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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  January 19, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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apparently some protesters have been arrested >> pelley: tonight an invisible killer. ice on roadways is blamed for hundreds of accidents and at least nine deaths since the weekend. >> i was shaken up. it easily could have been me. >> pelley: jericka duncan has the latest. if you didn't have enough to worry about, dr. jon lapook has an news of a link between prolonged sitting and a higher risk of serious illness. >> how do we get people off their duffs and do physical activity? >> pelley: did the patriots cheat their way into the super bowl?s dean reynolds reports the nfl is investigating possible football tampering. and from anna werner, just hours before his death, dr. martin luther king tapped bernard lafayette for a special mission. >> mr. king said, "now, bernard, the next thing we have to do..."
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captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. this is our western edition. most folks never saw it coming. patches of ice, impossible to see, covered walkways and roadways across the northeast, knocking pedestrians off their feet, and sending cars and trucks skidding. there were hundreds of accidents in what looked like a demolition derby. tonight, the death toll reached nine, as three more people died in vermont and massachusetts. jericka duncan has our report. >> reporter: they looked like scenes from a movie, a tractor- trailer sliding out of control on i-95 near new brunswick, new jersey, barely missing cars as it jumped a divider. this s.u.v. slid for more than 50 yards on a street in yonkers,he
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n new york. in the northeast on sunday, more than 500 incidents were reported due to black ice. bijal patel arrived just after a deadly 60-car pile-up in philadelphia. >> shaken up. it easily could have been me. >> reporter: meteorologists say the rain froze almost immediately when it hit the cold roadway. today some are asking why it seemed to catch state and local road crews by surprise. gene blaum is with the pennsylvania department of transportation. >> i don't think anyone expected that we were going to have the t massive frozen roadways that we did have here in the region. >> reporter: the problem may have been the forecast. for example, in philadelphia the national weather service issued a freezing rain advisory at 6:58 sunday morning, but that was too late. 911 calls about icy roads and accidents had already started coming in. sarah johnson is a meteorologist with the national weather service.
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>> we do try to get several hours of lead time. unfortunately, with the event yesterday, it didn't unfold the way we expected. >> reporter: the icy storm has moved north to vermont where scott, dozens of accidents have been reported there. >> pelley: jericka duncan for us tonight. jericka, thank you very much. "the new york times" reported today that u.s. intelligence managed to plant spyware into the computer systems of north korea, and that is one of thedenc reasons the u.s. has confidence that the korean dictatorship wasng behind the hacking of sony pictures entertainment. here's our homeland security correspondent bob orr. >> reporter: long before blaming north korea for the attack on sony pictures and its film "the interview," officials say u.s. intelligence was monitoring north korea's attempts to hack into computer systems of american companies. part of that effort, according to the "new york times," involved a secret 2010 infiltration carried out by the
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u.s. national scurity agency. the n.s.a. reportedly hacked into north korean computer networks and inserted malware, allowing analysts to track the north's cyber operations. over time, the u.s. was able to identify specific addresses used by hackers working for the north korean government. now those same computer i.d.s have been linked to threats sent to sony, said f.b.i. director james comey. >> we can see the i.p. addresses being used to post and send e- mails were coming from i.p.s that were exclusively used by the north koreans. >> reporter: comey revealed the evidence this month to a new york cyber conference to publicly bolster the u.s. case against north korea. the regime has denied the attacks and independent cyber analysts have questioned the f.b.i.'s conclusions, but comey is not backing down. >> i have very high confidence about this attribution, as does the entire intelligenceli community. >> reporter: it's not clear whether u.s. intelligence was
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able to watch the attack against sony play out in real time, but the hackers, scott, were able to destroy computer systems, steal sensitive documents and download several unreleased movies. >> pelley: bob orr in our washington newsroom tonight.very bob orr, thanks very much.hi security this evening is tighter around vice president biden's home near wilmington, delaware as the police investigate an incident there. a gunshots were fired from a vehicle saturday evening several hundred yards from the house. the bidens often spend weekends at the home, but they were not there at the time of the shooting. the vice president will be sitting right behind the president tomorrow, when mr. obama delivers his state of the union address. and if there are any surprisesbe a well, that will be a surprise. because the white house has taken the unusual step of rolling out the president's ideas in advance. here's chief white house correspondent major garrett. >> reporter: over the weekend, the white house proposed $320 billion in new taxes, achieved
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by raising the tax rate on investments for the top 1% of earners and closing inheritance loopholes for the wealthy. the white house says the new tax revenue would pay for all the president's new spending plans.y co among them, free tuition for community college students who maintain a 2.5 grade point average. total cost, $60 billion. >> the doors of higher education shouldn't be a democratic issue or a republican issue. this is an american issue. >> reporter: in the run-up to tomorrow's speech, the president has called for six weeks of paid family leave for federal workers, reductions to federal mortgage insurance fees, new subsidies for rural broadband access and a new push for secure cyber connections. >> if we're going to be connected, we need to be protected. as americans we shouldn't have to to forfeit our basic privacy when we go online to do our business. >> reporter: top republicans who now run congress have branded
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the tax plan dead on arrival. florida senator marco rubio. >> the notion first of all, that in order to some people to do better someone has to do worse is just not true. raising taxes on people that are successful is not going to make people that are struggling more successful. >> reporter: the white house unveiled these proposals in hopes of overshadowing the new republican congress and conveying some sense of policy and political momentum. scott, republicans say they're still waiting for what they describe as serious ideas and signs of cooperation from the white house on trade, tax reform and energy. >> pelley: major garrett at the white house tonight. thank you, major. cbs news will bring you live coverage of the state of the union address and the republican response at 9:00 eastern time, 8:00 central. that's 6:00 in the west. today, the first family honored the legacy of martin luther king, jr., by visiting the boys and girls club in washington. the president, the first lady and daughter malia helped children with a reading project. there were marches around the there were m country in memory of dr. king. tens of thousands turned out in
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los angeles. in many cities, including st. paul, minnesota, marchers protested police tactics that they claim unfairly targetta african americans. tonight, there's an international manhunt for suspects wanted for plotting to kill police in belgium. the police say with a series of raids last week, they prevented the attacks, which they say were imminent. investigators have their eye onat one man in particular and charlie d'agata tells us about him. >> reporter: belgian media have identified him as abdelhamid abaaoud, a 27 year old belgian citizen of moroccan dissent and a suspected ringleader of the terror plot to kill police. he's well-known to security forces and last year he appeared in this amateur video purportedly from syria. last month, social media sites said abaaoud had been killed la fighting with isis.ud h so it came as a shock to police when they turned up recent phone
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calls made by abaaoud very much alive. foreign minister didier reynders. >> for those people to say onn the internet and tweet on facebook that they are dead and we are sure, 50 dead people from the belgian commune any syria, but are we sure? we have seen for some dead people it's possible to come back. >> reporter: to come back from the dead? >> to come back to the dead.if >> reporter: he told us that tracking the more than 300 belgians that have joined the jihad is difficult enough. tracking those that return is almost impossible. abaaoud, like many others who left for syria, lived in poor neighborhoods like these. many muslim immigrants couldn't find work and had trouble fitting in. we wanted to speak with his father in brussels, but he wouldn't let us in. this weekend, belgian police tracked other suspects who may be linked to the terror cells inbe greece.
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they admit that others have simply disappeared, while hundreds of belgian troops remain on a high state of alert. the challenge of tracking potential islamic extremists topped the agenda at a meeting of european foreign ministers here in brussels today, scott, and for the first time they're proposing building an alliance with arab countries to figure out a better way to share more intelligence. >> pelley: charlie d'agata reporting for us tonight fromm. belgium.e, thank you. charlie, thank you.a there was a terrible fire in annapolis, maryland, where a mansion went up in flameshe overnight and six people are unaccounted for. the waterfront home, said to be worth at least $9 million, was destroyed, the structure is unstable and firefighters have not been able to get inside to search for the occupants. the cause of the fire is still unknown. a jetblue pilot's quick reactionon may have been the only thing that prevented a tragedy at new york's j.f.k. airport on saturday night.ig jeff pegues tells us about the
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close call. >> the passengers on board jetblue flight 1295 were headed for austin, texas. the plane was cleared for take- off, but as it picked up speed air traffic controllers realizedco another aircraft was in its path. >> reporter: caribbean airlines flight 526 arriving from georgetown, guyana, was crossing the runway, and the pilots on board that flight were not responding. >> reporter: before it was too late, the jetblue pilots heard the warning and hit the brakes. passenger krista hollis felt the jolt. >> it was like a huge whiplash and it was terrifying. >> reporter: they are called runway incursions, and according to federal aviation administration data, they are happening more often. in 2011, there were a total ofa 954 incidents. in 2014, the numbers were up to 1,264.
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the f.a.a. says saturday's incident is being investigated and that the closest proximity of the two aircraft was more than 2,800 feet, but based on average take-off speeds, that would have given the jetblue plane approximately 30 seconds to avoid a collision. passenger brandon card. >> we were heading full speed down the runway, and the plane came to a screeching stop. >> reporter: there were no injuries. scott, the f.a.a. is investigating whether the caribbean airlines flight was on the wrong air traffic control frequency. >> pelley: jeff, thanks very much. today health officials in san diego identified three more probable cases of measles. all three patients had visited disneyland last month. at least 46 cases of measles have been linked to disney parks in southern california. most who contracted it had not been vaccinated. a new study finds a link between
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prolonged sitting and illness. and lindsey vonn breaks a record, while tiger woods breaks a tooth, when the western edition of the "cbs evening news" continues.
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>> pelley: are you sitting down? well, you may want the stand up after you see our next story.
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dr. jon lapook has details of a study out today says too muchf dr. jon sitting raises your risk of serious illness. >> at the headquarters of bayer health care in new jersey, people are hard at work just standing around. when the building opened a year and a half ago, employees like kim were told their desks woulds li be designed so they could sit orhe stand. your very first reaction when you told about this idea was... t >> interesting, nice perk the company is giving us and i really don't have any interest in trying it. >> reporter: and now? >> i wouldn't want to give it how does it m up. >> how does it make you feel bet better? >> my energy level is much more consistent. i don't have ups and downs when i was more sedentary.ting >> reporter: in a review published today in the annals of internal medicine, doctors found sitting for long periods of timear said sitting for long periods of time increased cardiovascular
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does by 13 tct, cancer by 14% and nearly double the risk of diabetes. the double whammy of prolonged sitting and no exercise increased the risk of early death by 40% with regular exercise, that increased risk fell to about 10%. >> how do we get people off their duffs and do physical activity? >> reporter: dr. michael roizen runs the wellness institute at the cleveland clinic. >> we know when you sit, you increase your insulin resistance. that means you don't take the sugar that's in your blood and move it into your cells as well. >> reporter: roizen is passionate believer in the health benefits of staying active. he holds his meetings while walking and his standing desk includes a >> the human body is this wonderful thing where we get to postpone or diminish chronic disease just by getting out of our chair once every half hour. >> reporter: one of the authors of the study said risks begin to increase sitting four hours or more in a day. one tip, estimate how much time
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you spend sitting and reduce it each week. for example, stand or exercise but don't snack during next commercial. >> pelley: so simple. so important. doctor, thanks very much. in football, some defeats are more deflating than others, butts t were the colts the victims of cheating? that's next. thank you for being a sailor and my daddy. thank you mom, for protecting my future. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are thankful for many things.
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today. dean reynolds on what many are calling deflate-gate. >> touchdown new england. >> reporter: with three touchdown passes to his credit... >> he's in for the touchdown! >> england quarterback tom brady took the air out of the indianapolis colts in convincing fashion. >> end zone, touchdown gronkowski. >> reporter: but upon further review, the nfl has announced it's investigating whether brady's team took some air outr ru of the football as well, making it easier for runners or receivers to grasp in wet conditions. exactly the weather thatin prevailed in foxborough sunday night. what is beyond question is that there was some issue with the pig skin during sunday's pig skin during blowout. >> anderson and his crew holding up play. >> one football was removed just before brady was to take the snap. each team supplies 12 game balls to and plays offense with the onesch t they provide.
5:52 pm
anyone not inflated to within th 12.5 to 13.5 pounds per square inch is supposed to be removed. the refs inspect them two hours before kickoff, but then they're entrusted to the teams and their t sense of honor. asked today about a possible air advantage, brady laughed it off. >> i think i've heard it all at this point. that's the last of my worries. i don't even respond to stuff like this. >> reporter: with the patriots there's a history of seeking an edge, stealing signs or allegedly taping an opponents' practice. in any case, when colts' quarterback andrew luck was asked if he noticed something funny with the ball, he just shook his head, no. now here in indianapolis, some diehards may argue that the ga game's outcome was affected by what they're calling deflate- gate, and maybe they're right, scott, maybe instead of losing 45-7, the colts would have lost 45-14.
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>> pelley: the patriots' eighthhth trip to the super bowl, tying dallas and pittsburgh. dean, thanks very much. skier lindsey vonn made history today. she won the super g race in the italian alps, her 63rd world cup win. her 63rd it's a record. afterward vonn's boyfriend tiger woods surprised her, and in the crush of media and fan, a photographer accidentally hit woods and knocked out a tooth. just before he died, martin luther king asked bernard lafayette to take on a special mission, and his story is next.
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better? yeah...thanks for the tip! "smoking" outdoors -- not cigarettes -- but food... next. weather talent appears at wx center with generic pinpoint filling monitor then we take special >> pelley: finally on this martin luther king day, long after the civil rights leader's death, his message of non- violence is still being spread by a protege. anna werner now with the man and his mission. >> like anybody i would like to live a long life. >> reporter: just hours before martin luther king, jr., was gunned down on april 4, 1968, he had a talk with one of his fellow activists, a simple conversation that laid out the future for bernard lafayette.ersa >> mr. king said, now, bernard the next thing that we have to do, the next movement, is to institutionalize and to
5:57 pm
internationalize non-violence. >> reporter: after king's death, lafayette vowed to turn king's words into action. the 27-year-old was a veteran of protests, sit-ins and the freedom bus rides in the south and was beaten and arrested numerous times. >> one of the things about selma... >> reporter: we met lafayette in selma, alabama, on the very bridge where he marched for equal voting rights. >> the whole idea of marching is not just wearing out rubber on your shoes. it's about being able to step together. it shows a sense of unity. >> reporter: lafayette is now a professor at emory university and the chairman of the southern christian leadership conference, an organization once led by king. he has spent the last five decades doing as king instructed. >> you have the power within you. >> reporter: teaching non- violence here at home and in 35 t countries around the worldan including to prisoners in california and gang members in
5:58 pm
colombia. what he said to you was we need to institutionalize non- violence. has that happened in this country? >> no. it hasn't happened. you see, violence is a language of the inarticulate. when people don't know how to talk and communicate with each other. >> reporter: which is why he w also went to ferguson, missouri, to help a new generation find alternatives to violence and defeat those who hate. >> their purpose was to silence martin luther king, his voice, but we can hear it everywhere we go, and that's what my life was devoted to and has been and is now. >> reporter: a life dedicated to king's ideal of achieving peaceful ends through peaceful means. anna werner, cbs news, selma alabama. >> reporter: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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breaking news, protestors disrupt traffic on the san mateo bridge. their message, we claim mlk and the military law enforcement and it's coming on -- i'm allen martin. >> let's look at the bridge. traffic as you can see is backed up in both directions. protestors took over the west bound lanes on the high rise section and stopped cars in their tracks. from what we can see here, it does appear that traffic is beginning to move passed the protestors, but it is very slow going.
6:00 pm
kpix -- andrea is where she's seen drivers turn around. >>reporter: it was reopened. and take a look. it's completely open here at this point. the protest again just before 5:00. the westbound lanes on the san mateo bridge at the high rise. protestors got out of their cars and they stopped traffic. that's what they did. the chp was prepared for the protestors. they closed the toll plaza plus the highway 92 -- that jammed traffic up. drivers were stuck here for quite some time. half an hour not moving. many tried to turn around. many were very annoyed to have their evening commute disrupted. >> they're not an accomplishing anything because all it does is anger people. i'm trying to get home like everybody else is on


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