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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  April 24, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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another blast of winter in the sierra. snow in the high country and rain in the bay area. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. in a season when we didn't get
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much rain every little bit helps. spring rains are tracking towards the bay area. roberta has the timing. >> we have a little light green on the screen off the coast at this particular time but that is nothing. that's just the leading edge of the precipitation. this is our futurecast brings the leading edge of the precipitation into the bay area beginning at 11 p.m. overnight we'll see heaviest rainfall from the north bay into san jose. then look what happens. it's out of here. easily by the mid-morning hours on saturday leaving us with partly cloudy skies. we have a winter weather advisory in effect for the high sierra. up to a foot of snow possible in the higher elevations. more on this and how much rain you can expect still straight ahead. >> as roberta said the system is already bringing a mix of rain and snow to the sierra. reporter sean bennett has a look. >> reporter: it's the calm before the storm. sure, we see flurries up here and we see snow on the ground driving on slick conditions on the eastbound side of 80 here
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at donner summit. but that's all going to change tonight. summit expected to see anywhere between five to eight inches of snow. with that will bring chain control. that will bring high winds. you will be driving through fog, rain in the lower elevations until you get to the snow. the storm will go through the weekend. >> the stuff comes in for the last minute, it could be dangerous. so definitely, be prepared. have your water. have your blankets. you know, warm clothes. >> i brought three winter jackets and boots. so i'm ready to go for the weekend. >> reporter: tonight is going to be a different story. they are expecting a lot more snow. are you prepared for driving in that. >> i'm glad i'm not going to be here. >> reporter: if you are making your way up to the sierra, you're going to want to have your chains. if you don't have 'em,' going to want to buy 'em or else caltrans will flip you around on the interstate. you will have to wait the storm out until it's safe to drive.
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at donner summit, sean bennett, kpix 5. >> this remainder, you can track changing bay area weather with kpix 5 mobile weather app. the live radar will be useful tomorrow morning. a scary accident in san jose this morning. a tow truck smashed back into the vta bus on santa teresa sa boulevard. the windshield was shattered of the truck. the tow truck's driver's two children were riding in the front seat not in car seats. all three went to the hospital to be checked out. muni riders who have ever felt cramped like sardines can take a sigh of relief. ryan takeo with the upgrades. >> reporter: muni is looking to ease congestion by adding more buses to the busiest routes. the 38 geary takes the term morning crush to a whole new level. >> it's crowded. >> reporter: that annoys this person. she fully admits muni is something she loves to hate. >> crappy at times.
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>> reporter: but today the sfmta announced help is on the way. it will add service to muni's workhorse routes including the 38 geary, which will run more buses along the route. muni says it's increasing service for 30 percent of its ride years but particularly focusing on the routes and the corridors, such as the 38 and geary boulevard, that are going to have the biggest impact. >> reporter: the changes have been on tap for several years. but the economic decline and budget issues delayed the plan. muni says now that there's record ridership it's time to move forward. riders say it's about time. >> going to increase in the buses will be great as long as they divert correctly. >> reporter: you can tell that's a bus stop but on this side of the street the signage is just this painted pole. william lives near the pole and says tourists get lost all the time. >> people wandering around with the map. is this the bus stop? yeah, it is. >> improving the muni maps to
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make it easier for people to understand and to direct people where the best rapid service will be. >> reporter: look forward to seeing revamped shelters renamed routes and brand-new maps. muni hopes you also see fewer frustrated faces. the route changes going into effect tomorrow. in san francisco, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> another part of the plan is to paint all bus lanes red to ease the congestion. we now know more about the cupertino teen who was reportedly missing for three days. the santa clara county sheriff's office says 17-year- old connor sullivan spent most of the time under the bleachers at monte vista high school. he picked fruit off campus trees to eat and used the school's portable bathrooms. he returned home on his own last night. we're hearing today from a quick-thinking passenger who saved another passenger's life at san jose international airport. mike was at the airport when he saw a passenger have a heart attack last sunday. he is cpr-certified. he started doing chest compressions and shortly after the fire department and other
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first responders took over. the man now recovering in the hospital. >> it's surreal. it's kind of puts you in an odd frame of mind for a little bit. it was truly surreal when i spoke with him on the phone and he is doing great. he is not out of the woods. the doctors did a great job in stabilizing him. >> mike used an automated external defibrillator one of nearly 50 at the airport. this is the 7th time an aed is credited with saving the life at san jose airport. a terrifying trip to the grocery store for some shoppers in san jose. last night four masked robbers stormed into chavez supermarket on monterey road. at least one of the suspects pulled out a gun and ordered everyone to the ground and demanded money. police say the robbers took off in a getaway car. an arrest has been made in the fire that critically injured a fresno fire
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department captain. this video of captain pete dern falling through the roof captured national attention. fire departments all across the nation rallied to offer their support. 52-year-old julia harper was arrested earlier this week for allegedly setting that home on fire. >> harper admitted to her responsibility in starting this fire. >> reporter: investigators aren't releasing many details into how it happened. but her former housing manager says he is not surprised. >> she has a past record of putting things on fire. she likes to put things on fire. >> reporter: art dean had kicked harper out of the boarding home he runs because she tried to start a fire in a garage the day before. that's when she started making threats to set more fires. >> she needs to be locked up and put away and, um, and -- and -- until she's right. >> reporter: this isn't the first time harper is linked to a suspicious fire. in 2009, investigators say they were called to an incident and found her on fire. harper is held at the fresno county sheriff's office. right now she only has one
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charge but investigators say other charges are pending. the penalties for setting afire where someone is critically injured are severe facing up to 7 years in prison. a would-be burglar is sidetracked by a snack and nap time. the suspect james adams fell asleep yesterday after heating up some tater tots and getting comfortable on the sofa. according to officers that's when the petaluma homeowner found him on her couch. the woman called police. officers tased him twice and placed him under arrest. caltrans was reportedly aware of leaks in the new bay bridge span more than a year before it opened. that's according to today's "san francisco chronicle." the steel structure meant to be watertight leaked as early as 2012. the newspaper cites documents which also warn that water could cause corrosion. new at noon word of a big power outage at the uc-berkeley campus. uc officials say 25 buildings lost power just a few minutes ago. no word yet on how long until
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that power will be restored. the cause of the outage unknown at this time. "airbnb" is a factor in evictions in san francisco. 145 eviction notices during 12 months specifically mention "airbnb" for violations linked to short term rentals in general. attorneys believe many more such evictions go unreported. evictions can be for illegal use. thousands of armenians gathered in the country's capital today to commemorate 100 years since the genocide carried out by the ottoman turks. 1.5million armenians were taken from their homes and killed by the the government. and to this day, turkey denies this act of genocide. let's take a live look at the march happening in los angeles. you can see all of those people down there thousands of people joined today's six mile walk
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carrying flags and signs. today the bay area armenian also come together at san francisco city hall as it's lit up in red, blue and orange the colors of the armenian flag. life is rising from the ashes after a massive wildfire on mount diablo. the terrain was scorched down to the rocky soil late in 2013. now it's bursting with flowers that once lay dormant waiting decades for their moment to bloom. they are known as fire followers. and some like the fire poppy are resurfacing after 40 years. experts say these kinds of plants can only be found one to three years after fire and won't be seen again until the next one. happening right now, road closures on parts of van ness avenue in san francisco. it won't re-open until monday. the 72-hour closure is between geary and post and from ellis to pine. muni and golden gate transit will still run through the area. crews are building an underground walkway to sutter health's california pacific medical center's campus. saying good-bye to your pet can be heartbreaking.
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coming up, how to know when it's time to let go. >> can't wait for the new apple watch? neither could they. the first customers to get their hands on the newest gadgets. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, good afternoon. we have all heard by now that it's going to rain. but i'll tell you just how much and the effects on your weekend. the news
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it is friday and we are's answering your questions with our pet expert dr. jill. while it's not the happiest of subs, it's part of having a pet knowing when to say good-bye. it's an emotional personal decision. my brother is going through this right now with his cat amber which has cancer, overweight, going to cost a lot
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of money to keep it alive for how long? >> i like to tell owners it's all about quality of life. so it depends on the prognosis and the diagnosis. so in your brother's case, the cat has cancer. so it's what kind of cancer is it? believe it or not, chemotherapy in animals is very different than it is in humans. so they tolerate it much better some of the doing chemotherapy is it not necessarily negative. but the decision is what's the outcome, how much money are you going to put into it and is the quality of the life of that pet going to be great? >> the age i would imagine, too, right? >> yeah, but you can have a 15- year-old pet who has a diagnosis of cancer but you know the prognosis is going to be good and you have to make that decision. it's 15, do you want to move forward knowing that you don't know what's going to happen in another year or do you want to make that decision now? >> what if you go on with the medicine and dog or cat's not eating and just kind of gave up? >> that's very important to know. i actually use appetite as the
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way to understand what's happening with the pet. if i had to pick one single piece of advice that i would give everyone is that appetite is important. if an animal is not eating they are not feeling well period. period. even if you are adulter rating the food. if you have to enhance the palateability they are not eating normally. >> how about the money? maybe you can get a pet back up on its feet but maybe they can't afford $2,000, $3,000 for the medicine. that kind of thing. >> i think that's very important. when i talk to owners i always talk about that. i think that every family is different. i have families who are very poor who will put a lot of money into it and i have the opposite occur. so it's a philosophical decision to decide how much they want to pay. and i actually have very straightforward conversations where i say it's going to be x amount and we may still end up
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euthanizing. >> it is probably emotional for you with animals that you have taken care of for years. >> i have very grateful that i have the ability to do caring euthanasia but it's never easy. >> send us your questions to just email or on our facebook page, and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday right here at noon. we have rain coming. let's check in with roberta and find out how much and when it's going to start. >> it is certainly the talk of the town! we have much-needed rain moving into the bay area so let's see what our weather watcher have to say about it at this time. >> charlie raines, 68. the winds at 4 miles per hour in vallejo. let's check the current conditions outside right now. we have clear skies actually a few high, thin cirrus clouds drifting over the golden gate bridge. otherwise, our numbers are in
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the 60s. except for oakland now at 57 degrees. winds have also been the other side of the coin today. it's been the talk of the town very blustery. right now at sfo, 21-mile-per- hour winds. we have gusts up to 29. right there you have the west- southwest winds at 14 in san ramon, 13 in san jose. upstream 16 in napa. this is all ahead of the approaching cold front. and i got to tell you this is a very fast-moving system! it wands to descend on the bay area as -- it wants to descend on the bay area as early as late tonight and will quickly blow through by saturday morning. watch futurecast. by 11:00, we should start hearing some very light raindrops on the rooftops. it descends into the santa clara valley overnight and watch this bam, it's out of here by mid-morning. leave us with partly cloudy skies on saturday. breezy west winds 10 to 20. and temperatures pretty seasonal. so here's the other side of the question. how much rain? this is very unusual. we are going to see more rain to the east and to the south.
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gives you a good idea of the track of this very fast-moving system over six-tenths inch in pleasanton. it's currently 69 going up to 72 in sacramento. winter weather advisory in the high sierra. sunset tonight at 7:54. we'll start to see increasing clouds by then and temperatures into the 50s and 60s up to about 70 for the warmest locations. rain moves out by the afternoon hours easily on saturday. warmer conditions on sunday through tuesday. and if you are heading to the a's game i'll see you there. dress in layers. >> over the a's dugout? >> that's my seat. we want you to be one of our weather watchers. go online to let's check the stock market. the dow is up 11. beats being down 11. hundreds of people spent the night lined up outside a
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southern california boutique hoping to be among the first to get their hands on that right there apple watch. >> unfortunately it's not mine but apple is selling most of the watches online. see that? it's upside-down. that's all right. you get the idea. handful of brick and mortar boutiques in europe and japan were selected to sell a limited number and the match field boutique in west hollywood was the first store in the u.s. to begin selling it. apple watches start at $349. i did not buy this. i actually stole this from our communications director. >> who is over there right now with two pinkerton guards waiting to get it back. can you order a pizza on it? >> yes! >> sales careers in the bay area turning a huge profit. >> and a reminder if you have a consumer problem or question, you can give our hotline a call at 888-5-helps-u. volunteers are there right now. we'll be right back.
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need a quick delicious dish for the weekend? here's stephanie and tony tantillo perfecting a plate of flounder and rainbow chart. >> beautiful swiss chard, flounder. >> i love this variety of swiss chard. it's so pretty. >> rainbow swiss chard. mix it with bacon to give it flavor and we are serving it with this beautiful seared
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flounder. first we cut it julienne then blanche it. out of the water and in the pan with the bacon. because we had the bacon already in the pan we didn't need to add oil because we had the bacon fat. now we are going to top it with this fish filet. >> just put some little bit of the pepper in there. >> just a little bit of salt and pepper and lay it on top and it drapes. >> no oil is needed. we have the oil already in the pan and we have the fat from the bacon in there so it's nice and moist. >> i can't wait to get in there. that's beautiful. simple and delicious. look how beautiful that looks. thank you, steph. in today's jobs report, jill schlesinger has tips for finding successful careers in sales. reporter: sales is the second largest occupational group in the u.s. and employing millions of people. whale it can be a lucrative career, you have to be ready to assume the risk of variable income and the pressure to hit specific bottom line goals.
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successful salespeople love the idea of making a direct impact on the amount of money they can earn. highly tuned sales skills can also be used to command increased compensation over a career. one of the highest paying sub- categories in the industry is for sales representatives of wholesale manufacturing, technical and scientific products. according to a 2014 report from harvard business school, those are among the hardest jobs to fill, which is why companies are paying up. here in the bay area these folks earn a median wage of more than $100,000. if you have no direct experience and still want to enter the field, highlight sales- related experiences like fundraising or giving presentations. i'm jill schlesinger for kpix 5.
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this is not ice cream. this is not ice cream in an ice cream cone. this is not ice cream in an ice cream cone in the hand of a tall man. this is not ice cream in an ice cream cone in the hand of a tall man in san fran. this is not san fran. this is not a tall man it's pam and dan. this is not an ice cream cone it's a frozen custard cone. and this is not ice cream,
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it's extra thick and creamy frozen custard... ...a different kind of delicious. new from dreyer's. nestle, good food, good life. that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. see you monday. captions by: caption colorado
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>> nicole: i could get used to this. >> wyatt: yeah? >> nicole: private jet champagne that goes down like silk. >> wyatt: [ laughs ] >> nicole: you. >> wyatt: i like you, nicole. and i just want to see where this could lead. and i was serious before. secrets destroy relationships. trust me. i know. and i just want us to be straight with each other from the jump. >> nicole: got no problem with that. straight up all the way.


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