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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  March 24, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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anyone survived. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. a commercial airliner crashes in the french alps and investigators don't believe anyone survived. hi,everyone.
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i'm frank mallicoat. michelle is o the latest on the plane crash coming up in a moment. but first, search crews and cadaver dogs are combing through the marshland of mare island this afternoon looking for a missing woman. police believe she may have been abducted and held for ransom. now the fbi has stepped in to investigate. kpix 5's ryan takeo joins us live in vallejo. are there any leads in the case ryan? >> reporter: no, and they are not forthcoming if they do. i talked to denise huskins' dad. i was asking him about his daughter. tell me about your daughter who is now missing. tell me about denise. [ pause ] >> i can't.
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she's a beautiful girl. >> reporter: michael huskins cannot believe his 30-year-old daughter denise is missing. he got the call from vallejo police yesterday and flew up from l.a. this morning. >> this is overwhelming to me. i mean, i -- i don't understand it. i -- i can't -- it's the -- it's the -- the hard part is i don't understand what's going on. [ crying ] >> reporter: yesterday afternoon, a 30-year-old man reported huskins missing saying there was a kidnapping on a 500 block of kirkland avenue early yesterday morning. hours earlier, this morning officers kept watch at the house where denise was reported missing on mare island. mr. huskins says it's her boyfriend's house and the car police found yesterday is his, too. >> apparently didn't come forward for 10 hours. so -- >> reporter: do you have a problem with that? >> of course! she sees this i want her to know that the family is is there. we're -- we love her.
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and we're not giving up. >> reporter: the police in a morning press conference today say they do not know why the boyfriend waited 10 hours to report her missing. they say he is not a person of interest in the case. live in vallejo, i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5. a man accused of trying to kidnap an antioch teenager is behind bars. she was walking alone on lone tree way on the way to deer valley high. 21-year-old jahvon allen approached her twice offering her a ride and she ran. the same thing happened to another victim a couple of months ago. alexandria santiago gonzalez broke free as sheriff's deputies escorted him to take out the jail trash. the deputies chased after him in the area of harrison and sixth street. they couldn't catch up. he ditched his jail-issued orange jumpsuit and was wearing
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blue boxers underneath. he was arrested last summer on drugs and weapons charges. now to the plane crash in france. there are no signs of survivors. within the last hour french investigators say they have found the jet's black boxes. tina kraus has more. >> reporter: authorities say the jetliner crashed in the mountains in a remote area of the french alps. the german wings airbus was carrying 150 people from barcelona to désseldorf. but french president francois hollande is warning no survivors are likely to be found. the plane was an hour into the flight when air traffic control lost contact. police say there were some clouds in the area but weather didn't seem to be a factor. >> we have to investigate properly with all the professionals what went wrong. >> reporter: french authorities say reaching the wreckage in the rugged mountains could be
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an extremely long and difficult process. german wings is a low-cost subsidiary of lufthansa airlines. on twitter the company said, if our fears are confirmed, this is a dark day for lufthansa. in désseldorf, the flight didn't show any status on the arrival board as relatives and friends of passengers began arriving. they have been taken to a nearby building to wait for word. tina kraus, kpix 5. >> the plane an airbus 320 crashed after making an 8 minute descent from its cruising altitude. here's are pictures from dusseldorf where the plane was headed. german newspapers report that 16 students and two teachers from the same high school were on the plane headed home from a student exchange program in spain. the fbi is wrapping up security to protect u.s. servicemembers whose names and pictures were poressed on an isis hit list. most of the people on the list are from the air force and navy
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which have been bombing isis in syria and iraq. the white house says the information was gathered from public sources. meanwhile, president obama met with afghan president ashraf ghani at the white house today. he asked that the u.s. keep more troops in his country to help his security forces battle islamic extremists. the president agreed and 9800 u.s. troops will stay in afghanistan into next year. concerns about a potential threat against president obama's niece prompted an increase in security at an ncaa tournament game. the unsubstantiated threat was against a freshman forward for princeton. leslie robinson didn't know about the threat before the game last night against maryland. a woman had called the university of maryland police saying she got a text that said a man she knew had a gun and mentioned mr. obama's niece. closing arguments in the gender discrimination trial against the silicon valley
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venture capital firm. ellen pao is suing kleiner perkins for $16 million. her attorneys say she was the victim of the male dominated culture at the company and that senior managers retaliated against her when she complained. kleiner perkins says pao twisted the facts and had a history of conflicts with colleagues. some state lawmakers blame the rise in gas prices on the gas tax and there's new legislation to get rid of it. lawmakers held a rally in sacramento while the bill went before a committee. ab23 would remove transportation fuels from being included in the state's cap and trade program. it would save consumers from paying cap and trade costs that have been passed on. >> there is no direct connection we can find between the billions of dollars taken and reductions in greenhouse gases which is supposedly the fundamental reason for cap and trade in the first place. >> tomorrow a transportation committee will discuss the state of california's gasoline
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market and what can be done to hopefully improve it. right now gas in oakland costs $3.24 in san jose. san jose $3.23, san francisco $3.39. all those prices run from a month ago. coming up, angelina jolie went back under the knife as the preventative measure. and a bay area woman tells bus her experience in the same surgery. new water rules for millions of people in the santa clara valley. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, we have been noting that we have a little bit of everything today. some sunshine, some clouds, some raindrops, and some rainbows. your full forecast is straight ahead as the news continues on kpix 5.
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the santa clara county water district will propose reducing water usage the a meeting tonight. the goal is to cut back by 30%. also people would only be allowed to water their lawns twice a week. a district spokesman says if water usage isn't reduced now, the county will drop into a critical stage. one of the driest towns in the state just got a special delivery. students from porterville college in the san joaquin valley organized the water drive. they delivered 40 cases of water to an elementary school across town where some students can't shower and have to show up to school with dirty clothes. the school's principal says at least a dozen students have been struggling at homes with no water at all. >> it's very hard to concentrate on learning what they need to learn when they are concerned about where the water is going to come from. >> porterville college is planning fore water drive in just a couple -- planning another water drive in just a couple of weeks. alameda county supervisors are considering more permits
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for wind turbines on the altamont pass. altamont winds is seeking a three-year extension. environmentalists say during those three years, though, more than 1500 birds will get caught in the windmills and die. the county wants several companies now to put in more bird-friendly models, but altamont wind says it needs more time. over the altamont in tracy, police are trying to track down a bear. the police department released this photo. there it is right there. wandering around a neighborhood. officers say two different people reported seeing the wild animal overnight. police were searching the area. it was spotted, which was right near an elementary and high school. so far it hasn't been seen since 2 a.m. tracy a very odd place for a bear. maybe the sierras but not so much in the altamont region. [ laughter ] let's check with roberta. you have an assist, i guess, in the weather department, right? >> yes. let's see if somebody is checking in with us during this lunch our. it's our weather watcher program and here in the bay area, we have several spotters
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around the microclimates. brian in san ramon shows us the iron horse trail. lots of cloud cover there. let's see where the clouds are coming from according to our hi- def doppler radar. there you have it. the green on the screens the light and moderate rainfall that's now dissipating as this system just bangs up against the northwest section of the state of california. and with it, we see a couple of raindrops that have made it into the bay area. for the most part, we have been just cloudy as it appears from this view right here that we are looking out from sutro tower towards the city of san francisco where currently it is 60 degrees. low 60s in santa rosa with rain reported there. a little bit earlier today, as well. most of the clouds have gathered across the northern portion of the bay area. but around the central bay, we have cloud cover and peeks of sunshine even a couple of
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rainbows. and once this system passes the area, record heat later in the week. high pressure is coming into northern california. it will result in record highs again during the month of march. 69 sacramento. 50 lake tahoe, currently in the 40s. sunset at 7:25. by then we'll have seen temperatures in the 60s and low 70s. it's nice outside. but the winds will increase out of the northwest 10 to 20 ushering the pollen around. if you have allergies thursday and friday will be the worst days of all. and that's when we have the greatest of the warm around the bay area. and once we get rid of these clouds today, we are going to just enter a dry weather pattern each and every day all the way through the weekend. so it's kind of fun to have our weather watchers helping us because it does verify that system, right? >> yeah. come on in and the pictures are really nice especially in the morning. >> i want to see more of those bear pictures, as well. maybe our weather watcher also
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see that. a bear in tracy? pot farming could soon be banned in some parts of santa cruz county. a county supervisor says the county's relaxed laws about marijuana are out of hand. the county says the goal is not to shut down medical marijuana dispensaries but critics say it may leave businesses without a legal reliable supply of pot. the board of supervisors taking up that issue today. a warning this afternoon about a popular weed killer. the world health organization says the main ingredient in roundup could cause cancer. the report says glyphosate found in roundup can cause cancer. makers claim its product is safe and the report is biased. amy's kitchen is recalling some frozen products containing spinach that could be contaminated with listeria. the petaluma company is
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voluntarily recalling nearly 74,000 cases of its microwave dinners like veggie lasagna. no reports of any illnesses. we have a link to the full recall list. check it out at a new biography about steve jobs hitting the shelves today, becoming steve jobs. it covers the earlier of apple including the launch of the 20th anniversary mcintosh in 1997, which was part television part computer and sold for over $7,000. the classic car market is really revving up! we're going to show you why these guys never go out of style. >> and we want to invite all you pet lovers send us your questions about their health and well-being. just email or on our facebook page, and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday right here at noon. we'll be right back.
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two years after revealing her decision to have a double mastectomy, angelina jolie is opening up about another personal choice. don champion on how she is inspiring women to be more
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vigilant about their health. >> reporter: angelina jolie had lost her mother, grandmother and aunt to cancer. the actress says her latest move was another form of prevention. in this "new york times" op ed out today she detailed her surgery last week to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes. she says i feel at ease whatever will come not because i am strong but because this is a part of life. it is nothing to be feared. >> reporter: two years ago, the actor had a preventive double mastectomy after a blood test revealed she carried a mutation in the brca1 gene. she promised to reveal any other procedures she has had. her latest surgery happened after a blood test revealed she had a number of inflammatory markers that were elevated. together, they could have been a sign of early cancer. she wrote, it is not possible to remove all risk and the fact is i remain prone to cancer. jolie went on to say, i know my children will never have to say
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mom died of ovarian cancer. >> this is a dramatic reduction as is taking off the breasts, dramatic reduction of breast and ovarian cancer. but it's not to zero. there is some risk. >> reporter: before her double mastectomy in 2013, jolie said she had an 87% risk of breast cancer and a 50% risk of ovarian cancer. don champion, cbs news new york. >> she encouraged women to learn about options to make choices that are right for them and after surgeries doctors did find a small benign tumor on one of the her ovaries but there were no signs of cancer. it is lunchtime now. let's see what tips tony and stephanie tantillo have for us on making a delicious salad. you know, sometimes the simplest items in the market always available this time of year they're fantastic, leaf lettuce. >> and we have actually three different varieties. you don't see them too much but
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they go really great together in a salad. >> the reason why you don't see them too much is because all the other lettuces are overshadowed. when i see them at the market this fresh i always buy them. butter, red and green. >> we combine them in this bowl and now we're going to add a few ingredients but just to make it a nice hearty salad so we're going to add radishes. and then some artichoke hearts in water. not oil. and because they are acidic, we'll at some citrus. a little lemon juice on top. a little bit of salt. a little pepper. >> nice. stephanie? >> yes. >> thank you, bella! beautiful. a star-studded affair in san francisco. thousands of people turned out last night for the game of thrones season five premiere at the war memorial opera house.
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>> what's the best part about playing your character? >> his sense of humor and honesty. that's very fun. there's not a lot of honesties amongst characters. >> cast members of the big hit hbo show included walked the red carpet. why san francisco? mostly because of its tech appeal. the market for classic cars is booming. last year, sales at north american auctions reached an all-time high of $1.3 billion including a 1962 ferrari. it went for a record $38 million. experts say nostalgia and the emotional attachment to classic cars is fueling the strong demand. >> so everything from pretty much the '60s and '70s when i grew up i love looking for and acquiring. it's not just about the cars.
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it's very emotional. >> $64,000 is about the average selling price for a classic car. and a reminder if you have a consumer problem or a question, give our hotline a call at 888-5-helps-u. volunteers are there right now.
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[music] i love my sister. my heart doesn't see race. love is love. tonight at 5:00 we're continuing to follow the search for a missing vallejo woman kidnapped possibly being held for ransom. we'll have the latest live on that and much more coming up
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tonight at 5:00. weather-wise, i guess the heat is on, right? it's coming. >> once we get through with this weak pacific storm through the bay area now producing the cloud cover, some peeks of sunshine, even some rainbows through some raindrops, we will have a warming trend. right now looking out toward the skyline of san francisco where we do have mostly cloudy skies and temperatures across the bay area today in the 60s and low 70s turning breezy northwest winds 10 to 20. >> i think it's time for to us go outside. >> let's go. >> lunch on you? >> sure. everybody. come join us. captions by: caption colorado comments@c
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>> nicole: you want me to forgive you? >> maya: i want you to understand. >> nicole: for you not being there? >> maya: yes. >> nicole: you were here in california. >> maya: i know it's hard to understand. but i was doing what i had to do.


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