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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 20, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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on capital gains. because if something like that happens you don't know how you're going to totally react. >> police are investigating a bomb threat directed at a plane flying from sfo to new york. authorities served the plane after it hasn'ted -- searched the plane after it landed and nothing dangerous was found on board. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >> clay thornson corner three. good morning everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:00. and we're following some breaking news. a moderate earthquake struck parts of monterey county this morning. the quake measured 4.7 and was centered 19 miles east of sole dad. several hundred people have logged on to the usgs website to say they felt the shaking but so far no reports of any damage. as the flu season goes on it's becoming very clear this is a pretty bad one. some cough medicines are in short supply in san francisco
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and some hospitals are now putting tighter restrictions on the visitors there. kpix 5's kiet do joins us live from san francisco's o'connor hospital. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. you know we're live here right on the front lines of the battle against the flu. we're r hospitals are taking some drastic measures to stop the spread of the disease. here at o'connor hospital they're asking everyone who's entering the hospital to wear a mask even if they have had the flu vaccine. it's meant to protect you and everyone else. they've even posted a sign complete with the security guard restricting anyone under 16 years old from entering. we saw one girl get turned away when she tried to go in. >> there's a lot of children that are sick right now. and there's other viruses circulating in the community that are affecting primarily children along with the flu. so they're tending to be a good population to bring something into the hospital. we want to keep that out.
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>> reporter: also discovered bay area pharmacies are running out of a popular medicine. promethazine with codeine. a walgreens in san francisco told our cate cauguiran she had to wait weeks for the next shipment. after hunting around she found some but was rationed to just four ounces even though the prims called for more. -- prescription called for more. blame it on the flu. the flu vaccine has not been 100% effective against the strain that's hitting the west coast right now. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> someone who's a little under the weather is -- she's here working hard. just a cold i'm feeling better now. all right, let's go outside and talk about what's going on. because mainly the fog once again and number of our bridges really socked in. you can see pretty thick right now at the bay bridge toll plaza. and it's already backed up through the maze. it got backed up pretty quickly i have to say. they turned on the metering lights at 5:41 and before 6:00 already stacked up through the macarthur maze. fastrak cash lanes. and it's very difficult to see
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once you get onto the bridge itself. hey we're able to see a little bit of traffic now on 880 and oakland. a little bit of clearing now on the camera near the oakland airport and coliseum. taillights that's northbound traffic heading into downtown oakland earlier we couldn't see cars at all heading into san leandro so thick. a couple of accidents out the door. nothing causing any major delays though. eastbound 4 past interstate 80 coming out of hercules. there is a crash there. it was caused by a couple of dogs. they say they ran into the freeway and that's what caused this two car fender bender. everything is now on the right hand shoulder. and on the east shore freeway itself, you notice some delays on interstate 80. but on highway 4 where the crash is, there's fortunately problem free traffic in both directions. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. it's getting thicker and thicker the fog in parts of san real yell and coming -- rafael and coming into sausalito obviously. that's southbound traffic coming into san francisco. we're not seeing much of a delay despite the fog.
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mass transit always been very quiet this morning. b.a.r.t. system wide on time. no delay there and a.c.e. train one and three also looking great. problem free. that is your latest kcbs traffic. another check of our very foggy forecast. here's roberta. visibility is restricted around many parts of the bay area due to the very dense fog it may be patchy but where it is foggy it is dense. good morning everybody. stepping out the door currently we have visibility down to about a half a mile in throughout the hayward area. back in through concord. otherwise 46 degrees and cloud cover and san jose. good morning san francisco. 51 with areas of fog. visibility restricted at this hour in through our portions of napa streaming through mill valley as well. today the fog dissipates and we will have sunshine a bit of a breeze out of the northwest at 10 miles per hour and our temperatures 50s beaches and 60s bayside. into our inland areas. slightly above average numbers. and then take a look at this. it's pretty quiet tranquil weather pattern through thursday and then a second rim of high pressure builds into the -- ridge of high pressure
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builds into the bay area prompting boy temperatures in the 70s with near or record warmth through monday. michelle and frank? all right roberta thank you. happening today seniors and the disables might be getting free rides on muni soon. a rally to support the plan is set for noon at san francisco's city hall. after that, the mt board of directors is expected to vote to give low and middle income seniors and the disabled the free rides. the board is expected to approve the plan. 6:05 now. police arrested dozens of protesters who brought traffic on the san mateo bridge to a standstill during the evening commute last night. kpix 5's ryan takeo joins us live from toll plaza with an update on those protesters now. ryan good morning. >> reporter: good morning frank. all 68 of those protesters are out of jail. they've been processed and released. here's what it looked like last night about 5:00. 5:30 or so. here on the san mateo bridge. the protesters jumped out of their cars in the westbound lanes and they stopped traffic
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over at the high-rise. they chanted black lives matter on the martin luther king jr. holiday. a driver going eastbound took this video of the crowd blocking the lane. some drivers took drastic actions at the toll plaza and turned around and they were furious. >> i think they're not accomplishing anything by this -- this protest. because all it does is anger people. you know? i mean i'm just trying to get home like everybody else on this bridge is. and it's pointless in my opinion. >> reporter: the group silicon shutdown says it organized the rally of mostly stanford students. each of the 68 protesters faces two misdemeanors for obstructing movement and preventing passage. live at the san mateo bridge toll plaza, i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5. earlier in the day, demonstrators in oakland converged on the home of the city's new mayor. [ chanting ] protesters gathered in front of
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libby schaaf's house before dawn armed with banners and a loud message. they said they were angry that she spent her first day on the job touring the city with police officers. kpix 5's phil matier asked mayor schaaf about the ruckus. >> the demonstration this morning was very peaceful. it was respectful. thankfully my children actually slept through it. >> reporter: is there a little noisy for the neighbors? >> i do apologize to my neighbors that there are costs to living near a public figure. [ chanting ] >> the protesters said oakland should be spending less money on law enforcement and more on schools and infrastructure. wildlife experts still trying to identify that mystery substance that killed at least 80 birds in the san francisco bay. the gray sticky material doesn't have an odor and not believed to be toxic but it coats the birds' feathers and prevents the birds from insulating their bodies. experts and volunteers have been scrambling to clean the surviving birds and so far most of the birds have been found
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off hayward, san leandro and alameda. happening today jury selection is set to begin in colorado for the trial of james holmes. he's acould haved of going on a shooting spree at the aurora movie theater in 2012. 12 people were killed and 9,000 prospective jurors have been lined up for the high-profile case. holmes has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. he could face the death penalty. although colorado's executed only one person in the past 40 years. two brothers from the central valley are due in court today to enter pleas in connection with an assault at a 49er football game it was back in october. two men were attacked and beaten up in a restroom in santa clara. dario and amador rebollero face felony assault charges now and they're due to face a judge at 9:00 this morning at the san jose hall of justice. it's becoming a peculiar side show on the road to super bowl xlvix. the nfl confirms it is investigating whether the new england patriots used partially
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deflated footballs in their afc championship win over indianapolis. deflated footballs are easier to handle in cold and wet conditions like those during sunday's game. new england quarterback tom brady scoffed at the idea that his team tampered with the footballs. [ laughter ] >> according to nfl rules, each team supplies 12 game bams and plays offense with the ones it provides. 2007 the nfl fined the patriots and coach bill belichick for videotaping the new york jets' sideline signals. time now 6:09. a construction worker crushed when an overpass sudden lip collapses on him. what led up to that deadly accident. >> and major announcement is scheduled today on the future of higher education in california. the critical help it's expected to provide to the state's work force. >> it's the second day of the king tides affecting and
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impacking our coastline. we'll talk about that straight ahead. >> and our bridges are socked in this morning. worse than usual. i'll show you a look at your fog advisories plus your slowdowns as the mo
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! good morning, welcome back to kpix 5 morning news. taking a look -- news. taking a look at the congestion there. that's the morning commute and elizabeth has all the details but look above the commute. we have patchy dense fog and we'll talk about the restricted visibility that's straight ahead. developing news from cincinnati. ohio. where one person is dead after a freeway overpass collapsed. the falling overpass crushed a tractor-trailer and killed a construction worker. this happened on interstate 75 about 10:30 last night. crews were working to
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demolish the overpass when it came crashing down. the freeway is expected to be blocked for at least 48 hours. the president will deliver his annual state of the union address later tonight. for him it will be the first time in front of a congress fully led by republicans. cbs news' susan mcginnis has a preview. >> you got to play the whole game. >> reporter: in a video the white house released monday president obama appeared calm and confident hours before delivering his sixth and second to last state of the union speech. >> the world is more relaxed and i'm a little better at it than i was the first time out. >> reporter: the white house already unveiled much of what the president will propose. he will lay out plans for six weeks of paid family leave for federal workers, lower federal mortgage insurance fees and new cyber security protections for consumers. the strongest emphasis will be a familiar one, helping struggling americans. he'll try to accomplish that through a higher capital gains tax rate. while the tax hikes are not expected to pass the new
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republican led congress, political experts say they could lay some groundwork to help democrats in upcoming elections. >> he's going to try to say i know the middle class is still struggling and i'm the one who's going to lift the democratic party and correct this. the republicans are not going to correct it. >> reporter: the president has invited several special guests to sit in the presidential box during the address. among them, american alan gross who was detained in cuba for five years. gross was released last month after president obama took executive action to help restore diplomatic relations between the u.s. and cuba. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> also set to attend tonight, retired navy lieutenant jim downing, he's 101 years of age. the colorado springs man is the oldest known living survivor of the attack on pearl harbor. it can be seen live here tonight at 6:00. happening today, we expect to find out which community colleges in california will offer four year degree programs for the first time. state legislators have approved
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a pilot project for 15 schools offering programs that are not available for csu or uc. they must address needs in the work force such as in health care or the automotive industry. some multiple sectors to have economy will likely benefit. phoenix area is getting ready for super bowl xlvix. >> they sure are. crews already setting up the facilities for events downtown in phoenix. including concert stages and a 30-foot rock climbing wall. the game itself will be played in the neighboring city of glendale. the city of santa clara is sending the delegation there of course to find out what to expect next year when the mission city hosts super bowl 50. santa clara police officers, firefighters, organizers among those going on the trip. and i imagine that's quite the perk you know. you a firefighter and going down to the super bowl? good for you. >> good for you. always fun the two weeks leading up to the super bowl. it's a lot of fun. >> i don't understand why they never have a weather person there. forecasting the weather for the super bowl. >> we don't work on that next
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year. >> yeah. how about this year? >> bay area weather forecast? >> next year two weeks away. >> you'll be here. you're good. >> we hope. it's my turn i know. we have a lot of fog out the door, we sound like a broken record but yeah it's foggy if you're about to start the morning commute and a number of fog advisories for the bridges and this is one of them. fortunately the toll plaza doesn't look too bad right? this is the rich monosan rafael bridge. onto the span though it's pretty thick and visibility is an issue heading into marin county. where else is thick? this camera we found this in oakland. this is a caltrans camera showing you the drive right now. westbound 24 approaching telegraph. it's substantiating to slow a little bit near rock ridge b.a.r.t. station. not too bad but obviously the fog is thick. the drivers are probably just taking it a little extra easy trying to get through the macarthur maze and on to the the bay bridge toll plaza which we'll show you in just a minute. in the meantime a live look at the san mateo bridge. foggy as well leaving hayward.
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heading into foster city. the drive time is still up to par though only about 13 minutes between 880 and 101. we haven't seen any change yet in the drive times and westbound 580 pretty heavy through the livermore valley and here's a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza i promise where it is backed up east of the maze now. all right an update on the foggy forecast. i think it is actually improving somewhat. kind of hard to tell because official sunup is at 7:21. but as we peer out from the kpix 5 studios we can see a little bit more of the bright lights towards the embark -- co. we cannot see the bay bridge. currently 47 degrees in concord where the visibility is a half a mile. oakland same story. livermore a quarter mile visibility. numbers are in the low 50s from the sunset district. back in through pretty much chinatown. santa rosa at 41 degrees. it's in the mid 40s in san jose. all look at that. that just now happened. this is the scene looking out towards sfo. we are totally fogged in now
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with visibility -- pretty restricted as you can see. and we now have delays up to 59 minutes on some arriving flights. so the fog will lift. we'll have sunshine. mild temperatures. it is the second day of the king tides. high tide is at 10:46 this morning. and we do anticipate some minor coastal flooding. and then at low tide at will:30 this -- will:30 this evening we'll see some very strong rip currents in santa cruz at 66 pretty much everywhere along the coastline. ocean beach as well. and some pretty big breakers at the harbor entrances. so be very mindful if you're heading out to the coast. okay, watch this again we're going to back this up for a moment here. there you have the very dense tule fog in the central valley. the swath of high clouds on top of the fog this morning. high pressure out here is inching closer to the coast and that's when we'll see some temperatures in the 70s by the weekend. 61 at the state capital. socked in at monterey at 66. our numbers in the 60s except for the coastline in the 50s. and here's the extended forecast. and anticipate spare the air days by the end of the
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workweek. and near or record warmth through monday. frank and michelle. all right roberta thank you. a scary experience for those on board a cross-country flight out of sfo. hear from passengers forced to evacuate just moments after touching down. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up in sports, in italy yesterday became a national story for two reasons. what happened to tiger woods and why was he there? and why is this man laughing [ laughter ]
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good morning everyone. the biggest home field advantage in sports has got to be centurylink field in seattle. right? but in the nba, do i dare say oracle arena? no school, no sweat for these kids, took in the monday matinee. first quarter, golden state stingy defense. clay thompson got it and dishes
6:24 am
to steph curry for the layup. curry had 20. warriors up over the nuggets. second half golden state up 31. harrison barnes to clay thompson, three ball. good. he had 22. all 13 warriors who played scored. including james michael mcadoo making his nba debut. this guy was in santa cruz two days ago and scored 11 points in 13 minutes and warriors won 122-79. their 16th win in a row at oracle and mcadoo was given the game ball after his debut. >> something i'll remember for a long time. coach gave me the game ball. after the game. so that's definitely something that you know i'll hold on to. >> if you were going up against the team how would you practice? >> against us? >> yeah. >> why would i answer that? [ laughter ] next question. skiing legend lindsey vonn set a world record with her 63rd win in italy yesterday. but her boyfriend tiger woods was causing the storm. he had one of his front teeth
6:25 am
knocked out apparently by a photographer. woods surprised vonn after the race during the awards ceremony. he wasn't even supposed to be there. he's playing in his first golf tournament of the year this thursday in phoenix. his agent is saying he got knocked out by a photographer. the ski organization said that's not the way it came down. stay tuned. more on that tonight and all your sports at 6:00. have a great day everybody. >> thank you dennis. play of day. how about some international soccer? great goal. mexico's alejandro diaz with a flying header, here we go. the cross and the header. mexico and el salvador. mexico won 3-0 and more importantly garnered the play of the day on a tuesday. >> he did a back flip. >> i missed that. 6:25. oakland's mayor is pushing a new plan to build a modern stadium in the city. why experts say fans of the a's and raiders should be a little nervous. >> and chances are you or someone you know is sick.
6:26 am
that's because the flu is spreading across the bay area. i'm kiet do with a live report on also why there is a shortage
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new details now on death of a reality tv star a fitness guru as investigators pinpoint the reason why he wasn't able to avoid an on coming train. protesters block the san mateo bridge yesterday. tephras rated drivers and caused -- it frustrated drivers and caused some to take some drastic measures. we have the effort and moon all in -- earth and moon and sun all in perfect alignment.
6:30 am
traffic is moving well near the oakland airport and oakland coliseum, we have a lot of fog that could slow down the morning drive. we'll show you where it's thickest coming up. all right liz and good morning everyone. it's tuesday, january 20th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. and we begin with news of a moderate earthquake that struck parts of monterey county this morning. the quake measured 4.7 centered 19 miles east of the city of sole dad. semihundred people logged on to the -- several hundred people logged on to the usgs website to say they felt shaking but so far no reports of any damage. there are growing signs this flu season is nastier than usual. kpix 5's kiet do is live at san jose's o'connor hospital one of the local facilities taking big steps in hopes of pro venting the flu from spreading further. >> reporter: it turns out the flu vaccine that everyone has been getting has not been 100% effective against the strain that is hitting the west coast right now. and so we are all paying the price. hospitals are taking some
6:31 am
drastic measures. especially here at o'connor hospital. they're strongly encouraging everyone to wear masks while they're inside the building even if that i have they've had the -- they've had the flu vaccine. o'connor even posted a sign with a guard restricting anyone under 16 years old from entering. they right now a lot of kids are getting sick and they would be the ones most likely to trigger an outbreak inside the hospital. we did see one girl get turned away when she tried to enter. we've also discovered bay area pharmacies are running out of a popular medicine called promethazine with codeine. a wall greens in san francisco told our cate cauguiran is that she had to wait a couple of weeks for the next ship. . after hunting around she finally found some but was rationed to just four ounces even though her prescription called for more. dr. paul abramson of my doctor medical group says it's unusual to run out of a generic drug. >> there's not as much of an incentive for generic manufacturers to keep large stores of reserves of medication.
6:32 am
so they're cutting it a lot closer so that when there's a big surge in demand, things just run out. >> reporter: and that particular doctor says he's never seen so many sick patients all at once. his own flu patient count is at an all-time high. here in santa clara county hospitals are reporting the increase in the number of e. r. visits with flu-like symptoms. we're live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> police swarmed a delta flight from sfo after it hasn'ted last night at jfk in new york. that's because someone made a threat against the plane while it was up in the air. security agents directing that boeing 757 to go to a remote part of the airport last night and then escorted the passengers tough plane. a search of the plane turned up nothing unusual. this instagram video from inside the plane shows passengers getting ready to evacuate. the captain giving the instructions over the intercom and another video shows passengers walking on the tarmac to buses waiting to take them to the terminal here. a woman who was on the plane
6:33 am
described what happened. >> someone came out of the cabin and said -- ladies and gentlemen, there's been a bomb threat on the plane. we need to deplane. you can -- you can take nothing with you. which was a very kind of you know pit in the stomach moment. >> i would imagine. the number mentioned in the threat also included a second delta flight out of jfk to tel- aviv. the bomb squad searched that plane too but there were no evacuations. 6:33 right now. let's get another check on our weather here in the bay area. >> and i'm taking a look at the king tides. back into the bay area -- having a very strong impact on the coastline here locally. some minor coastal flooding even a rise in the waters near the embarcadero this morning. be mindful shoreline and u.s. 101. that apartment, it -- parking lot, it will be covered in water around 10:46 the morning. that's when we see high tide. right now, we're looking at a whole lot of fog and visibility
6:34 am
restricted at sfo. 52 degrees there. we have 59 many delays on some arriving flights again due to the very low ceiling. even though we have the fog real low, above we have mostly cloudy skies from a swath of clouds just streaming overhead. but it will become sunny today. it will be slightly breezy out of the northwest at 15 miles per hour. that clears out the atmosphere and numbers pretty much locked into the 60s except around the immediate seashore into the 50s. the extended forecast because we will surely have spare the air bay the end of the workweek as the temperatures reach near and record warmth. with highs in the 70s. elizabeth? mid 70s that has amazing. all right thank you. nothing like spring. all right, let's sciolto the door, first we are seeing a lot of fog as we've been talking about all morning and i want to show you this camera in oakland it's one of the caltrains cameras showing you the traffic is actually a little sluggish now here b.a.r.t. pretty close to the telegraph
6:35 am
exit on westbound 24 but also very thick. the fog, that might be slowing drivers down as well right before you have reach the maze. westbound highway 4 we noticed whenever it's a pretty foggy commute it really jams up to concord. today no exception, 12 miles per hour on the approach to 242. competing for slowest drive time is this one. westbound 580 out of the altamonte pass. into the livermore valley. very thick this morning. and the bay bridge once again stacked up still east of the maze with a fog advisory in effect. that's kcbs traffic. back to you guys. thank you liz. nine families are being told to leave their apartments by this morning in santa rosa. it's all because of dangerous mold spores in the area around the bennett valley townhomes. code enforcement officers also found rat infestations and inadequate heating and leaky roofs there. residents have been telling managers about this for years now. tenants' rights attorneys are now seeking legal action against the owners there. the dozens of protesters who stopped traffic on the san mateo bridge are now out of jail.
6:36 am
a driver took this video of the crowd wrecking the lane -- blocking the lanes. some drivers took drastic actions at the toll plaza because of the stalled traffic. kpix 5's ryan takeo is at the bridge this morning. showing us some dangerous driving by people trying to avoid the mess. ryan? >> reporter: that's right michelle. it was such a mess here. some drivers turned around. then they turned their frustration toward the protesters. 68 people went from protesting on the san mateo bridge to processing at the chp in redwood city. >> boo protesters. boo. >> reporter: just before 5:00, p.m. yesterday, the protesters jumped out of cars in the westbound lanes of the san mateo bridge at the high-rise. and stopped traffic. there was chanting about black lives matter on this martin luther king jr. holiday but they were also carrying this. a palestinian flag. [ chanting ] the chp says the
6:37 am
68 protesters face charges because of the chaos this caused commuters. >> they were running out of gas. a lot of people needed to use the restroom. they were stuck on the bridge for hours, this is something that's inconveniencing the public and again everybody has the right to travel on the freeway. >> reporter: it turned highway 92 into a parking lot with many frustrated drivers getting out of tear cars the see what happens -- their cars the see what happens happen -- to see what was happening. any sympathy drivers might have had for the protesters quickly evaporated in a sea of brake lights. >> i think they're not accomplishing anything by this -- this protest because all it does is anger people. you know? i mean i'm just trying to get home like everybody else on this bridge is. and it's pointless in my opinion. >> reporter: the protesters mainly stanford students face two misdemeanors each including rock instructs movement and preventing passage. live at the san mateo bridge toll plaza. i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5.
6:38 am
>> before all that protesters shut down the coliseum b.a.r.t. station in oakland for a short time and this is part of a march that started at the fruitvale station to honor dr. martin luther king jr.'s legacy and to protest police violence. there were no arrests. oakland mayor libby schaaf wants to allow the a's and raiders to make their own proposals now. to a series of developers. well now schaaf the mayor is calling for the teams themselves to have a more direct role in the process. but this could be a risky strategy since the clubs could wind up bidding against each other for the site leaving another team out in the cold. that's after three suspicious fires in a short time yesterday morning. first one was about 4:00 a.m. itdy stowed a pickup truck -- destroyed a pickup truck. >> neighbor pounding on my door, pounding really hard. and then screaming howard, your truck is on fire.
6:39 am
>> 30 minutes after the truck burned. a house caught fire just three blocks away. and then a trash can across the street burned. all the fires started in the dead of night on quiet streets and all started the same way, someone setting fire to a pile of trash. we have some new details now this morning about that death of the fitness guru greg plitt in burbank in southern california. he was struck and killed by a train saturday when he was filming the video for his website. friends say he tripped and fell right before he was struck. they say he enjoyed making his fitness videos on railroad tracks, but train officials say he did not have a proper permit to film there. isis threatened to kill two japanese citizens unless tokyo pays a $200 million ransom within 48 hours. the demand came in a video posted online today. >> to the prime minister of japan, although you are more than 8,500-kilometers away from the state. you willingly volunteered to
6:40 am
take part in this crusade. >> they refer to the u.s. led coalition that's fighting isis in iraq and syria. japanese prime minister says the international community needs to deal with terrorists without giving into them. time now is 6:40. pope francis will not visit california after all all part of the u.s. tour. this coming september. there had been speculation that he might come out west after he announced plans to canonize the father who founded several california missions in the 18th century. instead the pope will take care of that in washington, d.c.. yesterday, the pope confirmed he'll visit washington and new york along with his previously announced plans in philadelphia. time now is 6:40. the california governor's mansion now the scene of a criminal investigation. why firefighters believe someone may have tried to burn it down. >> and if you're looking to cut back on your expenses, and who isn't? you may want to start with your cell phone. we're going to have some tips for lowering that monthly bill
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good morning, it's tuesday, january 20th. and your expected high today a string of 50s along the immediate seashore. 60 degrees in burlingame where it's currently socked in. sunshine later today. good morning sunnyvale. expect a high today of 63- degrees there. same story in san jose as well as in willow glen and in cupertino. east bay numbers, late day good air quality into the 60s. which is slightly above normal for this time of the year. and swinging around to the northern portion of the bay area, high temperatures averaging a good four and five degrees above norm. 62 in san rafael. we're socked in with dense fog in san francisco but later today and is 61-degree -- later sunny and 61 degrees, a catalog is making a big return.
6:45 am
here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> good morning michelle. good morning frank. apparently print is not dead. the "wall street journal" reports that jcpenney is reviving its print catalog. about a half decade after it killed it. turns out that a lot of people buy things online that they see in print. and that's prompting jc bene to make the move. they have long been struggling but it turned in a much stronger holiday season than was expected. sales up between 2% and 4%. and that's certainly revived hopes in the company from investors and stock has been on the rise of late. corporate earnings really take center stage this week a lot have been flowing in. some of the winners and losers today, delta airlines thanks to lower fuel prices, saw a big gain in its profits. it topped expectations and up 4% in the early going. morgan stanley a very disappointing result from big financial firms. it missed expectations. its revenue was down 8% from a year earlier and its shares are
6:46 am
down by a couple percent in the early going. wall street getting going after the holiday weekend. off to a pretty flat start so far. let's take a look at the big board. and see how we're doing so far this morning. right now the dow is up by three points, nasdaq is gaining nine and s&p is up a couple of points. some of the better tech performers this morning, apple and yahoo in the early going. michelle and frank back to you. >> all right thanks so much kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. california state arson investigators are looking into a fire at the governor's mansion. this small cart near the carriage house was destroyed. investigators also found three cannisters two butane and one propane that had exploded. the sacramento mansion is closed for renovations. and no employees were there at the time. the governor stays in a loft downtown when he's in sacramento. 6:46. time for traffic. we had a lot of fog and a lot of busy drivers out there too right? >> we did. today is actually the back to work commute. yesterday they never switched on the metering lights at the
6:47 am
bay bridge because of the holiday. today it's a much different story unfortunately especially on the east shore freeway. i wanted to show you the map here of the sensors between richmond and emery vail. 22 miles per hour. the red sensors all mean speeds below 25 and you can see it's mitt stacked up on -- pretty stacked up on the approach to the bay bridge as well. jammed through the 24 interchange. it's a today unfortunately nothing like yesterday. in addition to the cars on the road you also have a dense fog advisory for the bay bridge. they're in effect for a number of bridges but bay bridge is pretty socked in. especially approaching the tunnel and treasure island. here's a live looked the golden gate actually that is spinning out a little bit. we can see it more clearly the camera southbound 101 approach to san francisco. from sausalito. westbound 237, it is sluggish right now. trying to get out of milpitas, westbound you can see it's the highwayest from 880 to -- heavyst from 880 to zanker road and this is a little further north in oakland. the commute is really socked in
6:48 am
all those taillights i know it's a little difficult to see near the oakland coliseum but frit foggy -- pretty foggy to downtown. that's the latest kcbs traffic. let's see when the fog will lift. robert too? we have a little bit of a thinning of the deck of fog near the golden gate bridge and also a little bit of a better view this morning from our kpix 5 studios out towards the bay bridge where we still cannot see it but the visibility definitely is improving at this hour. we still have restricted visibility however in throughout the concord area and back in through livermore at about a quarter mile. redwood city, through moffett field also about a quarter mile. and half a mile visibility at this hour in oakland at 352 degrees. it's in the 40s in throughout the tri-valley. here's what you need to know besides the fact that we have the second day of king tides, here affecting and impacting our coastlines, we do have another foggy start. we will see temperatures warm all week long. especially as we head towards the weekend. with near or record warmth. over the weekend, through monday. all right, king tides today.
6:49 am
10:46 in the morning. we will see that coastal flooding around the shoreline. highway into u.s. 101. also impacting that mansfield inia apartment and then we have the -- mansfield inia apartment and then we have the strong -- apartment and then we have the strong rip tides. very large breakers at the harbor entrances. now meanwhile, we do have a swath of cloudiness right there. it's kind of putting a cap on the fog especially that tule fog visible right there in throughout the central valley. we will see high pressure building in with lots of sunshine but that right there, out west is what will build in over the weekend. providing that offshore flow. 61 degrees today at the state capital and currently socked in there. kind of obscured by the fog with sunup. temperatures here into the 60s. a string of 50s at the beaches. northwest breeze at 15 miles per hour. yes, gatter near the tv set and look at that. friday through monday, into the
6:50 am
70s. frank and michelle? >> nice weekend though. it is 6:49 now. we're all looking to save money whenever we can and a closer look at your phone bill well it might help. >> cnet editor sharon profis is here with some tips on how to lower the monthly bill. >> the only thing you were worried about was how many minutes you were using and how much you were talking an the phone. nowadays all we care dabble is data. so data is the biggest cell phone hog and one of the first things we want to think about is how often you're connected to wi-fi. make sure that wi-fi is almost always enabled so that when there's a network available, you're connected. that way, it's -- it's a free ride. you're not getting any -- you're not using any data against the bill. but then there are other things to think about. so one of the most important things especially ever since face time on the iphone came out is video chatting. video chatting can be a huge hog so you want to minimize that. in fact i would recommend only doing video chatting like skype
6:51 am
or face time when you're connected to wi-fi. then also, video -- youtube and also video uploading so uploading the video to facebook or youtube or instagram can also use a lot of data. and in fact, streaming video is even worse. so if you have netflix on, and streaming, it can use up to three gigabytes per hour. that's -- the monthly bill for some people right? that's their monthly data cap. >> expense i movie. >> well there you go. you get what you pay for. so -- so always be connect today wi-fi. -- connected to wi-fi. music streaming is also important. spotify, pandour that, do that on -- pandora, do is that on wi- fi. spotify lets you download the music in advance and you can still stream it when not connected to wi-fi without cutting into your data plan. and then gaming. so don't worry about things like trivia crack and words with friends. those games are totally fine. but when you're talking about live action gaming like racing games and action games, those
6:52 am
tend to take a little more data. so -- in the last thing i recommend is going to your settings and on android and iphone, you have a settings area where you can actually view which apps are using how much data. so you can kind of use that to make better decisions. >> pandora. when you're streaming music, it's kinging up on the phone? >> absolutely. and in fact i have a number of parents -- >> sometimes i just leave it on and go mow the lawn. >> 115-megabytes per hour. over the course of a month you know that could take up a big chunk of the bill. >> all right time to look at the bill. >> all right thanks sharon. it is 6:52. the trial begins today for the man accused of killing a dozen people inside a colorado movie theater. why the jury selection process is unprecedented in american history. >> and chances are you or someone you know is sick. that's because the flu is spreading all across the bay area. i'm kiet do with a live report on how there's also a shortage of a popular cough medicine.
6:53 am
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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] five things to know now at the :55. president obama delivers his state of the union address tonight. the president is expected to detail his plans to raise tax rates on investments for the top 1% of earners and close inheritance loopholes. that's expected to help pay for free community college tuition. jury selection begins today in the trial of the man who opened fire inside a colorado movie theater allegedly. 12 people were killed in the shooting in 2012. jurors will decide whether james holmes was legally insane. 9,000 potential jurors have been called and experts say it's the largest jury pool in u.s. history. investigators in ohio are trying to figure out why the
6:57 am
overpass collapsed last night killing a construction worker. police say crews were demolishing the old bridge when something went horribly wrong. truck driver was injured when his tractor-trailer slammed into the wreckage just moments after the collapse. 68 protesters all facing charges after shutting down the san mateo bridge last night. the protesters jumped out of cars in the westbound lanes yesterday evening. this was just one of a number of demonstrations in the bay area scheduled to coincide with the dr. martin luther king jr. holiday. later today, we should learn which community colleges in california will offer four year degree programs for the first time. state legislators have approved a pilot project for 15 schools. the schools will have to offer programs that are not available from csu or uc. and they must address shortages in california's work force. and good morning, i'm kiet do live here at o'connor hospital in san jose. where it turns out that flu vaccine that everyone has been getting has not been 100%
6:58 am
effective. and we are paying the price. here at the hospital they're taking some drastic measures. asking everyone who's entering the building to wear a mask. even if they've had the flu vaccine. this for the protection of themselves and of others. it turns out that the strain that is hitting the west coast right now really not -- the vaccine that everyone has been getting not been completely effective. they have a sign with a guard restricting anyone under 16 years old from entering. they say right now a lot of kids are getting sick and they would likely be the ones that are triggering an outbreak in the hospital. we did see one girl get turned away when she tried to enter the hospital. we've also discovered bay area pharmacies are running out of a popular cough medicine. promethazine with codeine. a walgreens in san francisco told our cate cauguiran she had the wait weeks for the next shipment. after hunting around she finally found some but was rationed to just four ounces even though the prims called for more -- prescription called for more. one expert says the reason is drug manufacturers don't have a
6:59 am
lot of lot of incentive to stockpile the particular medicine. here in santa clara county hospitals are reporting an increase in the urge e. r. visits with -- number of e. r. visits with flu-like symptoms. another check of the kcbs traffic. there's been a crash reported southbound 680 near the sunol exit and not surprisingly we started to see the slowdowns oaf pleasanton in the grade and maybe a little bit of fog for the hueth exude as -- commute as well. chp once again issued dense fog advisories for almost all of the bridges including the bay bridge. pretty stacked up to the approaches. back to work commute has begun. roberta? good morning everyone. it is currently 44 degrees in throughout the tri-valley and yes, visibility down to about half mile in many of the locations. good morning santa rosa. you just dipped to 39 degrees. today's high temperatures 50s and 60s with lots of sunshine. 70s by weekend. >> woo-hoo. >> all right. thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning. your next local update is at
7:00 am
7:26. >> have a great good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, january 20th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a deadly overpass collapse on the major interstate. tons of concrete crashes into traffic. we will take you there. isis releases a hostage video overnight. how the terrorist group is using a new tactic. fans jumped to the defense of "american sniper" and some call the sharpshooters cowards. we look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> structure gave way. this is a tragedy. several thousand pounds of concrete. >>


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