her cable box so her garage could be retrofitted wouldn't be easy but she never thought it could be so hard. >> so i talked to probably over 20 people to try to get somebody to come out here. >> reporter: and she says when
5:25 pm
she finally did get an appointment with comcast, the first person they sent didn't know what to do. >> he said, oh. oh, my goodness. >> reporter: so she says comcast made another appointment a few days later, but no one showed up. >> i stayed home all day. >> reporter: she says the same thing happened the next day and the next. three no show appointments in three days! >> i think it's very bad. and i will reserve any words that i might say. >> reporter: comcast customer service guarantee promises a $20 credit if a serviceman is late or doesn't show. verizon and pg&e offer similar compensation but california law goes a big step further allowing customers to collect up to $600 if a serviceman fails to show up in an agreed- upon four-hour window. >> so if that's the case, they owe me a lot of money. >> reporter: although she would have to prove damages like lost wages and sue in small claims to collect. >> they try and reach the customer and the customer isn't available, there isn't any
5:26 pm
liability. >> reporter: now, law professor robert talbot points out companies can change an appointment as long as they inform you first. she says she never got that call from comcast and now she is tired of waiting. but after a call from consumerwatch, comcast showed up the very next day. they have now agreed to credit her two free months of service and free hbo for a year. remember, if you have a consumer problem give us a call 888-5-helps-u. >> lucky they didn't call directv. [ laughter ] now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." >> scott pelley is in new york. scott. >> reporter: here's the "cbs evening news." [ chanting ] >> protestors vow to shut down baltimore after the death of freddie gray in police custody. we'll have the latest. plus a stage collapses during a high school musical. and he prayed for a family. meet his angel when steve hartman goes "on the road" tonight on the "
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i'm veronica de la cruz in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight, a bay area bonnie and clyde robbing store after store. only on 5, the expert way they cover their tracks and how police finally caught up with them. in the ecofriendly bay area, normally people are fighting to save trees. but one group wants these oaks out. why they say they are causing hazards and headaches. that and more at 6:00. thank you. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. captions by: caption colorado
5:30 pm >> pelley: protesters vow to shut down baltimore, and this is t the mayor on freddie gray'sra death in police custody. >> this is absolutely unacceptable, and i want answers. >> pelley: also tonight, aon spectacular volcano forces new evacuations and flight cancellations. >> i got you! >> pelley: if these women can survive nine weeks of grueling training, they'll make history. and steve hartman with a young a y man in search of a family. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. whatever broke freddie gray's neck, it was not the only thing that led to his death. today, baltimore police admitted


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