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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 21, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. good morning, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. happy wednesday! 6:00 is your time. and we begin with some new details this morning on the measles outbreak that started in southern california. five employees at disneyland have been diagnosed with the measles so far. three of them have recovered from last month's outbreak and are back at work. orange county health officials say at least two of the sick employees had been vaccinated against the disease. >> this is a very contagious serious disease. you can develop ear infections, pneumonia, encephalitis and people can die from it. >> cdc says two doses of the vaccine are needed for a lifetime protection. more than 20 high school students in orange county are being told to stay home. a student at huntington beach high had measles earlier in the month. students who are not allowed in
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class have not been vaccinated. they have to stay home for the next few weeks until the incubation period is over. happening today, "right to die" legislation will be introduced at the state capital. kpix 5's anne makovec in the newsroom explains what the bill would do. >> reporter: it would allow doctors to prescribe life ending medication a debate reignited by a woman who left california because it isn't legal here. >> i'm not ashamed to attach my name to what i think is the right that should belong to all terminally ill americans, i really do. >> reporter: that is brittany maynard the bay area woman who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and she decided to die as she put it, "with dignity" instead of letting the disease kill her. she took a lethal dose of medication last november after moving to portland, oregon, one of five states where doctors are allowed to help patients kill themselves.
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>> as an adult, you are in charge of how much pain and suffering and how much, um, plodding forward that you want to do. >> reporter: this bill could face an uphill battle. in a recent poll by the new england journal of medicine 67% of respondents oppose the practice as does the american medical association. some people are afraid it could be abused in cases involving the elderly and the disabled. the bill being proposed today would be limited to those with less than six months to live and would require patients to take the deadly medication themselves without helping from a doctor. live in the newsroom, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> "right to die" legislation failed in california in 2005 and 2006 over objections from catholic and medical groups. some big changes begin this afternoon for commuters. highway 85 in the silicon valley. new metering lights will operate on southbound on-ramps between highway 101 and mountain view and 280 in cupertino. the lights will operate from 3
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to 7 p.m. and next wednesday morning, metering lights on northbound on-ramps will be activated along the same stretch of highway 85 from 6 to 11 a.m. the reason, the improving economy has led to more jobs which means more commuters are jamming the west valley freeway. caltrans is considering an extension of metering lights hours on some other bay area freeways, as well. let's see if the commuters are jamming the freeways early this morning. elizabeth? >> of course they are. thank you. especially over at the bay bridge. the approaches still look okay. i'm surprised actually. they turned on the metering lights early at 5:39. and you can see it's very crowded right now trying to get through the pay gates and the metering lights which were activated but again the approaches are okay. westbound 580 not too bad so far or the eastshore freeway. not quite stacked up through the maze yet at 6:03 but, of course, those lines continue to grow as those metering lights remain on. here's a live look at probably one of our slowest drive times is westbound 580 between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange and pleasanton. there was an earlier crash at
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vasco. quickly cleared to the right- hand shoulder. it wasn't blocking lanes for very long. unfortunately, it's still pretty heavy from the altamont pass, 27 minutes the drive time. the bulk of traffic is from the 205-580 split to at least north flynn and then slow and go all the way to 680 in the dublin area. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge where a little earlier we saw the zipper crews actually opening another southbound lane so now they have four in the commute direction. and everything looks great out of sausalito. it's less foggy in the camera, as well. >> there is a good reason for that. yesterday, we had this swath of clouds just hanging over the entire bay area keeping that deck of fog firmly in place. this morning, we are lacking those clouds. so therefore, just pockets of dense fog right now santa rosa visibility three-quarters of a mile. otherwise, it's concord with visibility at a quarter of a mile. and where it's clear it's in the 30s. 34 degrees in napa.
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34 degrees in vallejo, benicia, martinez. 43 in fairfield. high temperatures a seasonal winter day. the north breeze at 15 miles per hour. string of 50s will be noted around the seashore. otherwise low and mid-60s common across the bay. to 63 degrees in san jose. typically 59 is your average high temperature. and low 60s from sonoma through glen ellen into napa. the extended forecast, we do see a trough in the bay area tomorrow producing partly cloudy skies. otherwise, high pressure builds in on friday through monday providing us with near and record warmth. rain back in the forecast on tuesday. michelle, we'll talk about that next time around. the french prime minister is hiring 2600 new counter- terrorism officers and buying better weapons. this comes a day after four people were arrested in connection to a deadly terror attack that left 20 people dead. the french government says it will spend nearly $500 million on counter-terrorism over the next three years. president obama says the state of the union is strong
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and he is setting a new agenda to help the middle class. as begins against reports from washington, the president is now taking hits proposals out on the road amid growing dissension in the nation's capital. >> tonight, we turn the page. >> reporter: in his sixth state of the union address, president obama called on the new republican-led congress to help the middle class with proposals they are sure to vote down including tax hikes for the wealthy, free college tuition, and raising the minimum wage. >> if you truly believe you could work full time and support a family on less than $15,000 a year, try it. [ laughter ] >> reporter: he asked congress to authorize the use of military force against isis in iraq and syria and to pass laws to protect americans from cyber terror. >> no hacker should be able to shut down our networks, steal our trade secrets or invade the privacy american families! >> reporter: while promising to work with republicans, he also threatened to stop any attempts to unravel his actions on
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healthcare, immigration and financial reform. >> if a bill comes to my desk that tries to do any of these things, i will veto it! >> reporter: republicans criticized the president's proposals before he even gave the speech and continued afterwards. >> he is squandering the last opportunity to set things right with the american people. >> reporter: in the official republican response, newly elected senator joni ernst of iowa hinted the new congress will be different. >> congress is back to work on your behalf, ready to make washington focus on your concerns again. >> reporter: the president heads to idaho today to push his proposals. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> senator ernst out of iowa vows republicans will continue efforts to roll back healthcare reform. she also challenged the president to sign legislation to fast track the keystone xl pipeline. a free speech group is protesting across the country today. a group called "citizens united" is holding what they call a memorial for the first amendment. they say free speech died five years ago when the supreme
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court ruled in favor of unlimited campaign contributions. protestors will march around san francisco this afternoon at 3:30 and 4:30. bart will hold a ceremony today to mark one year since one of its police officers died in the "lion king." it was january 21, 2014, officer tommy smith was shot by another officer who mistook him for an armed assailant. at the time the officers were searching for stolen items at an apartment in dublin. officer smith's badge will be retired at today's ceremony. and a former pinole police commander facing sentencing today in an elder abuse case. 38-year-old matthew messier could get a year in jail. he pleaded guilty to one felony count of lying about his assets. messier was arrested back in 2012 after a pleasanton neighbor became suspicious that he was trying to get the assets of an elderly neighbor. a stretch of tully road in east san jose will probably be closed until about noon today.
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the closure is for eastbound tully between quimby road and capitol expressway. westbound lanes are open. because of a gas leak that happened when a contractor hit a gas main yesterday afternoon, fire crews sprayed foam so they could see where the gas was coming from. it took three hours to cap the leak near eastridge mall. people near the yellowstone river in montana are being asked not to drink the water after an oil spill last weekend. some people noticed a strange odor in the water. the oil company is giving away bottled water for people who don't want to drink from their faucets. about 1200 barrels of oil spilled on saturday. 6:09 on this wednesday. contra costa county supervisors are being sued by their own employees. why the lawsuit claims the supervisors illegally threatened to cut police benefits. >> the giants world series trophy is headed out on tour to the east coast. we'll take you to the big sendoff. >> meanwhile, i'm here in our kpix 5 studios and we are forecasting king tides, record warmth and rain back in the
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forecast. >> and we have a new two-car crash and it's in kind of a rough spot coming into san francisco along 101. we'll show you where it is and if it's causing any
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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] good morning. welcome back to "kpix 5 morning news." take a look at sfo. no reports of any local airport delays. we are lacking fog this morning except for santa rosa, socked in, concord visibility down to a quarter of a mile. we'll talk about that and the weekend warmup as the news continues. a cardiac surgeon is dead after a shooting at a prominent boston hospital. police say a man entered brigham and women's hospital yesterday and specifically asked for dr. michael davidson before shooting him. the gunman then took his own life. investigators are still trying
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to determine a motive. but they say it appears the gunman was upset about prior treatment his mother received at the hospital. contra costa county supervisors have formally withdrawn their pay raise. they were going to give themselves the raise. but the issue prompted a lawsuit by the contra costa county sheriff's deputies association. the union says it stems from a series of threats by two county supervisors who led the pay raise effort. >> this is exactly the type of behavior from government officials that citizens don't want to see. if the citizens have a problem with their local government officials, they should be able to speak up. they should be able to address the situation without fear of retaliation. >> the supervisors have ordered county staff to keep looking for other ways to increase their salaries. big doings at sfo. the giants world series trophy is off to the big apple. >> yes. kpix 5's kiet do is live at the san francisco airport where all three trophies are on display and kiet, pretty cool to see them in person. >> reporter: i will tell you
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this is one of the most unusual live reports that we have ever done. we are on an airbus 320 sitting on the tarmac at gate 54 at sfo and check this out. the 2014 world series trophy is sitting right here flying first class white leather seats, live tv, um, this is a -- [ laughter ] >> -- this is a cool thing here. they are heading into enemy territory to new york right now for a trophy tour. we got a lot of bay area fans out there at finnerty's bar in new york. it will be going to new jersey after that. and sitting right next to the trophy is ceo larry baer. larry, tell us, three times now in five years, is this getting old? >> never gets old. and this is a fun companion, let me tell you, having the trophy next to us on the flight. we have had -- we have been lucky that it's a by annual event. let's make it an annual event to take the trophy back to the roots every year after winning. >> reporter: got it. what do you say to folks who
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think that this might be, um, um, rubbing their noses in it by going -- taking the trophy to the east coast? >> we called the yankees and the mets the teams there and certainly their area, and they said, come on, we welcome the tradition. we welcome the sort of ode to heritage of the giants. and so we are bringing willie mays this week on appearances. they are great franchises the yankees and mets, it's part of baseball history and we left in 1958 and we have people still alive from 1958, obviously, and their parents and great parents about the new york giants. >> reporter: larry baer, ceo of the san francisco giants, congratulations. let's hang out with you. all right. this is a very unusual flight for virgin but they just inked a new four-year deal so they will have a partnership going over for the next couple of years here. we are going to leave because there is a full flight of people waiting to go to new york. they have wheels up at 7:05
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a.m. they will be back couple of days after that. they will continue the tour in the bay area. they will be in antioch by next week but for now the trophy on the plane now headed to new york. we are live at sfo. kiet do, kpix 5. >> ladies and gentlemen, that is a live shot! >> a money shot. >> that is a live shot. >> yeah! get on the plane? >> sit down, buckle in, take the ride. >> we'll have him live on the noon show from new york! [ laughter ] >> exciting talking to larry baer! i could talk to him all day long on the whole flight to new york. >> did you see the flight attendant all dressed in orange? >> sharks attendants do that on the sharks flights. they dress in the teal. >> and the trophy is buckled in. >> ready to go. is larry baer going with the trophy? >> of course. >> traveling the whole way, can't let it go by itself. out the door this morning, driving to, works we have a few issues to tell you about. this one coming into san francisco, so we were a little confused over which direction it's affecting but it was a tire from the southbound lane somehow flew over into the northbound lane of 101.
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this all happened near the cesar chavez exit. they have to clear it. not much delay yet in either direction maybe a few slowdowns southbound but we'll continue to watch it. one northbound lane is blocked. oakland everything looks okay across this stretch. this is a stalled truck blocking a lane northbound 880 near 98th heading into oakland from san leandro and westbound 580, this probably is still our slowest drive time. kind of competing with the bay bridge, but half our commute between the altamont pass and 680. highway 4 is messy, as well. you can see that ride out of antioch into pittsburg-bay point line, concord area, very sluggish continuing southbound 242. a little fog reported in santa rosa. chp noted this earlier this morning so watch out for visibility problems along 101. here's roberta with the latest on your forecast. take a look at the bay bridge. what a difference 24 hours makes. yesterday at this hour the
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bridge was not even visibility due to patchy, dense fog. this morning, we do have pockets of dense fog but not right here in san francisco looking towards oakland. current air temperature with lack of cloud cover into the 30s in santa rosa at 37 degrees. 38 degrees and clear skies in livermore. visibility now down to about a quarter of a mile in concord at 43. napa, by the way, we do have 35 degrees there. but we have a northeast wind at 5. so wind chill that makes it feel like 30 degrees stepping out the door so obviously you need your jacket. you will also need your sunglasses with the bright sunshine today and toward the weekend we are anticipating record warmth right here in the bay area. but we do have a pattern change. i'll feature that in the seven- day forecast. but first things first, king tides today impacting our local coastline. santa cruz with a high of 68 degrees. swells up to 8 feet. large breakers near the harbor entrance and strong rip currents that will happen during the low tide at 4:30.
6:20 am
high tides at 11:30 and we do appear tis pay the some minor coastal flooding. okay, this right here, this is an approaching trough. partly cloudy skies thursday. oh, meanwhile right there, that's where we have the tule fog throughout the central valley. that's what's slipping into some of our inland areas. meanwhile, we are under the influence of that right there. it's going to strengthen by friday. we are talking 70s from saturday through monday. 64 at the state capital. visibility down to a quarter mile all the way into fresno. 51 south shore. sun-up at 7:21. today's temperatures in the 50s and 60s. a seasonal winter day. we have rain back in the forecast on tuesday after the record warmth. michelle and frank? >> thank you, roberta. more dead birds keep turning up around the bay area. we'll have the latest on the effort to identify that mysterious substance killing the
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good morning, everyone. they are calling it deflate- gate. did the patriots deflate the footballs used in sunday's win over the colts and when did they do it? the patriots deny it but we have heard that before. >> well, i'm not a crook. i've earned everything i've got. >> according to espn, the nfl found that 11 of the patriots's 12 game balls were two pounds underinflated by nfl regulations. the footballs were supposed to be tested by an nfl referee two hours 15 minutes prior to kickoff and then given to a ball attendant. if guilty the patriots could lose a draft pick. no word on just who "deep throat" is. former 49er coach jim harbaugh continues to fill out his staff at michigan. he hired his son jay to be the team's tight end coach and in an interview the younger
6:25 am
harbaugh shared a childhood memory. >> one time i was a kid and we didn't have any milk for cereal, and i saw him -- he put gatorade in the cereal instead of milk. it was the weirdest thing i ever saw. >> and how did that taste? >> i didn't try it. i still haven't to this day for good reason. it's not where gatorade goes. >> the harbaugh stories. he might be in michigan but the stories continuing. vic fangio the new defensive coordinator with the chicago bears. i'm dennis o'donnell, see you tonight. play of the day, we are going to have a little hockey for you in new york. we have rangers and senators. tied at 2, sudden death overtime. watch. >> scores, deflected in! rangers win it! >> and that's how it finished. one more look at the game winner. the rangers beat out ra, that's
6:26 am
your play of the day, 3-2 the final. 6:25. five disney employees are among those infected in a growing measles outbreak. where more new cases are turning up and what's being done to stop it. >> the "right to die" with dignity today a bill that would allow it in california will be introduced at the state capital. but it might face an uphill battle. we'll hear from
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the big debate over assisted suicide in california is heating up. details on a new effort to provide more options for terminally ill patients. >> a disturbing find near an east bay restaurant has police
6:30 am
on the case. why the business may have been targeted. >> gather near the tv set. we have rain back in the forecast. i'll pinpoint which day to expect it. >> and suddenly a lot of new accidents just coming into our newsroom including this fatal crash right there by levi's stadium. we'll have all the latest details coming up. >> good morning, it's wednesday, january 21. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:30. the measles outbreak that started in southern california is growing. don champion reports, there are now several dozen cases of the dangerous disease in five states. >> reporter: disney theme parks officials now confirm five of their employees were infected with measles. the cases are among 53 now reported in california. the outbreak is linked to two visitors at disneyland and disney california adventure in december. visitors are aware. >> there was a concern when we came down. >> reporter: cases linked to disney have been reported in four other states and mexico. the newest confirmed case is in oregon.
6:31 am
at huntington beach high school in orange county, california, at least 23 students have been told to stay home after a fellow student was infected with the disease. >> this is a very contagious serious disease. you can develop ear infections, pneumonia, encephalitis and people can die from it. >> reporter: a lotter sent home warned parents that simply being in the same room with someone who has measles is sufficient to become infected. like the infected student, the teens who have been told to stay home were not vaccinated for measles. >> we almost wiped out this disease. and then it comes back because people don't get vaccinated. and i think that that is the scary part to me is that it can come back. >> reporter: the centers for disease control says two doses of the measles vaccine are needed for lifetime protection. doctors can do a simple blood test to see if people are vaccinated. don champion for cbs news. >> the orange county students who have been told to stay home can't return to school for 21
6:32 am
days, the incubation period for measles. today president obama heading to boise state university to promote some of the plans he laid out in his state of the union address. during last night's speech, he said he hopes both parties can work together to authorize military action against islamic militants and guard against cyber attacks but vowed to veto any gop attempts to repeal financial or healthcare reforms. it was mr. obama's first state of the union address before a republican-controlled congress. >> he is squandering the last opportunity to set things right with the american people. >> congressman eric swalwell though a democrat out of dublin had a favorable view of the president's new plan. >> tonight the president addressed what people are worried about at home which is paycheck progress. people are working harder. wages are staying flat. but the costs all around us are going up. and the president i think laid out a vision for what we can do to get business and employees on the same path and that's one that's going forward to make sure that people at home can pay for their kids' education, buy a home, and save for the
6:33 am
future. >> congressman's guest at the state of the union was a man who worked as an interpreter for the u.s. forces in afghanistan. the taliban murdered his father in retaliation. swalwell is working to help his family. he posted this photo on facebook prior to the speech. 6:33 right now. let's check our weather. >> big difference between yesterday just 24 hours ago and this morning because yesterday we had a huge blanket of clouds on top of the bay area. that was keeping the dense fog in place. this morning you can see the stars in some areas like right here. this is a view from our san francisco studios here at kpix 5. and we're peering out east towards oakland, alameda, emeryville and currently we have clear conditions. concord, however, has visibility down to a quarter mile in pockets due to some areas of dense fog at 43. notice san jose dipped to 38 degrees with clear skies.
6:34 am
it's also clear in livermore in the mid-30s. here's what you need to know. first off, grab that jacket heading out. you will need the sunglasses later today. then we are looking ahead towards your weekend and we're talking about, boy, some near or record warmth. by the way, today is the last and final day of the king tides and it will take place today at 11:36 in the morning at 6 9. partly cloudy 68 degrees. today in santa cruz with the strong rip currents we are going to pinpoint your seven- day forecast still straight ahead. >> thank you, roberta. a number of new accidents is coming in, in the last 10 minutes or so including a fatal accident right around great america and levi's stadium. so it's right there at the intersection san francisco tasman and great american parkway. the intersection was closed, one fatality, one serious injury. no estimated time when they will clear it. in the meantime, if you need to use that area use lafayette street as an alternate. also, a number of crashes i mentioned this one is causing a
6:35 am
traffic jam already at 6:34 southbound 880 on the approach to highway 92 the san mateo bridge. two left lanes are blocked so it's stacking up on 880, the approach on 238 is slow through castro valley. once you got on the san mateo bridge, it looks okay even though as you can see it's already pretty crowded trying to get out of hayward to foster city. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. some state lawmakers want terminally ill californians to have the "right to die." kpix 5's anne makovec in the newsroom reports they are introducing legislation in sacramento today. >> reporter: this proposal would allow doctors to prescribe life-ending medications. this comes nearly a decade after a similar bill failed. but a bay area woman inspired some democrats to give it another try. >> the thought that goes through your mind when you find out you have so little time is everything you need to say to everybody you love. >> brittany maynard was diagnosed with terminal brain canada and decided to end her life intend of let her disease
6:36 am
kill her. so she took a lethal dose of medication last november in portland, oregon, one of five states where it's assisted suicide is legal. she spoke to cbs weeks before she died. >> i think anyone who walked a mile in my shoes and knows what they are facing and has felt the like just bone splitting headaches that i get sometimes or the seizures, or the inability to speak, or the moments where i'm looking at my husband's face and i can't think of his name. >> a high ranking vatican official condemned the decision just a few days after her suicide. the american medical association is also opposed to the practice. some fear it could be abused in cases involving the elderly and disabled. the bill being proposed today would be limited to those with less than six months to live and requires patients to take that deadly medication themselves without the help of a doctor. live in the newsroom, anne makovec, kpix 5.
6:37 am
>> lawmakers in other states including new york, maryland and colorado are also planning to introduce legislation. a woman standing on a santa rosa street corner was killed when an suv overturned on her. police say it crashed with another car at third and b streets yesterday afternoon sending the suv rolling on the sidewalk nearby. the victim's name hasn't been released. the drivers had minor injuries. two boar heads were put on top of trash cans near a vegetarian restaurant in berkeley. one was found in front of a liquor store and vegan restaurant. the other was found outside of the restaurant herbivore. anna abramson couldn't believe what she saw when she walked by the trash cans. >> i was completely shocked to see the head and i guess partial skin body of a dead boar sitting right on top of that trash can. it was completely life like. it had just like a -- almost
6:38 am
wet looking snout. it really just looked like a wild animal that you would expect to see in the wild. >> berkeley police are investigating but don't know whether the vegan and vegetarian restaurants were targeted. a mysterious goo has killed more than 100 birds around the bay area. volunteer rescuers are now trying to figure out exactly what it is. state labs have ruled out oil. wildlife officials say it feels like rubber cement and it does prevent the birds from keeping warm. wildlife officials say the goo is limited to just the east bay right now. >> this is very unusual. this is a mystery. it truly is. we have never seen this material before. it's frustrating that we haven't been able to nail down what it is. >> wildlife officials say it's limited to the east bay. if you think you can help, check out and we'll show you how to register to help. two local community colleges will soon offer bachelor's degrees. foothill college know los altos and skyline in san bruno are among 15 schools approved for
6:39 am
the new state program. it was made possible by a bill approved last year. at foothill, the first four- year program will be dental hygiene set to begin in the fall of 2016. skyline college will offer its four-year degree in respiratory therapy. rides on san francisco's muni system will soon be free for low income seniors and the disabled. the plan was approved yesterday and is set to begin march 1. passengers will have to apply for a card to qualify for the free transit service. 6:39. king tides could cause some big problems again today. coming up, a warning from the coast guard to people living along the coast. >> reporter: i'm kiet do live at sfo. a lively atmosphere here at the airport as the 2014 world series trophy is on a virgin american airlines flight set to go to new york city. >> the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's get a quick look at the big board right now. [ simultaneous speakers ] >> the dow is down 16. coming up, we get an update from
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you know and trust. so you can celebrate today and feel confident about tomorrow. chase. so you can. good wednesday morning, everyone! as you head out, we have pockets of dense fog, otherwise bright sunshine today. 60 degrees in burlingame and also in san mateo. typically, normal high this time of the year averages out to 59 degrees in san jose but, instead, 63 degrees. so pretty close to normal seasonal winter day in and around the bay area. good morning, livermore! 63 degrees there today. north wind at 15, danville at 64. as we swing across to the northern portion of the bay area santa rosa visibility down to a quarter mile due to pockets of fog. otherwise, 63 degrees. and good morning, san francisco! expect 61. all right, thank you,
6:44 am
roberta. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." >> gayle king joins us now from new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. hi, you guys. i just heard roberta say good morning, san francisco, 61 degrees and here they are talking about snow later today. >> you need to come home. >> reporter: hello, frank and michelle. yup. good to see you guys. ahead, we'll talk about vice president joe biden about the plans president obama laid out last night in his state of the union address. and house majority leader kevin mccarthy of california joins norah in d.c. today with republican reaction. plus, jan crawford has a closer look at whether the patriots footballs were underinflated! and five time oscar nominee julianne moore talks to charlie and why she feels like she has been on a slow path to success. we'll see you at 7:00. she is a five time nominee and people say she can't be beat at
6:45 am
the oscars. so she has tough competition. we'll see. she is great in this movie. >> wonderful. my husband thinks she is so beautiful so i'll have to have him watch. >> there you go. >> your husband has good taste in women, michelle. >> yes, he does, i agree. [ laughter ] >> see you at 7:00. >> thanks you. >> guys are close, aren't you? >> see you. silicon valley's netflix is coming off its best quarter ever. here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. netflix getting cheered on wall street after posting a big 4th quarter. its revenue was up more than 25% to $1.5 billion. it had very strong subscriber additions in the u.s. and overseas topping estimates. that's resulting in the stock shooting higher by 16% this morning to more than $400. first time over $400 for netflix since october. homebuilders got busier in december. according to the commerce department, new home construction was up 4.4%. this came after a 4.5% decline
6:46 am
in november for all of 2014. new home construction up 8.8% topped 1 million homes for the first time since 2005. wall street got off to a negative start this morning and starting to come back a little bit over the past couple of minutes. let's take a look at the big board. see how we're doing so far. dow falling by 31 points. but the nasdaq is positive. it's up 5 points. and the s&p is gaining one point. ibm is weighing on the dow today. the blue chip is down 3% after its earnings report was a disappointment. frank and michelle, back to you. >> how about netflix, too? they were dead in the water a few years back and now they're god's gift. >> amazing turnaround sorry. in 2012 the stock was practically nothing, getting hit over price upgrades and then they have been on a roll. >> should have been bought stalk years ago. thank you, jason brooks from kcbs news. king tides could cause flooding again today at the bay and the coast. there are warning for many low- lying areas like this spot off
6:47 am
highway 101 in marin county. the coast guard is asking boat owners to make sure moorings are secure and loose items near the coastline should be removed so they don't float away. >> you know, this time of year the winter there's very little wind so the tide can take over your boat. and you know, also when you're storing your boat in a marina it's amazing when you walk up or down the ramp it can be a steep walk down suddenly when there's dead low tide. >> the next high tide at the golden gate is about 11:30 this morning and this is expected to be the last day of king tides for the month. the 2014 world series trophy is on a plane from san francisco to new york city. kiet do joins us live at sfo to explain what's happening. >> reporter: good morning. we're live at gate 54 just outside a virgin america flight jetway getting ready to go to new york. no red carpet here. we are talking about orange carpet. this is how you do the giants in style going to new york city
6:48 am
this morning. all right. um, the mood this morning, i can tell you just changed completely when these trophies came out of their cases! grown men got emotional, giddy, taking pictures and selfies. we have pictures of the three trophies altogether that's special when you have them together at once. the 2014 trophy though is the only one going to new york city f it is inside now first class sitting next to larry baer, buckled in white leather seats, live tv, we talked to the ceo about what it's like to go into new york straight into enemy territory. what do you say to folks who their this might be rubbing their noses in it by going -- taking the trophy to the east coast? >> what's interesting is that we were sensitive to that so we called the yankees and the mets,les teams there, their area, they said come on, weather welcome the tradition, we welcoming the ode to heritage of the giants so we are bringing willie mays later this week and going to a number of appearances and with their point of view they are great
6:49 am
franchises the yankees and mets is it's part of baseball history. >> reporter: get to the giants and virgin very excited also this morning to announce that they have a new four-year partnership going forward over the next couple of years. there will be corporate sponsors with each other working to kind of spread the goodwill of the giants hopefully make this an annual event not a biannual event. the trophy will be in new york city on saturday heading know new jersey on sunday. it will be back in the bay area on the 27th of january for another event in antioch. wheels up here at 7:05 a.m. really cool morning to hang out with the trophy for the 2014 san francisco giants. we'll send it back to you. >> kiet's coronation there. >> down the orange carpet. >> with the trophy. >> the flight attendants and everything. >> lucky guy. >> he might jump on that plane. >> i know. i was going to say, he has the red carpet all rolled up for him the -- orange car. all right. let's go out to westbound 237. i mentioned that the accidents keep rolling in. i'm not sure what happened in the last half-hour before a
6:50 am
number of wrecks are causing slowdowns. westbound 37 slow to zanker. another crash westbound 4 port chicago highway you can see the delays all the way back into pittsburg. and we'll travel down to hayward. this crash still there still blocking two of the left lanes. this is a busy corridor southbound 880 coming into hayward right there on the approach to highway 92. so it is really jammed up all the way beyond 238. 238 is backing up now into the castro valley y. once you get on the san mateo bridge let's check now crowded earlier. you can see it's moving. it's moving okay so the drive time is probably picked up by a few minutes but at least it looks better on the span. here's a look in san francisco now. we were watching that earlier crash on northbound cesar chavez so all lanes are back open no delay 101 and 280 looking typical for this time of the morning. unfortunately the bay bridge does, as well. i say unfortunately because it is stacked up east of the maze. the metering lights are on at least once you get on the
6:51 am
bridge it looks okay. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." with the forecast, here's roberta. pockets of dense fog but not as widespread as 24 hours ago. this is what you need to expect today. this is for your wednesday. we are going to kick-start with a little bit of patchy fog. we also have right there that's what i wanted to show you bird's-eye view of the bay bridge. yesterday it was totally socked in at this hour. right now, we do have 48 degrees in san francisco. and on the other side due east of that bridge we have 45 degrees in oakland so obviously a lot colder this morning than yesterday at this time. san jose clear skies 38 degrees. we have some areas of fog in concord, limiting visibility to a quarter mile at 43 degrees. so the fog not as widespread. we have a sunny very warm weekend on tap with record warmth anticipated. but! a pattern change i'll feature that in our seven-day forecast.
6:52 am
one thing you need to know for this wednesday, it's a third and final day of the king tides. we'll have high tide at 11:36 at nearly 7 feet! then low tide with some strong rip currents along the seashore swells up to 8 feet near the harbor entrances. be very mindful near the coast today. now, we do have that right there, the tule fog in throughout the central valley visibility a quarter mile. we have an upper-level trough blowing through the bay area on thursday with partly cloudy skies. then this sets up ridge of high pressure, strengthening and as it does so, boy, we're going to see "spare the air" days over the weekend. we'll also see those record warm temperatures. 64 state capital today but 51 springtime skiing. boy, california trail pick run heavenly today. meanwhile northstar is pinball run at the pipeline with 19 lifts available and kirkwood you have to love it 86 out of 87 trails available for skiing and boarding. temperatures locally today in
6:53 am
the 50s and 60s. 62 vallejo,benicia, martinez, american canyon. there you have the record warmth over the weekend and there you have rain finally back in the bay area on tuesday. frank and michelle? >> okay, roberta. thank you. 6:53. french prosecutors have charged four men in connection with the terror attacks in paris. new security measures so violence doesn't continue. >> the "right to die" with dignity about to take center stage in sacramento. next the inspiration and rules that would a
6:54 am
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! five things to know at the :55. president obama hitting the road with his message to push
6:57 am
his agenda. he is promoting his plan to help the middle class including raising taxes on the wealthy to fund middle class tax breaks. he called on congress to authorize the use of military force against isis. the militant group released a video yesterday threatening to kill two japanese hostages if it doesn't receive a $200 million ransom within 72 hours. and today four men were charged with supporting a terrorist involved in the attacks on paris suspected of buying weapons for the man who killed four hostages at a supermarket. france also announced it will buy better weapons for its security forces and they are going to hire 2600 new counter- terrorism officers. a man injured 12 passengers during a knife attack on a bus in tel aviv this morning. israeli police say the attacker is a 23-year-old palestinian from the west bank. he was shot in the leg while trying to escape and arrested by police. the measles outbreak started at the disney theme parks in anaheim continues to
6:58 am
spread with cases in five states and mexico. disney confirms five of their employees were infected. 53 measles cases have now been reported right here in california. i'm anne makovec live in the newsroom with more on a bill being proposed in sacramento today that would allow doctors to prescribe life ending medication. it is a debate that's been reignited by a woman who left california because it isn't legal here. >> i'm not ashamed to attach my name to what i think is the right that should belong to all terminallyively americans. i really do. >> that's brittany maynard the bay area woman diagnosed with terminal cancer. she decided to die as she put it with dignity instead of letting the disease slowly kill her. she took a lethal dose of medication last november after moving to portland, oregon, one of five states where assisted suicide is legal. and her family supports her decision. >> as an adult, you are in charge of how much pain and how
6:59 am
much suffering and how much, um, plodding forward that you want to do. >> but in a nationwide poll, 67% of americans are opposed to the practice as does the american medical association some fearing it could be abused in cases involving the elderly and disabled. the bill being proposed today would be limited to those with less than 6 months to live and requires patients to take the deadly medication themselves without helping from a doctor. live in the newsroom, anne makovec, kpix 5. just into our newsroom santa clara police department is doing traffic control around the area of a fatal accident at great america parkway and tasman so you can use that intersection but expect delays right there by levi's stadium and great america. in the meantime, you can see all the delays on westbound 237 just near the scene of that crash. there was an earlier accident at zanker road has traffic solid between milpitas and sunnyvale. >> good morning, everyone. out the door much colder than 24 hours ago, 30s and 40s. pockets of fog in santa rosa and also in the concord area. later today, 50s and 60s.
7:00 am
. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday january 21 2015. welcome to cbs "this morning." a defight president obama push as progressive agenda for the middle class. we'll have reaction to his state of the union address from vice president biden and republican majority leader kevin mccarthy here in washington. plus new details about how the new england patriots reportedly used under inflated footballs and why the mayor of paris will sue fox news. and today's "eye-opener" your world in 90 seconds. >> we've seen our


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