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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  April 12, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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and that's why former secretary of state hillary clinton says she is running for president. her fight for the middle class -- and how every day americans need a champion, i want to be that champion. >> hillary clinton is running for president. how her campaign will be different this time around. good evening. after much speculation hillary clinton is launching her campaign. she is the first democrat to announce. >> reporter: hillary clinton surprised no one sunday when
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she announced she is running for the 2016 nomination. >> she kicked off her campaign with a video on-line. 90 seconds in she makes her first appearance. >> i'm running for president. >> reporter: this is the former senator and first lady's second run for the white house. >> i am in it to win it. >> reporter: she lost the democratic nomination to barack obama in 2008. then served as his secretary of state. her aides say this time around clinton will focus on economic inequality and as attempts to be the first female president. >> her campaign will be here in brooklyn. >> i am excited. i support her and hope she wins. >> reporter: there is also defense. someone hung up anticlinton posters in the neighborhood. they say clinton faces a tough fight. >> if you look at the facts of the scandal that surrounds her,
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the polling where a majority of people in battleground states say she is untrustworthy. >> reporter: clinton will meet on tuesday and wednesday taking part in round table discushions. back to you. >> clinton's -- discussions. >> back to you. clinton's team says they will focus more personal meetings. jeb bush has not said he is running for for president but he took no time to talk about hillary clinton. >> we must do better. better than their failed big government policies that grow our debt and stay in the way of economic growth and prosperity. i believe it is conservative ideas that will renew america, grow our economy, put our fiscal house in order and make our great country even stronger. >> bush plans to visit ohio, louisiana, new hampshire this
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week to raise money for his committees and campaign-style events. florida senator marco rubio is expected to run. his announcement should come from miami. he is busy fund-raising and he has done well so far. his success could be short- lived if jeb bush decides to run. meantime, kentucky senator, paul and cruz announced they are running for the white house. a couple other potential candidates, wisconsin governor walker and new jersey governor chris christie. in other news tonight, a man wanted for killing his girlfriend it in san jose in front of her children is under arrest. the police tracked down butler late last night in salinas. that is where his car was found abandoned. butler shot 33-year-old gonzalez during an argument in their car on tuesday. he is accused of dumping her body in the street taking her off, leaving her year old son and teenage daughter behind. for the second time in as many days a police pursuit in
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the bay area ended it in death. the latest happened last night in richmond. the police say 9:30 last night an officer tried to pull over a corvette that was being driven wreck -lgsly. the driver did not stop and -- recklessly. the driver did not stop and the officer chased him. >> he chased the vehicle throughout the neighborhood until he lost the vehicle. the other officers were converging on the area they stopped because there was no one in sight. minutes later, a corvette crashed into a honda and the passenger in that car was hurt. one has life-threatening injuries. the police arrested a 20-year- old charged with vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. san francisco police chase is talking about a police chase that left a woman dead. they were after three armed and dangerous robbery suspects.
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the chiefed the moment officers tried to pull them over the driver sped off -- the chief said that the moment officered tried to pull them over the driver sped off. the woman was hit. the chief says they did the right thing. >> armed robbers, not worried about seriously injuring or killing someone in a robbery and then in their desperation to make their escape they are homicide suspects. i don't think anyone who expects us to let someone who commits a homicide to get away. >> they are responsible for three robberies on friday night and six others in recent days. a cafe in google put up a statement saying we are saddened by the senseless tragedy. brigette was a member of the company and we will miss her greatly. add the company's ceo has been in touch with her family to upon help them. the people living in palo
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alto's only mobile home park will be finding thought week if they will be forced to move. for 2-1/2 years they are fighting plans for the owners to close it. most of the residents are low income and given a compensation offer to move but they say it is not good enough. tomorrow night the city council will hear an appeal. if they lose they are expected to be evicted and the park closed. they are putting the final touches on at&t park for the giants opening day. all that is missing is the world series championship flag from last season. they will hoist that tomorrow afternoon before the game against the colorado rockies. coming up at 6:30 we will show you what is happening on the streets and the headache people could face around the ballpark. unusual cargo will be blasting off on the rocket tomorrow. coming up the machine will be
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destination, the space station, unmanned space-x supply ship is expected to cast off tomorrow. on it, an espresso machine from italy for an astronaut. the person seated on the left in this picture from space. she has been on the station since january and says she is getting tired of instant coffee. space-x will try to land this leftover booster. they tried it a twice before and that was the result. space-x says they made improvements to the booster and the floating platform. it is putting the odds of success this time at 75%. safety officials and the police are scratching their heads tonight, wondering why there has bye-bye a dramatic drop in tickets for people texting or talking on their cell phone for driving.
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the number of citations dropped 25%. the state's office of traffic safety speculates chp is spending more time dealing with trafic jams and traffic units are not up to the staffing level since the great -- traffic jams and traffic units are not up to the staffing level since the great recession. >> reporter: she is driving around for her kids. >> the office of traffic safety says californians spotted using electrics while driving dropped 13% from 2013 until 2014. but, she is still eyeing too many cell phones on the roads. >> what do you do? >> i will give them a dirty look. >> sometimes that gets the job done. >> it does. >> reporter: text, 23 times more likely to get in an accident. former truck driver is seeing the additional firsthand. >> just going through and kill about a dozen people.
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>> he was texting. >> some describe it as smoking and drinking. >> it is like a bad habit. >> reporter: jasmine knows she shouldn't but admits she has texted on the road. more than half of california drivers agree it is the worst distraction. >> personally i feel like i am a good multitasker but i know multitasking while driving and texting can be super dangerous and. >> reporter: dangerous, yes, expensive? not so much. could be $160. some say cut the texting politicians need to add-on to the $1,000. >> if you got a $1,000 fine from an officer would that make you stop? >> for sure. >> the fine for using a cell phone is among the lowest driving penalties in the books. state officials also say the relatively low fine might not
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be a deterrent. spring trending time. the plants nursery customers are leaving behind. taking a
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fire departments around the state are getting an early jump on the wildfire season. state crews battled 640 fires since the start of the year. more than twice as many over a similar period before the drought. so, the state is adding more people and equipment tomorrow in the monterey area. local departments in ventura and santa barba communities
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will do the same thing. a 4th year of the drought is dramatically changing the way people plant their garden. the trend is moving away from the water-guzzling flowers. what home gardeners are buying instead. >> reporter: the marygolds once staples, seem lonely these days, the drought is causing a lot of gardeners to wise up. >> well, it changed what we bring in. we try to -- we have been trying to bring in more of the drought tolerant, natives. >> reporter: a large part of the nursery is put aside for drought-tolerant plants. >> something that can survive in a drought. may not look its best but it can make it through and it will keep surviving. >> reporter: basic survival, that is what gardeners are faced with today. there are strategies to help with that. many developed in a major
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drought in the 1970s. mix these granules in the root zone they swell up and keep water in. a thick layer of mulch will keep the ground from drying out. >> there is nothing you can not mulch. you can do that to a potted plant. people don't think about it, it makes stones do it. >> reporter: with the price of water going up, you can forget about that new lawn. >> it is really almost foolish in a way to think about planting a new lawn. unless you own a well. >> reporter: bev is shopping for plants today. not the most drought tolerant but it is how you water that makes a difference. >> we are doing different small things that consistently help. >> reporter: as she places them in her backyard she reuses old dishwater to keep her plants alive. like a lot of gardeners she had to face a reality. these days the mother of invention is not necessity it is scarcity.
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to give you an idea of how much gardening trends changed the nursing center is now have full of tolerant level plants. >> succulents that is what i have. >> yes. everything you want to know about succulents and cactu us you are on your own. if you make it, you make it. good for you. heading out to the golden gate bridge. beautiful blue skies. right now in concord, 79, 72 in oakland, 79 for livermore and 67 degrees in san francisco. still warm this in san jose and santa rosa. middle 70s for the most part. low pressure in the gulf of alaska affecting us on tuesday and cooling us down. the high pressure, it is high enough and tough enough to keep
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it mild tomorrow. beginning on tuesday, temperatures come down, 10 degrees or so. in the morning, mostly sunny skies, temperature fist in the low to middle 50s, and, as we look towards the afternoon, it will be warm tomorrow, not as warm as today. middle 70s inland. middle 70s at the shoreline. here is the future cast that, believe it or not, time hrals, you see the low clouds popping up near the shore in advance of the cold front -- time lapse. you see the low clouds popping up near the shore advancing of the cold front. cooling things down for tuesday and tomorrow afternoon, it looks good for baseball. giants home opener against the colorado rockies, game time temperature, 62 degrees. that part is looking good. so is this. mild day. a major warm up midweek as the high pressure is about to back big time.
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taking numbers into the middle 80s inland by thursday. travel forecast out of the bay area, rain would be nice, it will not make it here. fresno, overnight lows in the bay area, san francisco down to 48 degrees. san jose, 76. and in fairfield, 45. forecast highs for tomorrow, looking at 65 in the city. 75 for concord, oakland at 71 degrees. well above average for this time of the year. it goes north by the end of the week. it will be as much as 20 degrees above average by thursday and friday. for tomorrow, we will look at middle 70s inland. the south bay, 74. over in the east bay, 74 for antioch and brentwood. north bay looking nice. warm and sunny skies. 68. same for santa rosa. extended forecast we got plenty of sun for monday. and, then, a few clouds for tuesday and cooler temperatures wednesday, thursday, look at what happens, middle 80s by thursday.
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and we are going to keep it there all of the way through the weekend, even the bay will be in the low 80s on thursday and friday. now, if you would like to contribute your weather readings taken from home you can join up with weather watchers. ann? >> all right, dennis is talking golf for most of the day. >> when the master's start i hear the music, four days of golf, i smell it. the a's may be a new
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okay buddy what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you. me too.
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jordan was just 14 years old when he had visions of putting on the green jacket. he was halfway there. >> my ultimate goal when i came here, i was asked, i wanted to win the masters. >> well, being on the leaderboard can be lonely for him on the driving range. had a four shot lead on justin rose when the day began. now, he does not have it. now, the first bogey of the day. the lead down to 3. tiger woods started 10 back, hit a tree root buried under the pine straw, put his wrist in pain. shot a 1 over 73. tied for 17. phil mickelson, trying to hang around after a bad shot.
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approach is bill iant. getting -- brilliant. getting in there. it seemed like everyone was playing for 2nd place. speith, birdie, drop, 6-shot lead. now, going back on 12. but, made up for it on 13. decided not to layup. a pretty approach. 5-stroke lead for the 21-year- old. after he came up short, nailed a birdie putt any way to go up 19 under. nobody in history of the master's has ever reached 19 under par. unfortunately he settled for bogey on 18 to drop to 18 under. he is the first wire to wire winner at the master's since ray lloyd in 1976. so, he finishes four shots ahead of playing partner, rose, mickelson was 14 under, finishing in a tie with justin rose there and rory carted a 66
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and finished 4th. tiger woods tied for 17th. spieth tied for history. >> to put on this jack tet it is incredible. it feels great. i plan on not taking it off -- jacket is incredible. it feels great. i plan on not taking it off for awhile. sleeping in it. >> this was my goal in my golf life and when i was a young kid. to accomplish it at 21 and have a lot of years to go, i did not expect that. it is time to get excited to try to join buba has a 2-time champion. that would be the ultimate goal. >> first thing is first, the next major for the next guy. mariners facing felix, dominating the a's his entire career. especially in oakland where he has not lost since george w. bush was president. now, oakland got to him today.
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in the 4th, 2-0, josh, debut, base hit, making it 3-0. hernandez left with quad tightness. robinson cano, drops it. the game tied. entering the night, 7-3. now, doubles into right. he allows reddic to score. oakland down to 75. now, down 7-6. 2 outs, runner at 3rd. base hit, the game is tied at 7. 10th inning, though, nelson cruise, now, clifford for the second game in a row. bell back in the lineup. top of the 3rd, giants leading 1-0. he is base hit for right to bring it home. giants have a 2-0 lead. same score, bottom of the 4th.
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but then, the bases loaded taking it, the 2-out grand slam, 4-2 san diego. he left after 4 innings. top of the 6th. he ripped one down the right field line. now, blanco in the 3rd with the triple. now, bottom 6. 4-3. alexi shoots down the line. misplaces it. tough time in left field. justin scores making it paoáeuf- 3. 5-3. they take it. . >> a great day today. >> what a sunday. >> yes. >> that is great. [ laughter ] . [everyone talking at once] i am going to say good night. i have to endure this for another 30 minutes. we
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>> i am running for president. >> glor: tonight it is official, hillary clinton says she is running for president for a second time seeking to become the first woman to hold the the first woman to hold the office. >> video from oklahoma shows a 73-year-old reserve officer shooting an unarmed black man. police say he accidentally shot a bullet instead of a taser. >> college students have been arrested after the sheriff says a gang rape occurred in panama city beach florida. and we have a winner. late details from the just finished 2015 masters. >> captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" >> glor: hi, ever, i am jeff floor with a western edition of the broadcast. and the question was not if, it was when and


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