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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  March 18, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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was headed right towards those officers. >> i was down the street and i heard, like, five shots or pops. and then a break and then another five. >> the officers fearing for their safety and the safety of the community at large discharged their firearms at the driver. >> that woman died at the scene. she is in her late 20s or early 30s. police still investigating whether the blue car was in fact stolen. the catholic church in san francisco has taken unusual and possibly illegal action against the homeless. anne makovec is at st. mary's cathedral to show us what they're doing. anne. >> reporter: i'm here at one of the many entrances to st. mary's cathedral. you can see the pavement behind me here and the stairs are wet. it appears to be the source of the water when you look at the ceiling there. that's a sprinkler installed overhead. in an exclusive report from
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kcbs radio reporter doug sovern says the shower systems are active in four outdoor alcoves. they go off throughout the nature. doug spoke with one homeless man who had been drenched. >> we're going to be wet all night. hypothermia, cold, all that other stuff could set in and keeping the church clean but you know you're making people sick. >> reporter: and it looks like the plumbing system itself was installed illegally and may also violate water use regulations. the archdiocese says it is trying to help homeless people in several ways. we'll hear from them coming up in the next half-hour. back to you. >> thank you. we're going to take a live look at the beautiful bay bridge on this "hump day" this wednesday. and all is calm out there right now. let's see how our weather and traffic are doing as we head towards the weekend. >> the winds are calm at this hour. just a westerly at 7 miles per hour at sfo. but later today these winds are going to increase, breezy as high pressure continues to build into the bay area. right now, we have temperatures
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into the 40s and 50s. it is 49 degrees in concord. low 50s across the bay to redwood city. it is 49 in santa rosa. later today average high temperature in oakland is right around 61 degrees. instead, 72. upper 60s in mountain view. again, northwesterly 10 to 20 late day during the afternoon hours. your extended forecast calls for another day pushing near 80 on thursday. north bay sprinkles friday and we'll talk more about that coming up. out the door, the road ahead this is our one tricky spot right now and it's mainly confined to the on-ramps in san jose. northbound 101 at hellyer avenue. it was a major injury accident that happened overnight. we got off the phone with chp a little while ago and there are tow crews out there so they hope to clear it. the rest of your south bay drive times are also all in the green 101/280 guadalupe parkway. even with that overnight roadwork, maybe probably in the final clearing stages. it was scheduled to wrap up by
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5:00. 65 miles per hour northbound 280 between wolf and lawrence expressway. that's "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. forget muni and uber. people in san francisco's marina district have a new way to get to work. it's called leap. it's a hybrid between a muni bus and a private car share. it offers swanky seats and workstations even a drink and snack bar. a one-way ticket costs $6. and the first route called the lombard express starts today. the race for an east bay state senate seat headed for a runoff now the. mayor steve glazer is the top vote-getter. provisional ballots still have to be county but it looks like glazer are face susan bonilla in the may 19 runoff. stocked police say it's one of the worst mass shootings in year. 7 people shot in a drive-by shooting three dead. it happened just before 8:30 last night outside a convenience store near downtown. an area known for gang activity. a woman who lives nearby told
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the "stockton record," she heard so many gunshots that she yanked her young daughter out of bed and put her in the bathtub to keep her safe. it is 5:04. the defense is expected to present its opening statement today in the murder trial of randy alana. he is charged with the 2013 death of his girlfriend sandra coke. a federal public defender in oakland. yesterday, the prosecution described alana as a career criminal who had the motive and opportunity to murder her. she had reported that alana violated his parole shortly before she disappeared. she was found dead a few days later. the secret service says it looks like someone sent cyanide to the white house. it was in an envelope that arrived two days ago at a facility several miles away where white house mail is screened. a test came back with a presumptive positive reading for cyanide. further testing is planned. we are learning this morning about another rabid bat in fremont and now a warning for people with pets in the area. kiet do is at the school
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playground where the latest bat turned up. reporter: good morning. this bat was barely alive when a dog found it here and picked it up at the playground at niles elementary school last friday. test results are now back and that bat had rabies. the alameda county public health department is warning neighbors in the area. the dog who found the bat is current on all vaccinations but is on 30-day quarantine. two bats with rabies have been found in fremont in one week. rabies is highly infectious so don't touch a wild animal you think might be sick. >> in a case of people inconnected with with rabies it's a neurologic disease it's progressive that there's no cure for in the brain and the nerves. >> what's the consequences? >> the ultimate consequence is
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death. >> reporter: alameda county is telling property owners if you want to keep bats from going into your home, cover up all those holes and vents with screening. keep them out of the roof and attic there. live in fremont, kiet do, kpix 5. happening today, governor brown is meeting with uc regents in san francisco. the big topic on the agenda, tuition. and a new report that evaluates the university system's cost structure. the uc president janet napolitano says she will for raising tuition up to 5% a year for the next five years if the state does not give the uc system enough money. time now is 5:06. break students preparing for a stiff competition this weekend. what it takes to be a top speller coming up. >> plus, what the drought could mean for a rare fish. >> drought? yes. but we have rain back in the forecast. i'll pinpoint the day and where. >> and before you hit the road you may want to give mass
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good morning. this is your wednesday, the last wednesday in the winter season. and we're looking out towards the bay bridge where currently we have clear skies. the winds are calm. the air temperatures in the mid- 50s going up to highs today right there in the mid- to high 60s. your full wednesday report straight ahead. a fierce competition this weekend. bay area's top spellers will face off right here at our kpix 5 studios. >> yes. the students are hoping to win a spot at the national spelling bee in may. sharon chin took some winning words from the past to the streets. >> everybody ready here? >> reporter: this 7th grader became his school champion with -- >> diabolical. >> easy. [ spelling ] >> reporter: fifth grader clinched his school title with. >> obvious. [ spelling ]
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>> it is obvious that i know how to spell. >> ready to move on. let's to do it. >> reporter: the words got more challenging for 200 spellers who competed in a written elimination round hoping to earn one of 50 spots in the regional bee. >> venerate. [ spelling ] >> v-e-n. >> [ indiscernible >> oh. >> i would have to pass on that one. >> goodness me. >> not even going to try. >> [ indiscernible >> do you know whats ? >> no clue. >> definition? >> it's the surgical removal of the pineal gland. >> what's that? [ spelling ] >> pinealectomy. >> you got it right. >> reporter: and how about? gowlighter. >> reporter: the district leader in nazi germany who served's a provincialal governor. >> reporter: a german word that
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even stumped this tourist from germany. >> that's no german word, really not. sorry. this isn't a german word. >> gowlighter. >> i don't know. no. sorry. >> right here. >> gauleiter. >> reporter: whoo! one of the few who got that right. >> all right! we're done. >> reporter: 97% of these students didn't get it either but many are so serious about spelling, you can bet they know it now. >> excellent, thank you for the definition. >> reporter: sharon chin, kpix 5. >> okay. all the words in the written elimination round tepinacky. only 4 out of hundreds of students spelled it correctly. >> it's a japanese dish of meat, fish or vegetables cooked on a large griddle. so that's tepinacky. >> that's tough to spell. >> i was supposed to answer the bell right now. >> you were. but the producer put your word in the teleprompter. and i want to thank them for that but michelle caught that so actually, we're going to give michelle a little run for
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her money and i think you'll get this because you certainly know -- >> do i know this word? >> the sword from latin. >> okay. >> precipice. [ spelling ] >> a steep overhanging place. just looking down from the precipice made gloria very dizzy. >> am i wrong? >> i'm just -- [ spelling ] p-r-e. >> i'm just the sound effects man. >> pice? >> say it again. >> that is correct, ladies and gentlemen.
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congratulations. >> yay. >> fabulous. >> i knew you would get that. >> i got yesterday's wrong. i had to redeem myself. >> some sort of mayan flu. you didn't know that word. that's tough. >> well, the spelling bee airs live this saturday at our sister station at kb cw 44/cable 12 at noontime. you can see it live on and you did a good job there. >> kind of hope they put my word back in the prompter. bart will announce details about major repairs the transit system says it plans to fix the tracks and equipment between the fruitvale and coliseum stations. repair work will shut down the stations on some weekends so take note but bart will run some bus bridges from one station to another. caltrans says it will inspect the eastern span of the bay bridge for more cracked anchor rods. this is the latest headache with the new span. it will cost about $170,000 to
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investigate the extent of the tiny cracks. they hope to have the results of the investigation when they meet next month. 5:15. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> all right. let's go outside and check 205. so we're just getting word of metal debris that was in lanes. out of tracy, just a little word of warning the there's an unusual traffic jam from mountain house to grant line. they have cleared the metal debris out of lanes but you can see 15, 35 miles per hour. once you get past that, everything looks okay just kind of slow and go your usual commuter traffic heading to north flynn and then then fine through the livermore valley. earlier delays in the cash lanes of the bay bridge have filtered out. overnight roadwork is gone westbound. so this is the time to head
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into san francisco. problem-free end to end oakland and the city. commuters heading into marin county southbound 101 is good. here's some other popular drive times this time of the morning. we showed you 580. the nimitz freeway is clear between 238 and the maze and the eastshore freeway is also clocking in at 19 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. so overall we are off to a good start on this morning's commute. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." roberta has a check of your forecast. >> eric sent me a beautiful photograph from castro valley of sunset. boy, take a good morning look at this. i remember that sunset as well on monday evening. thanks, keep those photos coming to i'll feature your photograph right here with all of our kpix 5 viewers. looking out towards sfo, this is my picture this morning.
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it's a live picture and we're looking at no airport delays at this hour. temperatures 44 in livermore one of the coolest morning so far this week. 49 apiece san jose and santa rosa. clear skies and mild temperatures out the door this morning. it will be mild for the next couple of days with a few sprinkles in the offing on friday in the north bay. so here we go. high pressure is building in firmly. look at the clear slot. this is the area of low pressure we'll get sideswiped with in the north bay by friday evening with just sprinkles anticipated at this time. friday spring officially arrives so we'll hopefully hold out for some springtime showers. 73 at the state capital today in the 40s at this hour. too warm to make the snow. but nevertheless, springtime skiing at 59 degrees in the greater lake tahoe area. northstar, 13 lifts alpine meadows. corn-like conditions very spring-like with five lifts available. sugar bowl with 3 mountains to ski from machine groomed packed powder under mostly sunny
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skies. temperatures here today above average. 72 in oakland when typically we should be topping off in the low 60s. and the upper 60s in mountain view all the way through los altos. 70 redwood city. 64 in pacifica. cool spot will be half moon bay at 62 degrees. otherwise 73 east of the bay, yup, pollen sufferers there you go medium to high side today. we're talking about again that chance of rain north of the golden gate bridge on friday, otherwise partly cloudy skies over the weekend. and increasing cloud cover sunday night leading to cloud cover on monday. jury is still out whether or not we'll see any light rain on monday but definitely partly cloudy by tuesday. if we see anything very short- lived. >> spring is here, right, this weekend? >> friday officially 3:45 in the afternoon. >> we're celebrating. >> winter we barely new ya. 5:18. the drought may push tiny fish to extinction. the delta smelt population has been on the decline since the 1980s and limits on pumping
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water from the delta are based in part on protecting the smelt but the state water board relaxed those limits this winter because of the drought and this month, state crews patrolling the delta found only 6 of that particular kind of fish. 5:19 right now. a new device may help athletes detect concussion before visiting a doctor. >> stanford is not in the big dance but the cardinal hoping to bring home some hardware from the n.i.t. and the sharks are watching their play-off hopes slip away coming up in sports. >> and in this morning's jobs market report, jill schlesinger has tips for cashing in on the app craze. reporter: we've all heard the phrase there's an app for that. no truer words have ever been spoken. the global mobile applications market is expected to be worth $25 billion this year. when facebook purchased messaging services what's app for billions of dollars last year, people all over the globe lamented why can't i be an app
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the early retirement of san francisco 49ers linebacker chris bore lapd has more people talking about the concussion dangers. -- borland has more people talking about concussion dangers. these goggles give people a sense of what a concussion fields hike part of an education program intended to raise awareness about concussion symptoms so people can get treated fast. with 13 games left the sharks are running out of time to grab a wild card spot. they sit 6 points back and team teal takes on winnipeg one of the teams standing in their way of the post-season. these gentlemen here dressed up
5:24 am
for st. patrick's day. probably tweeting away. the jets jump on the sharks early. just over a minute in, adam lowry slips a puck by niemi and it's to winnipeg. jets with great passing. niemi beaten on the power play and winnipeg up 2-0. so the sharks have some ground to make up. they are down by 3. they get a good start to the second period. and it's joe pavelski who pulses one back and this is his 33rd of the season. in the third, the jets add on to their lead. blake wheeler beats the goalie, pavelski adds another goal but sharks lose 5-2. the sharks not mathematically ruled out but they would have to be almost perfect down the stretch to clinch a wildcat spot. hersey hawkins watching his son cory as uc-davis takes on stanford in the first round of the n.i.t. in the first half mark s. allen
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would take it to the rack. cardinal up by 10. later in the first half cory hawkins tries to impress his dad with a corner 3 and led all scorers with 34 points. in the second half more marcus allen he drains the three and had a career-high of 22 points in this game. stanford wins 77-64. they face rhode island in the second round another home game for them. the last time the cardinal won the n.i.t. was 2012. i'm andrea nakano, that's your morning sports. play of the day on "hump day" a visit to hockey land here. ottawa, carolina, in overtime. here's how it finished. >> right up the middle. score! goooooooaaaaal! they win in overtime. >> how about that. fancy moves by kyle in a game winning goal for mark stone and the senators beat up the
5:26 am
hurricanes 2-1. a little stick work out there. then the backhander goes in. your play of the day. 5:25. the racist tech scandal rocking a bay area police department is getting bigger. >> st. mary's cathedral the home base for the san francisco
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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] san francisco police shoot and kill a driver after she goes on a rampage down a busy street. >> and i'm kiet do live in fremont. a second bat has been
5:30 am
discovered in the city infected with rabies. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, good morning, everybody. we will again be pushing 80 degrees. i'll show you when. >> and with a push of a button we can show what you it looks like right now over at the bay bridge toll plaza. everything looks great. we are starting to see some more delays in the cash lanes. we'll show you where those backups begin coming up. >> thank you, liz. good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, march 18. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. a woman goes on a rampage behind the wheel turning the busy intersection of van ness avenue and pine street in san francisco into demolition derby. it all started about 7:00 last night. two plainclothes officers found what they believe was a stolen volkswagen sedan. officers say when they identified themselves, the woman in the car drove toward them then hit a gas station before driving up pine street. then she turned around, she drove on the street and the sidewalk. she had a number of cars barely missed a man on a motorcycle
5:31 am
and was headed right toward the officers. >> i was down the street and i heard, like, five shots or pops. and then a break and then another five. >> the officers fearing for their safety and the safety of the community at large discharged their firearms at the driver. >> the woman died at the scene. she is in her late 20s on early 30s. new this morning, the san francisco archdiocese is trying to deal with a homeless problem at st. mary's cathedral by flushing them out. literally. anne makovec at the theat to show us what the church is doing -- at the cathedral to show us what the church is doing in the middle of a drought no less. >> reporter: i'm here at one of many entrances to st. mary's cathedral. you can see the pavement behind me is wet. there's an alcove there. you can see the stairs also wet and the source of that water? a spigot installed overhead meant to keep the homeless from sleeping here. in an exclusive report for our sister radio station kcbs, doug sovern reports that city
5:32 am
records show these sprinklers were installed illegally and have drenched several people without warning going off at various times throughout the night. the archdiocese says they have tried many strategies to help the holds but the issue remains. >> we refer them mostly to catholic charities for example for housing. to st. anthony's soup kitchen for food if they want food on that day. >> reporter: pretty quickly. all right. and, um, also, we're uhm, told this is violating city code. it may also violate water use regulations of the state. back out here live now at one of the entrances to st. mary's cathedral if this was meant to keep the alcoves clean that's not working. what we're seeing is soggy debris left behind. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. let's get a look at weather with roberta right now. >> we saw more sunshine yesterday than what any computer model ever alluded to. >> it was gorgeous.
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>> it was a nice st. patrick's day. lots of blue skies out there and today we have lots of clear conditions at this hour, as well. good morning, everybody. heading out it is mild except livermore down to 44 degrees. that's the coolest reading we have seen all week long. mild overnight lows continue: >> the warmest winter in the bay area history continues. 68 degrees in san mateo today with a northwest wind 10 to 20 late day. otherwise mid-70s in los gatos back in through gilroy. then as we swing east of the bay, the temperatures today easily low to mid-70s. it will be 72 in san ramon. now north of the golden gate bridge we're talking 61 with the sunshine. and andrew bogut. to 72 degrees in napa and 75 in lake port. we're going to talk about sprinkles in your forecast, liz, next time around.
5:34 am
>> quite the tease. all right, thank you. roberta. out the door the tracy commute on 205 seems to be a problem spot this morning. we had earlier metal debris out of the way so we are beginning to see clearing but now word of a wreck westbound 205 at macarthur so that whole corridor is jammed up from a couple of incidents and then now it remains sluggish through the livermore valley, dublin interchange. but at 5:30, 5:34, that's typical for this time of the morning. let's check the bay bridge. it is really starting to stack up especially in the cash lanes. if you got the fastrak pass you're find in the middle lanes. it's just the cash lanes that are beginning to fill in once they turn the metering lights on. we'll see a different kind of story over at the toll plaza when they turn the metering lights on but right now it's okay getting into the city. here's the richmond/san rafael bridge approach no delay from richmond parkway all the way into marin county. that is "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you, liz. high-speed chase through four bay area counties with an suv rolling over and the driver
5:35 am
arrested inside the suv. it started in vacaville yesterday covering three freeways ending in los altos hills. the chp put down a spike strip which deflated the car's tires. in the end, the driver of the pathfinder lost control. 24-year-old ramon bernal surrendered. we are learning this morning that hundreds of criminal convictions in san francisco may have to be thrown out. at least 10 more officers including a captain are now under investigation for sending racist and homophobic texts in addition to four officers already implicated. hundreds of cases may be in jeopardy because of officer bias. investigators looking into the possible links of real estate heir robert durst and the disappearance of two teenagers in northern california both reported missing in 1997. karen mitchell was 16 when she was last seen in eureka. kristin was 18 when she
5:36 am
disappeared in san francisco. matt birkbeck says durst was in those cities around the time of the disappearances. durst was arrested in new orleans in connection with a 2000 homicide in l.a. police in stockton say it's one of the worst mass shootings there in years. 7 people shot in a drive-by three dead. it happened just before 8:30 last night outside a convenience store near downtown. a woman who lives nearby told the "stockton record" that she heard so many gunshots, she yanked her young daughter out of bed and put her in the bathtub to keep her safe. >> it was some sort of a drive- by shooting. so we have had to call out our homicide and gang detectives. the remaining six victims are transported to different hospitals. this is a neighborhood known for gang activities and shootings. >> the four people injured are expected to be okay. the gunman is on the loose.
5:37 am
a second rabid bat was found in fremont. kiet do joins us live from the school playground where the latest bat turned up. >> reporter: this bat was found right here at the playground of niles elementary in the northern side of fremont. it was barely alive when a dog picked it up. the test results came back positive for rabies. the alameda county public health department is warning neighbors in the immediate area and the dog who found the bat was current on all its vaccinations but is now under a 30-day quarantine. this most recent case brings the total to two bats with rabies in one week in fremont. the first one was discovered five miles away near irvington high school. it's infectious, attacks the brain. don't touch wild animals. >> basically, whatever part of the brain is affected by the virus wherever the virus goes you'll see symptoms from anything from seizures to coma
5:38 am
to confusion. >> reporter: now, the county is telling property owners to keep bats from making a home inside your roof or attic. cover up the holes and vents with screening. we're live in fremont. kiet do, kpix 5. happening today in san francisco, a new 90-unit apartment building for low income and formerly homeless seniors opens in the tenderloin. mercy housing hosting a grand opening event for senior housing from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 129 golden gate avenue. still to come now, the drought means some tough new water restrictions. the penalties you may face if you are caught breaking those water rules. plus bay area commuters spending time getting to work. a new study. >> things are moving along at 5:38. liz has traffic. and we have traffic and weather
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good morning, san jose, 5:41 on this wednesday. average high temperature across the santa clara valley this time of the year 67 degrees. today topping off 5 and 6 degrees above average. we have some changes in the weekend forecast and, in fact, the entire bay area. we'll talk about that as our news continues. the drought has taken its toll on california forests. the department of forestry says more than 3,000 acres have burned so far this year. that's compared to just 800 acres for the same time last year. cal fire says winter is usually a time they can operate with a smaller staff but not this year. cal fire has had to call in extra firefighters. california's water resources board has approved tough new restrictions and here's some of
5:42 am
them. restaurants will no longer be allowed to automatically serve water. customers will have to ask for it now. hotels will be required to offer guests the option of not having their linens and towels washed every day. and people with lawns and gardens will not be able to water them for 48 hours after a rainy day. >> you see people's sprinklers on during the rain, it's just crazy. even the public sprinklers. when you're in a major drought and you're not doing common sense stuff, that's irresponsible. >> water agencies will make sure their customers water their yards only twice a week. people who are caught watering more than that will have to pay a $500 fine. the new restrictions go into effect in 45 days. 5:42 now. in israel the election results are in. the prime minister benjamin netanyahu's likud party has scored a victory there. the results mean netanyahu will have an easier time putting together' coalition government with right wing and religious
5:43 am
allies the in the final days of the campaign he reversed himself and said he won't accept an independent palestine putting him at odds with the world. do you like mac and cheese? if you do, if you have any of the kraft mac and cheese a little heads up there may be more in that box than just pasta and flavor pack. >> check the noodles. jill wagner of tells us about that and talks of a rising interest rate as well on this wednesday. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. investors are waiting to see if the fed will raise interest rates. it's wrapping up another policy meeting today. yesterday the dow lost 128 points. the nasdaq was up though about 8. kraft is recalling millions of boxes of mac and cheese. they might contain small pieces of metal. the boxes have best when used by dates from september 18 to october 11, 2015. they are marked with the code c2. no injuries have been reported.
5:44 am
facebook will soon let users send money to friends through its messenger act. you can link up a debit card to the service and transfer money instant live. facebook says its payments are except in a secure department separate from the other parts of the facebook network. millions of americans are about to zone out at work because of march madness. what can you tell about ncaa tournament in relation to work? >> according to the american gaming association, about 70 million people will try to pick the winner of the ncaa men's basketball tournament wagering more than $2 billion and believe it or not, that's about twice as much as the super bowl. it is bad news for some businesses though. one survey finds that march madness is expected to cost employers about $1.9 billion. in lost productivity. >> how do they do that math?
5:45 am
>> i don't know. but at least here they are encouraging us. we have to make our picks. >> right here on cbs starting thursday morning at 9:00. i'll put it on. a little plug there. but it's all good. jill wagner of on a wednesday, thank you, jill. people in san francisco spend almost 49 hours a week when it comes to working combined with commuting to and from the workplace. that's according to an analysis by the new york city controller's office. san francisco ranked second only to new york among the nation's 30 largest cities. milwaukee, wisconsin, had the shortest time, at 44 hours and 53 minutes. 5:45. let's keep that commute thing going and find out how we're doing on the roads. >> so an hour or two every day for the most part driving in traffic. now it if you do it every day. right about now is when the commute begins and you start some of the waiting times. at the bay bridge, in fact, they just activated the metering lights at 5:38, i believe, i will have to double-
5:46 am
check that but i'm pretty sure so they have been on for a good 7 minutes or 8 minutes or so and you can see the backups have we gun over at the toll plaza in the fastrak lanes now as well backed up beyond that overcrossing just beyond the parking lot and over at the san mateo bridge, here's a live look, both directions pretty much free and clear. they wrapped up most of the overnight roadwork. eastbound is scheduled until 11:00 but it's not causing any delays over the high-rise heading out to the east bay. where we are seeing some crowded conditions beginning is through antioch. this is usually right around the time of the morning or even a little earlier than this when we see backups between hillcrest and "a" street and you can see today is no exception all red on the sensors. that red means speeds below 25 miles per hour. but then once you get past all that, everything looks great into walnut creek no delay southbound 242, southbound 680 and you're just cruising along. so there's no waiting in traffic through parts of contra
5:47 am
costa county. no problems getting to sfo once you get past the toll plaza and that whole area but if you are continuing southbound 101 or commuting from the south bay, everything looks great in both directions on 101 and 280. and a live look outside at the nimitz freeway near oakland airport where everything once again is moving at the speed limit near 66. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." roberta has a check of our i guess is it almost spring or almost spring forecast? >> spring officially arrives on friday. there's a chance of some spring showers. we'll talk more about that. but hey, you guys remember on monday we had a trace of rain around the bay area? and i said, i want to see it some of your photos. so we got this particular photo [ laughter ] >> that's what a trace of rain looks like on grass or maybe some leaves there. hey, i thank you. and i want to see all your weather photos. send them to this is a live look at sfo
5:48 am
where currently we have clear skies and no report of any local airport delays. it's one of the coolest mornings so far this week but still mild. it is 44 in livermore. 49 in san jose and santa rosa. 53 in san francisco. and upper 40s in concord. very mild start to your day and, in fact, the next couple of days will be on the mild side with our highs slightly above average for this time of the year. a few sprinkles, a few spring showers in the friday forecast primarily north of the golden gate bridge . we have high pressure building in and we still have that prick gradeend with low pressure to the north and northeast of the bay area, we have that pressure gradient. northwest 10 to 20 miles per hour. 59 degrees in the high sierra where it's 43 degrees in
5:49 am
truckee. here's your tahoe report: temperatures from the 60s through the low and mid-70s today. again a bit of a breeze late day and that's going to usher pollen around so it's the alder, juniper and ash tree counts that are medium to high sides. and speaking of high, we'll pushing 80 inland on thursday which is the last full day of winter 2015 which is going down in the record books as the warmest winter on record right here in the bay area. a chance of spring showers north of the golden gate bridge on friday. and i got to tell you, i really hope we get something there. and i want to do a shoutout to the dublin-san ramon service district. i was mentioning yesterday that i was running by that area and they had those sprinklers watering the sidewalks. they wrote me a letter and they said because of us discussing this, they had their gardeners come out and readjust the
5:50 am
sprinklers and now they are fixed and they thank us for that and they also use recycled water but they don't even want to waste that. >> good job, roberta. >> making things happen. >> they made it happen so thank you. you might want to get to work this way in a couple of years. flying cars. they could go on sale in two years. aero mobile says it has designed a car you can either drive or fly. and it's supposedly could land anywhere and reach a top speed of 14 miles an hour. but it won't be cheap, top speed of 124 miles an hour. it will cost hundreds of thousands. time now is 5:50. a hidden camera captures a house explosion that forces
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
good morning. getting a check of roads in the south bay, you know, all of our earlier wrecks have been cleared out of the chp reports. i want to zoom in right now towards 101 though because our usual congestion is just picking up between the 280/680 interchange and mckee. so yeah, a bit of a traffic jam there. i also want to give you an update on mass transit. you will have to stay tuned, though. traffic is just minutes away. quick thinking passengers on a united flight took matters into their own hands after a
5:54 am
man rushed the cockpit yelling, jihad! [ screaming ] >> i'm sorry, i'm sorry! i'm so sorry! [ crying ] >> cell phone video shows passengers pinning the man down. the plane was on its way to denver from dulles monday night. pilots turned the plane around and landed safely and officials say the man has no connection to terrorism and was unarmed. he is at a hospital undergoing a mental evaluation. a decades old water boiler did some major, major damage to a home in washington. the explosion all caught on the family's nanny cam. [explosion nn [ explosion ] >> the boiler had been in the home since the 1960s. nobody was hurt thanks to a quick-thinking nanny inside. she grabbed the baby and rushed outside before smoke poured in. a golf course in martinez is closing because the owner can no longer afford the water bill. it's up to the city of martinez to decide what to do with pine meadows golf course now. the owner has worked with the city for years to get the land
5:55 am
rezoned to build a housing development. but a local group is challenging that saying the community doesn't want more houses. today the city council will talk about what to do. >> we spent two years working very earnestly with the city to try and buy -- sell it to them for a park or to have them buy the golf course. it just never worked out. the city could not fiscally do it. and then secondly, they also told us that it was just not in their master plan, that the largest park in martinez is two blocks away here. >> it could be up to city voters to ultimately decide. the city council could call for a special election or put the issue on the ballot next year. another fraternity in hot water. the cap that delta ro frat at penn state is suspended for a year after police discovered some of its members ran a private facebook page. the page featured photos of nude women who appear to be asleep or passed out.
5:56 am
according to the search warrant oat foes tow showed drug deals and hazing -- other photos showed drug deals and hazing, as well. the university of oklahoma was found singing a racist song. sae will investigate across the country. st. mary's cathedral the home base for the san francisco archdiocese has installed an illegal system meant to keep the homeless away! details next. >> i'm kiet do live in fremont where a
5:57 am
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good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, march 18. i'm michelle griego.
6:00 am
>> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. time now 6:00. a woman goes on a rampage behind the wheel turning a busy intersection of van ness avenue and pine street in san francisco into demolition derby. it all started around 7:00 last night. two plainclothes officers found what they believe was a stolen volkswagen sedan. officers say when they identified themselves, the woman in the car drove towards them. then hit a gas station before driving up pine street. then she turned around, drove on the street and sidewalk hit cars and barely missed a man on a mta cycle and was headed towards -- barely missed a man on a motorcycle and was headed towards the police officers. >> i heard shots and then a break and then another five. >> the officers fearing for the safety of themselves and the community fired at the driver. >> that woman died at the scene. she is in her late 20s or early 30s. the san


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