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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 16, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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reclassify catholic school employees as ministers subjecting them to live up to catholic doctrine and dogma in and out of the classroom. they have been fighting this since february. >> the bishop is going backwards when the pope is going forwards with these types of issues, you know? in recent years, the pope has just been an enormous progressive, um, leader of the church when it came to very delicate issues that weren't even talked about, you know? and now when there's promise, this archbishop is just sending us back. >> reporter: the archdiocese response to all of this, the signers presume to speak for the "catholic community of san francisco." they do not." the names here though include dozens of people. we're talking about executives, teachers and lawyers. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. new this morning, a small earthquake shook the south bay. the usgs says the 2.4 magnitude earthquake was about a mile west of campbell. it hit around 1:11.
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no reports of any injuries or damage. well, contra costa water district customers could now face a hefty fine for not conserving water. here's what the board voted on last night. the goal is to get customers to cut back by 25%. no more watering outdoors more than twice a week. first time, it's a warning. second time, $250 fine. third times $500 and could have the water shut off. the board also voted on higher water rates. starting in june, customers who use more than 350 gallons of water a day are going to have to pay more. >> so just follow the rules and save money. >> my son takes the military shower, fills up the extra water into the bucket and that's what we're watering our flowers with. i'm so amailsed that he is catching on. it's education, right? >> with you as a mother, what
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do you expect? [ laughter ] > good morning. out the door, we are looking to pass levi's stadium there lots of clear skies. it's so mild out out. i had to double-check my temperatures. look at livermore. 58 degrees. 57 in san francisco. 59 in concord. today temperatures near or record warmth from the 70s at the beaches. 80s inland. 80s across the bay. it will be 80 in mountain view. the extended forecast calls for a good chance of april showers returning tuesday and wednesday. >> we are getting word of breaking news in oakland. a car went into a building. we are not sure about any other details other than the location. it's emerald and 41st so police are heading to the scene now. lanes are probably blocked. chp cleared the scene of this motorcycle accident didn't take
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long westbound 580 at north livermore avenue. it's already out of the chp reports. we are seeing a few delays. there may be activity on the shoulder and delays building out of the altamont pass. back to you guys. >> thank you. a late-night crash kills two people in san jose yesterday. kpix 5's kiet do is at the scene with the latest details. kiet. reporter: good morning. this is a fairly unusual crash and we are still trying to learn exactly how the car ended up the way that it did. the cash initially came at 9:45 as a call of people trapped inside a lexus suv. the car had heavy damage to the rear, flipped and landed on the roof crushing it. it landed on the vta light rail train tracks blocking service for hours. it is unclear which direction it was going, but there's a lot of debris in capitol avenue. investigators were out here for hours and have since cleared the scene so traffic is on the move again. trains are still moving on time
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here in east san jose. so we'll try to get more information throughout the broadcast. live in east san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. a homeless man is under arrest for attacking a child on a san francisco street. the 31-year-old is facing charges of aggravated assault, child abuse and false imprisonment. the attack happened yesterday morning in the marina at union and octavia. police say the homeless man randomly went after a 5-year- old girl. >> as it turns out, the girl was walking with her mother when this man came up to the child unprovoked, grabbed her by the neck, lifted her off the ground and placed her against the side of a building. >> several people saw it and called police. the girl was hurt on the neck and received a scratch but police say she will be okay. the volunteer deputy in tulsa who shot and killed a suspect may not have passed the required training before he was allowed on the streets. 73-year-old robert bates is charged with manslaughter for shooting eric harris during a
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drug sting this morning. the tulsa world newspaper says the supervisors at the sheriff's office were told a forged training records to allow bates to go out in the field. the sheriff's office was also unable to produce his firearms certification record. it's unclear why or when the records may have been false tied. a woman who allegedly rammed a police vehicle with a stolen car in the east bay is now in the hospital with a gunshot wound. san leandro officers were in oakland yesterday on a different case when they saw a gray sedan that had been reported stolen as they tried to make a traffic stop, the woman rammed an officer's unmarked pickup truck and opened fire. students at a nearby high school were told to stay inside. >> it can be a very big distraction and it -- you know, it affects our kids' lives but we also try to handle it with grace, assess the situation and not overreact. >> the woman is expected to survive. her passenger was also
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arrested. no officers were injured. happening today bay area protestors are called for stricter laws in killings of unarmed african-americans. they want stronger laws to stop deadly forms against unarmed people. the protest is at the oakland city hall at 10:30. hundreds of people opposed to a bill on vaccinations turned out at the state capital. the bill requires parents to get their kids vaccinated with no exemptions for personal beliefs. >> vaccinations have prevented more than 21 million hospitalizations and 732,000 deaths among children born in the last 20 years. >> it is a denial of due process and unconstitutional. >> the opposition sewed doubts among members of the education committee so they put off the vote until next wednesday.
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health officials will declare an end to the measles outbreak today if no new cases pop up. it started at disneyland and spread to people in several other states and countries. 131 people were infected in california. the disease investigators worked for months to contain the highly contagious disease. time now 7 minutes after 5:00. director george lucas wants to bring affordable housing to the north bay. why some say it may be sneaky. >> plus questions are being raised this morning on how someone landed a gyrocopter next to the u.s. capitol without being detected. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, good morning, everybody. we have near and record warmth in the forecast and now we even have rain. i'll tell you when it expect it. >> and we first heard about this crash and now we're hearing it's also involving a car fire. southbound 680 in concord. how it's affecting your morning drive. we'll let you know coming up. but first we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. ask a question or share a gripe by emailing or tweet me at #ewengerkpix and watch to see if your question gets answered on air.
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looking towards sfo where currently we have no reports of any local airport delays. rain in the forecast. we'll tell you when coming up. well, in this year of drought, right now, crews in antelope, north of sacramento, are working to shut off what appears to be a broken hydrant that's just shooting water high into the air. going right down the drain since just before 3:30 this morning the water has been gushing into the now flooded streets. it is just fountaining out there. the water rushing toward a nearby storage facility. >> someone bought the pope's ipad at auction for more than $30,000. an auction house in uruguay says his holiness francisco is engraved on the back. the ipad also came with a keyboard and certificate signed by the pope's personal secretary. proceeds from the sale will go to a school in uruguay. so how do you beat the drought? one north bay school may have found a solution. >> they are keeping what are mother nature is willing to
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give thanks to ingenuity. frank has this week's "cool school." reporter: six raised organic garden beds are a learning tool at vallejo's st. patrick's-s st. vincent. then came the drought. >> this brings it to the forefront so when students are hearing about it not just in my classroom but at home and on the news, it makes them really perk up and want to do something about it. >> reporter: so mr. mccabe's environmental science class went to work using the school rooftop and gutters to harvest water. the students designed and installed a 660-gallon water catchment system, a 12-barrel beauty. more than enough water to sustain their gardens. >> it's cool to see how things in the classroom can actually, like, relate to things outside of the classroom. so we don't feel like we're just learning it for nothing. >> this is one of the most
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common water wasting things -- >> reporter: senior chelsea viola took first place in the solano water authorities annual water conservation video contest. that 750 bucks paid for the entire drought-busting water system. it's a win-win and even better, these conservation lessons are not lost at school. so you are the water police at home, would you say? >> definitely. like mom, make sure, five minutes, okay? just make sure. >> reporter: no shower today, dad! [ laughter ] >> reporter: the veggies go to local needy families and their organic veggies are delicious. >> it's important to, like, grow your own food because you can and you're capable of doing it and it makes you feel better that you did it and yeah, it makes you more proud. >> reporter: it tastes better? >> it does. >> reporter: frank mallicoat, kpix 5. >> that's water saving measures have spread across campus at saint patrick's-st. vincent high school. >> the school is removing glass and replacing it with drought- tolerant plants and ground cover. what is cool about your school?
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email your nominations to we may come and feature your school on the show. >> 5:14. you want to get a check on the roads? >> i know just who to go to. >> i'll take it from here. thanks, guys. so let's see. we did have a couple of earlier incidents. we have updates on those. so first to livermore westbound 580 at north livermore avenue. they did clear that motorcycle crash completely from the scene. the drive time is 19 minutes. it's worse than normal this early. delays begin at mountain house 205 and continue to north greenville where the scene of that earlier wreck happened. also if you are heading to the bay bridge, no metering lights, no big delays, everything is clear so this is the good spot actually both directions caltrans wrapped up their overnight roadwork early across
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the spano delay between oakland and san francisco. fire crews may be on scene of this -- it started as a crash and ended up as a car fire and then caused a small grass fire in the area southbound 680. it was just a base of the ramp to willow pass road off-ramp. and again, we are just kind of hearing that fire crews may be wrapping things up now. we haven't seen any delays on the main lines of the freeway southbound 680 southbound 242. clear from concord straight into walnut creek. here's a live look out the door at the nimitz 880 in oakland. as you can see here everything looks great. they had that full forecast closure overnight. they picked that up early so we never saw that early-morning bottleneck we sometimes see when they run the traffic breaks in order to get it completely out of there. so right now that's in the clear. the only real slow spot is westbound 580 and some delays beginning to build on highway 4 in antioch. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." roberta has your forecast. hey, elizabeth. hey, claudia, you, too. we have michelle and brian. guess what time it is! i don't hear you guys.
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>> weather watcher time. >> i get nervous because i don't know if anyone is awake. oh, yeah! 5 people out of 95 weather watcher are awake this morning. this is 57 degrees reported by paul smith, winds up to 2 miles per hour in brentwood. hey, paul, i need your photograph, okay? send one. i need to see who i'm dealing with here. okay. meanwhile, let's take a look and see if there are any pictures in and we have this one right here. that's the latest photograph, george sent this in southeast view city hall that's your view, that's awesome there. nice place you got there, george. hey, i got a view for you this morning. our live weather camera looking out towards the bay bridge. the waters are rough this morning. we have a beach hazardous statement that goes into effect at 11 a.m. for some strong rip currents also sneaker waves so be very mindful of that a lot of people flocking to the beaches because we have near to record warmth on tap for this thursday. it's mild out the door.
5:17 am
59 in concord. coast is clear. we have high pressure in the area, warm and dry. the humidity goes down as the temperatures go up. return of the onshore flow by friday evening bringing the marine layer back into the bay area. 73 degrees monterey bay. 60 in the greater lake tahoe area. pollen report suggests pollen is off the charts. if you have allergies, boy, be mindful that count is on the high side all the way through the weekend. high temperatures today 71 pacifica to 83 degrees livermore 84 degrees outside number. we have a chance of april showers tuesday and wednesday. madison baumgarner is slated to play tonight. we have a temperature near 58 degrees at game time. >> not bad. we are hoping it helps the giants a little bit tonight, right. >> right.
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today in south korea angry relatives of victims from a ferry disaster snubbed the country's president. multiple ceremonies marked the one-year anniversary with flags lowered to half-staff at all public buildings. but when the president went to one event to offer condolences the relatives refused to meet with her. most of the more than 300 people who died were teenagers. a postal worker who landed a small helicopter on u.s. capitol grounds had been planning the stunt for years. as edward lawrence tells us, the florida man will make his first court appearance this morning. >> reporter: police surrounded and arrested douglas mark hughes shortly after he landed his gyrocopter on the lawn of the u.s. capitol wednesday. the 61-year-old mailman is examined to make his first appearance in court today. >> the questions that are going to shake up this town is how was he able to get into some of the most restricted airspace in the united states without being seen? >> reporter: witnesses say they saw hughes take off from the
5:19 am
gettysburg airport in pennsylvania. >> crazy! awesome! oh, man! nuts to do something like that. >> reporter: hughes flew past the white house and washington monument before landing on capitol hill. but even if authorities had spotted hughes, it may not have taken him down before he landed. >> i don't think use of force would be warranted anything to take that out of the sky would have created more problems than solving. >> reporter: hughes had been planning his flight here to the u.s. capitol for more than two years. many are asking why law enforcement didn't stop him before he took off. the secret service says it interviewed hughes about his plans in 2013. hughes talked about it with friends. he even made this video for the tampa bay times. >> i'm going to violate the no- fly zone, nonviolently, for nobody to get hurt, and i'm going to land on the capital mall. >> reporter: hughes was delivering 535 letters to congress urging them to take up campaign finance reform. edward lawrence for cbs news,
5:20 am
capitol hill. . george lucas found a unique way to get payback on his neighbors. three years ago he ran into opposition from his wealthy rural marin neighbors when he tried to expand his skywalker ranch studios so he decided to put in a 224-home housing community for seniors, teachers and retirees. he said he will personally pick who gets to live there. >> george lucas said if i'm not going to do what i want to do there, what can i do that would really be beneficial to this community? >> lucas has had problems with his other big plans. his $700 million museum at san francisco presidio fell flat with trustees and his bid to build it in chicago is hitting rough waters, as well. all right. 20 minutes after 5:00 on thursday morning. doctors didn't know if he would walk again. now giants fan bryan stow is preparing for a major comeback four years after he was brutally attacked. >> the warriors wrap up the regular season and we now know when and who they will play in the first round of the play-
5:21 am
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the warriors didn't have much to play for in their regular season finale but with a win they could move into an elite nba club to become only the tenth team in league
5:24 am
history to have 67 wins in a season. golden state lacking for the 39th home -- looking for the 39th home win tonight. klay thompson with the hot hand. the three ball makes it 18-10 warriors. and thompson scored 25 and didn't even play in the second half. golden state finished the game on a huge run. james michael mac adieu with a huge dunk. warriors win 133-126 and finish the regular season 67-57 and 39- 2 at home. to the giants now, the giants and the rockies just like all the major league baseball honoring jackie robinson. an awful start for tim lincecum. top of the first nolan takes him deep for a three-run shot and just like that, it's 3-0 colorado. bottom of the 8th, now down 4- 2, giants with a go head run at the plate. but hector sanchez grounds into an inning ending fielder's choice. rockies win 4-2 with san francisco sixth straight loss. and hall of famer nolan ryan on the right, checking out
5:25 am
the astros and a's. bottom of the first jed lowrie two-run home off pomeranz makes it 2-0. lowrie with 3 rbi and houston won 6-1. back to warriors basketball they will play their first play- off game on saturday against the pelicans, game time is at 12:30. i'm andrea nakano and that's sports for this thursday morning. there's more where that came from. it's time four play of the day. atlanta braves hosting the miami marlins. top of the ninth, the marlins hit a line drive deep to left field. jonny gomes of the braves makes a diving catch to end the inning. check out the replay. gomes goes up and robs them of extra bases. and yet the marlins win 6-2. so often we do the play of the day, whoever makes the fantastic play loses the game. [ laughter ] play of the day.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at more than 100 bay area catholics call for the pope to oust san francisco's archbishop. >> i'm kiet do live in san jose where a violent car crash killed two people. >> we are just hearing about a stalled big rig now blocking one lane. it's on the upper deck of the bay bridge. how it's affecting your drive to work. we'll let you know coming up. >> so we have been talking
5:30 am
about near and record warmth today and tomorrow. and now i'll talk about april showers. >> well, all right then! good morning, it's thursday, april 16. i'm brian hackney. frank is off. >> and i'm michelle griego. some prominent bay area catholics want pope francis to fire the archbishop of san francisco. anne makovec is at st. mary's cathedral in san francisco with the latest. >> reporter: this ad takes up the entire back section of the "san francisco chronicle" this morning with 100 names of catholics, it is calling on pope francis to replace san francisco's archbishop for fostering a, quote, atmosphere of division and intolerance. they want the pope to replace him with a leader quote true to our values and the pope's namesake. they are calling archbishop salvatore cordileone's actions mean-spirited as he pushed for a morality clause for catholic schoolteachers requiring them to live by the strict rules of
5:31 am
catholic doctrine in and out of the classroom an issue that's caused months of protests. >> it is just ridiculous how he is trying to, um, represent the catholic church in a city of tolerance and a city of acceptance. >> reporter: the afternoon die specialist response to all of this, call it a misrepresentation. they say the signers presume to speak for the "catholic community of san francisco." they do not. among the names though on this ad, executives, lawyers and many catholic educators. one of the more interesting names we saw on there actually tom brady's dad, tom brady a senior. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. the contra costa water district is tracking down on water wasters. the board approved tough new restrictions last night. and the goal is to get customers to cut back by 25%. no watering outdoors more than twice a week. caught once you get a warning. caught twice you have to pay a
5:32 am
$250 fine. third time offenders have to pay $500 and could have the water cut off. the board will vote on higher water rates in june. customers who use more than 350 gallons a day will pay more. new this morning, a small earthquake rumbled through the south bay. the usgs says the 2.4 magnitude earthquake was about a mile west of campbell, hit around 1:11 this morning and no reports of any injuries or damage. relatively small earthquake so -- there you go. >> bet it's a very edge of tiny. it is now 28 minutes before 6:00 and it is time to talk about not only heat but rain. >> rain. april showers back in the forecast in fact it's going to be unsettled next week with daily chances of rain beginning on tuesday. >> no kidding? >> i'll take a chance. >> okay, right. >> yeah. okay, but today we're talking about full-on sunshine, near or record warmth and beach hazards in the form of rip currents and also sneaker waves so be very
5:33 am
mindful of that at the coast. mild temperatures. 58 in livermore. 59 out the door in concord. average high temperature 63. instead today 75. 60s, 70s lining the coast today. 80s peninsula into the santa clara valley. temperatures north of the golden gate bridge from 70 in stinson beach to 82 degrees in sonoma so obviously, close to record high temperatures. outside number today 86 degrees in cloverdale. hey, liz, next time around we'll talk about that chance of rain returning. >> okay. stay tuned. all right, thank you, roberta. in the meantime if you have to get to work on time heading to the bay bridge this is a tweet from "kcbs traffic." there's a stalled big rig westbound near the center anchorage blocking the west lanes with traffic backing up at the tunnel at the toll plaza. you can see the cash lanes filling in but we'll show you what it looks like on the sensors once you get on the span itself. it is a little slow 35 miles per hour with that big rig
5:34 am
still there blocking one lane. i know they are working to clear it bridge crews are aware of it. we also have that earlier motorcycle wreck which was moved to the shoulder really quickly. unfortunately, we have bigger- than-usual delays coming out of the altamont pass. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you, elizabeth. police are investigating a late-night crash that killed two people in san jose. kiet do is live at the scene with the details. >> reporter: good morning. it was a violent crash with a car flipped over ending up, upside-down. the call initially came in some time around 9:45 of a rescue call with a couple of people trapped inside a lexus suv. now, the car had heavy damage to the rear. it somehow flipped over landed on its roof and crushed it. it actually landed on the vta light rail train tracks. and it blocked service for hours. it is unclear which direction the car was going but there was a lot of debris in the northbound lanes of capitol avenue just before sierra road. the accident scene investigators were out for hours and have since cleared
5:35 am
the scene. so traffic is flowing. the trains are moving in east san jose. live, kiet do, kpix 5. police in san francisco are looking at surveillance video to try and identify suspects in the latest smash-and-grab heist. you can see someone pick up a rock and use a slingshot to break a front door's windowpane. then several men wearing surge cast masks run through a store called stuff. the owner says they took about $5,000 in merchandise and including vintage art. >> it affects all of my vendors here. you know? we're providing a place for 60 small businesses to sell out of and it affects them. it's their livelihood. >> the surveillance video shows one man whose mask fell off and shows a man on a bike and others apparently acting as lookouts. thousands of workers marched yesterday in san francisco and berkeley. they have a message for one of the biggest corporations in america. the golden arches. they want mcdonald's to pay
5:36 am
them $15 an hour. right now, many of these workers only make minimum wage. they say in the high-priced bay area, it's not enough to live on. protests like this happen all across the country yesterday. mcdonald's says its wages are not set by the company but by the independent franchise owner of the restaurant. today is the grand opening of the new san francisco police headquarters and public safety building. it's on 3rd street and mission rock in the mission bay district. the 6-floor, $243 million facility has been built to withstand a big earthquake. backup power can last four days and there's an emergency operations center which can be activated within minutes. the price of a barrel of oil is at the highest of the year about $57. analysts say the higher costs are because of lower oil inventories in the u.s. hopes are high for the spring real estate season after ups and downs over the past 18
5:37 am
months. the market is poised to show some improvement. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger joins us now from new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> so, jill, what's going on for the housing market this spring? >> reporter: well, i know this may seem strange for you in the bay area but not everywhere in the united states have we seen a point -- buoyant housing market. right now there's underlying strength in the labor market affordable mortgage rates and reduction in fha borrowing requirements and costs, all expected to bring more first time home buyers into the market nationally. we're also seeing a new trend, boomerang buyers. these are the homeowners who are put out in the financial doghouse who could be returning to the market. >> tell us more. who is the boomerang buyer? >> reporter: from 2007 to 2014 realty track saints 2014
5:38 am
realtytrac says millions of people loves their homes. this year we'll see the first wave of buyers returning to the housing market after the credit reports clear after 7 years. this could be up to half a million presuming there are no other major lingering credit issues, many should qualify for a mortgage now. but remember, even if just half of the total potential boomerang buyers do purchase a home, it could put a spring into the housing market recovery. if you are ready to buy a house, it's time for you to go to i have the ten home buyer mistakes to avoid. >> you always have good advice. all right, jill schlesinger, thank you. many women who have one child don't wait very long to have another. that's the finding of a new study released this morning by the centers for disease control. it found about 30% of women who had a child became pregnant again within 18 months. doctors say this is actually not healthy. they say a woman needs more
5:39 am
time for her body to recover waiting longer also increases a chances that the second baby will be healthy. the dog flu outbreak hitting the midwest is getting worse. there are at least 1,000 cases being reported. veterinarians say that coughs and sluggishness are the first symptoms. it's highly contagious and can be spread to cats. the strain has never been seen in the u.s. before. usually it's only in asia. >> our dog population here is what we call naive. they have never seen anything like this before so their immune system isn't ready to fight it. >> vets and staff are suiting up in protective gear to treated infected dogs. it's not a threat to humans. but if your hands or clothes come in contact with the sick dog, you can transmit it to other dogs. a team looking for a missing malaysia airlines plane is expanding the search. how long they expect it to take to comb through the new area.
5:40 am
>> and there's 880 looks to me like it's flowing smoothly but
5:41 am
it took tennis legend serena williams, fencing champion tim morehouse and the rockettes years to master their craft. but only moments to master paying bills at
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depositing checks at the atm and transferring funds on the mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. 5:42 on this thursday april 16. good morning, san jose. currently clear skies there. and we have east wind very gentle at 3 miles per hour. near and record warmth expected across the santa clara valley in the low 80s. we'll talk about the record heat and we'll talk about your chances of rain as the news continues. a holiday being marked in israel in jerusalem. a trumpet was the only sound heard as the israeli flag was lowered to half-staff.
5:43 am
at sundown wednesday the entire nation becaused to honor the 6 million jews killed in world war ii. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and thousands of other israelis listened to the music to honor holocaust memorial day. there's a renewed effort to find missing flight 370. china, australia and malaysia will double the search area if the plane isn't found by may. it disappeared last march and 61% of the 23,000-square-mile search area have been combed. 239 people were on board the flight headed to beijing from kuala lumpur when it dropped off the radar. the postal worker who landed a small helicopter on the lawn of the u.s. capitol will be in court. douglas hughes was arrested after he landed the gyrocopter. he talked to friends about his plans two years ago. secret service even interviewed him in 2013. yesterday he was trying to deliver letters to every member
5:44 am
of congress advocating campaign finance reform. the condo so small you have to go outside just to change your mind. well, not that small maybe. sold for $415,000. it's in the south of market neighborhood. there's a bay window and a full sized foldaway murphy bed. the owners paid cash. and it works out to $1,426 a square foot. the new owners paid 39% over asking price. >> we received about nine offers. almost half of those were all cash. often, though, the all cash offers are not always the best offers all things considered. in this case, it was. >> the microcondo comes with 289-dollar monthly hoa dues. >> it's really small. but in those pictures it looks
5:45 am
cute. >> it's all furniture. [ laughter ] all right. let's go outside and show you what's going on. if you are about to hit the road we have brewing hot spots unfortunately in fremont sunol southbound 680 approaching mission boulevard. this is a tweet from "kcbs traffic." letting now about a crash -- injury crash involving a box truck and another car. it sounds like the center divide blocked. the delays are all pouring in on the sensors as well backed up for at least one exit. and you know what, that stalled big rig is still there. causing an early-morning backup over at the bay bridge. we haven't confirmed that the metering lights are on but i think they have been turned on. they look like it at the toll plaza. it's backed up in all the lanes, cash and fastrak now just beyond the first overcrossing and traffic is backing up to the tunnel again a stalled big rig around the center anchorage blocking the right lane. that's another tweet from "kcbs traffic." bummer getting into san
5:46 am
francisco. bridge crews are working on it now. westbound 580 accident cleared to the right-hand shoulder. 205 to north greenville, that's the worst of it right there all red on the traffic sensors. which means speeds below 25 miles per hour. no break in sight past livermore. nimitz at 880 in oakland 15 minutes between 238 and the maze. southbound 880 is fine, no delays downtown toward 92. san mateo bridge. mass transit is on time. with the forecast, here's roberta. thanks, liz. good morning, everybody. we even have this. we have 95 weather watchers in
5:47 am
the bay area so let's check in with at least one of them right now. okay, let's pick that one right there. 45 degrees according to linda mather. she is in san rafael. no wind at this hour. thanks for checking in with us. check this out. look at this. look at the foreground. can you see that, brian? >> yes. >> it's the 7% waning crescent moon. we can see it because of unlimited visibility. we have extremely mild conditions out the door. besides 50 in san jose and santa rosa that's pretty mild still but look at concord at 59. 58 in livermore. 57 degrees in san francisco. the coast, clouds is clear. we are under the influence of this huge dome of high pressure. this is so strong it's going to produce near or record warmth for the next couple of days. then we see the return of the onshore push and that will result in a cooling trend beginning friday night through the weekend. so today and tomorrow, the warmest days of the workweek. we have 73 degrees in monterey
5:48 am
bay. along the immediate coast today we have a beach hazard statement for our local beaches, as well. some very strong rip currents and sneaker waves. if you are heading to the coast, be mindful of that. we are talking about high pollen count. if you have allergies, pollen count is medium to high. high temperatures into the 70s at the beaches even stinson beach today. mid-70s to low 80s across the central bay to 80 degrees in mountain view. 84 degrees in gilroy. 84 towards brentwood, tracy, oakley and in mountain house. low 80s across the northern portion of our district. here's your extended forecast. dry skies, return of the marine layer on friday night, foggy start saturday and sunday, partly cloudy monday, and yes, that's a chance of april showers both tuesday and wednesday. daily chances from wednesday
5:49 am
through friday. so we are seeing a change. and change is good. >> change is good. >> we'll take it, thank you. right now, crews in antelope north of sacramento are working to shut off what appears to be a broken hydrant. it's shooting water high into the air since about 3:30. the water is rushing towards a nearby storage facility. let's take a live look from the scene right now. a little bit of a different view there where crews are beginning to clean up that mess. switching gears, the warriors finished up the regular season on a high note even with point guard steph curry sitting out the second half. they still beat the denver nuggets 133-126 in the regular season finale. golden state became only the 10th team to win that many games and 7 won the league title. the warriors begin play-offs saturday at home against the
5:50 am
new orleans pelicans. giants fan bryan stow continues to make a remark a.m. recovery. -- continues to make a remarkable recovery. >> that's stow getting ready to appear at tonight's minor league game between the san jose giants and the bakersfield blades. the catcher is his father. four years ago stow was beaten in the parking lot outside dodger stadium. he was left with a traumatic brain injury. doctors were not sure if he would recover and as you can see, he has come a long way. and this is bryan working out at the gym. his goal is to start using his crutches more often. right now he depends heavily on a wheelchair to get around. bryan takes a big step forward tonight when he gets to through out the first pitch at the game. time now 10 minutes before 6:00 on thursday morning. accused of misleading students, a group of colleges
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! good morning, it's thursday, 5:53. it's early in the morning, but if you have baseball plans thinking ahead to tonight, we have madison baumgarner on the mound for the good guys, game time temperature of 58 degrees
5:54 am
with clear skies. heading to san francisco from oakland it is getting ugly over at the bay bridge. they finally cleared that stalled big rig that was on the upper deck center anchorage but look at that the metering lights are on super slow. it's backed up through the maze. give you some good alternates coming up. the death of a sperm whale that washed up on the beach in pacifica remains a mystery. veterinarians and marine biologists completed a necropsy but they still can't tell how it died. doesn't appear that the whale has hit by a shim. tissue samples were taken for future studies but they are not fresh enough to determine a cause of death. >> he looked very thin, um, his bones are protruding. and it appears that he hasn't been eating, there's not a lot of stomach contents. >> multiple agencies are trying to figure out a way to dispose of the carcass. electric bill rebates will be coming to millions of californians. they come from a complex state program that collected money
5:55 am
from businesses that pollute the air. the average refund about $25 for pg&e customers. and the feds are fining sf based heald college $30 million for misleading its students. the department of education says heald has shown a pattern of falsifying alumni employment data. in one instance, heald's honolulu campus said a graduate had found a job as an accountant, she was working at taco bell. the department says that heald hired its own graduates for temp jobs to inflate its job placements rate. a california judge decided to keep marijuana on the list of most dangerous drugs. the case stems from a marijuana grow operation. it's the first time in decades a federal court has seriously considered marijuana's classification as a schedule one drug. those are defined as having no accepted medical use and high potential for abuse. marijuana's place in that category puts states that have legalized the drug at odds with
5:56 am
federal law. it is 5:55. as the bill to force children to get vaccinated stalls in the senate, encouraging news on the outbreak that sparked the debate. >> and a prayer in a local newspaper. what bay area "catholics" are asking the pope to do. on his quest, jack ventured far and wide. through dust, fog and rain. until he smelled something legendary. garlic herb butter. jack knew what to do. take the cowboy with him. and that's how the buttery jack came to be. our juiciest, butteriest craviest burgers ever. the new buttery jack burgers from jack in the box.
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good morning. it's thursday, april 16. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm not frank mallicoat. he is off today. >> some prominent bay area catholics are taking their case all the way to the vatican. to gutted the archbishop of san francisco removed. anne makovec is at st. mary's cathedral in san francisco. >> reporter: this is an unprecedented and interesting move. this group took out an ad for the entire back page of the front section of the "chronicle."
6:00 am
it is entitled a respectful appeal to pope francis from the catholic community of san francisco asking him to replace archbishop salvatore cordileone. they say the archbishop has isolated himself from our community and they invoke the pope's own words, quote, who am i to judge? they are referring to the archbishop's proposed morality clause which would reclassify catholic school employees as ministers subjecting them to live up to catholic doctrine and dogma in and out of the classroom. they have been fighting this since february. >> the bishop is going backwards when the pope is going forwards with these types of issues, you know? in recent years, the pope has just been an enormous progressive, um, leader of the church when it came to very delicate issues that weren't even talked about, you know? and now when there's promise,


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