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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  October 19, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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and holds the medical industry accountable for mistakes. i'm barbara boxer. let's save lives. vote yes on 46. now, americans everywhere are discovering that galbani ricotta inspires moments that are simply better. mmm, galbani (sfx: kiss). italy's favorite cheese brand. tonight.. after a quick fix, slowed the commute to a craw cal transis taking the latest bay bridge project in a
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new direction tonight after a quick fix slowed the commute to a crawl. good evening. we are at the toll phaza where -- toll plaza that is already looking better. >> trafic is better than friday. >> reporter: cal transstopped short of giving an apology but suspended it because traffic was worse than expected. >> reporter: caltrans suspended the construction project friday night into saturday morning after it produced a day long traffic mess over the bay bridge. they had to slow down going over covered steel plates. >> it was too much. that, the traffic it was bad for a very long time. and, and, you just can not sustain that kind of delay. the team will look into less
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obstructive ways to do construction, drivers are hoping for a better plan. >> they should of let people know before what was going to happen so they will know. i am not going this way. >> how would it of changed it for you? >> it would of prepared me to go a different way. gone around the field to golden gate or i would of went san mateo bridge. trying to prepare the bridge on the upper deck of the the crack over time. the joints are like cartilage in the knee and steel plates are there to hold the road together while repairs are under way. the project that upon stopped and started on friday was supposed to take two months. cal transsays the work needs to be done soon but not a specific timetable for completion. >> cal transactivated message boards and used social media to get the word out about the construction project. brian, some of the drivers we talked to said they needed to do more ahead of time. >> it sounds like it. thank you, sharon. >> wow, the giants are in
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kansas city preparing for their third world series in five years. the team headed out this morning from at&t park. a few of the players stopped to sign autographs for the crowd that tpwagtered to send them off. they included hunter, signing a guy's orange and black motorcycle helmet. they then got on the bus to catch their plane. games 1 and 2 are scheduled for tuesday and wednesday. heading back to san francisco on friday for games 3 and 4. it necessary, game 5. if nobody wraps it up by then the series will return to kansas city. new hope tonight for oakland's coliseum city project. this are reports that a new investor jumped on board. the oakland tribune says the unidentified investor has been in talks but has not talked to the a's though. they tried for years to get things done. it would include three sports
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venues along with housing, shops, restaurants. it will take a lot of money to get it built. both the raiders and the a's need to agree in order to keep the teams at that site. >> well, san francisco is expanding the use of technology to attract gunshots. it is shot spotter. pin pointing the location of gunfire with impressive accuracy. sanfrancisco is one of several bay area cities that use it. and now it is partnering with pg&e to put three dozen of the sensors on power polls around town. the deal has been in works for more than a year. they just reached an agreement on friday on the insulation price. pg&e is putting up the devices. >> a live look over the bay area at 10 minutes after sunset looking at ocean beach. sunrise, a bit of rain in the north bay. low pressure spinning off british columbia is providing what fuel there is for a weak front that will push south overnight. looking for a few showers
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tomorrow. but t kicked up heavy swells that led to a new state of warnings about high surf on monday. we will have the complete forecast in just a few minutes. tomorrow, the last day to register to vote in the november election. if you still don't know who you are voting for you are not alone. in one of the bay area's biggest mayoral races it is the still undecided voters to decide it all. >> the rate between councilman sam lacardo and dave cort it ese could come down to the up decided voter. he says the 40% of undecided will be in his corner come election day. >> i am confident they are going to choose solutions over scare tactics as we think about prices. >> my a poepb tphapbt is saying, he is going to bankruptcy the bundleet and he is the only one qualified to do it, that -- my opponent is saying he is going to balance
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the budget he is the only one qualified to do it, that is scary. >> lacardo is sounding the alarm for an investigation into what he is calling bosses in the police union. >> this is, you know, a police union out there trying to do what it can do to get 6 figure pensions rather than allowing voters, honest opportunity to understand how we can find solutions to prime challenges. >> numbers do not lie n. four years, san jose has been hemorrhages police officers, 400 have been laid off, gone to other departments or retired. to stop the bleeding he says he found $thrive million in savings to speedup police hiring. cortese is pulling his solution from the private sector. >> getting new recruits one- time bonuses, one time wage bonuses for sticking around. i think that it works, works in the private sector. the race for the next mayor, mild. but voters have a stark choice
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between these 2 men. >> we can keep it safer and spend smarter not by spending more. i have a spectacular plan for doing that. i don't think my opponents presented a plan yet. >> bringing quality of life back mark kelly, kpix5. hillary clinton heads back to the bay area tomorrow for the ultimate power lunch. she and house minority leader are hosting it to raise money for the democratic congestional campaign committee. it starts at 11:00 a.m. at a fairmont hotel. it is a $500 minimum donation to get in. a bay area homeowner tries to go green, her hoa says no way. you will not believe the problem they have with her solarpanel proposal. 23 years ago today, massive oakland hills firestorm broke out.
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people who live there are still fighting to make sure it never happens again.
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lopreventable medical errors,hey all lnow the third leadingse of cause of death. only heart disease and cancer take more lives. proposition 46 will save lives with drug and alcohol testing to make sure impaired doctors don't treat someone you love. safeguards against prescription drug abuse. and holds the medical industry accountable for mistakes. i'm barbara boxer. let's save lives. vote yes on 46. area history. the 19-91 oakland hills firestorm kild 25 people.. and destroyed me this weekend marks 23 years since the worst fires in bay area history. the 1991 oakland hill firestorm killed 25 people and destroyed
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more than 3,000 homes. people who live there are still working to prevent it from happening again. tomorrow they will meet to announce the formation of the oakland fire safe council. their goal is to keep homeowners and their properties fire safe. but the council plans to do citywide outreach to help keep the fire additional down. also tomorrow, needing to take stock of what went right and what went wrong in the wake of the napa earthquake. the quake that struck in august was the biggest one in the bay area to hit in 25 years. two months later, many people are still waiting for help to repair their homes and businesses. tomorrow's hearing is meant to find out what kind of emergency preparedness gap needs to be filled before the next one. representatives from the city anden county of napa are expected to testify along with emergency responders. a woman in marin wants to make the most of the bay area's sunshine by installing solarpanels on her house.
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her homeowners association is saying no. how a small strip of white is blocking her attempt to go green. >> reporter: you can barely see betty's home from the street. but it has a great view of the sun. so, betty thought it would be a perfect spot for solarpanels. >> i have a perfect position for the solar. my house facees southern exposure. >> reporter: an eco-conscious marin solarpanels are a popular thing. she was shocked when she got this letter from the homeowners association denying her request. >> rejected it because it has a white back sheet. back sheet? i never heard of this before, what are you talking about? >> reporter: the commity says the panels must have a black back sheet. betty's preferred solarprovider, sun run, does not carry those. here san example of their panels on a -- here is an example of their panels on a house a mile away.
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a homeowner there thinks he knows why. >> control. control over the area. >> none of her neighbors can see her roof she got this response. >> you can see the roof over, there can't you? obviously you can see the roof. they will be able to see your panels. >> reporter: as petty has it sounds she acknowledges it she can not move forward without the a proofal of the association. does not mean she is giving up on solar. >> i will keep knocking on the door, i will call and send letters and figure out what my rights are. >> in kentfield, kpix5. >> by law, homeowners association can not ban solarpanels out right but they have the power to dictate the design. still to come, 25,000 runners hit the road in san francisco for a good cause. and rainy days and monday are in the forecast. we are sure about the monday part. the rain, not so much. the details after a break. ,,,,,,,,,,
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women's half- marathon. an, fittingly, it was a woman w crossed the finish line firt marina 25,000 runners are hitting it for the nike annual half mayor thon. it was a woman who crossed the finish line first. 32-year-old victoria mitchell from australia beat everyone with a time of just under one hour and 20 minutes. the marathon say major fundraiser for cancer research. >> a good day for them to do it. sunny skies around the bay area. that is something that will be graded tomorrow. clouds on the way. first on the bay bridge, artistically, looking at the numbers around the bay area right now. still warm in concord. 72 degrees, oakland, 67, san francisco, 65, and san jose, 68
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degrees, santa rosa right now has 70, by 8:00 tonight, the numbers do cool in the middle 60s, inland, below, fog, forming, again, a lot of fog, widespread, visibility almost shutdown, close to the shoreline. a quarter mile visibility at 8:00 this morning, nap a santa rosa. in the shoreline. drizzle, too. advance of a weak cold front on its way from the northwest. sunrise tomorrow, dry, though, inland and around the bay. a little later in the day it will turn wet. here is why. the low pressure, that low, it is putting this cold front south into the bay area by sunrise tomorrow. and the first thing we will do, squeeze out drizzle in the shoreline, then, the day presses on, getting a few showers on it mostly in the north bay. by no means, a big rainmaker. showers, those showers favoring the north bay. on monday, heart in the week. looks good. let's look at the future cast. you see the band of showers coming in. freeze it right here at 9:00 in
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the morning. look at it then. most of the activity in the north bay or right at the shoreline in the form of drizzle. rolling it on. going through quickly. so in the space of just a few hours it is now 2:00 in the afternoon, you can see a weak band of showers extending east of the east bay. and all of the way down through san skwroes a the rain as forecasted to fall, just on the right side. before you know it, it is out of here. -- san jose, the rain is forecasted to fall just on the right side. before you know it, it is out of here. now, showers favoring the north bay, clearing, mild on tuesday. and then it will warm up again. low 80s inland. by the end of the week. overnight lows tonight, looking at 48 degrees in nap a. 47 for santa rosa. 50 degrees in fairfield. 51 in concord. close to average it in some spots. but, oakland, then, average, tomorrow, but, san francisco,
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concord, san jose, cooler tomorrow. 70 in redwood city. over by the shoreline, drizzle, few light showers, cheering off towards the sunset tomorrow. in the east bay, it is a powerful front. still in the low 70s for the most part. 71 in san ramone. numbers in the 60s. and, in the far north bay, we are looking at 66 at clover dale and 67. here is how we look on the five day outlook, a few showers on monday. then, tuesday, going to partly cloudy skies, plenty of sun coming out. numbers in the low 80s, as we head into the weekend, numbers, mild, no more rain in sight. officially we end it here but we have a world series coming up after the game in kansas city. on tuesday night, 58 degrees. and 56 degrees on wednesday night. clear skies. the weather looks okay, the performance of the giants, i
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will leave that to the expert. he is sitting over this. >> yes. there he is. what is your prediction? >> i am going to go giants and 7. >> all right. >> i just -- it will be long and drawn out. >> okay. >> i will say this today, at least we have the giants in the world series to hang our hat on because the raiders and the 49ers today? ah. it is shaky. ahead, something you may not have known about the giants world series. we got the nfl, we have moving pictures of the raiders as they try to get one in the win column today ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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man: i get why people like denny's new pumpkin pancakes. first of all, they're light and fluffy, topped with pumpkin whipped cream and cinnamon sugar and only $4.99. second of all, they're light and fluffy, topped with pumpkin whipped cream and cinnamon sugar and only $4.99. [bell rings] waitress: welcome to denny's!
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raiders...been drawing a li notice in the tony sparano coaching era...better effort last week against the chargers... but still . nfl up at the top. the raiders, drawing the notice. better effort last week against the chargers but still 0 for the season. today, oh, quarterback, carr, a brow-hug to entertain diehard fan ice cube. now, carson palmer, making it 14. palmer's mo, get egg shot to get back in the game. the tip but they rushed for over 100 yards on the ground. star, they hor, scoring the touchdown. arizona won 24-13. they are 5-1. best start since 1976. the raiders are 0-6. worst
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start since 1962. >> i think that they are starting to believe they are close. but, that is not a consolation right now. in other words, not good enough. not good enough for our fans or occupier or the kids in that locker room and also, we got to win one of these type of football games and, you know, as i said to them today, just -- it is going to happen. it is going to turn, right. no question about that. i believe it. >> i said it at 5:30 i will say it again, you take joe peshi and he looks like him. >> now, manning reached 509 touchdowns. the broncos lead the 49ers. high lights and reaction tonight on gameday. don't you know who i am? i am pete carroll, the seahawks coach, i get breaks, not today
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with the rams, 2nd quarter, they are up 14 thoá 3. going - - they are going 14-3. now, 90 yard return and the rams led 21- three. 21-3. over the seahawks, oh, seattle comes back. they are the defending champs, russell wilson looks fine, baldwin, closing it to a 2- point game. throwing for 3, ran for 100, that is the first for a quarterback in the same game. late in the game, bunt, it is a fake. now, cunningham, picks up the 1st down that was good enough for st. louis to run out the clock and win over seattle, 28- 26. the defending champs fall ento a 3-3 record. meantime, you know, chargers can not win with rivers on the sidelines, it is the chiefs
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with the comeback number, game- winning drive. a minute left, smith, to travis kelsy to get the chiefs in the range. now, santos for the win. and, the chiefs, the win, 23- 20, snap the chargers 5 game winning streak. segue to hockey. rough stuff on the ice. now, characters, rangers, now, glass, just exchanges blows. touch to do on skates. now, san jose for the end of the 2nd period, now, scoring to give new york the 2-0 lead. and then four seconds later. they are putting in the puck in the basket again. they put the defenders in. they win 4-0. they will wrap up their east coast trip tuesday in boston. baseball, giants boarded the flight to kansas city. guess who is there? dennis o'donell. kpix5 world series coverage
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starts tonight on "gameday." now, the royals, after's 29 year play off drought, baseball is one of the top story in kansas city. the manager takes it one step farther, going to be america's team. >> a wonderful time for, you know, america to watch our team and i think what they have done is fallen in love with our team. they love our athlet seufpl, ath-- athletsim. it is a great experience, you know, for our players but, you know, i think that we made a bunch of new fans throughout the country. >> now, throw this out at the next cookout, four coaches went to bay area high schools. bench coach went to castro
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valley, hitting coach pinole valley. and another at tennyson. >> yes. i have a quick kweu for you, you have seen anything like the seattle rams game where the coverage was all going to the wrong side of the field on a kickoff? >> it is about trickery. that is football. >> and it works. >> and it did. >> all right. >> hey, thanks for watching, 60 minutes is next, good night. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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captioning funded by cbs and ford >> anything you can say, barbara? >> cooper: barbara mancini was charged with helping her 93- year-old terminally ill father kill himself. she says he couldn't have been clearer about how he wanted his life to end. he asked me to hand him the bottle and i did. i had the dosing syringe in my hand. he took the cap off and he drank what was remaining in the bottle. >> cooper: could you have stopped him? >> i could have, i think. i mean, he did it pretty quickly. but no, i didn't try to stop him. >> cooper: should terminally ill people be able to end their own lives? that's our story tonight. >> simon: it all started here in the yukon, and now there's a new gold rush going on that may be worth billions. ( dog barking ) it's not the safest place in the world to work.


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