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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 18, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> live, from the kpix5 news room, this is kpix5 news. >> this red truck came out of nowhere and hit them both. >> police say this was an angry man's way at getting back at his ex. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. >> and i'm brian hackney. both of those women incredibly survive bud they have serious issues. our da lin is live in vallejo where surveillance cameras saw
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the whole thing. >> reporter: the attack happened here around 1:30 this afternoon. police believe this was motivated by a bad breakup. they say a man used his pickup truck to run over his ex not once, but twice. surveillance cameras at a bar caught the entir incident. you see the two women walking down the street. not far behind them, a red pickup truck drives out of a gas station and goes the wrong way and hits both women. we are blurring the video because the impact is too graphic to show. >> he ran over her legs. >> reporter: that is mark salter. he wouldn't believe what he saw. both women suffered from what appeared to be serious injuries. >> guts and everything were like out of her leg and it looked like her leg was almost off. it was gruesome. these ladies did not deserve what happened to them. >> reporter: the driver returned to the scene shortly
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after and led vallejo police on a car chase. >> he had a flat tire but he was still hauling and they caught him a few blocks down the road. >> reporter: they used a pit maneuver and arrested jean luke lapoit. >> i hope he goes away for a long time for what he did. >> reporter: police say both women are expected to survive. as for the suspect, he is now facing two counts of attempted murder. live in vallejo, i'm da lin, kpix5. >> well part of a decomposing body spotted in san francisco bay is still out there somewhere tonight. the torso surfaced near pier 50 this morning as a tug boat crew was towing away a dock. crews were called to the scene but by the time they got there, remains where nowhere to be found. it looked like the body had been in the water for a long time and it is still unclear
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when and where it might turn up again. >> we are talking the idea of how long it has been down. we are talking about the eventuality of a body will begin to float to the surface. >> searchers speculate the body could belong to a kayaker who went missing on the bay several years ago from the same dock. there is no way to verify that until the remains surface. to switch gears, the giants hit the road tomorrow for kansas city and the world series. fans are excited but nervous. >> it is great, but i heard the royals are really good so i'm kind of scared for them. >> the players look relaxed. they got in some swings today. they have been here before. it is the giants third world series in five years. listening to the players, they don't seem fazed at all. they say that will go out there and give it their best shot. >> we are just trying to win any way we can. we will take it any way. >> we represent the san francisco giants and we want to represent them well.
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we fight hard and we have a lot of self-respect here too. i mean, we are all just proud to be out and have a place at the table. >> the giants fly out in the morning. the series starts on tuesday. games one and two will be in kansas city. then the series moves to san francisco on friday for games three and four and if necessary, then game five. if there is still no winner, it is back to kansas city. by the way, if you want to go to a game, be prepared to dig deep. seat ins the left field bleachers are selling on stub hub for that for $710. from the upper deck, $750 behind home plate, $5,000. bart is going to run extra trains with extra cars while the world series is in town. the transit agency expects to carry half a million people on game days. some of bart's highest ridership in the past has been in the world series. tonight, a new poll shows a clear front runner in the san
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jose race. but it is still anyone's race. county supervisor dave cortezi is leading over liccardo. but 40% ouvriers have not made up their mind. a total of ten candidates are in the running. governor brown plans to meet with california nurses about their concerns over ebola. dozens of nurses held a rally in oakland saying they are not prepared to handle the deadly ebola disease. the meeting is set tuesday at the capitol. more than 400 people are being monitored nationwide. about 100 of them are in ohio. that is where nurse amber vinson visited before returning to texas and testing positive for the virus. many of the people they
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monitored were passengers on the plane. president obama tried to calm fears about ebola spreading in the united states. >> it is a serious disease, but we can't give in to hysteria or fear because that only makes it harder to get people the accurate information we need. we have to be guided by the science. >> the president's message follows a number of false alarms over the past week. carter evans spoke with a disease specialist who says there is nothing to worry about. >> reporter: fears about ebola have reached a fever pitch in recent days, hazmat crews boarded a plane in boston. traffic was halted at the pentagon when a woman fell ill on a bus. >> it was a huge scare, you know, i'm pregnant, and there's a lot of people who touch each other. >> reporter: vinson was in ohio playing for her wedding. now the bridal shop she visited is temporarily closed. the workers on voluntary
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quarantine. >> do people need to be concerned about ebola in the u.s.? >> no. >> reporter: public health professor andrew noimer studies infectious diseases. >> the spread of panic of ebola is more dangerous than the disease itself. they see images of people caring for people with ebola wearing protective gear and it looks frightening. >> reporter: so frightening that a schoolteacher's trip to dallas was enough to cause a panic in maine. she was at a conference ten miles from the hospital where thomas duncan was treated. >> you want to keep the kids safe, but it is ridiculous. >> reporter: so far, all the scares are false alarms. >> it is just not highly transmit bl. i really cannot say that enough. >> would you get on a plane someone with ebola was on? >> i would. >> reporter: to this point, nobody outside that one dallas
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hospital has tested positive. >> everyone needs to take a step back. just take a breath. if we look at the family of mr. duncan, none of them have come down with the disease. >> reporter: the only thing that might ease ebola fears is time. each day that passes without a new diagnosis. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. canada is working on an ebola vaccine. it will ship hundreds of vials to the world health organization monday. searchers tonight think they have found the remains of that university of virginia coed who has been missing more man a month. 18-year-old hannah graham vanished in september. the remains found today on an abandoned property are being tested. searchers have combed the woods on foot and horse back and used a drone to cover the 200 square mile area. >> thousands of hours have been spent by literally hundreds of law enforcement and civilian
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volunteers in an effort to find hannah. we think perhaps today proved their worth. >> graham was last seen on surveillance video with 32-year- old jesse matthew jr. he fled after being named a person of interest in the case and was then arrested september 24 in galveston texas. well a southern california police department is using a new high-tech tool to track down elderly dementia patients who wander away. chase payne came up with the idea. he works for the company that makes medical id bracelets for runners and hikers and bought them for alzheimers patients instead. all anyone needs to help them is a small smartphone. >> it brings up something that looks like this. has the person's photograph. has the person's vital medical information that they choose to provide. >> sergeant payne used community funding to buy the bracelets.
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and still ahead, an out of control car checks into a hotel and drives right over a guest bed. >> plus, could a can of soda a day take years off your life? what bay area scientists just discovered. >> and it is the real thing. rain is back in the forecast for the bay area. all the d tails are coming up after a break. ,,,,,,,,,,
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barreled hotel. a car barreled right into a room kenosha -- with two people inside. it drove right >> an unexpected guest got lodged in a wisconsin hotel.
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a car barreled right into a room with two people inside. it drove right over the bed. the car somehow missed the occupants of the room and came to a stop in the hallway. no one in the hotel was hurt. the driver had some cuts and bruises but was otherwise okay. the driver fell asleep at the wheel. thousands of apartments in oakland could be in danger of collapsing in the sort of major earthquake that is due on the hayward fault. a report just released looked at 1300 so called soft story buildings around the city. those buildings have less structural support because of open spaces like garages on the ground floor. the report found 22,000 rental units are at risk of failure. 100% of oaklands renters live in soft story buildings. it would cost lots to retro fit them. volunteers dressed up like trauma patients. every disaster like the recent
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napa quake is an opportunity to learn. other bay area fire departments carry out similar drills through the year to train volunteers for emergencies. there is a plan to poison a san francisco lake and purposely kill all the fish in it. the invasive species have taken over a mountain lake and all efforts to eradicate them have failed. so next month, a chemical will be dumped in the water to kill them all. it will disappear after a few days and the lake will be restocked with native fish. ous groups, soda c
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are on a four-year winning streak at the state house: bills to levy or raise taxe sugary drinks have all fail. researchers found no link between diet soda and cell aginfound no link between d and cell aging. >> former new york city may yore michael bloom burg lost a court paddle to ban large sodas in his city. he is supporting a measure on the november ballot in berkeley that would add a one cent per ounce tax. >> give me a break. >> helped by ad campaigns from various groups, soda companies are on a four year winning streak at the state house. 30 bills to levee or raise
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taxes on sugary drinks have all failed. >> researchers found no link between diet soda and cell aging. half-moon bay held the art and pumpkin festival today. kpix5 anchor veronica de la cruz served as this year's grand marshal. the highlight is the contest to see who has grown the biggest pumpkin. this year's winner came in at over one ton shattering the north american record. if you are looking for something to do tomorrow night, why not check out the treasure island music festival. this is the view from our kpix5 roof camera where some of the big names tonight. tomorrow, it is massive attack. the new pornographers and white denim among the performers. brian, check it out. >> i will do that. it is sunday afternoon in beijing and early in the morning in beijing. people were engaged in doing this.
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the beijing marathon which has been around since 1981. and saturday gear in severely polluted air today. officially at the u.s. embassy, the air quality was hazardous air pollution. that is how some of the thousands of people who tarted add tienamin square started the race decked out in face masks and running shoes. back in the bay area. concord, 63 degrees. oakland, 63. mostly in the low 60s in the bay area. santa rosa, 59. and here is what is happening. high pressure that is over northern nevada is going to weaken a little bit over the next 24 hours and that will set the stage for this low to move through the bay area on monday. tomorrow is a transitional day, we get more clouds along the shoreline. monday, the low holds together strongly enough so we get one more shower chance coming into the bay area monday. after that, looks like we are pretty much going to dry up for a little white. but tomorrow looks pretty good for the art and pumpkin
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festival. 65 degrees in half-moon bay. treasure island music fest, we have all this stuff covered. 65 degrees. sunny and breezy tomorrow. on the future cast, we are going to run this three days in the future. this is somehow it looks tomorrow afternoon at 4:00. it has been a nice day in the bay area with some low clouds by the shoreline. let's run it ahead. watch what happens midday monday. we freeze this and you can see the widely scattered showers extending from the north bay to the central bay area. that is what we are looking for. this is midday monday. but look how quickly this really just scoots right out of the bay area. not going to linger long. by tuesday, 5:00 the in the morning, we have widely scattered low clouds but that is about it. the rain should be gone by then. tomorrow is a mild day. more low clouds along the shoreline. temperatures cooler than what we had today. so a mild day. showers monday. by wednesday, we are sunny and warm and we stay that way a while. overnight lows will be in the
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50s for the most part. 57 in oakland. close to average tomorrow. few degrees below average with 73 at mountain view. 65 at pacifica. 72 hayward. 77numbers in the 70s out at the east bay. fairfield, a little warmer, 80 degrees there. 79 brentwood. livermore, 78. up in the north bay, we will have more low clouds tomorrow, so the closer you get to the shore, you get bodega bay's 64 degrees. stinson beach 70. and in the upper north bay. 76 in ukiah. now, let's look at kansas city. game one, game two, clerisies on both days. temperatures will be in the mid 50s by the time of first pitch. i think vern may talk about the world series in a few minutes. extended forecast, you are looking at partly cloudy skies.
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a few showers on monday. midday on monday. then they are out of here. tuesday, partly cloudy skies. wednesday, thursday, friday, we begin to warm it up back in the low 80s inland. so the rain, and vern, enjoy it while you can. >> yeah, vern is ready to check out the world series. a lot of college. >> world series of what? poker? little league world series? oh! oh that, we will get to that. up ahead, a lot of college football. cal stayed at home. how about stanford in the desert? i have the answer. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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first of all, they're light and fluffy, topped with pumpkin whipped cream and cinnamon sugar and only $4.99. second of all, they're light and fluffy, topped with pumpkin whipped cream and cinnamon sugar and only $4.99. [bell rings] waitress: welcome to denny's!
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2010. but after tonight...e not so >> college football. did you know number 23 stanford football has been ranked to the top 25 every week since september of 2010? after tonight, not so much. cardinal fans facing a maroon monsoon at arizona state. no score in the second quarter. d.j. foster up the middle. the sun devils led 7-0. under four minutes left in the second. here comes ty montgomery. punt returner. oh! it's a fumble! and arizona state picks it up inside the 15. off the turnover.
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mike brocovicci. sun devils win 26-10. stanford falls to 4-3. 2-2 in the pack 12. in berkeley. pretty nice view huh? for cal to really show up, they had to get past ucla. the bears got a little past chris harper. big hops. went up and got it. they led 14-10. brent huntley. get out of my way. get off me, 15-yarder. they led by five. same score, later fourth, jarred goff. kenny lawler. cal took a one-point lead. here comes ucla on the ensuing kickoff. a scary moment here. trevor davis going down hard. a knee to the helmet. it just stopped the game. laid on the ground several moments. he gave the thumbs up saying he
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is okay. the bears not so much. they needed a field goal to win it. but he went for the home run ball. it is picked up by marcus rios. now brian hackney says no catch, but he had control. bruins win 36-31. yeah, cal agrees with you. san jose state in white at wyoming. spartans ball. here comes joe gray. a jump ball for tyler winston. gave san jose a 27-20 lead. shawn wick, no! spartans defense held. and in overtime, they win it 27- 20. spartans down 3-3. 2-1 in mountain west play. game of the day in tallahassee. number 2, florida state host notre dame. corey robinson. no, yellow hank on the forest
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pass. it is called back. so the irish get another shot. here is the ball right here. it is a prayer not answered. into the hands of a different colored jersey. semimoles win 31-27. the irish bounced. >> now this time tomorrow, both world series contenders will be in the same town. and so will kpix5. because this fellow, travis ishikawa blasted the giants all the way to kansas city. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ come and get it. >> kpix5's coverage of the world series begins sunday from kansas city. game one, tuesday at the royals. madison bumgarner will start game one. bruce bochy also announced that jake peavy will start game two. now the giants held their final workout at at&t park today. they bug out to kansas city tomorrow. yesterday, now we gave you the story of a man who gave travis ishikawa's home run ball back to him. and today, ishikawa, boy, he was at his locker and he was really thankful for the gesture. >> that guy has a huge heart. i heard he didn't want anything other than to hand it over personally. i gave him a bat and some pictures. how cool of a souvenir that could have been for him.
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for him to do that, i'm humbled by that. hey the sharks, yeah, they dropped the ice in new jersey. continuing the road trip. late in the second period, sharks up 1-0. make it at 2-0. logan coture turned on the pipes. oh, and open nether. joe thorton. 1,200th career point. the sharks win it 4-2. oh, earthquakes. santa clara. 75th minute. with vancouver. john bush sacrificed his body to make the save. and it ends in a 0-0 draw. quakes move to a new stadium in san jose next season. so, sunday, 49ers against the denver broncos. raiders, up against the arizona cardinals. it will be a fun filled sunday.
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>> a good sunday. >> for sure. >> all right, thanks vern. ,,,,,,,,,, ♪ ♪
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>> this is what happens when you live in a place that gets ago average of 40 inches of rain a year. you get crazy ideas like let's row our pumpkins. people hollowing out pumpkins to take part in the giant pumpkin rigada near portland, oregon. the participants dressed up in costumes and some of them decorated their pumpkins. some of them weighed a thousand pounds! >> thanks for watching! our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 7:30. >> news and weather updates on have a great saturday night. cause of death. only heart disease and cancer take more lives. proposition 46 will save lives with drug and alcohol testing to
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make sure impaired doctors don't treat someone you love. safeguards against prescription drug abuse. and holds the medical industry accountable for mistakes. i'm barbara boxer. let's save lives. vote yes on 46.
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