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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 20, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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little bit. be careful. >> go slow. >> take your time. yes. good morning. there you go. it's tuesday, january 20th. i'm michelle griego. i think your hands wouldn't work. >> hi everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. it's tuesday, it's 4 against 30. so foggy this morning coming over the bay bridge when you get into the tunnel at treasure island it's foggy in the tunnel. >> you couldn't even see the approach to the tunnel right? i called the national weather service this morning. it's very difficult for them to see the fog underneath the high level clouds. i gave them a call and said you might want to start thinking about the dense fog advisory. the current air temperatures in the 40s and 50s. later today, with the bright sunshine, just a couple degrees warmer than yesterday. we'll talk about that full seven day forecast straight ahead. yeah no surprise. chp issued their own dense fog advisories for just about every bridge in the bay area and it's difficult to see which one we're looking at. this time we're looking at the san mateo bridge. where despite the fog not too many accidents out the door. so you know be extra careful driving on the bay bridge.
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the fog was the thickest than i can remember seeing in a while. >> i think the fog on the bay bridge since we've had the new span. >> really? okay. there you go. >> absolutely. >> good to have you you back too. >> thanks. >> good to be back. >> all right. well, dozens of protesters are being charged for shutting down the san mateo bridge. >> this is what it looked like during yesterday's afternoon commute. protesters standing on that bridge and traffic backed up for miles. driver going eastbound took some video of the crowd blocking the lanes. take a look. some drastic drastic taking actions at the toll plaza there. kpix 5's andria borba reports many of the protesters are actually stanford students. >> reporter: 68 people went from protesting on the same sex marriage to processing at the chp in -- san mateo bridge to processing at redwood city. >> boo protesters. boo. >> reporter: just before five, the protesters jumped out of cars in the westbound lanes of the san mateo bridge at the
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high-rise. and stopped traffic. there was chanting about black lives matter on this martin luther king jr. holiday but they were also carrying this. a palestinian flag. [ chanting ] each of the 68 protesters is getting slapped with two misdemeanors for obstructing movement and preventing passage. >> they were running out of gas. a lot of people needed to use the restroom. they were stung the bridge for hours, this is something that's inconveniencing the public and again everybody has the right to travel on the freeway. >> reporter: it turned highway 92 into a parking lot with many frustrated drivers turning around at the toll plaza and driving the wrong way to get out of the snarl. any sympathy drivers might have had for the protesters quickly evaporated in a sea of brake lights. >> i think they're not accomplishing anything by this -- this protest because all it does is anger people. you know? i mean i'm just trying to get home like everybody else on this bridge is.
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and it's pointless in my opinion. >> reporter: in san mateo county. andria borbaings kpix 5. >> and earlier in the day, demonstrators in oakland converged on the home of the city's new mayor. [ chanting ] antipolice protesters gathered in front of libby schaaf's house before dawn armed with banners and a loud message and a blow horn. they said they were angry that she spent her first day on the job touring the city with police officers. kpix 5's phil matier asked mayor schaaf about the ruckus. >> the demonstration this morning was very peaceful. it was respectful. thankfully my children actually slept through it. >> reporter: is there a little noisy for the neighbors? >> i do apologize to my neighbors that there are costs to living near a public figure. >> what does democracy look like? >> the protesters said oakland should be spending less money
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on law enforcement and more on schools and infrastructure. it is 4:33 right now. let's get another check on the weather. the dense fog advisory. out yet? >> no it isn't. but just be very mindful that where we have the fog it's very dense but santa rosa has clear skies right now. it's definitely patchy but again where we have the fog it is dense. good morning everyone. heading on out the door, this is what will greet uh-uh as far as the numbers are concerned. very mild. 47 degrees in mountain view. a pair of 4s in san jose and it's now 48 degrees in fremont where we have cloud cover. and 51 degrees with patchy fog in the vicinity of san francisco. we're socked in into martinez and american canyon. it is now 45 degrees in napa. the winds are nonexistent. later today the northwest winds 5 the 15 miles per hour. clearing out the atmosphere. otherwise the temperature span is 57 degrees in san francisco and 67 there today. mid 60s around the bay and 66 degrees will be the outside
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number. that will be experienced in gilroy. and here's a look at the extended forecast. i would count on some spare the air days coming up here especially by friday into the weekend. temperatures near or record levels and a low and mid- 70s. elizabeth has your traffic. you bet. going to feel like spring. all right roberta. let's see out the door we have a little bit of overnight roadwork and no major accidents. first the roadwork. northbound 880 between washington and marina coming into san leandro various lanes blocked for the next 25 minutes. and a few of those ghostly low clouds hugging the 880 freeway. you can see right in near the oakland coliseum. and -- there near the oakland coliseum. and oakland airport. fog is the main traffic story this morning. please be extra careful driving the bay bridge. follow the line next to you pretty closely because it's difficult to see. visibility is really poor and you can't really see the tunnel on the approach on westbound 80. this is a live look near the toll plaza where so far no major delays no metering lights. and no roadwork fortunately. to slow you down.
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that would be hard to see in the fog. a live look at the golden gate bridge, no delays so far out of sausalito but we have dense fog advisories in effect for most bridges around the bay area. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge, westbound 92 so far leaving hayward is fine. and mass transit also off to a great start with b.a.r.t. system wide no delays and a.c.e. train number one left the central valley also problem free. that's your latest kcbs drive and ride to work. thank you liz. an arsonist on the loose in san francisco's castro district. police are keeping extra watch after three fires in a short time yesterday morning. the first one was about 4:00 a.m. and destroyed a pickup truck. >> pounding on my door. pounding really hard. and then screaming. howard, your truck is on fire! >> 30 minutes after the truck burned a house caught fire just three blocks away. then a trash can across the street burned and all the fires started in the dead of night on quiet streets and all started
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the same way. someone setting fire to a pile of trash. passengers on a delta flight from sfo landed at new york's jfk and saw several police officers outside their windows. that's because someone made a threat against the plane while it was in the air. the security agents directed the boeing 757 to go to a remote part of the airport last night and then escorted the 171 passengers off the plane. a search of the plane turned up nothing unusual. well, this instagram video from inside the plane shows passengers getting ready to evacuate. the captain is giving instructions over the intercom. another video shows passengers walking on the tarmac with buses waiting to take them to the terminal. some silicon valley hospitals are putting restrictions on visitors now to protect patients from getting the flu. the hospitals include o'connor in san jose el camino locations and mountain view. meanwhile some pharmacies are running low on certain types of
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cough medicine. more now from kpix 5's cate cauguiran. >> reporter: it was new year's. instead of enjetically getting ready to celebrate 2015. i was at a pharmacy. and so was everyone else. >> cold and flu season and the number of people who are scared about it is definitely at what i would consider an all-time high as far as i've been practicing in san francisco. >> reporter: the sneezing, the headaches, and the coughing. a lot of coughing. but when i went to pick up my prescription cough medicine, it was out. not just at my walgreens pharmacy, but my pharmacist said in all of san francisco. so i waited. a week goes by. another pharmacist tells me the same thing but they didn't expect another shipment until february. but today, i got a call. it was in but there was a catch. i had to pick it up at a pharmacy across town and -- the pharmacist at the walgreens where i picked up my cough medication says they're so strapped for resources, they're
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only handing out four ounces at a time even if your prescription calls for more. >> it's certainly very unusual that al generic medication would run out. >> reporter: he's been busy. the cold and flu are number one culprit. >> there's not as much of an incentive for generic manufacturers to keep large stores of reserves of medication. so they're cutting it a lot closer so that when there's a big surge in demand, things just run out. >> reporter: cate cauguiran, kpix 5. jury selection is set to begin today in colorado for the trial of james holmes. he's accused of the shooting spree at the aurora movie theater in 2012. 12 people were killed and 70 others were injured. 9,000 prospective jurors have been lined up for the high- profile case and holmes pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity and could face the death penalty although colorado only executed one person in the past 40 years. the pope will not visit
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california as part of the u.s. tour this coming september. there had been some speculation he might come to california after he announced plans to canonize a man who founded several california missions in the 18th search arery. instead though pope will do that in washington, d.c.. yesterday, the pope confirmed he'll visit washington and new york along with his previously announced plans in philadelphia. facebook is hanging out the help wanted sign. the social networking site needs to fill more than 1100 jobs. many are in advertising sales, but others are aimed at moving facebook into new areas such as virtual reality and using drones to expand internet access around the world. time now is 4:40. the state of the union speech is tonight. but this morning, we already know what president obama's going to say. >> and what's cool about your school? e-mail away to us here at and we just might come out and feature your is school on the sh
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back now at 4:42. in ohio one person is dead after a freeway overpass collapsed. it crushed a tractor-trailer and killed a construction worker. this happened on interstate 75 in cincinnati. and crews were in the middle of demolishing that overpass when it came crashing down and shook homes in the area just north of downtown cincinnati. >> i was in the kitchen cleaning up the kitchen and we heard a big loud noise. and the building shook. so i thought maybe that somebody had rented to a house with -- into my house with a car. >> the commute is likely to be gridlocked the next couple of mornings and southbound i-75 will probably be closed for at least the next 48 hours. happening today, president obama will be making final preparations for his state of the union address. he'll deliver the speech this evening and for the first time, it will be in front of a republican led congress. a preview now from cbs news' susan mcginnis.
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>> you got to play whole game. >> reporter: in a video the white house released monday president obama appeared calm and confident hours before delivering his sixth and second to last state of the union speech. >> the world more relaxed and a little bitter at it than i was the first time it. >> reporter: the white house already unveiled much of what the president will propose. six weeks of paid family leave for fall workers, lower federal mortgage insurance fees and new protections for consumers. the strongest emphasis will be a familiar one, helping struggling americans. he'll try to accomplish that through a higher capital gains tax rate. they are not expected the pass the new -- to pass the new republican led congress but they could lay some groundwork to help democrats in upcoming elections. >> he's going to try to say i know the middle class is still struggling and i'm the one who's going to lift the democratic party and correct this. the republicans are not going to correct it. >> reporter: the president has invited several special guests to sit in the presidential box
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during the address. among them, american alan gross who was redaned in cue -- detained in cuba for five years. he was released last month after president obama took executive action to help restore diplomatic recommendations between the u.s -- relations between the u.s. and cuba. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. also set to attend this evening, retired navy lieutenant jim downing at age 101, the colorado man is the oldest known living survivor of the attack on pearl harbor. the state of the union address can be seen live right here on kpix 5 at 6:00. how about some weather now on the east coast in icy roads made for some dangerous driving. a driver in new jersey was stopped in traffic as the out of semi just missed his car and jumped the center divide, look at that. the driver is okay. in new york the suv slid for more than 50 yards down the street. accidents have been reported across the region and ever been on black ice, there's nothing you can do about it.
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>> you can't do anything. yeah. you can try and pump the brakes a little bit but you can't really do much. >> that's it and what you have to do is just take it slow or stay off the roads at that particular time. but when you have to get to work you do what you got to do right? this morning, that's pretty much the case here too. you got to do what you got to do and take it easy. take it slow. we do have areas of patchy dense fogs this our roof camera right now looking -- fog, this is our roof camera right now looking out to the bay waters. temperature-wise in the 40s and 50s and i have to tell you folks i drive over the bay bridge this morning. the visibility was down to zero on the approach towards the tunnel out of the east bay heading west. so you have the dense fog, you have the cloud cover on top of the patchy dense fog. but meanwhile later today we will become sunny and bright and mild temperatures. good air quality. it's the second day of the king tide event which takes place at 10:46 you're going to see a rise on the waters. we're going to experience some minor coastal flooding and we'll also have some strong rip
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currents and that's towards low tide which takes place twice a day, we already had a low tide actually it's going on right now. 4:30 the. the next low tide is later on this afternoon. we have southwest winds at 10 in santa cruz air temperature 66. you're going to see some pretty big breakers towards the harbor entrances as well. so it's hard for the national weather service to get a good grip on the fog this morning due to this right here. a swath of clouds continue to invade the northern half of the state of california. the clouds will move out. we will have high pressure continue to build in and behind me here, another double barrel ridge of high pressure which means we are going to see near or record high temperatures over the weekend. meanwhile, today we have some dense fog in throughout the sacramento area. stockton. merced, manteca all the way into fresno, that's the tule fog and that's backing up also again from the eastern portion of the bay area this morning. our temperatures will top off in the 60s. except for pacifica. month row beaches where we will
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see a string of 50s and here's a look at the extended forecast, we do call for again temperatures to climb each day until we realize highs in the low and mid- 70s. now if you want to track the impending near and record event coming up, all you got to do is go to the favorite app store and you can download our kpix 5 weather app. you can get conditions in your own neighborhood, and when it does rain you can actually take a look at radar, search kpix 5 and download the cbs bay area weather app. now available on both iphone and android. instead of rain we have a lot of fog and that's what's you're going to be dealing with if you're going out the tar right now on the morning -- door right now on the morning drive. in fact the foggiest commutes where the chp drove across the bridge, one is the richmond san rafael bridge. the approach actually looks okay on the span itself, they say it's pretty dense fog. and visibility is reduced. it's the richmond san rafael bridge. the bay bridge and the san
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mateo bridge. they say where the fog is the thickest. looks pretty bad on the golden gate to me though. let's go to the maps and i'll talk about mass transit. if you don't like to drive in the really foggy conditions, everything is on time b.a.r.t. system wide. also a.c.e. train number one -- so far on time with no delays as well as caltrain. so here's a live look through the altamonte pass. we got a few brake lights now forming on 205 coming out of the tracy area. pretty typical stuff for this time of the morning. 205 all the way out to north flynn and i guess i should call this the back to work commute considering they never had to turn on the metering lights yesterday over at the bay bridge. that's usually a good indication a lot of people had yesterday off for the martin luther king jr. holiday. so if you are heading back to work today at least on 237 no fog and no major delay. all along that corridor and in fact really the rest of the south bay if you're continuing down 880 everything is fine. all the way into san jose. the rest of the san jose freeways are not seeing much of a delay. and along the peninsula, by
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sfo, san bruno, 101, 280. fortunately no dense fog advisories issued for that area. doesn't mean we won't hit some fog but again just be extra careful along the peninsula. 880 in oakland actually the camera continues to get socked in and san leandro you will hit some roadwork for the next ten minutes. kcbs traffic. frank michelle back to you guys. all right liz thank you. it's becoming a bizarre side show on the road to super bowl xlvix. the nfl confirms it is investigating whether the new england patriots used partially deflated footballs in their afc championship win over indianapolis. frank says no. deflated footballs are easier to handle in the cold wet conditions like those during sunday's game. new england quarterback tom brady scoffed at the idea that his team tampered with the footballs. [ laughter ] >> i think i heard it all at this point. that's the last -- that's the last of my worries. that's -- yeah. i don't even respond to stuff like this. >> well, according to nfl
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rules, each team supplies 12 game balls and plays offense with the ones it provides. 2007 the nfl fined the patriots and coach bill belichick for videotaping the new york jets' sideline signals. >> for the note the score of that game i think was 45-7. wasn't very close. anyhoo moving on here. your face or heartbeat could be the key to a future without passwords and pin numbers. tech companies are now working on more ways to use your own body to sign into accounts and make payments. intel's true key uses facial recognition to unlock the device and then automatically fills in your passwords so you don't have to remember them. and the nimi band here gets to know you through your heartbeat. >> as the unique carpettistics that are within your ecg, that's what we use as we create our algorithm to create the digital signature. >> they are now working with mastercard to test payments with that band. time now is 4:51. a brazen smash and grab
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burglary in san francisco. how the thieves managed to clean out a high end outdoor gear store in just a
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backflow at 4:54. -- back now at 4:54. america's last freedom train honoring dr. martin luther king jr. has rolled through the bay area. 30 year tradition ended yesterday with the round trip between san jose and san francisco. the ride sold out when the word spread that this was the end of the line for the train. organizers blame low ridership and a lack of sponsors. riders say this tradition should continue on now more than ever. >> with all the killings that are going on, they should be here on this train protesting what's going on. not up there tearing up the
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community that people work for. >> coretta scott king launched more than two dozen freedom trains to commemorate the 1965 selma march demanding voting rights for african-americans. she chose this route because it's roughly the same distance traveled by the original marchers in alabama energies san francisco, thieves smashed into a store in fisherman's wharf and got away with expensive clothing. police say the driver of a u- haul van put it in reverse and smashed in the front door of the patagonia store and grabbed jackets and vests. the entire operation lasted less than a minute. the freelance news photographer spotted the u-haul speeding through the western addition. >> basically blew every stop sign and every red light all the way until about goth. they actually lost me because they were going so fast. they were going i'd say about 80 miles an hour. >> two police cars tried to follow the van but because they didn't want anyone to get hurt by a chase involving a property crime, officers called off the pursuit.
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witnesses got a partial license plate number ag 135. new this morning, six people are reported dead after a fire destroyed a mansion in the capital of maryland. annapolis. the fire started around 3:30 a.m. yesterday. now only the smoldering stone and steel framework remain of that home. a local newspaper says the owner and their four grandchildren deed in the fire. it cites information in a letter from the headmaster at the school where the children attended. here in california state arson investigators are looking into a fire at the gaffe for's mansion here. the -- governor's mansion here. the small cart near the door was destroyed. they found two cannisters that had exploded. the sacramento mansion is closed right now for renovations and no employees were on hand. the governor stays if a lot of downtown when he's in sacramento. 4:56 right now. new details are coming out on the death of a fitness guru on that train track. what friends say happened moments before he was struck
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and killed. >> and i'm kiet do live at o'connor hospital in san jose. the flu is sweeping the bay area. we'll also tell you about a medi
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boo. i just want to get home. >> a protest that shut down the san mateo bridge has dozens of demonstrators facing charges this morning. they jumped out of their cars and stopped traffic last night. it was part of ha nationwide day of action on the martin luther king jr. holiday. more relaxed and more better at it than i was the first time out. >> president obama speaks to the nation tonight in his state of the union address. he's expected to emphasize the need to help struggling americans. one way he'll try to accomplish that, higher taxes on capital gains. this is real because if something like that happens you don't know how you're going to totally react. >> police are investigating a
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bomb threat directed as a plane flying from sfo to new york. authorities searched the plane after it landed at jfk airport and nothing dangerous was found on board. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >> corner three. let's take a live look out at the bay bridge. at the toll plaza right there. what do you see? besides headlights. >> i see a lot of f. o. g. >> a lot of fog. good morning everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. 5:00. yeah, it was -- kind of yucky on the drive in this morning. so if you're -- meteorological terms. >> dewey and -- >> yucky. >> i like it -- well i have a cousin and she calls me and she goes hey cuz it's fuzzy outside. it's down right dense. in fact not this foggy at the bay bridge in years. you can't even see the approa


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