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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 20, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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apple launches its next big thing apple pay. we'll check it out next.
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angry over directions.. and dragged her out of the car. live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. the woman spoke exclus uber attack, this woman says the drive got angry over directions and drag -- driver got angry over directions and dragged her out of the car. >> the woman spoke with our joe vazquez tonight. >> reporter: she tells me this whole ordeal started with an uber x driver who was struggling with english. meanwhile she is struggling to give him exact directions to pick up a friend to take to dinner along the way. next thing you know she says he physically threw her out on the street. ied he the street pi >> so it started in the first driveway as soon as you pascal cal street. >> reporter: -- pass california street. >> reporter: she's a 39-year- old professional who lives on nob hill. after she called an uber driver
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he had only taken her about 2 blocks before he got upset because she didn't have an exact address to pick up her friend. >> i said she lives between these two streets on this street. his exact words were i need address for gps. i put my head down and was texting kind of in this day in age we're glued to her phones and the next thing i know we're stopped and he's running to my side of the carcassing telling me to get the f out -- car cussing telling me to get the f out of his car. he grabs my arm. i hold it up with my phone to take a picture. he lets go and grabs the phone and flows it down the street. at that -- throws it down the street. at that moment i'm like i need to call the cops, but my phone is nowhere. >> reporter: eventually she recovers her broken phone, opens the uber app and recovers the name of the driver. she said it took 20 minutes for
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an uber customer service person to call her and during that time he was on the street picking up customers. >> he said we're really sorry about this and want to see justice was served and he's no longer able to take calls. it didn't make me feel comfortable knowing that there's a, some kind of background check and b, if a driver does do, something they're held accountable. >> reporter: san francisco police report 39-year-old martin hynek of berkeley was given a citation for battery and malicious mischief, but he was not arrested and, in fact, the victim tells me that the police officer told her it's your word against his. so we're not going to take him in. >> i understand uber has suspended the driver. >> reporter: that's right. he's been deactivated as they put it and get this. the woman was actually charged for that short ride. uber says they'll refund her the money and buy her a new phone. >> thank you. this is the second alleged attack by an uber driver in less than a month.
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roberto chica says his driver hit him in the face with a hammer after they argued about the route. that driver has been suspended. a bay area chef selling barbecue to pay for his wedding is gunned down right in front of his fiancee. eric harvest was from vallejo selling food in his old north oakland neighborhood yesterday with his fiancee by his side when suddenly somebody came up. >> and they said give me the money. you not, they demanded the money. >> reporter: did he give them the money? >> he gave them the money and they still shot him. >> eric harvest was 41 years old. oakland police are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. tonight a whole lot of meth and guns are off bay area streets and andria borba on operation road trip. >> reporter: we are talking about 22 arrests and $18 million of meth pulled off bay area streets in what authorities say is a growing problem not only here in california once again, but across the nation. nto contra costa
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county. chief sylvia moir\el cerrito police department 23.43.18 this crim in a faraway this isn't your average drug bust dog and pony show in contra contra costa county. >> 500 pounds of methamphetamine being seized. >> reporter: those 500 pounds are equivalent to more than 1 million hits of methamphetamine. operation road trip was a six year project to pull the crystal off the streets and out of users' hands. >> we have a situation now where methamphetamine is very pure, very potent. the price is very low and unfortunately that means we have a massive supply of it. >> reporter: beyond the problems of a million instances of people strung out and the crimes that come with the habit, operation road trip also represents the very real intrusion of the dangerous sinaloa cartel and most feared in mexico into contra costa county. >> this criminal enterprise began in a far away place, but make no mistake about it. they brought their crime, their drugs and their violence to our
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region. >> the drug cartels just like the television shows seem to typify are bringing their drugs into northern california. >> reporter: just like an airport contra costa was the hub for the cartel to get the meth, not just to the bay area but the pacific northwest and canada. >> rely upon alliances with criminal gangs to help distribute meth across the state virtually overnight. >> reporter: california attorney general kamala harris is starting a new anti- methamphetamine task force in the state with federal funding about $1 million to try and combat this problem once again. andria borba, kpix5. >> mexican drug cartels have been infiltrating the bay area. a couple months ago authorities busted nine guys unloading this, $23 million worth of marijuana in san mateo county. tonight lawyers for the high end escort accused of injecting a google exec with a deadly dose of heroin say that she was just doing what she was
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told. 26-year-old alex tickleman appeared in court today. police say surveillance video shows her shooting up 51-year- old forest hayes on his yacht last year, then walking away. her attorney says it was an accident. >> alex tickleman did nothing that mr. hayes did not want her to do. two adults engaged in mutual and cooperative drug usage. up in and it went wrong. >> tickleman faces manslaughter and drug charges. here's a live look at san francisco's city hall right now lit up in orange as the giants get ready for their third world series in five years, beautiful sight there. game one gets going exactly 18 hours from now in kansas city. world series in san >> ken bastida behind enemy lines you might say tonight. >> reporter: kansas city royals fans showed their support in this world series rally tonight that rocked the entire downtown.
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♪[ music ] >> reporter: it's called the power and light district, an outdoor big screen venue full of bars and restaurants and dedicated to all that is royal blue. >> giants? no. we've got it. we're going all the way. >> reporter: some people maybe taking this blue thing a little too far. >> it's working it through and then we'll let it set and rinse it out and you'll have blue hair. >> reporter: that looks like fun. can i try it? >> yes. >> reporter: you mind? >> go ahead. >> reporter: now is there a technique that i should know about in blue? >> in this you just want to try and get it in there real good. just kind of mush and paint. >> reporter: you want to do the beard? >> not today. >> reporter: not today, okay. bottom line, they are good fans. they love their team and they are not afraid to tell you that. >> you bring that out against a team like the giants?
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>> yup. you know why? because i have confidence in every one of our players and the heart that they have for our city. they celebrate with us. we win with them. >> reporter: in kansas city ken bastida, kpix5 news. >> fans watching the world series at lefty odouls won't just see the game. they'll see the enemy. game one and two in kansas city wednesday. the series head back to at&t park friday. if you take the bay bridge, was your drive a little better? caltrans removed the steel plates that caused a massive slowdown last week. plates were put in place so that caltrans could replace six expansion joints on the upper deck, but after causing such a backup contractors are coming up with a different plan. tonight millions of drivers are warned to get their cars
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fixed immediately. the air bags could explode. pnel flying throug >> reporter: the air bags in question are made by tikata and subject to a spiraling series of recalls that reached more than 11 million this year. the problem? the air bags can explode sending metal shrapnel flying through the vehicle. we spoke to stephanie erdnan who barely survived. >> instant blindness on my right side followed by gushing blood. w, nissan, g-m it was terrifying. i thought i was going to bleed out at first. >> reporter: four deaths may be linked to the defect. the latest, a 51-year-old woman in orlando driving a 2001 honda accord. that followed a death in california, an 18-year-old in oklahoma and a mother of three in virginia. documents filed with the national highway traffic safety administration show honda the biggest buyer of tikata air bags first learned of exploding air bags in 2004. the recalls did not start until
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2008. nine carmakers are involved and today there was a new recall of nearly 250,000 air bags in toyota vehicles. as in previous recalls, the fixes will only be made in warm weather climates where tikata believes high humidity makes the explosions more likely. >> in addition to honda and toyota, the recall includes mazda, bmw, nissan, gm and ford. we have the full list on an unusual sight in san francisco today, umbrellas! i know we didn't get a lot of rain, but every little bit count. >> that's the philosophy we'll have to deal with because this is impressive looking. that's a pretty good storm, but by the time it got down here we managed to just squeeze out a few hundredths of an inch, as much as .14 in napa, but that same system off the pacific northwest may change things towards the weekend. we'll have the forecast in a
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few minutes. a guy in a blue hat walks into a burning house, pulls a stranger out of the fire and vanishes. who is he? the mystery man just came forward tonight. >> apple's next big thing is here, apple pay. does it live up to the hype? we test it out. ,,
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tonight a man who carried a3 year old he certainly still a hero, but his identity no longer a mystery. tonight a man who carried a 73- year-old from a burning home in fresno over the weekend has come forward and his message? we should all help sometimes. year old rober de the burnin >> you all right? >> i'm fine. >> it was a pretty low key reunion for two men who met because of this. as back there and by e was at the >> no, there's a man in there she said. threatening situation. robe did breathe in quite a bit smoke...which is pretty ser considering he's supposed te breath oxygen tank. >> we got to get the dad out of
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there. >> 73-year-old robert wells was inside the burning home in fresno saturday morning and his daughter denise was screaming for help. e fire out in about t the family a bystander was recording video on their cell phone when thomas artiaga calmly walked into the smoke and flames and walked out with robert over his shoulders. >> oh, thank god! >> he was back there. by the time i got back there he was at the gate by the backyard and i just picked him up and rook away with him, you know. -- ran away with him, you know. the explosion went off, just a reaction. >> robert did breathe in quite a bit of smoke which is serious considering he's supposed to be breathing with an oxygen tang, but he's grateful to be alive -- tank, but he's grateful to be alive and grateful someone like thomas was nearby. >> i soon you do that. thank god. i was screaming my dad, my dad. i know you heard that. i was like yeah. >> that's why i pulled over
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because i heard you screaming your dad. >> we got to get him out of there. >> crews had the fire out in about 20 minutes, but the family lost everything they own. legendary fashion designer oscar de la renta has died after a long battle with cancer. he was a favorite of first ladies and a list celebrities. his final high profile creation, the wedding gone for george clooney's new bride amal. his career spanned over five decades. in all that time he never went out of style. >> he was always being rediscovered by young people because i think that that kind of gentleman is a dying breed of s of sorts. what more could you ask for -- of sorts. what more could you ask for? >> oscar de la renta was 82
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years old. here's a few questions about money. no cash, no plastic, no problem. apple just launched its next big thing, apple pay. joe vazquez tests it out tonight. w it works . instead >> reporter: we've got many of the largest retailers in the country supporting us. as announced by apple last week, starting today you can use your iphone to pay, apple pay. here's how. instead of using your credit card use an app on the iphone 6 and you push the iphone up against the device that will be on the counter of the retailer. at justin herman plaza today visa and wells fargo demonstrated apple pay. as an extra layer of security you have to provide your thumbprint. >> rest your thumb on the thumbprint meter which is also the home button. hover the phone near the pay station a couple seconds, pull up your card, use your thumb and you're done, you've paid. >> reporter: another layer of security, the credit card company gives you your own
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special code. >> but that number is a unique number tied to that phone so that if that phone is lost or stolen, if a hacker gets the information, it can't be used. it's not your card number. >> reporter: apple is not the first. google and paypal already have similar systems. >> a little reluctance we have is our counter space is limited and google wallet and apple require a device to tap onto which paypal does not. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix5. >> apple stock is soaring tonight after the condition said it sold a record 39 million iphones last quarter. monica lewinsky joined twitter today as part of her campaign against cyber bullying. you can say it backfired. her first tweet #herewego. the 41-year-old immediately collected 30,000 followers, but most of them had nasty things to say to her about her checkered past. at age 22 lewinsky was involved in that infamous sex scandal
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with president clinton. >> she needs a social media intern to take over. >> seem like yes, doesn't it? wow. we had a little rain move through the bay area, not much, a few hundredths of an inch, but there could be more on the way by the weekend. let's go outside and have a look at what should now be a familiar looking stadium down in santa clara, 57 degrees in concord, a little chilly because skies are clearing and all the heat we generated during the dane just radiated out to space. it's -- day just radiated out to space. it's 57 in san jose and 52 in santa rosa. out the door tomorrow morning we should be dry, fog along the shoreline, mid-50s. beach hazard warning is posted through tomorrow night. the big storm system in the gulf of alaska is generating a pretty good northwesterly swell up to 13 feet. sneak are waves are possible and strong -- sneaker waves are possible and strong rip
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currents. we'll have high clouds in the north bay tomorrow, so filmy sunshine early, but by 1 p.m. clouds are confined mostly to sonoma county north. rest of the bay area looks clear, should be beautiful with the rinse that the atmosphere got today and as time marches on through tomorrow night, a few more high clouds for the north bay for the very southern fringes of that storm plaguing the pacific southwest. we might get a rogue shower or two tonight in the north bay. surf is up along the shoreline, increasing sun and temperatures tomorrow. we'll be a little below average, 70 in oakland, same in santa clara, san jose 71. on the east bay we're looking mostly at low 70s, north bay more of the same, high clouds up there from time to time. extended forecast calls for increasing sunshine the next couple days. as we get toward the weekend there's potential maybe for a few showers coming into the bay
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area. it looks to be a more robust rainmaker than what we had. tomorrow we'll have clear skies at game time for the giants, temperatures will be out there for kansas city. this pleasanton teacher has a very special connection to the giants. she lets us in on a few secrets next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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tomorrow. juliette goodrich says: one pleasanton tea all eyes will be on the giants as the world series starts tomorrow. >> it does and juliette goodrich says for one pleasanton teacher it's a family affair. (nats )(teacher bite ) "th m land " than his >> and the giants win game three! elementary n ...the sam >> reporter: for giants starting shortstop brandon crawford a childhood dream of playing major league baseball comes true and who better to know his dream -- >> they wanted to play for their countries. >> reporter: than his mom lynn crawford, a 5th grade teacher at the same school brandon attended as a child. >> i'll be nervous tomorrow, but today i'm excited. >> reporter: lynn has baseball
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photos and giants memorabilia in her classroom and admits brandon is much calmer than her when it gets close to game time. >> he's always just the calm in the storm. >> reporter: she shows us a video of brandon in the 5th grade giving a speech. >> i want to get a sports scholarship to stanford and play on the baseball team. after college i'd like to get drafted by major league baseball. >> do you guys remember that top of the 9th inning and sandoval misses the ball. brandon gets it, throws it to second. he hit something similar to that when he was 10 years old and that was the moment my husband went you know what? i think he's really good. >> ms. crawford tells us about brandon and how he wanted to be a major league baseball player and nobody ever thought he would. >> what a play by crawford who hung in there and got the force. >> reporter: but mommens best and always -- mom knows best and always believes in her son. >> go brandon! >> reporter: julia goodrich,
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kpix5. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up from kansas city on the eve of the world series, tim lincecum, forgotten man in the rotation? not according to one teammate. ,,,,,, ♪ ♪ first impressions are important.
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ready for game one of take a look at coit tower all lit up in giants orange. san francisco showing its giants pride tonight, time to get you ready for game one of the world series. dennis o'donnell is in kansas city. >> reporter: good evening, everybody, from kaufman stadium inside the world series gala getting everybody in the mood for the world series. tim lincecum will likely be a spectator, but the once dominant giant is playing his role like a true champion. he doesn't have a role in this world series, but tim lincecum is still a popular giant. >> lincecum has done it again. he has no hits. the san diego padres. >> reporter: the freak has won two world series, two cy youngs and has thrown two no hitters, but an ineffective season cost him his spot in the rotation. >> talk about barry zito not being in the rotation that his
11:29 pm
experience may have helped you. >> you see what he went through in 2010 where he wasn't on the roster, just the way he handled himself and dealt with it and was still a good teammate. just spoke volumes about his character. i told him a countless number of times how much i appreciate the professionalism he showed through all this and being a good teammate not bringing any negative energy around, that he certainly would have every right almost, so to speak, to do that. >> reporter: how anxious are you to get an opportunity? >> i'm just as anxious as the next guy. whenever that phone rings down the bullpen, you're always anxious to see if it's going to be your name and want to be prepared. >> reporter: one guy who can relate to tim lincecum is travis ishikawa. a few weeks ago he didn't figure into anybody's plans. now he's a part of giants history. >> the giants won the pennant!
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>> reporter: people mention you in the same sentence as bobby thompson for historical reasons. what kind of an honor is that? >> it's humbling. you grew up as a kid learning about that story and obviously any kid that loves baseball probably reimagined that story. i know i did it a bunch am times as a kid. for it to happen i'm honored and humbled to be in the same sentence as him. >> reporter: orlando manager ned yost said he grew up a giants fan, but one of his baseball bay area memories was when he met former cy young winner blue. >> the only thing i had was a dollar bill to sign. i asked him if he'd sign it for me and he signed it on the dollar bill. i was the happiest guy in the stadium till about the 6th inning and i got hungry and spent it on a colossal dog. >> reporter: the stage is set for game one of the world series. party still going on.
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still got my ticket. i'm going back inside. reporting from kansas city i'm dennis o'donnell. this northern california dam has been a vital source of water for decades. we discovered how its hydrosupply was cut in half, from torched rubble after a clean slate. we showed you the impressive clean-up. >> plus the blue angels first female crew chief and that's inspiring girls to reach for the sky. >> you saw it only. >> but only if you watched kpix5 news. ,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ come and get it. junior. our next n a shaker down south. >> mammoth lakes is the likeliest place in california which makes it one of the seismically most active places in the state. we had a 3.0 roll through and it's been really shaken up time to time the past few weeks. it's a reminder nevertheless. >> david letterman is next with
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robert downey, jr. >> we'll see you tomorrow. have a great night! ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, broadcasting across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now the hoosier hammer, david letterman! captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs


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