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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 10, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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chase was on. officers followed the driver through city streets until he hit a power pole here at tennyson and ruth knocking out the power. the driver fled. he is still on the loose. he left a little girl and a woman passenger behind here at the crash site. i understand they went to the hospital. they have minor injuries but expect to be okay. at last word, 121 homes and businesses were without power. live in hayward, anne makevoc, kpix 5. sheriff's deputies in san bernardino county are under investigation after they were caught on tape beating a suspect. kpix 5's ken bastida shows us what happened after a chase involving a stolen horse. reporter: the suspected horse thief gets tossed from his horse and in come the deputies to make their arrests. first it appears they use a taser. at least two of the deputies start kicking the suspect and punching him even though he is on the ground with his hands behind his back. several other deputies show up and the beating keeps going for another two minutes.
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this is the suspect, 30-year- old francis pussock. this whole thing started when deputies went to serve him a warrant. they say he first fled in a car. then at some point he ditched it and stole the horse. they ended up in rugged terrain so some cops are on dirt bikes. the suspect went to the hospital. his girlfriend says this isn't the man she knows. >> he is not the one that, you know, will come home from work and dismiss the kids. he will sit and play with them. he is a good person. and every time i tried to tell that to an officer they look at me like, oh, then why are we here? >> reporter: ken bastida, kpix 5. >> and the sheriff of san bernardino county says he was disturbed when he saw how his deputies behaved. pg&e has to pay more than $2 billion for the san bruno pipeline explosion. eight people died, 66 others
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injured in the 2010 explosion. yesterday, cpuc president questioned whether pg&e is making safety a priority. they were fined $1.6 billion, total penalties $2.2 billion. the company and shareholders will pay not ratepayers. in a statement they say their for example is on moving forward to complete the important safety work they set out to do. drive near van ness will be messy this weekend. a stretch of the road was closed last night between post and geary. detours and flashing lights were put up before midnight. crews are preparing to build a pedestrian tunnel. the closure lasts until early monday morning. gianna has news of a big mess on the roads. >> reporter: our friday morning commute took a turn for the worse. westbound 580 near san quentin we have a big rig fire. the fire looks like it may be out causing a big mess though both directions now shut down as a result.
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i do know the driver though of the big rig is out of the vehicle. so they are trying to assess the situation. chopper 5 is heading to the scene to get more information on this trouble spot. the trouble spot is westbound. eastbound is also shut down for fire crews so lots of delays and problems in the area as a result. westbound side of the richmond/san rafael bridge traffic is crawling along base the on our sensors. in the meantime, bay bridge highway 37 if you're trying to commute between the east bay and the marin side, that's your best bet now. other than that bay bridge slow- and-go metering lights are on this morning. >> no reports of local airport delays. we have fair skies. looking towards sfo, good morning, everyone. it is friday and it is fair. currently we have temperatures into the 40s and into the 50s. oh, look at santa rosa! just now dipping down to 38
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degrees. that's a cool start to your day. that will wake you up! average high temperature in san francisco, 63. today slightly below average. san jose is going to be slightly above average. fair skies into the 50s around the beaches today. 60s and low 70s common across the peninsula across the santa clara valley east of the bay numbers up to 273 in danville. bested by about 74 in blackhawk, 73 in danville. low 70s at the delta. north of the golden gate bridge 62 stinson beach, 68 degrees in petaluma with a few clouds, lots of sunshine, cloverdale 68 slightly cooler than that in windsor. coming up at 6:18 we'll talk about the chance of rain in the forecast. strong thunderstorms out in the midwest produced tornadoes killing at least one person injuring several more. one tornado ripped across northern illinois yesterday. see what's left here. crews rescued dozens of people
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from homes and buildings that are now barely recognizable. among the rubble there. officers and volunteers are going door to door to help survivors and account for residents. other tornadoes also touched down in iowa and missouri. we are getting a look at what happened in the moment before a white police officer shot an unarmed black man in south carolina. authorities released this video from the officer's dashcam yesterday. it shows officer michael slager pulling over walter scott for a broken taillight. >> let's start with your license. >> less than a minute later scott bolted from the car and officer slager chased him out of frame. a witness' cell phone video shows what happened next. the two men scuffled and then the officer shoots scott eight times in the back as he is
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running away. slager has been fired and charged with murder. a bird strike forced an alaska airliner to turn back before arriving in san jose. the plane hit a bird shortly after take-off out of seattle last night. the pilot decided to return back to the airport there as a precaution. none of the people on board were injured. passengers and crew were put on another plane and bound for san jose. one of the year's most anticipated tech products went on preorder, oh, about 6 hours ago. >> and the apple watch is hitting store shelves. kpix 5 reporter mark sayre is live outside the apple store in palo alto where customers will get their first look at the new device. >> good morning. this launch is different than how apple has done things in the past. you will be able to see the watch but absolutely nobody will be going home with one today. now, stores of course are already open in asia. let's look at some video. this is from sydney, australia. customers there lined up to try on the watch. apple encouraging people to make appointments online to try on the various versions.
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they range in price from $349 to $17,000. apple says for the initial launch period they are requiring people to buy it online. and apple is not specifying exactly how long this online- online buying period will last. >> to actually buy one of these, you have to either reserve it to pick it up in the store or you have to have it shipped to your home. you can't just walk into the store on friday april 24 when it's on sale and buy it. >> reporter: now, according to the ap, some apple stores have entire sections devoted only to the apple watch. those without an appointment to see the watch, many of them can still get in through a lottery system. the ap monitoring these events in asia said at the central tokyo store, only 75 lottery tickets were handed out. a live picture in palo alto, if you were watching us earlier you know they had a black tarp up on the windows. the tarp is down. we see employees in there. you can see the apple watch
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table. it's the second one in. all the devise are under the glass. so if you have one of those appointments you just come in and try on the watch. and then of course you have to place the order online and you'll be able to pick it up later this month. live in palo alto, mark sayre, kpix 5. homeless advocates camped out overnight in downtown berkeley. members of about 40 religious congregations organized the evented to call for better treatment of the homeless in berkeley. they are concerned about beating of two homeless men by a member of the berkeley ambassador program and upset about proposals they say will criminalize the homeless instead of helping them. >> it's shameful that the city hasn't been able to come to grips and solve this problem. >> protestors spent the night at berkeley's bart plaza a place where the homeless often gather. abnb says the city of san francisco is trying to double dip on taxes.
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the short tern rental company says it collects taxes from hosts and sends the money to the city each month. the company accuses the city of also trying to collect from the host. but the sf city treasurer says "airbnb" failed to register with the city as a company that's legally able to collect taxes. muni will soon be able to let riders exit from two trains at the same time. normally when two trains headed the same direction reach the station at the same time, only one can unload passengers. that's about to change. mta got approval to rewrite soft way so both trains can empty at the same time and save time. this could start happening as early as may. today vice president joe biden will be in oakland to speak at a job training roundtable at a pg&e center. last night a motorcade took mr. biden from sfo to a democratic party fundraiser in san francisco. house minority leader nancy pelosi was also at the event. the vice president's wife visit de anza college in cupertino.
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she spoke about the importance of community colleges in the american education system. she teaches english at a communities college in virginia. 6:10. a security guard shot and killed at the u.s. census bureau. what sparked the crime spree around the nation's capital. >> getting a parking ticket is bad enough! it's even worse when you don't deserve it! why one bay area city is throwing out more than 100 citations. >> tgif! it is friday. we have your forecast straight ahead. plus, when rain is back in the forecast. >> and we are monitoring the traffic situation. an alert is issued for westbound 580.
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bridge, gianna has all the traffic news of the morning. it's brightening up. official sun-up at 6:42. we already see that it is clear. we have your full weekend forecast straight ahead as the news continues. 6:14. today the u.s. may announce that cuba has been removed from the list of the state department's listed as countries that sponsors terrorism. secretary of state john kerry and the cuban foreign minister spoke after arriving in the panama area for the regional summit. and as soon as today, mr. obama will confirm that cuba is now off that list when he meets with president raoul castro. it's a signal that the united states is serious about normalizing relations with cuba. a security guard is dead after a the shooting at the census bureau headquarters in maryland. the chaotic events lasted about two hours. it started last night when the shooter kidnapped a woman in washington, dc and drove to the bureau. a security guard spotted the two arguing. he approached the car and was
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shot and killed. soon after, police spotted the gunman. he was shot multiple times in an exchange of gunfire with police. >> they collided with the suspect here. the suspect again opened fire on police and there was an exchange of gunfire between mpd and the suspect. >> the kidnapped woman was found safe. the suspect and support hit by gunfire were taken to the hospital for treatment. their conditions run known. a man is going to jail for had thing a firefighter with his car -- for hitting a cal fire firefighter with his car. the man was convicted yesterday. they say he ran over albert bartell at a gas station in san francisco in 2011. bartell went into a coma. investigators say esquivel brought the car parts to cover up the crime. [ indiscernible ] he will be sentenced in may. smartmeters in san jose have been anything but. drivers are getting hit with parking tickets for expired meters long before their time is up. sensors in the road are supposed to detect when a car
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leaves the spot but sometimes, a rumbling truck passing by fools the meter into resetting and going to zero thinking the car left. it leads to a parking ticket. >> absolutely understand the frustration and we do not like that people have received citations inappropriately. we have dismissed citations so that individuals don't have to paw. >> the city is working to fix it and dismissed more than 100 parking tickets and turned off the reset function on a dozen meters. walnut creek faced similar complaints from drivers when it installed smartmeters just last year. and just like san jose the sensors in the meters were too sensitive. are you ready for a little football? hope so because the 49ers have announced their preseason schedule. they will play houston and host the cowboys at the second game at levi's stadium, then off to
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denver to play the broncos before the final matchup against the chargers that one at home. catch all the games right here on kpix 5. super bowl 50 of course will be played at levi's stadium next february. the countdown for the big game already on. there it is. a little over 300 days. kpix 5 proud to be the media sponsor and the home of super bowl 50. >> you know how fast that's going to roll around? here we go! >> last week frank and i walked over to the super bowl offices and it was so fun to see all the energy there already. people are so excited. >> very nice. >> big week. we have a traffic alert. a lot going on, on 580. >> it's not "friday light" this morning. we have a major accident right here in san rafael. 580 right at subsequent big rig fire. live pictures from chopper 5. all lanes are shut down in both directions. so now big rig fire was on the westbound side. i know the drivers did make it out of the big rig in time but lots of activity and look at that. you can see the backup there on the richmond/san rafael bridge.
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so this is going to cause quite a mess for commuters this morning as they clear this out of the way. they are diverting traffic in both directions westbound diverted off at main street eastbound at san quentin. so again, give yourself some extra time. here's a look at conditions on the richmond/san rafael bridge, as well. again, it is very busy as a result. to our maps, if you want to avoid the area, do the best you can, your best bet is to use a couple of alternates. in fact, bay bridge highway 37 that's really the only other way you can get across between the east bay and over to marin. so again this accident westbound 580 richmond/san rafael bridge at san quentin both directions completely shut down. we'll continue to keep you updated on that all morning. now, unfortunately, one of your alternates the bay bridge is stacked up. metering lights are on. you're backed up well into the maze. it's going to see some extra volume for folks avoiding the bridge to take the bay bridge instead. so again plan for that this morning. you might use mass transit.
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i know bart is right on time. >> good morning. live weather camera looking out to the bay bridge from the city of san francisco. >> we are going to see a pristine day. numbers 38 degrees in santa rosa but the wind are blowing out of the west at 6 miles per hour. so the wind chill this morning makes you feel like it's 33 degrees. you will need a jacket out out. otherwise we are in the 40s. it's now 50 as we venture a little east of the bay bridge into the oakland area. here's what you need to know today. fair skies for openers then sunny and slightly warmer. next chance of rain showers will occur on tuesday. tuesday, a good chance now. here's our satellite and radar image . low pressure is bringing in clouds. that will be the scenario all week sun/cloud mix. but the temperatures will warm under a building ridge of high pressure. area of low pressure well to the north of the bay area is
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going to flatten the ridge and that will bring some cooler temperatures by monday and tuesday and that chance of rain. all right. currently 70s through hanford and manteca. 21 degrees going up to 56 in the high sierra. miserable day yesterday as far as pollen count was concerned. count was up. more sneeze and wheezing for me. monday higher levels in the atmosphere. today if you are going out to play, 50s, 60s, low 70s. extended forecast: >> frank and jules? >> roberta, thank you. 6:20 your time. a nationwide recall issued for two popularred
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hey, good morning, everybody. let's get all the baseball stuff out of the way first. the giants on the road at san diego. oh, fun in sun there. but this one went extras. brandon crawford a pop-up. got it, got it, i don't have it! communication issue. justin upton and cliff barnes. crawford wound up at second and with two out, justin maxwell, he was a nonroster invitee to camp. made the team. and now he is contributing! it's 1-0. it's all they needed. then the padres, how did they take it? well, will venable got tossed. bud black, eh, he gone. giants won the game, final of 1- 0.
6:25 am
over to the a's, well, they are in oakland. that's kendall graveman first career start already down 5-0 to the rangers and then shin- soo choo he greeted them with a three-run bomb! graveman touched for eight runs, 16,045 there to see it. rangers roll, final of 10-1. mariners in town for the a's and the a's always bounce back. nba last night, oh, man! steph curry in an mvp performance against portland broke his own single season three-point record, right there! number 273. he hit 8 three balls, 276 for the season. curry just terrific. 45 points, nine assists, electrifying. most home wins in franchise history for the ws. 36. curry was the man. they beat the blazers 116-105. see? just makes your coffee just taste even better.
6:26 am
just a few minutes with uncle vern. i'll see you later. play of the day on a friday opening round of the masters yesterday at augusta. sergio garcia par 4, 14th, chipping this will be his third shot trying to get it close, no putter needed because it's going in the cup! that's a birdie. he is psyched. the fans are psyched. he finished 4-under par. tiger tees off at 7:30 a.m. round 2 just getting under way. 6:26. a concrete spill is posing a threat to bay area wildlife. coming up, the apology for creating the environmental danger. >> reporter: the power is out. a suspect on the loose. coming up, we'll tell you what happened in the east bay to cause this.
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sfo doing damage control after its perimeter security blasted in a new report. why airplane officials are blaming their neighbors. >> the apple watch goes on sale today but you won't be going home with it. i'll tell you about apple's latest product launch just ahead. >> and we have rain, it is back in the forecast! i'll tell you when and where. >> and good morning to you, it's friday, april 10. i'm juliette goodrich, michelle is off this morning. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 6:30. some breaking news in san rafael. an accident on 580 blocking all lanes. you can see that big semi truck on fire. this is a live look at the
6:31 am
scene near the richmond/san rafael bridge. let's go straight to gianna and "kcbs traffic" for the latest. >> reporter: they shut down both directions of the bridge as a result for this big rig accident and fire and as you can see there's lots of activity. so it happened westbound 580 actually where the big rig is on fire a san quentin, diverted at san quentin and main street. the backup is building in both directions westbound slow to the toll plaza. eastbound same thing. you're seeing some delays coming away from 101. so avoid the area. on the maps, you can see slow- and-go. use 37 or the bay bridge. back to you guys. 6:31 now. some break noog in the east bay, as well. a baby abandoned in a car after a driver hits a utility pole during a high-speed chase. anne makovec is live at the scene at tennyson with more. >> reporter: the power is out
6:32 am
because of this crash. some of the lanes on tennyson the eastbound lanes shut down. they have been for several hours. you can see that pg&e truck there holding up that power pole that was hit during the crash. and they have been working to restore the power. i have been seeing some businesses turn on their lights so it looks like they are making some progress. but still, working on it this morning. according to the the chp, a car evaded a traffic stop on 880 in tennyson about 1 a.m. after that, the chase was on. officers followed the driver through city streets until he hit a power pole here at tennyson and ruth. the driver got out and ran away. from what we understand, he is still on the loose right now. he left a little girl and a woman in the car. they were injured, still in the vehicle. they are okay, sent to the hospital. at its maximum 121 homes and businesses were without power here in hayward. pg&e still working to restore
6:33 am
power to all customers and re- open the roads. live in hayward anne makevoc, kpix 5. san bernardino county sheriff's deputies are caught on camera beating a suspected horse thief. deputies moved in and used a taser after the man was tossed from the horse then at least two deputies kicked and punched the suspect even though he was on the ground with his hands behind his back. more deputies showed up and the beating continued for about two minutes. the suspect's girlfriend is mystified by the chain of events. >> he is not the one that, you know, will come home from work and, you know, just dismiss the kids. i will sit and play with them. he's a good person. and every time i tried to tell that to an officer they look at me like well then why are we here? >> started three hours earlier when deputies tried to arrest 30-year-old francis pusok on outstanding warrants. he tried to drive away and
6:34 am
stole a horse. half mile stretch of an oakland creek full of cement. 12 truckloads got into the glen echo creek yesterday. the cement belonged to east bay m.u.d. workers are breaking it up into chunks to get it out. >> east bay m.u.d. is sorry that this happened. this valve was accidentally left open. we need to find out why it was left open and make sure it never happens again. >> game wardens have been going up and down the creek investigating the damage to wildlife. take a look at this bird, covered in cement. now it can't fly. it's at a rescue center right now recovering. east bay m.u.d. says the cement is highly poisonous for wildlife but shouldn't pose any health risks for people. here's roberta gonzales with the weekend weather. >> official sun-up at 6:42. but i got a treat for you. this is our live weather camera
6:35 am
looking out from mount vaca. altogether, oooo. very nice. yeah, right. why are we whispering? >> because it's so beautiful. >> 38 degrees currently good morning, everyone, in santa rosa. a west wind at 6 miles per hour. it feels like 33 degrees out the door. san jose that 48 degrees we are in the low 40s in san francisco, 50 degrees now in oakland, 40s from concord through livermore. these are the averages and you want to compare them, average high in oakland is 66 today pretty much spot on. concord with a high today of 71. san francisco slightly below average. we'll have the full-on sunshine along the coast today well into the 50s. 60s, 70s around the peninsula. santa clara valley into the low 70s. east of the bay northwest breeze to 15. temperatures 60s and low 70s. danville at 73. but 74 in blackhawk. low 70s from antioch back through mountain house. 60s, 70s north of the golden gate bridge. lake county and napa also in the 60s. we have the seven-day forecast still coming up at about 48
6:36 am
minutes after the hour. jules, frank? >> see you then. the drought is only getting worse. now california could be in for a megadrought! experts meeting in sacramento yesterday warned the state drought emergency could be as long as a decade. california could follow in the footsteps of other drought- prone places like australia, where they had a 10-year drought. >> i mean, we don't know if it's going to rain next year. we don't know if it will rain the year after that. we can hope for it, it will rain somewhat. but we need to prepare now as if it won't and there's no time like the presents. >> the state's water resources control board will vote on mandatory drought restrictions next month. pg&e has to pay more than $2 billion for the san bruno pipeline explosion. the state puc blamed pg&e for sloppy safety practices. the company and its shareholders will pay not ratepayers. 8 people died, 66 were injured in that 2010 explosion. and sfo is doing some
6:37 am
damage control after being named the worst airport in the country for security. according to the "associated press," there have been 37 security breaches there in the past 10 years. of those breaches, only two people had access to planes. a spokesman for sfo says their neighbors are the problem. >> we have a homeless shelter adjacent to the airport perimeter. we have been in extensive outreach with that homeless shelter and our goal really is to ensure that the occupants of that homeless shelter keep a safe distance away from the airport perimeter. >> mineta san jose airport is fifth worst in the country. oakland airport was not on the list at all. the day apple fans have been waiting for finally here! >> it's true! the long-awaited apple watch went on preorder at midnight. and kpix 5's mark sayre joins us live at the apple store in palo alto one of the many stores where customers can test drive the new watch. >> reporter: good morning. this product launch a little bit different than the way apple has done things in the
6:38 am
past. today people can come to the stores to look at the new watch if you have an appointment you can try one on but nobody is going home with one today. apple stores are already open of course in asia and also in europe. here's some video from sydney, australia. customers trying on the watch. apple encouraging people to make appointments to try them on. they range from $349 to $17,000. the editor for the tech site the verge has been trying out the watch and here are some of his early impressions. >> once you start getting notifications on your wrist where it feels like it's tapping you on the wrist instead of just vibrating that's awesome. you really notice it. the idea is that you will again to recognize the taps so an email will feel different than a text message will feel different than a phone call. >> reporter: the ap has been tracking apple stores all over the world. they report that some stores have entire sections devoted
6:39 am
just to the watch. those without an appointment in some cases can still get in to actually try on a watch through a rot try. for example in tokyo this morning, there were 75 lottery tickets that were handed out. back to a live picture in palo alto. there was a blue tarp over the window earlier that was taken down around 6:00. apple employees are in there. we can see the watches on display at one of the tables inside. if you notice, there's nobody here in line. so perhaps apple fans feel differently about being able to buy something versus being able to just see it. who knows. i'm mark sayre, kpix 5. 6:39 now. two food companies are recalling their products because of concerns about listeria bacteria that can cause deadly infections. blue bell creameries has recalled more than 25 of its products in the last month. and now sabra is recalling its classic hummus because of possible contamination. eating foods with listeria can
6:40 am
cause an infection known as listeriosis. it includes fever, muscle aches and nausea. >> it can get out of the intestines into the bloodstream, can cause encephalitis and if a woman's pregnant, it can unfortunately precipitate a miscarriage. >> health officials say three people who ate tainted ice cream from blue bell have died. experts say listeria can grow in cold temperatures, too. so that means contaminated products can get more dangerous inside your refrigerator! the time now is 6:40. every second counts in an emergency. but a major flaw in california's 911 system is preventing first responders from arriving as quickly as they should. >> and those smart parking meters apparently aren't as smart as we were first told. the problem forcing one bay area city to throw out more than 100 parking t
6:41 am
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breaking fuse in san rafael. an accident on 580 blocking all lanes a semi truck on fire. you see it there. live look at the scene near the richmond/san rafael bridge. we are going to have traffic in couple of minutes and find out what areas you will need it avoid. a boy is dead and another fighting for his life after a car plunged off a pier in los angeles. firefighters say four people were in the car when it rolled into the water. a 13-year-old died a fewer hours later an 8-year-old boy still in the hospital. investigators are trying to figure out how it got in the water. burglars posing as construction and water workers in san jose. there could be five people involved in the scheme. police say they are behind at least three break-ins at the
6:45 am
end of march. each time they knocked on the front door wearing hardhats and construction vests. then they will tell the person who answers that they need to do maintenance work. >> the ruse that they are using is that they typically will distract the homeowner by asking them to go to the rear of the residence or someplace on the side of the house while the partners enter through the front of the house and burglarize the homes. >> witnesses reported to police seeing the burglars leave in a white suv or pickup truck. oakland police are looking for two persons of interest in the killing of a musician over the weekend. they released these photos and police want to talk to the two people you see there. they are also looking for a silver mercedes described as the suspect vehicle. it is a four-door s-series sedan. the shooting happened saturday night near 14th and broadway. berkeley musician emilio nevarez was packing up after a show. he was hit in the neck by a stray bullet as he was carrying his equipment out of a club.
6:46 am
police said the shooting happened up the street when two people got into an argument. sacramento woman says her friend died while they waited for 911 to arrive. >> 911, what's your emergency? >> now she is asking state lawmakers for help because the dispatchers can't trace cell phone calls. the flaw in the system is being addressed in a hearing in sacramento. 911 operators can only see an approximate location not the exact location. >> seconds count when you're a victim of crime or medical emergency. if we can have an exact location right away, it will save lives. >> in fact, according to the california chapter of the national emergency number -- >> in 2013 alone, dispatchers couldn't tell the location of more than half of all 911 calls made by cell phones in our state. 6:46. we want to keep you up to date on this traffic alert along the san mateo bridge and it is -- excuse me, the san rafael bridge on 580. >> reporter: in fact, it's happened about an hour ago or more than an hour now so still
6:47 am
active as a result. a big rig caught fire westbound 580 at san quentin. we have a live view here from chopper 5. you can see lots of activity there as a result. now, tow crews are called to the scene. the tow truck is on standby as soon as everything settles down they will get it out of the way as soon as they can but in fact traffic is really slow-and-go as a result for all this activity so they shut down both directions of 580 at san quentin. they are diverting traffic off the freeway. now, the damage is done. here's a live look at conditions at the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza almost at a standstill because of this trouble spot on that westbound side. so traffic legally backed up. backed up to 101 also on that eastbound side. use highway 37 or the bay bridge as alternates. they are starting to see delays along 37 now at this point. you're backed up to -- traffic is building.
6:48 am
people are using an alternate. a lot of folks going to try to use the buy bridge as well so avoid the richmond/san rafael bridge but the metering lights are on and you can see traffic is backed up. with the forecast, here's roberta. we have 95 weather watchers in and around our microclimates. i just heard from someone who is not a weather watcher. john says this looks like so much fun he wants to join in. you can too at let's see if anybody is awake this morning. let's see who this is. 50 degrees currently in san francisco, reported by george hughes. hi, george. thanks for checking in with us this morning. let's see who sells awake. how about way over here? that's 43 degrees and that's being reported by paul, hey, paul in brentwood, i need your photo. we want to see your photos, as well. and again, here's my picture. it's live, look out from mount vaca. a few high clouds draped across
6:49 am
the sunrise this morning. otherwise, it is 48 degrees in san jose. 38 in santa rosa. the winds are blowing there out of the west at 6. wind chill is 33 degrees. so cool out the door this morning with the fair skies. later today, sunny, bright, warmer in comparison to yesterday. next chance of rain will be on tuesday. clear slot for the most part but see these clouds associated with that area of low pressure that will continue to spin off the coast all weekend throwing clouds into our forecast but nevertheless, you understand the ridge of high pressure, we are warming up today and tomorrow and sunday before the ridge flattens and we have cooler temperatures by monday, tuesday. into the 70s in throughout the central valley today. it is 21 degrees in truckee going up to 56. 64 the forecast high in monterey bay. pollen count off the charts by sunday. certainly not good news. but you have been warned. temperatures today 50s 60s and
6:50 am
70s. 58 degrees in pacifica. here's your extended: new this morning, it is the worst kept secret in politics. a source close to hillary clinton tells the ap former secretary of state will officially announce her run for the white house on sunday. of course she lost the nomination to barack obama back in 2008. if she succeeds this time around, she would be the first woman to top the ticket for one of the two major parties. time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." >> that's right. gayle king joins us now from new york. and we have a sneak peek just two seconds ago. you are a texter. were you texting fast! you have me beat. were you texting oprah? [ laughter ] >> no. i'm really not -- this is the thing. juliette, i am still on email. i know everybody texts but i really still an email girl.
6:51 am
hello, frank and juliette. ahead an illinois neighborhood is flattened by a deadly tornado. we are on the scene today. and we'll bring you the latest on that terrible story. and hillary clinton could make her white house bid official this weekend. that is the talk. we'll talk about her strategy. and only on "cbs this morning," you know how much we love when we can say that, michelle miller talks to the -- takes to the sky rather with the blue angels. first female pilot. she is knockout. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. guys, you know, they say never say never. i can tell you i will never, ever ever do what michelle miller is doing in this piece. >> i went up in an f-16 with the thunderbirds. it's amazing. >> not my bucket list. >> so fun. >> that's what they said. not on my bucket list, either, juliette. >> keep texting. >> congrats to you, frank. >> all right. see you guys. >> have a great day. thank you. 6:51 now. and some parking meters in san jose are ripping people off. kpix 5's betty yu on the glitch
6:52 am
that happens when big trucks rumble by. >> attached to it were the two citations themselves. >> reporter: todd never thought he would need this kind of evidence for a case. the san jose lawyer started snapping photos when he sees meters outside the superior court house. he has gotten three tickets in less than two weeks. >> i would have paid if it had just been a single ticket. well more than $40 worth of time goes into presenting your case and telling them that they have a problem. i was less concerned financially than i was just the wrong thing for the city to be doing. >> reporter: turns out, when some heavy trucks rolled by they accidentally reset meters in the downtown area. sensors in the ground are only supposed to reset when a car leaves the parking spot. >> absolutely understand the frustration and we do not, um, like -- we don't like that people have received citations inappropriately. we have dismissed citations so that individuals do not have
6:53 am
to, um, pay. >> reporter: the city says it's dismissed the 100-plus tickets it gave out in the last few months after drivers contested them including todd. the problem was sporadic and the city turned off the reset function on a dozen meters. >> they should stick with the old method. it worked. >> reporter: the city says it's working with the meter vendor to figure out how to proactively prevent this problem. and it's also trying to figure out how it can let its parking agents easily know when someone has properly paid for the meter. right now, it's mostly relying on drivers to report the problem. in san jose, betty yu, kpix 5. time now is 6:53. a bizarre case involving a stolen horse has a group of california deputies caught up in a brutality investi
6:54 am
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five things to know at the :55. a deadly shooting if he u.s. census bureau headquarters in suburban maryland. authorities say it started when' man kidnapped a woman in washington, d.c. 30 minutes later the suspect killed a security guard who spotted his car tow bureau. communities are picking up after deadly storms. one person was killed when a tornado touched down west of chicago yesterday. other tornadoes were reported in iowa and missouri. authorities in north charleston, south carolina, are promising a review of previous excessive force complaints against that white police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man. the complaint alleges that officer michael slager barged into a man's home and hit him with a stun gun. san bernardino county sheriff's deputies are caught on camera beating a suspect. it started when they tried to arrest a man on an outstanding
6:58 am
warrant. he took off in a car, then stole a horse. when deputies caught him they started assaulting the man. and some big news. an accident on 580, san rafael, is blocking all lanes. a semi truck you see it on fire, this is a live look at the scene near the richmond/san rafael bridge. i'm anne makovec live in hayward where pg&e crews are trying to restore power after a crash early this morning. you can see damage there to that power pole. according to the chp, a car evaded a traffic stop on 880 and tennyson around 1 a.m. and the chase was on. officers followed the driver through city streets until he hit this power pole at tennyson and ruth in hayward. then the driver got out and ran. he is still on the loose. he left a little girl and a woman passenger behind at the crash site. they have minor injuries. they were taken to the hospital. at its peak the power outage had 121 homes and businesses without power. pg&e says it should be restored soon. live in hayward, anne makevoc,
6:59 am
kpix 5. let's jump out to chopper 5 once again. 580 san rafael both directions completely shut down big rig accident. as a result you're backed up both directions. live look at the richmond/san rafael bridge. you're slow beyond the toll plaza on that westbound side. eastbound taking a hit from 101. use highway 37 or the bay bridge as a result. >> actually expecting a package from u.p.s. today. i guess that's not going to happen. okay, looking outdoors right now this is the scene as you head out. we have sunny skies, temperatures 30s, 40s and low 50s. later today, slightly warmer than yesterday from the 50s at the beaches low and mid-60s bayside and into the peninsula. low 70s inland. warmer conditions but a few clouds over the weekend and hey! we're introducing a chance of rain back here in the bay area on tuesday! make it a great day. >> thanks for having me along this week. it's been fun. >> it's been fun having you. >> we'll have more updates on the traffic conditions and the alerts with gianna. >> the next local update is 7:26. enjoy your weekend. we'll see you at noon.
7:00 am
captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday april 10 2015. welcome to cbs "this morning." a deadly tornado tears through an illinois town damaging or destroying every single home. sheriff's deputies in southern california caught brutally beating a suspect fleeing on horseback. the sheriff calls fon an investigation. only on cbs "this morning," we'll take you airborne with the first female pilot to fly with the navy's elite blue angels. we begin with a look at today's "eye-opener: your world in 90 seconds." [ bleep ] -- oh!


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