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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  April 9, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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good afternoon, i'm juliette pg&e phase a record- breaking fine for the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. georgia. the state utility watchdog says
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pg&e may see be too big to operate safely. anne makovec reports. >> reporter: the fine imposed this morning is $1.6 billion combined with past penalties to pg&e and it is a record- breaking $2.2 billion that pg&e will pay for the san bruno explosion. most going to future pipeline safety. >> i never thought it would be the most horrific day of our lives. >> reporter: sue lost three family members on the day of the san bruno explosion on september 9, 2010. eight people died, 66 injured, and dozens of homes destroyed. >> it's been rough since that day filled with loneliness, anguish, loss, anger, grief and despair. >> reporter: today the state public utilities commission voted to fine pg&e $1.6 billion
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for 2500 violations of state and federal law that led to the deadly blast. >> couldn't put a value on eight lives. that's why we have been working so hard in their memory. we never want this to happen again. >> reporter: the blame is on pg&e but also lax regulation by the puc, the agent with a new president who is questioning whether pg&e is too big to operate safely. >> reporter: $850 million of that is coming from shareholders, from you if you have it in your 401(k). pg&e says it's not planning to appeal fine. it said this morning, our focus is on moving forward to complete the important safety work we set out to do. a clean-up in the oakland hills after workers spilled concrete into a creek. kpix 5's mark sayre on the mess
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and promises to clean it up. >> reporter: you are looking at glen echo creek in the upper rockridge section of oakland. what used to be a waterway with fish and plants which flowed both above ground and underground is now essentially solid concrete. it all started with an accident on wednesday when crews working for east bay m.u.d. tried to permanently seal an old water line from the 1930s. >> we filled these segments of pipe with cellular cements of the our subcontractor was here in the area yesterday filling a segment of pipeline and a valve was left open. that valve leads into a storm drain that leads into this creek. >> reporter: the cellular cement flowed for about 90 minutes before neighbors along the creek noticed the changing color of the water and notified work crews. residents are concerned about the environmental damage. >> i'm concerned about the deer in the area and birthing season. so they get some water or the
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creek. >> reporter: state fish and wildlife experts have arrived to evaluate the extent of the damage, which is severe. >> good news is because of the nature of concrete it hardens and won't do any more damage than it's doing right now. initially, yeah, it's bad. there's a half mile of creek that's destroyed. >> reporter: the immediate clean-up will continue at least until tomorrow. and then east bay m.u.d. says it will begin the long process of restoring this creek to its original condition. reporting in oakland, i'm mark sayre, kpix 5. >> officials are trying to find how it was left open. big security problems at sfo and this morning, the airport is doing damage control. kpix 5's andria borba on why sfo was ranked the worst in the country in terms of security. >> reporter: according to sfo's own stats, they are experiencing three to four perimeter security breaches every year for a total of 37
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since 2004. a spokesman gave a breakdown of the 37 incidents in the past decade. he said six of the incidents came from the waters of the san francisco bay. coming near buoys. he said only four perimeter breaches involved the fence. he said 16 incidents were homeless people from a nearby shelter. >> we have a homeless shelter that's adjacent to the airport perimeter. we've been in extensive outreach with that homeless shelter and our goal really is to ensure that the occupants of the homeless shelter keem a safe distance away from the airport perimeter. >> reporter: now, he said two of the incidents involved people gaining access to planes. one at a corporate facility on the airport property, and a second one a pilot's son accessed a plane he did not have clearance for. among the details he didn't provide were the number of weapons if any that were involved in these airport perimeter breaches. now, it is an interesting notation that none of these
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breaches involves marilyn hartman who continually tried to get past security on flights. doug said because she never breached the perimeter, only made it past security, that does not count as a perimeter breach. live at sfo, andria borba, kpix 5. >> thank you. the state's top water regulators say every californian needs to change their lifestyle to outlast this drought. cal fire says people are responsible for 95% of fires and those fires are almost always preventable. the head of the farm bureau paul wenger says 50% of our state's water use goes to the environment. 40% to agriculture. 10% to cities. he says it's important we don't cut off our water supply to food production. >> we are a very critical cog in feeding and meeting the needs of feeding 7 billion people in this world. >> wednesday state regulators approved another emergency drought measure instituting new
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water efficiency standards for faucets and toilets sold in california starting january 1. the drought may have some serious health implications. the lack of water may have played a part in more than 800 cases of west nile virus last year. the california department of public health says the drought has forced birds and mosquitos to move. santa clara county had the most cases in the bay area last year with 10 cases in humans. orange county had 263 cases of humans with the virus. an investigation happening now in south carolina a police officer gunned down a man after a routine traffic stop. the officer involved has been charged with murder. but seven other officers who arrived at the scene after that are also being investigated. omar villafranca has the latest from north charleston, south carolina. >> reporter: the bystander who recorded a south carolina police officer shooting an unarmed man spoke out for the first time in an interview with nbc news. >> i remember the police, um, had control of the situation.
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he had control of scott. and scott was trying to get ayou what from the taser. >> reporter: north charleston police officer michael slager originally told authorities he struggled with 50-year-old walter scott over the taser but the eyewitness says he never saw a struggle. the cell video begins as scott attempts to flee and shows slager firing eight times. it also shows slager dropping something next to the victim's body. slayinger is charged with murder, fired from his job and held without boat. the coast guard veteran had two complaints in his five years on the force including a 2013 incident involving a taser in which he was cleared of any wrongdoing. authorities say 7 additional officers arrived at the scene saturday within minutes of the shooting. their actions during that critical time are under investigation. omar villafranca, cbs news, charleston, south carolina. now, dashcam video of the traffic stop that started the incident could be released
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later today. another scandal involving the secret service comes to light this time a sexual harassment allegation involving a supervisor at the agency's headquarters. he is accused of assaulting a female subordinate at agency headquarters after returning from a party march 31. the agent told police he tried to kiss her and grabbed her arms when she resisted. morales was put on indefinite leave with his security clearance suspended. doctors work at student health centers are staging a strike against some university of california campuses. the strike started at 7:30 this morning at 5 northern california campuses and is set to run 24 hours. they plan to strike southern california campuses between saturday and sunday. all student health centers are expected to remain open. the doctors claim the uc is withholding financial information they need to negotiate a contract. vice president joe biden and his wife are making appearances in the bay area this evening.
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the vice president will attend a democratic fundraising event in san francisco. and tomorrow, he will discuss job training at a pg&e facility in oakland. this evening jill biden will be at de anza college in cupertino to talk about the importance of community colleges. an historic meeting that could change your next vacation. how new diplomatic relations are influencing tourism in the caribbean. predators of the sea mistaking humans for seals. the state-of-the-art gear meant to prevent shark attacks. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, good afternoon, everybody. we have rain back in the bay area forecast. i'll tell you when and how much as the news continue
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looking at the big board, stock market up 41. it's been up and down all day today. right now we're in positive territory. president obama is off on a three-day trip to the caribbean and central america for the summit of the americas. cuban president raoul castro will mark the first meeting between the two leaders since the white house announced plans to normalize diplomatic relations. one topic on the table travel restrictions. new rules only allow some americans to visit the island. cuba's neighbors are watching the developments closely and gauging what it will mean for other caribbean destinations. >> any new destination that comes into our competitive marketplace certainly has the opportunity to redirect some of our business. but when you start looking at cuba, we recognize that we know it's on the horizon. >> if tourism ties are ever fully restored it would likely put cuba back on the map as a
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popular getaway. did i hear you say rain? >> yeah. there is a chance, a chance of rain in the forecast. we're going to talk more about that. good afternoon, everyone. let's go ahead and call on our weather watcher program here. i just love this part of the program. okay, right here looks like it's 65, frank checking in from novato. great picture, frank. all right. let's see who else is reporting. 66 degrees this happens to be mike, 66 in san jose. niece catch, mike. you can become a weather watcher too, go to to see how you can report in conditions like that right there. clear skies over the san francisco area. looking out from oakland, where there's a baseball game on at 12:35. a's hosting the texas rangers. 59 degrees in san francisco. it's 58 in oakland. low 60s in santa rosa. the winds are under 10 miles
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per hour. will increase out of the northwest 10 to 15 today. we have had a swath of clouds drift over the area today. but they continue to lift up in a northerly direction. high pressure is the key component as it continues to build in and inch closer and closer to the coast. sunny skies and gradually warmer temperatures over the next couple of days. but then this ridge of high pressure is going to flatten as it does we are going to see the chance of this area of low pressure that's upstream right now move into the bay area on tuesday. 64 up to 71 degrees in sacramento. low 60s across monterey bay. 60 in mendocino county with the abundance of sunshine and 40s with a forecast high of 52 in the greater lake tahoe area after starting this morning at 22 degrees. do you sneeze, wheeze, allergies? i do. medium to high today lowering slightly tomorrow with lack of wind and then ushering the
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county back up on saturday and sunday. now tonight sundown at 7:40. after midnight we'll start to see some clouds gather so we'll wake up tomorrow morning with a few clouds. otherwise, today lots of sunshine 50s along the coast. these temperatures are very close to average. low 70s from san jose to santa clara into willow glen, cupertino and alum rock. 70 in concord. upper 60s in napa. here's your extended forecast: we could see lighted rain on tuesday. next opportunity for rain showers april 24. write it downright now. weather watchers, we want to hear from you, all you have to do is have a rain gauge, i know juliette has one. >> mm-hm. [ laughter ] >> you know, you can play along with us and send us some nice photographs, as well. >> whatever you caught. [ laughter ] >> from mike. >> that's right. swimmers and surfers can soon catch waves without
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worrying about sharks. australian scientists have invented a wet suit that they say repels sharks. okay. well, there's two types. one with stripes, and one that acts as camouflage. scientists say those patterns and colors will send a signal to the shark so people in the water are not food. >> sharks are very complex animals. they have a whole range of sensory systems. and it's likely that when humans are in the water they are triggering several of those systems. >> scientist say surf boards and boats could also be designed to ward off shark attacks. the suits will be available at the end of the year. >> i'm all over it! still ahead, looks like kids are playing videogames but they are actually learning. the twin brothers on a mission to bring computer science to the younger generation. >> we want to invite all you pet lovers send us your questions about their health and well-being. just email or on our facebook page, and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday right here at noon. we'll be right back.
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this is not ice cream. this is not ice cream in an ice cream cone. this is not ice cream in an ice cream cone in the hand of a tall man. this is not ice cream in an ice cream cone in the hand of a tall man in san fran. this is not san fran. this is not a tall man it's pam and dan. this is not an ice cream cone it's a frozen custard cone. and this is not ice cream, it's extra thick and creamy frozen custard... ...a different kind of delicious.
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new from dreyer's. nestle, good food, good life. tony and stephanie tantillo are cooking up some veggies. >> reporter: i saw some beautiful italian squash at the market this morning and steph and i said, let's make
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something but let's keep it really, really simple. italian squash is so mild it's almost like long italian squash you see at the market or growing in my dad's backyard, your grandfather's backyard. they cook up like that. so we put that in with some mushrooms and tomatoes and we cooked them together and they're absorbing all the flavors. >> we started with the mushrooms and then put in the squash and tomatoes very last because you just wanted to heat those up. >> add a little bit of red pepper flakes. >> a generous amount of oregano for the earthy flavor and coarse salt. that's it. look how beautiful that is. >> so simple and healthy too. >> lots of color. >> great vegetarian option. >> yes. computer programming can be a lot more fun than it might sound. that's what kids are discovering at least with lessons interest in week's jefferson award winners. sharon chin introduces us to twin brothers who share a single vision.
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>> reporter: these children think they are playing videogames. they are amazed to discover they are actually programming. >> hi. >> you get to make things with characters. >> i really want to create my own game. >> reporter: the students are learning the "hour of code" an introduction to programming created by brothers ali and hadi partovi. john pearce of mill valley's gate program invited kids and their parents to the san rafael workshop. >> i think ali and his brother are a national treasure. i think what they've done is absolutely wonderful. >> reporter: entrepreneurs ali and hadi founded the nonprofit in 2013. the goal, to get every school to teach computer science. >> here we are living in silicon valley, everything around us is revolving with technology. and then most of our schools won't teach the basic abcs of how it works under the hood. >> reporter:'s message to kids? don't just play videogames, create them. don't just use you smartphones,
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program them. >> run that and see what happens. >> reporter: ali and hadi say more than 100 million students have completed one "hour of code" even president obama. as boys in iran, hadi and ali programmed their own videogames. >> there was islamic revolution and, you know, totalitarian regime and then war with iraq. i remember being scared. our father brought home a computer, a commodore 64. we lived in a place with no hope and this was a place where we could immerse ourselves in a different world. >> reporter: later they graduated from harvard and each sold his own startup to microsoft. today ali is based in the bay area, hadi in seattle. the twins, who grew upside by -- to grew up side by side -->> we played piano as duets, i was always the left hand and he was the right hand. >> reporter: --still working in tandem sharing their childhood joy of coding. >> when they realize they can do it, you can see that lighted go off for people. that's the real joy in the work that we do.
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>> reporter: so for introducing millions of students to programming, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to ali and hadi partovi. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> kids don't have to wait for a workshop. they can try it online. look for the link in or story
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> up tonight at 5:00, who is
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tracking your email and how anyone knows when and where you open a message? and how to block it. we'll have that story and more coming up at 5:00. and thanks so much for joining us. we had a studio audience joining us today, as well. let's hear it for them! [ applause ] >> we have ohlone college the broadcasting department and the boy scouts! what's your troop again? 1994! captions by: caption colorado
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