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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 8, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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rly-morning hours because we're sleep late at night. >> some are asleep right now. >> it's thursday, january 8, i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. a little traffic and weather. i was looking at my phone. back on the east coast i still have a little home in new hampshire. it's minus 4 in salem, new hampshire, right now. >> i posted at 3:30 this morning in chicago saying i feel your pain. wind chill 24 below zero. air temperature 3 below zero. we're going down today. oh, yes, we are. it's a modest cooldown. currently clear skies as we take a sneak peek towards the bay bridge. current air temperatures mild because of cloud cover in the 40s and 50s. no 30s at all. temperatures coming down ever so slightly just under 70 degrees. the full forecast is straight ahead. >> we already are waking up to a traffic alert. big problems near the dublin
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interchange. westbound 580 just past that foothill-san ramon road exit. there's an overturned big rig. it was a 53-foot trailer hauling beer cans. right now the two right lanes are blocked. just a couple of seconds ago we were seeing some slowdowns on the sensors. i'm not sure what's going on. but again, two lanes are blocked. we may see backups later coming out of pleasanton. nothing at this hour. we don't know if beer spilled and the driver just minor injuries. >> thank you. in paris today a police officer was shot to death but police say the killing hasn't been related to yesterday's deadly terrorist attack that killed 12 people. elaine cobb reports two suspects are still on the run. >> reporter: authority stood guide inside this residence east of paris this morning as french police raided an apartment inside looking for two remaining fugitives. in their hunt they are
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circulating this wanted poster along with new images of 34- year-old said and his 32-year- old brother shareef. a third suspect 18-year-old has turned himself in. the hunt began yesterday. officials say the suspects stormed the paris office of charlie hebdo with machine guns and opened fire. the masked gunmen then exchanged gunfire with police outside. in the end, 12 people were dead including the magazine's editor, several cartoonists and two police officers. amid fears of more violence, security has been increased in paris and across the country. in a video released just days ago a french jihadi in syria issued an order urging formers to commit violence in france for helping in the u.s.-led effort against isis. >> the french have always been considered a legitimate western target. >> reporter: al qaeda also recently called for the murder of charlie hebdo's editor for its depiction of the prophet
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mohammad. as authorities work to determined if either group is behind the attack, the people of france are observing a national day of mourning. elaine cobb, cbs news, paris. >> no terror group has claimed responsibility but al qaeda and isis both had a bull's eye on france. [ speaking french ] >> in this isis video released just days ago a jihadist says in french, blow up france and tear it down to pieces. hundreds of people gathered outside the french consulate in san francisco to grieve for the victims in paris. police had to shut down kearney street because the crowd and many mourners were french expatriates. they carried signs, waved french flags and many held up pins to represent the power of the -- pens to represent the power of the printed word. >> they killed the freedom of speech. so it's emotional. >> i feel very close to them. it was a shock for me this morning when i learned the news. >> pulitzer prize winning cartoonist mark fiori is creating a response to the killings at his office in san
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francisco. he hopes to inspire some other cartoonists to show they are not going to be silenced by terrorism. 4:34 right now. let's get a check on our weather here in the bay area. a bit of a cooldown. >> a modest cooldown today. we still have another "spare the air" day. it is the ofth consecutive "spare the air" day the 13 -- it's theth consecutive "spare the air" day and the 13th consecutive "spare the air" of the season. right now the temperatures are 10 degrees warmer than just 24 hours ago. it is 52 degrees in san francisco. 49 in oakland. 40 in santa rosa. it is in the low 40s in napa. later today we'll have our winds rotating to the west 10 to 15 miles per hour. that's going to clear out the air and it will not be as hazy. temperatures into the 60s under
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70 everywhere. 61 pacifica. still 10 degrees above normal for this time of the year. extended forecast, with increasing cloud cover partly cloudy skies through saturday and then dry weather pattern through wednesday. >> we are sending a photographer to the scene of the traffic alert near the dublin interchange. unfortunately, we are seeing some delays now. it's an overturned big rig that was reported a little more than an hour ago on westbound 580 near foothill-san ramon road. the overturned big rig was hauling beer cans and they still have the two lanes blocked off. they have since the accident happened. other lanes get by. we are seeing a backup into the dublin grade. through the altamont pass, livermore valley, everything still looks okay. the backups haven't been huge so far because it is still so early in the morning. so hopefully they will be able to clear this before the commute really picks up after 5:00 or 5:30. we really haven't been able to get an estimated time of
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opening yet. right now the drive time 11 minutes between the altamont pass and 680. otherwise, relatively quiet around the bay area. they picked up the overnight roadwork at the bay bridge toll plaza a little early. so now you're clear. you can see at the pay gates maybe a couple cars deep in some of the cash lanes. no metering lights. 880 in oakland looks great toward oakland airport. taillights are northbound traffic heading into downtown. coming up, a check of mass transit. in the meantime, frank and michelle, back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. new this morning, people are allowed back into their homes in san mateo after an overnight manhunt. police blocked off several blocks around south fremont street last night. that was after reports of two people leaving the scene of a car burglary. one suspect was quickly caught. but neighbors were told to lock their doors and windows while they looked for the other suspect who was reported in custody shortly after 2:00 this morning. >> it is 4:3 of now. evacuees back in contra costa county after some
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concerns about a propane leak were put to rest. six homes evacuated in pittsburg yesterday afternoon. the substance was not propane but lubricating oil. it took a while for union pacific to figure it out so the six homes near railroad avenue were evacuated for three hours. the train was carrying tens of thousands of gallons of liquid propane. so the reasons for concern were very real. we got what we needed and our identification and let's go. you know? we didn't know what was going on. the lubricant is used to test those tankers for leaks. >> divers found the tail of the airasia flight that went down but have run into more problems. monsoon rains and heavy winds have hampered the efforts to locate the black boxes. normally they are in the back of the plane. but divers are worried they could have gotten loose in the crash. the wreckage was found a few
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miles from where the plane went down. 13 former flight attendants are suing because they said they were fired for refusing to work a flight out of sfo. crews found the word bye-bye and two faces drawn in an oil slick on the back of the united flight 869 back in july. that plane was headed off to hong kong. >> i have flown 24 years. and i have never seen anything like this. >> you can hear much more from the flight attendant and the attorney on "cbs this morning" starting at 7:00 right here on kpix 5. california health officials are tying a small measles outbreak to disneyland and the neighboring california adventure park. nine young people who have been diagnosed with the disease had visited at least one of the parks between december 15 and december 20. one of them is from alameda county. the rest are from southern california or utah. among the 7 california
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patients, six had never been vaccinated. one doctor says this should be a warning for parents. >> they don't believe that measles is a serious disease and they are worried about vaccine adverse effects. because of that, their children are susceptible and they can get the disease and then they can transmit it to others. >> two of the patients were too young to receive vaccines. according to the centers for disease control, there were only 100 measles cases nationwide in 2001. that number is up to 600 last year. a major turn of events in the battle over foie gras. a federal judge overturned california's ban on that delicacy. betty yu has some reaction now from animal rights activists and local restaurants. reporter: whether it's seared, pan roasted or poached, foie gras is fair game tonight. at dirty habit in san francisco, it's the star of a decadent four-course meal crafted just hours after the ruling.
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>> we are excited and we're serving as much foie gras tonight to celebrate. it's one of my favorite ingredients to cook with. people love it and california is very excited to have it back. >> reporter: at a restaurant in saratoga the owner calls today's federal ruling a victory. he already put in an overnight order of the rich buttery duck liver from new york. >> it's special like no other food. it would be the equivalent of banning caviar. >> reporter: he says the majority of his diners eat the delicacy and constantly ask for it to be quietly served. >> but even as of last week, do you have any foie gras in- house? the answer is no, we're not allowed to sell at this time. i'm happy to say, we don't like saying no to anybody. >> reporter: the two-year ban was tough. for los gatos's manresa owner david kin. . >> i don't believe that state legislatures have the right to tell people to choose or not choose what they put into their bodies. >> reporter: animal rights groups hope the state will
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appeal saying the force-feeding of ducks needed to create the fatty liver is inhumane. >> it's a loss to all the individual ducks and geese who will be confined, tortured and killed for this. and this is an inherently violent process. >> reporter: similarly, chicago outlawed foie gras back in 2006. but later repealed the ban. here at this restaurant they are closed for the week but the owner says you can most likely expect it back on the menu on friday when they re-open. in saratoga, betty yu, kpix 5. >> the judge said the federal government's authority to regulate poultry products supersedes any california law. time now you is 4:41. will the bay area be in the running to host the olympics? today's decision and the last- minute change that could kim prove our chances. that and much more coming up.
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shot at hosting the olympics in 2024. kpix five's phil matier says a la happening today we could learn whether the bay area will
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get a shot at hosting the olympics in 2024. kpix 5's phil matier says a last-minute change of venue could pay off. >> we have in play the possibility of an arena option in oakland. reporter: here's why. for years, the raiders have hit a financial wall when it comes to building a new stadium. at the same time, the bay area olympic committee has needed a stadium big enough to host the opening and closing ceremonies. >> the olympic committee is interested in actually supporting a stadium construction project that would be a permanent facility, a legacies facility. >> we believe that with the idea of it including the possibility of the major track and field arena, a stadium being built in oakland that could accommodate the raiders that is a good combination. >> reporter: plus -- >> the original idea of erecting a stadium at a
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tremendous cost for a temporary venue didn't make sense. i have been very clr the city of oakland doesn't want to put money into an event. >> reporter: olympic opponents shot off a letter to the selection committee themselves listing their objections to the games coming to the bay area. >> the taxpayers who are footing the bill for basically a three-week party for the wealthy. >> reporter: the idea here would be to push back on some of that criticism by offering the bay area something that could last for decades rather than just one summer of fun. in oakland, phil matier, kpix 5. >> the other american cities in the running are los angeles, washington, d.c. and boston. and cities from other countries are also bidding for the games. the final decision by the international olympic committee is expected in 2017. it is 4:45 now. much of the country's dealing with another day of dangerously cold and windy weather. two people were killed when 18 cars and trucks piled up in white-out conditions in pennsylvania yesterday.
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both victims were hit after they got out of their cars. temperatures are in the single digits in many places and the wind chill makes it feel even colder. school districts in the midwest, northeast and south are delaying or canceling classes today. a mysterious boat is floating around in the san francisco bay. it's believed to be a yacht called the [ non-english language ] some are dubbed it the darth vader boat because of its resemblance to the "star wars" character. it was docked off tiburon yesterday. it's believed the 118-foot luxury vessel can reach speeds of 70 miles an hour. but so far, it's not clear why it's in the area. hm. okay. >> yeah. can you get inside? >> i don't know. >> it's a little dark and mysterious. >> it is very mysterious. >> and they are the first to know if there's a small craft advisory in effect. they have all the gadgets and it's really futuristic, isn't it? >> i guess. okay. they want to jump into the future right now in chicago. i'm just so amazed at 6 below
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zero there right now with wind chill at 4 below zero and that's just -- at 24 below zero and that's just dangerously cold conditions. i remember working there. i used to love this going, no school! but it's dangerous there. we have a modest cooldown . out the door, we have temperatures into the 40s and 50s. look at this. this is our futurecast. this illustrates that we have some changes in the form of clouds. now you're looking at the numbers in the 40s and in the 50s. and later today, this is what you need to know. it is yet another "spare the air" day. it is the 7th consecutive "spare the air" day. and the 13th of the winter season. we have partly cloudy conditions and slight cooling and that's what i was alluding to just a moment ago. increasing cloud cover. that's why it is so mild outside right now not 40s and the 50s. these clouds will continue to increase as the day progresses. and most notably we'll have a wind shift out of the east to the west that's more of an
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onshore push so therefore, we will have some better air quality even though it is a "spare the air" day. this is the area of low pressure that's producing the cloud cover over the bay area right now. it's just not strong enough. that high pressure still has a firm grip over the entire state. therefore, some dry conditions today. 64 at the state capital. 53 degrees in the greater lake tahoe area. sunset tonight at 5:06. by the time the sun comes back up tomorrow morning at 7:26, we'll have realized temperatures just a tad cooler than on wednesday and in the 60s. under 70 everywhere. 61 pacifica. 62 degrees in concord. 66 in san jose when the average high temperature this time of the year is right around 57 degrees. so almost 10 degrees above normal, still additional cooling does take place on friday over the weekend and not a raindrop in sight until wednesday. if you want to see when rain is back in the picture, we make it so easy for all of you. all you have to do is go to
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your favorite app store and download our kpix 5 app. and i got to tell you, you can even read our blogs online, you can submit pictures. i just love it. i hope you will, too. visit us at the app store and download the kpix 5 bay area san francisco weather app. bad news about the traffic alert. we are anticipating major delays around the dublin interchange especially as this commute gets under way. it's not going to be open, those two right lanes, for another three, possibly four hours. so at the earliest, now they are saying 8:00 this morning. the big rig overturned hauling beer cans and now they have to off-load all the beer cans before they can upright the truck. so it's going to take a long time for this accident to clear. expect residual delays even after that. we see bigger-than-usual backups this time of the morning around the livermore valley anyway, so it's already slow through the dublin grade. later on we are anticipating
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good sized problems there for commuters coming out of the livermore and altamont pass areas. so you may want to consider riding bart. elsewhere, though, it's quiet. it's just the overnight roadwork southbound 880 hegenberger to 98th not quite clear yet scheduled to wrap up by 5:00. and here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. no delay in either direction so far. looks great about a 13-minute drive time. bart is on time systemwide including that route through dublin-pleasanton. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. two people injured when a car plowed through a restaurant in san francisco. take a look. it happened yesterday afternoon at the eatery called olea at california and larkin streets. police say the car hit the restaurant after crashing with a pickup on the street. happening today, animals at the oakland zoo get a treat. they are getting christmas trees. they were donated from a tree lot and some of the animals like to eat the small pine
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trees, others apparently enjoy looking for treats in the branches. if you are in the area today, the feeding frenzy starts at 11 a.m. time now is 4:51. it's been a long road to recovery but after nearly two months, a little boy who fell off a cliff in bodega bay is improving. when he will finally get to leave the hospital and go home.
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good morning. it's thursday. today a modest cooldown in the bay area. but our temperatures are still above average for this time of the year. 67 degrees today in redwood city when typically we should be in the mid-50s. cupertino still flirting with highs in the upper 60s near 70 degrees. the warmest numbers will be south of the bay across the
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santa clara valley averaging 10 degrees above normal for this time of the year. east bay, good morning! your winds will rotate from the east to the west. more of an onshore flow 10 to 15 miles per hour. clearing out the atmosphere late day today but it is still another "spare the air" day right here in the san francisco bay area. and our hot spot continues to be this crash an overturned big rig near the dublin interchange already causing some relatively good sized delays for this time of the morning through that dublin area. westbound 580 at foothill road two lanes are blocked but the bigger deal is they are not going to be able to re-open lanes those two right lanes until closer to 8:00 this morning. so later on you're probably want to behind alternates. we'll have some coming up. "kcbs traffic" just minutes away. thank you, liz. a 4-year-old santa rosa boy who survived a 225-foot fall off a cliff is said to be improving now. sebastien johnson has been at children's hospital oakland since november. he was hiking with his family at bodega head when he slipped
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and fell on the beach below suffering numerous broken bones and kept in a coma for more than a week. the boy's grandmother just posted online that he will be getting out of the hospital very soon. good news. san leandro police will address adding an armored vehicle to its department at a meeting tonight. the bear cat costs $200,000. the department of homeland security offered a 1.6 million grant to the city. davis and san jose have had recently declined the purchase of those armored vehicles. members of a special unit of the san jose police department will be taking on some other duties next month. the "mercury news" reports the 27 sergeants and officers in the metro special enforcement unit there will be now put on street patrol february 1. the reassignment is expected to continue until new officers are ready for duty in mid to late march. a woman is under arrest accused of setting fires at the "mrs. doubtfire" home in san francisco. someone lit a doormat on fire as well as a garage door monday
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night. the suspect is 25-year-old taquan welch. police caught her in san jose and say she is a former patient of the surgeon that owns the house. sacramento county sheriff's deputy is being hailed a hero for twice saving a man's life in a packed courtroom. a juror collapsed monday. and deputy john gonzalez performed cpr. the deputy and a nurse took turns with the life-saving efforts. both refused to give up. >> i expected him to come back. i expected it because, um, i don't know, just kind of what you expect. you're doing that to save somebody's life. and did he. >> the man was revived but then his heart stopped for a second time and with the help of a defibrillator and arriving paramedics the victim survives and he is in the hospital recovering. a search is under way in france for two suspects involved in yesterday's massacre. what we're learning this
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morning about the men behind the attack. >> and the state health department is now getting involved after a measles outbreak in disneyland. i'm kiet do with a live report on how they think it has been spreading.
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france is observing a day of mourning. france's prime minister says the possibility of a new attack is a big concern. . >> we support charlie hebdo. >> hundreds of people gathered outside the french consulate in san francisco last night to send a message that free speech will not be stifled with violence. >> we're on the phone with the u.s. olympic committee just as late as an hour ago. >> we could find out today if san francisco is still in the running to host the olympics
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one of four u.s. cities will be picked for the u.s. bid as early as today. the winner will then compete against other countries to be the host. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. and we are taking a live look out at the golden gate bridge right now. you can see that people are making their way -- i'm always shocked about people making their way to work so early in the morning but they are. [ laughter ] >> someone has to help us out. >> they are crossing the bridge and, of course, this is the bridge that's going to be closed over the weekend. >> right. good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. good to have you on board. 5:00. while the rest of the country is doing this -- [ shivering ] -- we're not. kind of nice. >> 6 degrees below zero in chicago with the wind chill 24 below zero dangerously cold kings. we have a modest cooldown. good morning, looking at the temperatures in the area, look


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