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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  March 3, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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says pushing enrollment counselors told her to borrow money for a program she says was a joke. >> i was being taught by students who were there a week more than me. >> reporter: vazquez was kicked out but the school kept her $30,000 in loans. now two years later its parent company corinthian colleges is no longer in existence sued for false advertising to students like mckenzie. >> i'm excited i'm going to school. >> reporter: who still owe for an education they never received. so they're refusing to pay. >> we're striking. we're not going to pay back these loans. and we understand the consequences. >> reporter: vazquez is one of the corinthian 15, former students from across the country all taking a stand and demanding their student loans be forgiven. susan martin dale of the consumers' union says while not paying a federal loan can have serious consequences, they don't
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have many options so they're taking it to the top. >> the department of education is the steward of all the taxpayer money in the form of grants and federal student loans. they're also the ones with authority to discharge those loans. they own the loans. >> there is fraud happening here and it's not being acknowledged. >> reporter: the students argue while one arm of the government sues corinthian for predatory loans, the other arm is propping it up and requiring students to pay back those loans. >> they sold me a dream and it's turned in to a huge nightmare. >> reporter: a nightmare she says that's left her life in limbo. >> organizers say the department is growing and the department is continuing conversations with students about options but stopped short of saying it's considering loan forgiveness. it advises borrowers to continue paying to avoid serious consequences of default. she said she can't go back to school until these loans are taken care of and if she defaults she can't even get a cell phone. >> that money is gone.
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the school has it. and for the others that have stopped paying? could they go to jail for something like that >> i think really the greater concern is that they are going to completely ruin your credit. you can't get a cell phone without credit. you certainly can't go back to school or buy a home. right now there are not a lot of options. because kamala harris is suing in california, there may be options for some folks in the state but it's a very complicated issue. this just in, more than 70 passengers aboard the asia airlines flight that crash ed at sfo have reached a lawsuit settlement. 72 passengers were suing asia airlines and boeing for personal injury claims. it's the first set of lawsuits to be resolved after the boeing 777 crash landed at sfo in 2013. dozens of additional cases are still pending. it's a constant battle on
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city streets everywhere. the fight for safe space between cars and bikes. the latest round is being played out in san francisco. new at 6:00, kpix 5 live. >> the meeting is still happening right now inside city hall. bicycle advocates hope this plan for polk street will become a model for across the nation. the hunt for a compromise is on right now. >> reporter: between parked cars looping cars, pedestrians and bikes there's barely a scrap of asphalt to spare on san francisco streets. polk street is the latest battlefield in the traffic tug of war. at issue a proposed raised bike lane running from mccalister to pine, a first in san francisco and the u.s. >> it's essentially a bike lane that is between the level of the street and the level of the sidewalk. so it provides extra protection for bike riders by making their space better
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demarcated and more prominent on the street. >> reporter: chris spoke against the lane and potential loss of 140 parking spaces north of pine street. he found the spokez of retribution were swift, with unhappy bikers taking out their aggressions on yelp. >> we're not even truly -- we're for bike lanes cleaning up polk street is fine. we just need some parking spots so the elderly patients that have eye disease, that can't see very well that need help can still get treated. >> reporter: yelp removed the negative removes but with safety concerns tensions are running high. >> over the last two years as conversations on making polk street safer have gone on, the number of collisions also have increased especially on the northern half. this is where the big improvements fall off. >> at the mta meeting seemingly no one was happy with the polk street plan. bikers saying it's not enough. businesses and drivers saying
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it's too much and others who just want to throw the baby out with the bath water and start from scratch. >> polk street is an extremely difficult street for parking with the parking proposal further intensifies. if you can't solve the problem make it worse. >> the mta meeting started before 4:00 this afternoon with over 75 speakers scheduled to get their two minutes in on this subject. still going on at this hour. we don't know exactly what plan mta will take at this point when they do decide to vote. live outside city hall tonight in san francisco. >> biking in marin county usually means a picturesque ride through the hills. improving one particular stretch of hill in the loma alta preserve is coming with a price tag. >> it's a trail that's popular with weekend cyclists and
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hikers. who knows how much it's going to cost to fix one small stretch of it. we do know it's going to cost a bundle just to study how to fix it. >> reporter: in the loma alta open space reserve hiking and biking trails retrace a time when trains ran along the hillsides. >> except for this one area where we're looking at now where a trestle previously existed but it's long since disappeared. >> reporter: cyclists like to call it the plunge, a narrow dive down a ruded trail flanked by towering mounds of poison oak. it's a ride not everyone is willing to make. >> over time we see the opportunity to make it safer open it up for use by children and families. >> reporter: steve kensy would like to see the plunge improved but he's not happy with the decision to spend $45,000 on an outside consultant just for a first draft of the environmental
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impact study. >> we have botenists on our staff, engineers and planners. we can't afford to constantly outsource these kinds of activities when we have the talent inhouse. >> reporter: the parks department says the consultant will also help provide a template for future trail projects and that could produce long-term cost savings. but this is a county with trails along nearly every hill and valley and changing this 1,000-foot stretch of it now costs $45,000 before anyone ever lifts a shovel. >> hundreds of miles of trails. we've got a road and trail plan that we just adopted. so the concern i have is if we're going to spend $50,000 every quarter mile we're going to run out of money before we actually have a meaningful trail program. >> we reached out to people in the parks department today. they declined an on-camera interview but stand by the decision to outsource the study. we tried to talk to the consultant. so far she's not
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returned our calls. allen martin kpix 5. supervisors in contra costa count are getting a raise but it's a lot smaller than they originally planned. last year the board voted to give themselves a 33% raise. the plan drew public outcry so they scrapped the pay increase. today they voted on a 7% increase. the board is considering changing their future pay structure. that way they can avoid voting on their own pay hikes. high school teachers firing back at the archbishop. 80% of the teachers and staff from the schools have signed a statement rejecting the new additions to the teacher handbook. archbishop cordileone is adding language telling staff to reject adultery masturbation, homosexuality and other behavior the catholic church occurs evil. the letter says the language is harmful and creates an atmosphere of mistrust and fear. uc tuition hike protest led
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to a traffic nightmare along highway 1 for several hours today. some uc santa cruz students chained themselves to bins filled with concrete. chp had to use jackhammers saws, and sledge hammers to unwind a mess of wire and chains. southbound lanes in santa cruz were shut down for five hours starting at 9 a.m. six students were arrested. there appears to be some give tonight in the ongoing battle between uc president janet napolitano and governor brown. she says out of state enrollment will be capped at current levels next year at several campuses including berkeley and ucla. in january brown added such a cap to his budget plan that would give uc a 4% increase in state funding. the pair still haven't agreed on what to do about the tuition increase napolitano wants. new details in the disturbing case of an 84-year-old woman killed in her
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sonoma county home last week. new at 6:00, kpix 5's joe vazquez has learned the suspect now faces a new charge of murder in arizona. >> reporter: victor silva of novato is in jail in arizona already accused of the murder of 84-year-old olga danelli he's now charged with the murder of his female accomplice even though he didn't directly kill her. they were involved in a wild chase and shooting at passing drivers trying to get cars to crash in front of the cops and enable the suspects to escape. the sairfz deputy finally shot the female suspect because they say she had a gun. a sonoma county prosecutor identified her today of stephanie hill, also of novato. silva is being charged with hill's murder under arizona's felony murder rule that says if a citizen gets shot while the suspect is in commission of a felony and that shooting is due
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to his reckless behavior, then he can be charged with murder. in a sonoma county courtroom this afternoon a third man john bruno martinez was formally charged with a slew of crimes that happened after the murder. the charges include accessory to murder robbery burglary, and false imprisonment. martinez' father didn't want to talk about it on camera but said there's no way his son was involved in the murder. he said authorities told him that his son rented a car to the other two suspects. prosecutors are still not saying very much about the original murder whether olga danelli knew the suspects or how they came to choose her as a target. joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> they say they're waiting for silva to return to california and now that he faces a fresh murder charge, that could take quite a while. still ahead it seemed like the ordeal was over. crews are now repairing the pipeline that broke, sending millions of gallons of water on to an east bay property. but tonight the new and expensive fight the
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homeowner has on his hands. >> napping on the job. a bay area congressman is facing the fallout after this little snooze was all caught on camera. >> also caught on camera, a gorgeous tuesday. looking from berkeley to the hills toward san francisco bay and the golden gate. we had cirrus cloud cover move in this evening giving us a spectacular sunset.
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south bay congressman mike honda has gone viral on social media, but it's not for the reason he'd want. the congressman was caught napping on the house floor last week during the debate over funding for homeland security. he woke up about 20 seconds later when another member walked by.
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but is this a big deal? >> he's certainly not the first person not the first congressman to fall asleep during a congressional hearing. the bigger problem is he just came out of a bruising political campaign in which his opponents painted him as ineffective and lazy. it certainly plays right in to that. >> it's not the first time the 73-year-old has apparently napped in public. two years ago at his own town hall meeting on obama care, he dozed off for about 30 seconds. soda distributors in berkeley say they've had little guidance on how to abide by a new soda tax. the tax is the first of its kind in the united states and is applied to all soda distributors. according to the berkeley side news site, those companies say the city has made few efforts to inform them on the new tax. the city officials tell us they're trying to clear up the confusion. >> i know that we are inventing a whole new process. the reality is everybody wants to go smoothly but there are going to
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be some bumps in the road. >> the city says they've provided material to distributors to clear up how to implement the new tax. apple is changing the way it hires its security staff. it announced plans to hire security officers as full-time employees. apple previously use a contractor to fulfill the positions. the change will give the security officers health insurance and other benefits. san francisco's ferry building is about to take a step back in time in a centennial celebration of the world's fair that was here. just moments from now the tower on the lapd -- on the landmark will be lit up with the number 1915. it's designed to look exactly like it did back in 1915. if you think about it, it kind of looks like that in a way. i don't know if the streetlight was there in 1915. probably a different one. but the world's fair attendees arrived in san francisco and loved that sign. the 1915
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numbers are 12 feet high, 27 feet wide. the low wattage light bulbs resemble the ones from 100 years ago. the lights will stay on until december. it's one of those iconic buildings when you look at that, you think of san francisco right away and of course that was flashed across country in 1906 when the earthquake struck, those hands were stuck at exactly the time. >> it's cool that folks on the street down low are all dressed in costume. they're carrying the umbrellas. so you truly would feel like you were there on that day. >> yeah, the world exposition, 1915. as soon as they light it up we'll come back and show you what it looks like. new at 6:00, crews work to repair a massive 7-foot water pipe that ruptured in the east bay but it's what you can't see that has one homeowner furious. his backyard turned in to a muddy mess. then there was the hidden damage.
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but as kpix 5's john ramos shows us, figuring out who's going to pay for it is turning in to the hardest part of all. >> more than two weeks ago this underground aqueduct in walnut creek, the biggest water pipeline in the east bay ruptured sending more than 3 million gallons in to derek's backyard. today the pipeline is nearly repaired. but derek's home is another story. >> i'm supposed to fill out this form for so much damage, this is ridiculous. >> reporter: it's been a frustrating experience. eb mud which owns the pipeline, immediately hired a cleanup crew to get rid of the water and try to dry out the space under the house. but much of it is inaccessible raising fears about mold growth. >> they weren't checking on it or opening it up to get a good look. i really started to get a little bit angry. >> reporter: eb mud says it's now derek's responsibility to determine the damage and submit
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repair estimates. >> the property owner of course could go ahead with the repairs and wait for possible reimbursement or wait till the claim is settled and make the repairs afterwards. >> reporter: derek said he's not sure what hidden damage may exist and the estimate for his ruined pool and patio is over $115,000. >> east bay mud expects me to pay costs like this out of pocket with a vague promise of reimbursement? that's crazy because who has this kind of cash? >> reporter: the utility says it is willing to pay all appropriate expenses but they can't just write a blank check. >> east bay mud is self-insured so at the same time we want to be fair to anyone we've flooded. we do want to make sure we're paying the actual cost of the repair. >> reporter: derek is stuck. he has to wait to see what the company will agree to pay before he can fix anything. a flood that was not his doing has him stepping carefully through east bay mud. john ramos kpix 5. >> east
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bay mud says it often pays for damages caused by broken pipes. the average claim is settled in about 90 days. sierra snow pack was measured today. the results about what we expected. the department of water resources finished the third snow survey. see that guy in the red jacket? his name is frank goerke. he's been doing this for 35 years. it showed the water content of the snow only at 19% of normal. >> most of the snow we see around us came down probably in the last 36 hours or so. really has minimal impact in terms of water supply. >> the guy has seen it over his head at that spot. the state is on the verge of the lowest snowpack ever on record. >> frank did not have good news to report. >> frank had an easy job. boom, i'm done this year. >> i've seen him out on snow shoes before. >> and there will be. this is
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not a permanent drought. this is not something that will be with us forever. it feels like forever. we could even turn it around this year or next year. but right now we need some rainfall. we need mountain snowfall. gorgeous sunset throughout the bay area. that's because the cirrus cloud cover that is in our shot. show you high temperatures. we'll take you back to the ferry building in a second. cupertino, 69. vallejo, 66. 65 for you in san rafael. we'll take you live to the ferry building right now. gorgeous shot. taking you back 100 years. the ferry building is cool on an average day. looks even koehler coal -- even cooler right now. the 100th anniversary. one of the iconic spots then and now looking like it did back in 1915. here are the details not that you want to see them, about the snowpack.
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north sierra doing the worst at 16% of average. bottom line, we need more. we need the weather pattern that was just with us to stay for a week or two. isn't it odd that when low pressure comes through it hangs out for a few days. but when a ridge of high pressure moves in, that does not move and we're stuck with it for a couple weeks. case in point this ridge will be with us for a while. it's going to park itself right over top of northern california. warming up to the mid 70s by saturday and sunday. it's so hard to complain about sunshine and highs in the mid 70s but frankly we need balance and we're out of it again. san jose 68. it will be a sunny day for you in oakland. 68 degrees. in wine country, 67 degrees. visitors from boston are saying i don't care about your drought. give me the sunshine. 70 on thursday. low 70s on friday. as we spring forward over the weekend, it will absolutely feel like spring. mid 70s away from the water on saturday and sunday. >> don't forget to change your clocks. >> spring forward.
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soon an east bay city could be buzzing once again. where a decades-old ban on bee keeping could be lifted and how it could help the struggling bee population. >> it's a big mystery. no one has claimed this missing leg. where the prosthetic was found and how much it could be worth.
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there may soon be more bees buzzing around pleasanton. the city is expected to drop a decades-old ban on backyard bee hivess tonight. >> kpix 5's don ford on why bee keeping in the town is going to improve the environment. >> reporter: raising your own bees having your own hive can be a rewarding hobby. the city of pleasanton has banned bee
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keeping much to the surprise of some city leaders. >> i didn't know that. that was new to me. >> reporter: but the nearly century-old bee ban would be lifted. the city would issue permits costing about 100 dollars and only allowed at single-family homes. >> i lost the hive. >> reporter: bill and his son raises bees just outside livermore. he says you must be responsible. >> they don't go after people as long as you don't mess around with them. if you go after them they go after you. if you leave them alone they do their own thing. >> reporter: and that thing is making honey. sometimes lots of it. they're also essential to pollinating many fruit and nut trees and the city says bees need help. >> there's colony collapse happening right now. large numbers of bees have been dying off. urban bee keeping is thought to be something that can assist in keeping bee populations active. >> reporter: the ordinance will only allow european honeybees. >> very sweet bees. friendly. if you take care of them.
6:27 pm
if you don't take care of them, they're not sweet. >> reporter: if the ban is lifted bees could come swarming in next month. in pleasanton, don ford, kpix 5. coming up in our next half hour, so fed up with crime he just may quit. >> an oakland leader says he has had enough. the latest murder bringing him to the boiling point. life's the food that brings us together.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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now at 6:30, the murder of a young father taking its toll on a bay area community. for one time council member, this could be the last straw. welcome back. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm veronica de la cruz. a 21-year-old father was shot as he left for work near nolan park in the oakland hills this morning. as kpix 5 ann notrarangelo reports an oakland city council member says he gives up. he can't take another murder. >> for 18 years i've been disheartened. we're just losing too many jobs. >> reporter: larry reid said two decades ago he promised his constituents he would make oakland a place where you can safely raise a family. he said today he feels like a failure.
6:31 pm
>> i don't have an answer for stopping it. you can create job opportunities. you can counsel young people but it's them that make the choice. i don't know how you reconnect the african american families. >> reporter: the most recent homicide number 18 for the year took place at 7:00 this morning in the oakland hills in a part of the city that hasn't seen a homicide in decades. >> i know he is a statistic. i'm sorry that he is. i didn't want him to be a statistic. he was doing okay. he had just had a baby, had a new job. >> reporter: 21-year-old marcus west jr. shot outside his home where he lived with his grandmother. >> i saw his body. i covered him up with the blanket and put a towel over his head. and i saw him take his last breath. i prayed with him. >> reporter: councilman reid said his son worked with west and knew him to be quiet and respectful. reid is at a loss on how to save african american and latino lives and he said
6:32 pm
that makes him feel like quitting. he's also frustrated. where are all the black lives matter protesters now? >> they come to my streets. they tear up my city. but they're not here saying this young black life matters. >> reporter: who will care enough to stop the violence? jenny west says too many families are giving up on their children. she has faith her son is at peace. she said she feels sorry for the shooter. >> this is a thrown away life. the kids don't know nothing but this. >> reporter: he said at least when there were more officers on the streets crime was manageable. oakland pd would not talk about this case but they're asking for the public's health. ann notrarangelo, kpix 5. the family of jahi mcmath is suing children's hospital oakland after she was pronounced brain dead following a routine surgery. the 13-year-old underwent tonsillectomy more than a year ago. the law sue
6:33 pm
detailed jahi lost two pints of blood and doctors were hours late to help her. the family is suing the hospital. they've kept her on life support since the surgery and insist she's still alive. lawsuits have been filed in the isla vista rampage that left six students dead. three of the victims were from the bay area. the warning signs their parents say were ignored. >> and killed the sixth man which one is my child. >> reporter: kelly wang hopes to use her grief to make a safer world. here son was murdered last year by isla vista killer elliot roger. now the families of three of his victims are suing the sheriff's department and the apartments where he lived for negligence. >> he went to college. we were thinking he was going to a very safe play. >> reporter: roger had posted
6:34 pm
chilling video, hinting at his plans even before his rampage. still the lawsuit alleges the private student housing complex did not investigate. instead the attorney says the apartments continued to place roger even after all seven of his previous roommates had complained. wang said george chen was visiting roger's most recent roommates when he was murdered. >> as far as we know the only thing that was done was they checked the financial background to make sure that elliot roger could pay. >> reporter: the federal lawsuit also says the sheriff's department improperly investigated an earlier incident where roger allegedly tried to push coeds off a ledge and failed after a welfare check after his own mother called with concerns. the sheriff's department would not comment on the lawsuit. but the sheriff's department did release a statement saying in part: anything we might say in response would be insufficient when measured against the grief suffered by the families of
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those killed. >> lawsuit says roger moved in to the complex in 2011. he reportedly clashed with a string of roommates before that rampage. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu did not mince words today about u.s.-led nuclear talks with iran. cbs reporter craig boswell with the leader's message and strong reaction from the white house. >> reporter: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu sharply criticized u.s. led negotiations to stop iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. >> it doesn't block iran's path to the bomb. it paves iran's path to the bomb. >> reporter: the israeli leader says the only alternative is a better deal. >> a better deal that doesn't leave iran with a vast nuclear infrastructure and such a short breakout time. a better deal that keeps the restrictions on iran's nuclear program in place until iran's aggression end. >> reporter: president obama did not watch the speech, but said he read the transcript. >> the prime minister didn't
6:36 pm
offer any viable alternatives. >> reporter: president obama says congress should continue to show support for israel and wait till there's actually a deal on the table before evaluating what's in it. house speaker john boehner invited netanyahu to speak just two weeks before el israel and without consulting the white house or democrats. some of them labeled it a stunt. >> indeed it was political theater, worthy of an oscar. >> reporter: republicans had a different take. >> i wish that the obama administration and the white house was critical of our enemies as they are of our friends such as netanyahu. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry is in switzerland now negotiating with the iranian delegations. the department of homeland security is funded through september. the house approved that bill today. without it dhs would have run out of money on friday. $48 million spending bill was passed with that language blocking the president's executive order on immigration reform. that's seen as a major defeat for conservatives. still ahead they want to
6:37 pm
change a routine part of everyone's day. >> how a silicon valley startup claims it can revolutionize the way we brush our teeth.
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6:39 pm
most of us brush our teeth every day and probably don't think too much about it. >> a silicon valley startup is trying to change toothpaste as we know it. >> reporter: it comes in a lot of varieties and flavors but the effectiveness of toothpaste hasn't changed much in decades. >> it's not a bad product but it is a lot of room for improvement. >> reporter: that's why ahmed is developing something new a dental gel called liveonix.
6:40 pm
a product consumer spend $1.8 billion each year. 90% of adults have gum inflammation known as gingivitis and 47% have gum disease. conventional toothpaste uses detergents and abrasives to remove plaque. it claims to be the first to attack bacteria at its molecular level making it hard to stick to teeth in the first place. but the dental gel is more expensive than your typical toothpaste. >> we have to move the conversation from how does it taste to how does it work? because $20 is expensive if you're buying toothpaste. but if you're investing in your medical health it pays back times over. >> reporter: subjects who used it had two and a half times less plaque and gums were more than twice as healthy.
6:41 pm
kpix weather now. a little bit of cirrus cloud cover moving in for the afternoon. find out which day you san jose, will be flirting with 75 degrees. that's next.
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in the midst of our drought, the bay area now has a new liquid lifeline. tonight our mark kelly takes us underground for a look at the brand new $340 million water tunnel. i'll have that story and much more tonight on bay area night beat 10:00 on our sister station kbcw 44 cable 12. super bowl host committee has been very busy around the bay area giving out the first of
6:45 pm
many playmaker grants. >> my passion is to work in the medical field. >> i want to study architecture. >> i think being a playmaker means seeing a problem in your community and changing it. >> they're giving away these grants. the first one went to wishbone a bay area nonprofit. the group's executive director says the money will be used to send 20 bay area low income high school students to transformational summer programs. the super bowl host committee will be giving out 50 grants over the course of 50 weeks leading up to super bowl 50. and of course kpix 5 is the media partner for super bowl 50. and check out the clock. we're 340 days away from the big game. for all things super bowl you can head to our website san francisco police have a head scratcher on their hands. who lost a prosthetic leg? the leg was found near the tenderloin on market street last week. it even has a brown shoe attached. so far no one has
6:46 pm
stepped forward to claim it. if you were to lose such a leg wouldn't you want it back? it's valued at $7,000. >> we find wheelchairs cruchss, and walkers every day so finding a prosthetic is nothing new to the tenderloin. >> the leg is locked away in a police storage locker until the owner steps forward. >> better step away from that one for a second and talk about weather. [ laughter ] >> he's here all week. kind of interesting today. sunny again but cold in the morning, cold at night. during the day it's great. >> beautiful. absolutely gorgeous. >> at least we have one little bit of winter. it's chilly in the morning. here's a peek outdoors. it will be chilly the next couple mornings. if you're looking for winter, that's about it. hop on the red eye tonight. they've got a whole lot of winter they're trying to give away out east. san bruno 56. livermore, 59. san francisco 55 degrees. san jose, 58.
6:47 pm
santa rosa 58 degrees. what a gorgeous sunset. stanford stadium, beautiful stanford campus near palo alto. hoover tower looking glorious. cumulus clouds building up over the coast range this evening. they're moving out and clear skies moving in. that will allow us to get pretty chilly tonight. santa rosa down to 39. concord, 39. 38 for fairfield. san jose drop ping down to 41 degrees. nights are chilly which should happen in winter. you know what else should happen in winter? it should rain. it's that easy . it's our wet season for a reason. it's not happening. has not been happening for a while because the atmosphere doesn't really look at the calendar. it's going to do what it's going to do and it's not doing what it should for this time of year. we get a low pressure area moving in. we have one on saturday. we had another one move through yesterday. maybe this is a pattern change. we'll get more storms piling through
6:48 pm
one every day. not the case. that particular weather pattern moved out after three days and the next weather pattern moves in which is a big ridge of high pressure. that will not move out after three days. it will likely be here for seven or nine days keeping us mainly dry. the system changes for a day or two then we're right back to where we had them. progressively warmer every day. we'll hit our peak temperature-wise coming up over the weekend saturday and sunday san jose and santa rosa will be hitting 75 degrees. we'll climb a few degrees every day. mid 60s today. upper 60s tomorrow and low 70s beginning thursday. that will last through the weekend. i'm looking at a pattern change possible toward the middle of next week but our next rain chance is at least eight or nine days away. san jose, 68. union city 66. half moon bay 63. antioch, pittsburg, in the upper 60s.
6:49 pm
san rafael tomorrow a chilly start. high of 65 with sunshine. we hit the 70s on thursday. what a great weekend to get outside. forget the drought for 5 seconds. get outdoors on saturday and sunday. low to mid 70s. you lose an hour of street saturday night. we spring forward 2:00 on sunday morning.
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madison bumgarner pitched 52 and 2/3rds innings in the 2014 postseason run through the world series. there was speculation that his career-high 270 innings pitched might have overworked the workhorse. >> you look at that postseason, that's incredible what this kid did and to ask him to do anything close to that, that's not going to happen. >> he did not pick up where he left off in kansas city. the as hit for the cycle against him in the 1st inning tagged him in four runs. that's the as' new shortstop. he had two home runs. as reliever doubled down on the chances to make the team. he got the first out while pitching right-handed. then he switches the glove to the other hand and strikes brandon belt out from the left side. the as beat the giants 9-4. nfl news. the raiders have
6:53 pm
released safety tyvon branch. he's struggled to stay on the field recently. injuries limited him to only five games in the last two seasons. two weeks ago james hahn won that riviera for his first career pga tour win. but he had something even more important on his mind. >> i couldn't be so excited and more nervous. we don't have a name picked out yet. so i'm going to have to talk to my wife about riviera. >> hahn's wife probably vetoed that suggestion before giving birth to the couple's first child on sunday. hahn withdrew this week to stay home with his new daughter but does still plan to play in the masters next week -- next month. jordan leopold to the minnesota wild. no one was happier than his daughter who lives in minnesota. she wrote a letter to the hockey team urnling them to trade for her
6:54 pm
dad because he was lonely in columbus and the whole family missed having him at home. >> with anybody who has kids, you know they take things upon themselves sometimes. she was writing a little bit persuasively at school and thought it would be good to write them a persuasive letter. they greeted me at the airport with open arms. it was special. i try not to get emotional but it is. >> i don't blame you dad. here's for a long career in minnesota. many college kids can relate to a five-year plan. but seven years that's a case for a basketball player but it's not quite what you think. >> i always hear people yelling at me from the stands, which to me still kind of blows my life because i'm at the end of the bench. >> reporter: elliot bullet would be the first to tell you he's happy to simply be on stanford's bench. the 25-year-old's career stretched over seven years. >> i'll be talking about where i'm heading with life decisions and a lot of my teammates are like dude, i was in high school last year.
6:55 pm
i'm not thinking about that. just kind of aged a little bit in the face. i can actually grow facial hair now. that's kind of nice. or not nice depending if you like to shave. >> my stanford recruitment was more me recruiting myself to stanford. >> reporter: quite a different look from an interview he did back in 2010 which was also the last time he scored. which made last month's lay-up against arizona state that much sweeter. five years between hoops. bullock's stanford career was put on hold for his mormon mission. he 20 two years in houston. >> where i spent most of my mission had more people on parole than any county in the united states. for a year i didn't really touch a basketball. i played maybe once a month with my companion or some of the other missionaries. >> reporter: the mission helped bullock get through a bout of depression and reignited his passion for basketball. head
6:56 pm
coach let bullock take a year off to get up to speed. >> i was most certainly not in shape. and there were many times during that summer when i was getting in shape going i don't know if it's worth it. just to lay on your arm like oh, gosh this is hard. >> reporter: since then bullock endured a series of injuries that led to 25 minutes and one measly basket in five years. but he wouldn't trade it for the world. >> it hasn't gone exactly as i'd planned but the experience has been just as beneficial i'd say if not more so. >> great line. he said i'm on the peter pan plan. i never grow up. [ laughter ] >> he was a freshman when barack obama was elected. >> but now he's going to go for a master's. [ laughter ] another four years. >> we'll see you at 11:00 new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at ♪ at kaiser permanente
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joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [applause and cheering] steve: come on, shearer family. come on, make it happen. how you doing, folks? welcome to the show, come on. thank you very much. i appreciate you, now. thank y'all very much. yeah. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody, i'm your man steve harvey. as always, we got another good one for you today. returning for their second day from atlanta, georgia, it's the shearer family. [applause and cheering] and again, from atlanta, georgia, it's the wilkerson family. [applause and cheering] everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand new stylish ford fusion hybrid. [applause and cheering] let's play "feud."
7:00 pm
give me kobie. give me massa. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] folks, we've got the top 8 answers on the board. name something that can make a kiss one that you'll never forget. kobie. >> tongue. steve: tongue. that does it. [bell] [applause and cheering] pass or play? >> play, we want to play! >> we're going to play, steve. steve: they're going to play. hey, little ash. >> hi. steve: is it ashlye? >> ashlye. steve: okay, good. all right, ashlye, let's go. name something that can make a kiss one that you'll never forget. >> the hug, the embrace. steve: the hug, okay. it's the embrace if you're writing children's books. [laughter] hug! [bell] [applause and cheering] steve: nilaja.


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