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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 21, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." >> he is running to my side of the car. >> the sentence imposed is a minimum of 5 years. >> the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. captions by: caption colorado >> i'm just excited for this series. >> yeah! linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. >> go, giants is right! good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> yeah, happy tuesday, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. game one of the world series tonight in kansas city and we have traffic and weather to talk about, too, don't we. >> can any of the games in the world series top what we just saw? i mean, it was fantastic! this whole run the giants just made. the weather there should be nice tonight. game time temperatures in the low 60s. i think by the end in the 50s. out the door we go. sunshine coming our way with passing high clouds, a beautiful afternoon and dry. 70s inside the bay. mid-60s the warmest valleys and still some 60s along the coastline. nice and clear as we look
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towards san jose. looks like the temperatures chilly in spots out the door. 49 in livermore and 46 degrees in santa rosa. by the afternoon, 60s and 70s for a high. there is some rain in the forecast and that might affect the game back here in san francisco. >> oh-oh. maybe the commute too? >> i think so. >> yeah, all right. out the door right now everything is dry. we have that roadwork on the bay bridge or i should we had the roadwork at the bay bridge. everything should be clear now. usually by 5:00 they wrap it up. no problem between oakland and san francisco both directions. at the toll plaza no delay behind the pay gates, no metering lights. overnight roadwork eastbound 580 through the altamont pass was scheduled to wrap up by 5:00. in the commute direction, everything clear through the livermore valley into pleasanton. san mateo bridge only 13 minutes right now out of hayward to foster city. and south bay check 101 in san jose is still clear. it's looking good from morgan
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hill into san jose. what's all this stuff going on over here? >> lawrence is playing dry cleaner man over there. >> just trying to help out. >> they are regretting wearing blue today. >> we are. >> i know. >> neutral. >> tan. what team is that? >> i don't know. [ laughter ] 5:02. on to the news now. developing news on the ebola front. the cdc announces new strict guidelines for healthcare workers treating patients and there's a big push in california to get the hospitals ready, as well. kpix 5's kiet do joins us live down in san jose with more on that. kiet, good morning. reporter: good morning. a couple of county supervisors will be meeting with the nurses union today to talk about training and equipment at the county hospitals. this is happening at all levels of government including the top with governor jerry brown. nurses unions today will be meeting with the governor in hopes that he will back them in pushing to make the highest levels of safety protection
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mandatory. right now the cdc only recommends these safety protections which the nurses say is not enough. hospitals must be required to do it, they say so they have started an online petition to urge president obama to main date the high standards. if california does it we'll be the first in the nation. so what are these new recommended standards from the cdc? the saying thecy announced yesterday no skin or hair should be exposed and workers should use a respirator and a trained monitor must supervisor the workers as they put on and take off the equipment. >> it should be supervised step by step in a ritualized way. >> reporter: the cdc admits the previous guidelines were outdated after two nurses caught the disease while caring for a liberian man in texas who died from ebola. the press conference is scheduled for 8:15 this morning. >> can you tell us the topics they are chatting about today? >> reporter: so they will talk
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about the safety and training, the availability of specialized equipment, and also their strategy when it comes to transportation hubs, how they will handle it, if ebola breaks out say at an airport or a bus station. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. another uber driver is accuse of attacking a passenger in san francisco. a woman tells kpix 5 she had only been in the car for a couple of blocks before the driver demanded the exact address of a friend they were going to pick up. but she was only able to pinpoint the block where the friend lives. >> next thing i know, we're stopped and he is running to my side of the car, cussing, telling me to get the f out of his car. he grabs my arm i take that hand and hold it up with my phone to take a picture. he lets go, grabs the phone and throws it down the stream. at that moment i'm like i need to call the cops but my phone is thrown down the street. >> uber will buy her a new phone and the driver is
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suspended. a bay area chef offering barbecue for sale to help fund his wedding was killed. he was wrapping up a day of selling food in his old north oakland neighborhood on sunday afternoon with his fiancee by his side when someone came up. >> and they said, give me the money. you know? they demanded the money. >> reporter: did he give them the money? >> he gave them the money and they still shot him. >> eric harvis was 41. oakland police are now offering a $10,000 reward for any information that might lead to an arrest. three teens from santa rosa accused of killing a 15-year- old boy have been arrested in mexico. nathaniel torres was shot and killed at a party in windsor in june. deputies believe it may have been gang-related. yesterday, the fbi and mexican authorities found the suspects in the state of sonora. they face murder charges in sonoma county. it was a record-breaking drug bust in contra costa
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county that traces back to a dangerous mexican cartel. take a look. this is some of the 500 pounds of meth, street value $18 million. it was called operation road trip because the meth was driven up from mexico and supplied by the sinaloa cartel. contra costa county was serving as the hub of distribution for the cartel and 22 people were arrested. new this morning, oscar pistorius will serve five years for killing his girlfriend. the judge sentenced him today in in south africa. the double amputee olympic runner killed reeva steinkamp valentine's day last year. he claimed it was an accident mistaking her for an intruder. the judge convicted him of negligent killing but not murder. happening today, i got a little ballgame. it's game one of the world series. >> yes, the giants are in kansas city and they got some practice time yesterday. now they are looking to win their third championship in just five years. >> ryan takeo joins us live in
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studio with a homegrown talent with a special cheering section in the tri-valley. >> reporter: the giants are going to need brandon crawford's good glove and timely hitting this series. it's a dream for him his second world series and he grew up a giants fan in the east bay. [ chanting ] >> reporter: there is his special cheering section. his mom lynn crawford is a fifth grade teacher at vintage elementary school in pleasanton. she admits she gets much more nervous than he does come game time. >> he is always just the calm in the storm. i got a necklace two years ago from [ indiscernible ] experienced the world series with, it says live your dreams so i wear that all the time for games now. >> how cool would it be to have her as a teacher? lynn has baseball photos and giants swag in her classroom. her goal is to teach her students life long lessons and dream big. here's the world series schedule. games 1 and 2 in kansas city
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today and tomorrow. the series comes back to at&t park on friday. and hopefully the giants are hoping they can steal a game in kansas city, tough to do. the royals have not lost a game so far in the post-season. >> the giants are 8-2. so although the royals i guess kind of spanked them during the regular season. >> reporter: yeah, the royals won three games in a row over in kaufmann earlier in the year. by the way, talk about some hard core royals fan. gerald main is a royals fan, he wants to see the world so bad, he put up his 1965 ford mustang up for sale on craigslist. he is asking $24,000 and hopes that's enough to take his family of six to a home game and to a game in san francisco. he says he can always buy another car but seeing the royals in the world series is priceless. by the way, on stubhub i just checked in the last couple of minutes, game one tickets going for $600. >> oh, my goodness. so he has to sell the car.
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>> well, yeah. >> is $24,000 enough? i'm thinking san francisco, tickets, hotels? flights? he may run through the whole thing. >> i'll get him on the phone and ask him. >> think i'd buy a big screen and stay home. >> there you go. >> okay, ryan, thanks. it's frank, michelle, lawrence or even elizabeth. good morning, everyone. i'm roberta and i'll show you who the real star of this show is. >> and we are starting out with some mostly clear skies. there's another storm brewing on the horizon. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and so far, so good across the golden gate bridge. they are doing some lane changes now and everything is quiet so far out of sausalito. full look at your morning commute. we also want we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. ask a question or share a gripe by emailing or tweet me at #ewengerkpix and watch to see if your question gets answered on air. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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cast in just a few m good tuesday morning and welcome back to "kpix 5 this morning." looking from treasure island back toward the city of san francisco, skies are nice and clear. a lot of orange there in the ferry building and the port there of san francisco. we'll have the world series
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forecast and the rest of the weather in a few minutes. today in san jose and memorial service for the air tanker pilot who died in a crash while fighting a wildfire in yosemite earlier this month. pilot jeffrey craig hunt died when that's plane wing struck a tree. a celebration of the 62-year- old man's life will be held at the church on the hill in san jose and that starts at 10:00 this morning. an urgent warning to drivers about a potentially deadly airbag defect. metal fragments can fly out and injure passengers when the bags deploy. the recalls covers 4.7 million vehicles. safety advocates say at least four people have died because of the problem. they are in cars and trucks made by 7 automakers. you can go to to see if your vehicle is on the list. let's find out how we are doing with traffic. liz? >> thanks. we are doing well overall. not too many major incidents since we have been on the air. mostly the overnight roadwork and even now that we're past
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5:00 a lot of that is cleared or clearing. overnight in san francisco, 22 closed for a black pretty close to san francisco general -- closed for a block pretty close to san francisco general. 22nd is closed for traffic between vermont and san bruno avenue for a water main break. the main entrance to the hospital is on potrero so no effect ther 237 silicon valley clear into sunnyvale. we continue to check the chp reports. nothing much out there to slow you down. san mateo bridge clear between hayward and foster city. and continuing southbound 101 as well, everything looking great into san mateo, 280 also problem-free noh and the rest of the south bay we put up a few sensors, 65 miles per hour on 280 through downtown. 101 is still quiet through
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morgan hill and coming into san jose. mass transit everything off to a great start here. there is a game -- preseason warriors game at oracle this evening so you may want to ride bart there. no delays systemwide. ace train number one leaving the central valley delay-free. with the forecast, here's lawrence. looks like we have another chance of rain this week. today looking good lots of sunshine coming our way. skies beginning mostly clear this morning. clouds off the coastline, may see a few high clouds today but that will be the worst of it. otherwise a whole plot lot and temperatures warm up just a little bit in afternoon. so mild numbers into the 70s in the valleys, 60s along the coastline but a chance of more rain this week, possibly for that first game for the giants back in town. all right. high pressure trying to build in but just a weak ridge. you have a couple of storms over the top of this system so we are going to see high clouds over the next few days otherwise lots of sunshine today and tomorrow.
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things begin to change into thursday. and around the state you will see some 70s here in the central valley, 60s in lake tahoe, 67 monterey bay. computer models starting out clear, then passing clouds, otherwise a nice day. then in toward tomorrow we are going to see some increasing high clouds and more clouds especially on thursday. and by friday, maybe rain. temperatures today will warm up a little bit. 71 in san jose. 70 in hayward. a little breeze toward the afternoon, 64 degrees in pacifica. as you head to the east bay a lot of those temperatures in the 70s, mid-70s in toward brentwood. about 72 in fairfield. and 70 degrees in vallejo. as you look to the north bay, 72 degrees and sunny in the napa valley. 70 in petaluma, about 67 degrees in san francisco. looking out over the next couple of days, we are going to see some very nice weather. those clouds will really be on the increase on thursday in fact some of the computer models want to try to even bring a slight chance of showers to the north bay at least northern sonoma county late in the day on thursday. i think a good chance of some
5:17 am
rain on friday. the timing of that storm system problematic about the giants. that could be coming in, in the afternoon for game time so that could really be an issue. we'll have to fine-tune that forecast. >> can you fix that? >> i'll try. we have a few more days to straighten that out. [ laughter ] >> work on that. lawrence, thank you. most schoolkids always enjoy a trip to the aquarium but in san francisco there's also a way to take the aquarium to schools. kpix 5's roberta gonzales is at the aquarium by the bay on pier 39 to show us something called baymobile. >> reporter: michelle, you, frank, lawrence, elizabeth, we know on a daily basis you guys are the stars of the show. but we have the real stars here today and this is baymobile. and to tell us more about it is blair. she is the outreach coordinator coordinator. tell me about the new program. >> i would love to. so we go out to schools in all nine bay area counties and teach hour long programs about
5:18 am
climate change. and we do it with animal ambassadors like these guys right here so jamie is pulling out a leather sea star over there. pretty cool. >> reporter: that's your job, you go around with the tank and pull things out? >> yes, sometimes, yes. >> reporter: blair, educate us about this. >> that's a leather star, also called garlic stars. one of my favorite things is they smell like garlic which is a defense mechanism they have. >> reporter: it's slimy. >> very slimy. >> reporter: what is the difference between one starfish and another starfish? >> they are different species. there's lots of different species of starfish and we have a good collection here all from animals from either the bay itself or the california coast. >> reporter: i heard you call them species but earlier i heard you refer to them animals? >> they are both. they are all live animals. they are invertebrates so they have no spine or head or heart. but they are animals just like us. >> reporter: so they still have feelings? >> they definitely have feelings. yes. >> reporter: i noticed this sea cucumber snuggles up to the starfish? >> let me pull this guy out
5:19 am
for you. >> reporter: you go right ahead and you hold that. >> reporter: you want to touch him? >> reporter: okay. this is what the kids get to do? >> exactly. >> reporter: how do you go out and share the baymobile with the kids? >> we go out monday through friday to schools throughout the bay area and it's all free which is fantastic. >> and you know what's so cool is that they welcome schools to contact them and all you have to do is visit us online at and click on "links and numbers" and we hook you up with the aquarium. reporting from pier 39 with blair and -- >> i follow blair around and do what she says. [ laughter ] >> reporter: back to you guys. >> looks cool, roberta. thank you. 5:19 right now. half the detergent, half the energy and just a fraction of the water. coming up in the next half- hour, how these new machines can change the way we wash clothes. and i'm dennis o'donnell outside kauffman stadium where tim lincecum might not be in
5:20 am
the starting rotation but he will be ready if he gets the call. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nominations to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, everyone! are you ready for game one of the world series? it will be madison baumgarner on the hill for san francisco, james shields for kansas city. as for tim lincecum he might not be in the rotation but he will be ready. he doesn't have a role in this world series. but tim lincecum is still a popular giant. >> lincecum has done it again! he has no hit the san diego padres. >> reporter: the freak has won two world series, two cy youngs, and has thrown two no- hitters. but an ineffective season cost him his spot. >> talk about barry zito his experience may have helped you. >> you see what he went through in 2010 where he wasn't on the roster and just the way he handled himself and dealt with it and was still a good teammate through all that, you know, just spoke volumes about his character. >> reporter: giants favorite may have lost his spot in the rotation, but certainly not in the clubhouse. >> i have told him countless times how much i appreciate the professionalism he showed through all this and being a good teammate and not bringing
5:24 am
any negative energy around that he certainly, um, you know would have every right almost so to speak to do that. >> reporter: how anxious are you to get an opportunity? >> um, you know, i'm just as anxious as the next guy, you know? whenever that phone rings down in the bullpen you know you're always anxious to see if it's going to be your name and you want to be prepared for that moment. >> reporter: one guy who can relate to tim lincecum is travis ishikawa. he is part of giants history after not being figured into anyone's plans. >> the giants won the pennant! the giants won the pennant! >> reporter: people mention you in the same sentence as bobby thompson for historical reasons. what kind of honor is that? >> it's humbling. you know? you grow up as a kid learning about that story and obviously, you know, any kid that loves baseball probably reimagine that story. i know i did it a bunch of times as a kid so for it to just happen, i'm just honored and humbled to just be in the same sentence. >> reporter: lincecum didn't
5:25 am
start a game against the tigers two years ago in the world series, as well. we'll have the complete post- game report tonight at 6:00. have a great day, everybody. >> all right, dennis. good stuff. thanks. watch the bottom of your screen. today's play of the day. antonio brown who killed my fantasy team. he is showing off his arm, yeah, he can throw, it, too. he passed for a touchdown part of a 21 point barrage in a minute 13 to close out the first half. pittsburgh beat houston 30-23, the play of the day. nice lefty pass. >> i think his dance is the play of the day. >> i missed that. did he dance? >> yeah. looked good. he has some moves. 5:25 right now. former olympic blade runner oscar pistorius sentenced to five years in prison. after the break, what the judge is saying this morning about her decision. >> a high-end escort accused of killing a google exec in court. why her lawyer says the entire incident was an accident.
5:26 am
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. an uber driver accused of assault on a female passenger in san francisco. what she says caused him to lose his temper. >> less than 12 hours away from the start of the world series. we're live this morning with a big preview of game one. >> reporter: and after some nice showers yesterday, the sunshine to make a return today but there's a storm on the horizon. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and we are getting first reports right now of a stalled big rig and it's really snarling the commute right now
5:30 am
through the altamont pass. your travel times just minutes away. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, october 21. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. just turned 5:30. developing news on the fight against ebola. the cdc steps up guidelines for healthcare workers handling patients. and here in california, nurses are pushing governor brown to prepare hospitals. kiet do is live in san jose on exactly what nurses are asking for. kiet. >> reporter: good morning, ebola is top of mind for a lot of people in the industry. and these nurses unions are making sure that their voices will be heard. and so here at the santa clara county government building, the nurses unions will be meeting with county supervisors to get n update in a couple of hours. these unions will also be meeting with the governor in hopes he will back them in pushing to make the highest levels of safety protection mandatory. right now the cdc only recommends the safety protections, which the nurses say is inadequate to force the hospitals to do it. they started an online petition
5:31 am
to urge president obama to mandate the high standards. if california does it, we'll be the first in the name to do so. so what are these new recommended standards from the cdc? the agency announced yesterday that no skin or hair should be exposed and that workers should use a respirator. these new guidelines come after two nurses became infected after caring for the texas man who died from ebola. it is unclear how those nurses contracted the disease but the greatest risk lies in how they take the gear off. >> if there is some sort of fluid on the front of that gown and you take it off and come in contact with it, well, that could be a very deadly mistake. >> reporter: the cdc admits that the previous guidelines were outdated. back here live at the santa clara county building where the press conference is scheduled for 8:5this morning. >> kiet, so will santa clara county be implementing some of the cdc guidelines? >> that's the understanding we are going to be asking that question, how far is the county willing to take this? will they make the cdc
5:32 am
guidelines mandatory? we'll see. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. 5:31 now. governor brown laying out his long-term strategy for shoring up california's water system. it includes a plan to tunnel underneath the delta to make it a little easier to pump water to the central valley and then down south to southern california. he is even spending his money to promote it. he pitched the plan at stanford university's water conference yesterday. let's check the weather. we are getting a little bit of water. >> a few showers yesterday. that was nice just to see. we have another storm headed our way that could affect the giants game when they come back to san francisco. let's hope the timing on that doesn't work out like that. but out the door today we have some chilly temperatures to begin with early on. skies mostly clear a few high clouds off the coastline. we'll see a few passing by as we head throughout the day. still a lot of sunshine in between. 70s in the bay, mid-70s in the warmest valleys and 60s along the coastline. looking nice and clear toward san jose right now. the temperatures are cool though in the valleys.
5:33 am
49 in livermore. 46 in santa rosa. and 50 degrees in san jose. but this afternoon, plenty of sunshine going to warm us up. let's plan on 60s and 70s. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. out to the bay bridge toll plaza, the cash lanes are quickly filling in. no metering lights yet. but, you know, they turned them on yesterday at 5:39 just a few minutes from now. so if you want to beat the rush leave now. roadwork is gone on the incline to yerba buena island. so overall it's a nice start over at the bay bridge toll plaza. typical stuff. here's a live look at our sensors coming through the altamont pass and the livermore valley. so we are getting word of this stall blocking one lane approaching grant line and westbound 580 so that usually means traffic stacks up quickly on 205 out of tracy. that appears to be the case so far. only 23 miles per hour. then it's sluggish past that all the way to airway. that's your latest "kcbs" drive
5:34 am
to work. for the second time in less than a month uber has suspended a driver for violence reported against a passenger in san francisco. this time, the driver is accused of throwing a woman out of his car. it happened when they were trying to pick up a friend of the woman but she did not know the friend's exact address. >> next thing i know, we're stopped and he is running to my side of the car, cussing, telling me to get the "f" out of his car. he grabs my arm, i take that hand and i hold it up with my phone to take a picture. he lets go and grabs the phone and throws it down the street. and at that moment, i'm like i need to call the cops but then my phone is nowhere. >> the driver was cited by san francisco police. uber says it will buy the woman a new phone. escort accused of injecting a google executive with a deadly dose of heroin was just doing what she was told, according to her lawyer. 26-year-old alix tichelman was in court yesterday. police say surveillance video shows her shooting up 51-year- old forrest hayes on his yacht
5:35 am
last year. then walking away. her attorney says it was an accident. >> alix tichelman did nothing that mr. hayes did not want her to do. two adults engaged in mutual and cooperative drug use. and it went wrong. >> tichelman now faces manslaughter and drug charges. new this morning, oscar pistorius will spend the next five years in prison for killing his girlfriend. alfonso van marsh has more on what the judge had to say before she sentenced the olympian today. >> mr. pistorius, please rise. >> reporter: oscar pistorius stared straight ahead as the judge sentenced him for killing his girlfriend. >> the sentence imposed is the minimum imprisonment of 5 years. >> reporter: the judge said the decision to send him to prison for five years for killing reeva steinkamp was hers and hers alone. >> it would be a sad day for this country if an impression
5:36 am
were to be created that there was one law for the poor and disadvantaged and another for the rich and famous. >> reporter: police immediately took pistorius from the courtroom to a holding cell. last month, the judge cleared the 27-year-old of murdering steenkamp but convicted him of manslaughter known as culpable homicide in south africa. the judge ruled pistorius acted negligently with excessive force when he shot the model through a bathroom door in his home on valentine's day last year. pistorius insisted he thought he was firing his pistol at an intruder when he shot four bullets hitting steenkamp in the hip, arm and head. defense attorneys say pistorius may serve just 10 months behind bars and the rest of his five- year sentence under house arrest. alfonso van marsh, cbs news. so will the giants potential dynasty or the royals date with destiny prevail in the next few weeks? >> we'll see. the world series starts tonight. >> kpix 5's ryan takeo joins us
5:37 am
live in studio with a little game one preview. >> reporter: it's been a while since we saw baseball. >> five days. >> reporter: the royals big game [ indiscernible ] faces a true big game pitcher tonight the giants madison baumgarner. the giants took the field yesterday for practice at kauffman stadium. they are going for three winnings in five years. today it's up to the ace. baumgarner has a 1.42 e.r.a. this post-season. he has also never given up a run in two world series starts. >> you know, you know you got to go out there and you have to be on and you have to make pitches i don't think you ever really start feeling comfortable, you know, but, um, you know, it is nice to -- to keep getting out there. >> reporter: the teams played earlier in the year and the royals swept the giants. but it's a different giants team. it's a reminder though, you don't want to face kansas city's bullpen down late after
5:38 am
the 6th inning. >> they have been lights out. eight straight. homegrown talent the giants have a guy playing shortstop who grew up here. >> brandon crawford. we checked in with his mom yesterday. he is a pleasanton product. and there is her fifth grade class at vintage elementary school in pleasanton. lynn crawford teaches her students to dream big. >> miss crawford tells us about brandon and how he wanted to be a major league baseball player and nobody ever thought he would. >> reporter: so mom lynn is going to game three when the series shifts back to at&t. by the way, brandon's dad is in kansas city. >> he is in kansas city? >> yeah. >> they have been spoiled. you know? 3 world series in 5 years. >> he was part of the 2012 team and so that was the one that was kind of his coming out party for then so he has been part of one championship, hopefully he is going to get a second one. >> i have to say he has the
5:39 am
cutest fans in that classroom. >> he does. >> did you like the hair? >> the hair? >> the hair? >> sure. >> brandon's hair? >> sure. >> just checking. >> good. >> all right. baseball hair. >> thank you, ryan. 460 point drop last week was scary for the dow jones industrial average. this week marks the 27th anniversary of the crash back in 87. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger thinks investors still have a lot to learn from that historic day. she joins us live in new york. can you put that day into perspective for us, jill? >> reporter: it was black monday because the dow plummeted 508 points which was a 22.6% move. it still remains the worst single day of trading in wall street history and sure, that last 460-point drop on wednesday seemed bad. that was just a 2.8% drop though. at today's level of the dow we would have to see about a 3700
5:40 am
point falloff in one day to equate the damage of 1987. >> goodness. what is driving the recent drop in stocks? >> about a month ago investors were starting to worry about global growth stalling especially in europe and china. the fear is that just as the u.s. recovery has found more solid footing, the rest of the world might drag down the economy and corporate earnings. add to that the accumulated worries about geo-political events and the potential spread of ebola, you have an old- fashioned stock market route. but even at the worst levels last week, we didn't even qualify for a correction. that's defined as a 10% sell- off. it's been over three years since the s&p 500 corrected. we usually get them every year and a half or so. so we are overdue for a 10% drop. >> okay. so what can we learn from that crash and how can investors protect themselves today, jill? >> reporter: you know, you have heard me say this before. cash is king. if you keep an adequate
5:41 am
emergency fund, it can actually reduce the urge to panic and sell at the bottom. we saw that certainly in 2008 and 2009. planning, though, that's your queen of thorough financial planning that contemplates both good and bad markets, it can help you navigate a crash, a falloff, a correction and its aftermath. diversification and rebalancing, that's going to round out your royals family. remember, you have to understand your risk tolerance in order to build a diversified as set allocation plan, and you have to stick to that plan by rebalancing two to four times a year. for more on how the current stock market sell-off is not even close to the crash of 1987, go to >> all right the. jill schlesinger, thank you. 5:41 now. legendary fashion designer oscar de laurenta has died after a long battle with cancer. he was a favorite of first ladies and "a" list celebrities. his final high-profile creation the wedding gown for george
5:42 am
clooney's wife about a month or so ago. his career spanned five decades and in all that time he never went out of style. oscar de laurenta dead at the age of 82. a house on fire, a man trapped inside. coming up, this man jumps in. what we're learning about the mystery hero who got there just in time. and a new study out just this morning on the earth's climate. why "experts" say we're on track to have a record hot year, when we come back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,, ♪ ♪
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,,,,,,,,,, thank you! thank you! dedicated bankers born to go the extra mile. you've been such a big help. it's what i like to do. so you can choose a bank where helping people comes first. chase. so you can. forecast in just a few minu calendar year ever. the "national climatic data cen says tempera a report says the earth is on track to have a hot year. they say temperatures from january to september tied a record set in 1998.
5:45 am
september was the hottest in 135 years averaging more than 60. also the 12-month period from october of last year to september 2014 was the warmest ever. the mystery man who carried a 73-year-old from a burning home in fresno over the weekend has stepped forward. >> as allen martin tells us, the man who was rescued was finally able to say thank you. >> reporter: it was a pretty low key reunion for two men who met because of this. >> everybody out! no, there's a man in there! >> we got to get the dad out of there! >> reporter: 73-year-old robert wells was inside the burning home in fresno saturday morning and his daughter denise was screaming for help. a bystander was recording video on his cell phone when thomas artiaga calmly walked into the smoke and flames and walked out with robert over his shoulder. >> oh, thank god! >> back there. by the time i got back there he was at the gate and by the
5:46 am
backyard and i just picked him up and ran away with him, you know? the explosion went off and just the reaction. >> reporter: a pretty calm reaction to a very life- threatening situation. robert breathed in quite a bit of smoke which is serious considering he is supposed to be breathing with the help of an oxygen tank but he is grateful to be alive and grateful someone like thomas was nearby. >> backyard, though. >> i seen you do that. i thank god. i was screaming, my dad, my dad! i know you heard that. i was like, yeah. >> that's why i pulled over. i heard you screaming, dad! >> get my dad! we got to get him out of there. >> we'll talk again. >> reporter: allen martin, kpix 5. >> crews had the fire out in about 20 minutes but the family lost everything they own but that man is alive thanks that hero. let's check the roads with
5:47 am
elizabeth. >> back to the bay bridge toll plaza, this is day number 2 now in a row. they switched on the metering lights definitely earlier at 5:39. i wonder if this is a new pattern. i don't know. usually they have been turning them on at 5:45. but in the past when we talked to them about switching the metering lights on earlier and earlier they said there's more commuters early. with more commuters on the bay bridge at an earlier time they have to activate the metering lights to limit the volume on the span. most of the backup is behind the pay gates. as you can see, it is already jammed you through the overcrossings at 5:47. once you get on the bridge, a little bit of slow on the incline to yerba buena island and then it clears out as you can see there into san francisco. and along the skyway. a rather slow spot is through the altamont pass and the livermore valley. it's slow end to end. westbound 580 at grant line bottlenecking the commute out
5:48 am
of tracy. live look at other bridges. this is a good bridge to use out of hayward into foster city on the san mateo bridge. flat section and over the high- rise still clear. and eastbound traffic also moving well. if you are traveling on the nimitz freeway, this is what it looks like right now near the oakland coliseum. taillights that's northbound near the oakland coliseum. but southbound looks okay as well even on the approach to highway 92. sometimes around this time of the morning we see slowing but it looks okay. no delays on mass transit. that's the latest "kcbs" drive to work. should be a gorgeous fall day, right, lawrence? >> it should be a nice day. of course, yesterday we had a few light showers around the bay area. today mostly clear skies, chilly in spots, temperatures dropping off in the 40s and 50s. coit tower over san francisco giants orange color now. as we get ready for the world series today what a beautiful shot from treasure island this morning. boy, looks like a beacon out there as we get ready for the big game later on tonight. we are going to see mostly
5:49 am
sunny skies, a couple of high clouds cruising overhead today. so it should be a slightly warmer day. not a real strong ridge of high pressure building in but enough to keep us dry and bring us mild temperatures and then more rain could factor in the game this week on friday. high pressure you can see it often the coastline just a weak ridge but enough to hold these storms just enough to the north so sunshine returns, a lot of high clouds will roll over the top of the ridge especially into tomorrow and thursday. temperatures in the central valley into the 70s there. you will see 60 lake tahoe. be careful if you plan to head to the coastline. you will see lots of sunshine there, but the swells are running large about 9 to 11 feet so big breakers at the coastline and strong rip currentses, too. temperatures in the -- strong rip currents, too. temperatures in the 60s and 70s this afternoon. 7:25 sunrise. 6:24 sunset. very nice weather although clouding up late thursday. friday, the timing of that storm does not look good right now.
5:50 am
that storm system coming in the afternoon with some gusty winds and some rain. things can change a lot between now and then but that could factor into the giants game. >> canceled maybe? >> postponed? >> hard to say. i don't want to dash hopes but rain could be a factor on that very day. >> it could be. >> we'll fine-tune that over the next few days. >> we used to like you. >> we did? >> we have a cal game, too. >> that's right. [overlapping speakers >> i'm going to have a lot of enemies by then! >> you will have to leave the bay area! [ laughter ] british scientists have developed a new washing machine that can save hundreds of thousands of gallons of water per year. >> cbs reporter alfonso van marsh shows us the key is little plastic beads. >> reporter: london's white roselawn dri is trying a new way to clean more than 1500 shirts a day. the washer uses plastic beads and just a little water. >> within the first week we knew that the water saving was
5:51 am
more than 60 to 70%. >> reporter: xerox machine makers say that's about 350,000 gallons of water saved each year. major hotel chains like hilton and choice are already using the washers at some u.s. locations. the british scientists who developed the technology say a small amount of water helps the beads gently rub against the clothes and act like sponges to absorb dirt. a physicist says machines use about half the detergent and energy as traditional washers. >> we can clean as effectively as a hot cycle at cold. >> reporter: 1.5 million beads spin through every machine. they are about the size of a grain of rice but they are hard like a marble. xerox insists the beads can't slip through the washer's dreyer, rarely get caught in clothing and can be used up to 1,000 washes before recycling.
5:52 am
engineers are working on a washer dryer model for american hopes they hope to sell within two years. alfonso van marsh cbs news, sheffield, england. >> manufacturers say the bead technology lets you through whites and colors into the same load without problems. >> how do you get rid of them? i don't figure that out. recycled beads are used to make car dashboards, by the way. just so you know. >> i don't know. i would try it. >> give it a go. all right. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ bring them all to the table with the kfc favorites bucket. 8 pieces of chicken with 12 hot wings or 6 extra crispy tenders.
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♪ hillary clinton was back in francisco speaking at a former secretary of state hillary clinton was back in san francisco speaking at a fundraiser yesterday. clinton joined nancy pelosi and other bay area congresswomen at a sold-out democratic fundraiser called the power of women. clinton has been stepping up her campaign activities for democrats just ahead of the midterm elections on november 4. >> i'm proud that more than 100 democratic women are running for the house this year. i can't think of a better way to make congress start working for american families again than electing every last one of them. >> she says equal pay, higher
5:56 am
minimum wage and birth control affects the entire economy. happening today, the san mateo county board of supervisors will meet to discuss a ban on smoking inside some apartments and some condos. the proposed ban could include electronic cigarettes. smoking would be prohibited within 30 feet of the complexes, most of the buildings to be covered near redwood city, medical marijuana would be exempt. it is 5:56 right now. the cdc has issued tougher standards for treating ebola. why many bay area healthcare workers say the new guidelines won't keep them safe. >> reporter: world series game one tonight. the giants are counting on homegrown talent. we'll show you his special cheering section. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
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check it out. when i peel this sticker off the munchie meal, i have a 1 in 4 chance of winning cool prizes like flights on southwest airlines, skateboards, fandango movie tickets, neff gear, or free food you can eat, like a whole 'nother munchie meal. it's called jack's munchie peel instant win game and it's awesome. check this out. when i peel this banana, i win the inside of this banana. cool story, bro. hey john,whoa!k it out. yeah, i was testing to see if we really can turn any device
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in your house into a tv. and the tablet worked just fine. but i wanted to see if the phone would work as well. so i shrunk sharon. every channel is live just like on tv. but it's my phone. it's genius. shh! i'm watching tv. tiny sharon is mean. i'm right here. watch any channel live on any device around your home. download the xfinity tv app today. the giants win the pennant! >> the giants are looking for another championship when the world series kicks off tonight in kansas city. the royals are favored to win
6:00 am
but the underdog has won every series so far this season. >> putting it on and make sure you do to properly so every square inch is covered. >> the cdc issued new guidelines for treating ebola. the stepped up measures call for full body gear and protective hoods. today, governor brown will meet with california nurses to discuss safety protocols here. >> very potent. the price of it is very low. and unfortunately, that means we have a massive supply of it. >> 500 pounds of methamphetamine was seized in a record-breaking drug bust if the east bay. police say the drugs were supplied by a mexican cartel and driven to contra costa county for distribution. from across the bay -- >> he is running to my side of the car. >> -- to around the world -- >> the sentence imposed is the minimum of five years. >> -- the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >> i'm just excited for this series! >> go giants! captions by: caption colorado >> it is exciting! good morning,


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