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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 29, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> however, everyone. 5:00 is your time. they played last night. >> there was a big game last night. it's do or die. game 7 tonight. the giants and royals battle it out one last time. >> winner-take-all. only fitting it's a strikeout in a game that was so very forgettable because this one was over in a hurry. two innings, it was over! the royals brought home 7 runs in that inning alone. >> it happens. they put the ball in play and did a good job. the best thing about this game is, you know, we get to wash it off. it didn't go our wear. the big inning killed us. >> final score royals 10-0. in tonight's game 7, tim hudson the 39-year-old will take the mound for the good guys. back home we're going to take
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you live to the civic center plaza in san francisco getting ready for a party. anne makovec reports. hundreds of fans will show there today to watch game 7 hopefully a happier result. >> reporter: hopes are high at civic center plaza and excitement building once again. you can see the stage all set. we have the screen ready and behind that of course the backdrop of city hall, lit up in giants orange. hundreds came out for game 7 from all over northern california yesterday evening and hopes were high until it became clear the giants wouldn't be taking the series that easily. the crowd thinned out in the middle of a frustrating game. >> it's only the 5th inning. >> oh, i know. >> yeah. but 9-0? that's pretty bad. but we're giants fans. >> we are going to take it tomorrow. >> reporter: now, of course,
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there is a contingency of faithful giants fans who made the trip to see the game in person in kansas city. they are representing nonetheless. you can see a line of porta- potties. it is going to be alcohol-free. >> that stage in front of city hall is set up in case there is a victory -- for when there is a victory celebration. not exactly sure when that would occur but the city is ready to celebrate. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. we're ready, come on. that was tough last night. >> it was a rough one. but it's been such a fun ride. and now we have game 7 tonight all comes down to this. >> your tie, though. you said every time you wear that time. >> every time i wore my lucky giants tie, they have won. >> where was that tie? >> i only have one. i wanted to save it for game 7. [ laughter ]
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>> working out okay. >> we'll let you go first. >> we are? okay. all right. i think we'll do weather first. >> yeah, let's talk about the kansas city forecast. we have mostly clear and cool conditions and the first pitch about 59 degrees so a little cool for the game but perfect baseball weather for game 7. how about this? lots of sunshine. you're going to see 70s in the bay. 80s in the valleys, 60s and 70s at the coast. out in the bay temperatures warmer than yesterday. still cool in some spots. 47 in santa rosa and 52 in san jose. 74 in san francisco. rain and cooler weather is on the way. >> and no official date but i notice every time there's a giants game the night before we have quiet conditions on the road. today looks great on northbound and southbound 880 no roadwork no hot spots. so let's talk about later on tonight. we have that big world series
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viewing going on at civic center plaza winner takes all. 5:07 tonight, so yeah, expect some delays thousands of people came yesterday and hope street larkin grove mcallister all those streets in that area saw bogged down traffic so if you are not going, avoid the area. >> could be a late night especially if they win tonight. >> that will be crazy all over the city. >> which is okay. >> that's what we're hoping for. all right. [ laughter ] big setback for private space flight in the united states. [ countdown and explosion ] >> a rocket on its way to the international space station blew up just seconds after liftoff. the company that owns the rocket says it hopes to know soon what caused the explosion over the launch pad in virginia. kpix 5's keit do is at the nasa ames research center in moffett field with more. >> reporter: some local students had experts on the
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rocket. it was a setback for scientists and for the space program in general but also a disappointment to hundreds of schoolkids all across the country including right here in the bay area. dozens of schools had placed science experiments on board that supply rocket and students at mark west charter school in santa rosa had been working on their project for months. they wanted to see if tiny shrimp like "triops" could survive a launch into space with the hopes they could be a food source for astronauts. watching their hard work go up in flames was painful. >> surprised. >> we spent all this work on it and then it blew up. >> it's definitely heartbreaking to see your work lost in an accident like this. >> reporter: and in addition to the science experiments, the capsule was also carrying supplies to astronauts in the orbiting lab. none of the supplies was urgent. nasa is paying billions to privatize space flight and hope these u.s. companies can carry astronauts into space starting in 2017. >> must be heartbreaking for
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the students, but any chance they will recreate the experiment for the next launch? >> reporter: they say it will be hard to get everybody involved back together again. it will be tough. live at nasa ames in mountain view, kiet do, kpix 5. in berkeley a man was shot and killed on university avenue near the berkeley marina around 8:00 last night. witnesses heard several gunshots and then saw people running off. the car was also seen speeding out of the area. no description of the vehicle available right now. sea breeze market was closed at the time. all the employees are accounted for. former mlb star jose canseco says he accidentally shot himself. las vegas police say canseco was cleaning his gun at his home when he accidentally fired it and blew off his middle finger. tmz reports surgeons are trying to save the finger. health officials are trying to learn what made about 100 people sick at a convention on the peninsula over the weekend. several people had to go to the
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hospital after they got sick at the sofitel hotel until redwood city. they had eat on salmon and salad at the naacp convention there saturday night. the investigation into the illnesses could take several days. happening today, president obama will speak at the white house about the u.s. fight against ebola. before his comments, the president will discuss the issue with his public health and national security teams. the white house has been at odds with state governors who have imposed mandatory quarantines for healthcare workers returning from africa. california's drought is taking a bite out of the rice harvest and sushi, as well. water restrictions are forcing farmers in the sacramento valley to grow less rice. harvest is down 25% this year. $5billion industry exports rice to more than 100 countries and this could affect size, sushi prices. california's medium rice is
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used in nearly all u.s. sushi restaurants. more relief for people in napa and solano counties. the irs is postponing the deadlines for the victims of the earthquake in august. those who had an extension to file returns in september now have until january. this comes after fema announced it will give money to people for recovery capped at about $30,000 per household 5:08. up next drone pilots, beware. the faa is putting out a message and you may want to pay attention. details this morning on how you can land in jail for flying near stadiums. >> reporter: have you found your favorite halloween costume yet? obviously, i have. i'm praying for a -- [ signal breakup ] how you can rent this costume and more from one local theater. >> you may need a waterproo costume. we have rain coming up. we'll talk about it coming up. >> the roadwork on 580 in livermore out of here and now we are seeing the usual slowdowns out of tracy on 205.
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we'll have a travel time plus get a check of the rest of bay area bridges. it's all after the break. we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. ask a question or share a gripe by emailing or tweet me at #ewengerkpix and watch to see if your question gets answered on air. time is 5-- i'll have your complete ,,,,
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forecast in just smoking, molte still glowing orange over coit tower as we have game number 7 coming up tonight. go giants! should be a great game. the weather here going to be spectacular. these temperatures well above the average. but there's some rain on the horizon. we'll talk about that coming up. the smoky molten lava from kileaua volcano is moving slowly but has now reached the small village. the lava threatens 50 structures. people in the village have been watching the lava advance for a number of weeks. once it crosses the road it will be mayhem. >> the lava moving 17 miles an hour. there is no way to divert it. new this morning, you could wind up in prison if you fly a drone in the wrong place. the faa is reminding pilots
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about that. it says drones and remote- controlled aircraft are not allowed to fly near sports arenas. that flight ban was imposed following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. the original notice was about aircraft near stadiums and now drones are specifically mentioned. and time for traffic now. it's 5:13. how are we doing? >> we're searching for stuff, yeah. there's not a lot going on. we are seeing the usual congestion so i'll show you our two slowest spots and they are our usual areas right now. highway 4 those delays are beginning to build between hillcrest and g street westbound and you can see the red sensors only about 25 miles per hour or below but once you get past antioch then things are clear. westbound 580 slow and sluggish all the way to about vasco kind of loosens up a little bit slows by hasend da.
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here's a live look at a very quiet bay bridge toll plaza. looking good. lower deck eastbound 80 there was some overnight roadwork that may be out there but not causing much of a problem out to the east bay. here's a live look. the lanes change crews are out there and everything is moving well in both directions. here's a live look for milpitas commuters 880/237, problem-free this morning around the bend. . we have a lot of sunshine today. it is going to be the nicest day of the week. these temperatures running well above the average. high pressure in control. not much wind or clouds. temperatures on average in the
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60s and 70s. today well above the average this afternoon up to 8 to 10 degrees above the average in some spots. 74 degrees in downtown san francisco. sunny skies a nice warm afternoon. well above the average. rain will move in thursday night into friday just in time for halloween. high pressure in control now. the first system sliding to the north will drop down out of the gulf of alaska bringing with it some stormy conditions especially into early friday morning. the commute could be a very messy day to start out on friday. temperatures in the 80s in the central valley for today. about 80 in yosemite. 77 into monterey bay. computer models showing clear skies and patchy fog out along the coastline this evening and then things change tomorrow. more clouds in the skies. that rain moving in as we head into friday morning. so with that in mind a chance
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of showers continuing on and off friday maybe isolated thunderstorm so enjoy the day. 880 degrees in livermore today. 77 sunny in san jose. and 79 in the napa valley. looking out over the next couple of days, we'll start to cool down the temperatures tomorrow as much as 20 degrees cooler some spots by friday. chance of showers and thunderstorms. showers continuing into saturday. cool temperatures. then we'll dry out on sunday and monday and warm up a couple of degrees. this is a significant storm maybe 1.5" in some of the higher mountains. a pretty good soaking. >> what's interesting, there's going to be a window of 3 to 4 hours on friday where it will stay dry. if it works out just right, the trick or treaters -- we are hoping for it. but that may not be the case. too early to tell. >> thank you. we are just a couple of days away from some awesome halloween costumes and, of course, that means a lot of candy, too. >> that's right. roberta gonzales is at the douglas morrison theater in hayward where they are getting
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a jump-start on these festivities. [ arrrrr! >> scary. >> reporter: hi, guys. good morning. isn't that cool? check this out. you can actually rent these costumes here not just for halloween but anytime of the year. hey, with the holidays coming up who knows, right? we are at the douglas morrison theater in hayward and to tell us about these costumes and an upcoming production. terry, good. tell us about the costumes. >> these are some of 5,000 costumes that we have here at the douglas morrison theater which is part of the hayward area recreation park district and we rent them for all occasions. >> reporter: i had no idea i could come to your theater and rent a costume. how much will it cost? >> pieces go from generally $10 to $50 for a week to four weeks depending on the need of the production company. >> reporter: so if you have several halloween parties to go to you can rent it for weeks? >> yes, could be a lucrative business. >> reporter: who is douglas morrison? >> he is a man who was on the board of directors here at
5:18 am
"hard." he was a drama teacher for years and in 2002 they renamed the building after him because of his contributions. >> reporter: you were describing this particular costume. tell me about that. >> this is coming from our upcoming show, candide. the designer chose to make a lot of her outfits out of recycled materials. this is a quick piece made up of paper targets from a shooting range. >> reporter: could you wear that? >> yeah. it's designed to be a half piece for the one character. >> really quickly you have this show coming up. >> yes. we open on november 6 and go through the 30th. >> reporter: if you want to come and see this theater and see the production, i have been walking through it building all morning, it is fabulous. and if you want to purchase tickets, visit us online at and go to "links and numbers" for the douglas morrison theater. by the way, gang, i have my costume. do you have yours? or do you have any halloween pictures? if you do and you want to share them with us, perhaps we'll
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share it with our audience on halloween on friday. visit us online at and upload your favorite halloween pictures. reporting from the theater this morning in hayward, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. it is 5:19. a strange situation in missouri. what's causing students to do double takes walking to class. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up from kauffman stadium why shift is not on the giants' side for game 7 of the world series tonight. story and reaction straight ahead. >> and retailers gearing up for the big holiday season. reporter steve greenberg says now is the time to hand in your resume'. reporter: you may not have made your first purchases for christmas yet. but retailers are already busy looking for holiday workers. holiday spending is expected to grow by more than 4% this year. 7 of the nation's largest retailers will together add nearly 400,000 jobs this winter. toys 'r us will hire about 50
5:20 am
temps per store. that adds up to 50,000 nationwide. macy's leads the nation with an expected 86,000 seasonal jobs including 4300 in the bay area. many smaller retail stores also add workers. more online sales means that fedex and u.p.s. will be busy. fedex will add 50,000 workers nationwide. and u.p.s. will add 2200 workers in the bay area. both companies were understaffed last year leading to delivery delays. they don't want to repeat that. the bulk of the hiring is happening right now. it's a good idea to apply at the stores that you're familiar with and try to do so in person. hand your resume' to the store manager. many companies say they hire online only. but they often have the ability to hire at least several walk- in candidates. i'm steven greenberg, kpix 5. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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bulldog: the veterans day sale is ending soon! get four years interest free financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection! and, get a queen size serta mattress and box spring set for just $397. ♪ mattress discounters good morning from kauffman stadium. we begin on an ominous note because no team on the road has won a game 7 of the world series since the pittsburgh pirates and you have to go back to 1979. that's why last night's game 6 was so critical for san francisco. jake peavy was so good in the regular season for the giants, not last night. 2-0 kansas city in the second with a base hit past pablo sandoval.
5:24 am
peavy hit the showers with the bases loaded. he only got four out last night! not much better for petit. kansas city scored 7 in the inning and that inning lasted nearly 35 minutes. buster posey had a chance to cut into the lead in the first but jumped on the first pitch by yordano ventura and the giants lose 10-0 which steps up the first game 7 since 2011. the giants have never won a game 7 of the world series. >> game 7 is a gift. it's a gift to the whole world. it's a special game. for the world series to have a gam 7, it will be fun. >> it's a cool opportunities for us as giants and as royals, for baseball fans in jet. this is a game 7 of the world
5:25 am
is doesn't get much better. >> no part of me is worried about this tomorrow and this team having a hangover. it's game 7. the guys will be ready to play. just hopefully we can catch a few breaks the ball bounce out wear, you know? you have to have a little good fortune after this game. we didn't have any tonight. >> i started on an ominous note. how about a positive one? the giants have won the last 7 elimination games. frank and michelle, next time i see you live midday right inside kauffman stadium. let's see if the giants can make history today. >> thank you, dennis. cameras are rolling when a boat spins out of control in sacramento. what witnesses are saying happened to the fishermen on the board. >> reporter: and we are still believing in advance of game 7 of the world series. san francisco city hall lit up
5:26 am
in orange. hear from some of the giants faithful coming up next. ,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. what we're learning this mog abou a nasa rocket explodes seconds after liftoff bursting into a ball of fire. what we're learning this morning about this disaster in virginia. >> and the giants suffer a blowout loss in game 6 of the world series. who the team is counting on tonight to bring home the title. >> the weather today could be absolutely amazing. after this, well, it could be very, very wet. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and we are hot spot-free so far on the roads but things are heating up a little at the bay bridge toll plaza.
5:30 am
how far are the backups? coming up. good morning. it's wednesday, october 29. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. just turned 5:30. developing news from america's space program. a huge explosion takes a rocket out of the sky. [ explosion ] >> only a few seconds after liftoff, a private company's rocket crashed to the ground at the launch site in virginia. the rocket was taking supplies to the international space station. it also carried some experiments from some bay area students. kpix 5's kiet do is at the nasa ames research center at moffett field with the details. kiet. >> reporter: good morning. in fact, that rocket was carrying science experiments from dozens of schools all across the country including mark west charter school in santa rosa. it was a setback for scientists and a disappointment for the kids. stanford professor charlie cox says on board important supplies and equipment a payload of more than 5,000 pounds. >> food, water, science
5:31 am
experiments. >> reporter: among them, the science experiments of some bay area schoolchildren. 8th grader chandler andrew was at mark west charter school in santa when he heard the news. he and his classmates spent months last year designing an experiment to test whether "triops" could survive a space launch. >> we are trying to see if we could make "triops" a potential food source for astronauts in space. >> reporter: their hard work up in flames. >> it's definitely heartbreaking to see your work lost in an accident like this. it could be difficult to get the students back together to reproduce the experiments. >> reporter: and the supplies for the astronauts were not urgently needed. as for the company itself, orbital science is based in virginia. >> kiet, nasa is paying private companies buildings to take astronauts into space. when is that happening? >> reporter: you know, they were hoping to do it as early as 2017. we'll have to wait and see what happens with this crash and see
5:32 am
if it can affected the timeline but kiet do, kpix 5. the other big story baseball. the giants are brushing off game 6 last night and why not? looking forward to game 7 tonight. >> they are just brushing it off. the manager says the fact that they are playing in the final baseball game of the year is exciting enough. >> looking forward to the game. until the is the what the you work for starting in spring training and we are going to be playing a 7th game of the world series. we all would be doing cartwheels. >> might be exciting. i'm sure the team and we definitely know the fans want the giants to bring back their third world series title in five years.
5:33 am
we are live in san francisco. >> fans will be back there i imagine in droves tonight because it's winner-take-all. it certainly can't be as bad as last night. that's for sure. city all looking gorgeous. looking gorgeous in giants orange for the viewing party tonight. hundreds came out for game 6 from all over northern california yesterday evening. hopes were very high until it became clear that giants wouldn't be taking the series that easily. the crowd started to thin out in the middle of a frustrating game and in kansas city a much different scene a sea of blue drowning out the orange and black but the bay area group did come to represent and are still keeping the faith. [ screaming ] >> making it interesting.
5:34 am
[overlapping speakers [ screaming ] >> reporter: now, we did check a fan going out for a smoke break the game so painful to watch he preferred the view of the parking lot. but there's still a lot of build-up for tonight. back here live at civic center plaza you can see they have all the porta-potties lined up ready for the big party. it is an alcohol-free family- friendly celebration. hopefully everybody will be in a good mood. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> the that's easy to do. just win tonight. >> everyone will be celebrating. >> i'm in a great mood! i have been waiting for game 7, guys. >> doesn't happen very often. >> it is exciting though. hopefully the giants can take care of it tonight. and i think they will. the weather there will be nice, a little cool but the skies should be clear for game 7 that we have been waiting for, yeah, the temperatures game time a little chilly. 59 degrees. and by the end of the game, maybe down to the upper 40s. so we are enjoying some
5:35 am
beautiful sunshine today around the bay area. the nicest day of the week. 70s in the bay. maybe low 80s in the interior valleys. 60s and low 70s near the coastline. nice and clear start outside as high pressure builds overhead. the temperatures down to 49 in santa rosa now. 58 in san francisco. 50 in livermore. this afternoon, though, enjoying sun and warm numbers all the way to the coastline. 60s and low 70s toward the beaches. about 74 in san francisco. and about 80 degrees in livermore. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. >> bay bridge you can see the delays growing steadily and you can see at 5:35 it's typical stuff no metering lights yet so that's why the middle lanes are still clear. if you have a fastrak pass you can beat the delays get on the bay bridge a lot quicker, otherwise the cash lanes are stacking up looks like to the end of the parking lot at least in the busiest spots. overall the commute is off to a good start. we don't have any hot spots out the door no major accidents so let's talk about tonight game time right around the beginning
5:36 am
of the evening commute. civic center plaza once again holding their public viewing the world series viewing. you can watch the giants win at 5:07 later on this evening. so, you know, yesterday roads in the area saw major delays people searching for parking. it was a mess. so if you are not going, ride bart. there's a civic center stop that is your best bet or muni will be routing buses to the area. by the way, all bart trains right now are on time. no major accidents. the commute has begun. westbound 4 one of our slowest spots. the delays from 160 past g street. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. developing news over in berkeley right now. a man was shot and killed near the sea breeze market on university avenue there around 8:00 last night. witnesses heard several gunshots and then apparently saw people running from the scene. >> there is a firearm found at the scene so there is some
5:37 am
evidence that would indicate that there was obviously gunshots exchanged. >> car was also seen speeding off after the shooting. no description of that vehicle has been released just yet. the market was closed at the time. the husband and wife already accused of killing two sheriff's deputies near sacramento are now accused of trying to kill other deputies, as well. marcelo and janelle marquez were in court yesterday. we are not allowed to show their faces. detective michael davis and deputy daniel oliver were killed in friday's six-hour shooting. the prosecutors have now charged the couple with the attempted murder of two additional deputies but didn't elaborate. >> we have an ethical obligation not to talk about the facts and circumstances or the evidence in the case. >> the couple did not enter pleas yesterday. san jose police have two suspects in custody from a home invasion robbery from back in july. two 19-year-olds arrested last week for the crime on july
5:38 am
30th. police say the armed suspects broke into the home on anjou creek circle. a teenaged boy was sleeping inside. one suspect tied him up and ransacked the place while the other was a lookout. four women are suing in federal court after they spent some time in alameda county's santa rita jail. the suit claims they were harassed and suffered inhumane conditions after their arrest during a protest in oakland. they claim they were ordered to strip down in front of male deputies and prisoners. sheriff's spokesman says the women only had to remove outer garments to be patted down. happening right now, some extra security at some u.s. government buildings. the homeland security department's chief says this is only a precautionary step. they are also not saying what security measures are being taken at this time. kpix 5 did not see any additional security at san francisco's federal building. traders hope a wall street rally continues today. let's find out.
5:39 am
jill wagner of joins us. >> the opening bell rings in an hour and the dow will open today above the 17,000 mark for the first time since early october. the dow rose 187 points yesterday. the nasdaq finished 78 points higher. >> one stock that is falling facebook comes after ceo zuckerberg plans to spend billions of dollars to buy new companies and hire engineers but here's an incredible number. zuckerberg says 1.35 billion people actively use the social media network every month. going to the movies is getting more glamorous. regal cinemas says that its luxury reclining seats have been so successful, that they are adding them to at least 300 more screens next year. the movie theater chain also says it plans to expand alcohol sales. frank and michelle? >> well, jill, we're gearing up
5:40 am
for the holiday shopping season and amazon is getting help from moms when it comes to picking this year's favorites. >> reporter: yes. that's right. amazon thinks that mom knows best when it comes to holiday gifts so the online retailer used reviews from moms to post on the company's facebook page. they created a mom picks 2014 list. the toys are recommended for their usability and entertainment. so several classics including twister. i'm kind of excited to see that. >> that's still out there? >> yes, it is. >> right hand red? >> left hand green. >> whatever. >> there you go. >> moms know best. jill wagner of, thank you. >> i'm not arguing. [ laughter ] happening today, president obama will meet with his public health and national security teams to talk about the u.s. fight against ebola. after the meeting the president plans to make public comments about the ebola scare.
5:41 am
white house has been at odds with state governors who imposed mandatory quarantines for healthcare workers returning from west africa. second texas nurse who got infected with ebola is officially cleared. the woman here amber vinson received a round of applause as she left emory university hospital in atlanta. now she originally caught the virus from the lee beerian thomas eric duncan she was treating in dallas, the liberian. >> while this is a day of celebration and gratitude, i ask that we not lose focus on the thousands of families to continue under the burden of the disease in west africa. >> another nurse who was quarantined when she came home from volunteering in west africa has gone home to maine. local officials say kaci hickox wases to avoid going out until the 21-day incubation period is up. her lawyer says two days is enough. time now 5:41. lava spewing from a volcano in hawaii destroying everything in its path. and now scientists say it's getting very close to a popular
5:42 am
village there. details this morning on how fast they say it's moving. >> plus, if you have been wondering what's wrong with your phone, this might be the answer. today, the feds say at&t has been throttling millions of users. ,,,,,,,,
5:43 am
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forecast in just a few minu happening right now.... a all right. the giants all aglow getting ready for game 7. it is going to be a spectacular day here and nice day there. we have rain on the way. we'll talk about that coming up. a relentless flow of lava is closing in on a number of homes on hawaii's big island. wendy gillette with more on how people are now coping in a village there. >> reporter: smoking molten lava from the kileaua volcano is now moving on residential land for the first time since
5:45 am
the flow began in june. residents have been watching its path for weeks. now the lava is oozing close to a main road and threatens 50 structures in pahoa village. >> once it crosses the road, it's mayhem way worse. >> reporter: scientists said tuesday the flow was advancing 17 yards an hour. the lava burned down a shed and moving towards homes. hundreds evacuated. >> mixed emotions in the community as it unfolds because it's a life changing event for residents. >> reporter: the lava usually flows toward the ocean but this time, it changed direction. there's no way to divert its path. >> such an incredible event. you know? it's so emotional. it's like a death. >> reporter: some residents intend to watch the lava destroy their homes for closure. wendy gillette for cbs news. a bizarre scen in the
5:46 am
sacramento river a boat in circles with no one at the helm. it was going around for 30 minutes until deputies showed up. the fisherman was knocked into the water after losing balance on a sharp turn. he was rescued by another boater. >> i guess they let it run out of gas and pulled it to shore. traffic on a wednesday. it's "hump day." how are we doing. we were doing so well and now we have an accident on palo alto on southbound 101. there's a bunch of debris on the road and we just confirmed with chp that there's a bunch of heavyweights that are used for elevators that big rig was hauling all these weights and now they are all over the road. so this is not something you want to run over obviously. the cars involved in the accident four to five of them are all in the center divide of the shoulder and again it's coming into palo alto all approaching your embarcadero road exit. we are not seeing any delays on our sensors yet.
5:47 am
but i know cars will slow down in order to avoid those. now, otherwise, we are just seeing usual commute beginning to pick up at the bay bridge. they just switched on the metering lights. so yeah, too late to avoid big delays in the middle lanes. all lanes now backed up to the overcrossings. highway 4, 17 miles per hour approaching g street exit. that's slow for a while but you may notice that the sensors are now sluggish all the way to willow pass. so yeah, no longer can beat the rush here, either. antioch straight into concord slow-and-go. but the biggest bottleneck is fro 160 and g street. a half-hour from the altamont pass and 680. the bulk of traffic coming into the livermore valley. here's a live look at the dublin interchange. headlights commute direction. hacienda to 680 still crowded but no major incidents. we had a stall earlier that's now gone. all lanes are open.
5:48 am
here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. four southbound lanes in the commute direction lanes change crews are gone. so yeah, from san rafael to the golden gate bridge toll plaza 14 minutes. silicon valley no delay near 880/237. and same thing no major problems from morgan hill into san jose on 101. maybe a touch of slowdowns right there right around that julian/mckee exit but 280 and the guadalupe parkway still look great coming into downtown. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. your forecast should be a gorgeous day. >> should be spectacular s probably the nicest day of the week. plenty of sunshine even along the coastline. we could see some of those temperatures sneaking into the low 70s in spots. so a great day ahead. high pressure sending clouds to the north so we have lots of sunshine today and more on the way. the next couple of days, big changes though in the works as we could see some rain moving in on halloween. so yeah, enjoy this day. it is going to be spectacular. plenty of sunshine. but the storm system now just developing in the gulf of alaska. this is the one that's likely
5:49 am
going to drop in bring some much cooler temperatures the potential for heavy rainfall, too. all right. let's time this out on our computer model. most of the day looking goo. fog at the coastline this evening. then things change on thursday. a lot of clouds across our skies. friday the cold front rolls through. messy commute from behind that. more scattered showers continuing on and off throughout the afternoon and into the evening hours. so looks like things are going to be very wet on friday. temperatures today though going to be spectacular under sunny skies. 79 in napa. 78 santa rosa. 77 in san jose. your sunrise time 7:32. sunset 6:14. over the next few days temperatures dropping off much cooler with the rain maybe even some thunderstorms on friday. showers into saturday. then warmer and dry weather on sunday and monday. and don't forget this weekend, i love this! we get to fall back this weekend. we roll the clocks back an
5:50 am
hour, get an extra hour of sleep saturday night and wake up refreshed on sunday morning. [overlapping speakers >> i love that extra hour. this is kind of a cool story. students are doing a double- take in the hallways of a missouri junior high. there are 11 sets of twins in the 7th and 8th grade class there and there they are. three sets are identical. and one school official says she has never seen anything like this in her 18 years of teaching. >> what i don't like about being a twin is people call you the wrong name and that's not me they will be like oh, you guys are the same person. >> no. >> no. >> no, we're not. >> we're not. >> they talk at the same time, though, right? >> school says the twins make up 5% of the school so the teachers have a bit of a bugaboo. >> it might be hard to get those names right. >> i went to junior high in moraga in the '70s. we had 10 sets of twins and
5:51 am
most were identical. >> was it tough to get their names correct? >> greg and gary sullivan i cannot tell a part for my life! i was in boy scouts and high school to them. to this day, if you look at their facebook picture, which is which? it's fun. [ laughter ] disturbing new information on security breaches targeting california. after the break, how many accounts the attorney general says have been compromised. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
beautiful weather today but halloween we better prepare. it looks like a storm moving on n a chance of showers, maybe even thunderstorms. and temperatures only in the 50s and the 60s. >> and we have a heads up if you're a peninsula driver we have some new information for you and a new location. this accident is in menlo park just south of willow. it's a multi-car crash caused by large metal debris that fell from a big rig. we'll have the latest on this plus your "kcbs" drive to work coming up. your monthly ride to work isn't going unnoticed. an mtc report found the roads in oakland, san jose and san francisco have been bad for 10 years now. the worst roads are larkspur
5:55 am
and saint helena. some of the best are brentwood, dublin and atherton. the report found this is a statewide problem of bumpy roads for big cities and surrounding areas. a sobering statistic. nearly half of all californians have their personal data hacked in the year 2013. attorney general's office says more than 18 million accounts were compromised. one-third of those people will be victims of fraud eventually. there were 167 different breaches in california involving retailers, banks, healthcare providers and others in the year 2013. that's up 600% from the year before. the ftc is calling at&t out. the federal government filed a lawsuit against at&t for throttling or slowing down a customer's internet connection after they have used a certain amount of data. they say at&t's high use customers have had their data streams throttled 60 to 90%. >> there is a group of people who use a high amount of data. they have unlimited plans. and at&t has been trying to
5:56 am
punish them and the ftc says that's not okay. >> at&t denies it. they say all wireless companies do it to manage resources. they said their customers were warned in 2011 they may have reduced speeds at the top 5% of heaviest data users. game 7 do or die. the giants trying to take home another world series championship. tonight, tell you about some of the celebrations planned coming up next. and that massive rocket explosion in virginia yesterday was a setback for scientists. i'm kiet do with a live report on how it's affecting students here in the bay area. ,, ,,
5:57 am
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6:00 am
night. tim hudson starts and baumgarner could pitch in relief. >> once she crosses the road i know it's going to be mayhem. >> a river of lava forcing dozens of people in a small hawaiian town to head for safety. the lava made its way towards the community for weeks. dozens of homes and businesses will likely be hit. >> some bay area schoolchildren had scientific experiments on board a rocket that exploded on take-off. the unmanned ship was supposed to deliver cargo to the iss. but something went wrong shortly after take-off in virginia. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:00. 162 regular season games, 16 play-off games later and it comes down now to one final game tonight. >> yes. the giants and royals ll


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