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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  April 14, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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n the face of shrinking water. >> reporter: the palo alto city council is considering tough new conservation requirements for new homes and remodeling products. >> the gray water when you wash your clothes will be diverted to your landscaping. i think homeowners will appreciate that in times of drought. >> reporter: it will require builders to install a separate set of pipes capture water from the washing machine then used to water landscaping or a garden. laura smith says faced with the severe drought the requirements just make sense. >> i think california is desperate and this is a lot easier to do in a construction phase than as a retrofit. >> reporter: others say the city should find a way to help homeowners offset the additional cost. >> i think it's a good idea but i also think it's kind of unfair to force on people if it's going to cost them a lot of money. there should be some sort of government subsidy going on here i think. >> reporter: the city acknowledges the requirements would add to the overall price of the house but says the need
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to conserve water is vn -- is even greater. >> the drought is in its fourth year and doesn't look like it's ending any time soon. that was definitely one of the considerations of how to be more effective in water conservation efforts. >> reporter: while water remains in short supply, there's no shortage of ideas about how best to deal with the drought. the city ordinance also contains provisions for solar power. the city council will make its final decision next week. >> the drought emergency is signaling unprecedented restrictions and now higher costs in one water district. kpix 5's ann notrarangelo with what's behind the big rate hike for more than 1 million customers. >> the drought is going to cost no question about that. but who's going to pay and how much? there's still some debate about that. >> reporter: east bay mud board
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members agreeing to divert the water to the reservoirs. that would give customers about a two-month water supply and cost $16 million. a 25% surcharge on rates expected by mid-summer will cover the costs. a 20% water conservation policy and outdoor watering restrictions. water thieves will start paying the price. the first violation will cost $1,000. the fines go up to $3,000. they also discuss making excessive water wasters pay more. what's excessive? four and a half times the average usage is what they're starting with. >> the penalty of $2 per unit over that amount seems like a relative small amount given that there's a long tail, the number of customers in that category is relatively small and not out to strike fear in the hearts of
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water uses. >> reporter: the board decided penalties would kick in after four times the average usage. >> this is a heated topic and it's not over yet. there will be another hearing on excessive water wasters april 28th. ann notrarangelo kpix 5. >> tomorrow the contra costa water district board will consider mandatory cuts of 25%. it will also consider a ban on watering lawns more than twice a week. the santa cruz city council is considering declaring a stage 3 water emergency. everyone will be required to cut water use by 25%. residents should prepare by checking for leaks and install water saving devices. rationing begins on may 1st. chopper 5 is live over downtown san francisco. a group of protesters there on the move. this is all part of a national day of action to stop what they say is murder by police. the group has been taking over streets, blocking traffic for
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the last couple of hours. police have been marching side by side with the protesters to keep the peace. it is just one of several demonstrations going on in the bay area. nearly 100 people are on the move right now. they've been through downtown as we say blocking market street and now they have moved on to the mission. meanwhile in oakland this group marched from downtown to the plaza. they stayed peaceful for the most part except when some of them marched on interstate 880. they blocked lanes causing major backup. the jackson on ramp was shut down as police tried to block the group from getting on to the freeway. the group protested outside oakland police headquarters. as many as 30 cities nationwide participate in the call to action today. here is a look at some clashes between protesters and police. in new york several people arrested on the brooklyn bridge as they marched around cars, blocked traffic. this group was joined
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by family members of some of the victims of recent police confrontations. a report on the b.a.r.t. accident that killed two workers in 2013. the men were inspecting the tracks between the walnut creek and pleasant hill stations when they were hit by a train. it happened during a strike. the ntsb says roadway workers got authorization to be on the tracks without a lookout watching for trains. b.a.r.t. has since mandated a lookout be in place. b.a.r.t. released a statement saying b.a.r.t. has made significant changes to its trackside procedures to provide additional safety measures for our workers. among the changes slowing down trains when workers are nearby and stopping trains if workers are within six feet of the tracks. mandatory vaccinations may soon be required for all students in california. a bill would eliminate the personal belief exemption but as derek shore tells us, parents have a plan and it could cost school districts thousands of dollars.
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>> reporter: as some parent knrupz push back sentence sb277 the bill that would do away with personal belief exemptions for vaccines in school a new threat surfacing. anti-vaccine parents insisting they'll homeschool their children if the bill becomes law, possibly affecting school funding. >> we believe god gave us the ability to heal from within. >> reporter: dr. richard pan co-author of the bill, says while some parents may turn to home-schooling, he doesn't believe the funding cuts would be significant to school. it's estimated between 1% and 5% of students attending schools are unvaccinated under a personal beliefs exemption. >> it seems to be another tactic by the opposition that's based on exaggeration and attempt of amtimidation. i think the people most knowledgeable about the subject are in support of the bill. >> reporter: he says lobbyists are doing what they can to halt the bill. >> prop 98 that sets the
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funding for schools this will not affect prop 98. many schools have property tax base. that property tax base will not be affected. >> reporter: it is estimated each student in public school provides a district with around $6,000 a year in funding. jesus olgin is the president of the school board association which supports the bill. he believes many parents will rethink home schooling when they realize the responsibility. >> it's a huge responsibility for the parents to make sure that the students are getting the education that they deserve and need to have. and the parents may or may not have the time. >> that bill will go before the senate education committee tomorrow. in just a few weeks a six-year $1 billion construction project will finally take the brakes off the traffic going to and from the golden gate bridge. the final phase of the replacement stretches from the marina along
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crissy field to the bridge. it's just about done but not without one more major closure and detour. >> reporter: thousands of tons of gravel and miles of rebar have gone in to the structure and countless dirt movers and operators have reworked the landscape. finally after years of inconvenience drivers will get relief. >> right now everybody is really squeezed in a tight configuration with no shoulders. >> reporter: that's about to change. permanently. the doyle drive replacement is just about done. >> this shows you how far along the project is. out of all the tons of concrete that's been poured out here, they're at the very end. this was poured on friday. and this section right here, this is one of the very last pourings of the project. soon after labor day contractors plan one last big road closure. it will last three days, beginning on a thursday night at 10 p.m. when it reopens just what's going to
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change for drivers? every detour goes away. every closed on ramp and off ramp will be back in use. >> all the connections from highway 1 will be open. rather than having north and southbound traffic on this one bridge, the other bridge will only be southbound. >> reporter: in addition the traffic for years now has been going for both directions in one new tunnel will spread out. the three new tunnels aren't quite finished. >> there's lights, fence, alarm systems, sprinkler fire systems, all those systems we're working day and night to get those systems up and running. >> reporter: once the new road and tunnels are open, work will actually continue for another year. >> they need to cover up the tunnels. they need to do all the landscaping. and they need to take out the temporary detour you have out there now. >> reporter: so get ready for one more long weekend of pain for what promises to be a long-term gain. >> that three-day closure definitely not going to happen
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over memorial day. contractors do want to be respectful. they don't want to disrupt traffic to and from the national cemetery in the presidio during the busy holiday weekend. shortly after that. they're not ready to say exactly when. >> hurdles still but boy is this going to be great. still ahead farmers destroying their own crops. why they say they don't have a choice. >> if your choice was to go for a job up to the top of mt. diablo this morning you were fighting a headwind of 59 miles per hour. that would be a tough jog. windy also throughout the bay area today. winds ushering in something new tomorrow.
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no smoking in most areas of downtown livermore. it includes electronic cigarettes. the reason for the ban-to make the downtown area more enticing to nonsmokers and their families. where can you smoke? in designated downtown parking areas. restaurants in san mateo county will soon have a new way to display how they did on food safety inspections and it's going to be loud and clear. they've adopted a color coded system like this one. green is for a passing green. yellow is for a conditional passing. and red would require the restaurant to close. the program will launch next january. a shortage of organic milk is driving up prices at some grocery stores. last year americans bought nearly 2.5 bill
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--billion pounds of organic milk. new at 6:00, john ramos talked to one east bay man whose old school methods have evolved in the changing milk market. >> reporter: years ago milk was considered the perfect food and americans drank a lot of it. and while it's probably been a long time since milk was delivered to your neighborhood, the milk man never really went away. the bay area milk man also known as pat barela, has been delivering milk and other high quality staples to homes every week for 30 years. these days his clients are mostly affluent with a strong desire for local organic milk, which even he says doesn't come cheap. >> this is twice as much as regular milk.
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this is about $5. >> reporter: he doesn't quite understand the organic craze. he says it is what's driving demand these days. >> it is a choice and some people are willing to pay for that. whether they make it different or not i don't know. we'll see in 50 years. >> reporter: it's that kind of honesty that pat's customers appreciate as many give him access to their garages and even welcome him in to their homes. >> i figure i know where to find him if anything goes missing. [ laughter ] >> reporter: tammy becker has been getting milk deliveries since her kids were babies. they're grown now, but -- >> my husband recently said to me don't stop the milk man. i know we're down to only one at home but i love it that he delivers milk. >> reporter: besides the nostalgia, he's selling trust in a food, trust in a man. but it's not really hard to get. in fact it can be delivered right to your door.
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in piedmont, john ramos, kpix 5. >> pat says his customers may be requesting high end expensive products but he only charges them about $5 for the delivery service. a bill to protect wildlife against oil spills passed its first legislative battle today. the bill was authored after a mystery goo was spilled in the bay killing hundreds of birds. it includes protocol on how to best help wildlife during these non-oil spills. the drought is so bad farmers are destroying parts of their own orchards. leigh martinez shows us why it may be the only way to save what's left of their crops. >> reporter: these trees were planted in 1988. today they came don. -- came down. there's nothing wrong with the trees. they still produce wall nuts. but this year he cut his water. >> we don't have groundwater
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availability. we're waiting for a couple wells to get drilled. so with 16 inches, we need to be able to salvage some of the water for these orchards for other orchards. >> reporter: cutting back on watering isn't possible. he says walnut trees need to stay hydrated up until summer harvest. >> the holes will dry down and the nuts will turn black and be unmarketable. >> reporter: the trees won't recover, so the land will remain barren until he gets groundwater wells or california comes out of the drought. we checked and there's no single agency charting the demise of orchards because of the drought. he's also president of the state farm bureau and says he's not the only farmer taking out good trees. >> taking out 10% of our walnuts isn't a big deal. i know folks who are taking out 50% of their trees so they'll have enough water for the rest. >> reporter: the owner of
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g&f ag removal services says his company has removed trees from 20 different orchards in stanislaus county. trees like these won't be planted again here. new hybrids might be smaller but produce walnuts much quicker. after 27 years winger says it's still sad to see them going. >> it's going to take two days to remove 20 acres of trees from that grove. the owner doesn't think the price of walnuts will be affected till next year. a little bit of shaking today in the east bay. 2.7 magnitude quake reported in unincorporated crockett. no reports of damage or injuries. did you forecast that earthquake? >> no, if i could. [ laughter ] >> talk ing about a whole other career. here's the peek outdoors. did forecast the wind. bam, got that. windy day today all throughout the bay area. high temperatures kept down by the cold air on the other side of a cold front.
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napa 32-mile-per-hour winds today. fairfield, 67. santa rosa, 66 . cupertino 65. vallejo, 65. that's our mount vaca cam. rainfall in the month of april in san jose. this is crazy. we've had an inch of rainfall in april in san jose. if you were to add up all of january and all of march you would have 1/5th of the rainfall we've had this april. such little rain but april turned out to be not so bad. it continues to rain in western washington and oregon. we're seeing a lot of rain and mountain snowfall over the rocky mountains. all good news. the drought is not just here. we can use any precipitation in the western half of the country and we're getting some tonight. the front is now old news for us. the winds relax tonight. something new begins to move in. that something new is a rather strong area of high pressure which will
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put itself right over the bay area, limiting the influence of the ocean. ocean is chilly right now. we're going to be much warmer with that ridge right over us. we'll be talking about 70s tomorrow, 10 or 15 degrees warmer. 80s coming up on thursday or friday. a subtle move to the south on saturday. brings back the onshore flow. how chilly is that air the water is 52% -- 50.2 degrees. less wind. san francisco 70. warmest day may be some record breakers on thursday and friday with highs in the 80s. saturday and sunday, cooler near the water, back down to the 70s and we may see another round of april showers next monday night in to next tuesday. so focus on that but enjoy that between now and then. that's your forecast. >> sounds like a plan. as we count down to super bowl 50 here in the bay area, the host committee is giving 50 grants to 50 different
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organizations. this week's grant honors susan of the sonoma ecology center. >> here in sonoma county there wasn't a place for gardening with children so i thought let's propose this to the master garden board and see if we can get this to fly in. they bought it and really happy ever since then. >> she's dedicated hundreds of hours every single year. she does it not for herself not for the recognition. she does it for the greater community and the children within the garden. >> very cool. the sun ome-- sonoma ecology center will use its playmaker grant to fund scholarships for low income children to attend science and garden camps this summer. kpix 5 very proud to be the media partner for super bowl 50. we are now under 300. 298 days away from the big game. for more stories leading up to the super bowl, you can go to
6:22 pm bowl. >> 298 days to go. >> and counting as the clock showed you. still ahead sick on the seas. what's behind two separate outbreaks on ships left scrambling to get to a california port. >> plus it was hiding out in a hollywood mansion. now the
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more than 200 people aboard two separate cruise ships have now docked in san diego after outbreaks of illness. reporter danielle nottingham has the latest. >> reporter: passengers on the legend of the seas cruise ship arrived in san diego tuesday morning after 116 people onboard became sick. brook said at first she thought she had food poisoning. >> i was in and out of the bathroom for quite a while the entire day and feeling very lethargic, very, very sick, very run down. couldn't really get out of bed. ended up throwing
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up. >> reporter: passengers say people got sick halfway in to their two-week trip after a stop in guatemala. >> they pinpointed potentially at the port of guatemala that people got sick. >> reporter: the cdc and health officials are working to determine the cause. the legend of the seas is the second cruise ship to dock here at the port of san diego within 24 hours after an outbreak onboard. on monday workers scrambled to disinfect the celebrity infinity which was traveling from fort lauderdale and passed through the panama canal. 112 of its passengers and crew members reportedly contracted norovirus. contaminated food and water triggers the highly contagious virus. the main symptoms are vomiting and diarrhea. passengers say crew members on the legend of the sea passed out pamphlets that described
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precautions. >> royal caribbean owns both ships that had those out breaks. a mountain lion hiding in a crawl space under a hollywood hills mansion finally came out on its own. the lion known as p22 has been spotted in the area for years but yesterday the big cat took cover underneath a house where a home security worker discovered it. crews tried tennis ball launchers and bean bags to coax it out but overnight the lion came out and disappeared. tonight no one seems to know where he went. >> or she. [ laughter ] coming up in our next half hour a plan to get police in the heart of silicon valley fitted with body cameras. what's taking so long? >> plus, not just uncomfortable. why some say tiny thieves on the plane could
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. welcome back. your top stories now at 6:30. east bay mud approved buying 11 billion gallons of water from the sacramento river for ev mud reservoir. it will give
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customers two months' worth of water. a 25% surcharge will be added to water bills this summer to cover those costs. mandatory vaccine bill has some parents threatening to take their kids out of school. sb277 would do away with the personal belief exemption. the bill will go before a senate education committee tomorrow. parents promise they'll be there and they'll be heard. and protesters are still on the move tonight part of a national effort to protester police shootings. dozens marching in san francisco are flankd by officers walking alongside. another group in oakland briefly shut down i-880 at the beginning of rush hour. in the wake of recent high profile police shootings there are calls for police departments to get equipped with body cameras. >> len ramirez with a push for one south bay police department to get onboard. >> reporter: body-worn cameras are fast becoming part of an officer's standard equipment just like handcuffs or a gun. but in the heart of silicon
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valley san jose police have yet to adopt the latest technology, though that may be one step closer. >> we've seen the body-worn cameras can be very effective in improving accountability, protecting the public and police officers. >> reporter: mayor sam liccardo is pushing for a pilot program to use body cameras this fall. it's how to pay for a system that could run in to millions of dollars just for storing video and how the cameras will be used. >> even conferring with the police union and other stakeholders da's office and others to ensure we find the right balance. >> reporter: independent police officer has been calling on san jose to put cameras on officers for years. >> since the public can record the police, the police should be recording what they do. >> reporter: in the wake of incidents like ferguson and tulsa, the call for body cameras
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has come from as high as the white house. >> reporter: people tend to behave better. that's members of the public and the police when the cameras are rolling. >> reporter: but to one people, protesting recent police shootings, strict rules need to be in place for when an officer turns the cameras on and off. >> if they're going to turn them on when they already turned somebody or they're going to shut them off right when they're going to do it, how is that transparency? >> reporter: the city council will be trying to answer tough questions like that once and for all when it comes up with a policy. the other big question is funding. the mayor already said he wants no general fund money used for body cameras. len ramirez kpix 5. >> the pilot program would involve 12 officers wearing body cameras over four months in san jose this fall. the volunteer deputy who shot and killed an unarmed man in oklahoma turned himself in today. reserve deputy robert bates arrived at the tulsa county jail this morning. the 73-year-old insurance executive is facing manslaughter charges for the shooting death of eric
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harris. the convicted felon was the target of an undercover gun sting. harris tried to run but an officer tackled him. that's when deputies say bates pulled out his gun instead of his taser and shot harris. today is equal pay day and there is a call for local businesses to close the pay gap between men and women. san francisco's supervisors came together in an effort to bring awareness to the stalled gender wage gap. they declared april 14th equal pay day in san francisco. on the average women earn about 78 cents for a man's dollar. san francisco passed some legislation to help close that gap. >> it requires those that are contracting with the city to actually provide information about how pay happens in those companies. >> it all requires companies to submit annual equal pay reports to the city. supervisors hope that accountability will help
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push companies to implement equal pay. the 2016 presidential race is underway with three republicans competing for the nomination. and meanwhile cbs reporter marlie hall shows us democrat hillary clinton tried getting up close and personal today with voters in iowa. >> reporter: young voters in iowa came face to face with hillary clinton during a roundtable discussion at kirkwood community college. >> i'm here in iowa to begin a conversation. >> reporter: this is clinton's second bid for the presidency. this time around her campaign says it's trying a low key approach that includes more time listening to voters. >> i'm going to work hard to meet as many people. i'll be rolling out ideas and policies about what i think will work, but i want it to be informed by what's actually working. >> reporter: clinton is taking advantage of any moment here in iowa using each stop as an opportunity to connect with residents. the democratic candidate sat down for breakfast at a coffee shop in laclaire.
6:35 pm
>> i always vote for the person i think is going to do the best for the country and i think she's got my vote. >> reporter: some appreciate her approach but not her politics. they question how clinton used her personal e-mail account and handled the benghazi attack when she was secretary of state. >> too much baggage. i'll listen to her but i can't support her. >> reporter: clinton is trying to raise $100 million for the primary campaign but is working to do that with lots of smaller donations. marlie hall, cbs news monticello, iowa. >> a big loss for the music world today. percy sludge has died. even if you don't recognize his name, you've probably heard his most favorite song. >> ♪ when a man loves a woman ♪ >> percy sledge surged to stardom with that song. he averaged more than 100 performances a year. he was inducted in to the rock and roll hall of fame in 2005.
6:36 pm
in an old interview, sledge said he never expected the success. >> it really put this song together. that's why you see lewis and wright on the record. me and mr. richard also had a big part. i just gave the writers' rights to them because they were good friends and nice guys. but if i had known it was going to be a big hit i wouldn't have. [ laughter ] >> the song was first called "why did you leave me baby" until sledge changed the lyrics to when a man loves a woman. percy sledge was 73 years old. still ahead it's pretty tight squeeze. airplane seats get smaller and smaller. there are concerns that crunch could pose a serious danger. >> plus, like something out of the jetsens. how this robot is helping home-bound students get
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it took tennis legend serena williams, fencing champion tim morehouse and the rockettes years to master their craft. but only moments to master paying bills at depositing checks at the atm and transferring funds on the mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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no big surprise here. we all know flying economy can be tight, uncomfortable particularly on the long haul flights. >> julie watts explains now there are concerns the lack of space could also be dangerous. >> smaller seats are more crowded and more crowded planes definitely boost airline profits but passengers are paying for it and now some are wondering if safety could also be an issue. at a hearing today in washington aviation experts and airline employees questioned how quickly passengers can evacuate those tightly packed planes in case of emergency. they called on the faa to conduct tests to find out. current faa rules require all passengers be able to reach an emergency exit within 90 seconds. they say that's only been able to happen when there's 31 inches between
6:40 pm
seats. some only have 28 inches. the agency has sent a warning letter to the makers of kind bar saying at least five of its bars don't fit the fda's definition of healthy even though the company uses that word on the label. to qualify as healthy, a bar has to have less than 1 gram of saturated fat. the kind fruit and almond bar is more than 5 times that. and coke bottles could soon help some get a better night's sleep. the w hotel chain plans to start using bed sheets made from at least 30% recycled plastic including old coke bottles. the company owned by musician will i am is behind it. the hotels plan to sell them starting at just over $200. if you have a consumer problem or a story idea like coke bottle sheets, you can give us a call. 888-5-helps-you. >> got to start cutting back on
6:41 pm
those kind bars. [ laughter ] >> you think you're on a diet. >> kind bar with a coke on a little tiny airplane seat. still ahead going to class without leaving home. >> some kids who can't physically be in school are getting help from a special robot. >> the view from sausalito is always fantastic. it was today. a time lapse from this morning showing you crystal clear skies. it was windy chilly, but looked beautiful. sausalito, you may be close to 75 degrees.
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a police car slams in to
6:45 pm
someone on the sidewalk and it's all caught on camera. pretty tough to watch. get this, tonight that driver is being called a hero. i'll have that story and much more tonight on bay area night beat 10:00 on our sister station kbcw 44 cable 12. space x today successfully launched supplies to the international space station. >> and lind-off. the falcon soars from its perch to the international states spaegz. -- station. >> 4,000 pounds of supplies and groceries will arrive. it includes the first ever espresso maker in orbit. space x founder elon musk said it landed too hard to survive two other attempts also failed. new technology is helping students with medical issues get in to the classroom without leaving home. it's a pilot program out of los angeles and it's called vego. this is how
6:46 pm
it works. it's a motorized robot with a camera and audio visual screen. it allows homebound students on their home computers to interact with teachers and classmates. >> if we're doing group work, we can work on the problems together. >> the robots cost $8,000 a piece, paid for with district funding. espresso machine is on its way to the international space station. >> a lot of people don't know but inside the back there's a little door and a little barista pops out. >> i was going to say who's going to make the coffee? [ laughter ] >> space just got a whole lot more cool, didn't it? speaking of cool, today's weather kind of chilly out there. kpix 5 weather watchers. we have more than 100 now sending us their weather information from their backyard. peggy rogers reporting in saying it actually feels much warmer than that 66. probably because of the sunshine. with a max wind
6:47 pm
recently of 12 miles per hour. let's head down to the east bay. down toward fremont where brian reports 64 degrees. west wind at 7 miles per hour. final stop will be right in the heart of san francisco where george hughes reports in 60 degrees and everybody with diminishing winds now below 10 miles per hour. windy morning. not as windy in the afternoon. take you outside to our dublin cam. upper 50s low 60s. oakland in 64. livermore, 66. the shadows getting longer in our dublin cam. lows will be kind of chilly. concord will drop down to 45. oakland, 48. clear skies and sunrise, 6:35. if you find yourself in mendocino county you're under a freeze warning. it will be below freezing away from the water in mendocino county including the
6:48 pm
city of ukiah coming up tomorrow morning, a late season freeze. not a frost. even colder. a freeze coming up in mendocino county. we have one weather element moving out. it's the front that gave us the wind today. cooler temperatures. look at all the snow in the rocky mountains as far south as grand junction, colorado. that's exiting. what's entering is yet another ridge of high pressure. it's going to move right over top of us which is significant because now this time of year we have to factor in where is the wind coming from, and the answer is not from the ocean the next couple days. we're warming up tomorrow. warming up even more on thursday and friday in to record territory. once the winds do change as the ridge sags to the south saturday it's going to be much cooler especially near the bay. the ocean temperature buoy 56026 50.2 degrees. cold air above the cold water will get shoved inland starting saturday and temperatures will respond by cooling down with morning cloud cover. a chilly start but milder day tomorrow. near record heat coming up on
6:49 pm
thursday and friday. and the pattern change next week which may give us another rain chance. look at the highs on thursday and friday. well in to the 80s. highs right around 80 near the bay. mid to upper 60s near the coast. we hit the weekend cooler near the bay. and next monday next tuesday there's another chance of showers.
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everybody is talking about the warriors. we're getting closer to playoffs. >> closer. we've been waiting for this for probably about a month now. with one day left in the regular season, the only thing left at stake for the warriors is finding out who they'll play in the first round of the playoffs. the pelicans and thunder remain tied for the 8th seed. >> last night were you watching both games? >> yeah, they were on in the training room. >> so the pelicans and thunder are tied. okc needs to win tomorrow night and get a little help from the rival spurs who are playing the pelicans which doesn't sit well with russell westbrook. >> you call yourself a spurs fan? >> ain't got to root for nobody. i ain't no spurs fan. what kind of question is that?
6:53 pm
see my hat ? >> stephen curry is the frontrunner to win the mvp and he had more all star votes than anybody earlier this year but there is still one category where he hasn't been able to pass lebron james and that's in jersey sales. lebron's jersey is the top seller for the sixth straight year. curry remains second. it wasn't as dramatic as lebron james announcing where he'll take his talents but the cal bears received the answers they were looking for last night from ivan. >> i want to announce i'm going to the university of cal berkeley. >> he chose to stay home, picking cal over arizona. the star is one of the top recruits in the country a great get for martin heading in to his second year and really a win-win for both sides according to the head coach. >> there's a lot of benefit for a local guy like ivan to stay at
6:54 pm
home. not many great ones have and hopefully he can change that. what will happen in the end, you don't know. you wish the best for california. to baseball. alex rodriguez is back after being suspended in 2014 for using performance-enhancing drugs and he's got a supporter in barry bonds who is unhappy that the yankees aren't making a bigger deal out of a-rod being five homers away from tying willy mays' 650. he told usa today quote, this guy is not running for president of the united states. he's not running for commissioner. we're not running for political office. we're just ballplayers. we're not god. we're imperfect people. billy butler was one of the stars of last night's win for the as. he belted his first homer of the year and the blast impressed one of his former coaches. that would be jim harbaugh who spent time with oakland during spring training and he tweeted out shout-out to billy butler. today's as jungle lion will send three stickers
6:55 pm
for the helmet. the sacramento kings have a tradition of sharing their rookies with popcorn as part of a prank. usually the rookies' car is filled to the brim but this time the kings had to take it to another level. >> thought he was all good for the season, but hey you'll have a big surprise tonight. >> oh, that's funny. you know what oh, okay. okay. oh they got my back too. hold on. this is like horrible. how am i going to clean this? they told me they were going to do this earlier in the year. they told me they were going to do this.
6:56 pm
well reggie, demarcus, very well played. very well played. >> there is a reason why the kings decided to go for stauskas' apartment and not his car. he does not have a car because he does not have a driver's license. he likes having his mom and girlfriend driving him around. >> going to have to grab a lot of movies for all that popcorn. [ laughter ] >> it could have been worse. >> this is a tradition that they do with all of the rookies and it's really usually just the car. so this was a little bit out of the norm but stauskas doesn't have a car so they had no other choice but to do the apartment. >> no driver's license. but he can play baseball. news throughout the evening. we'll have the latest on >> join us for night beat at 10:00. see you then. i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [theme music playing] [cheering and applause] steve: i appreciate it. thank you all very much. appreciate you now. thank you now. well, welcome to "family feud." i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one today, folks. returning for their second day, already with a total of $20,000. from riverview, florida, it's the eligon family! [cheering and applause] and from sweet water, tennessee, it's the brown family! [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win themself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new, fuel-efficient ford fusion hybrid. right there.
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[cheering and applause] let's play "feud," everybody! give me john! give me buck! let's go! [theme music playing] steve: top 8 answers on the board. here we go. name something of the bride's the groom might wear on a wild wedding night. buck. >> the veil. steve: the veil. >> garter. steve: garter. >> play, play! >> we're gonna play. steve: they're gonna play. [cheering and applause] >> how you doing, steve? steve: boy. boy, you don't start no better than this. you get a win and $20,000. whoo! >> it doesn't get better. we're having the time of our lives steve. i must say. i've never had this much fun in my life. steve: so this guy, this young man is a writer for "the new york times." [applause] steve: now tell everybody what you're studying to be. >> well, my name is jarvis. thank you, steve. steve: nobody asked you that. >> and i'm a full-time student


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