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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  April 21, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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moments an officer shows restraint. >> put it down, man. i don't want to shoot you. >> reporter: this month every livermore police officer like ryan sanchez started wearing a camera and recording what happens even a portion of this interview. >> i would press it twice. you're not even going to know that i pressed it. didn't even see my hands. >> right now it's recording our interactions. you don't see a light that went on or anything. >> reporter: after more than a year of study and testing throughout the city, the department says it's learned a few things about body cameras. >> it's only a limited field of view from these cameras so sometimes they don't necessarily pick up everything that we see or hear. and sometimes they will pick up stuff that we don't see or hear. >> reporter: that's why officers will be allowed to look at their video before writing a report unless it's an officer-involved shooting. >> they want to get what's going through your mind, your perception. >> reporter: they have already recorded 1,000 interactions and learned how it might not always work. >> we had an incident where an officer was holding a subject
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and -- and the hand hit the, um, the button. >> reporter: that turned off the camera. in another case, the camera seems to have changed the course of the police stop. >> at some point in time i told him that he was video recording his actions and then all of a sudden i had almost immediate compliance with the subject. >> reporter: police don't have to tell us when they are recording the interactions but they can turn off these cameras when they have discretion when they are talking to a victim in respect for privacy. >> the video will be restored from one to three years in most cases. video from a homicide or sexual assault case will be kept indefinitely. [ singing ] tonight, these santa clara youth soccer players are taking
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on the san francisco 49ers in a turf war. the kids made that music video to protest the team's plan to buy the city's soccer complex. the 9ers want the field tore levi's stadium parking. kpix 5's len ramirez is at santa clara city hall where the plan is up for debate tonight. len. >> reporter: juliette, the santa clara youth soccer community has really turned out in force here for this meeting tonight of the city council. you can see that families and kids an overflow crowd here tonight as they debate the future of this, many families injected themselves into this heated political debate. in soccer the field is known as the pitch. but these fields in the shadow of levi's stadium are now a battleground pitting the 49ers who want them for a vip parking lot against a youth soccer league who wants to keep them as they are. >> jed york came promised us that he wouldn't touch soccer park so we do feel like the rug has been taken out from under us and again we just want the
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right thing done for the kids. >> things have changed since 2009 in the sense that we have a 250-acre development north of our building. >> reporter: that very many of office buildings, restaurants and nightclubs will be built on the golf course land the 49ers have been using for parking so the team needs more space in the next two years and the youth soccer park is the target. >> the councilmembers have agreed that's probably a better place to put the youth soccer park so we are listening to the community. >> reporter: the 49ers are going to pay $15 million for the land and give santa clara unified another $3 million to upgrade fields at school property but the critics say it's valued at $70 million. >> if they need more parking solve that problem not on anyone else's back. a gift of public funds, i didn't see a notice we were having a fire sale. >> reporter: so there will be a long night here in santa clara
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as person after person takes his turn speaking before the city council. unclear whether or not the city council will make a decision on this very heated issue tonight. they will be taking a lot of testimony, then there will be a private discussion on the real estate deal. we don't know when there will be a final decision on this. live in santa clara, len ramirez, kpix 5. san jose's police chief says he was just doing his job when he tackled a murder suspect. this happened yesterday when the suspect slipped out of a holding cell door. he flipped his handcuffs in front of him and then scaled a barbed wire fence. when he ran across the parking lot, chief larry esquivel happened to be arriving to work. >> knowing that obviously he is handcuffed and there was something wrong, i told him to stop and he saw the male in the suit and he eventually just muttered something that no, i'm not going to. >> it was very brief as he ran past me. >> well, the chief ran past
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him, tackled him. they both fell down ripping a few holes in the chief's shirt but suspect got up and kept running. chief esquivel eventually chased the suspect down again took him back into custody. 26-year-old hector arias is behind bars tonight with some scrapes and bruises of his own. he is suspected in the 2009 murder of a san jose man. the oakland city council is set to take a final vote tonight on a hotly debated high- rise project. the developer plans to put up a 24 story building on a one acre plot of public land near lake merritt. the apartments would rent for an average o $3,100 a month. they are threatening to close for years and they finally closed today on an east bay hospital. kpix 5's anne makovec reports, people at doctors medical center had been preparing for
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this day for quite some time. >> reporter: the last patient was discharged from doctors medical center at 7:10 a.m. as employees gathered outside. >> it's just sad, this community needs this hospital. >> reporter: the icu is eerily quiet. no names on the patient board. empty beds left behind. >> it's hard to clean out the hospital, take down all the bedside curtains. >> reporter: dmc has been struggling financially for years. 80% of its patients were low income or uninsured. >> people aren't going to know where to go or who to turn to. and it's just sad for the community. >> reporter: the hospital limped along with a $20 million a year deficit and stop-gap funding over the last several years. >> there was no way to keep the hospital open, you know, another day. >> reporter: this urgent care facility just opened up right across the street open between noon and 8 p.m.
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and serves 48 people per day. the e.r. at the hospital served 80. ambulances are being rerouted to other bay area hospitals as this building goes up for sale and the workers who stuck it out to the bitter end move on. >> i have worked with these people for 35 years. it's like losing afamily. >> reporter: in san pablo, anne makovec, kpix 5. we are getting the first glimpse at plans for a massive super bowl bash on the streets of san francisco. justin herman plaza will look different. these are a few pictures of what's in store for an eight- day celebration. they are calling it super bowl city. as media partners -- [ indiscernible ] >> -- ken bastida emceed the event this morning. it's a fan village bigger than any other super bowl. >> kpix 5's mike sugerman on the logistics of planning such a huge street party. a lot of folks visiting the city that week, mike. >> reporter: kenny, you tell me. you emceed the thing.
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you did a great job. you did a fantastic job. so what do we have? 290 days until the big game? great excitement. huge mess. which one? maybe both. it's all going to be centered right here. they will play the game in santa clara. they will have most of the fun in san francisco. >> i want to welcome you all officially to the super bowl city of san francisco. >> reporter: super bowl city is what they are calling the fan village that will be put on. for eight days prior to the game at the foot of market street justin herman plaza. >> there will be a lot of activities, corporate sponsors creating really interesting exhibits and engagements, food and beverage areas, opportunities for fans and kids to set up and enjoy an amazing day that celebrates the super bowl. >> reporter: it's free. and it will be the only chance for most of the bay area to attend any type of super bowl event. so there will be crowds, big
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crowds. they expect a million people to come by. crowd control a big issue. >> one of the reasons we have opened super bowl city earlier than any super bowl has opened to fan village is for local residents have an opportunity to come and see it before all the out-of-towners arrive. so whether you have 10 or 20 or 30,000 people at any time flowing through the village we are not compressing that into three days. >> reporter: and, of course, traffic and transportation will keep planners up at night. >> congestion of getting people in and out are always going to be the things that are on our mind and encouraging people to make sure that they arrive at the routes that we anticipate for them. because of the justin herman plaza's location on the embarcadero, we are going to reroute traffic in different ways in which people can accommodate their use of public transit as much as they can. >> reporter: no matter what, moving around the city that week will be very, very tough. all right. $40million is all privately raised. they are going to give 25% of
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that to charity. the mayor today said no public money. and we'll see how he's talking on february 8 the day after the super bowl. ken? >> i think what's really cool, too, mike, and you mentioned it, this whole thing is free. so people who don't have a ticket -- it's tough to get a ticket to the super bowl. it's expensive and hard to get. you can go to this thing and hang out for eight days and hang out with all the actors. >> reporter: throw footballs, ride a bike, it will be fun. if you are watching this program, you're not going to the game, i guarantee. i don't know who you are, but locals don't go. [ simultaneous speakers ] >> 70,000 tickets. the nfl takes most of them. >> right. >> out of town big shots. >> right. >> if you are watching this newscast, you're a local, i'm guessing you're not going. >> that's okay because you can stay at home and watch it on kpix 5. we're covering it. >> reporter: it's on channel 5, right. >> here's your alternative, mike. between 291 days away from watching the big game right
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here on kpix 5. coming up, a city installs turf to save water but the sprinklers are still going. what's the deal? >> experts join students for a high-flying experiment. >> lots and lots of cloud cover. the view from 4,000 feet the top of mount hamilton looking down on the blanket mother nature put on top of us. didn't keep us warm. it kept us chilly. live peek outdoors this evening. we have more cloud cover. we'll talk about when the sunshine is going to come back. that's in your seven-day forecast. >> and coming up at 6:30, it was a violent attack. suspects go after a jewelry store worker while he is in cardiac arrest. only on 5
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with no end to the drought
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in sight, santa clara county is looking to the pacific ocean for help. today, the board of supervisors approved a plan to study the idea of building a desalinization plant. dave cortese is to provide water to 180,000 people, 10% of the population. sounds like a no-brainer san carlos installed artificial it your off to save water so neighbors are now asking why the fake grass is still being wateredded. devin fehely reports. >> reporter: we talked to parents who didn't have a clue and had many questions like we did like why in the world would you water artificial turf? >> the reason they put this in bass lack of water. it's a surprise there's waters going on. >> reporter: anthony wasn't alone in his surprise or disappointment when he learned
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that san carlos routinely waters the arficial turf at the ball field. >> i wouldn't think about turf required water but i guess baking in the sun all day it might dry out. >> reporter: the city unstalled the artificial turf in 2010 touting what was supposed to be a low maintenance and low to no water alternative to grass. but the director of public works says because it's made out of organic materials like coconut husks it requires periodic watering. the city claims that the turf uses significantly less water compared to grass. some parents however aren't sure. >> if you are paying for all the water that has to go in here, then why not be able to keep it up as a regular grass field? i think we would prefer to have grass fields if we could. >> reporter: the city says the turf uses a tenth of the water of a grass field. and it's considering installing turf at more parks and field but no end in sight to the drought. the city says that it costs roughly $2 million to install the turf and they say while
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there is watering going on, they emphasize, it is significantly less than it would be if that was a natural grass field. in san consider lows, devin fehely, kpix 5. flaring at chevron's richmond advisory prompted a health advisory today. the warning was for people with respiratory problems. people could have high, skin or throat irritation. hazmat was on scene as a precaution. the flaring happened as the equipment was being depressurized. it finished by 11 a.m. yahoo's latest earnings report didn't leave investors with much to yodel about. they missed earnings and revenue forecasts for the 1st quarter. in fact, revenues fell by 4%. yahoo is still struggling to turn things around three years into marissa mayer's tenure as the ceo. it was a mixed finish for the markets today. dow down 85 to close below 18,000 but nasdaq was up 20 and
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the s&p was down 3. a new look at millennials and their money. "usa today" and bank of america study finds that young adults are three times as likely to say they got financial help from their parents. analysts say it's partly becauser in having a tougher time -- because they are having a tougher time to find affordable housing. other factors include higher percentage of millennials carrying huge student loan debt. >> i'm still thinking about this fan village and -- >> super bowl city. >> already throwing the footballs with the kids in a live shots next january. >> i'm ready. bring it, yeah. >> it is one of the most exciting weeks. lived in miami when they had the super bowl there. it is so fun. you know? this is something that is just going to be so fun to look forward to and it's on our air. that's the best part. >> that could be fun. >> the whole thing is up on channel 5. a lot of people very excited about that. right here on channel 5. but we all get to enjoy. i have no idea what the weather is it going to be that week in january. just going to throw it out
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there. we don't have this in yet! i'll tell but today. can't tell you if it's going to rain next january. nobody can. danville the exception to the rule, you did hit 70 with afternoon sunshine. check out novato 56. san francisco 55. there is a lot of rainfall now over the hire terrain with low pressure off to the south off the orange county coastline. storms are moving east to west across the sierra from nevada into california. this is wonderful news. we'll take water in any way, shape or form and it is raining heavily in the higher elevations of california right now. concord, 84 on friday. weekend you were around 80. yesterday the onshore flow began. turned on the fan from the ocean. 70. today's high only 64 degrees. the onshore flow pushed the marine area to the delta. showers and thunderstorms over california and nevada. we have showers and
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thunderstorms for utah and northern arizona because of this low. there is another low that will bring rainfall to the pacific northwest. so the story for the entire west coast is rain. for us close but no cigar. one low scoots by north the other stays to the south. we'll be the exception to the rule when it comes to rate. most of the western half of the country will get wet. we will not unless you count the drizzle the next couple of days which we'll have that. that's about it. concord warmer tomorrow 71 degrees. the sun will come out earlier for you. san jose 72. so not as chilly. but still near or below average. san francisco widespread morning fog and drizzle 63 your high tomorrow. morning clouds, afternoon sunshine we'll do it again thursday and friday. warmest days sunniest days good timing saturday and sunday outdoor plans weather should be pleasant and next week we'll cool off a few degrees. this is a summer-like pattern in april. the problem with the summer- like pattern is it doesn't rain here in the summer so it's
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going to look ominous but really the widespread rain isn't happening. >> thank you, paul. today is officially declared john muir day. california governor jerry brown issued the declaration and this comes at the 150th anniversary of his birth. throughout muir's life, he was instrumental in the creation of the national park system. his name already graces many landmarks including muir woods in marin county. south bay museum has won one of the nation's highest honors. the tech museum of innovation in san jose made the announcement today. it's being honored for its service to the community and inspiring the innovator in everyone. that award ceremony will be next month in washington, d.c. up, up and away. but this is no ordinary balloon. what it's carrying thousands into
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a handful of california
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schools are experimenting with new science standards. tom torlakson visited a middle school in galt today to see the new program in action. it's one of 10 early implementation areas that will serving as models for the rest of the state. the new standards will emphasize hands-on experiments and critical thinking. >> a lot of that came from teachers themselves who realize the world is changing and to prepare the students for the work world, they needed to go to a higher level more challenging work. >> here in the bay area oakland unified and aspire schools are also rolling out the program early. the new standards will be implemented statewide starting next year. east bay students are getting their own hands-on learning experience. new at 6:00, kpix 5's don ford shows us how a group of berkeley students took learning to new heights. >> tighten these down. >> reporter: ted is helping the
6:24 pm
8th grade science class at longfellow middle school. they are launching a high altitude balloon that will carry two small devices the company is donating. >> students have been learning about slighting and about the atmosphere. and we actually have a small satellite that fits inside a soda can. >> reporter: they won't get into space. but they will get pretty close. hitting an altitude of about 100,000 feet recording the temperature, humidity and even the earth's magnetic field. >> we need some volunteers. >> reporter: but first, you got to fill the 10-foot-tall balloon. with lots of helium. add 150 kids and, presto! you have real science in action. it disappeared into the clouds pretty quickly but that's okay because back in the classroom -- >> a lot -- it's over the -- >> reporter: the students are tracking it online watching it
6:25 pm
climb. >> the balloon is going up 100,000 feet and it was going to pop at that altitude. and then it was going to land somewhere like in the hills. >> reporter: once popped, it will come down by parachute and late this afternoon, it appears to have come down somewhere in eastern contra costa county. if they do find that balloon and recover the data, the instructor says the kids will be writing reports all next week and the best of those reports will become a little youtube video. that will make them famous. in berkeley, don ford, kpix 5. >> the balloon started at longfellow middle school in berkeley, climbed above the berkeley hills and landed west of pittsburg. >> awesome. coming up in the next half- hour, transit security guards packing heat. they have been doing it for decades turns out. but now there are some new calls for the guns to go. >> and only on five, robbers go after a jewelry store worker a vicious beating, cardiac arrest and what happened when the store owner stepped in. >> and days before people get
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they have been packing heat for decades but there's a push to get muni guards to give up their guns. welcome back. kpix 5's joe vazquez spoke with one city supervisor who says, disarming the guards may make everyone safer. >> reporter: when tourists line up to ride the cable car, many pay cash. and when mta employees collect that money several times a day, they are escorted by an armed security guard. now san francisco supervisors are questioning whether those guards need to have guns. supervisor jane kim says in a worst-case scenario, the security guard might end up shooting somebody! she says that would be worse than an employee with an unarmed guard just handing over the cash during a robbery. >> if there's a lot of tourists and workers walking around areas of a robbery i think it's better to give the money. >> reporter: the city has a $38 million contract with cypress
6:30 pm
security about a million of that only for armed guards. >> this is a deterrent for the people who might be thinking about robbing these san francisco employees. know that they are protected. >> if we're really going to think of safety we have to look at the bus drivers because we have a history where there's demonstration of attacks and assaults on our bus drivers. we haven't seen it yet about our fare collectors. >> they should be armed. no doubt! we carry a lot of cash. >> reporter: this person is a fare collections receiver for sfmta: you heard in there there haven't been any attacks so why have armed security? >> because they are armed. that's why there haven't been any attacks. because -- >> reporter: chicken and egg? >> that's right. >> reporter: the board of supervisors passed the $38 million contract 7-4. but they said the debate will continue. in san francisco, joe vazquez, kpix 5. a napa jewelry store employee is in the icu tonight. he endured a beating and
6:31 pm
suffered cardiac arrest in fact middle of a robbery. two 17-year-old boys barged into napa valley jewelers yesterday with masks on. that's when it started to attack employee bob porter with a pair of pliers. and they didn't stop even after he had a heart attack! the owner pressed the panic alarm and ran to help porter. >> had triple bypass surgery about a year and a half ago. but just a great big guy, gentle guy, great sense of humor. uhm -- [ pause ] >> didn't deserve to get this happen to him. >> reporter: the store owner helped fight off the attackers using a stainless steel ring sizer. the two teens ran away. police caught both of them shortly thereafter. the store owner has set up an account now for the victim's family at the bank of napa. there's a new attempt to repeal a california law allowing transgender students to choose which restrooms they use. it's a new initiative filed
6:32 pm
with the attorney general's office. it would require people to use a bathroom based off their biological sex in government buildings. the group needs 365,000 signatures to make the november 2016 ballot. doctors have confirmed the case of meningitis involving a student at saint mary's college. the student was taken to a hospital yesterday for treatment. test results did not clarify what strain of bacteria caused the illness. the college has given antibiotics to people who were in close contact with the patient. that student is said to be recovering. southern california man is getting a big payout after deputies knocked him off a horse and beat him up. san bernardino county approved paying 30-year-old francis pusok $650,000. that's him on the ground there. pusok's arrest was caught on camera earlier this month. he was getting away from police on a horse when they tased him. that's when several deputies started beating him on the ground. you can see them kicking him at
6:33 pm
one point. pusok was wanted in an identity theft investigation. the justice department has opened a civil rights investigation into the death of a man while in the custody of baltimore police. cbs reporter craig boswell has the latest on the officers involved. >> reporter: baltimore police released the name of the six officers in the arrest and transport of 25-year-old freddie gray. cell phone video obtained by wjz shows officers dragging gray to the police van. his legs dangling under him. six officers have been suspended with pay including lieutenant brian rice, who initiated the arrest. he has been with the baltimore police department since 1997. police say officers tackled gray after he ran and that he had a switch blade in his pocket. billy murphy, jr., represents the gray family. >> they're very angry because they know something horrible happened that should not have happened. >> reporter: the family says the police had no reason to stop gray in the first place.
6:34 pm
>> how does a healthy guy who gets arrested for nothing end up with 80% severed spinal cord and broken neck, how's that happen? >> reporter: the tension is palpable in the neighborhood where gray was arrested. many are wearing black ribbons. >> we want answers, justice. we want them to be charged. >> reporter: baltimore police promise a thorough investigation. craig boswell, cbs news, baltimore. the sentencing phase for the convicted boston bomber started today. they started by showing jurors the photos of the people who died in the terrorist attacks. they also showed a photo of dzhokhar tsarnaev making a crude gesture to a jailhouse camera after his arrest. they say it shows that he was unrepentant. 21-year-old could face the death penalty if all 12 jurors agree on that penalty. still ahead, a new distraction on the road. smartwatches now a billion- dollar push to make using them
6:35 pm
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and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. more than a million apple smart watches are set to go out on friday. and by saturday, thousands of drivers may actually be casually checking their wrists on the road. >> on our consumerwatch, julie watts on a lawsuit to prevent that. >> reporter: it seeks a court order to force the four major smart watch makers, apple, samsung, microsoft and going toll come with $1 billion for a public education about the dangers of smart watching while driving. they say it poses a bigger distraction than smartphones and set up a website featuring videos with graphic consequences of distracted driving. the website points out at any given moment more than 600,000 drivers are already using
6:38 pm
electronic devices while driving but it also acknowledges that number has held steady since 2010 in spite of of years of warnings and public education campaigns. how will a billion-dollar education campaign about smart watches change anything? >> because the only campaign we have had so far is just lecturing to people don't text and drive. we have never told them why. so in the case of a smart watch which is different from a smartphone, you can't miss it. it's there. one little glance at it, and you're already seeing what's ever on the screen. you may not snap back to the road. that's the reason for the accidents. >> now, according to his complaint, a third party would be responsible for the proposed billion-dollar smart watch public education campaign as lawyer stefan joseph contends a smart watch manufacturer can't be trusted. he also says he would drop the suit if manufacturers implement technology that would render the watches useless while driving. now, joseph admits that he didn't reach out to those
6:39 pm
manufacturers before filing this lawsuit yesterday. we did today but have receive no comment from any of them yet. and remember, if you have a consumer problem or story idea, call us at 888-5-helps-u. >> it's weird because two streams of technology going on at the same time. they will converge at some point driverless cars, and then all this stuff, you know, but now there's a gap right now. we don't have it. >> reporter: right now while there are many apps where you can control your child's phone turn it off while he is driving they don't seem to have the technology to know whether or not if a driver or passenger is in a car. that's the catch. >> all right. technology. >> two hands on the road. eyes on the road. right? >> exactly. >> thanks. all right, well, san francisco-based ridesharing company uber is partnering with capital one. today they announced that uber will offer a 20% back credit on every ride that people pay for using capital one quicksilver. it applies to the more than 300 cities where uber operates. it's good through april of next year. coming up, new northern
6:40 pm
california housing with lower prices. less upkeep. and it's ecofriendly. >> it all sounds good. but this new housing is meant for one very specific crowd. >> we love our weather watcher here at kpix 5. brian sent in this picture from fremont. you see mission peak and a lot of cloud cover, as well. it was likely cloudy where you were. we'll talk about how chilly we stay and how long the clouds will stick around, some sunshine, coming up. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the nba coach of the year has been named. is it steve kerr? >> very scientific approach. >> a woman's golf star here in san francisco makes a challenge to augusta. >> they have only got one tournament a year there. >> and the a's get revenge on the royals. >> they need to pay for that. that ain't okay. >> he
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look at our top stories now. livermore is the latest bay area police department to outfit its police officers with body cameras. they have been wearing them for a week now. the officers will be allowed to
6:44 pm
review their video before writing a report except in the case of an officer-involved shooting. a big turf war in santa clara is intensifying tonight. the city council is discussing a plan to sell the city's youth soccer complex to the 49ers. the team wants to use the fields for levi's stadium parking but opponents worry the kids will be left with nowhere to play. an explanation for why the city of san carlos is still watering its artificial turf. the city spent $2 million to put in fake grass at highland park. the neighbors were surprise the that sprinklers are still being used. the city says it's made of organic material that still needs watering but only 10% as much as real grass. it's not our father's housing development. a new project being built in sacramento aims to cater to younger people. reporter nick janes on how the developer plans to attract millennial home buyers. >> reporter: they are framing
6:45 pm
the foundation to the first homes setting the stage for one of sacramento's more unique and ambitious projects in recent memory. >> we are introducing a new way of living and we're introducing a new concept to people. >> reporter: just south of broadway, the mill is targeted for a big demographic traditionally hesitant for a home mortgage. >> they have school debt and buying a house isn't something they want to tackle right now. >> reporter: russell is the man behind the marking with the youthful vibe. >> because all that life is, is a series of moments waiting to be lived. >> reporter: he doesn't mention home buying once in the video. >> we wanted to communication the vision of the mill before we try to ask anyone to be part of the mill. >> reporter: how is this community tailored to fit a younger crowd? for starters the price point is lower from just below $200,000 to up the $400,000. lots are smaller. it will feature a park with walking and biking trail.
6:46 pm
the bricks from this old building will be saved and reused as the space becomes a public market. project manager kevin smith says they intend to preserve some of the look and feel of what used to be an industrial hub. we want to ground the new in what has been so there's a place -- there's a sense of community to start with. >> reporter: a mix of new and old with a simple says pitch. >> give up the acreage and mower and really enjoy your life. >> reporter: nick janes, kpix 5. >> the first buyers could move in by the end of the years. an plan to ban baseball players to ban chewing tobacco, that story on bay area nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. >> there was a common theme all throughout our weather watchers today. it was chilly, windy.
6:47 pm
you felt it outside, as well. look at these current temperatures, lots of 50s a few low 60s out there. down in the south bay suzanne johnson reporting in only 62 degrees in los gatos. vallejo 57. 59 the current temperature in alameda with the southeast wind at about 15 miles per hour. high temperatures today, not really that high. we are talking whispering pines the exception to the rule up north 79 degrees so says scott lester. novato, dana jones says 61. in novato also frank keenan says 64. paul smith in brentwood reporting in a high of 70. 120 weather watchers, we would mike you to join, send us your weather information. we'll use it on television. airport is chilly. 55 at san francisco and oakland. san jose 65. cloudy 57 in santa rosa. color man, were you warm over
6:48 pm
the weekend. not today! 64. that's it. the second cooler day of the past 50. it has been chilly out there and that chill pushed all the way inland. we'll all retreat back to about 50 degrees tonight. concord 50. livermore 49 for the tri- valley. santa rosa 48. and san francisco your low tonight 52 degrees. we still have a low pressure area to the south not only feeding in the onshore flow but also giving us a lot of thunderstorms up and down the sierra. wonderful news. we are not going to see snow anymore but we'll take rainfall. it will still fill the reservoirs and we did that efficiently today. the low to our north takes over. it will really crank up the onshore flow over the next couple of days. it was foggy and drizzly where you were this morning and it will be that way again tomorrow and thursday and friday but that will go north giving rainfall to the pacific northwest. our low to the south will bring rainfall to arizona and colorado and new mexico. we will miss a lot of rain in every direction but no rainfall here. a lot of drizzle overnight tonight. foggy cloudy start to your day.
6:49 pm
temperatures running near or below average. if you don't like the heat, good for you. the mildest weather will be over the weekend. so if you have outdoor plans, maybe your kids have a baseball or softball game, the weather will be sunny and mild for saturday and sunday. san jose tomorrow, a little milder for you 72. palo alto, 69 degrees. hayward, 68. morning clouds again, afternoon sunshine. san ramon your high 71. vallejo 67. san rafael 70. sonoma 72. and cloverdale tomorrow 74 degrees. set it and forget it. morning clouds, afternoon sunshine through friday. trending sunnier and milder as we head toward the weekend. sports with dennis is next.
6:50 pm
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6:52 pm
do you know the a's went to kansas over the weekend to play baseball? it turned into bean ball. it got ugly on sunday when royals pitcher herrera threw a 100-mile-an-hour fastball behind brett lowry's back. >> you think it was going to be punishment for him? >> 100%. you think he is going to get away like that? that's [ censored ] that's [ censored ] he needs to pay for that. that ain't okay. >> the league agreed with him and suspended calvin herrera five games for throwing behind the a's third baseman.
6:53 pm
the royals starter was also fined for hitting lowry on saturday night. the giants are off to the worst start since bill clinton was in the oval office but like clinton, the giants made a comeback winning 97 and making the play-offs. bruce bochy has the reputation as baseball's best manager. it will be pushed to the test starting tonight against the dodgers who come to town having won 7 straight while the giants won 9 of 10 thanks to scoring the third fewest runs in baseball. as ominous as these numbers look, at least one giant thinks the dodgers just might be good me. >> they don't like losing to us. we don't like losing to them. but i think, you know, maybe it's just something we need. you know? i mean we just need a shot in the arm here and some energy and losing is very frustrating. so i think just, you know, maybe them coming in will spark something and give us the play- off atmosphere that we need. >> no warriors coach has won
6:54 pm
more games in a season than that man! that wasn't good enough to be named coach of the year. steve kerr came second to atlanta's coach who got a start in the nba with the warriors. coach was in his blood earlier than that. >> as the coach, it means a lot. um, i just want to thank my dad. he was a high school coach in holbrook, arizona, forever. um, winning a lot of games, winning a state championship with my brothers, um, giving me a love for the game. >> warriors fans won't want to hear this but that guy deserved it. good season for him. the raiders and 49ers will play eight home games and eight road games. you can go to to see
6:55 pm
the entire schedule. the swinging skirts classic is being held this week. but paula creamer hopes they add our historic course to the schedule. she is lobbying augusta to invite the ladies for a women's masters. >> they have only got one tournament a year there. i think the scheduling issue is kind of strange to me. but there are a lot of weeks. but, you know, i understand that they -- a lot goes into it and a lot goes into that one week and planning and, you know, the course is shut down, um, but i think it can handle two weeks at a time whether it's a week apart or back to back. >> this is a great idea for golf and the women but augusta's response? >> no. >> no chance. good night, that is a huge fish! >> there is nothing like a young person who catches the first fish.
6:56 pm
this is carlie jardine. usually a child catches it but doesn't touch it. i think the only thing missing is the grandpa's expression which must have been priceless. kids will not normally hold that fish. anyway, can you do better? send your fishing pictures to >> i tried to do that one time. a fish i caught. it wouldn't fit in the camera. [ laughter ] >> the always modest ken bastida. >> work on that website, wouldn't fit in there. >> my daughter catches bass but she won't hold on to them. i have to hold it while she catches th in fish. >> but she new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at
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