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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  April 20, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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february 20th. he used a fake gun and wore a beanie while he targeted girls walking home from school. in each case the girls fought back and ran to safety. they also gave police good descriptions of the suspect and his car. police and the superintendent of schools praised the girls two from tennyson high and one from hayward high. >> we got a scrappers and we make sure they understand when you bother a child in hayward we will fight back. >> here at tennyson high there were a series of meetings and assemblies especially for girls telling them not to walk home alone, to walk home in groups. the immediate threat has passed. len ramirez kpix 5. >> the fbi and department of homeland security stepped in to help crack this case along with those local officers. that's not fog hovering over golden gate park today. you're looking at live pictures from the area. that's a loud of marijuana over a sea of smokers
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celebrating 4/20. the annual pot holiday has been a big headache for the city in years passed. kpix 5 is at the park to show us how it's shaping up this time around. >> a lot of people are heading for the exits right now. the highlight of this event usually comes at 4:20 in the afternoon. that's when everybody lights up together. people here say this is a party with a purpose and a message about legalizing marijuana. >> reporter: you can call it the fog of war a cultural war that's been brewing for decades. the fight to legalize marijuana here in california and across the country. >> weed makes me happy makes me hungry. it makes people creative. i'm a musician. i used to smoke weed and write some of my best songs. >> reporter: they turned out in golden gate park in celebration of marijuana and an open defiance of the state's law banning recreational use. >> everyone is mellowed out. everyone is having a good time. i think they should make this an event because everyone comes here. >> reporter: the city of san francisco is trying to do a
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better job policing the annual event that spread largely through social media and word of mouth. two years ago board of supervisors president linda breed says the large and at times unruly crowds caught the city off guard. >> we weren't prepared. the streets were completely in gridlock. emergency vehicles couldn't get through to situations. there were fights. >> reporter: the city has added more officers and park rangers. supporters say they hope the event will tip the scales. >> i just saw my doctor the other day. [ inaudible ] >> the city says one of the challenges is that there are no official organizers or official sponsors to this event and no one to hold accountable but themselves if things go wrong. in san francisco kpix 5.
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>> last year's event cost the city $100,000 for extra police, parking enforcement. the hayward man who scaled the fence at the white house said he never intended to do any harm. in a washington, d.c. courtroom today jerome hupt pleaded not guilty to unlawful entry. security officers arrested the man about 10:30 last night. he climbed over the south side fence. hunt has been released from custody until his may court date. but it's the latest in a string of security breaches at the white house. in january a man crashed his drone on white house grounds. last september a man with a knife jumped the fence and made it inside the house. in 2014 six people jumped the white house fence. a san francisco cyclist allegedly run down by an uber driver is recovering in the hospital tonight. the driver, 38-year-old emerson decarvalho
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was arrested. police say he slammed in to a cyclist near fisherman's wharf. police say it started when the 45-year-old cyclist rode up next to decarvalho's car and banged the window. at one point he pushed the mirror in. they said that's when the uber driver intentionally hit the cyclist. that cyclist was knocked unconscious. police say he has a bruised lung and several broken bones. he's in stable condition. a man is behind bars accused of a hate crime in palo alto. police say tony smith of mountain view approached a black man sitting in a parked car. smith allegedly said he had a gun and threatened to kill the man. police say he also made a racial slur. the victim got out of the car and called police from a nearby business. officers found smith holding a small knife. he didn't have a gun but officers did find meth on him. fairfield police have a person of interest in a car theft that touched off an amber
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alert this morning. it all started with a mother's frantic 911 call. >> 911. did you see which way the car went? >> no, i didn't. i was coming out to get in the car. >> i have officers on the way to you right now. >> turns out her 8-year-old was sleeping in the back seat when the family car was stolen from fairfield driveway. lisa chan reports the boy slept through the whole thing. >> it was absolutely amazing. i was just completely overjoyed with goosebumps and i just wanted to squeeze him. >> reporter: the day started as a typical day for suzanne guzman. at 4:20 this morning her husband put their 8-year-old son brock to her car so she could take him to school in napa before heading to work. he started the car to warm it up then went back in to the house.
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she said 30 seconds later when she walked outside the car was gone. >> didn't know what to think. i went inside and i'm like, the car's not there. >> reporter: fairfield police say someone took the car and drove off with brock in the back seat. police immediately put out an amber alert with details of the car and brock. >> there are a lot of crazy bad people out there. and i'm very, very thankful for all my friends and family who immediately jumped on facebook and all social media and all the phone calls and everything and they got it out there. >> reporter: a bike was found on the sidewalk in front of the guzmans' home. luckily about four hours after the car was taken, fairfield resident spotted it on a residential street two miles from the guzman's house and called authorities. police say no one was in the car except brock who was asleep in the back seat still in his pajamas. brock told his parents he was never scared.
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>> he looked back and the guy i guess said i didn't know you were in the car then pulled over and got out and walked away. >> reporter: the guzmans couldn't be more grateful their son was found safe and is back at home. >> i got my son back so that's all i care about. >> i don't think i said anything. i think i just grabbed him and pulled him on to my lap. police are searching for the hit and run driver who killed a popular bay area radio host. wesley burton died early saturday in a crash at martin luther king, jr. way and 59th street in oakland. burton cohosted two music shows on public radio station kpfa after hours and side show radio. friends are now urging the driver who hit him to do the right thing. >> honestly i just want the person to turn themselves in. accidents happen. we're not here to say people are evil, but when you leave the scene of such an accident, you just say you don't care about life. >> burton leaves behind a wife and three children.
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certainly no fun and games here at this playground. in richmond a driver lost control after cars stuck on the slide at a church playground. police say the woman got distracted, drove on to the sidewalk then in to a fence, then slid kind of like a skateboard on rails and down an embankment before ending up like that. amazingly she and her 7-year-old son who was not in a booster seat and up front in that car they got out unscathed. the warriors gear up for game 2 of the playoffs tonight. but now there's new uproar over the fans. >> the pelicans coach says something illegal is going on inside oracle arena. what it is that's got warriors fans saying give me a break. that live story coming up in just a few minutes. >> a man dragged by police but the mystery begins after the video stops. the questions about how he ended up dead.
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>> your monday started off with a lot of cloud cover. your monday afternoon in many spots continues to have cloud cover. a whole lot cooler outside and cloudier too. we'll talk about how long this summer-like pattern sticks around.
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an emotional day for runners and spectators at the 119th boston marathon. the world's oldest annual race. a woman from kenya and a man from ethiopia flew over the finish line to 1st place for lelisa desisa it was his second victory. he donated the medal he won to the city rocked by the deadly bombings. this year, pure joy. >> i'm happy to win for number one. >> i've been waiting for this and training and training. >> 30,000 runners participated in this year's marathon.
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an estimated 1 million spectators lined the route to cheer them on. back here in the bay area, more than 100 runners pounded the pavement in support of their boston brethren. the 5k race started in san francisco. a judge today agreed to wipe a domestic violence-related conviction from mirkarimi's record. mirkarimi was sheriff elect in 2011 when he grabbed his wife's arm during an argument leaving a bruise. he later pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of false imprisonment and was put on three years' probation. now he's got a clean record. >> as sheriff i want to provide that example to people that you need to right your wrongs. you need to be held accountable and as you do so you can also put these experiences behind you as best as the system allows you to do. >> it's common for people convicted of misdemeanors to
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have their crimes expunged if they comply with all terms of probation. activists in baltimore are demanding answers after a man died from injuries he received during an arrest. 25-year-old freddie gray was in a coma for a week before he died yesterday. cell phone video shows police carrying him to a transport van with his legs dangling. gray had a lengthy history of drug charges. police say he took off when they approached him in a known drug area. they also say he had a switch blade on him. a half hour later they called for an ambulance. >> the questions that many of you have are the same questions that we're asking. >> all he was saying was help me, i can't breathe. he was screaming. i want to know why he was being tased why was he arrested? >> in their report officers say gray suffered an unexplained medical emergency in the police van. an attorney for the family says his spine was 80% severed.
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the officers involved have been moved to desk duty while a task force investigates. no doubt about it. warrior fans very passionate. but does that pride cross the line? fighting words from the pelicans coach tonight. the behavior being called borderline illegal. >> big changes for a childhood favorite. how mac and cheese is mixing
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warrior fans will be raising the roof at oracle tonight as the ws look to take a two-game series lead on new orleans. the opposing coach wishes they would all just quiet down a bit. maria medina on the comment that has social media in an uproar. >> the coach says the volume inside oracle arena is illegal. warriors fans say give me a break. >> i'm not so sure that the decibel level is legal there and i'm serious. they've done studies on that. >> reporter: it's the comment by pelicans coach monty williams creating waves in the basketball world. >> i don't think he has a right to say that. >> reporter: and warriors fans are responding. >> probably was too loud for him because they lost. >> reporter: williams made the comment after his team's loss
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saturday, then went on to say this. >> they've got some of the best fans in the league here and they show up early and the music before the game, they're playing old school music and it's right above your locker room and you're like, these people are crazy. >> reporter: the oracle arena is nothing new to the game. it was built almost four decades ago and is known to be one of the loudest arenas. but these diehard fans say the volume during a game isn't any louder than any other arena. and maybe williams should hit the mute button on his comments. >> if i want to cheer, i think i have every right to cheer as loud as i want to. >> we'll see how loud they get and what williams says or doesn't say. tip-off for game 2 is at 7:30. >> i think he needs to put his big coach pants on. has he ever been inside the old arco arena? that thing is so loud. >> right. it can get just as loud over there. another bay area sports team making news today. the san jose sharks agreed to part ways with their head coach.
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tom mcclellan led the team for the last seven seasons. he became the winningest coach in team history. the sharks missed the playoffs this year for the first time since 2003. >> mcclellan proved himself as somebody who could deliver results but he couldn't get the team to do the same. >> disappointed. i like todd mcclellan a lot. i think the players do but not surprised. >> i think basically they had to do something and he took the fall. >> two other assistant coaches were also fired. it's the end of the line for doctors medical center in san pablo. the hospital is going to begin shutting down tomorrow. that of course follows years of financial trouble. the hospital serves primarily low income and uninsured patients. various plans to save that facility all came up short. a new urgent care center is opening in san pablo to help patients who would have gone to doctors medical center before. oprah winfrey will give a lecture at stanford memorial
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church. the tv icon will center her talk on living a meaningful life. tickets are free for students faculty and staff through a lottery system. we loved it as a kid but kraft foods is going natural with its popular macaroni and cheese. kraft says no artificial preservatives or synthetic color starting next year. it's a nod to consumers who are looking for a simpler more natural ingredient. kraft will replace yellow 5 and yellow 6 dyes with colors from a combination of spices. kraft sells a million boxes of mac and cheese every day. >> yellow 5 and yellow 6. >> oh so good. >> gonna miss you. >> it's proven it tastes better if you eat it with your hands. >> and cold. >> oh the next morning. nailed it. need something warm. this is kind of a warm latte kind of
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day. >> sun peeked through barely. warmed us up a bit. we're going to be cooler more than we're going to be warmer. i know it was really warm last week, like close to 80 in san francisco. how about close to 60 for the next several days. cooler in the city, 58 for you. nobody is above 70. livermore, 68. oakland, san bruin -- san bruno. let's turn to our weather watchers and see what they're reporting. wide temperature spread. we'll start along the coastline. pat buckman, bodega bay 59 degrees despite the fact the sun came out this afternoon. contrast that 59 out toward the delta. paul smith in brentwood says 82 degrees. that's a 23-degree spread. in between we find 69 degrees the current temperature in alamo says mr. mack there 17 minutes ago. our weather watchers reporting weather information. if you want to join
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you can become one. we typically cool down to the same temperature everywhere. 50 for concord, fremont. upper 40s in napa and santa rosa. sunrise, 6:27. how are we doing with rainfall? we know the answer over the four-year drought but this specific month we started off so well and now we're trailing off. we're 71% of average. 68% of average in santa rosa and livermore and san francisco between 70% and 80%. not horrible but not great. there will be a lot of rainfall in the western half of the country for the next several days including you look off to the east and you see thunderstorms bubbling up over the sierra. we have a low to our south. we have a low pressure area to our north and west. what that's done for us is not give us rainfall but give us that strong onshore flow. widespread morning clouds. minimal afternoon sunshine and temperatures that are down. low pressure the stronger one will stay to our north. cranking up the onshore flow. lots of fog and drizzle tomorrow morning. but this low misses us to the north. the one over southern california moves inland over
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arizona. phoenix is going to get rainfall. las vegas will get rain. seattle will get rain. we'll not see a widespread rain chance. tiny chance of a shower or two wednesday, thursday, friday. a lot of fog and drizzle overnight tonight. afternoon sunshine primarily away from the water and a tiny rain chance but nothing widespread. below average tomorrow when it comes to temperatures, concord 43 degrees below average. upper 60s for mountain view, santa clara and hayward. upper 60s for antioch and dublin. 59. that's it for san francisco. santa rosa 67 . st. helena, 70 degrees tomorrow. we'll stay cool-ish through friday. if we had to pick a couple days that are warmer and sunnier saturday and sunday. so good timing there. organized rain chances like the big good soaker, not conducive for that. may look like it but it won't actually come. >> won't come to fruition. a little bit of drizzle. they're energy vampires. the common house
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hold items sucking up electricity even when they're turned off.
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if you've got a tv there's probably an energy vampire sitting right on top of it. >> i hope you have a tv because you're watching us right now. the cable box using more energy than your refrigerator. julie watts explains what you can do about it. >> reporter: you may think by limiting your family's media consumption, you're also limiting your household energy consumption. but noah from the national resource defense council explains you'd be wrong. >> consumer electronics in your house may be using two refrigerators of electricity each year. >> reporter: in many cases it doesn't matter if they're on or they're off. >> in terms of electricity use
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about six power plants are needed just to keep these set top boxes running even though you're not watching them. >> reporter: for example this device measures how much energy an appliance is using. plug in a cable box while it's on and it measures about 25 watts. turn the box off it only goes down to 24. >> the industry is working hard to make those better. we're looking at potentially saving a billion dollars a year nationally. >> reporter: in the meantime, he suggests requesting an energy star 4.0 set top box from your provider and choosing an energy star tv in the future. by tweaking your current tv picture savings could help you save a lot right now. >> if you pick something like vivid, it will be overly bright and use 30% more power than necessary. >> reporter: for computers he says whenever possible, think portable. desktops use four times more power than laptops. but if you absolutely need one keep in mind screen savers can be costly. >> reporter: we remember people have a power strip and hit the
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power strip when you're done for the day. >> while limiting your kids' screen time may be a struggle, at least now you can limit the energy those screens use. >> and game consoles consume about a billion dollars a year in energy. instead of watching dvds opt for a vcr or streaming device like apple tv. they use less power than a gaming console. 888-5-helps-you. >> a vcr? does anyone till -- still have those? [ laughter ] >> i think we still have one it's just not actually plugged in. >> mine is in a closet. you just think about a computer and how hot especially a tablet or a laptop gets. that's sucking a lot of energy because the processor gets so hot. >> those desktops are sucking some of the most energy in your house. whenever possible use a laptop or unplug it from the wall or turn the power strip off when you're not using it. >> we'll (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot,
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don't get caught off guard. try zyrtec® dissolve tabs. powerful allergy relief, now in a tablet that starts dissolving instantly. zyrtec® dissolve tabs. muddle no more™. i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 news room. new at 6:00, sounding the alarm in case of a superstorm. a new look at how unprepared the bay area is and everything we need to get up to speed. and you could call these guys pot pioneers. only on 5 you'll hear from the men who came up with had 4/20 phenomenon and help turn it in to practically a holiday for marijuana users. join us for those stories tonight. the
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actual guys who came up with 4-20. >> i think it's an act >> pelley: a suspect suffers a fatal spinal injury after his arrest in baltimore, but how did it happen? it happen? six officers have been suspended. also tonight, dangerous weather. tornado watches are up for nine states from florida to new jersey. 700 are feared dead after a shipload of desperate refugees capsizes at sea. and there was no bigger winner in boston today than rebekah gregory. >> when i crossed the finish line, i took my life back today. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. today six police officers were suspended in baltimore after a suspect in custody suffered a


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