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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  April 24, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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know better sleep with sleep number. >> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> breaking news. they were in the middle of the grand finale at a high school musical when all of a sudden, the singing turned to screaming. >> more than a dozen students got hurt there. we are going to check in now with devin fehely who is in the news room with the latest. >> reporter: it happened tonight in indiana and we are learning one of the students is in critical condition. take a look. [ singing ] ♪ [ music ] ♪ ♪ don't stop believing ♪ [ screaming ] >> >> reporter: the students were
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performing don't stop believing. dancing on stage, like you saw during the show's finale, the performers all of a sudden just dropped through the floor. >> they had rehearsed that. they rehearsed the end of the show when they did that big final number. they didn't have any issues with it before. something about how it all came together at one point. the structure, the wrong place, the wrong number of bodies. wrong weight, wrong time. it just kind of turned into a mess all at once right there. >> reporter: so far, no clue why the stage gave way. this is a photo someone took in the aftermath of that stage collapse. you can see a big gaping hole where the stage used to be. classes will be held as usual tomorrow. in the news room, i'm devin fehely. >> thank you. we have breaking news out of cupertino tonight. in the last hour, we learned that connor sullivan is back home. this is the teenager who disappeared monday from monte vista high school. volunteers searched for him all
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week. he is safe. no word on where he was. we are learning many women in the by area have been getting raises. joe vasquez reports their boss crunched the numbers and didn't like what he found. >> reporter: headquartered in san francisco, sales force has 16,000 employees. the ceo did an audit and found a disturbing pay gap between men and women so he is now systematically raising the salary of his female employees to make sure they are paid equally. >> this is really an exciting day. >> reporter: susan is president of sales force foundation. >> i hope it sends a message to the industry in general. >> reporter: here in california, women make 84 cents for every dollar a man makes
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and latinas, 44 cents to every dollar. >> i have to applaud sales force. >> reporter: but the movement has a long way to go. >> this is one announcement, one company. but sales force has been a leader in many industry changes. >> they are taking equal action to equal pay. >> reporter: when they crunch the numbers, they found 29% of sale force's employees are women. so you know what? they will vow so change that as well. >> all right, we will see what happens. thank you joe. turns out ellen pao may have to pay her former employer cliner perkins more than a million dollars. that is how much the firm spent on legal bills to defend her allegations of sexual discrimination.
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she lost the case. cliner perkins can ask for reimbursement. they offered to waive the fees if pao agrees not to appeal. there are a lot of drinkers here in the bay area. many binge drinkers, especially in, of all places, silicon valley, mark sayre is in san jose for more on that. >> reporter: the data comes from the u.s. centers for disease control and prevention. they say the bay area is drinking heavily. here in downtown san jose, bar managers say sales are steady and solid. but there's plenty of drinking going on elsewhere, too. and researchers say santa clara county is showing the biggest gains in so-called binge drinking in all of california. >> like if you do more than five drinks or something like that pretty regularly. >> reporter: victoria schmidt got it right.
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binge drinking is four drinks a night for women and five for men. binge drinking is up 34% for women. the why is not something research easily answers. >> maybe, they are just trying to enjoy life in other ways since they have less money. >> drinking their sorrows away? >> yeah. >> reporter: santa clara county has seen a 28% increase in binge drinking, 22 in san mateo, and 19% in san francisco. >> it is a high pressure area. silicon valley is a high pressure area. maybe when people get out of work, they have a few more drinks. >> reporter: social standards have also changed making drinking by women more acceptable. >> as high as the bay area numbers are, the top binge drinking county in the country is in wisconsin. a wild high-speed chase in sonoma county. at one point, a woman was actually driving in reverse on
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101. the chase started in windsor and ended in gunfire in sebastapool. >> reporter: they know the suspect is a transient, not from sonoma county, but they do not know why this happened in the first place. the chase covered 15 miles in under 15 minutes but was even wilder than that. >> the vehicle even had its lights turned off at one point during the pursuit. >> reporter: it began around 11:45 last night when sonoma county deputies tried to stop a car driving the wrong direction on 101 north in windsor, but the driver slipped away and sped south. the chase reached speed of 100 miles an hour and the deputies tried and failed to stop the driver with spike strips. she got off the freeway in santa rosa and pulled into this parking lot. >> the driver wasn't listening to any of the commands.
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and, at one point, the suspect put the vehicle in reverse. backed up into the deputies. >> reporter: three deputies were knocked to the ground and injured. that is when they opened fire on her. they performed cpr on her until a ambulance could take her to the hospital. andria borba, kpix5. two of the deputies had to go to the hospital. their conditions aren't known. the third was treated and released. seven-year-old kumar polk is still in the hospital tonight after being shot several times. he was caught in the middle of a gun battle outside a home near fifth and cherry streets in vallejo. christin ayers is at children's hospital in oakland tonight with an update. christin? >> reporter: yeah, this is where kumar's family is keeping vigil at his bedside. he will be here at the children's hospital for some time. his wounds are still swollen from a surgery last night. and there will be another surgery coming up soon.
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tonight, seven-year-old kumar polk is in the fight of his life. >> he is so little. i could just cry thinking about it. >> reporter: his coach in disbelief that the bright little boy he knows as a star football and basketball player is suffering. >> i never expected to have to deal with one of my kids getting shot. >> reporter: kumar's neighbors were shock today hear the gunfire last night. >> it sounded like someone was at war. >> reporter: and stunned when they realized the boy had been hit. the bullets shattered linda tyler's car window, but nothing prepared her for hearing someone had shot her seven-year- old neighbor. >> that is terrible. i don't understand it. i never will. >> reporter: to make matters worse, the shooters are still out there, and people who live here worry witnesses are too afraid to turn them in. >> people don't talk to the police. you lose your life. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix5. the hunt is on for a man who try today rip a necklace after a woman's neck last
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night. fremont police say this guy cased this woman's house. when she got out of her car, he pounced but she fought him off and he fled in this honda accord, gold with tinted windows and alloy rimmed. it was missing a front license plate. environmentalists have filed a lawsuit to drain the hetch hetchy reservoir. the city of san francisco which operate it is area to store water downstream. environmentalists say the reservoir ruined the valley's natural glory. the city says it will fight the lawsuit. also tonight, president obama wants some answers. he has ordered a full review of an air strike that killed one of our own. an american being held hostage in pakistan. >> i profoundly regret what happened. on behalf of the united states government, i offer our deepest apologies. >> the drone strike happened in
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january. the cia didn't realize until this month that two hostages were killed. american aide worker warren weinstein, and italian giovanni laporto. >> based on the intelligence we received at the time and hundreds of hours of surveillance, we believed this was an al-qaeda compound, that no civilians were present and capturing the terrorists was not possible. >> it appears the hostages were kept nearby as shields for the senior leader. he turned out to be an american named amed farouq who once hatched a plan to steal vessels and ram them into ships. another drone strike killed a american without the cia knowing about it. this time, adam gadan recruiting propaganda videos. he had been indicted for treason and had a million
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dollars reward on his head. he grew up in a remote goat farm in southern california and converted to islam at 17 and left for pakistan a few years later. his family had not heard for him in over a decade. a san jose university that caters to international students under federal scrutiny tonight. we take you inside. it is what we didn't find that is raising a red flag. >> and tonight, one bay area city wants you to use your smartphone while you drive. how it could make the roads a lot safer. >> and youtube turns 10. but what was the very first video? that's next.
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and performance... been available... for this kind of price. the 2015 cla from mercedes-benz. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. >> if you want to come to the united states and get a job, it is a well known secret that a student visa is the easy ticket in. devin fehely found out all you need is about 20 grand to enroll in the right university. >> reporter: several schools here in california have been caught abusing the system. another one in san jose is in the government's sights. deserted hallways. half empty classrooms. 2700 students were enrolled at international technological university. a recently accredited school in san jose. so where is everyone?
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ito's president dr. gregory o'brien took us on a tour of the school's new campus. he says it may look empty because the students work full time in a paid internship program. many of the students only come three weekends a semester. >> so they couldn't get credit for this curricular training working at a grocery store or for the sanitation department. >> no. not unless they are in the it sanitation department. if it is not relevant, we don't approve it. >> reporter: but that has not always been the case. a student was murdered in a robbery in oklahoma working there as a gas station. a former admissions officer says the school then was nothing more than a visa mill. she would not go on camera but gave us her letter of resignation. she was forced to falsify documents and said many students were attending classes
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when many had not been to california. >> the real danger is the fact that half of the illegal immigration in the united states is an overstay. someone who came here legally and continues to stay here illegally. >> reporter: one of the bombers was here on an expired permit. >> terrorists are not going to go to mexico and sneak across. they are going to get a legal visa. what is the easiest one they can get? the student visa. >> any time you have a system that allows opportunities for students and criminal organizations to exploit it, they will. >> reporter: lou ferrell holds up homeland security's student program monitoring schools with international students. >> there are all kinds of red flags in the system. that alert us to schools that are not reporting properly. >> reporter: say for example if a school which according to
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your own numbers had nearly 3,000 people, but any time we have gone to visit it, it is empty, would that be a red flag? >> absolutely. >> reporter: he says his agency is cracking down. just last month, ice agents arrested the operator of a chain of schools in los angeles alleging they were a front for a pay to stay immigration scheme. here in the bay area, the president of trivalley university was sentenced last december to 16 years for operating a visa mill out of this building in pleasanton. and the ceo down the street from itu pled guilty to falsifying documents. itu used to have that reputation, but now ... >> i couldn't say there aren't people who come here to find work. but, they are not welcome here. this is a learning experience. not an employment experience. >> reporter: now we asked the school what companies in silicon valley are hiring their interns. keep in mind there are thousands of them. but so far, we haven't gotten
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any response. >> so how many student visas does the government actually issue? >> reporter: 1.4 million at last count. unlike work visas, there is no quota for student visas. >> wow. >> amazing. so many people wringing their hands over illegal immigration when there are millions of people comeing in and some of them are gaming the system. >> reporter: it is really a poorly kept secret that this is a back door into the united states for many people. >> interesting. >> thank you devin. state assembly has approved renaming the waldo tunnel after the late robin williams. that bill will head to the transportation committee for final approval. the tunnel's rainbow remines people of williams rainbow suspenders in the show mork and mindy. usa today has voted the cinequest film festival as the best in the country.
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it showed off its accomplishment on its website beating out sun dance, tribeca. those are only second to cinequest. it has been ten years since the launch of youtube. >> tonight, the bay area based site has more than a billion users. cate caugurian showstous home video that started it all. >> reporter: it gained fame as a wild kingdom of musical cats, dramatic chipmunks and screaming goats. a place where embarrassing moments live on in infamy. children have always been a favorite subject. >> charlie, that really hurt. >> reporter: the infamous charlie bit my finger has been viewed 800 million times. but youtube is also a platform for protest. it is the world's video champ. how else could a korean rapper
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become a global phenomenon? with 2.3 billion views, gangham style is the most viewed video on youtube. >> it is all there is to it. >> reporter: today, more than 300 hours of video are up loaded every minute. it may not be making a profit, but it has made a difference. becoming a repository of history and culture. >> the president of the united states of america! >> reporter: youtube opened its first office between a pizzariaa and a japanese restaurant in san mateo. ten years later, it is now worth $40 billion. google bought it in 2006. i'm cate caugurian, kpix5. pizza must have been good. >> yeah? >> really good pizza. >> they can buy as much as they want. >> a billion users. >> only ten years old. feels like it has been here since before we were born. all right, got some rain coming. this is wonderful news. and the timing on this.
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wait until you see. could not be more perfect. i'll explain coming um. a cluster of thunderstorms heading directly for lake tahoe. look at that right there. a lot of activity going on throughout the state right now for a fifth consecutive evening. finally, some of that will make it here. your lawn gets watered. not by the water coming out of the ground, mother nature will do it for you. dublin, a little sunshine. only 66 degrees. it is saturday morning when showers roll in. right as the weekend begins, the rain will begin as well. using a baseball analogy, it is like a pitching machine. a lot of moisture, a lot of unstable air being thrown in different directions. finally, some of it will make it here into the bay area. the pitch, if you will, arrives late friday evening into saturday morning. when it does, we will talk about rainfall moving in the first time in a long time. after that rain is gone, we are back to a ridge of high
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pressure. sunnier weather. now to the timing. this is the best part. i know a lot of you have weekend plans. clouds build friday evening. rain arrives in the north bay tomorrow night by this time tomorrow night. but the rain is in and out before sunrise. your weekend plans will not be impacted. as a matter of fact, saturday afternoon will likely be mainly sunny. you will get a quarter inch of much needed rainfall and it won't even touch your weekend plans at all. so we are partly to mostly cloudy. tomorrow is kind of chilly. mixture of sun and clouds and a quarter inch of rainfall moves in before sunrise saturday. 60s tomorrow. that is it. concord, 67. four degrees below average. san jose, only 66 for you. union city, 64. danville, san ramon, pittsburgh, mid to upper 60s . partly sunny skies. still some fog in san francisco. high of 60. petaluma, 66. lake port, 66. early saturday, rain. dry for the rest of the day. and sunny and warm. we are talking 80s by next monday and tuesday away from
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the water. much needed
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>> well, we all know about the dangers of distracted driving. >> tonight, one bay area city wants you to use your smartphone behind the wheel. walnut creek unveiled a new app
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called enlighten. it lets you know how much time you have before the stoplight turns green. they give you a count down and honking cue when it is time to go. >> even the best of us daydream. and the whistle goes off and i'm glad it is doing that instead of the guy behind me honking because i haven't been paying attention. >> the app will tell drivers if they can make it to a green light at their current speed. [ laughter ] break out the brooms. the giants sweeping the blue right out of the dodger dugout. the warriors on the verge [bulldog yawns] it's finally morning! i can't wait to get to mattress discounters because the tempur-pedic bonus event ends sunday. i'll have first pick from the huge selection of tempur-pedic mattresses. then i'll get to choose $300 in pillows, sheets and other free gifts.
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on top of that, up to 48 months interest-free financing! hurry! mattress discounters' tempur-pedic bonus event ends sunday. mmm... some alarm clock you turned out to be. ♪ mattress discounters ♪ >> steph curry is to the warriors what joe montana was to the 49ers. a cool solid confidence and he live ins the moment and thrives on pressure. that moment tonight in new orleans. this guy had five hurricanes and a dozen begnet too many.
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the bench outscored the warriors by 32. and most of that had to do with a former cal star. ryan anderson had 26 points. pelicans led by 20 points when the fourth quarter started. but then like aerosmith sang, the warriors began to chip away. harrison barnes. curry found it when it mattered. the three ball cuts the deficit to two with 11 seconds left. they were down by three. eight seconds to go. curry chanced to tie it. didn't go. curry one more time. we got a tie. only curry. and that really took the air out of the smoothie king center. 40 points for the presumed mvp. here comes harrison barnes with a three-ball. they had two-point lead with two seconds left in overtime. anthony davis drives the lane sent away by andrew bogut. 123-119, the warriors win.
2:07 am
>> so what was said in the locker room afterwards? >> well, i can't repeat it exactly. because, uh, unless we are on cable. i could probably say it on cable. are we on cable? >> steph in the corner, good! >> once i got it off, i was kind of bracing for impact. i knew they were closing out pretty hard. i got hit really hard. i thought i was going to get a foul call. i have actually seen the play. it was pretty obvious. if you think about it. but ... >> like i said, we didn't execute the game plan. we were supposed to file. we are all feeling like dirt right now. >> warriors can sweep that series saturday. the giants swept theirs today and sent the dodgers the message in the process. the world series goes through san francisco. hunter pence inching his way back from a broken arm. his replacement, this guy, justin maxwell. but how howie kendrick with a bases loaded catch. give me maxwell one more time.
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that is the second straight walk-off. the giants sweep the dodgers 3- 2. how about the as and angels? jesse chavez starting for jesse hahn who is nursing a blister. kole calhoun. they lost the game 2-0. clearing up in daly city. to see the olympic clip. first round, swinging skirts classic. shot of the day, stacey lewis. on 11, this for eagle. and the eagle has landed. how about that? lewis shot a three under 69. she is two back of the defending champion. 19 of the 20 best golfers in the lbga are here in daly city. you have three more days to check it out. >> what is amazing about that is
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>> david letterman is next with robert downey jr. >> you can see highlights female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event! is ending soon! get three years interest-free financing on beautyrest black, stearns & foster serta icomfort even tempur-pedic. plus, get free delivery, free set-up, and free removal of your old mattress and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. but hurry! sleep train's interest free for 3 event is ending soon. ...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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