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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 27, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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his plea to bay area agents next.
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. what? 120,000? >> that's right. 120 grand, anyone could have grabbed it. tonight meet the bay area woman who did. >> the money was right there on the street where juliette goodrich is tonight. day off she made a 120 thou : anonymou >> reporter: think about this tonight, everyone. what would you do if you spotted $120,000 in the middle of the street? an off-duty chp sergeant found the money when she looked inside and couldn't believe it. life savin - "you wish to >> it was filled with $100 bills. >> reporter: she is a 26 year veteran with the chp who wants to remain anonymous, but on her day off she made a $120,000 discovery.
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>> first actually i thought maybe this is one of those shows, those what would you do and someone is going to come out and say so what were you about to do with this money? >> reporter: what she did was contact concord pd to tell them she found some money. at the time she din know how much. >> is it heavy? >> it was, but surprisingly not as heavy. i guess it's because it's all $100 bills. >> reporter: nearby neighbors tried to guess how much was left in the middle of the street. >> 5,000. >> 5,000. >> reporter: how about $120,000? >> what? 120,000? >> reporter: in 100s and she turned it in. >> honest. >> reporter: so who carries that much cash? concord investigators located the person. he had actually reported the money missing. it was his family's life savings returned. you want to remain anonymous. >> because it's not about me. >> reporter: she says she was
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just doing the right thing. now it wasn't free flowing cash in the middle of the street. they were actually in bank deposit bags. she doesn't know who actually owns that money. she's just glad it was returned and she told me when she returned home that day, she told already two children ages 12 and 13 what she had done. >> mommy did a good thing, that's right. thanks. 'chi lam' -- died of a san jose state student is behind bars accused of driving drunk and killing a classmate. the victim, 23-year-old chi lam died of his injuries today. he was walking across south 10th street along busy fraternity row early yesterday morning when the driver hit him. the driver took off and later found the 20-year-old suspect, solomon freese, at his apartment. she was a member of delta sigma pi, his friends and brothers holding a memorial tonight. he was a computer engineering
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major supposed to graduate this spring. >> he's a person who was always happy, smiling, made people feel comfortable. >> i think the hardest part is knowing he's gone, you know, but no matter what he's part of us. >> his friends are planning a week's worth of fundraisers to help his family. we know more about the man police say shot and killed two sacramento area sheriff's deputies. he is from mexico and in this country illegally. he was deported twice before, but he managed to sneak back in and live quietly in utah until friday when he went on his rampage. 09 - 15 sec jose c tonight maria medina talked to a man the suspect carjacked. >> i said take it because he put the gun at me. >> reporter: jose cruz is the only one to come face to face with the suspect and not get
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killed. he didn't know it, but the suspect had already allegedly killed a deputy and seriously wounded another carjacking victim. >> i was like everybody that knows me calling me and saying thank god you are alive. >> reporter: the landscaper went back to work later that day. >> we are self-employed and we have to keep going because we don't get paid we don't work. >> reporter: although his truck and tool trailer are still considered evidence. >> without that truck i have to call my brother, use his truck. now he has to use somebody else's truck. >> reporter: he said the suspect took off with his tool trailer from the truck. he dropped the trailer and dropped it down, so they picked it up. so i end up with no truck, no trailer. >> reporter: he credits a higher power with helping spare his life. >> god helped me i think. >> the suspect and his wife are
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facing murder, attempted murder and carjacking charges. tonight our exclusive poll shows the san jose mayors race is very close. dan cortessi and sam catardo in a virtual dead heat with six points separating the two. 19% are undecided. our poll found women and asian americans favoring cortessi and white voters favor catardo. >> reporter: just a week before election the lead that cortessi once enjoyed has shrunk and now it's a neck and neck race with big questions not only about the mayor's race but the entire issue of pension reform. phil matier, kpix5. tonight there is a petition going around cal asking the university to cancel an invitation to let bill maher speak.
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maher and the liberal talk show host. what has student upset? >> reporter: this campus is known for its demonstrations and protests through the last five decades, right? but this is not about politics, left and right. this is about religion. not making it up that in the muslim world it is mainstream belief. so marium started this petn calling to stop maher from giving the december graduatn speech. se types of r merriam novi, a uc berkeley student says it's hard enough to be a muslim. >> people have asked me do you believe in terrorism? i had that experience a few weeks ago on telegraph. obviously you learn to laugh it off, but this is bigotry. >> reporter: but what she does not find funny is a recent talk show hosted by comedian bill maher. >> criticize bad ideas. >> of course, we do. >> but islam is the mother load of bad ideas. >> reporter: maher, an atheist famously criticizes all
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religions, but some believe he went too far when he said a majority of muslims believe in the extremism of the religion. >> based on reality we aren't making it up that in the muslim world it is mainstream belief. >> reporter: so merriam started this petition calling to stop maher from giving the december graduation speech. >> someone who has made these generalizations is being invited to speak, not in a dialogue or debate but in an elevated position where he's being given the honor basically. we would like him to not come. >> this is the 50th anniversary of the free speech movement and people might see this and go wait a minute. what about freedom of speech? >> no. this is freedom of speech. the first amendment gives you the right to address your concern, to express your opinion, but that first amendment doesn't say you get to sit on a pedestal and give a
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commencement speech. >> reporter: i reached out to bill maher, so far no response. sciences from around the state gathered in southern california tonight with a message. stop worrying so much about ebola. they held a forum at uc irvine to try to up cha the fears and say the chances -- try to calm the fears and say the chances of an outbreak in the u.s. are slim to none. the nurse quarantined against her will is heading home to maine tonight after testing negative for ebola. she says her rights were violated and one man is to blame. sue! she says she was completely healthy all alon and ke conditions... qu emergency until governor chris christie. kaci hickok hired a lawyer and was lettening to sue. she said she was completely healthy all along and kept in inhumane conditions quarantined in this indoor medical tent for three days. onitoring by a health official for 21 daysd restrictions that prohibit travel by airplane, ship, or train. kaci flew to newark from sierra leone and her temperature was 101 degrees. she feared it was a false
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reading because she was flushed from several hours of questioning. the governors of new jersey, new york and illinois are the first to implement 21 day quarantines for medical workers returning from west africa. >> the reason she was put in the hospital was because she was running a high fever. if you live in new jersey, that's always been the policy. you live outside the state and you're symptomatic, we're not letting you go onto public transportation. it makes no common sense. >> reporter: today the cdc issued new guidelines for high risk cases, someone who has known exposure to the virus, for example, a family member who cared for someone with ebola or someone near a needle stick. if that person has no symptoms, the cdc recommends daily monitoring by a health official for 21 days and restrictions that prohibit travel by airplane, ship, long distance
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bus or train. thousands of people will get the flu and right now that vaccine is in short supply. the cdc says there plenty, but shipments are behind schedule by about 10 million doses forcing some people to put off getting a shot just as flu season gets underway. the city of san francisco is inviting everyone to civic center tomorrow to watch the giants play game six of the world series. today crews set up that giant jumbotron where the game will be shown. they also set up barricades. if the giants win tomorrow, they win it all. they win the series. game six tomorrow night at 5:00. if they need a game seven, they will play again again wednesday night in kansas city. two guys on their way home from church and get pulled over and then this happens. >> you two get on the ground! get on the ground!
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>> he's only 33, but this bay area man has just days to live, his final wish and how the warriors made it come true next.
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gun at him for no reason. ae told crystal cruz: he has t cell phone video to prove i a southern california man claims a sheriff's deputy pointed a gun at him for no reason and he told crystal cruz he has cell phone video to prove it. >> you two get on the ground. >> i didn't do anything. >> get on the ground! >> i didn't do anything. >> i know. >> reporter: alejandro natividad pulled out his cell phone sunday and started recording an officer pointing his service weapon at him. >> i was scared.
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>> reporter: alejandro was a passenger in a car when an officer tried to stop the vehicle after noticing the driver was disoriented and unresponsive. police say alejandro's friend drove off but quickly stopped. both men got out of the car and were ordered to the ground at gunpoint. alejandro challenged police saying he hadn't done anything wrong. >> we have no weapons. we're not a threat to you. why do you have the gun pointed at me. i am not a threat. i got out of the car and surrendered to you. >> reporter: the officers smelled marijuana and the driver on the sidewalk was arrested for driving while impaired by drugs. >> we encourage the community to remain inside the vehicle and not to exit unless they're directed to do so by a peace officer. >> i'm not saying it's all completely their fault and it's not completely mine. the situation could have been handled way differently. >> alejandro was detained but later released. investigators say the gunman in the washington state school shooting texted his victims to meet them for lunch.
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then he shot them at the lunch table. on friday 14-year-old jaylen fryberg opened fire in the cafeteria of marysville- pilchuck high school north of seattle. ke h him? (pa those that knew the shooter are beginning to piece together what happened. ree >> reporter: do you think he wanted to take his friends with him? >> i honestly think that like if he wanted to do something to himself, he didn't want to go by himself. he wanted all his friends to go down with him. >> four people were shot, 14- year-old somewhere i ya soriano died last -- gia soriano died last night. the other three are hospitalized. a flight was grounded at l.a.x. nearly a full day. a passenger came across a wi-fi connection titled al-qaeda free terror network. >> i saw it when i was going on my phone to try and find the airplane wi-fi. i saw it and thought it was weird, so i didn't go in. >> a couple words were
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misspelled. investigators think it was probably a prank. still passengers were held over for the night. flight 136 finally left for london this afternoon 17 hours behind schedule. tonight a san jose man who has only days to live has a message for everyone, especially asian americans. >> we go into his hospital room. >> reporter: i first met ryan manansala back in may. he was sick. when i visited him today, nothing changed, but now he's on life support. he can't talk, but his voice is still louder than ever. >> we're trying to reach more of the asian american people, but it's not really happening. >> reporter: ryan was first diagnosed with leukemia two years ago, since then no donors. the problem is he or she needed to be filipino just like ryan and of the 10 million americans registered to donate only 10%
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are asian americans and less than 1% of those filipino giving ryan virtually an impossible chance to find donors. >> when it comes to marrow donation, just the word marrow freaks people out. >> reporter: ruby law says culturally there's a misunderstanding of what it means to donate. >> people still think you're donating a chunk of your bone or go through a procedure and it's really painful, but it's not true. >> reporter: this father's mission? to make the most of what his son has left. >> you call and talk to your dad today? i had to come by after practice. i got some gifts for you. >> reporter: giving this lifelong warrior's fan a gift he'll never forget. >> look at this. game 6, chris paul. >> reporter: brian's dad didn't want to take advantage of our camera being there to tell asia americans to register to donate. >> if i can open their heart
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and say please, please, please, please help for my son it's really too late but others who need, people who needs people. >> reporter: when i asked ryan what he wanted others to know, he wrote this. >> ryan's dad told kate about a month ago ryan found a match, but it was too late. >> ryan's dad told kate about his son's wish to meet some warriors players. she called the warriors and the team acted very fast. the players david lee you saw there went to see ryan this afternoon. >> good for the warriors for showing up like that. >> and the bone marrow program, not only for asian people, for everybody to get involved in that. you could save a life just like that. >> there are few ways where you can immediately save aloof and that's one of them. i've got rain moving in later this week. we'll transition to a wenter
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pattern before the week is fin -- wetter pattern before the week is finished. we hope this time tomorrow night we will be celebrating a world series championship, the third time in five years here in san francisco. got to show you video from hawaii. it's a problem. it's lava. happens all the time in hawaii. kilauea has been erupting since 1984, but it's not heading towards the lava. it's heading the other direction toward a small village of 1,000 people. they had to evacuate the folks. it's heading toward some houses there. nothing on our radar tonight. should be a beautiful day tomorrow after a chilly night. santa rosa 47, vallejo 53, fremont 52 degrees tonight. microclimate forecast, no rain in sight the next two days, pittsburg sunny and mild tomorrow and wednesday. what will change? despite the fact we'll have
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sunshine, it's been very active up north. they've had a ton of rainfall and wind and another storm moving in tonight. it's going to completely miss us. we keep the sunshine. so the first storm of the week is a miss. the second storm of the week is a direct hit, likely the juiciest storm so far this early fall with a front moving through and cold unstable air behind it. it's going to happen on friday, not just friday. it's going to happen on halloween. very likely it will be wet for the trick-or-treaters. the exact timing throughout the day, we don't know that specifically yet, but it will rain on halloween after three dry days between now and thursday. tomorrow great day to get outside. san jose 74, 73 for hayward and san mateo. san ramone tomorrow 75. 69 degrees for san francisco
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tomorrow, sonoma mid-70s and the same for lake port. smooth sailing until thursday. that's when we cloud up, friday, halloween, trick-or- treat the kids in those costumes, you spent the money, you made the costume. save the costume by using an umbrella. it does look like it's going to be pretty wet friday evening. that's my best guess right now. >> you just go as a kid in a raincoat. >> very good. i'm a wet 7-year-old kid. >> why not? how would you like to live next-door to this? yeah, kids love it. adults not so much. who is going to win this halloween battle? find out next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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halloween tradition that drs hundreds of spectators. down -- and it well, the party is over for a spooktacular halloween tradition that draws hundreds of spectators. >> it's being shut down and it's not the first time. orate light and music show vi sat and watched police in riverside deliver the bad news to the family last -- delivered the bad news to the
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family last night. they say the elaborate light and music show violates a noise ordinance. >> they sat and watched a while and waited till it was over and came over and pretty much told us we were done. >> it was truly to bring happiness and cohesiveness to the families and friends. >> the homeowners on the street all say they liked the display. they aren't sure who complained. a similar show was turned off two years ago. next year they will try to get a permit. and i'm dennis o'donnell at kaufman stadium. we're going to set the stage for game six of the world series. giants win, they're the champions, lose, a game seven, the story straight ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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"we'll be right back" and dennis o'donnell has returned to kansas city and he has tonight's sports report. dennis? >> reporter: hello from kansas city. if this world series were a h weight bout, it would be -- a heavyweight bout, it would be rocky balboa versus apollo crede and the challenger is on the ropes, but this underdog knows a little something about round 6. >> and a base hit.
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here is the throw. he scores. we go to a 7. >> reporter: the royals beat the cardinals in game seven that year to win the 1985 world series. now the 2014 fighter was knocked down by a vicious left hook from madison bumgarner last night, down but not out and like a bloody prize fighter the manager wants to go the distance. >> somewhere inside of me secretly i hoped it would go seven games for the excitement and thrill of it, you know. sure look that way. >> reporter: it will be jake peavy's job to cliff the knockout blow for the joints. he -- to deliver the knockout blow for the giants. he won the world series in boston just last year. >> so no, it's hard to look at it as any other start because you simply know what goes on, but once you get out there in the game it is the game of
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baseball. >> reporter: but peavey on the eve of his biggest game had more on his plate than the royals offense. >> do you have homework with you? >> i haven't done any of my homework, but -- >> you most certainly have. you haven't? >> no. >> justin lee, i saw you doing your work. i know you have, didn't you, yesterday? he's in kindergarten and they send his work. >> reporter: from 1958 through 2009 some of the greatest heavyweights in san francisco history never won a world seer re. now the champs are on the -- series. now the champs are on the verge of their third ring in five years. >> he's won two world series, on the serge of winning the third and you never got to wear that ring. how do you look at the franchise now? >> i got two now. >> reporter: you got one? >> i got two. i got 2010 and this is 2012 and i'm waiting for 2014. >> reporter: i think i'd go
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with madison bumgarner because like rocky marciano, bumgarner has never lost. that's the bell. for round 6 i got to find a seat. we'll be right back.
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. david letterman is next with amy poehler. >> gut check for tomorrow night? game six. >> you got to do it tomorrow night. >> go giants. i want to feel some vibes when i get up in the morning of all
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you. >> winning vibes. >> game six, end this thing. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, broadcasting across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, king of the festival, david letterman! captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs


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