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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  April 22, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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this chokehold on a student is an example of why they don't need more school security or police officers on campus. last month the district placed the two security officers on leave over what school police call excessive use of force. >> put a cap on sworn officers. >> reporter: the black organizing project along with some students say instead, them the district to use the money for more prevention and intervention programs. >> they can have counselors there to help kids. >> reporter: but the district says just like books, safety is a basic necessity. >> security is first and foremost if a person is hurt if they're threatened. they are not going to be able to learn. >> reporter: the school police department says in just the last 11 months, they responded to almost 2,000 calls for help. >> there is a reason to have a school police department. oakland pd is not going to be able to support the requests from these schools. they have enough issues that they deal with within the city and they are understaffed. >> reporter: the chief says
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they deal with robberies, guns on campus and even fights like this where a student beat up a teacher! [ screaming ] >> reporter: some parents say this is why they need prevention programs before it's too late. >> we want the district to put their money where their mouth is. if you are saying that this is the direction that you want to go and you want to change the climate this way, you actually have to back it up with the money. >> reporter: the parents and students want to limit funding for the school police department for this upcoming fiscal year. eventually they want to eliminate the departments altogether. live in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. oakland unified is the only district in the bay area to have a police department. l.a. unified school district also has one. the search is on right now for a missing cupertino teenager who was last seen at his high school on monday. len ramirez has the pleas from the boy's parents. len. >> reporter: volunteers continue to gather here at monte vista high school in cupertino. we are talking about students, parents, community people, and,
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of course, the santa clara county sheriff's office. they are organizing now and will be going out and going into search areas looking for the missing teen, 17-year-old connor sullivan, a standout wrestler, cross-country and track athlete who has been missing since monday morning. he attended first period class but was absent the rest of the day and skipped track practice. his parents say nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary with him when he left for school on monday. >> connor, if you can hear this message, you're not in trouble. we love you. please come home. >> reporter: investigators say they have no reason to suspect foul play. they think he is still in the area. he has no car, no money, but he does have a cell phone that has been turned off. anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call the santa clara county sheriff's office or dial 911. live in cupertino, len ramirez, kpix 5. let's get a live look from
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chopper 5. an apparent family dispute erupted into a shooting. it happened about 2 hours ago at a home on crestview drive. investigators say a 66-year-old man shot a 33-year-old male family member several times possibly in self-defense. they are looking into what happened. the victim is in the hospital. a federal appeals court has tossed out barry bonds' conviction related to the steroids scandal. former san francisco giant star was found guilty in 20 11 of obstruction of justice. the jurors said he gave misleading testimony over when used performance-enhancing drugs steroids. today's ruling wipes out all that is left of the legal case against barry bonds. his attorneys claim complete vindication. bonds said late this afternoon: this has been a long and strenuous period in my life. i very much look forward to
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moving beyond it. i do so without ill will toward anyone. our sports director dennis o'donnell is here with more on what this means for barry bonds and his baseball legacy. couple of questions. does this clear the way to the hall of fame for him? a lot of people want to know. will he get back into baseball? he has been hanging around the giants the last couple seasons. >> we saw him with larry baer watching the dodger game last night. he is front and center right now with the giants. but bonds might be a free man in the court of legal opinion, he remains however guilty in the court of public opinion. and more importantly, to the writers who cast the votes for the hall of fame. barry bonds is and perhaps will always be the poster child for steroids era. he will walk down the street and a kid will say to his father, look, dad, there goes the home run king. the father says but -- that will never go away. the ninth circuit court of appeals does not exist in
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baseball. he cannot appeal history but someday hopefully soon he will be voted into the hall of fame. he was baseball's biggest draw mow predigit just home run hitter and the one player you wouldn't miss swing the bat. did he cheat? yes. does that erase all the great things did he in the game? no. if i had a hall of fame vote i would cast it for barry bonds. it's just time. >> it's interesting because one of those scenarios could be he gets into the hall of fame and they tell the story, you know, barry bonds was investigated, he was convicted, and then the conviction was thrown out. tell the story of the hall of fame. >> when i saw bonds sitting next to larry baer last night i thought of willie mays, willie mccovey, zepeda in the baseball hall of fame all part of the giants now. barry bonds in that circle and eventually will be in the hall of fame and you're right, steroids is a part of baseball history. and should be included in the hall of fame. >> tell the story. coming up at 6:30, we are getting lots of reaction to this case and we'll hear from barry bonds' lawyer on what
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this ruling means for his client. a push to require vaccinations for california schoolkids is moving ahead in sacramento with a few changes. derek shore shows you opponents have no plans to give up the fight. notice. vote ] >> votes taken. >> 7-2, the bill is out. >> reporter: with that vote the controversial sb-277 passed another major hurdle on its way to becoming law and what a difference a week makes. it was last wednesday the bill that would remove parents' right to choose if their children are vaccinated and attend schools stalled here in the senate education committee. >> these are my kids. this is totally -- this is totally taking away a right of mine to choose how i want to get medical care for them. >> reporter: opponents again packing in but this time without public comment, expressing their out rage after the vote. >> i think that that is a discussion that also between the parents and the doctor and
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that is a decision that does not belong in government. >> reporter: after hearing concerns last week, senators dr. richard pan and ben allen amended the bill and it seems to have been enough. now making it clear homeschools and students working independent study curricula are exempts. >> we think we have struck a fair balance that provides more options to parents who are concerned about not vaccinating their children. >> reporter: while not everyone agreed -- >> this will not go far enough to help a two-income family who cannot homeschool their child or a single working parent. >> let's call the roll. >> reporter: it was seven votes that carried the bill. >> there is a very large number of people who are supporting this bill and we can't forget that. >> reporter: senator pan today thanking the committee for its support while opponents promise to continue the fight. >> it is not fair politics. we will continue to fight and we know what was done behind the scenes to stack this bill in senator pan's favor. >> reporter: at the state
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capital in sacramento, derek shore, kpix 5. in washington, lawmakers are trying to speed up the flow of drought relief to california. the feds have been studying a handful of water storage proposals for california for nearly two decades now. today a house panel passed legislation requiring that those studies be completed in the next two years. the full house is expected to take up the bill next week. sudden change of plans. san francisco's archbishop says he will not be attending the march for marriage this weekend in washington, d.c. archbishop cordileone had planned to take part in the march and rally but he says other catholic bishops will take his place. cordileone has helped lead the church's opposition to same-sex marriage. he attended the rally last year over objections from a number of local groups. this year's rally has extra significance. the supreme court will be hearing arguments in a critical gay marriage case next tuesday. meanwhile san francisco just unveiled its plans for a
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massive 8-day super bowl bash. but there's a problem. what to do with all the people who already live on the streets of super bowl city. kpix 5's phil matier put that question to the city today. phil. >> reporter: that's right, ken. when the world is watching san francisco and the super bowl, what the city wants to show is a scene like this behind me. the fun of a bocce ball court. what they don't want you to see is what's in fronts of that fun lying on the ground and they are already starting to make moves to move 'em. this is the super bowl city that boosters want the world to see, market street and justin herman plaza bursting with fun. but on most days, a walk through justin herman plaza gives a decidedly different picture. >> i get it. i mean i get it every day. people tell me what they don't like and what they are concerned about. >> reporter: that may be one reason why before the big super bowl unveiling the cops did what they are doing more often in the area these days. >> [ indiscernible
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so all of us had to move so we all went over to [ indiscernible ] and [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: what do you do? >> leave. >> reporter: then what do you do? >> go sit somewhere else. get told to leave again. same thing every day. >> reporter: police we talked with off camera tell us the move-on policy is pretty much the drill even when it's on the steps of city hall. >> when there's big events a lot of times homeless people get the short end of the stick. >> reporter: openly harassing the homeless is political dynamite in liberal san francisco. >> we have less than a year on the clock to have the area of embarcadero to be available for everybody to come in. >> reporter: no one is talking publicly but a hint of the mayor's plan may be found at what happened at fifth and bryant where after moving an encampment to the city's new homeless center, the city then quietly put up barricades to keep them out. so are we not going to allow
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them to hang out and sleep down in the justin herman plaza like they have been doing? >> i think for the benefit of the thousands of people -- there won't be any room, phil, to be candid with you. there won't be any room for anybody. >> reporter: and that's another tactic they're using even here at justin herman plaza. you see the people? they are starting to come in for the night but the idea is to keep it hopping at least long enough so the tourists leave they don't see it. in san francisco, phil matier, kpix 5. >> super bowl city will be up for eight days leading up to the big game, the super bowl. more than a million people are expected to stop by. still ahead burglars hit a skate shop twice in one week. they were caught on camera. the surprising items they left behind. >> not just for searching. google gets into the wireless game and it's promising less. can you hear me now? >> plus, no books in these backpacks. why people are carrying around trash. and lots of it.
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>> for the second straight evening there is widespread thunderstorm activity in california. it's over the sierra. some thunderstorms only about an hour west of tahoe. we now have a rain chance in the bay area. find out when rain will fall in late april in san francisco and all the bay area
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crooks hit a peninsula skate shop twic in a week. kpix 5's devin fehely with the video that could bust some brazen burglars. >> reporter: security cameras captured the suspects as they hurled a large rock at the storefront and then kicked in the front door #last skate and clothing store in downtown san mateo. sunday's break-in was the second in a span of a week. >> it's brazen for them to
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commit the same crime twice to the same people. >> reporter: once inside the store, the thieves quickly shoveled armfuls of clothing into what appears to be a garbage bag and were gone in less than a minute. like a cut that's scabbed over but hasn't fully healed, hearts of glass still stick out from the boarded up window frames in front of the store, shards of glass still sticking out. they have been in business for nearly 10 years and customers tried to understand who would target this store. >> they do a lot for the community. aside from being just a store they put on events and support the skate community and support the community in general. stow it's kind of disheartening to see someone who cares about the community get, you know, robbed and burglarized, violated. >> reporter: the store's owners posted pictures of the damage which have spread like wildfire on social media. they hope that and a $2,500 reward will help police catch the brazen break-in artists. devin fehely, kpix 5. >> the store's owner says there was one thing the bandits left
6:16 pm
behind. they didn't grab any of the most expensive skateboards. brentwood police released surveillance footage that shows robbers suspect in a string of crimes. the three robberies happened on saturday night. the footage is from a movie theater outside the streets of brentwood shopping center. a black car pulled up and dropped off two people wearing hoods. police say one of them had a handgun and robbed a group of teens. two more similar robberies happened later in the night in the same area. some mixed earnings today from a couple of silicon valley's big names. ebay beat expectations with its earnings during the 1st quarter of the year. part of it is due to an increase in the number of paypal accounts. the money generated from purchases made with paypal accounts rose by 18%. ebay stock went up about 6% after the bell. and facebook is going the opposite direction tonight. its 1st quarter revenue missed
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expectations. investors didn't like that its stock is down about 2% in after- hours trading but the company says it now has more active monthly users than china has people! china's population is 1.4 billion. overall a positive wednesday on wall street. dow was up 88 points to just over 18,000. nasdaq gained 21. and the s&p also up 10. google wants to be your wireless service provider. the search giant just unveiled a new service called project fi. cnet on how it works and how it could save you money. >> reporter: google's android operating system powers more than 80% of the world's smartphones. and now the tech giant will start offering a wireless service. google's new project fi seam listly switches between wi-fi and cell phone signals depending what's available. >> google hasn't announced which wi-fi hot spots it's using and they promise to encrypt the files so you should
6:18 pm
feel more free and comfortable using it. >> reporter: google isn't building its own wireless network but instead partnering with sprint and t-mobile to use their networks. >> if you are in an area that would maybe be like a dead zone, instead of you scrambling to try to find some other way to stay connected, that may or may not be secure, google is promising to do all of this for you. >> reporter: project fi's no contract pricing plan could change the way other carriers operate. there's a $20 basic fee for calls, texts and by if i tethering. you pay $10 for data in advance and then you get it credited back so you only pay for what you use at the end of the month. >> if this takes off we'll see an undercutting of the carriers. carriers could start offering the same kind of pro rated model which would be even better for the consumer. >> reporter: initially the service will only be available on google's nexus 6 smartphones. in san francisco, for cbs news. how much trash do you though away in a day?
6:19 pm
you might be surprised. especially if you had to carry it with you. new at 6:00, kpix 5's don ford on the earth day exercise with some heavy lifting involved. >> reporter: earth day in berkeley and businessman greg dalton is headed to a meeting where he could be told he is full of garbage. because he is! it's trash. real garbage in that backpack. he is part of a five-day trash on your back challenge. for the past five days, everything he normally throws in the garbage goes into the backpack. and he must carry it with him at all times. the exercise can get sticky. >> this is an organics. this is a plate from the goldman environmental prize eggs i cooked for may daughter. she got the eggs, i got the waste. >> reporter: some people don't know what to make of bringing garbage to an expensive business luncheon. couple of days ago he went to the opera. >> my wife was near me but a lot of people were supportive. >> reporter: ellen cohan is checking her trash, too.
6:20 pm
she brings it to work. and her coworkers noticed. you know these people bringing garbage into the office? >> i have seen them carrying their bags around with it in there. >> it's bringing up a lot of good questions starting a lot of good conversations. >> people around the country have done this. people in the nfl have done this. navy admirals have done this to get the point to get people thinking and talking about the trash we create. >> reporter: according to the commonwealth club, the average person throws away 4.5 pounds of waste every day. good thick this competition only lasts for five days. in san francisco, don ford, kpix 5. >> people all over the bay area celebrated earth day today. mr. president, schools, volunteer groups worked on cleaning up garbage and beautifying their neighborhoods. in concord, elementary school students helped plant four drought-tolerant trees. in the south bay a volunteer group took over cesar chavez park picking up trash cleaning up the area. the group from the marriott hotel staff said it's now
6:21 pm
officially adopting the park in order to keep it looking good. >> every day should be earth day. don't you think? >> absolutely. all good stuff. >> yeah. nice to see that happening. >> yeah. every day picking -- kind of take care of your little chunk of the country. how about a little rain on our little chunk of earth? >> now, you know, don't get greedy, ken. now, here's the weird thing. it is raining to our east and south and -- it is every direction but here. but we have a chance of rain in the seven-day forecast. we'll talk about what's going on now first. sunshine at the golden gate. big contrast from yesterday. san francisco, eh, a little warmer but not much. yesterday 55. today 61. at least warmer. napa 70. fremont 70 with afternoon sunshine. the sun came out earlier in san jose. 71. livermore warm 75. giants baseball taking on those hated los angeles dodgers! 7:15 first pitch. breezy and cool which we probably could say for 79 of the 81 home games but it will breezy and cool first pitch
6:22 pm
tonight 58 degrees. level off around 50 tonight. san rafael 48. pacifica tonight 49 degrees. sun-up at 6:24. earlier by a minute and a half every day. thunderstorms if you look off to the east you see cloud cover. cloud cover is coming off the sierra where it has poured for a second day. the low pressure up to the north, that low is going to give us a weak cold front sliding by while you're sleeping friday night, very early saturday morning, it's going to give us some rainfall. not much. about .10" but it will be enough to water your lawn. so you don't have to do it. turn the sprinklers off this rain will be coming early saturday. it gets out of here so most of your saturday is dry and then a ridge of high pressure builds in and we'll be dry sunday, monday, tuesday. and back up around 80 degrees away from the water. tomorrow another morning with lots of cloud cover another afternoon with lots of sunshine. fremont 68. fairfield 76. napa tomorrow 76 degrees. couple of degrees cooler on friday morning clouds afternoon
6:23 pm
sun same drill. it's early saturday rain, ken! on saturday afternoon we're dry. >> i'm going to a wedding saturday. >> oh, no, no, no. wait a minute. let's go back to the three shot here. you can't sit here and ask for rain and then 90 seconds late your he get rain, oh, but -- >> rather inconvenient of you, paul. >> now you want rain on a specific day? >> well, we need sunshine on the wedding day. make it so. >> thanks, paul. still ahead healing for our nation's heroes. female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event! is ending soon! get three years interest-free financing on beautyrest black, stearns & foster serta icomfort even tempur-pedic. plus, get free delivery, free set-up, and free removal of your old mattress and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee.
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scars of war run deep but there's a unique program in santa cruz to help wounded warriors recover. reporter jake reiner shows us the healing power of the surf. >> reporter: riding a wave much less getting in the water was something david melendez never thought he would do again.
6:26 pm
>> i was paralyzed for a month and a half not able to do anything at all. >> reporter: just eight months ago while training in the army he jumped into a pit of water and mud and broke his neck. he almost drowned. >> i couldn't hold on to my situation correctly. i was -- i just thought that i was not going to be able to get back on my feet ever again. >> reporter: but with the help of his family and military rehab specialists the 22-year- old is in santa cruz relearning a sport he grew up doing in puerto rico. >> it's a week-long program for wounded military men and women. we have guys here from the united kingdom as well as from all over the united states. >> it felt amazing. it's incredible. >> reporter: this week-long surf program is all volunteer and will take soldiers to capitola beaches as well all taught by local instructors. >> we are the only ones that put the limitations up. >> reporter: for david melendez overcoming his biggest fear of getting back in the water that almost killed him. >> i'm very thankful.
6:27 pm
it's incredible how there's groups out there that do this. >> it's a great program. i have seen it at the back end of the dream inn. some of the participants coming from the uk. the treatment program runs through the weekend. >> good stuff. coming up in our next half- hour, a win for barry bonds in the steroids scandal. what the latest ruling means for the former
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now at 6:30, conviction overturned for forms giants slugger barry bonds after a complicated court battle spanning several years. welcome back, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. reaction is still coming in on this latest twist in the barry bonds case. joe vazquez is at at&t park. he caught:with fans as well as one of bonds' lawyers. joe. >> reporter: i just spoke with barry bonds' attorney a few minutes ago. he says the slugger is relieved at the news today and you know a lot of folks i talked to inside shared that sentiment. as today's giants warm up before the game, fans are reacting to the news about their hero from yesteryear. >> i think he deserves it. he needs to be out here. >> barry bonds, barry bonds!
6:31 pm
>> reporter: the federal appeals court ruled that barry bonds' felony conviction was wrong and that the jury's decision will be reversed. the 11-judge panel said there was insufficient evidence that an evasive statement bonds gave during the grand jury process rose to the level of the crime of obstruction of justice. the court also ruled that the case is acquitted, closing the door on any future prosecutions. they didn't say he didn't do steroids. they just said the government didn't prove their case. >> that's okay. even if he did, that's okay. [ laughter ] >> reporter: barry bonds released a statement saying, quote, i am humbled and truly thankful for the outcome as well as the opportunity our judicial system affords to all individuals to seek justice. his attorney dennis riordan says, it's an enormous load off the home run champion's shoulders. >> a great sense of relief, a great sense of gratitude to all who supported him and very much looking forward towards the future. >> devastating for the
6:32 pm
prosecution. >> reporter: melissa griffin- caen is a kpix 5 legal analyst. >> they not only said, we're going to negate the prior jury finding, but we find as a matter of fact that the government didn't prove its case and he is done and he is acquitted. that's really unusual extraordinary remedy. it goes it show how weak the prosecution's case really was. >> reporter: federal prosecutors had no comment. as for barry bonds, well, he was at last night's game against the dodgers. they got another game here coming up so we'll see if he has anything to say to us directly. reporting live, i'm joe vazquez, kpix 5. a look at our other top stories tonight. the search is on for a missing cupertino teen. connor sullivan is 17 years old missing since monday. his parents have no explanation for his disappearance. police say they have no evidence of foul play. search teams are combing the area and some nearby hiking trails. a bill that would require vaccinations for california schoolkids cleared a senate committee in sacramento today.
6:33 pm
sb-277 would eliminate the state's "personal belief" exemption and religious exemption. the only exception welcome back for medical reasons. large and very vocal turnout at the oakland school board meeting tonight. the district is debating whether it needs to beef up its school police force. many parents say the money would be better spent on prevention and intervention programs. form your hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina is expected to launch a presidential bid early next month. fiorina will announce her candidacy online and hold a conference call for the media. right now she is in iowa addressing voters and setting the stage for her bid. the former bay area business executive is expected to launch her campaign on may 4. she joins three other republican candidates. the man who shot president reagan three decades ago is now trying to gain more freedom. cbs reporter craig boswell on the hearings that started today. >> reporter: john hinkley junior spends most of his time living with has mother at her
6:34 pm
home in virginia since he shot president reagan and three others 34 years ago. now he is fighting for more freedom. since a jury found him not guilty by reason of insanity, hinkley has lived at a mental hospital. for the past year, he has been allowed to spend 17 days a month in his mother's gated community in williamsburg. he has been following strict requirements including meeting with a psychiatrist and therapist and getting a volunteer job. sandra worked with hinkley at a local hospital. >> i don't think they should fear him because i don't think, you know, that is a danger to anyone. >> reporter: hinkley was 25 when he shot president reagan. now nearly 60, reagan's daughter patty davis wrote this week she believes he is still a danger and others agree. >> anytime you know you have someone in your community that's committed the types of crimes that mr. hinkley committed, it's a concern. >> reporter: several doctors have testified in u.s. district court that hinkley no longer suffers from psychosis and
6:35 pm
major depression. but he still has a narcists stick personalities disorder. >> now until the day he dies the secret service will be part of his life. >> reporter: the hearings are expected to go on for days. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> from food to fitness and everything in between, coming up, meet the bay area woman giving seniors the tools they need to learn and thrive. >> plus, could it be the last chapter? why this bay area haven for comic
6:36 pm
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muddle no more™. breaking news. we are getting reports of a 7- year-old girl hit by gunfire in the city of vallejo. this happened this afternoon outside this house right here at fifth and cherry. this is video that's just coming in from the scene.
6:38 pm
the girl's condition lessed as serious. a 7-year-old hit by gunfire outside a home on cherry street. a pregnant manager at popeyes is robbed at gunpoint and fired from the fast food joint after she refuses to pay back the money that was stolen. that and more on nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. san francisco's cartoon art museum is drawing up something new tonight moving plans. kpix 5's mike sugerman tells us this is one story that just keeps being reprinted. >> reporter: something really not funny is happening at a place that's been providing laughs for years. the san francisco cartoon museum. >> we are going to have to move out of the space at the end of june. >> reporter: the cartoon museum is one of the only collections of its kind in the world. original peanuts and flintstones, political and satirical cartoons stuff you
6:39 pm
have not seen before, 7,000 pieces that would be stuck in boxes gathering dust without it. but the museum located south of market and san francisco. stop me if you have heard this before. >> the occupancy in this neighborhood is full. there's not a lot of available space. so a lot of tech companies -- this has become a sort of tech corridor. >> reporter: they are paying $20,000 a month now. that's a lot for a nonprofit. but the rent is likely to double. so the museum has to draw up new plans. >> you know, yeah, you'll get this clientele that can spend that kinds of money but then you're going to lose that ability for the neighborhood to integrate and be a usable workable neighborhood and that's i real concern. >> reporter: it's the stuff of a pointed political cartoon. san francisco is losing what makes it san francisco. art, culture, quirky stuff like the cartoon museum. >> think it's a detriment to the city. it's -- it's -- it makes it difficult for people to be,
6:40 pm
you know, to learn new things and to see things that they love and to carry on. >> reporter: they are looking for a new place but finding space in this city is not fun. the last caption of this panel has yet to be written. mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> the museum is actively search for a new long term location. but that won't happen until this fall at the very earliest. still ahead helping people help themselves. >> how this week's jefferson award winner is giving seniors much-needed connections to the community around them. >> sun came out earlier today. it was milder. but as we look at the time lapse from the exploratorium those clouds building off to the east, those are what's left over from thunderstorms bubbling up over the sierra. a little bit of sunshine now at ocean beach. we'll talk
6:41 pm
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some call this woke's jefferson award winner a hero to seniors. sharon chin is here to tell us how she helps them create a sense of communities. >> thousands of people elderly and disabled in san francisco no longer feel lonely because
6:44 pm
maria jobling helps them help themselves. >> reporter: when ana aureoles had surgery to remove a brain tumor she didn't know how she would manage then maria jobling got her home and gave her a computer so she wouldn't feel isolated. >> i'm here alone surrounded with all my memories and then i have this wonderful connection. >> reporter: this this day, ana remains grateful marie kept her connected. >> it's always exciting. you see people grow and it light bulb kinds of goes on. >> she is totally family. >> reporter: ana is one of 1500 pima reserves every year through the community living campaign a nonprofit she founded in 2007. >> look at that. that's great. >> reporter: marie has worked with seniors and adults with disabilities for years in san francisco as executive director for community living campaign, she provides a network of resources to help them turn
6:45 pm
strangers into neighbors and neighbors into friends. >> we found the most important thing is to give people the opportunity to contribute and to really be active participants in their own community ♪[ music ]♪ >> reporter: a handful of staff and several dozen volunteers organized neighbors to join activities. >> it's a real magic of it that the community really decided what was next. >> to shop online or not? >> reporter: the eventses range from computer training to fitness classes and food deliveries for those who can't stand in line at local pantries. >> it wasn't just about the food. it was to let people know that they're still a part of the community and that we care that they're healthy. >> you could do research. >> reporter: client judy auda has become an active organizer even getting paid part time for coordinating events with marie's oversight. >> she gets it all the way. she talks to the people who need to be talked to. >> reporter: people like ana. >> you saw me coming in and you had this wonderful smile on your face. >> she's my human circle.
6:46 pm
>> has anybody gone on be >> reporter: so for creating communities through neighborhood networks for seniors, this week's award goes to maria jobling. >> the community living campaign serves mostly southeast san francisco neighborhoods like the bayview, merced, mission and others. it's funded by grants, fundraising events and individual donations. >> some things you know other generations don't give a second thought about like shopping online. they need help. >> they do and she brings them all together. >> thank you. the jefferson award selection committee is meeting in a few days. now is the time to nominate your local hero online at what's going on in your backyard? get that on television. head to reports in just over the past
6:47 pm
hour. we'll head toward the delta and pittsburg where john reports 70 degrees but clouds already on the increase. santa rosa 58 degrees. down the road 71 degrees. peggi rodgers reporting cloudy skies. right along the coastline the chilliest temperature being reported is lindsey, 52 degrees in pacifica onshore low at 11 miles per hour. brief sunshine this afternoon. receiving low and marine layer is beginning to move in. we cap see some of that cloud cover right -- we can see some of that cloud cover right now. thunderstorms bubbling up over the sierra for a second day in a row. it's raining somewhere in california. livermore out of the70s now. low 60s for san jose, santa rosa and san bruno. there are your thunderstorms still a few new ones about 50 miles to the west of lake tahoe staying in the sierra not
6:48 pm
leaking into the central valley just yet. tomorrow more thunderstorms for tahoe, yosemite, even showers in the san joaquin valley, fresno 79 degrees. that's because of a low pressure area sitting off the mexico and far southern california coastlines. this will really not be a weather player for us. it is a different area of low pressure up to the north that will as that guy moves through the pacific northwest, not much changes around here. as it exits the pacific northwest, it will drag a weak boundary or front with it. that's going to give us some rain a new rain chance added to our forecast. we have added a rain chance for friday night and early saturday morning. enjoy the rain while we have it. we are going to get it for a couple of hours because high pressure builds in after that. sunny and warmer with less onshore flow starting saturday afternoon. clouds moving in as soon as lunchtime on friday. there's your rain. about a tenths of an inch another to water the lawn. you don't have to pull water out of the ground.
6:49 pm
that's very early saturday morning. cloudy overnight tonight. tomorrow, morning clouds, afternoon sunshine, much like today. that shower chance very early over the weekend most of saturday will be dry but rain saturday morning. oakland 69 tomorrow. redwood city 69. 73 pleasant hill with morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. san francisco 64. richmond tomorrow afternoon sunshine 69 degrees. tiny shower chance on saturday morning. that's all about the sunshine. sunday through the middle of next week we are sunnier and drier. we'll be right
6:50 pm
we showed these kids some items from a nearby store, whoa! but they didn't know they were all tobacco products.
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and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event is ending soon. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ pelicans head coach is probably thankful to be rid of oracle. >> i'm not so sure that the decibel level is legal there. um, i'm serious. >> now, that was monday. today the warriors boarded their plane bound for the big easy where they will look to take a three-nothing series lead tomorrow. after those comments, williams clarified that he was joking. and today was a little bit more careful with his words. >> how important was the last [ indiscernible ] coming back? >> very. [ laughter ] >> can you elaborate? >> i could. >> do you want to? >> no.
6:53 pm
nobody's twisting my words anymore. >> there you go. in a segment on hbo's real sports last night, 49ers offensive lineman alex boon said jim harbaugh, quote, wore out his welcome because of his intensity. harbaugh had a chance to defend himself. >> i bet that same player five or 10 years now will really appreciate what was done. >> the segment described in detail harbaugh's competitive nature all the way back to his childhood. in third grade he was told he could grow tall if he drank milk which was abundant in his elementary school job. >> so we just started delivering milk every day and we got one free milk for delivering all the milk. but -- but every kid that was absent, that tray would go back to the milk room and i would drink as much milk as my belly could hold. i drank a lot of milk, a lot of
6:54 pm
milk. whole milk, though, not the candy-ass1% or skim. barry bonds is still making news. as you heard earlier this is newscast, bonds' 2011 conviction of obstructing justice was overturned by an appeals court in san francisco today. his former manager bruce bochy was glad to see something happen positive for him. >> good for barry. happy for him. i'm glad it's resolved so he can move on to get on with his life. >> the lpga swinging skirts classic starts tomorrow in daly city. one tour rookie should think about buying a lottery ticket before teeing off. >> 270 texts or something? >> yeah. >> 270? >> reporter: the phone is buzzing about as much as the practice green at lake merced
6:55 pm
this week. >> just happened. absolutely. we'll be talking about that for a while. >> reporter: it is the incredible run of luck that kim experienced last week at the championship in hawaii. first, a chip on the 18th hole. >> and she has it! it! >> reporter: on the first hole of the play-off -- >> oh, my goodness! >> oh, my word it's in the hole! >> 164 yards out for an eagle. >> we heard the crowd roar but we weren't quite sure, you know, if it was an inch from the hole or in the hole. >> could you characterize how rare it is? >> um, i would probably characterize it somewhere along the lines of a unicorn eating a rainbow. i mean, that was pretty awesome. i'm surprised that it's kind of a shame it's not talked about more. >> reporter: a run of shots probably never repeated on tour
6:56 pm
again. kim and her caddy paul pulled in $270,000 in prize money. what did you do to celebrate? >> um, not yet because we are very busy. >> reporter: despite being the victim of bad luck, park's career will survive. she is a five-time major winner and is arguably the most popular golfer in south korea. >> if another miracle or a lot more miracle happen to her she will be famous. >> for folks at home, best finish in sports history? i mean, that's great one. >> amazing. >> amazing. >> happened locally. come on, ken. >> the giants last year. >> yeah. >> the giants run. >> probably the play between cal and stanford. >> oh, okay. >> yeah. >> "the" play. >> the catch, too. >> the catch. >> that did not end the game. captions by: caption colorado you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh!
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joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! steve: nice to meet you, everybody. come on now. come on, let's go. all right, that's good. how y'all? thank you very much. i appreciate you now. all righty, everybody. hey, welcome to "family feud." i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their second day, already with a total of $20,000, from charlotte it's the rennick family. and from minneapolis, minnesota, it's the midthun family. everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new head-turning ford fusion hybrid right there. [cheering and applause]
7:00 pm
all right, let's play "feud." let's get it on. give me ted, give me crystal. all right, here we go, guys. top 6 answers on the board. if they made an r-rated "wizard of oz," what might dorothy ask the wizard for? ted. ted: a new set of boobs. steve: a new set of boobs. crystal: a big ol' butt. steve: a big what? crystal: butt. steve: dorothy need-- dorothy want a big old butt. pass or play? ted: we're gonna play. steve: they're gonna play. hey, ted, how you doing? ted: hi, steve. i am fantastic now that i have finally met you. steve: good. what do you do for a living, ted? ted: um, well, actually work uh, at the radio station in town. i'm a radio personality. steve: yeah, you got


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