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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  March 31, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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penalty.. and changes to the system. pg&e will pay the price for the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. the historic penalty and changes to the system. good afternoon everyone, i'm michelle griego. >> hi everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. more on san bruno in just a
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moment but we're following breaking news right no san francisco. a police officer has been injured in a traffic collision at 8th and harrison streets in the south of market area. we don't know the condition of the officer at this point but we know that police and fire units there are rendering aid. we have a crew on the way to the scene and we'll update the story later in our newscast. it's been four and a half years since the deadly and devastating pipeline explosion in san bruno. and now pg&e could be facing a record penalty. kpix 5's ryan takeo joins us live now with the demands from the city leaders. >> reporter: all in the legal response. san bruno city leaders filed it today here at the cpuc. it supports the record type but it demands more oversight on the utility. >> and all of this adventure we've been through the past four and a half years, we have to go back to that evening, eight people lost their lives. >> reporter: september 2010. the pipeline explosion also injured 66 others and destroyed
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dozens of homes. >> 38 homes completely leveled in an instant. a city traumatized. >> reporter: today san bruno mayor responded to the $1.6 billion proposed fine. the california public utilities commission could slap on the utility. it would be the largest penalty and fine in cpuc history. >> we believe this historic penalty sends the right message that gross negligence, corruption, and profits over safety will no longer be tolerated. >> we believe that the penalty is appropriate. >> reporter: but a spokesperson wouldn't say if the utility agrees with the record fine. he did dispute that $300 million of it could be funneled into the state's general fund. >> we just hope that every dollar goes right back into the gas system upgrading pipelines so that we can make this doesn't happen ever again. >> that does not release them from paying for what they did before. >> reporter: san bruno's mayor also demanded more safety
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reforms. like establishing a fund dedicated the pipeline safety -- to pipeline safety and called for an independent monitor to make sure the cpuc and pg&e's relationship doesn't get too cozy again. >> our efforts in going forward will hopefully prevent that from ever happening again anywhere. >> reporter: the cpuc could vote on the penalty as soon as next teak. ryan takeo -- week, ryan takeo, kpix 5. right now crews are working to clean up this big mess in fremont. mission boulevard is shut down between walnut and stevenson. a tractor-trailer flipped on its side spilling scrap metal and diesel fuel. and authorities say the driver was trying to turn when the truck overturned. no one was hurt. police say the road will be closed for the next several hours during the complicated clean-up. a nasty accident on a milpitas freeway made a mess of traffic this morning. at around 10:00, a truck and suv collided on the south month guy expressway when crews arrived they found the suv on its sides. the big rig had spilled some
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lumber it was carrying onto the freeway. no word if anyone was seriously hurt. and new details now. a woman was killed this morning after getting hit by a car in vallejo. the 23-year-old was out for a morning jog when the driver of a dodge struck her. it happened around 6:00 a.m. at the parkway and marin street. the driver pulled over immediately after realizing he hit something. police still investigating that accident. a couple of years ago a 9- year-old boy was killed in that same intersection. he was struck by a pickup truck while trying to cross the street with his aunt. and traffic was stopped in newark this morning while crews worked to clean a -- clear a crash southbound 880 near thornton avenue. that happened around 5:30 this morning. debris spread all across the freeway. new at noon, an inmate who escaped from a virginia hospital this morning is back in police custody. the inmate set off a frenzied nine hour search after he overpowered a guard at the hospital and made off with his gun. he was not handcuffed and it's not clear why he was being
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monitored by a guard instead of officers. police say after he escaped he managed to steal two cars before they cornered him. a lawyer for the woman who claims she was kidnapped is now providing e-mail evidence from the alleged kidnappers. doug rappaport represents denise house kins. he says the e-mail came from the kidnapper giving specific details about what happened, their criminal operation, and their methods. >> they had entered a number of other homes on mare island they had surveilled or hidden cameras that were placed in various locations. with drones, with infrared, and heat sensors. and they have attached photographs of the equipment that was used. >> the attorney says kidnappers also have specifics about whom they targeted, avoiding homes with children or anyone over the age of 50. police say it's all a hoax. alameda county investigators are looking into what caused a fire that
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destroyed four homes under construction. it happened last night off sunset view port in dublin. the fire departments began getting calls just before 9:00. >> we had multiple calls for homes on fire in the area. we didn't know the actual location because it's a new development unoccupied. so our crews had to navigate through the neighborhood to find out where the fire was. when they arrived on scene, they called for a second alarm due to the volume of fire. there were four homes and the framing stage under construction. that were all fully involved in the fire. >> the wind was blowing imwe ares all over -- embers all around and crews worked fast to prevent the fire from reaching occupied homes nearby. nobody was injured. a prez know firefighter -- fresno fire cap pain who fell into a burning home is in critical condition today. doctors say pete durn is stable and being closely monitored. he suffered severe burns over 60% of his body and inhalation
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injuries. right now he's on a ventilator as doctors wait for his swelling to go down. a fundraising page was set up for him and in just one day has already received $32,000. stanford administrators have a possible cheating scandal on their hands involving more than 100 students. kpix 5 reporter kiet do tells us there are concerns about academic dishonesty that center on introductory courses. >> it's a pretty grave concern. i think stanford students are under pressure here to do well and this is certainly an indication that they're cracking beneath that pressure. >> reporter: the university provost sent this letter to staff discussing anneal usually -- unusually high number of troubling allegations of academic dishonesty. one teacher reported that as many as 230% of the students -- 20% of the students cheated. >> in large courses like economics, math, computer science where you have hundreds of scientists, i would say it's especially a challenge in courses where there are not
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necessarily a right or wrong answer. >> reporter: the professor leavitt caught only a handful of students cheating but the university emphasized that technology and sharing in the culture can be harmful. >> computer science classes in general tend to allow more sharing to occur especially with things like coding. >> reporter: they're required to sign the honor code before any blue book exam. have conversations with their students. >> i don't think it's easy to cheat. i think that the honor code sort of -- it's something that we're constantly reinforced with during exams but this is -- this incident kind of bright to you -- brought to light the deviant behavior. >> reporter: kiet do, kpix 5. >> the students can present evidence at a hearing. if found guilty they may face community service or suspension. backlash is growing over inanities religious freedom law. and today indiana governor mike pence says it's intended to
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protect people's religious freedom. but critics are blasting the law saying it could be used to justify anti-gay discrimination. here's a look at the front page of today's indianapolis star. inside, an editorial piece condemns the law saying it could harm the state and its economic future. the mayors of seattle and san francisco have banned their cities' employees from traveling to indiana for business. the internet company angie's list is pulling the plug on a big construction project in the heart of the hoosier state. >> we believe that what -- what that bill does to our efforts to recruit good talent into indiana, is significant. >> it's about restricting the government's ability to intrude on the religiousness of our citizens! now republicans are working on adding language to the law making it clear the law does not give businesses the right to deny service to anyone. the law is set to take effect
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in july. right now in switzerland iran and several world powers are working on the framework agreement for israeliing back iran's -- scaling back iran's nuclear program. white house says if enough progress is made, talks will be extended into tomorrow. the goal of the negotiations is to curb iran's nuclear activities in exchange for easing sanctions against the country. a series of meetings is set to begin this evening about plans to move the landing for ferries that take people to alcatraz. the national park service which runs alcatraz and the tours wants a 50 year lease. out of town visitors don't seem to mind where the ferries pick them up as long as they end up at alcatraz. >> don't -- as long as it goes to alcatraz. >> i think alcatraz speaks for itself. people go wherever it takes. >> but it's synophrys sis cans who are you can set. some people if the -- who are upset. some people fear a move would hurt business at fisherman's
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wharf. the napa quake cracks buildings and fragmented roads and now time is running out to get help rebuilding. >> and eating out is taking an extra bite out of your wallet. how restaurant prices can r changing all a-- are changing all across the country. >> good afternoon from the kpix weather center. we have a forecast for you that's going to blow you away. the full story as the news continues on kpix 5.
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and we are following this breaking news in san francisco. a police officer has been injured in a traffic collision at 8th and harrison streets. you're taking a live look out near the scene. the call came in just before noon of an officer down. triggering a massive police and
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fire response. and as you can see, from the picture, a lot of crews are down there. we don't know the officer's condition. but we do know that police and fire units are out on the scene. well, today is the deadline for property owners to apply for aid to deal with damages from the south napa earthquake. napa valley community disaster relief fund offering help to property owners who didn't qualify for disaster loans or also help for people whose loans didn't cover all their expenses. a growing trend is helping make your dining experience a little easier. cbs' lauren lyster with new from fuss, no tipping policy. >> reporter: at the new york restaurant dirt candy people come for the cuisine. >> questions about the menu so far? >> reporter: but after questions about the food -- chef owner amanda cohen says customers often have another. >> they're like so i don't have to tip and we're like you don't have to tip. >> reporter: that's right. cohen did away with tipping. instead, she charges customers a 20% administrative fee. >> i want to feel the -- pay
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everybody who works for me a living wage. the minimum is $15 an hour. that includes our dish watchers. >> reporter: in order to do this, she decided to collect and distribute all the money herself. >> the eggplant is also really good. >> reporter: servers like jane make up to $25 an hour. >> right now, i prefer the hourly. just because you know how much you're going get paid. and it's a very fair wage. >> reporter: dirt candy is part of a growing trend of restaurants adopting no tipping policies. establishments in cities nationwide have made similar moves. some add a service charge to the bill. others like bar marco if pittsburgh are raising prices and adjusting the menu to pay their employees more. >> we're going to standardize their pay. so their pays will be the same every week. >> reporter: customers we met at dirt candy weren't complaining. >> i'm fine with it. i actually like the predictability of it. >> i think that everyone sort of wins. >> reporter: lauren lyster, cbs news, new york. >> bay area restaurants are
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catching on to the new trend. in part because of recent minimum wage hikes. some restaurants are raising food prices to afford their employees but in turn, customers do not have to tip. well, when you think of body slams and drop kicks, usually don't think of romance unless you're this couple. >> definitely -- one kiss. will you marry me? >> well there you go, before a crowd of 76,000 people. a man got down on a knee there and proposed to his girlfriend at wrestlemania of course. cameras at sunday night's event at levi's stadium, there to capture every action and in the end as you can see his reaction she said yes but nothing says romance like wrestling ladies and gentlemen. i'd say she said yes. >> never forget the pope sol right robert that -- proposal right roberta? >> i think a couple of weather watchers were there.
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hi everyone good afternoon. let's take a look at the weather watchers checking in with us at this hour and right here 70 degrees. this is being reported by frank keenen. hi frank love the photograph there. he's in nova do. the -- novato. another weather watcher in and around the microclimates this ring that says 66 degrees. that's paul smith. and paul's reporting a wind out of the north right now or actually -- that looks like out of the west at 9 miles per hour. other notable numbers in and around the microclimates at this time, the bay with a 13- mile-per-hour wind gust. let's take a look at the other wind speeds right now. because the winds are increasing. sfo, westerly 20 miles per hour. also along the seashore and half-moon bay, fremont at 15. 16-mile-per-hour winds in berkeley. so these winds are going to continue to increase as the afternoon progresses. 12-mile-per-hour winds out of the northwest in santa rosa. we had lots of clouds this morning over san jose. those clouds are now mixing out with the very gusty winds aloft. wind swept blue skies and
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currently in san jose 65 degrees. san francisco still in the upper 50s. this is a dry cold front. very little, very minimal precipitation associated with it. right around that northwestern corner of the state of california. as this cold front butts up against the ridge of high pressure, it causes a pressure gradient. and that's where we're getting the gusty winds from and as this area of low pressure passes there's ad loof wind behind it as well. -- a lot of wind behind it as well. we want to see if it takes this course down the coastline. if it does so, we have chances of rain moving into the bay area by easter sunday night. yeah. so looking for those eggs will be dry. 70s across the central valley today and upper 60s at mendocino. mid 50s gnat greater lake -- in the greater lake tahoe area. the waves on the lake up to three feet. 70 in oakland. upper 0s in red -- 60s in redwood city. it's cooler today compared to yesterday can the wind are -- and the winds are ushering the
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pollen around as well. there you have it it is dry and it is windy. northwest winds to 30 today. and tomorrow. relaxing winds by thursday. enjoy your afternoon. all right roberta thank you. facebook brings some of its cutting edge concepts from the computer screen to life. the social media giant's artistic new headquarters. >> all you pet lovers out there. attention, send us your questions about their health and well-being. e-mail or check in on the facebook page and we'll have our pelt expert -- pet expert dr. jill give
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and back to our breaking news in san francisco. a police officer was injured in a car accident at 8th and harrison street. the officer was taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. the driver of the -- of the other car was not hurt and is being questioned by police right now. it appears the driver may have run a red light and hit the police car. this all happened at about 11:45 just a short time ago and we're going to follow this story and update you as they come in. today we have tony and
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stephanie tantillo. >> this time of year, healthy delicious and simple. >> and very seasonal. this kale right now is in season with the oranges and that's kind of like a gift. because it goes so great together. just some salt and a little bit and marinate a little and now dress rest of the salad. going to add the rest of the same orange and same type of orange. we juiced the other one. >> a nice naval orange. so good this time of year. >> then the pear. >> like the sweetness of the boss pear? >> it's a citrus, we want to have the sweetness of that and then add in some almonds for a nice notify flavor. just great in salads also. it's dressed very simply with some good extra virion olive oil and we have the salt in there. >> some pepper? >> you can if you like. >> just mix this up. there we go. nice big beautiful healthy salad. loaded with flavor. thank you bella. i did make a mess. i'll clean it up though. we're going to enjoy it. ciao. it is move in day at
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facebook employees are settling in their new headquarters in menlo park. the giant structure expands across 430,000 square feet. and will hold nearly 3,000 employees. the campus still a work in progress. but facebook founder mark zuckerberg wants it to feel that way. on the inside there are several custom made art pieces from more than a dozen local artists. and the rooftop includes a nine acre park. it's big. >> it is. well, a reminder to you if you have a consumer problem or question, call our hotline 888- 5-helps-u. volunteers are there life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the
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most important of the day. it pays to have friends in high places. how the governor stepped in to save a landmark bay area restaurant on the brink of closure. that story and more coming up at 5:00. >> that's what you call a these because we don't know the restaurant is either. >> we're going to find out tonight. >> restaurant? let's go to lunch. >> i'm hungry. >> kale salad being
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>> brooke: what? >> deacon: i was right. you do want to be with me. >> brooke: i said this could be our chance, if things were different. >> deacon: if it wasn't for quinn. >> brooke: but you are with quinn, so there's no point in talking about it. >> deacon: but it could happen. i mean, it -- it's possible. >> brooke: i'm just telling you how i feel. you've become very important to me, very special. all the things that you've done for me lately just remind me of the times that we shared. so, yeah, i've been thinking about it.


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