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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 26, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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being world champions... [cheers and applause] got it! [cheers and applause] and the shutout from bumgarner. >> just like that. >> we go to at&t park. bumgarner was on his game. >> we are spoiled. lincecum, then cane, and bumgarner, maybe the best of all three. the best earned run average in 4 starts is 0.29 as he
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continues to establish himself as one of the best big-game pitchers in world series history. the night belonged to bumgarner. the first shutout by a giant in a world series game. back to 1962. giants beat the royals 5-0 to take a 3-2 series lead. bumgarner continues to amaze even his teammates. >> tonight was awesome. he continues too. that was the performance i became a fan. i was really, really happy to say i got to watch that game. >> in the history of game there have been great efforts, guys going three games, things like that. i had not seen a better pitcher over the course of this post season, it has been a pretty long one toflt -- a long one, it is pretty historic, i think. >> it is just coming to exfect out of him. just another game for him, i
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guess. you look at him in the middle of the game and he looks like he is pitching it. always calm. >> i was a little aggravated he was not more excited. [ laughter ] >> i was excited. [ laughter ] >> talking about bumgarner's performance, amazing. the only way to get better is if he got a hit. he needs to step up his game a little bit. kind of embarrassing. other than that, he did pretty good. >> he can not be expected to do it all. giants are on the verge of a championship. going back to you. now, giants legendary pitcher was in the clubhouse in the game. i asked if there was one game you and were pitching against madison bumgarner what would happen, and he said i threw 16 shutout innings in a single game. so, there you have it.
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taking himself, right now, bumgarner is king. >> all right, thank you. go giants! today's game was quite a treat for giants fans. they wanted the win and they got so much more. mike sugarman is in the ballpark tonight, mike, fans got their money's worth and you are still singing throughout. >> let's do it, ann. going to kansas city, hey, i just need to win one. and the crowd goes crazy. >> giants! [cheers and applause] >> reporter: giants all day, go baby. let's do it. >> one win away. one more win, we will be world champions again. >> now, back to kansas city where there will not be a lot of orange. >> there is about the ugliest shirt. >> ugliest? this is fashion here. high quality giants fashion. >> it is really ugly.
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[ laughter ] i must be sitting in the front row. >> the first game out, they played it. >> you have these tickets? >> yes. absolutely. >> wow. >> this guy is not near the front. >> bobel h-t, i have been told. yes. top heavy but pretty snug. >> where did you you get all of those things? >> carl's junior thing back in 2002. >> a plug for carl's junior. >> that is a fox tv announcer. people tend to hate him. >> anti-west coast, too. he is anti-west coast, if you watched. >> that is steve perry. people in the stands, big games. >> quick, quick. "don't stop believing ..." >> did not work. my other noninterview of the night. barry bonds, no interviews, but he was nice.
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[ laughter ] >> i appreciate you. >> do you want to talk? >> no. we can shake hands and wish luck. that is great. [ laughter ] [indiscernible] >> what do you think, giants, how many? big news tonight, bumgarner throwing a hutout and barry bonds, a nice guy, who knew that? he never has been before. something happened. nice enough guy never saw it before. >> breaking news out of at&t park. all right, thank you very much. and tomorrow, it will be a travel day as the series heads back to kansas city. game 6 is tuesday night. if the royals win then the 7th and deciding game will be on wednesday. other bay area news tonight, sobering news, a woman is dead after a road rage incident in east oakland spiraled out of control.
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she was shot and killed this afternoon. kpix5 was on the routine shopping trip that turned tragic, christian? >> reporter: brian, it is still a mystery how it all started. what we know from the sphres that the woman was in the passenger seat, her husband was driving -- from the police that the woman was in the passenger seat, her husband was driving, her husband drove after his wife was hit. family members there tried cpr on the woman as did officers but it was too late at that time. the woman who died, the police identified her at 30-year-old lavina. here is her picture. the police are looking for the person who shot her and the car that person was driving. the police hope witnesses who saw avina and her husband in their camry can piece it together. >> somebody may have seen something, suspect description, suspect vehicle, how many suspects, we are interviewing
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family, we are interviewing witnesses who are out there. we are looking for more information. >> reporter: the police spoke with the husband to get more information how it began but the police would not share what the husband told them. the police say avina and her husband were leaving the grocery store before all of this happened. oakland police tonight are asking those who knew anything about the incident to give their homicide division a call. we are live in oakland, back to you. >> oakland police are offering a reward for information leading to an arrest. >> new video tonight of a devastating fire at a south bay motorcycle dealership. it destroyed 70 vehicles in san jose. the fire started around 5:00 this afternoon. this is what it looked like when the firefighters arrived. they were the ones that shot this video. firefighters had difficult time getting inside because of bars on the windows. and pictures posted on twitter give a better view of the damage. you can see the building walls
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were blackened. damaged in. some of the vehicles survived just fine. that including this atv that the firefighters pulled out of the building. tonight, no word on what caused the fire. nobody was hurt. the end of the line for free parking at b.a.r.t stations, only 4 stations still have free park anything way. starting tomorrow, commuters willville to pay $1 to park at the concord station. the new fee takes effect at north concord on november 12th. the downtown hayward and coliseum stations are expected to follow suit in the next coming weeks. commuters don't like it. >> i pay quite a bit in taxes i would like to get a little something. >> the cost of living is way beyond what i earn and every dollar counts. >>b.a.r.t parking fees are enforced week days from 4:00 a.m. until three clock in the afternoon. the revenue will go in a special fund for station improvement programs. we are being too cautious. i will take that criticism. have ebola fears gone too
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far? forced quarantines spark a debate. and you are looking at the new american backyard. that is what they say. how much money bay area city laid out for the new slogan. as we look live towards san francisco in oakland, a big warm up for the bay area and then a real treat, just in time for halloween. wait until you hear the surprising forecast, after a break
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back from west africa shoul quarantined. don champion on the fight that could pit three states -- against the
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feds. kaci hickox now has a civil ney trying to ge the debate is heating up on ebola. pitting three straights against the feds. >> reporter: casey has a civil rights attorney trying to get her out of quarantine at a newark new jersey hospital. the nurse sent these pictures of where she has been in isolation since friday when she returned to the u.s. after working with ebola patients. her situation is sparking debate. she is not sick and even tested negative for ebola. >> when you put everyone in the same basket that is what we are concerned about. >> reporter: the first health care worker quarantined since spencer came down with ebola after returning home from guinea where he worked from patients. he is treated at new york's city bellevue hospital. right now, only new york, new jersey,ilil require mandatory quarantine for medical workers who had direct contact with --
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illinois require mandatory quarantine for medical workers who had direct contact with ebola patients. those returning home with no symptoms can do their quarantine at home, if their employers won't, they are willing to pay their salary. >> some are saying we are being too cautious, i will take that. >> reporter: the centers for disease control requires workers to self-monitor. >> i don't believe that when you are dealing with something as serious as this that we can count on voluntary system, this is the government's job. >> reporter: the obama system is working on guidelines, guidelines it will want the three states to follow. don champion for cbs news, new york. >> the federal guidelines are expected in the coming days. a major milestone in afghanistan. the last u.s. marine unit ended its combat mission today, closing the book on a 13 year war. they handed over authority to the afghan army at a ceremony.
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the marines have been training the army for 2-1/2 years. be sides knowledge they are leaving behind $300 million in equipment and infrastructure improvements. >> people will ask me if we made a difference in afghanistan. i hope we did. i know we did. >> 2300 military service members died in afghanistan. they transferred authority today to the afghan arms. they lost more than 450 troops in the conflict. when it comes to gas, good news and bad news. prices are dropping like a rock but bay area drivers are paying more. the national average dropped by 18 cents over the past two weeks to just $3.08 a gallon. the drivers in san francisco are paying an average of $3.45 and that is the highest price among major metro areas. the cheapest in tennessee at $2.73 a gallon. so, sometimes saying i am sorry does not cut it. especially if you just robbed a
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gas station. the police say that kyle abbot it t held up the store because he needed money to get out of town and start a new life. he apparently felt bad about it. he came back a few hours later. returned most of the cash and waited for the police to arrive. he is held on robbery and parole violation charges tonight. one east bay city is spending serious cash to try to boost its image, dublin, many see it is a sprawling expanse of big box stores. the city paid a pr firm $136,000 to do a study and help dublin repwroupbd -- rebuild itself. they came up with new american backyard. a wet place come halloween. yes, why bury the headline. looks as if it is going to be wet and how, by friday, in the bay area, first time in a long
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time. not one of those little rainstorms coming through. it looks like we could really get pretty good rain coming in sometime during the day on friday. and those -- the chance of rain will extend right into saturday morning. now, it is sunday night. it could change between now and friday. this is the way it looks now. tkphebg with paul during the week and lawrence tomorrow morning, they will have all of the latest. for now, we will look towards at&t park. bright lights out there you can see it. and you can see the numbers, in concord right now, 54 degrees, oakland, 57, livermore, 53. and in san jose it is 56 degrees. here is what is happening now. low pressure off of the pacific northwest. kicks inland, taking rain with it over seattle today. clearing out tomorrow. but, the jet stream, the track on which all of the moisture is running, it is pushing to the north. as it does, taking the moisture with it, replacing it. warm between now and wednesday. in fact, a few degrees warmer
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on monday and on tuesday and on wednesday. we peak on wednesday. then, the jet shifts south and halloween looks wet. this is going to tap into a subtropical source of moisture. not going to be a cold system, the temperatures in the 60s, upper 60s, actually, it looks as if it is going to be wet. again, stay tuned on that. we need it. it looks like the timing is not good. but, a drought is a drought. >> temperatures in the 50s heading out the door. mostly sunny skies, tomorrow, dry, sunny, beautiful, going to run future cast to show you high clouds floating in. midday, a little north of santa rosa. a few clouds, overspread the rest of the bay area, not noticing it much. it is going to feel like sunshine tomorrow. so, sum it up, tomorrow, looking at cit tower, cooling off on thursday. by friday, looks like rain.
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meantime, highs tomorrow, looking good. the temperatures close to average. it is pretty much par for the course in san francisco. concord, 72, oakland tomorrow, 72, 4 degrees above average. you can see we are warming it you. in the south bay tomorrow, sunnyvale lives up to its name. mountain view, 71, palo alto, 72. union city, 69. over the hayward fault we go. all in the low 70s. strait, 68, and in fairfield, 74 degrees. up in the north bay, nice, plenty of sunshine tomorrow, good day to hit the beach if you can swing that, 66 degrees, san rafael, 72, and santa rose a71, in the upper north bay, looking at 73 at clover dale and 72 at windsor. cooler around the lake region. a few degrees a day, that is all we ask. if we get that, at 81 degrees by wednesday. around the bay, upper 70s, shoreline, good beach week.
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thursday, still nice, rapidly increase on friday and spread over the bay area. showers increase over saturday morning, then, clearing out, sunday, we finally begin to dry out. so, a good needed dose of rain at this point, that is the way it is looking. maybe you need halloween to come early. that is stealing ann's first line in the next story. >> yes. halloween did come early. trick or treaters, kids and adults, packed the halloween festival on california avenue. the judges had the tough job of picking a winner in the costume contest. there are a lot of games for the kids. a very popular event in palo alto. still to come, surveillance cameras are rolling as an unexpected guest stops by. >> no other country be sides america that would spend time,
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effort and mey to bring someone back. >> the journey home that took 70 years to complete ,,,,,,,,,,
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a military flyover in haywa today was part of the final salute to a bay area airmant down during world war two. sergeant paul heisey -- of oakland -- flew 35 missions before he w a military flyover, final absolute to a bay area airman shot down in world war ii. he flew 35 missions before he was taken prisoner in germany. he died last month at the age
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of 91. another bay area man who never made it back from world war ii is finally at rest 30 years later. we were there for the final homecoming. >> reporter: at a silent cemetery, a hearse arrives carrying no kafbget, a tiny box. >> nobody gets over the loss of a loved one if they knew him or not. >> reporter: he was not yet born when his uncle's plane was shot down in 1944. his family never knew where, until 70 years letter when hikers spotted something. >> about two years ago i got a call from the army saying they located possible remains. >> reporter: after a search and dna matching, today, the remains of lieutenant cook returned to oakland for burial with full military honors. >> it has taken 7 decades but
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the family isue nighted once again and forever more. [playing taps ] >> this is a goal we all have is to look out for each other and make sure we bring each other back. >> reporter: the sacred code of the military and one that cook is grateful for. >> there is no other country be sides america that would spend this much time, effort and money to try to bring somebody back. >> reporter: bruce says he is the last direct link to the man buried today but it made it all the more important. >> this is my duty. it is my responsibility. >> reporter: in oakland, kpix5. ,,,,,, making coffee?
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a lava flow from hawaii's i'm dennis o'donell. on "gameday" we will take you inside of the giants clubhouse. we will hear from the giants and royals, they are one game away from the third world championship ring in five years. telling you the raider story. vern glen has the raiders looking for the first win of the season. forget about the world championships, all coming up next on game day. 10 to it is bubbled, boiled, now
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trouble, a lava flow from hawaii is coming over a volcano. going 10-16 yards an hour. closer and closer to the homes. homeowners tonight, told to prepare to evacuate at any time. as many as 60 homes and businesses no way to move the rock, it began erupting on january 2nd, 1983 and has not stopped, since. an unexpected guest made a late night check in. watch as a deer comes running up, first time, no luck, then, they open. goes passed the check in counter. the animal has trouble with the floors and slipped several times in the lobby. game officials showed up and took care of the deer. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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